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#283E: Because every elementary action generates both good and bad consequences, to each of your more vital matter assign at least two different actions at the same time, which you choose so skilfully, that their „bad” effects will compensate each other


Motto: „If instead of a force that always induces resistance, or instead of money that stimulate lusts, you use your intelligence and the described here knowledge about such merging together mechanisms that they mutually compensate their bad consequences, then even the most difficult among troubling you problems, with the help of God can be solved without generating effects that are undesirable e.g. for yourself.”

Everyone probably knows the old Polish saying, which expresses the timeless truth, namely that „there is no such bad that would NOT generate also some sort of good”. After all, this wise saying was copied from Polish people by practically all the other nations, so that in some way almost everyone come across it on some occasion. However, not everyone knows yet, that this saying has also the reversed version which equally well works in real life, and which I have already described on a number of my web pages and publications (e.g. see item #F3 on my web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”, or see item #B3 on my other web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”). This reversed version affirms a completely opposite truth, namely that „There is no such good that would NOT generate some sort of evil”. The perfect example of the action of this opposite truth are consequences of the „good” served when raising children from wealthy homes, or from homes ruled by women – that is, children brought up „without a father” – to which consequences I try to draw the attention of the reader in a number of my web pages (for examples see item #A3 on the web page named „god_proof.htm”, or item #B4 on the web page „antichrist.htm”, or even partially item #A2.10 from the web page named „totalizm.htm” – addresses of which are provided at the end of this post). In turn the empirical confirmation of the reliable work of both these opposing truths in our physical world, provides e.g. the fact, that „absolutely nothing has only advantages, but practically everything has both, advantages and disadvantages”, and also provides the work of so-called „moral field”, the discovery of which was only possible after the formulation of the philosophy of totalizm (i.e. provides the work of „moral field”, which on the web page named „totalizm.htm” is briefly described in items #H2, #B1 and #A1.1, while more thoroughly which is discussed e.g. in tem #C4.2 from another web page named „morals.htm”). Also, thanks to totalizm, I have been able to discover, define, and descriptively formulate a moral recommendation explaining „how” we should proceed in our lives in the situation of the simultaneous existence and action of both of these truths, so that we do NOT generate unnecessary evil. This item describes my recommendation, which I hereby include in the collection of life-improving recommendations of my philosophy of totalizm.

The recommendation which I intend to describe here, I intuitively use since the beginning of my research and creative activity. After all, numerous technical implementations of various mechanisms that compensate undesired consequences, as a small boy I was analyzing in precise Swiss clocks that my father used to repair, while I used to take apart again when my father was at work. (I write more about this my youthful behaviour in item #B1 from my autobiographical web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”.) For example, it was just because of my intuitive use of the principle from this recommendation, that I successfully designed my invincible starship called the „Magnocraft” – i.e. that I successfully designed my invention of the interstellar spaceship, which the reader will find described and perfectly illustrated starting from „Fig. #A2” of my web page named „magnocraft.htm”. The designing problem that needed to be solved in this Magnocraft is arising because for the propelling purposes this starship uses extremely powerful magnets, called Oscillatory Chambers. In turn each of these Oscillatory Chambers NOT only that is capable to generate the desired propelling forces (i.e. to generate „good”) that propel this interstellar spaceship to the near-light velocity, but is also generates unwanted effects (i.e. generates „bad” consequences), due to e.g. attracting (or repelling) with enormous forces of any other Oscillatory Chambers, as well as any nearby ferromagnetic objects. In order to eliminate these „bad” effects, instead of using just one Oscillatory Chamber, for propelling of the Magnocraft „n+1” of such Oscillatory Chambers are used, and in addition each of them produces a pulsating magnetic field with a special course of its changes over time. As a result of this, the mutual attraction of the Oscillatory Chambers occurring between one main propulsor and „n” side propulsors of the Magnocraft, is neutralized by the mutual repulsion between each other of these „n” circularly positioned side propulsors. On the other hand, the attraction of ferromagnetic objects through all these Oscillatory Chambers is neutralized by the repulsion of these objects by pulsations of the magnetic field. (Note from physics, that the pulsating magnetic field repels ferromagnetic objects, instead of attracting them.) The use of exactly the same principle of neutralizing undesirable effects allowed me also to invent a device that would generate a magnetic field of an unlimited-power – i.e. to invent that Oscillatory Chamber described in more details on the web page named „oscillatory_chamber.htm”. After all, the electromagnets so-far invented by humans, for the generating magnetic fields use the flow of current in their coils of electrical conductor. However, this principle introduces a very bad consequence in the form of the bursting force that the generated magnetic field exerts on the coils of own conductor. As a result of this bursting force, the magnetic field strength of the existing electromagnets could not rise above a certain value (which turns out to be rather low), because these bursting forces are able to cause a tearing and a destructive exploding of electromagnets’ coils. In contrast, in the Oscillatory Chamber of my invention, these bursting forces are neutralized by the forces of attraction that compress the chambers in an opposite direction due to the mutual attraction of the electrical charges accumulated on the opposing walls of these chambers. Similar intuitive use of the principle discussed here has also allowed me to eliminate the problems (bad consequences) of several other my inventions. Unfortunately, my previous use of this principle was done in a completely intuitive way, without being aware that it is a kind of essential law governing over our entire physical world.

