#349E: Two carriers of light (i.e. „corpuscles” called „God Drobinas” and surface-waves of light) and confirmation with „3 witnesses” of intelligence gathered by Andrzej Domała at the cost of his life that the path of surface-waves of light through the cosmic vacuum can be technically controlled while our relatives from the planets of Orion who are the creators and present leaders of the parasitic confederation of UFOnauts that secretly occupies us and tries to destroy us, this ability to wrap light already uses for storing light and for energy generation

Summary: in this post #349E I explained the new knowledge about light, previously unknown to people – which knowledge about light has helped us to earn, arrange and confirm with „3 witnesses” my „Theory of Everything of 1985”. I also indicated here examples of the most important „three witnesses”, the statements of which confirm the truth of this new knowledge. One of these „3 witnesses” are verses from the Bible, which stamp the truth of this outcome of research with the „[Ω] Seal of God” described in item #I2 above and in post #346E to blogs of totalizm. This seal enhances the importance and reliability of the research with the authority and omniscience of our creator. The first and the most important of these findings is that light has two drastically different carriers, namely (1) „light corpuscles” – the role of which is fulfilled by the so-called „God Drobinas” moving with infinite speed throughout the counter-world, and also (2) surface „light waves” – which travel through our „world of matter” with a finite speed of light along the surfaces of „Omniplan pancakes” described e.g. in item #D3 from the web page „god_proof.htm” and in post #294 to blogs of totalizm. Another finding confirmed by these „3 witnesses” is that in the cosmic vacuum these „waves of light” do NOT propagate along straight lines – as implicitly and wrongly assumed by the monopoly of our „official atheistic science”, but they travel along complicated trajectories determined by folds and the wrinkles of the surface of these „Omniplan pancakes” that form successive frames of a moving film, which defines the elapse of „reversible software time” in which all living creatures age. In turn this their wandering along complicated trajectories realizes that all human knowledge to-date about the location of stars and light-emitting objects in the cosmos, and also about distances to these objects, may contain huge errors and require redefinition. Because on the highest level of technical advancement, the course of surfaces of these „Omniplan pancakes” can be changed, there are intergalactic civilizations – such as our parasitic relatives from planets of Orion, who know „how” to technically control paths of light, as reported by the abducted to these planets Polish citizen, Andrzej Domała („Andrzej” is a Polish version of English christian-name „Andrew” – both of which named I will use below interchangeably for the convenience of readers). In items of this post #349E to blogs of totalizm I also reminded readers that there are two extreme methods of doing and acquiring anything, which can be called: „totaliztic” – the main principle of acquiring with which is briefly described in item #A2.12 from my from the web page „totalizm.htm” and in post #339E to blogs of totalizm; and „parasitic” – the main principles of which I am discussing on my web page „parasitism.htm” while I briefly summarize them also in item #J4 of the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm”. Both of these methods are cleverly and non-coercively encoded into Bible verses. In the „totaliztic” method, which is consistent with the commandments and will of God, everything – or at least as much as it is possible in our present situation, is done voluntarily, for free, with one’s own work in the name of service for and love of God, fellow men and nature. In turn instead of the present non-selective use of „money” and „fear” for making people to perform productive work, in this totaliztic method for selective rewarding of only „physical work” is used the miraculous phenomenon of happiness of earned nirvana (see web page „nirvana.htm”), already created by God and managed by Him with a superior righteousness. After all, the Bible for around 2000 years „diplomatically” persuades us with arguments encoded into its verses, that the use of „money” is an outdated, highly unfair and inducing almost all known forms of evil way of rewarding for work, which humanity should get rid of as soon as possible – for an example this diplomatic persuasion from the Bible see verse 6:10 of the biblical „First Timothy” stating – quote: „For the greed of money is the root of all evil.” Furthermore, to people who act according to the recommendations of the Bible and work physically, God repetitively demonstrates that accomplishing of this „happiness of earned nirvana” capable of replacing „money” is achievable – as I document it e.g. in the INTRODUCTION and in part #L from my web page named „smart_tvs.htm” and in post #335E to blogs of totalizm. In turn in the „parasitic” method, everything is done either for profits and „money”, or because one has been forced to do it, while its hidden goal is to skilfully rob or steal everything from weaker and less developed people, and to force them with laws, with fear, hunger, power, situation, etc., so that these less privileged work for benefits of ones that are situated higher than themselves in the parasitic hierarchy. On a huge scale this „parasitic” method of doing and acquiring everything is implemented by material like us UFOnauts who, due to their huge technological advancement over us, which in our eyes make them look like almost „supernatural creatures”, secretly occupy humanity and the Earth for thousands of years, robbing and stealing from us everything that they consider useful for themselves and for their parasitic existence, and blocking as strongly as they can our access to truth and to accomplishing our technical, scientific and social development, by using as tools of this blocking for example telepathic and post-hypnotic commands preventing the humanity from officially recognizing the happiness of „earned nirvana” capable of eliminating „money” from use on Earth. These are also UFOnauts, that by using their agents residing on Earth and their highly advanced technology, force into humanity various pseudo-learning programs of the type „SETI” or „CERN” to deceive and to discourage with them human decision-makers and governments from promoting research aimed at the actual search for the truth about the reality that surrounds us and to make it impossible to realize that the humanity is secretly occupied by a whole range of parasitic civilizations from stars. This in turn, among others, demand to consider also the possibility whether presently UFOnauts use the Covid-19 excuse to blame the alleged psychological consequences of isolation for these increasingly visible effects of their mass manipulations pre-programmed into people with the advanced technique of telepathic and post-hypnotic commands causing various anti-human, anti-social or anti-progressive types of behaviour and activities that ruin the hitherto civilization achievements of mankind. After all, the identifying-feature of such pre-programming is the described in #A2.13 from the web page „totalizm.htm” the now so widespread reaction with anger and aggression to all attempts to rationally discuss it – although its victims can voluntarily free themselves from it with the help of God, the truths of the Bible, indications and methods of the philosophy of totalizm, and with effort to understand situation of their fellow humans.

Motto: „Everything that is truth can be distinguished from lies, learned in depth and be defined unambiguously by engineering procedures „how , only that first we have to meet several requirements of God, namely we need to learn to trust God, to correctly learn and understand His commandments and requirements encoded into verses of the Bible, practicing the principles of morality, love of neighbour, voluntary and gratuitous doing everything we can for the good of other people and accepting with gratitude and humility all life lessons with which God increases our perceptiveness, knowledge, wisdom and life experience.”

