#282E: Definition, attributes and composition of my „theory of everything” – i.e.: what precisely is my Concept of Dipolar Gravity (Codig)?

Motto: „First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” – Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Because the earthly official science stubbornly refuses to recognise and acknowledge my theory of everything, this refusal deprives it of the example of how such a theory should be defined. Of course, in spite of this voluntary separation from my example, atheistic scholars continue to come up with various bizarre definitions, of the type like in that old school saying that „butter is butter” (that is, „the theory of everything is something that describes everything”). However, their definitions are obeyed by almost every encyclopaedia, by a lot of textbooks, and for some of them even by books of famous Polish writers (e.g. Sienkiewicz or Mickiewicz). So, unfortunately, the actual definition, which would explain precisely what is the „theory of everything”, the official science still does NOT have. Since I am also predicting, that the atheistic science will insist until the very end to NOT recognise and accept my theory of everything, and at the same time from many premises it follows that this science alone will never be able to formulate such a theory, personally I believe that such a definition the official science will never be able to develop (unless one of its researchers „steals” also that my definition after „disguising” it with new „atheistic feathers” – for details see item #I8 from the Polish version of my web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”).

I myself, of course, already have an existing, and working for the good of the people, example of such a theory of everything. After all, I created it myself in 1985 and continually I am developing it since that time. So, if someone asked me how I would define the term „theory of everything”, then at this stage of my research I would provide the following definition. „A ‚Theory of Everything’ is a formal system of logically coherent findings or assertions (i.e. a theory), developed by one original author and deduced by one original mind (which invented and disseminated it), in which system the single primary statement or source theorem that founds the entire that system, induces then on the principle of logical following from it, an unlimited number of secondary findings formed into a structure resembling a multidimensional star and concerning any area of human interests, from which secondary findings on the basis of cause-effect relationships can then be logically developed tertiary and even further levels of findings, that diverge like rays of the star-structure onto any area that is a source of knowledge yet unknown to humans, forming in this area an unlimited number of points of correspondence between arising from this theory the explanations, statements, findings, forecasts, etc., and the empirical manifestations of the reality around us.” In other words, according to the experience that I have already accumulated, the „theory of everything” is such a coherent formal theory, which has only one author and only one source mind, and also has only one primary source finding that is founding it, while in which all secondary, tertiary, and even further level findings, are deduced by its author or by its source mind on the basis of logical deductions while preserving the cause-effect relationships with that single source statement, and which explanations, statements, findings, forecasts, etc., introduce through themselves an infinite number of points of their conformity with the reality that surrounds us, because everything that is logically derived from it and that keeps the cause-effect relationships with it, coincides also with the corresponding manifestations of the reality that surrounds us, while every manifestation of the reality that surrounds us coincides with something that logically and with keeping the cause-effect relationships follows from this theory. Of course, the above my definition is the first attempt to define the theory of everything, which the only existing example I have created as the first scientists in the world, and which no one has previously defined unequivocally, and hence the definition of which, as the discussion on it develops, may be subjected to future refinements. After all, the developing, perfecting, refining, and discussing that only example of „theory of everything” on Earth, called the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity” (Codig) I did NOT finish when on 17 March 2017 I published this new post and item #A0 the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm” (which defines it formally), but my works on this extraordinary theory will continue for as long as God allows me to carry them out.

The name „Concept of Dipolar Gravity” for my own theory of everything is quite long. Hence some people referring to it try to shorten that name – unfortunately they use the abbreviation („KDG” – from the Polish „Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji”) which is equally awkward to pronounce as the original name. Therefore, if someone wants to shorten this name, then I would suggest calling it with easier for pronunciation words „Codig” in English, or „Kodig” in Polish. This abbreviated name, is also quite meaningful, and in addition it emphasizes the sense of humour, precision, and farsightedness with which God has inspired in my mind the original name for this theory. After all, the English word „dig”, amongst other means „mining”, while the English prefix „co” can mean „parallel”, „independently”, and in particular use even „in opposition”. Hence, the English-like word „Codig” (as well as the Polish-like word „Kodig”) can symbolically express meanings that could be described by the following sentence that gives us a lot to think about: „the mining of well-hidden truths carried out in parallel, independently and in opposition to today’s official science”.

