#314E: Hiding and masking as the most moral form of self-defence from ruthless aggressors

Motto: „Skill is the crown of the wise, crown of the silly – stupidity.” (Bible, OLD TESTAMENT „Book of Proverbs”, verse 14:24)

I do hope that the reader had the opportunity to get acquainted with the scientific forecasts of Professor Jan Pająk, which predict the total collapse and fall of the current human civilization in the 2030s, and explain the reasons, course and rough scenario of this tragedy that is self-inflicted by humanity. As a result of this fast approaching purification, the Professor predicts the death of 99.9% of inhabitants of Earth – which means saving of only about one person from every thousand people living at that time. If the reader still has not familiarized himself with these predictions, then I recommend looking into the totaliztic web page named „2030_uk.htm” or browsing the 34-minute free video from YouTube based on this web page and in Polish entitled „Zagłada ludzkości 2030” (which means „The Great Purification of the 2030s”, and also looking into the „part #H” (especially to items #H1, #H2, #H3 and #H4) from the totaliztic web page named „prophecies.htm”.

Below, based on historical experience, advices of military experts and preppers, I present the rules and scenario for personal and group masking. I do hope it will help many people. I also hope that there will be no bad people among them – who will use masking techniques to attack others. These rules and scenario were prepared on the basis of logical reasoning about the situation of the times of decline and extinction of humanity, which Professor Jan Pająk presented in his publications. It should be remembered that the proposal to use masking techniques applies to the times after the fall of the rule of law, when even local communities will not be able to exist on the principles of the historical „wild west”, i.e. by patrolling a given area and providing it with protection against other aggressive groups.

This material was prepared with the 2030s in mind and assuming that estimates of Professor Pająk are correct: i.e. a 99.9% reduction in the population – although I still hope that this material will never be needed. Only then the masking descriptions described below in numbered items make sense – otherwise the description fits only into the period of total war. While writing, I tried to empathize with the situation when in fact every stranger would be a lethal threat to us. My inspiration was one of the prophecies, namely the „Red Sky Night”. Since such a phenomenon took place in 2018, we still have 3 years left (the description of it says that there will be four peaceful one-year seasons). Then the 4th sign will start as it lasts 10 years. In this story inspirational was the statement that the children of the earth must go into the wilderness and live away from human clusters. I think a lot about everything that Professor Pająk forecasted. I look at what is happening in the world. I also know that the world, so greedy and hypocritical, and so exploiting the environment must at some point experience the purification. It is impossible to constantly eat and dirty with increasingly more fish in the aquarium without keeping a healthy balance. It is not feasible. The aquarium has the advantage that from time to time someone will come and clean it, while for the cleaning period will transfer the fish to a jar – but we do not have such option. I also often discuss with my family about this research – in which I believe. I know that my relatives, like most people, have a poor chance of survival – although I do my best to change it. They probably don’t believe what can happen. I do what I can to prepare them, I train their bodies saying that it is a defence against old age and diseases, I teach how to make supplies and explain why survival equipment is at home, saying that it can always be useful in the field for recreation, while during the war and a natural disaster it will be necessary. But trust me, they don’t believe in 99.9%, even at first it was difficult for me to think. Initially, I believed in 60% maybe 70% (i.e. that humanity would start to save itself). However, watching how the situation develops in today’s world, I am now beginning to suspect that this 99.9% is a correct forecast. But most people do not believe even in 5%, these hundreds of millions are no longer able to imagine what is coming. This is terrible. Recently I talked with my friend who watched the video „Zagłada ludzkości 2030” (i.e. „The Great Purification of the 2030s”). She said that the video is great and has large audience that it is talked about in the forums. I asked whether she was preparing, whether she had any backpack, equipment, weapons, supplies, any of these things. She answered after a moment’s thought that no, she was developing spiritually. Sad, if the truth seeker thinks so, then what most of others think. I can’t help it, but I believe in God, I trust Professor’s discoveries and I know that most of humanity is wrong. This is a bad direction of development.

