#276E: Which requirements and verses of the Bible persuaded me to voluntarily abandon my attempts at the „top-down” improvements of the world through standing as a candidate in parliamentary elections

Motto: „The only reason for which I did NOT abandon voluntarily previous attempts to stand as a candidate in governmental elections, was that I did NOT know yet verses of the Bible that require from us to separate ourselves from affairs of the physical world.”

On 17th of September 2016 in my statement reported below as item #J1, I published a correction of my previous intentions to consider standing as a candidate in the NZ governmental elections of 2017. Before that date I considered such standing, because from my research stemmed that the humanity wanders increasingly more dangerously, and therefore it urgently needs fast and efficient „top-down” political reforms and improvements. In my imperfect and fallible human understanding of the current situation, I believed that my moral duty was to stand in the governmental elections as a candidate whom in everyday life practices the principle of the philosophy of totalizm stating that „whatever you do, do it pedantically morally”. In turn, if I was democratically elected, I believed that I should try to use my knowledge and life experience for introducing reforms and improvements to the system of democratic governance using a „top-down” mechanism (e.g. through adding to every governmental decision the requirement to check it for the compliance with the moral criteria, through such change to electoral laws that candidates could win the election without getting into financial debts from their rich sponsors – which debts they must pay back later through giving political favours, etc., etc.). But the current correction of these my former intentions states that (1) relying on a clear command contained in the Bible (ordering us that instead of being actively involved in the affairs of the physical world, we should try to separate ourselves from matters of the physical world), as well as (2) relying on the enormously important totaliztic finding described in item #L1 from my autobiographical web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm” (that each our essential decision and action we should consult with the content of the Bible), I decided that I abandon all my further attempts to stand as a candidate in any governmental elections. Reasons for this decision, verses of the Bible that induced this my decision, and moral lessons resulting from the correction of my previous intentions, are fully explained in items #J1 to #J5 from this post, as well as in item #J1, and in the entire „part #J” of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”.

#J1. Verses of the Bible that require from us to separate ourselves from the physical world, means, among others, require to NOT hold any positions of political or social authorities, with the „top-down” use of power of which we could „forcefully” try to „make” people happy:

Due to the combination of circumstances which I am to describe in item #J2 below, near the end of August 2016 my attention has been drawn to a few verses from the Bible, which, among others, require us to separate ourselves from affairs of the physical world, means (in my understanding) which prohibit, amongst others, engaging ourselves in political and public positions such as positions in the government of the country. (What is most interesting, I also noted already, that very similar bans on engaging ourselves in positions of power and authority are known and implemented in virtually every world religion given to the humanity by God.) After a thorough rethinking of these biblical verses from the perspective of what I explained in more detail in item #L1 of my autobiographical web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”, on 17th of September 2016 I added to the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm” (and immediately published) the new „introduction” and item #J1 along with the entire „part #J” – which, after the adaptation, I later publish also on my blogs as this post. I inform in them all interested persons how the content of these verses from the Bible changed my position on the further engagements in „top-down” efforts to repair the quickly deteriorating situation of people, by standing as a candidate in the elections to the authorities of the country, while in case of being elected – by the based on fulfilment of moral criteria the improvement of principles of democratic governance and the process of governmental decision-making. So let us start from quoting here the content of these Bible verses that changed my behaviour and my views of the world. Here they are:

„The First Letter of St. John the Apostle”, verses 2:15-17, quote: „Do not be loving either the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him, because everything in the world – the desire of the flesh and the desire of the eyes and the showy display of one’s means of life – does not originate with the Father, but originate with the world. Furthermore, the world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.”

„Second Letter to the Corinthians”, verses 6:14-18, quote: Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what sharing does light have with darkness? Further what harmony is there between Christ and Be’lial? Or what portion does a faithful person have with an unbeliever? And what agreement does God’s temple have with idols? For we are a temple of a living God; just as God said: „I shall reside among them, and I shall be their God, and they will be my people. Therefore get out from among them, and separate yourselves, says Jehovah, and quit touching the unclean thing; and I will take you in. And I shall be a father to you, and you will be sons and daughters to me, says Jehovah the Almighty.”

„Letter of St. James the Apostle”, verse 4:4, quote: „Adulteresses, do you not know that the friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever, therefore, wants to be a friend of the world is constituting himself an enemy of God.”