It was only when in January 2017 I formulated the content of item #C9.1 from my web page named „ufo_proof.htm”, that I suddenly realized that the recommendation I am trying to describe here is actually a kind of essential law prevailing in the entire our physical world, which (the law) is even respected by God Himself in almost everything that God does. Hence, the first formulation of this new recommendation of totalizm I was firstly quoting as the „motto” for item #C9.1 from my web page named „ufo_proof.htm”. At that item I also provided a large collection of examples of the use of that recommendation. However, after further identification and rethinking as to how extensive and useful are applications of this new recommendation of totalizm, at the end of February 2017 I decided that herewith with this description I am going to incorporate that recommendation into the body of the entire philosophy of totalizm, while the abbreviated formulation of it I shall use as the title for this description.

If this new recommendation was to be expressed in full, then the following words would describe it. „Every elementary action generated by any mechanism is going to introduce both the beneficial (good) as well as undesirable (bad) consequences. Therefore, in order to form systems that generate mostly beneficial (good) effects in our area of interest, it is always necessary to combine together at least two such related mechanisms, the unfavourable (bad) sequences of elementary actions of which will compensate each other.”

This new recommendation of totalizm has a huge scope of applications. With its help it is possible to solve not only technical problems (i.e. to eliminate the „bad” consequences of different technical mechanisms and actions), such as those eliminated in my invention of the Magnocraft and the Oscillatory Chamber. As it turns out, it is also indispensable, for example, in economics, politics, science, and even in various problems of interpersonal relations. I will now review below examples of the use of this recommendation in most important areas of human life, to illustrate and to explain to the reader how this recommendation can be, and sometimes even already is intuitively, used to eliminate the negative consequences of actions taken in practically every area of our lives in the physical world.

1. Technology. In the technology the principle of eliminating bad consequences (evil) through the use of the recommendation described here, is already applied most often. The reason is that human-built mechanisms from technical devices allow to quickly discover the nature of the problems (evil) that spoil their work. So in order to remedy these problems (evil), designers of next technical devices add to their work additional mechanisms that eliminate the problems (evil) of previously introduced mechanisms. Probably the most commonly known example of such a situation is the „differential” mechanism in wheels of our cars. This mechanism was introduced in cars to cause that when the car turns, the wheels on both sides of the car can rotate at different speeds, so that no wheel is forced to slide along the ground. Unfortunately, on the slippery substrate this mechanism itself also generates a „bad” consequence in the form of rotations of only a sliding wheel. Hence, in off-road vehicles, an additional mechanism has to be introduced that enables the differential mechanism to be switched off when the car is running on slippery surfaces. Of course, the differential mechanism from cars is just one example among thousands of different mechanisms used to eliminate the undesirable (bad) effects of today’s technical devices.