#J1. The most important „three witnesses” who: confirm that the path of light through the vacuum of space can be technically controlled – which control allows that some of the most technically advanced civilizations (e.g. our parasitic relatives from planets of Orion) to be able to e.g. to make waves of light winding, return, turn and store in the vacuum of space; and also confirm that the ability „how” to control light technically is the most important among the criteria for recognizing one of the highest levels of technical advancement of any intergalactic civilization – unfortunately abused by our parasitic relatives from planets of Orion, among others for the secretive exploitation and destruction of humanity:

Is it technically possible to control the path of light through the vacuum of space? Our old, monopolistic „official atheistic science”, ignorantly, irresponsibly and without evidence, assumes that NO. After all, in all research of the cosmos, this science limits its definitions and findings to the dictionary „what” used mainly to hide incompetence, lack of knowledge and lies, instead of trying to define it with knowledge-creative engineering procedures „how” described in #G3 to #G5 from the web page „wroclaw_uk.htm” and in post #341E to blogs of totalizm. As a result, this science, among others, groundlessly and contrary to the „how” confirmed here, assumes that in the cosmic vacuum, light runs along straight lines. It also only recognizes that in order to be able to technically control the path of light, some structures made of mater are necessary, e.g. prisms or fibro-optical fibres. Furthermore, the official science speculates that the natural deviation of light from the straight path can only take place in areas with extremely strong gravity, e.g. near the so-called „black holes” – where such gravity may slightly deflect light from its straight path. Meanwhile, in the Bible we read about the sight of „stars falling to the ground”, and also about „three days of darkness”. In turn, both these phenomena could NOT take place if there was NO procedure „how” that would allow for a strict „control of the path of surface light waves in a cosmic vacuum”. In addition, my „Theory of Everything from 1985” even indicates a procedure „how” such a technical control of the path of light in a cosmic vacuum can be achieved. What is more interesting, in order to confirm that this finding of my theory from 1985 expresses the absolute truth, I have already collected confirmations of all the most important „three witnesses” – the significance of which for the acquisition of certainty about the truth of any discovery is explained in more detail in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 of my other web page named „2020life.htm” and in post #331E to blogs of totalizm. The confirmations of these „3 witnesses”, one of which is the „[Ω] Seal of God” that carries the authority and omniscience of God, allow this finding of my theory to correct another one out of numerous lies forced upon us by the monopoly of the „official atheistic science”. Furthermore, this finding of my theory reveals that e.g. because of that capability to control the path of light, the majority of distances and positions of individual cosmic objects in our „world of matter” can be completely different than today’s „official atheistic science” tells us this, because the light coming from them to us can run along various complex paths and NOT just in straight lines. Furthermore, ages of certain space objects can be drastically different then this science estimates, Moreover, the age of some space objects may be drastically different from the estimates of this science, because making such estimates also takes into account the length of time that light travels along these complicated and winding paths.

The determination that the ability to „control the path of surface waves of light in the space vacuum” is also one of the most important „milestones” describing the level of scientific and technical advancement of certain intergalactic civilizations, as reported by the Polish citizen, the late Andrew Domała at the cost of his own life, when, after being abducted by a UFO to the planet called „Nea”, he was introduced in there to some elements of knowledge that already was acquired by his „hosts”, but which is still NOT known to the humanity. About the importance of this technical capability of „winding the light” as a criterion of the advancement of a given intergalactic civilization, Mr. Domała informed us in many ways – thus in this matter we should be grateful for his perceptiveness, wisdom, life experience, and precision of reporting. For example, it is described in several places in the Polish treatise [3b] he co-authorizes, entitled „Kosmiczna Układanka” (meaning: „The Cosmic Puzzle„) distributed free of charge through the web page named „tekst_3b.htm„. Let us quote here the sentences in which Mr. Domała draws our attention to the importance of the role of this „winding of light”. Here are his statements taken from:

[3b] subsection B5.2 – I quote: „According to what Kari told me, the Orions are a race similar to us and the Neatans, but they are technologically far ahead of the latter. What we do with flour dough, the Neatans do with … time, while the Orions do with … light. They can even store light. They are also not afraid of black holes because they control them.”

[3b] 8 in „Rys. B8” (Fig. B8) – I quote: „8 – the location of the most developed civilization that can do „winding of light” (about 700 light years from Earth).

[3b] „chapter B”. Many more key citations from the report of the late Andrzej Domała is presented and interpreted in #K2 to #K2b from my web page named „petone.htm”. In my opinion the most important out of them I also repeated in item #J4 of the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm”.

Mr. Domała also emphasized the importance of the skill of this winding of light in his interview which he gave to Mr. Dominik Myrcik and which was later published in an approximately 26-minute long free Polish-language video at its lengths from 12:20 to 12:45 minutes. This film is entitled (in Polish): „Andrzej Domała – Uprowadzony na planetę Nea” (meaning: „Andrew Domała – abducted to the planet Nea”) and is available on the Internet at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R86lKRd3ADQ – see Fig. #J1a below with the starting poster and link to this video.

From (1) to (1c) of item #H1 in my web page named „2020life.htm” and in post #331E to blogs of totalizm I explained in detail that in order to be absolutely sure that a fact, a statement, a scientific discovery, a theory, etc., represents with itself the truth and only the truth, it is necessary to prove that it is confirmed by the most important „three witnesses”, namely by: (1a) theoretically and logically deduced cause-effect relationships correctly derived from some theory or from an already proven truth; (1b) confirmations coded into verses of the Bible that stamp the „[Ω] Seal of God” described more comprehensively in item #I2 above on the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm” as well as in post #345E to blogs of totalizm; and by (1c) empirical evidence. In the case of the role of the „winding of light” discussed here as a measure of the advancement of the intergalactic civilization that already mastered the skill of carrying it out, in fact confirmations of all three out of these most important „3 witnesses” have already been found, all of which confirm that such a „winding of light” in the vacuum of space is technically possible. Let us remind here who these witnesses are for this role of a measure of advancement. And so:

Witness (1a) – confirmation by theoretical deduction resulting from the findings of my „Theory of Everything of 1985”. (Notice that because of the continuous denying the right to publish this theory in scientific journals, hiding it from interested readers by covering it with a propaganda film, and subjecting it to official persecution and blockades – for 37 years of this theory’s existence it is disseminated mainly on the Internet under the different name of the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity” – see web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”.) This witness (1a) is represented by the more extensive descriptions „how” presented in items #J2 and #J3 below in this post #349E, which stem from my theory of 1985.