In a situation of total collapse of civilization, we have only two options to survive the thirties of this millennium. Namely, we can either defend ourselves and fight bands of starving people that will attack us, or we can be invisible to them using camouflage techniques. Masking is a much better form of defence. It requires less energy and resources from us and reduces the possibility of danger associated with meeting aggressive people. It also allows being much weaker to effectively hinder our enemy’s attack. Masking is also an element of intelligence and morality – it allows us to keep the law „do not kill” if we do not have to defend ourselves.

The principles of masking are divided into two groups of techniques. These are: (A) urban masking that we will use from the beginning of the fall of civilization, to the time when attacking gangs or the depletion of resources force us to leave cities – human habitats; and (B) masking in the field, used after leaving home, during the nomadic existence in an area devoid of civilization achievements.

(A) Urban masking:

A1) Rule number one, you need to look desperate, poor and sick that has nothing to offer. This tactic worked well during the Balkan war after the collapse of Yugoslavia. It should be remembered that in times of widespread chaos, the worst nuisance are gangs of armed people who are trying to get food, medicine and often to rob bystanders. The Yugoslav war showed that the assault was widespread and first were robbed rich houses as well as people looking like wealthy, moving in designer clothes, luxury cars, etc.

So have a modest look, like any desperate man. You may look like a homeless person, a little crazy, crying, if you have such opportunity – makeup yourself to looking sick, infected with some disease. Without nice clothes and things. The Japanese proverb says „a nail gets it because it sticks out”. If someone thinks you have something valuable then will come to take it away from you. This is not an accident, but only a matter of time, people and the number of weapons.

A2) Do not count on the help of the army. Even troops can rob you, and certainly don’t count on them protecting you and letting you feed at their cost. Soldiers and uniformed services also have families and one thing that will interest them then is the thought of the safety of their loved ones. Try not to get in the way of soldiers, especially those who are already operating outside of power structures.

A3) Mask your home, throw open suitcases in front of it, garbage and scattered clothes so that it looks already ransacked, even leave the car open with the battery removed and the fuel cap ajar. Pump the fuel out of it beforehand, you can sprinkle it with soot or rubbish, which gives the impression that it burned or was destroyed.

A4) Remove (and bury) from the front of the house everything that can be an excuse for theft and further search. Remember that everything may be needed then.

A5) Avoid people you don’t know, move only at night, never in the middle of the street. Hide and rest during the day, set up guards, cooperate with your neighbours if possible, to always be ready to defend yourself. Organize neighbourhood patrols with at least a few men to repel intruders. Use masking this time to hide your weakness. Hide your weakness in a patrol with several men, and hide your strength in the cover/belaying of people on patrol. Let the patrol look confident. Always, however, provide them with hidden protection, safeguarding with your best weapon. Such patrols during the Balkan war protected a single street or a group of several houses.

A6) In the city don’t wear military clothes, they’ll think you have a gun and will want to kill you. If you have a weapon, try to hide it, but always have it ready to defend. An invisible weapon can save you from an armed aggressor who will want to rob you without losing his ammunition. Look like an ordinary, average civilian.

A7) Doors, windows, if possible barricade. You can use furniture, boards and even sandbags for this. Secure the rooms you are in so that access to them is only possible through one entrance, preferably hard to reach. During the Balkan war, some houses resembled medieval strongholds, where the entrance was on the first floor to which the tenant got up due to the ladder, dropped from above.

A8) Never light the lights at night, if someone can see them from the outside, they will certainly want to check who and why is inside. The same rule applies to lights when you move around in the field.

A9) Never make noise, always be quiet, if the sound can be heard outside the place of your concealment, it will attract others.

A10) Stay hidden only until you have to fight the gangs in there. If this happens, and someone attacking you escapes, you can be sure that he will come back with new forces.

A11) If you are exchanging goods with strangers, don’t let them know that you or your family have a lot to offer, when returning to the camp, don’t let them follow you. Checking if we are not tracked applies to every situation when we return to our place of residence.

A12) Everything you need to take during your escape, have it ready and packed in your backpack.

A13) When travelling, have two backpacks/bags. Carry the most valuable items with you or in a smaller backpack. If someone stops you and tells you to give back your backpack and you can’t defend yourself, try to give him the bigger one and quickly run away. You must be ready to use this technique, especially when you decided to leave the city.