2. Politics. Politicians are chronic in using this principle to avoid adverse consequences (e.g. losing elections) in all their socially unacceptable moves. For example, whenever they decide to impose a new tax, or raise an old one, or legalize their negligence or corruption, at the same time with a big bang they announce something supposedly „good” that they have decided to do (but the date of the initiation of this „good” is usually set for the times of a next government). An excellent such example was the news from the NZ government and NZ milk monopoly, that I saw in television on the day of writing this paragraph, i.e. on 23rd of February 2017. The NZ government announced then that it raised by more than the double the number of deadly „Escherichia coli” (E. coli) bacteria that is allowed to contaminate the waters of New Zealand’s rivers and lakes, as these bacteria leak into these rivers and lakes from cow dung. (Previously, the number was 260 bacteria E. coli per 100 ml of water, while on that day it was raised to 540 bacteria per 100 ml of water.) The point is that because of the highly careless and harmful to nature actions of the NZ milk monopoly, which provides cheap butter to almost half of today’s world (although in NZ the price of butter is one of the highest in the world), the waters of the rivers in NZ have already been so dangerously polluted with deadly micro-organisms, that in a significant proportion of rivers and lakes no-one is allowed to swim or bath any longer, while dogs typically die if they accidentally drink this water. Of course, being so massively present in NZ rivers and lakes, this murderous bacteria sometimes gets into drinking water causing massive poisoning of whole NZ towns (e.g. see poisoning of water in NZ towns of Havelock North, Hastings and Flaxmere in 2016). So in order to „cool down” the public outcry at politicians, caused as a result of this change of already tragic situation into the future one even worse, the government announced simultaneously that by 2040 it would spend two billion dollars to clean waters of the NZ rivers – see . (The „trick” of the current NZ politicians and the government boils down to the fact, that in the 2017 election the present government most likely is to lose the power, while the next governments (and future politicians) will only recognize these deteriorating standards of bacterial river pollution, as this will allow them to NOT do anything to rectify the problem, while those next governments almost surely will still have no money nor good will to respect the current government’s commitment to spend $2 billion on river cleaning in the future.) As in the example above, corrupt governments and politicians already in almost all of today’s world use the same method of announcing something that aggravates the fate of people that they govern, with the simultaneous proclamation of a promise that they will undertake in a distant future some actions which are supposed to improve that fate (but which actions these governments and politicians actually do NOT intend to implement at all).

3. Science. The problem (evil) with today’s official science which desperately holds up its monopoly on research and on education, is that it so much has advanced its corruption and its departure from the truth, that practically everything new that this science officially states, is already a lie. (For various examples of lies of today’s official science – see items #D4, #D2, #D2.1, #K1 and #K2 on my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, item #B3 on my web page named „portfolio.htm”, item #E1.1 on my web page named „telepathy.htm”, item #B2 on my web page named „humanity.htm”, and also see other pages and items linked from there.) Thus, in order to still be able to pretend that this official and extremely costly science keeps discovering something new, and at the same time to avoid becoming officially caught up spreading lies that would compromise its hold on maintaining the present monopoly on research and on education, current professional researchers use the recommendation described here. For example, they announce that they supposedly have discovered something new, but at the same time they locate this discovery where no one of normal people, politicians, financiers, or decision makers is able to verify the truth of this discovery (e.g. locate it in the distant cosmos, in the depths of the ocean, underground, in micro-world, in atoms, in micro-particles, in unknown to people radiation, at „the beginning of times”, etc., etc.) Of course, the fact that their lies can also be exposed by their colleagues (i.e. by other scientists) today’s scientists do not fear, because the present drowning in corruption and still monopolistic science has already developed effective methods that allow it to crush in the bud all attempts to unmask its lies – similarly as they have been for nearly half a century crushing in the bud and blocking my own attempts to reveal the truth (i.e. attempts crushed and blocked, for example, by disseminating another lie, that I am dealing only with „pseudoscience” and „conspiracy theories” – to check how far away from truth is this another lie of official science, I suggest to look at e.g. available in #A0 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, a shortened description of my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity or „Codig”, or review the listed on the Polish web page „skorowidz.htm” and in section #A2.1 from the web page named „faq_pl.htm” examples of topics and problems that bother humanity, the morally correct solutions for which problems I already have found and indicated to interested people due to my supposedly private and „pseudoscientific” hobby research).

4. Economics. Human nature tends to seek obtaining a monopoly in whatever one does, and then jealously maintain this monopoly. Hence, every larger business uses all the forces and resources available to it, to get the monopoly first, and then to hold it for own benefit. This in turn leads to the rise of corruption among politicians (or, more precisely, to rise of bribery), to price rises, to the decline of quality, and ultimately to the collapse of the economic branch dominated by a given monopoly. Hence, people have discovered empirically that monopolies should be vigorously combated. In today’s world, they are prevailing only in fallen countries inhabited by bribed and immoral people and ruled by corrupted governments. On the other hand, countries with rightful and moral citizens and governments neutralize in themselves these evil-generating monopolies (and cartels) at the source, by making sure that in every economic realm there is a real competition, which is the other mechanism eliminating the economic evil generated by the trend to creating monopolies or cartels.