Witness (1b) – confirmations encoded in verses of the Bible, which stamp „[Ω] Seal of God” guaranteeing with the authority and omniscience of God that given statements represent the absolute truth. Notice that God stamps with this confirming seal only discoveries and findings that are most important for humanity and which reveal the absolute and timeless truth – as it is explained in item #I2 above on the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm” and in post #345E to blogs of totalizm. One such verse confirming with the „[Ω] Seal of God” the possibility of controlling the path of light in the space vacuum was found and sent to me by my friend, Mr. Dominik Myrcik. It was the verse 3:33 from the „Book of Baruch” – I quote this verse from the Catholic „Millennium Bible”: „He sent the light and it went, he called it back, and it obeyed Him with trembling„. (I hope that the reader noted the symbolic meaning of the number 3:33 of this verse itself. After all, the number 333 is the biblical 666 that is broken in half. So symbolically this number expresses God’s help in breaking out of humanity from the action of evil done by Antichrist. My post number #333E to blogs of totalizm has a similar symbolic meaning.) This verse 3:33 quite unequivocally confirms that the strict control of light in the vacuum of space, including its technical „winding”, is possible and already is pre-programmed into the structure and operation of our „world of matter”. Thus, God also warns us that, if necessary, at any moment He is able to cause such a „redirecting of light”, and even He did it in the past. Furthermore, being written in the strict language of divine uniqueness, this verse also contains additionally a wisely encoded confirmation of truths that I explained in this post #349E. These truths state that light has more than one carrier. (Means that from my discoveries results that light has two carriers, namely (1) it has „corpuscles” called „God Drobinas”, and (2) it has „surface-waves”.) Furthermore, this verse discreetly informs about and confirms the possibility of a technical redirection of only the second from these two carriers of light, i.e. the redirection of „trembling” light waves. In turn the redirection of the first of them can be done by programs in the manner described in item #J4.6 from the web page „propulsion.htm” and in the post #309E to blogs of totalizm.
Of course, because of the enormous inspiring power of capability to technically „redirect light” I know for a long time that the Bible contains much more information on the this subject than just the above verse 3:33 from the „Book of Baruch”, only that it is very wisely encoded into Bible verses. Out of this information, in my opinion, the most important for us may turn out to be two references to the „redirection of light” carefully encoded in the Bible, which Christians believe that refer only to the so-called „end of the world” – although in fact they relate to a much wider area of human knowledge about the surrounding reality. An example of one of them are references to „three days of darkness” – see the Bible, verses 10:21-23 from „Exodus”, 13:9-11 from „Isaiah”, 3:3-4 from „Joel”, or check the videos searched by e.g. command https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Bible+three+days+of+darkness . After all, these verses also confirm that God, if He only wishes, can so „redirect the light” reaching the Earth, that there will be absolute darkness on it for the length of time that God deems appropriate for the punishable offences of humanity. The fact of God’s capability of this redirection completely invalidates the lies about the non-existence, the lack of power and the human incomprehension of methods used by God, as well as about the „world of matter” that surrounds us, about astronomy, and about attributes of light – forced upon us by the monopolistic „official atheistic science” and by some religions. Another equally important reference to the „redirecting of light” contained in the Bible is the warning about „stars falling from heaven” – see the Bible, verses 24:29 from „Matthew”, 13:25 from „Mark”, or 6:13 from „Apocalypse of St. John”, or see videos searched by with the command https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Bible+Stars+shall+fall+from+heaven . After all, this reference reveals to us the shocking truth about the possibilities and consequences of God’s ability and also of highly advanced civilizations to „redirect the light”. Meanwhile, the old monopolistic „official atheistic science” until today in many of its disciplines, e.g. in astronomy or physics, in an undisclosed way, crudely assumes that light in the void of space almost everywhere and always moves only along straight lines and thus indirectly scoffs at the warnings encoded in the Bible about „three days of darkness” or „stars falling from the sky”. It also does this in spite that engineers have been building internet and telephone „fibro-optic cables” made of optical fibres for many years. Thus, it is NOT difficult to predict that the existence of the possibility of „winding of light” on a cosmic scale causes, that e.g. all cosmic distances to other planets or stars, and their location in our „world of matter”, estimated by the old monopolistic „official atheistic science” (which still stubbornly adheres to views resulting from the use of the dictionary „what” and from its rejection of the knowledge-creative role of procedures „how”, thus incompetently makes the unwritten assumptions about the straightness of light paths in the void of space), in practice probably are completely different than the monopoly of „official atheistic science” forces upon us. After all, before the light reaches us from any other cosmic object, it probably is „redirected” into various loops and spirals, as it is directed by „Omniplan pancakes” along the surfaces of which it propagates. In other words, the above quotations from the Bible try to make us realize that practically everything that today is forced upon us by the fields of knowledge of our primitive, monopolistic and profit-oriented „official atheistic science”, means by fields such as astronomy, physics, optics, etc., until now forced on us unilaterally and for „money” without taking into account e.g. the knowledge revealed to us by the Bible, by my Theory of Everything of 1985, by the philosophy of totalizm, or by UFO research, is just „extremely unreliable” and as such still requires and awaits to be corrected by the new „totaliztic science” – which, if one day becomes officially established on Earth, then it will finally begin to reveal to the entire humanity the truth about these topics and to straighten all knowledge deviations officially made to-date.

Witness (1c) – confirmation with empirical evidence. This witness is represented by information obtained from the Neatans by the late Andrew Domała, while disseminated with his explanations that are previously quoted in this item #J1 of the post #349E, and additionally supplemented with quotations from #K2 to #K2b of the web page named „petone.htm”. While reviewing the wealth of this knowledge that for the good of our civilization first gathered Andrew Domała and then disseminated at the cost of his life, I am surprised and deeply disappointed that the knowledge about his visits to different planets is silenced by decision-makers, scientists and the mass media with some kind of „conspiracy of silence”, although it represents probably the most significant in the scale of the entire our planet case of disclosing to humanity knowledge and wisdom still unknown to people, the truth of almost all of which has already been confirmed as the truth, and only the truth. I should add here, that another portion of this knowledge gained by Mr. Domała helped to better work out interpretations „how” for two UFOnauts-nightmare presented in videos and illustrated in #K1 to #K2b of the web page named „petone.htm” together with one of their footprints melted into hard NZ asphalt.