The learning of above verses also finally explained to me the mystery which intrigued me for a long time. Namely, it explained to me why people who dedicate their lives to service for God, tend to isolate themselves from the physical world, i.e. to close themselves e.g. in monasteries, hermitages, caves, cellars, cells, reside in remote areas or in the wildernesses, sacrifice the achievements of modern civilization, refuse the offered to them important political or social posts, etc., etc. Reasons for so determined human behaviours intrigued me since a long time. Probably the first case which moved me deeply and initiated my interest in this matter, was seeing in 1993 (i.e. during my professorship at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus), a cell in which was imprisoned St. Catherine (287-307 AD). As her cell was used the grim underground former royal tomb (St. Catherine herself was born a Cypriot princess – see e.g. the web page „www.whatson-northcyprus.com/interest/famagusta/salamis/catherine.htm”). Then I saw also a cell inside of the Cathedral in Polish Kwidzyń in which was locked the Blessed Dorothea of Mątowów (1347-1394 AD) – this cell is shown on „Fig. #D6(a)” from my web page named „milicz_uk.htm”. As time elapsed, such attitudes often voluntarily accepted or chosen for themselves by highly religious people, that are contradictory to the natural seeking of companionship and a comfortable life by typical people, I began to notice increasingly more in virtually all cultures of the world and in all the religions given to people by God – which I encountered in my travels around the world „for earning my bread”. However, until I learned the above verses in August 2016, I had NO clue from what originated in highly religious people this tendency to often voluntary separate themselves from the physical world.

But let us return now to the discussion of reaction that caused in me the learning of contents of the above verses from the Bible. Namely, I empirically research all the hitherto unexplained mysteries of the surrounding reality, with which fate confronted me. This research, however, I carry out from the philosophical approach called „a priori” – which is ignored by the present official science. Such „a priori” approach is ordered to us by the new „totaliztic science” – refereed, amongst others, also in item #J5 from this post and from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”, while most accurately described, among others, in items #C1 to #C6 from my different page named „telekinetics.htm”. As one of the most vital my findings, to which led me the researching of surrounding reality with the methods of the new „totaliztic science”, I consider the one which is explained in detail in item #L1 from my autobiographical web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”. This finding states, that each more important for us matter and decision of life we should consult with the content of the Bible. After all, the content of the Bible was inspired by God to explain to us principles of morally-correct acting in virtually every essential for people matter of life. At the same time the Bible is also the only book on Earth that contains the truth and nothing but the truth. Only that, as the book the understanding of which is controlled directly by God, truths contained in the Bible are made available only to those people, who spiritually matured to learning them. Therefore, the Bible has a „magical power” to NOT open its content for understanding by those ones who have NOT earned yet the right to learn truths that the Bible contain, e.g. for atheists, sinners, lazy people, etc.

Into the group of important issues, to which I recently devoted a lot of my attention and research, I ranked also my efforts to actively join the attempts at a quick and efficient, because implemented in the „top-down” manner, remedying the situation of the population of my country (and my „neighbours” in the biblical understanding of this word), by enabling them to democratically elect me to authorities of the country, thus by creating a precedent and a possibility of such improvement of the system of democratic governance, that in its decisions this system began to be guided by moral criteria. The results of my research and active measures implemented in this particular area only in English have already been published on the following web pages: „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, „pajak_re_2017.htm” and „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”. (We should remember that each of these web pages has also its Polish-language version.) At the moment when I first heard the content of the above verses from the Bible, I was just busy preparing myself for organising in New Zealand a political party based on moral criteria and on principles of totalizm. This party was to be named the „Totalizm Party of NZ” – as in a greater detail this is described in the caption under „Fig. #J1” from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”. However, the content of the Bible verses discussed at the beginning of this item suddenly realized to me that in fact God does NOT wish that I actively engage myself in any attempt of a „top-down” repair of the situation of today’s people. As the former sub-lieutenant in the Polish army, and also as a fallible and imperfect human being, I well understand and respect the fact, that from the point of view of the plans of our God, Creator, and at the same time the commander in charge of the whole of humanity, for God the situation in every matter may look quite differently than from my point of view of an imperfect and fallible man. Therefore, after a careful pondering of these verses of the Bible, I came to the conclusion, that in fact they refer also to my attempts at an active „top-down” repair of the world. Hence I decided that I obey the orders of these verses from the Bible, and thus immediately abandon all further my attempts to stand as a candidate in any election. After taking this difficult decision, I prepared the introduction, this item #J1, as well as the entire „part #J” of the Polish version of web page „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm” – in which this my decision was published in the Polish language already on 17th of September 2016. At the beginning of October 2016, that introduction and the entire „Part #J” I translated into English and publish them also in the English-language web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm” (later also adopted in this post) – that concerns my possible participation in the soon upcoming New Zealand parliamentary elections of 2017.