5. Social life. If someone has a hospitable and friendly nature, favourable living conditions, and an attractive place of living, then also has many guests. Most of people, with whom this person is in friendship, like to organize „invasions” on his/her house and life, as frequently as they want to. Unfortunately, these guests NOT only bring nice consequences, but also many bad consequences. Hence, to neutralize this evil, it is necessary to additionally introduce some mechanism that restricts these „invaders” only to arriving when there is actually an opportunity and a need. The most commonly used of such additional mechanisms is to impose some kind of hardship (e.g. to ask the guests for physical help in some hard work, or to make for them an awkward place to sleep, or to find an awkward day for a visit, etc.).

6. Marriage monopoly. For many important reasons, God so created women that their innate qualities lay below the threshold level of stability – for details see description from item #B2 of my web page named „antichrist.htm”. This is because God created women for living companions of men, so that in the real life the instability of women was compensated by the stability of their men – to which God gave the role of „heads”, masters, leaders, administrators, etc. Thus, with their male counterparts in the role of „head”, women together with their men form stable units. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church has destroyed this stable units by establishing laws and traditions that a man is allowed to have only one wife. This in turn causes that into the hands of unstable women is given the „marriage monopoly”. The monopoly in turn allows that instead of „head” function being performed by men, on the principles of various sexual and legal blackmail and gradual corrupting, currently increasingly more women are assuming the function of the „head”, thus destabilizing the men and the entire social life of our civilization – for details see item #J2.2.2 from my web page named „morals.htm”. Therefore, the only way that the part of our civilization practicing monogamy still has to restore the stability which already is lost due to such „marriage monopoly of women”, is the return to „marital competition” through the legal and official restoration of the right to polygamy – i.e. the law that initially existed in the described in Bible times, and hence it is NOT at all contrary to the will and approval of God, but which so unwisely has been undermined by the Catholic Church which allegedly serves God. This legalization of polygamy would replace the current „marriage monopoly” by „marital competition”. In turn it is known that even the very potential (i.e. the possibility) of existence of competition is often enough to stop the monopolistic behaviour increasingly abused by today’s women – especially those from highly industrialized countries. (How just a potential for marital competition affects people’s behaviour, everyone knows from times of engagement – that is, from times when both sides were very willing and tried hard because they knew that if they did not meet certain requirements then they could be replaced by someone else from the pool of easily available competition. However, as soon as this period of engagement changes its status to marriage, that willingness and hard trying almost immediately disappear. This is because in monogamy marriages each side knows that access to potential competition is threatened by the power of marriage laws.) At the same time, a possible legalization of polygamy, apart from the change in relationship of one spouse to another (i.e. apart of change in attitudes and possibilities), for the majority of marriages would not change much. After all, most of the marriages that truly and permanently love and respect each other, thus that do NOT change attitudes towards each other at the time when they marry, do NOT need to try a polygamy, because a monogamy is enough for them. Hence, after restoring rights to polygamy the majority of life situations would look then as they look in present times – only that the rolling down of a large proportion of our civilization to instability would be stopped by this one wise and morally-correct move. For example, the infidelity would then stop exist almost completely, as getting sexually involved with someone else would be linked to the real danger of accepting the duty to marry him/her. Unfortunately, it is unlucky for humanity that because of knowing how strong power women currently hold, the probability that someone before the just incoming collapse of our civilization will dare to restore polygamy in the present monogamy countries, is very low. In turn, when our present civilization is already collapsed, and hence when a polygamy automatically raises itself out of the lawlessness, rape and „rule of the fist” that initially will prevail after the collapse of our civilisation, then the fact that women will lose their „marriage monopoly” will no longer protect humanity from a painful fall, hunger, chaos, and destruction – which I described in items #H1 to #H3 of my web page named „prophecies.htm”.