A14) When you leave the city, take only what you need in the field. Inform about your departure only those people you want to take with you. Act moral here, but don’t announce your departure. Perhaps other people will want to stop you by force or rob you or thwart your plans in other ways. It’s up to you when to leave the city. Experienced survival experts always say that „a city is a trap: the sooner you leave it, the better for you.”

A15) Have a planned way to leave the city, you have little chance that you will do it using a car. It is best for you to leave the city away from the main exit roads that may be blocked by the army. They won’t let you leave the city with anything valuable. Leave the city on foot, by bike, or if you live by a large river or lake – by boat or raft. A bicycle or a boat will allow you to take more luggage (see A4 from item #S5 on the web page „2030_uk.htm”) – but they need to be painted dark, and in the field – masked with branches. Select night time if you know the area. You need to know where you want to get, thus move according to this knowledge.

(B) Masking in the field: We assume that we will need these skills most, according to the scenario of the fall of human civilization in the 2030s. This presentation focuses primarily on the issue of camouflage in the field:

B1) Everything you wear should be in dark, grey or camouflage colours. If any equipment has chrome, reflective, or colourful elements, repaint it, or mask it with other methods – as far as it allows to preserve its functional properties. In the field you have to look like a hunter or sniper means you should be invisible to animals and to people.

B2) Have two types of camouflage capes (see: https://www.google.com/search?q=camouflage+capes ), one for summer, spring and autumn, others for winter (e.g. green forest colour and white winter colour).

The ideal solution would be for you to have military, hunting or survival clothing for every season. This solution, however, requires a lot of financial resources, while the luggage we would have to carry with us would be too heavy. The solution to this are the above camouflage capes, preferably military, which we can often buy in stores with equipment from demobiles. They allow for external masking of these items and clothing, which we have, see item #R2 from the web page named „2030_uk.htm”. We will not always be able to gather all the elements of clothing in camouflaging colours.

The summer and winter versions of the camouflage capes allow us to mask our posture at any time of the year, regardless of whether we are moving among grass or snowdrifts. The applied camouflage capes mask us and the luggage (backpack we wear). Snipers and hunters use a similar practice.

If you do not have the funds or space for the above two versions of the camouflage capes, buy its summer version and have pieces of white material that you can combine with the camouflage cape and get the masking effect in winter. This solution works with partial snowing.

B3) When moving, wear gloves and paint your face. A man hiding in the woods, on a meadow, in the bushes, etc., reveals three things in addition to movement: the reflection of his equipment, as well as his hands and face. Face painting is an old practice that all scouts used. We paint the whole face, mud can be used in the field. Putting lines, promoted in films, does not work. Remembering that our task is to move at night, the more our complete face should be as little visible as possible. An ordinary shawl, e.g. an araphatka, will allow us to achieve this goal and significantly reduce the possibility of being noticed.

B4) Set up camp away from roads and settlements in wild and in hard to reach areas. Take advantage of the area, see from which side someone can approach it, isolate yourself with rivers, swamps, thick bushes, rocks.

B5) Constantly designate hidden guards and observation posts so as to warn other people in your group on time about impending danger. Prepare temporary alarms near the campsite to alert you that someone is passing by.

B6) If you intend to stay in a given place longer (e.g. during the winter), build your camp as Wietkom troops did in hidden underground dugouts. Remember to even the smoke outlet from the hearth move away from the entrance to the hidden room/filter (the filtering room is a separate chamber), where smoke comes out through several smaller holes. Cover the smoke outlets with stones and branches so that they dissipate the fumes on the ground as much as possible.

B7) When moving outside the campsite, move in jumps. First a few kilometre exploration trip, then the movement of the whole group. Constantly keep an eye on the area.

B8) Hunt and get food quietly, even if you have a weapon better fish and hunt with a bow. The bang of the shot will attract attention for several kilometres.

B9) Never enter abandoned houses alone, always check that the entrance has no trap and that the current tenant is not lurking behind the door.

B10) Masking is obligatory in two directions, so do not approach loud clusters of people, outbreaks of far-visible fires, bright houses, in the peak period of depopulation they will surely be traps set for the curious.