The ability of my theory of everything to find out (to carry out mining) the truth on practically all possible topics, causes that in fact this theory can be used as the foundation and the nucleus for official establishing of a completely new science. Such a science would have numerous advantages over today’s official atheistic science, because in the scope of its research would be included NOT only the disciplines that the today’s atheistic official science currently recognizes and investigates, but also the new disciplines, the researching of which the present official science refuses – i.e. disciplines such as the positive research on methods of God’s work, the laws and behaviours of the counter-world, the soul, telekinesis and telepathy, free energy, UFOs, radiesthesia, morality, moral field, moral laws, karma, etc., etc. The official establishing of such a new science would bring untold benefits to our civilization. Perhaps it would even save the humanity from the fast-incoming possibility of a self-destruction – which is predicted by old prophecies from item #H1 of my web page named „prophecies.htm”. After all, the establishing of such a science would eliminate the to-date monopoly of the old, atheistic, corrupted to the bone, and highly erroneous official science – which elimination of monopoly would over time lead to the repair and to elimination of that ocean of evil that this old science causes with its lies which so-far are officially unverified nor rectified by some new science that is competitive towards the old one. It would also open up to mankind numerous sources of new knowledge. It would incorporate rigorous scientific research methods in relation to everything that until now has been merely the subject of apparitions, speculations, casual encounters or sightings, folk knowledge, etc. It would also allow us to study the reality surrounding us from the opposite than currently philosophical „a priori” approach. Etc., etc. No wonder that I have already initiated the formation of methods, research and interests of such a completely new science based on my theory of everything, and even capable of researching such difficult subjects as the superior intelligences – which typically utilize the lack of competency of present researchers in the study of whatever refuses to cooperate with them, and hence instead of helping in research, which intelligences rather prefer to disturb, deride, ridicule, and even entertain themselves at the expense of investigators that try to research such superior intelligences. I called this new science the „totaliztic science”, while I encourage to official establishing it on a number of my web pages and publications – for example, see items #C1 to #C6 from my web page named „telekinetics.htm”.

While reading my web pages and publications, prepared just as the effects of „developing the rays” of that my „theory of everything”, many typical „sandwich eaters” so-far are NOT able to embrace with their minds and understand what actually represent my descriptions that try to explain to people various practical implementations of my „Codig”. However, this my „theory of everything” (Codig) is literally a scientific theory that has the potential for a correct, and carried out in a completely different manner (i.e. less misleading and false) than this is done by the atheistic official science, development of explanations for absolutely everything that needs to be explained. In other words, my theory of everything (Codig) is able to provide people with a correct answers to almost all the questions that can come to human minds, and also able to correct the mistakes and lies that are hidden in the entire human knowledge accumulated so far. This in turn means, that the volume of knowledge that may ultimately need to be rewritten through taking notice of principles and laws that make up my Codig, is roughly equal to the volume of everything that has already been researched and described on Earth. Of course, the carrying out of such gigantic work is NOT in the ability of a single creator of this theory of everything. Hence I focus on re-editing and correcting only of that small fragment of our knowledge, which includes the truths that learning by humans in my opinion is the most relevant to our present civilization – and still there is so much of such knowledge, that my enemies since a long time utilise the amount of new knowledge I have managed to correct and to make available to the humanity, as one amongst accusations trying to persuade people unable to make their own opinions, to NOT become acquainted with results of my research (although knowledge of truths that I disseminate is the most needed by just such people). In turn the rest of less vital in my opinion knowledge and truths I leave to be „mined for truths” by these future researchers, who are to be devoted to ideas of the „totaliztic science”. I hope that for the future development of the „rays” of my theory of everything, God will select the brightest, most intelligent, and the most moral researchers – as the beginning of just such a selection is already visible. After all, the repairing of what the atheistic official science has hitherto botched, as well as providing correct answers to further human questions (also the recognizing and acknowledging truths contained in the answers) requires first of all the prior knowledge of the entire my theory of everything, and also is dependent on „morality” (in the totaliztic understanding of this word), and on the level of knowledge and intelligence, in those people who use my „Codig” for mining of some yet unknown truths and answers.