7. The elimination (killing) of the unproductive, prodigal, and harmful group-intellects financed by taxpayers from taxes. In item #E2 of the web page named „totalizm.htm” I explained that there are two different types of so-called „intellects”, the life of which is subjected to governing by moral mechanisms. These are: (a) individual intellects (i.e. single people) and (b) group-intellects (i.e. businesses, institutions, organizations, governments, countries, armies, religions, sciences, etc.). In turn, if the life of any intellect is NOT prematurely terminated, then after the birth, each of these intellects passes through the following five periods or phases: (i) learning and growth, (ii) production and addition of its contribution to the society, (iii) errors and distortions, (iv) unproductiveness, wastefulness and harming; (v) death and removal of harmful residues from these intellects. (At this point, it is worth noting that, unlike individual intellects, the death of group intellects does NOT have to depend on their complete disappearance from the surface of earth, but may depend on, for example, a profound transformation of the goals of their existence, principles on which they work, the composition of their leadership, etc. For example, the death of the former communist Poland occurred when Poland, as a country, was transformed into the present capitalist Poland. It is also worth to note that the transformation of each of these periods or phases into a next one typically occurs through a smooth increase and decrease, hence it is difficult to note and define them, and there are no clearly defined boundaries between them.) Since every intellect consists of imperfect people in which the changes of attributes over time are governed by similar mechanisms, each one among the above five periods or phases typically lasts only for the same and predetermined in advance number of years. So, for example, the period (i) of learning and growth, for individual people typically last around 20 years, while for group intellects lasts around from one year, up to maximum a few years. The period (ii) of production and adding its contribution to the society, both for individuals and for group intellects typically lasts only around 30 years. After production arrives the period (iii) of errors and deviations, which in all intellects typically lasts around 10 years. In this period, a given intellect begins to overgrow in a variety of bad habits and deviated tendencies, and also has already such „connections and influences”, that instead of producing or doing something for the good of society, it begins to take care of almost exclusively of its private interests. An excellent example of this period (iii) could be the situation with the internet at the time of writing this description in March 2017, when the internet began to be increasingly used to spy on its users, to cheat, con, blackmail, lie, vilify, scare, bully, humiliate people, etc. – instead to the purpose for which it was originally created (i.e. instead of disseminating knowledge and exchanging information). After the period (iii) of errors and deviations, come period (iv) of the unproductiveness, waste, and harming – that continues until period (v) of the death of given intellect. In this period (iv) a given intellect typically ceases to generate any product, and begins to waste virtually all of its acquisitions that previously managed to gather. In turn its habits and tendencies typically start to be so distorted and bad, that this intellect begins to implement goals that are exactly opposite to the goals for which it was originally created. An excellent example of the group-intellect from this period (iv) is the today’s earthly official science, described four sub-items above. After all, instead of searching for, and propagating, the truth, almost the only thing that it nowadays is looking and caring for, are lies, and earning of its luminaries, while to find and to develop these lies, and earnings, it spends increasingly higher sums of money paid by taxpayers. Fortunately, in a significant proportion of group intellects that generate their own income which keeps them alive, this period (iv) lasts short, because they quickly „die”, i.e. they are bankrupted or „eaten” by younger and economically more and better acting competition. The problem, however, is with the intellects that live at the expense of taxpayers. These intellects, by themselves, that is, without the decision of politicians that kills them, do NOT die, but they are trying to live indefinitely long demanding ever greater amounts of taxpayers’ money to sustain their unproductive and prodigal life. After all, their management, and favoured by them employees that they gradually select and keep, are already accustomed to ever higher wages, decreasing workload, and comfortable living. So in order to kill them, typically a politician must have the courage to make the decision that cuts them off from the funding by taxpayers. Unfortunately, such a decision is not easy to make, because these intellects, in spite that in practice they for a long time have been unproductive, prodigal and socially detrimental, nevertheless still know how to yell loudly and devise thousands of reasons that deceive people, why the taxpayer should continue to finance them. So the politician who puts them to death risks, for example, losing the next election, or being pushed away from politics. Hence, in order to neutralize the evil that introduces the arrival to that period (iv) of an increasing number of such group-intellects financed by taxpayers, it is necessary to introduce some additional mechanism, which is to compensate the evil consequences resulting from their killing, for example, to introduce an impersonal or automatic killing them after the expiry of these 30 years of period (ii) of their productive life – i.e. without the need that a politician is obliged to assume the responsibility for killing them. The recommendation of totalizm described here indicates how to develop and implement a number of such mechanisms. For example, (A) at the time of creating a new group-intellect funded by taxpayers, it can be determined in advance after how many years it will automatically be eliminated (killed) – note that this number of years should NOT be higher than 30. Or instead of killing a given intellect, (B) a competition can be created for it, while that competition either will cause it to drastically transform into a different group-intellect already operating on completely different principles, or else, e.g. because of its unchangeable habits of unproductiveness, waste and harm, the society itself will kill it (e.g. through a financial „starving”). An example of just such a solution through the establishment of a competition, is my suggestion of endangering with killing, or with drastic transforming, the nowadays already unproductive, deceptive, wasteful and harmful official science, by establishing a „competition” for the current official science in the form of a new „totaliztic science” (i.e. the science which is new and competitive to the old one, and which I described in more details in items #C1 and #C6 from my web page named „telekinetics.htm”). Yet another way of neutralizing the ill effects of killing of such group-intellects already in their period (iv) of life, would be that, for example, instead of financing them by taxpayers, they may be (C) re-qualified for voluntary contributions from human donations, or (D) re-qualified for being financed from own income of these intellects. (Both these changed funding rules would very soon kill them – after all such intellects in the phase (iv) of their lives are already too used to unprofessional, prodigal and destructive behaviour.) Etc., etc. If one looks carefully around, then he/she notices that there is already too much of such unprofitable, prodigal, and harmful to people group-intellects financed by taxpayers. Because they have mastered to perfection the art of telling everyone that they are very needed and that they must be financed further, no present politician will risk trying to kill them. Hence, in addition to the corruption and waste by politicians and governments, most of whom also have already entered their own period (iv), i.e. alongside the political corruption and wastefulness described e.g. in items #E1 to #E5 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”, among others these already dying group-intellects force on governments the rapid and continual increase in immoral taxes (for more information about the immorality of taxes see items #T1 to #T5 from the web page named „humanity.htm”), and hence force also a rapid decline in the living standards of today’s inhabitants of practically every country. This is because such group-intellects are like a horde of blood-sucking monsters devouring the taxpayers, who can gradually suck out all the „blood” and all the ability to achieve prosperity and to lead a happy and peaceful life. It is therefore worthwhile to put mental effort and knowledge of principles of the philosophy of totalizm described here, to discover such non-inducing bad consequences, and morally correct mechanisms and ways of automatic killing of this ever-increasing pack of such highly dangerous and harmful for the humanity tax-funded group-intellects. Notice also, that if an individual person is employed as a bureaucrat (office worker) for more than 10 years in the same institution, then he/she typically begins to behave like such „taxpayer funded group intellect” in (iv) phase of its life. Therefore the employment of office workers (including managers) in one and the same institution should NOT exceed 10 years, after which they should be made redundant.