#J2. The history of my decision described here, on discontinuing further attempts to stand as a candidate in any election:

In New Zealand there is a religious TV channel called „Firstlight”. I have a free access to it on my TV. This channel is run by the US „Seventh Adventist Church”. It often broadcasts programs which analyze truths that God is trying to reveal to us via the content of the Bible. It is a good situation, because for the searching and deciphering of these truths just on my own, while simultaneously I conduct my labour-intensive empirical research, I rarely have the time required. So although I was born into Catholicism, and thus my family and cultural traditions require from me to practice Catholicism – as recommended by the totaliztic principle called the „faith plus totalizm” (described, among others, in item #J4 from my web page named „god.htm”, or in item #G2 from my web page named „totalizm.htm”), I like to watch that „Firstlight” channel. After all, it very precisely and scientifically discusses the content of the same Bible, which is binding also to Catholics, and it discusses ordinances, requirements, and messages from the same God to whom Catholics should direct their prayers.

Near the end of August 2016 I watched in evening a subsequent program in that „Firstlight” channel. Suddenly it hit me in the words of the person presenting that program, that actually he refers, among others, to my attempts to actively start a „top-down” repair of the present situation with the humanity, by standing as a candidate in the elections to the authorities of my country. In the words that the program’s presenter read from the Bible (i.e. in the words that I quoted at the beginning of the previous item #J1), it struck me that in fact God orders us to separate ourselves from the physical world, instead of actively engaging in the affairs of that world (which engaging, as so-far, I tried to do). The feeling of my misunderstanding of so important issue, so moved and upset me then, that I even did NOT record a name of the program which I was then watching, nor the Bible verses that were quoted in it. Over the next number of consecutive days the words that I have heard in this program constantly went through my mind and forced me to examine my position regarding the issue of standing as a candidate in any election. In the end I decided that I needed to carefully analyze the Bible verses discussed in that program to make sure that in fact these verses refer also to my intentions and situation. However, I did NOT note what these verses are. Fortunately, searches in the Google.com revealed to me that the church of Adventists and its TV channel „Firstlight” have their own website with the address http://www.firstlight.org.nz/schedule/ . On this web site they publish, among others, a list of programs already broadcasted, and those that will soon be broadcasted. This „keeping up” of the church of Adventists with the modern technology greatly impressed me at that time, because it shows that „Adventists” are much better organized, more caring, hardworking, and precise than Catholics. After all, in case of Catholics, as yet, whenever I needed any information from them, it always turned out later that even if they have their own web pages for their parish or church (for example, check web pages of churches described on my web pages with names „sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm” or „cielcza_uk.htm”), the updating of these Catholic web pages virtually almost never follows changes in the real life. Thus, on Catholic web pages, as so far, I have not found yet any needed nor useful for me, correct and timely information – for example, even just about such matters as the dates and times of upcoming masses, celebrations, or names and email addresses of priests in office of given church. But returning to the history discussed here, after a thorough analysis of the content of TV programs of these „Adventists”, I found that the program, the content of which so moved me, was called „Elvis Placer Ecumenical Red Flags” and was broadcast from the studio in the US on Friday, 26 August 2016, at 12:30 to 13:30 (in NZ at that time was already evening). Further my searched on the Internet revealed also that the actual video of the entire this English-language program is available on YouTube. After seeing this video I was able to determine the exact Bible verses which this program quoted in its minutes from 19:35 to 23:30, while the content of which verses I am quoting at the beginning of item #J1 above.