If the reader does NOT believe me here in the ability of my „Codig” to answer practically every possible question, then I suggest him/her to describe with at most three keywords any important question that just bothers him/her, then to enter these keywords into any internet search engine after adding to them my title, my Christian-name and my surname. I am ready to bet, that the search engine will point out to him/her links to my web pages or publications, in which he/she will probably be able to find answers to that question (after all, I have already published the resulting from „Codig” answers to thousands of most important questions, that bother today’s people), as well as will point out to him/her web pages, blogs, and online forums, where are published opinions of other readers about these my answers. (The adding to the keywords of my title, Christian-name, and surname are necessary to separate the answer resulting from my theory of everything, from answers given by anyone else and based on some unrelated to my theory speculations, and also to separate it from the problem of various „stowaway passengers” who use the today’s „fashion” for taking a stand regarding my research and therefore propose their own ideas to popularize them under names of my ideas – as an illustration of this problem compare the results of searches, carried out e.g. while using the four keywords Magnocraft Dr Jan Pająk and while using only one keyword Magnocraft.) For example, if the reader’s question would be „how without ‚pills’ cure oneself from mental depression?”, then the answer to it, one should find on my web pages which should be pointed out if to any internet browser, or even better – to several different browsers (e.g. to „google.com”, „bing.com”, „yandex.ru”, „entireweb.com”, „gigablast.com”, „duckduckgo.com”, „ask.com”, „www.baidu.com”, etc.) one writes the following keywords: depression Dr Jan Pająk. Notice that your question should be on some important topic, for example, on any of these over 100 topics linked to search engines, amongst others, in item #A2 from the Polish version of my web page named „faq.htm”. After all, while working on this theory alone and only during the time free from my paid work (as my work always was devoted to completely different research), so-far I have had neither the time, nor the processing capacity, to use my „Codig” for finding the correct answers to the questions that are less vital for mankind.

Unfortunately, determining a truth is always very labour-intensive, no matter with what tools and methods it is achieved. (Only lies can be generated fast and without a contribution of labour.) In addition, in the case of using my theory of everything, the truth can be determined on practically every possible subject – while there is almost infinite multiplicity of subjects for which the knowledge of truth would be extremely beneficial for people. No wonder, that while determining truths since the establishment of my theory of everything in 1985, means already for over 30 years, so far different applications and developments of this theory have allowed me to correct the major errors and lies of official science (for an example see item #D4 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm” – addresses of which are provided at the end of this post), and to determine new and previously unknown for people truths (for an example see item #G4 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”) for only a small proportion of the topics for which the knowledge of truth lies in the most vital interest of both the entire humanity and also every individual person. In turn only descriptions of this rather small proportion of already established truths, occupies a few hundred websites and monographs which I authorize, and accesses (links) to which interested readers can find e.g. through such my linking web pages as: „skorowidz.htm” (in Polish) and „skorowidz_links.htm” (in English), also „faq.htm”, „menu2.htm”, and „menu.htm”. I personally estimate that to determine truths with my „Codig” about all topics that are most important for the humanity, I would need a bit more than half a century, while today’s typical professional scientists this could make occupied for even a few centuries.

The highly intriguing mystery of my theory of everything is that I practically started working on it 13 years earlier than I discovered the original source theorem that is founding it (i.e. than discovered that the „gravitational field has a dipolar character”) and than I actually formulated it. After all, already in 1972 I formulated the first of my so-called Cyclic Tables, which (similarly as all the other such tables that I developed later – for a different example see „Table #K1” from the web page named „tapanui.htm”) later became one of the key components of my theory of everything. Then in 1980 I formulated another component of my future theory of everything, that is, I invented and published the construction and operation of my Magnocraft, and in early 1984 – also the construction and operation of my Oscillatory Chamber – both of which devices will also be used in the future to build my Time Vehicles operating due to the existence of so-called the „reversible software time”, in which people age (see item #G4 of the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”) – which the reversible „human time” I discovered only thanks to my prior knowledge of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So if one does NOT acknowledge the divine inspiration and guiding in this matter, then it is NOT possible to explain how it happened that my discoveries and inventions made much before 1985 were as if they had been pre-planned to become the highly significant components of my theory of everything formulated only in 1985. (God works in mysterious ways!) Incidentally, if the period of my development of „Codig” we start to count since 1972 (i.e. since the development of that first my Cyclic Table), then until today the development of particular „rays” of my star-like theory of everything I have carried out continuously for about half a century.