Of course, in real life we may easily notice a whole lot of examples of similar use of the recommendation described in this post. But even when we analyze only the examples provided above, we still will note that the use of recommendation described here always shows several characteristic features. So let’s list now the most important among these features. (1) With the help of this recommendation, typically it is possible to eliminate only one kind of consequences that are „bad” for us, namely those on the elimination of which in the given case we are most interested. (2) The use of this recommendation does NOT eliminate all the bad effects of whatever we do, especially those that appear in different areas than we consider. (3) Someone’s use of this recommendation does NOT prevent God from serving „absolute justice”, nor is blocking the action of moral mechanisms and moral laws. (4) This recommendation is one out of those tools that leave their users to choose whether to use it to do good, or to do evil. (5) The manner in which someone uses the recommendation described here is also the subject to judgment and the subsequent reward or punishment by God, in accordance with the principles of „absolute justice” served by God.

The situation from real life, for which we would all like to use the discussed here recommendation of totalizm, would be a possible attempt to avoid the incoming soon mass extinction of mankind. The scenario of this imminent annihilation of most of the present humanity was published as long ago as February 2009 in item #H3 from my web page named „prophecies.htm”. About this mass extinction is also warning viewers the 35 minute long YouTube biographic film entitled „Dr Jan Pająk portfolio”. If we look closely at what is going on around us, then it turns out that my scenario of this extermination is gradually being fulfilled exactly as I described it in there. By March 2017, when I wrote this description, almost one third of this scenario was fulfilled. So only a very decisive action of all mankind could stop this our stubborn pursuit towards a self-destruction. However, in order such a decisive action could take place, the humanity would need a kind of institution that would perform the same function as „compasses” perform for the wandering ships. Such an institution should be an official science. Unfortunately, due to its current monopoly, this science prefers to deal with matters that I have already described previously, among others above in the sub-item devoted to it. So in order to draw the human attention to the truth and to rectify the period (iv) of errors and distortions in which is currently the official science, it would be necessary to use the recommendation described here – e.g. for appointing formally a new „totaliztic science” which is competitive towards the old official one, which through undertaking of the education and dissemination of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (Codig) and the philosophy of totalizm, as well as which by correcting the lies of the so-far monopolistic official science, would restore truth, moderation, reasoning, and moral behaviour to humanity so intensely pushed now towards a self-destruction because of current distortions and the lack of sticking to truth of the institution of official science which should perform (but is NOT) the function of a righteous „compass”.