The information obtained by Andrew Domała about the technical advancement of the inhabitants of the Orion planets is NOT the only one at our disposal. There is also very similar information obtained from more ancient sources. However, because Andrew Domała was a precise and modern-minded man, his information is extremely important because it additionally confirms, strengthen, clarify and modernize these other information sources on the same subject, and also allow that his and these other information sources to be synthesized into a logical and factual interpretation of the actual human history. The most ancient information about the technical advancement of the inhabitants of Orion planets was already collected by supporters and participants of a kind of research movement and a truth-seeking organization that called itself „Ancient Astronauts” (see https://www.google.com/search?q=Ancient+Astronauts ). Although they have against them our decision-makers, politicians, and luminaries of the official atheistic science, pre-programmed by UFOnauts with telepathy and post-hypnotic suggestions to officially disseminate the deceitful propaganda of our hidden space occupants and exploiters, researchers of this movement and organization have already managed to collect and disseminate with books, articles in magazines, and free videos on the Internet, a huge amount of knowledge about the actual origin of humanity from the planets of Orion and from other constellations that the inhabitants of Orion inhabited before the Earth (e.g. from Sirius). This knowledge comes mainly from hobby research and reliable analyzes of the myths of various cultures, especially Egypt, Maya, Hopi Indians, and Babylon, from archaeological finds, religion, astronomy, UFO observations and a number of other sources. A lot of this knowledge can now be learned from interesting videos disseminated free of charge on YouTube and searched, for example, with the command https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Orion+myths+Egypt+Maya+Hopi+Babylon (for examples see the English-language videos at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nSX3XfJMiw , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC0o6-hmOJI , or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjnOhVkQQVU ). From the analysis of these videos, a rather intriguing picture of human history begins to emerge. According to it, the Earth was first populated by inhabitants of Orion planets who in the UFO vehicle type K7 first brought to it a couple of first people (Adam and Eve). In turn, in order to immortalize for humanity their role in this populating of Earth, the Egyptian pyramids and also the original human settlements of individual nations (e.g. Hopi Indians) they built into the pattern which copies the positions of Orion’s stars in the view from Earth. Then our relatives from Orion additionally supplemented the population of Earth with races of people also brought to Earth from several other planets (e.g. from Sirius in the case of the African Dogons) which inhabitants of Orion peopled before the Earth, while the population of some of which they slightly modified genetically – e.g. as they genetically modified the mini-race of UFOnauts-nightmares described and illustrated with videos in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named „petone.htm” and in posts #347 and #348 to blogs of totalizm. But neither the population of the Earth, nor these other planets, served the noble goals of spreading life in our „world of matter”, but constituted a source of various benefits and resources for the inhabitants of Orion, who parasitically enslaved the inhabitants of every planet they populated by robbing them of everything that they considered to be useful, and by using them as a source of slaves, manpower, knowledge and new technological developments, as well as any useful raw materials. Only when the inhabitants of a given planet managed to build starships similar to the Magnocrafts that I invented (see my web page „magnocraft.htm”), the inhabitants of Orion carried out their adaptation to the lowest level of their parasitic confederation, still spying on their technical achievements and robbing from some resources, knowledge and technology, while remaining the leaders of the entire thus created parasitic confederation. Because the recently intensified by the technology of UFOnauts the telepathic and post-hypnotic forcing into the humanity of various forms of madness and aggression reveals that the moment of time is just approaching, when our parasitic relatives from Orion will try to include also the inhabitants of the Earth into their parasitic confederation – as I am describing it in item #J4 of the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm”. Thus, the decisive moment is also slowly approaching, which will show whether the humanity will be able to become forever independent from its cosmic occupants and parasites, by becoming a „totaliztic civilization” that fulfils the commandments and requirements of God and thus with its own hands and minds although also with the support and help of God, works for everything that it needs, or rather the humanity will join the parasitic confederation that occupies and exploits it already for thousands of years, thus forever is to remain a victim of someone else’s exploitation, and at the same time it begins to exploit other weaker and less developed civilizations.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R86lKRd3ADQ (Andrzej Domała – Ubducted to planet NEA),
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GuWpxFDEvE (Kazimierz Bzowski & Jan Pająk re. Andrzej Domała),
https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Andrzej+Doma%C5%82a (Search for videos on Andrew Domała)

Fig. #J1a: Here is a link to, and a search command, regarding a 26-minute long video in Polish entitled „Andrzej Domała – Uprowadzony na planetę Nea” (which title translates: „Andrew Domała – Abducted to the Nea Planet”). At the length from 12:20 to 12:45 minutes, a fragment of Mr. Domała’s interviewing by Mr. Dominik Myrcik is played, in which Mr. Domała repeats the information obtained from Neatan, stating that our parasitic relatives from the Orion planets can make path of light „winding” – which places their knowledge and technology at the highest level of all civilizations belonging to the same parasitic confederation as Neatans do. (We already know about this confederation that it secretly occupies, exploits and repetitively destroys humanity – as I illustrate it with videos and with footprints of also belonging to this confederation around 80cm tall female UFOnaut-nightmare physically melted in tough asphalt of NZ footpath, and explain this occupation in #K1 to #K2b from the web page named „petone.htm” and in posts #347E and #348E to blogs of totalizm.) An interesting fact about this ability of our parasitic relatives from Orion to make path of light „winding” is that in the verse 3:33 from the „Book of Baruch” in the Bible, quoted above in #J1, there is encoded confirmation that in fact such making „winding of light” is technically possible. This Bible confirmation in turn stamps the intelligence gathered by Mr. Domała with a kind of „[Ω] Seal of God” described more comprehensively in item #I2 from the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm” – which seal confirms with itself and guarantees with the authority of God that in this matter Mr. Domała stated the absolute truth. It is also worth noting that the truth of none of the fundamental theories underlying the entire pyramid of today’s distorted knowledge built on these theories by the monopolistic „official atheistic science”, was confirmed with a similar „[Ω] Seal of God”. In other words, because God with this „[Ω] Seal of God” confirms only and exclusively the truth of the most important for all mankind among the findings of knowledge and technological achievements, this lack of God’s confirmation for all theories that form the foundations of the present „official atheistic science”, such as the „big bang theory”, „the theory of evolution” and „theory of relativity”, means that they represent only lies, or they are completely irrelevant and their significance will soon pass and they will cease to count in the further development of mankind, while the future generations will only talk about them with great embarrassment, indicating them as an example of how incredibly erroneous information was officially disseminated by some telepathically controlled by parasitic UFOnauts and pre-programmed with post-hypnotic orders, today’s decision makers and luminaries of monopolistic, „official atheistic science”. This is another example of the operation of the abovementioned verses 1:27-29 from the „1 Corinthians” of the Bible, when truth of that findings of the late Andrzej Domała obtained at the cost of his life, about which almost no one today wants to know and officially it is even covered by the „conspiracy of silence”, has been confirmed since over 2000 years by Bible verses, while the theories and statements of today’s costly luminaries of science the Bible completely ignores because they are either lies or are completely temporary, transient and irrelevant to mankind.