For everyone it should be obvious that the theory of everything, the development of which has taken up to about half a century, and that tries to clarify the truth on every single one among the most important topics bothering today’s people, cannot be read „from beginning to end” in just one sitting – as e.g. we read some sensational article in a local newspaper. To the contrary, the „theory of everything” should be read as we read these multi-voluminous encyclopaedias – as I explained this in detail in item #A3 from the Polish language version of my web page named „faq.htm”. Thus firstly one has to convince oneself that „Codig” can be depended on – for which convincing, if one practices the right philosophy and has gathered the required knowledge and life experience, sometimes it is enough to just learn what this theory of everything is all about and what are its qualities (in turn, to learn just this, for normal „sandwich eaters” should suffice to read, for example, from the introduction of the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”, to inclusively item #A0 of it). Then it is worth to look into „Codig” only if one wants to know the truth that this theory of everything reveals about some topic that one is very interested in, e.g. the researching of which the official science refuses or is incompetent. Detailed descriptions of any of such topics can be found on web pages that are pointed out in my „linking web pages”, the most important among which are web pages named „skorowidz.htm” (in Polish) and „skorowidz_links.htm” (in English). Of course, my „Codig” reveals the truth on a lot of topics that probably interest everyone. One of them is the work of the „human time” (i.e. that time, our passage through which can be reversed, allowing us to live our lives again without committing previous mistakes) – after all everything that affects each one of us is dependent on the passage and on subsequent reversals of that human time (it is good to know what is the truth about the working of our time – since because of professing to false philosophy, this truth the official science neither is able to investigate nor is willing to accept and allow it to be revealed to people). Therefore, to learn about the workings of this reversible „human time” I would recommend to read item #G4 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, and if anyone wants to know more details, then also the descriptions under „Table #A1” from my web page named „humanity.htm”, item #C9.1 from the Polish language version of my page named „ufo_proof.htm”, and introduction as well as items #A1, #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named „immortality.htm”. Another topic that should also be of interest to almost everyone, is the resulting from my „Codig” the guideline as „how to lead a happy and fulfilled life” – described briefly on my web page named „totalizm.htm” (about the fact, that totalizm recipes actually do work, certifies the fact that I lead, as I believe, the fulfilled and happy life, in spite that continuously since 1972, means for around half a century, I myself, as well as outcomes of my research, have been experiencing so much of persecutions and unpleasantness of all possible sorts, that probably no other modern scientist in the world is likely to experience). Many people may also be interested in the origin, characteristics and motivations of the people whom the Bible calls „husks” or „goats”, while whose parasitic philosophy of life is described in my web page named „parasitism.htm”.

So far, the human-developed scientific theory that is as extensive and as encompassing of various topics, as my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which would potentially cover everything, and which would meet the definition of „theory of everything” quoted at the beginning of this post, did not exist on Earth before my „Codig” was developed. What even worse, if the humanity will NOT bother to officially establish the new „totaliztic science” that motivates researchers in a completely different way than it was done before, then in my opinion no similar thematically broad theory which fulfils the definition of „theory of everything” provided here, but which is NOT, for example, a modification (theft) of my theory, this old unreformed, competition-free, and deeply corrupted official Earth science, will NOT be able to develop also in the future. In this situation, the only work ever created on Earth to which my Concept of Dipolar Gravity can be compared in terms of coherence as well as the scope and versatility of the subject area, is the Bible. Notice, however, that because of the divine origin, the Bible is an exception and therefore we are NOT allowed to call it the „theory of everything” – in spite that (probably as a result of its development for similar reasons, purposes and principles as my Codig) the Bible fulfils the definition of „theory of everything” provided above. After all, the Bible was also inspired by the single mind of the omniscient God (see Bible, „2 Timothy”, 3:16), also has one original source theorem (namely, the transmission of necessary knowledge, commandments, and initial requirements to people from God), and also has the structure of a multidimensional star, in which explaining everything that people should know is developed from this original source theorem on principles of reasoning and cause-effect relationships. However, so-far all the correct and objectively conducted scientific validation processes reveal that the Bible is NOT just a „theory”, but indeed it contains the absolute truth of everything (meaning reveal, that the Bible is inspired by all-knowing and infallible God, who in every its sentence has encrypted simultaneously several (12) different levels of truth, and who in the content of the entire Bible, have inserted the truth concerning every topic important for humans – including also every topic that is currently unknown to humans, but the learning of which will take place before the end of our times). In addition, although the content of the Bible was written at various times through a number of different human authors, its intrinsic coherence and truthfulness did NOT corrupt – which fact further confirms the true origin of the Bible from God. On the other hand, if for example, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity (which is being worked out and simultaneously written down by only one imperfect and fallible man, i.e. me, motivated by the need to provide true scientific knowledge from areas that so far are ignored or falsely explained by the official science), in the future has undergone enlargements and further changes by next imperfect and fallible people that are distracted by different than mine motivations, then surely its consistency, purity, correctness and truth would be corrupted.