* * *

P.S.: Did you know that starting from 26 April 2017 there is available in YouTube a 4-minute long video prepared by my friend Dominic Myrcik, which in an animated (movable) way illustrates the appearances and features of all eight types of discoidal Magnocrafts, and illustrates comparisons of sizes and outer dimensions of each of these types to commonly known objects. This video has a bilingual (in German and English) title „Wie groß ist der Magnokraft?/How big is the Magnocraft?” Because the video is NOT spoken, but mainly is composed of moving images, music, and whistling of the air caused by fast flights of Magnocrafts, its understanding is NOT a problem for any viewers, no matter which language they speak. It is distributed free of charge on at the internet address . For a more detailed description of this video see item #A5 from my other web page named „portfolio.htm”. (Click on the above video to view it.)

Continuously since 1981 my formal scientific proof has been published, which conclusively confirms that „UFOs are already built Magnocraft” – a short description of this formal proof the reader can find, among others, in item #A5 from the web page named „magnocraft.htm”, and also on the entire other web page named „ufo_proof.htm”. Due to the formulation of this formal proof, my research and development of the design and principles of operation of Magnocrafts has also fruited in, among others, my in-depth learning of the construction and operation of UFOs. Thus, after 1981 I was able to define all attributes of UFOs, and even accurately measure the dimensions of all 8 types of crew operated UFOs. That is why the 4-minutes long video linked above opens up a whole ocean of possibilities also for other people which have a mind open enough to accept the truth of my formal proof that „UFOs are already built Magnocraft” – so stubbornly denied by false statements of today’s official science. For example, this video allows one to learn how to recognize what type of UFO someone observed or photographed. It allows to precisely determine (with the accuracy to a nearest centimetre) the dimensions of a given UFO after recognizing what type it is. In addition, the final part of this video illustrates also some of the unique features of UFO flights – which are always astonishing to the casual observer of these starship, such as the ability of UFOs to fly fast in the direction of the highest aerodynamic resistance, or their ability to suddenly change the direction of flight e.g. at 90 degree angle.

The perfect empirical proof, that the video „How big is the Magnocraft” also illustrates accurately the dimensions and appearance of individual types of UFOs, is another free video, about 14 minutes long, available at , while comprehensively described in item #A5.1 from a different my web page named „portfoliol.htm”. This is because that another video documented the case when at the night of 2010/7/27, the entire fleet of UFOs, intelligently, deliberately and secretly laid down in the corn field from England another the so-called „crop circle” – the principles of forming of which crop circles I have explained in my monographs since about 1985 – for details see e.g. item #D2.1 and „Fig. #D2abc” from my web page named „eco_cars.htm”. The beauty and cosmic complexity of the crop circle laid down by UFOs on that day 2010/7/27 proves that this „crop circle” from England, similarly like all other crop circles recently formed by UFOs while illustrated on photographs shown by today’s Internet search engines, is to serve for scoffing at the ignorance and incompetence of today’s scientists, decision-makers, politicians and UFO investigators unable to research and to officially recognize the intelligence that refuses to cooperate with the people who investigate it. (It looks like UFOnauts are experimentally checking how long it is to take for human scientists to officially acknowledge the results of my research stating that „crop circles are traces laid down in corns by the magnetic field generated in UFO propulsion systems”, and they also are determining the minimal intensity of evidence-induced shock, and the level to which the increasingly bold UFO manifestations must ridicule the ignorance of official science in the eyes of society, that are necessary for the decision makers to be forced to recognize officially the results of my research.) Irrespectively of documenting the process of creating the „crop circle”, and documenting relative sizes of elements which were later recorded on the aerial photographs of this circle, from the evidence point of view the most important in this video of 2010/7/27 turns out to be also documented the shape, relative size and appearance of pairs of UFOs of the K5 type, magnetically coupled together into the so-called „detached configurations” illustrated, among others, on „Fig. #H2c (top-right)” from the web page named „magnocraft.htm”. The filmed next morning elements of the „crop circle” that this fleet of UFOs had formed, have confirmed empirically, that filmed that night were in fact the appearances of the glowing „detached configurations” coupled magnetically from UFOs type K5.