After thoroughly re-looking at the contents of these verses, and after my failed attempts to find in the Bible any verses that would render exceptions for the election attempts (to which I have devoted so much my time and research), I make the difficult decision described here, namely that with a military discipline I voluntary will fulfil the order contained in these verses, and hence that I will abandon any further my attempts at a „top-down” repair of the situation of humanity. In other words, I decided that I will NOT stand again as a candidate in the elections to any position of authority. I also decided that I will publish that my decision here in this post and on the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”, as well as in its Polish-language equivalent. That my decision I was able to write down and publish it for the first time already on 17th of September 2016.

#J3. What benefits, according to my belief, may have resulted from my active standing as a candidate in elections to positions of national authority, aimed at the „top-down” improvement of current situation of the humanity (e.g. through an introduction of moral checks of all governmental decisions):

Totalizm is NOT only the philosophy the principles of which I identified and published, but also the philosophy and the system of rules by which I try to live my everyday life. In turn the primary rule of totalizm is that „whatever we do in our lives, we have an obligation to do it in a pedantically moral way”. Therefore, I made my attempts to stand as a candidate in elections to the authorities, because I thought (sadly fallible), that standing to an election with a morally-correct attitude that I am to devote myself to improving the system of democracy, is a pedantically moral behaviour (i.e. is the moral conduct in the totaliztic understanding of this concept, i.e. in the understanding that „morality is the level of fulfilment in our daily lives the orders and requirements of our creator and God – who at the same time is also our superior commander in chief” – for details see e.g. item #B5 from my web page „morals.htm”). In addition, I previously believed also, that my active standing in these elections will allow me to ripe a whole range of morally-correct benefits. Let us mention here a few examples of the most important amongst them:

(1) Accumulation of vital experiences. The most important in my opinion example of these benefits is that the participation in any election delivered to me an entire avalanche of life experiences, which after a proper logical analysis and processing allowed me to quickly formulate and refine the principles and statements of both, the philosophy of totalizm, and its immoral inverse, means the philosophy of parasitism. Actually, I estimate that only my standing to the NZ election of 2014, in just a few months provided me with such intense experience, that afterwards I was able to make so many improvements and such great progress in the philosophy of totalizm, that in a normal life this would take me a number of years.

(2) The introduction of a „safety valve” to the growing social tensions. Another benefit was, that as the only parliamentary candidate in the present age of television and the lack of personal contacts, I still carried out a „zero-dollar” election campaign by personally walking from a house to a house, knocking to doors, and talking to prospective voters – as this is described on my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. (Other candidates no longer make such an old-fashioned walking from a house to a house, door-knocking, and talking in person with voters. Instead, some of them carry out paid campaigns, e.g. by paying television stations, newspapers, printers, post office, etc., to promote their electoral programmes. Of course, to have funds for such paid election campaigns, it usually requires getting funds from rich sponsors, which funds (in the case of being elected) later need to be paid back through giving away various political favours – it is one amongst reasons why the social situation of the country, corruption, and the level of social tension is so quickly getting worse in recent years.) In turn my old-fashioned walking from a house to a house and door-knocking, provided me with an array of morally-correct benefits. For example, it reduced public aversion to politics and to politicians, as well as reduced the frustration and stress which residents of my constituency felt, because previously were unable to complain to any politician about what really troubled them. In turn for me it allowed to learn what is annoying people the most.

(3) The creation of opportunities to voters for a safe manifestation of their discontent – if they are disenchanted with the effects of existing activities of the parliament and government. After all, my standing to the election allowed for the manifestation by voters of their dissatisfaction, through voting for my candidacy (which highlighted the moral, NOT material, attitude to making decisions and to actions of the government and the state).

(4) Learning inadequacies of the current political system – to be able to repair and improve them later. Before one begins to listen to the complaints and stories of voters, and before one himself experiences how biased, favouring corruption, contradictive to logic, and anti-progressive are the present voting laws and the decision-making principles of government, one has also no idea how much distorted, corrupted and detached from the real life and from nation are already the existing systems of democracy. In turn without the exact learning of these distortions, corruption, etc., one does NOT have a clue how the system should be peacefully repaired, reformed and improved. On the other hand, without repairing, reforming and improving of the democracy, the only thing which is coming increasingly faster, it is a social disaster – which we already see as it spreads in a growing number of former democratic countries, bringing suffering, death and destruction for virtually all of their inhabitants (regardless of whether previously they were poor or rich).