From the above it is easy to note that none of the aspects of my theory of everything (Codig) can be compared to any theory ever developed on Earth. After all, none of them meets the definition of the „theory of everything” provided in this post, their development and publication typically took up at most a few months of time from their human authors (means not around half a century), their thematic essence can be expressed in one sentence, their linear structure is one-dimensional, and in addition they typically have only one point of compatibility with the surrounding reality. (For example, in the „big bang theory”, that only point of compatibility is the „red shift” described in items #D2 and #D1 on the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”.) Thus, such attempts of trying to compare any other theories (even those officially recognized and most frequently cited by the present official science) to my theory of everything, or even to the content of the Bible, is comparable to equalling the content of a naive fairy tales for children, with the descriptions from, for example, the entire „Encyclopaedia Britannica”.
* * *
P.S. We live in a world in which a significant proportion of those who manage public life have already reached such a high level of corruption, distortion and atheism, that practically almost nothing that is officially disseminated, ordered and implemented via human laws represents truth which is compatible with divine wishes and which really serves for the good of people. That is why sometimes it is worthwhile to look at what these few persons, who do NOT break their ties with whatever God has created and what by using even God’s unreachable to people quality criteria, could still be described as „very good” (see Bible, Genesis, 1:31). For example, if one knows the Polish language then it is worth to look at what shows a 37-minute Polish-language free video from YouTube.com, entitled „KSIĘŻYCOWE DREWNO – UKRYTA PRAWDA O DRZEWACH I DREWNIE NA NOWO ODKRYTA” (which title translates as „The ‚moon timber’ – the newly re-discovered hidden truth about trees and timber”), which is available at the address http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjW4gGwEdeE. After all, that film reveals unusual attributes of natural wood, which, due to learning by people the secret of cutting it down during the most intense period of winter and during the phase of the decreasing moon, obtains a whole range of remarkable qualities, such as resistance to rotting, to moulding and to bark eating bugs, excellent thermal insulation, multi-fold increased strength, and various other similarly wonderful properties – which in some conditions can outweigh the resistance and strength of today’s steel and concrete. Links to this film and to other works by a former Austrian forester named Erwin Thoma, who revealed to the world the secrets of such „moon timber” which were re-discovered by him, additionally supplemented by based on my „Codig” explanations of reasons and of mechanism for obtaining these extraordinary attributes by such „moon timber”, and also enriched by numerous examples of historical situations, where the adding by God of such unusual features to something, can be discovered or noticed, or where such exceptionally resistant and durable timber has been practically used, is provided in item #C4.8 from my web page named „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”. My additional explanations, revealing that poles made of such „moon timber” were used to support the foundations of the medieval Teutonic Knights castle from the Polish town of Malbork, and also support the entire Italian city of Venice from descending into the wet sand and swamp, are provided in item #A3 from my web page named „malbork_uk.htm”. In turn item #D2.1 from another my web page named „tapanui.htm”, describes how compares: (a) the lifespan of the toughest New Zealand timber cut down in today’s typical way (i.e. „as it goes”), and then repetitively treated with various chemicals and poisons but it was subjected to the action of water, sun, winds, etc., which still caused it to decay after around 140 years; with (b) the lifespan of such 800-year old „moon timber” from woods uprooted on 18th June of 1178 (i.e. during the New Zealand winter and just after the turning point of the decreasing phase of moon), due to the explosion of a stack of seven UFO vehicles that were detonated in the vicinity of area where in present-days stands the New Zealand town of Tapanui.

* * *

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