The above should be supplemented with the information that for the heroic contribution of Mr. Domała towards gaining knowledge about the threat caused by our cosmic parasites to the independence situation of Polish nation and the whole of humanity, he deserves some posthumous (post-mortem) decoration, and it is our civic duty to organize an official petition on this matter to the Polish government – as I explain and justify it in Uwaga #1 oraz w Część #J (meaning in: Note #1 and in Part #J) from the Polish web page named „tekst_3b.htm”. The need to award him this decoration is justified by my rough estimates which make us aware of the level of significance of the knowledge that he acquired for us – that the late Andrzej Domała gathered and reported apparently at the cost of losing his life, and that may lead to the possible liberation of our planet from millennia of being occupied by such a technically advanced confederation of cosmic enemies of humanity. And so, if the increase of new knowledge of humanity that meets the totaliztic definition of „true progress” published in item #G4 from the web page named „eco_cars.htm”, will maintain the pace that gives to it the speed of new scientific discoveries and technical inventions carried out by the present monopolistic „official atheistic science”, then to the knowledge about the „winding of light” the humanity would arrive on its own only after several next thousands of years. On the other hand, due to the contribution, courage and patriotism of the late Andrew Domała and due to the futuristic knowledge encoded into the verses of the Bible – which confirmed the truth of intelligence gathered by him and stamped with the „[Ω] Seal of God”, this incredibly advanced information about the technology of the future at the disposal of our parasitic cosmic occupiers from the planets of Orion, the open-minded researchers can learn today from the Polish treatise [3b] co-authorized by the late Andrzej Domała and offered on the Internet for free reading. The knowledge gained for the good of our civilization due to the heroism of Andrzej Domała also created the power and the possibility to avoid wasting and losing a huge amount of human properties and lives just by treating this knowledge rationally and accepting it in the further development of humanity. In order to understand the power of this knowledge, it is enough to know how many habitats of technically advanced civilizations living in other star systems Mr. Domała indicated to us in the text of the treatise [3b]. He also let us know that none of these civilizations uses the slow electromagnetic radiation (which still remains the only means of learning used by primitive devices of human scientists from the so-called „SETI” to search for extraterrestrial civilizations), but for this purpose they use infinitely fast telepathy and telekinesis. Thus our primitive SETI program is unable to detect the existence nor location of any of these civilizations. On the other hand, based on the previous behaviours of the „official atheistic science” it is easy to predict that due to the deliberate refusal to accept the knowledge of the type obtained by Andrzej Domała, scientists from the SETI program will probably endlessly, under various excuses, force decision-makers and governments to continue to grant them more and more subsidies for new equipment and for earnings of its employees, i.e. funds that need to be squeezed from increasingly exploited taxpayers. Meanwhile, the information gathered by Andrzej Domała immediately eliminates the need for the entire SETI program, allowing such a waste of human funds and resources to be stopped, and rather instead of being directed for financing SETI, the same huge sums, which probably already amount to billions of dollars, were directed e.g. for the construction of hospitals, old people’s homes, laboratories and pharmaceutical factories, sanatoriums and yet for other life-saving infrastructures and for raising the living standards of mankind, which in turn would save an indescribable number of people from premature and painful deaths. On the basis of analogies and cause-effect relationships, the information obtained by Andrzej Domała would also make completely unnecessary the building an even more costly so-called the „Large Hadron Collider” from CERN near Geneva – which would save a further huge sums of money and save or extend the lives of the next countless group of people. This is for the above reasons that I have already made efforts to organize an application to the Polish government for such a posthumous decoration, the progress of which I am systematically reporting in the abovementioned Note #1 and in Part #J (i.e. in Uwaga #1 oraz w Część #J) from the Polish web page named „tekst_3b.htm”. Unfortunately, since against rewarding this posthumous decoration works entire secret organisation of occupying UFOnauts that currently manage our civilisation, in the struggle for this award I constantly encounter obstacles that are almost impossible to overcome.

#J2. What is the winding, redirecting, reversing, deflection and storage of light in the vacuum of space, and „how” light can technically be so controlled:

The expression „winding of light” in this post #349E and in other publications of the author is defined as a process, and also as an ability of a specific intergalactic civilization, allowing for such technical control of the path of light in a cosmic vacuum that causes the connecting with the same wave of light flowing along surface of given „pancake of Omniplan” any two points in our „world of matter” spaced apart at any distances, even of the order of entire galaxies. In turn „redirecting of light back” (and also „storage of light”) is defined here as the technical imposing onto surface-waves of light the ability to repeatedly circulate around a closed circuit, i.e. to repetitively return light back to the point from which it came after travelling through any long path – including even travelling through the size of entire galaxies.

Since we already know what the winding, the redirecting back, and the storage of light are, now we can explain „how” my „Theory of Everything of 1985” explains that it can technically be accomplished. In the shortest description, such winding, redirecting back, and accumulation of light depends on such bending of the „pancakes of Omniplan” described here in #J1 and #J3 (means time layers of the „Omniplan”) along the surfaces of which „pancakes” the surface-waves of light propagate, that these surface-waves of light reach where the intergalactic civilization that controls their flow will want them to arrive.

Of course, although briefly this „winding of light” can be easily understood, the technical development of the engineering procedure „how” to accomplish it is NOT so simple. So let us describe below in numbered items at least the most important steps, the completion of which this procedure will require.

[1] Recognition of the possibility that light can technically be subjected to such „winding”. After all, in order to be able to work out the engineering procedure „how”, we first need to acknowledge the truth of my theories – including their fragment described in this post #349E. But seeing how much easier it would be to proverbially „squeeze the blood from the stone” than, for example, to persuade the decision makers in the monopoly of „official atheistic science” who work for „money” (see #A1 to #A4 from „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”) and practice the „philosophy of parasitism” forced upon them by UFOnauts (see my web page „parasitism.htm”), to recognize the truth of my theories (and also the truth of the Bible), one can also imagine how many future years must pass before they lean towards this truth – which situation I am going to explain in item #J4 of the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm”.