At the core of the Dominik Myrcik’s video „How big is the Magnocraft”, are the computer-generated visual comparisons of appearances, sizes and dimensions of all eight types of discoidal Magnocraft (and hence also discoidal UFOs) with commonly known objects built by humans. The video allows to compare the types of Magnocraft (and hence also types of UFOs) from K3 to K10, with sizes of a: man, passenger car, Soviet T-34 tank, two-story residential building, London’s „Westminster Abbey”, transatlantic „Titanic”, and „Eiffel Tower” from Paris. In addition, it also shows that unique for magnetic propulsion system flight of all 8 their types over a large modern city – thus allowing the viewer to compare the size of individual starship with the size of today’s skyscrapers, as well as with the whole centre of a large city (e.g. the largest UFO type K10, hovering over centres of today’s cities, appears to be larger in size than most of these centres). Also note that the comparisons of the sizes and appearances from this video are the animated (mobile) versions of similar comparisons of sizes and appearances, which also after such computer generating are illustrated in later sections of the web page named „magnocraft.htm” – for example see „Fig. #A2” to „Fig. #A5” in there.

Bilingual sentences presented in „introduction” to this video represent a kind of warning in German and English. They state – I’m quoting them: „Our civilisation is approaching a collapse. Men turning away from each other. Everything we do is against Nature, Morals and God. A painful breakdown is arriving, but also the advent of our civilisation into a new golden era of Magnocraft. The country, which will build the first Magnocraft in the world, will be the leader of renewed civilisation. An old Polish prophecy foretells that the new leader will be an Asian Dragon – most probably South Korea. Immoral oppressors and destroyers will be thrown on their knees by dint of the mighty military power and the breathtaking greatness of the Magnocraft.” So the sentences from this introduction, try, among others, remind us the warning which I already explained in more details in items from #H1 to #H3 of my web page named „prophecies.htm”, and which I also hinted in the caption under „Fig. #A2a(K3) – top” from the web page named „magnocraft.htm”, as well as which I have documented with empirical evidence on the entire web pages named „military_magnocraft.htm” and „wtc.htm”.

The warning very similar to the above was also issued (by source officially negated until today) on November 26, 1977, at 5:10 pm, to television viewers from the UK. The newscasts of the evening television broadcast had been interrupted on that historic day (or more specifically, distorted for about 6 minutes), and instead of news, a formal warning was issued that until present days is strongly denied by authorities and ignored by science. The warning had the title „We have come to warn you about your race and your planet”. This warning is currently available for everyone to view (for free) on, in English for example at the address, while e.g. in Polish at the address In turn descriptions of this warning can be found in search engines with the help of English keywords: Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK , while e.g. in Polish with the keywords: Kosmici incydent telewizyjny 1977 roku . As the reader probably is to notice from the analysis of descriptions disclosed by the above links, the key to establishing the origin and authenticity of this warning, would be to determine the method, technique, and device by which this warning was imposed on the transmitted television news. As it turns out, no one has made such determining. On the other hand, the warning was „imposed onto” (NOT just „transmitted instead”) of the continued during its broadcast transmission of the news – which clearly demonstrates the accidental „emerging” of segments of news through the sounds of that warning transmission. Some, including myself, believe that at the level of the earthly broadcasting technology of that time, such imposition of a warning by external earthly devices, which would suppress the continually broadcasted news, was simply impossible. Thus, the problem here is that so-far nobody has considered the possibility of technical use of the so-called „Telepathic Projectors” described, among others, in item #C4 from my web page named „telepathy.htm”. It was precisely such „Telepathic Projectors” that would be able to impose this warning on the terrestrial television broadcast suppressed under it – and this could be done even at interstellar distances. What is even more interesting, the features of the imposition of this warning are very similar to another broadcast of already proven authenticity, which also used such „Telepathic Projectors”, and with the help of which (via the Italian Miss Beauty and film actress, Daniela Giordano) the humanity received a gift of the so-called „Telepathic Pyramid” described in detail in items #E1.1 and #E1 from the above web page named „telepathy.htm”. It would be interesting to know, whether this warning also comes from the same category of beings as the „Telepathic Pyramid” does? (Links to the above warning from UK life TV broadcast I also provided in caption under „Video #A0” from my web page named „magnocraft.htm”, and in (v) from item #H1 of my web page named „prophecies.htm”.)

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