(5) An attempt at a quick and efficient (because carried out in the „top-down” way) implementation of improvements to democracy, and the introduction of social reforms which are absolutely necessary to prevent the arrival of a fast approaching social catastrophe. The increasing separation of the government from the nation for which the government should serve, the growing corruption, inefficiency, bureocracy, high prices, taxes, governmental wastage, debt, errors of decision, the widespread collapse of living standards of the population, growing gap between rich and poor, housing crisis, health system collapse, unemployment, rising crime, etc., etc., cause a growing social discontent, thus rapidly accelerate the possibility and approach of a social disaster. Unfortunately, the ruling politicians either do NOT notice this, or ignore it. Thus, in case I stood in the election and was elected, my primary goal would be to undertake such actions that would try to educate people and prevent the advent of a social disaster.

(6) A change and making more moral the principles on which so far elections to the authorities were conducted. In fact, if one examines and personally experiences the legislation and traditions of the election, then it turns out that with the passage of time these have been so distorted that they do not allow for „sifting the wheat from the chaff”, and thus that for the management of the entire nation and the country can be elected, among others, people that are the most improper for serving the country and the nation, means, among others, people very rich (and thus deprived of understanding how poverty tastes), people inclined to draw private benefits from the occupied positions, or deprived of scruples, not adhering to moral principles, etc., etc. Therefore, as one of the objectives of my own standing to election, I set myself that in case I was elected, then I would try to so change and improve rules and voting laws, that preferences in chances of being elected would receive people most suitable to serving the country and the nation, i.e. people who know what it means to be poor, who have shown previously that are oriented to do good, who have impeccably moral past, who believe in God and in higher goals, who already did something vital and good in their lives, who have the required expertise, etc., etc.

(7) The introduction to politics of a personal example how should behave, work and make important decisions a politician that acts pedantically morally. In other words, both with my election campaign, and possible future actions in case I was elected, I was going to demonstrate on my personal example and on every my step, the attitudes and actions of such a politician that obeys all moral principles. That is why all the election campaigns that I was going to lead were to have a „zero-dollar character” (i.e. had to be carried-out without taking any actions that would require the payment of fees, and thus would require incurring a „debt of gratitude” towards rich sponsors, which the debt would then need to be repaid through giving to these sponsors various political „favours”). It is also why, in case I was selected, depending on circumstances of other politicians I was going to opt out of receiving any salary, or opt to receive a salary only at the „minimum wage” level of the country (i.e. on my personal example, I intended to influence all other politicians and media, so that together we would allocate our salary, or excess of it, toward the improvement of the situation of other people) – so as to give through this my action the example to other politicians, managers, and directors, that on a honourable position of leadership one has the duty to act only for the good of his people and the country, and NOT just for a personal gain. This is why in the case of being elected I was also going to continue the systematic weekly meeting with my voters (i.e. one day a week I was going to spend on „knocking to doors of homes of my voters” – as I knocked to them during my election campaign, after which I intended to ask voters about their problems and then try to politically solve their problems). That is also why every decision I was going to base on the certainty that it meets the moral criteria. That is why, in my service to the nation and to the country, I was going to try to meticulously and systematically implement in life everything that I promised in my election programs and websites – e.g. see what I explained in item #C2 on my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”. Etc., etc.

#J4. The problem of exceptions:

There is a saying that every rule has its exceptions. It turns out that quite a few prohibitions from the Bible also has its exceptions – only that these are typically described elsewhere in the Bible than their general rule is described, which is slightly modified and clarified by them – probably it is so done, among others, to force people to carefully read and analyze the entire text of the Bible. One example of just such exceptions relates to the divine 4th commandment to make holy every Saturday (i.e. to have a free day for celebrating God precisely during the days of Jewish „Sabbath”, NOT e.g. on Sundays with heretic traditions). That God’s commandment states (I quote verses 20:8-12 from the „Book of Exodus”): „Remember the Sabbath day, to hold it sacred,” you are to render service and you must do all your work six days. But the seventh day is a Sabbath to Jehovah your God. You must not do any work, you nor your son nor your daughter, your slave man nor your slave girl nor your domestic animal nor your alien resident who is inside your gates. For in six days Jehovah made the heavens and the earth, the sea and everything that is in them, and he proceeded to rest on the seventh day. That is why Jehovah blessed the Sabbath day and proceeded to make it sacred. This commandment is a general rule, clearly explained in the Bible, which observing God strictly requires from us. For example, in the same Biblical „Exodus”, verses 31:14-15 is the injunction that „And you must keep the Sabbath, for it is something holy to you. A profander of it will positively be put to death.” As it reveals the biblical „Book of Numbers”, this command to kill for a violation of the sanctity of the Saturday (Sabbath) was actually carried out – I quote it from verses 15:32-36: „When the sons of Israel were continuing in the wilderness, they once found a man collecting pieces of wood on the Sabbath day. Then those who found him collecting pieces of wood brought him up to Moses and Aaron and the whole assembly. So they committed him into custody, because it had not been distinctly stated what should be done to him. In time Jehovah said to Moses: „Without fall fail the man should be put to death, the whole assembly pelting him with stones outside the camp.” Accordingly the whole assembly brought him forth outside the camp and pelted him with stones so that he died, just as Jehovah had commanded Moses.” But in spite of all this, the Bible also informs us about the existence of exceptions from that general rule about NOT doing any work on Saturdays. The expression of the existence of these exceptions are verses 12:9-13 from the „Gospel according to St. Matthew”, including, among others, the following words of Jesus Himself: „So it is lawful to do a fine thing on the Sabbath.” (During my travels throughout the world I was most shocked when I discovered, that 7-day week, the Saturday of which coincides with the Jewish Sabbath day, is known and used since antiquity in practically all cultures of the world, including island cultures that were totally cut-off from the rest of the world – for more details about this my discovery see item #D5 from my web page named “newzealand_visit.htm”, or item #C4 from my web page named “pigs.htm”. After all, no-one tells us this extremely significant fact.) Of course, if the content of the Bible reveals that there are exceptions even in matter of the compliance with one of the 10 Commandments of God, actually it also means, that the text of the Bible may contain somewhere descriptions of exceptions on virtually any general principle expressed in the Bible, including the principle about the requirement of separating ourselves from the physical world discussed in item #J1 above in this post and in the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”. Only that until the verse describing such an exception is found in the Bible and analyzed by me, while the content of it actually refers to the discussed here my situation, I am NOT allowed to act as if this exception actually existed and was really referring to what I intended to do.

I once encountered personally a case which seems to suggest that probably there is described in the Bible also an exception regarding the case discussed here about the separating ourselves from the physical world. Namely, about two years before the rise of Solidarity in Poland, and thus before my emigration to New Zealand, I was a lecturer-tutor delegated by my Polish university with a group of students that held an industrial practice in Bulgaria. During this practice we went on a trip to the male Orthodox monastery located high in the Bulgarian mountains, which was known for its miracles of healing female infertility, i.e. the healing based, among others, on prayers, NOT e.g. on the use of some drugs or herbs for treating infertility, of the kind, as those described in item #F5 from my web page named „healing.htm”, and NOT based on the use of permanently telekinetised substances – such as the cures of infertility by the telekinetised water from the famous „Lake of Pregnant Beauties” (in Malaysian language called the „Tasik Dayang Bunting” from the island of Langkawi) described in #3 from subsection KB4 in volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5]. This monastery practiced a strict separation from the physical world through the full self-sufficiency (amongst others, in matter of the production of their own food) – but with one exception for this long tradition of healing female infertility. In spite of this strict separation from the physical world, this male monastery has always remained open to the arriving in there infertile women, whom the monks allowed for approximately a monthly stay in the monastery to pray for the restoration of their fertility. During the course of that month, the male monks made sure that these women left the monastery already being pregnant. Of course, if the entire monastery practiced such an exception to the binding principle of a strict separating from the physical world, it probably was based on a biblical description of an exception from the practiced by it that strict tradition of separating themselves from the physical world. But so far I am not aware of „where” (or „if”) an exception to this rule is described in the Bible. In turn without a careful analyse of the exactly localized in the Bible descriptions of such possible exceptions, and without making sure that these exceptions in fact apply to my case, I have an obligation to strictly abide only words of the general principle about the separation from the physical world. And I am firmly determined to do so.