[2] Getting to know the course of „Omniplan’s pancakes” used as carriers and kind of „optical fibres” for „winding” of surface-waves of light. After accepting the truth of my theoretical considerations described here, it is necessary to detect in practice the courses of two groups of these „Omniplan pancakes”. The first one must run through the source of light to be subjected to „winding”, while the second one through the receiving point or place towards which the light is to be „redirected”. In turn their detection can be done only after the development of time vehicles of the sixth technical era, which I invented and briefly described in item #J4.6 from my web page named „propulsion.htm” and in post #309E to blogs of totalizm. As this is demonstrated by the analysis of engineering procedures „how” for the principle of operation of these time vehicles „corkscrewing” themselves with their spinning magnetic field into successive time layers of the Omniplan, i.e. into successive „pancakes”, these highly technologically advanced time vehicles are capable of detecting and of marking the courses of individual ones from these pancakes on space maps. This is because when the spiral of their magnetic field, described e.g. in item #J4.6 of the abovementioned web page named „propulsion.htm” and in post #309E to blogs of totalizm, is „corkscrewing” itself into a given „pancake” and reaches its surface capable of inducing and propagating waves of light, the moment of piercing through this surface with the rotating magnetic field, induces a powerful (very last in a given „pancake”) flash of white light, always appearing in the final phase of the formation of the blue „spiral of light” which the „diving” to different times always causes. The only video known to me, which managed to capture this powerful flash of white light generated at the moment of penetrating through the surface of the „Omniplan pancake” by UFOs, is the video commented on in item #A6.3 from my web page „portfolio.htm” with the address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGOHt4pSvJo . It shows this white flash at the end of the visible from Earth part of the flight of a V-shaped UFO documented there from 1:40 to 2:45 minutes of videos collected in there. This final flash of white light is always so strong that it is recordable both inside of a given time vehicle by its crew and by its on-board instruments, as well as by external (e.g. human) observers of its penetration to other times illustrated with such a spectacular spiral of blue light best documented in Norway, on videos searched, for example, with the command https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=norway+sky+spiral . It is interesting that just such a blue light spiral from an advanced time vehicle was recorded on videos over New Zealand (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRcK3yEin08 ) on 2022/6/20 – means exactly when on blogs of totalizm I just published my post #348E additionally confirming with the evidence filmed in Aceh in Indonesia the existence of a hidden activity on Earth of miniature three-fingered UFOnauts from the race by folklore called „nightmare”, a photo taken on my street of the footprint of the female version of which „nightmare-UFOnaut” was published in #K1 to #K1c from my web page named „petone.htm” and in post #347E to blogs of totalizm. Unfortunately, as usual in the case of evidence for the secret occupation of Earth by UFOs, immediately after filming this spiral of light and showing it in NZ TV news – see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRcK3yEin08 , someone perhaps well-meaning but completely unfamiliar with UFOs, although declared as an „expert”, unknowingly or consciously „served” UFOnauts who occupy us. In the evening NZ television news which I watched on the „Channel Prime” at 17:41 and on „Channel 3” at 18:17, he started to convince the NZ audience with his supposedly „scientific” statements of the dictionary type „what” and completely devoid of specific detailed data, objectivity, verifiability and any confirming evidence, that this blue spiral filmed above our heads was formed by a rocket – although he was NOT able to clearly indicate whose rocket, what and from where this rocket was launched, or why the colour of the light of this spiral was blue, while rocket exhaust fumes produce many colours, but none of them is blue or chalk white as produced by advanced time vehicles. To be honest, there is probably a much stronger cause-effect relationship between this blue spiral filmed above our heads, and the nightmare-UFOnauts footsteps that still existed on our street not far from the place where something destroyed a water pipe, which destruction perhaps could be planned by UFOnauts to erase these footprints, but the erasure was accidentally prevented e.g. by people then standing in there on the street, as the destruction of this water pipe took place around the time of filming this spiral of light above our heads (after all, it is known that the strong rotating magnetic field of a UFO burns, melts and destroys steel objects such as our destroyed water pipe) than the relationship described by this „expert” between this blue spiral from NZ sky and this alleged rocket the existence and launch of which this „denying expert” was unable to identify and indicate. After all, there are also other cases which had a similar „cause” – which was a UFO, but in official explanations this „cause” was later replaced with its „effect” – which was the destruction caused by this UFO. Their example may be the destruction of the electrical station by a UFO glowing with blue light, which from 1:30 to 2:25 minutes on the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DRoFShTguk was officially distorted into the claim that it was the explosion of this station that people mistook for the manifestation and observation of UFOs. A similar situation took place when UFOs evaporated the WTC skyscrapers – as documented on the web page named „wtc.htm”. So how little is the chance for humanity to free itself from the secret occupation by UFOs, and to implement on Earth the knowledge-creative „Nirvana System” and my „philosophy of totalizm” capable of reversing the destruction to-date and promotion of true love for God, love for all neighbours (including also for our enemies), and love for nature – if the expression of the truth is officially blocked, while only such nonsense statements of „experts” supporting the interests of our cosmic occupants, exploiters and destroyers are shown officially, and if more than half of the readers of my publications are the UFOnauts who occupy us who study them and learn from them everything that they later make so difficult to learn for the inhabitants of the Earth. Perhaps (as I explain it in #J4 of the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm”) if UFOnauts would help us instead of making it difficult, then in the future instead of becoming our enemies they would greatly benefit from it – on similar principles as various colonial countries on Earth are now benefiting because they firstly make industrialization of their colonies and then they organise smoothly operating modern statehoods in them, while later that gave the independence to these former colonies (which favour our secretive occupiers from Orion stubbornly refuse to do for us).

[3] Finding a place in space where it will come the easiest and the least harmful future joining together of both groups of „Omniplan pancakes” into one continuous „optical fibres” which will lead the light from the chosen source to the point or place of its reception. So the next step is that when examining the courses of both above groups of these „pancakes” one should find a place in the cosmos where they run at the nearest distances from each other and where their joining together will be the easiest and the least harmful.

[4] Joining both groups of „pancakes” into continuous kinds of „optical fibres” which will guide the light from the selected source to the point or place of its reception. Finally, either by using the power of huge „time vehicles” of the „planetary” type, which I described in item #J3 from my web page named „hurricane.htm” and also in post #322E to blogs of totalizm, or by using the gravity of huge planets or suns, in some place of space vacuum from our „world of matter” both these groups of „Omniplan pancakes” should be connected with each other – so that starting from a given source, the light is „redirected” and reaches the point or place of its reception. I should add here that the existence of one of such giant UFOs owned by Neatans, the diameter of which was so enormous that the UFO would be able to cover the entire country of Denmark with its body, reported Andrew Domała in his interview with Dominik Myrcik – about which giant I already wrote, among others in video #H3d from my web page named „ufo_proof_pl.htm”. Another such giant UFO was illustrated from around 2:07 to 2:48 minutes of approximately 30-minute long English-language video from Venezuela, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dsylyi2nYLY .

So in total, if by some miracle the humanity manages to save itself from the self-destruction of the 2030s and adopts „totaliztic” methods of non-profit-oriented and voluntary earning of universal wealth for all people, which will free it from the present hidden occupation, exploitation and destruction by UFOnauts who practice „philosophy of evil parasitism” and who in an effective and hidden manner inhibit the access to truth and block or make almost impossible our scientific, technical and moral development, then with God’s will at some point in the distant future the humanity will be able to implement the above procedure „how” – with the elapse of time thus becoming one of the most advanced intergalactic civilizations from our „world of matter” and an example for other civilisations as how to find a correct path to unlimited social and technical progress.

#J3. „How” it happens that, being carried out by a transverse wave (i.e. by a surface-wave), light still reaches every place in the entire volume of our three-dimensional physical world – within which, according to present physics, only longitudinal waves should be able to propagate:

Motto: „Good gives birth to good, evil breeds evil”.

Only few of today’s people are aware of the huge differences in explaining anything from the knowledge-creative and truth-revealing engineering perspective „how” when compared to the dictionary „what” perspective that hides incompetence and lies – which differences I am explaining on numerous examples in items #G3 to #G5 from my web page named „wroclaw_uk.htm”. However, if we ask someone who earns for living from a job that requires a lot of practical knowledge, who has extensive experience in his/her work, knows it inside out, and uses reliable methods of operation for his/her performance, to describe for us what he/she is doing, then we easily notice that he/she will describe it to us from the engineering perspective „how”. In other words, the describing of knowledge and truth from this engineering perspective turns out to be the most natural for human thinking. This is why, if e.g. we read any descriptions from some old „encyclopaedia”, or books of the „textbook” type, then we also discover that they are written similarly, i.e. from the engineering „how” perspective. Even if one reads the original formulation of the laws of physics discovered long ago, for example, „Archimedes Principle”, it turns out that these also are written from the perspective of the „how” procedure. On the other hand, almost everything written in the newest times, including relatively recently discovered laws of e.g. thermodynamics, is written from the dictionary perspective of „what” that hides ignorance or lies. Furthermore, if one looks at any information that originates from UFOnauts, e.g. the statement number N-116 Miss Nosbocaj indicated in (4) from item #J4 of the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm” – which reports the explanation of UFOnauts for the operation of the moral law which is an equivalent of the totaliztic „Boomerang Principle” and the operation of the totaliztic so-called „karma” (see my web page „karma.htm”), then it turns out that UFOnauts formulate their statements only in the dictionary perspective of „what” that hides ignorance or lies. In turn, because UFOnauts have an enormously advanced technique, which allows them NOT only to send telepathic and post-hypnotic orders to individual people, but with the use of their satellites and starships, they can in the same way control and manipulate the thinking and actions of the entire part of humanity that is unaware of the power and manipulative goals of UFOnauts (which their manipulations are perfectly illustrated by the current sudden change in human behaviour justified by the excuse forced upon us by UFOnauts that it is allegedly the fault and consequence of peoples isolation due to Covid-19), this rapid shift of human scientists, decision makers, as well as politicians, from previous natural communication of everything in terms of engineering „how” to unnatural present communication in dictionary terms of „what”, strongly implies that the present trend of stating everything only in categories of „what” was artificially and technically imposed on today’s humanity by the technique that UFOnauts use to manipulate and to control human masses.