* * *

Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk, who runs this blog („owner”), would like to thank the author of the above entry, Totalizt and the Polish citizen, Sławomir Jabłoński, for accepting the invitation that his above presentation is published on 2019/9/17 as post number #314 to all blogs of totalizm, and also repeated in „volume S” from the publication [13] (accessible, amongst others, through the web page named „tekst_13.htm”) offering full content of all posts to blogs of totalizm. This presentation is already the second one to the preparing of which the author has invited Mr. Jabłoński – due to his high practical and already proven expertise in these matters. This second presentation informs interested people what actions and preparations increase the chance of surviving in the incoming purification of humanity of the 2030s. The previous of these three presentations, explaining what equipment is necessary to facilitate survival in the wilderness, was published on 2018/7/30 as post number #300 to blogs of totalizm, while repeated as the first post from „volume T” of the abovementioned publication [13] (available, among others, via the web page named „tekst_13.htm” – note that due to the use of decreasing page numbering, volumes T and S of the publication [13] publish the first posts at their very end). The last, third in a row presentation of the same series, Mr. Jabłoński promised to prepare in about two years. It will be devoted to the summary of „what” edible and necessary dietary supplements (also „where” and „when”) can be found in Polish (European) wilderness, and „how to prepare it” to make it suitable for consumption or for use as an effective dietary supplement.

The reason for the preparation of the above three presentations is that, according to the „owner” of this blog, one needs to be thoroughly prepared for this incoming purification in order to have any chance of being in that group of probably only about one in every thousand currently living people who will survive the rapidly approaching purification of humanity of the 2030s (i.e. survive the extinction warned in the totaliztic web page named „2030_uk.htm” and in the free YouTube video summarizing that web page and named in Polish „Zagłada ludzkości 2030” (i.e. „The Great Purification of 2030s”) which can be viewed e.g. from the web page named „djp.htm” that lists all free YouTube videos created with the direct participation of Dr. Jan Pająk, or viewed directly from the following Internet address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o06UvHgahr8 ). Developing the required skills (and acquiring practical ability to use them), gathering the equipment necessary for survival and plans where survival of the reader has a best chances, as well as learning the knowledge required to survive, is an important component of this preparation for surviving the purification by leading a nomadic life and feeding on the fruits of nature. By just a passive reliance only on stocks previously accumulated in cities, or in own homes or bunkers, this purification lasting many years probably cannot be survived.

The text of this post #314E was adopted from the „volume S” of the publication [13] available via the totaliztic web page named „tekst_13.htm” (update dated 17 August 2019, or later). In this publication [13] the above presentation is published using all Internet capabilities (such as: repetitive updating, the use of „green links” that link to the pages indicated after clicking at them with the mouse, the use of illustrations, colours, distinctions, highlights, etc.). The latest update of the web page „tekst_13.htm” is now available to interested readers, among others, at the following addresses:

(*) Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including all the above web addresses, should contain all totaliztic (my) web pages – including all the web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic (my) web page that interests the reader, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses, the web page name „tekst_13.htm” is changed into the name of web page which one wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „2030_uk.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address http://pajak.org.nz/tekst_13.htm , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet browser one writes e.g. the address http://pajak.org.nz/2030_uk.htm

It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is published in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #314E). So far 8 such blogs ware created and maintained. At the moment only three out of these 8 blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These three blogs of totalizm still available can be viewed at following internet addresses:
https://drjanpajak.blogspot.com (or https://drjanpajak.blogspot.co.nz )
Fortunately, the deletion of oldest blogs of totalizm has NOT erased their content. This is because as from 30 October 2018, all (i.e. currently as many as 314) posts to blogs of totalizm (almost half of which are in two languages, i.e.: in Polish and English) are also published in an electronic „book-like” volumes marked [13] and available in safe PDF format and in two print sizes (i.e. large 20pt and normal 12pt) from the web page named „tekst_13.htm”, available on all addresses indicated above (i.e. addresses finished on http://pajak.org.nz/tekst_13.htm ). Almost a half of these posts is published there also in English, and thus will be understood also by inhabitants of countries other than Poland.


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