My looking around for possible exception that would modify the general principle of the Bible relating to, among others, the case described here of standing as a candidate in elections to authorities of the state, revealed to me the next verse from the Bible, which further strengthens my prior decision to NOT stand as a candidate in any election to country’s authorities. Namely, on Sunday, 25 September 2016, at 20:30 to 21:30 (NZ DST), I watched the program from NZ TV station named „Firstlight”, having the title „The Great Delusion”. (This program, among others, explained why Ken Ham believes that America is now subjected to a trial – the reader also can afford to see it, because it is available on YouTube under the title „Obama … God`s Judgement on America – Ken Ham”.) This program drew my attention to the biblical verses 13:1-4 from the „Romans” – quote: „let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God, the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God. Therefore he who opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will receive judgment to themselves. For those ruling are an object of fear, not to the good deed, but to the bad. Do you, then, want to have no fear of the authority? Keep doing good, and you will have praise from it; for it is God’s minister to you for your good. But if you are doing what is bad, be in fear; for it is not without purpose that it bears the sword; for it is God’s minister, an avenger to express wrath upon the one practicing what is bad.” After all, these verses quite clearly confirm my earlier finding that due to e.g. the current moral state of a given nation, God always gives to this nation exactly the kind of authorities and leaders, onto which this nation just deserves. Thus, all attempts at e.g. use a forced „top down” approach to improvement of democracy or methods of governing (e.g. such as I was going to try to introduce), actually represent only attempts to hinder God in serving the justice to the whole given nation or to the whole given country, that deserved only what it just received. It is unfortunate that it took me so long-time to understand, generalize, and apply to my own intentions, the working principle of this political and social rule. After all, the fact that each nation always receives such leaders and rulers, onto which it just deserves with its current level of morality, I noticed empirically tens of years earlier, and I even recorded this empirical finding in a number of my publications. (For example, in a number of my major monograph from the series [1], this particular finding I published in subsections that discuss „moral laws” – e.g. see #6C „Law of Partnership Ladder” from subsection I4.1.1 of volume 5 in my monograph [1/5], or see #21 „Who they let lead you” from subsection OA7.1 in volume 13 of my monograph [1/5]. In addition, the same empirical finding I published also on the number of my web pages – e.g. see motto to item #C5.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”, or see end of item #N4 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, or even see the written yet in March 2016 section 4 from item #E5 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”.) Only that because I learned this fact empirically from my analysis of the surrounding reality, I did not know then that the same fact is also emphasized in the text of the Bible – while if I knew it, then this would save me a lot of work and energy (although the best and most permanently we learn just from errors that we committed).

A lot of morally-correct goals can be achieved in more than one kind of morally-correct acting. Thus, if for some of our intentions the Bible describes both the general rule and exceptions that slightly modify and clarify this rule, but we know only about this general rule, while are NOT aware of the content of biblical descriptions of those exceptions which slightly modify or clarify this rule, then we have a duty to meticulously observe that general rule expressed in the Bible. After all, if we cannot accurately analyze in the content of a Bible descriptions of these exceptions, then in NO case we should try to guess what they are and what they state. This is because our human imperfections and fallibility make that results of our guessing may prove to be wrong – as has happened in the case of the described here my guess that (in my believe only) it is a morally-correct to stand as a candidate in elections to the authorities, for an attempt to quickly and effectively provide the forced „top-down” help to people through the imposition of improvements and reforms which probably they still do not wish to have.

#J5. Moral lessons that stem from the case described in this post:

My case resulting from the previously untested on the Bible intention to stand for election to the authorities – in spite that the Bible commands to separate ourselves from the physical world (i.e. the case described above in items #J1 to #J4 of this post and the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”) provides an array of moral lessons. Let us list here at least most important out of these lessons:

(A) Urging us to learn how to check in the Bible the moral correctness of our most vital intentions. Quite an important moral lesson is that this description of my case urges us to learn how to practically carry out checks in the Bible regarding the correctness of our intended vital decisions and actions – as it is described in the abovementioned item #L1 from my autobiographical web page „pajak_jan_uk.htm”. For example, in order to complete such a checking we should: (A1) define with a short sentence, or with a few keywords, what is the essence of our intended decision or action, then (A2) search in a digital version of the Bible (e.g. from Internet) verses that contain words which are crucial in our expression of the essence of this vital decision or action which we intend to implement, and therefore which we should consult with the content of the Bible, then (A3) find among the analyzed verses those that actually concern our intended decision or action, then (A4) analyze what the Bible verses ask us to do regarding our intended decision or action, in the end (A5) decide to do voluntarily whatever the Bible asks us, NOT by any chance what our human ambitions would like us to do.