Light is just one of these phenomena, which clearly exposes that almost all the definitions of our costly „official atheistic science” are deliberately formulated in a manner that is limited to providing a dictionary „what” instead of describing it with the engineering procedure „how”, means they serve to conceal incompetence and lies instead of serving the dissemination of knowledge and truth. It is that present situation with light that makes a strong impression that this principle of official science to formulate everything in terms of dictionary „what” instead of engineering „how” was cleverly forced onto the monopoly of our „official atheistic science” relatively recently by UFOnauts who occupy us and block our development, to accomplish their goal of the complete destruction of our civilization. After all, if one believes the mutually contradictive and incompetent statements of our science, light behaves like a kind of „paradox of physics” or a „supernatural phenomenon”, because having the nature of „transverse waves” (also called „surface waves because these can be formed only on the surface of the medium that transmits them), light still reaches every place in the entire „volume” of our three-dimensional world of matter – although according to findings of present physics, only the so-called „longitudinal waves” are capable of propagating within the interior of a given medium. No wonder that about scientists paid with taxpayers’ „money” for long time people have been joking, that on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays scientists believe that carriers of light are corpuscles, on Thursdays (see https://www.google.com/search?q=corpuscular+theory+of+light ), Fridays and Saturdays they believe that carriers of light are waves (see https://www.google.com/search?q=wave+theory+of+light ), while on Sundays scientists go to church to pray that from taxes squeezed out of hard-working workers and farmers, the increased amounts of „money” were directed, for example, on empirically unverifiable speculations of scientists about cosmic „black holes” or on additional equipment for the so-called „SETI” research program (see https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=SETI ) that diverts the attention of humans from the truth about UFOnauts who occupy, exploit, and torment the entire humanity. No wonder that today’s internet search engines shamefully hide the truth about the existence and action of cold radiation (radiation of cold, see https://www.google.com/search?q=cold+radiation ) – although in my youth I read entire books describing scientific experiments which confirm that these „radiation of cold” in fact do exist. After all, these are such „rays of cold”, which are beamed to Earth at nights with full moons that can completely ruin crops of more than one farmer and gardener by lowering their temperature – as I described it in (3) from item #K2 of my web page named „god_exists.htm” and in items #B4 and #L1 from my web page named „2020life.htm”. Furthermore, has the reader ever wondered why the university textbooks are so full of paradoxes and contradictions about light, while there is missing from them the explaining of reasons for the existence of these paradoxes and contradictions? Well, these textbooks are silent about many matters because they are revealing only the dictionary „what” to support the lucrative monopoly of „official atheistic science”. A good example of these paradoxes is just what I have listed above, i.e. that on one page these textbooks state that light is so-called „surface wave” (i.e. „transverse wave”) – i.e. the wave described e.g. in items #D3, #D2.1 and #D1 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, while on other pages the same textbooks describe experiments that can be performed on the light in the three-dimensional volume of university halls and laboratories – although within their volume the „official atheistic science” still has NOT detected any surfaces on which surface-waves of light could propagate. Simultaneously, the same „official atheistic science” for over 37 years stubbornly refuses to recognize my „Theory of Everything of 1985” (see the web page „1985_theory_of_everything.htm”) – although it is the first theory on Earth which indicated, described and confirmed the existence of such surfaces that are carriers of surface-waves of light (i.e. it described the abovementioned „Omniplan pancakes”). Furthermore, without any official funding and in spite of the persecution to which it is constantly subjected since the moment of its inception (and with it also myself), still this theory of mine from 1985 managed to reveal numerous other truths about the reality that surrounds us – including the truth that there is also another „wave-free” kind of light, the existence of which was discovered and explained only by that my Theory of Everything from 1985, because this other light spreads in the form of „corpuscles” (i.e. NOT in the form of waves) travelling through the counter-world with infinite speed and described e.g. in the Bible and thus named „God Drobinas”, which the corpuscular kind of light is, among other things, the carrier of the „radiation of cold”. These other „corpuscular” light-carriers that travel with infinite speed within the „counter-world”, about which the „official atheistic science” does NOT want to hear or know, show, amongst others, the ability to reveal their action inside the volume of any medium. Hence the recognition of the existence of these „God Drobinas”, even without learning the knowledge „how” God pre-programmed the described in my publications these „Omniplan pancakes” that form „reversible software time” in which we (people) age, while on the surfaces of which „pancakes of the Omniplan” surface-waves of „wave light” are able to move between almost every two points in the space of our „world of matter”, still these „God Drobinas” would be able to theoretically explain the flow of this „corpuscular” kind of light through three-dimensional volume of, for example, university halls and laboratories.

Simultaneously God and life prove to us (in accordance with the content of verses 1:27-29 from „1 Corinthians” of the Bible quoted in item #I5 of the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm”), that the discovery and disclosure of the entire truth about light, similarly as the disclosure of the entire truth about anything, is NOT possible only for „money” (see video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9YFI6Fer9E ) hard earned by the taxpayer although later misused for corrupting of entire humanity, destroying nature, causing parting people from God, and e.g. for non-selective distribution, amongst others, to misleading the humanity expensive „official atheistic science”. This is because in order to be able to discover the absolute truth, one needs dedication, faith and observance of moral standards. Means needs the qualities opposite to those enforced on Earth by UFOnauts and by their lucratively paid henchmen who secretly occupy, exploit and torment the humanity, and practice on Earth an inhumanly evil version of the philosophy of parasitism (see my web page „parasitism.htm”). It is because of just such dedication and faith that it was also possible to privately, allegedly on principles of a „hobby” and without any official financing, using only mind and the previously developed „Theory of Everything of 1985” (which due to official persecution and blocking, even after 37 years from its development, is still forced to disseminate under the less meaningful name of the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity”), to explain in the author’s publications all the above-mentioned paradoxes and understatements of the „official atheistic science”, including the explanation „how” light really propagates, „what” it actually is, and „what attributes” each of its two components has – i.e. what attributes has the „wave component of light” propagating with a finite speed of light only on the surface of the „depth” dimension of „Omniplan pancakes” from our „world of matter”, as well as has the „corpuscular component of light” that is transmitted inside of „God Drobinas” rushing through the „counter-world” with infinite speed (about the fact that all movements of „God Drobinas” take place with infinite speed, I confirmed with the required „3 witnesses”, including the „[Ω] Seal of God”, in items #I1 to #I5 from the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm” – the content of which I repeated later also in posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm). In turn, because these explanations for a long time are contained in my publications, here I will only provide links to sources where the reader can find them.

Explanations why light is a „surface wave” and at the same time also has its „corpuscular component”, are provided by my two discoveries. The first of them showed the existence of small, living, always mobile so-called „God Drobinas”, described in #K1 and #K2 of the web page named „god_exists.htm” and in posts #325E and #326E to blogs of totalizm, and also in many places from my other web page named „2020life.htm”. That are precisely the attributes of these „God Drobinas”, from the ever-moving whirls of which the entire matter of our „world of matter” is formed, that due to the mutual repulsion that prevails between them, form perfectly elastic „Omniplan pancakes” on the surfaces of which the waves of „wave-light” propagate . There are also these „God Drobinas” that in their memories are stored programs for generating all phenomena and for forming all objects that exist and are detectable in our „world of matter” (including through the manifestations of light) and are also stored programs for the properties of light, due to which these „God Drobinas” themselves serve also as corpuscles of „corpuscular light” infinitely fast rushing through the „counter-world”.

In turn the second of these discoveries is described e.g. in item #D3 from my web page named „god_proof.htm” and e.g. in post #294E to blogs of totalizm. It reveals that our three-dimensional „world of matter” in fact God pre-programmed into the form of a model of „reversible software time” called „Omniplan” which occupies a fragment of an unlimited in size and time four-dimensional „counter-world”. In this „Omniplan” the fourth (depth) dimension of the counter-world is sub-divided into a huge number of like „pancakes”, each of which in this depth direction has a „thickness” equal only to the dimensions of a single „God Drobina”, although in the remaining three dimensions it has infinite values. This in turn makes our „world of matter” to resemble a huge pile of two-dimensional photographs, in each of which both their flat dimensions, namely their width and height, can be increased to any value, while the depth of the pigments forming the images on each of these photographs in the entire their area it is always only in the order of just several microns, although still images of all objects visible in a given photograph will fit into this their depths. Also each of these „pancakes” contains one kind of „movie frame” representing the jumping passage of time in our „world of matter” – this is why our „reversible software time” in which we age passes in jumps with a frequency which is harmonic to the frequency around 11 Hz – as this is revealed to us by the empirical experiment that I described in #D1 and #D2 from the web page named „immortality.htm” and in post #160E to blogs of totalizm. Furthermore, each of these „pancakes” is like a double-sided surface of a thin, flexible „sheet” with „depth” equal to the dimensions of single „God Drobinas”, while all the other three dimensions of the volume of which extend to infinity. It is thanks to the existence of surfaces of this „sheet” that can propagate along them the „transverse waves” that carry, amongst others, light. In turn, because this depth dimension which defines the „depth” of the surfaces of this flexible sheet, actually connects with itself and also houses every place and every object from our „world of matter”, waves of light propagating along the surface of this „sheet” are able to reach to every NOT darkened place in our „world of matter”.

In turn explanations why „rays of cold” in fact exist and how works the „radiation of cold” so stubbornly denied and ignored by the inhibiting the progress of humanity monopoly of „official atheistic science”, have already been provided by my publications indicated with the Polish key words promienie zimna (meaning „rays of cold”) on the Polish web page named „skorowidz.htm” (note that each web page indicated in there has its version in English). For example explanation of „rays of cold” are provided by the already indicated above descriptions (3) from item #K2 of my web page named „god_exists.htm”.

At this point it should be added that my discovery of „God Drobinas” in combination with the confirmation of the existence of „radiation of cold”, taken together provide an explanation why light has two different carriers, i.e. (1) „corpuscles” called „God Drobinas”, and also (2) surface-waves. The first of these carriers propagates its corpuscular component, while the second one carries its wave component. (Notice that the confirmation of the existence of the light carrier other than „trembling” waves, is wisely encoded also in verse 3:33 from the „Book of Baruch” in the Bible, discussed above in item #J1 of this post #349E.) As it is shown by my „Theory of Everything of 1985”, in fact there are two kinds of light. But only one of both these types of light is just the light which propagates as a surface electromagnetic wave and is already known to the monopoly of the „official atheistic science”. It travels only through our „world of matter” with a materially limited „speed of light”. In turn the carriers of the second (corpuscular) kind of light are „God Drobinas” which I discovered just lately and described in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named „god_exists.htm”. These „God Drobinas” move only in the counter-world with an infinite speed of telekinetic motion – confirmed and described in [A5b] from item #I3 of the web page named „1985_theory_of_everything.htm” and in post #345E to blogs of totalizm. This their infinite speed of movement makes them very difficult to detect by our still primitive „official atheistic science” – which meant that until the time of my discovery they were NOT known to the humanity. It is also these „God Drobinas” that while being „corpuscles” themselves, are also carriers of programs of light, causing that under certain conditions they emit white light (as their light is revealed to us by e.g. Kirlian cameras and by the shining of the Moon). In other conditions they may be the „radiation of cold” mentioned above. But because the operation of „God Drbinas” as „corpuscles of light” is much more complicated than the operation of electromagnetic radiation, I will NOT shorten or impoverish their description by forcing it here into this topic of my research, but someday in the near future I will devote to it a dedicated exhaustive descriptions – of course if God grants me the required time, conditions, and required means of living that would allow me to continue my research. After all, the understanding of the complexity of the „corpuscles of light” by those devoid of imagination, faith, dedication and devotion to the truth typical to today’s unselectively paid with „money” professional scientists, will probably move forward with equally great hesitation and probably will again take at least another 37 years, i.e. the number similar as that which still has NOT provided them with understanding of the benefits from accepting my „Theory of Everything of 1985”, nor understanding of my „reversible software time” and the „Omniplan pancakes” described here – my discovery of the existence of which allowed to finally explain „how” and along what the „surface-waves” of light propagate.

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Notice that the above web pages are my main publications updated many times later. On the other hand, this post #349E to blogs of totalizm is only a „harbinger” of publishing the presented here results of my research – which later is NOT updated. Therefore, these web pages typically contain texts that are more improved than this post to blogs of totalizm, with the elapse of time they collect more evidence and fewer research mistakes or writing errors, and because of their repeated updating they also contain the latest findings of my continuously carried out research.

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Fortunately, the deletion of 5 older blogs of totalizm did NOT cause the loss of their posts. This is because after complementing with illustrations, colours, underlining and working links of all my posts that I published so far on blogs of totalizm, including this post, I systematically make them available also in my free electronic publication [13] in a safe PDF format and in two sizes of print (i.e. large 20pt and normal 12pt) – which everyone can free download, for example, through the web page named „tekst_13.htm” available on all the web sites indicated above, including, for example, at http://pajak.org.nz/tekst_13. htm . Over half of the posts to blogs of totalizm are also published in there in the English language version, and thus they will be understandable for inhabitants of countries other than Poland.

Other posts extending and supplementing this #349E:

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Let totalizm prevail,
Dr Eng. Jan Pająk


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