(B) Confirmation that the statements of all the major religions of the world originate from the same supernatural source (i.e. from the one and only God). Another lesson, which also results from the case discussed here, is the obtaining an additional confirmation of the truth of descriptions from item #C6 of my web page named „prawda_uk.htm” – which descriptions reveal to us that all religions of the world given to us by God state the same things, only that in different ways that are unique to the characteristics of each of the nations for suiting of which the various religions were created by God. In other words, the additional confirmation that all religions of the world given to people by God, embody the same ordinances, requirements, moral criteria, etc. (However, do NOT confuse here religions given to us by God, with cults, or even entire religions concocted, for example, by power-hungry people.) After all, all the religions of the world given to the humanity by God include, amongst others, orders of this rather contrary to the human nature separation from the physical world – to the description of which is dedicated this post and the „Part #J” of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”. Thus, in virtually all the major religions of the world, for example, exist their own counterparts for Christian monasteries – in which the religiously inclined persons practiced a group separation from the physical world. Also in all those religions, e.g. highly spiritual persons individually separated themselves from the world, residing in hermitages, caves, wildernesses, etc. Furthermore, for all religions of the world, e.g. the folklore developed stories and legends, that the wisest and closest to God people, who are able to solve problems that normal humans are unable to solve, live somewhere in places that are remote from the human settlements, while getting to them requires overcoming a number of different obstacles. Of course, our finding, which world’s religions contain the same commandments and requirements, virtually also shows to us which ones among them were given to humans by our only God, and NOT e.g. were only invented by some power and fame thirsty individuals.

(C) Indication of a new (totaliztic) approach to the world around us, which overcomes the religious conservatism, and eliminates atheistic arrogance, boastfulness, wandering, lying, etc. It is not difficult to notice, that if the world is inhabited only by deeply (blindly) believing people with the today’s approach to faith, then probably we would still be living in caves and we would not know the fire yet (e.g. see the so-called „paradox of believers” described in items #A2 and #C3 from my web page named „will.htm”). After all, typically today’s believers are NOT interested in the acquisition of knowledge, in learning about mysteries of the world around them, about making inventions, etc. – this is because for everything they have standard answers like: „because God so created it”, or „because God wills it”, or „God’s will”, etc. On the other hand, if in the world lived only atheists with the today’s approach to the truth, then since a long time we would drown in lies and a long time ago we would already self-destroy our civilization – as it is explained in item #B2 from my web page named „humanity.htm”, and in item #B3 from my web page named „portfolio.htm”. After all, because of their arrogance, boastfulness and attempts to replace God, God prevents atheists from learning the truth about the world around them – about which preventing God openly tells us in verses 1:27-29 from the Biblical „First Letter to the Corinthians” (confirmed on empirical evidence in item #D4 of my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”). So the ideal solution that reconciles the development of knowledge of the truth about God and about the world around us, is that one which is promoted by the new totaliztic science described in items #C1 to #C6 from my web page named „telekinetics.htm”. This solution is based on the empirical researching of the world around us – the truth of the final results of which researching is always verified and confirmed on the content of the Bible (i.e. on the only book on Earth, which confirms to us the truth, and nothing but the truth, established on any possible subject – provided, however, that previously we have put our own energy and work into getting to this truth).

(D) Explaining why individuals and groups meticulously adhering to the precepts of God, shun of any activities (or services) in political, social, public, etc., arena. I have always been fascinated why there are people and group intellects, such as „Jehovah’s Witnesses”, or the so-called Conscientious Objectors (i.e. the people who refuse military service – about the existence of human laws regarding such persons I already mentioned in item #A4 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”, and also in item #L3 from another my web page named „cielcza_uk.htm”), which not only shun from political activities, social services, etc., but actually who are ready even to go to prison than e.g. undergo a military service, or touch a gun. As it turns out, the reason for the existence of such individuals and group intellects, are just ordinances of God to separate themselves from the physical world precisely described in item #J1 of this post and of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm” – and often additionally supported by various other precepts contained in the Bible (e.g. the order NOT to kill). In my research I came across many such people, often very productive, famous, and sometimes even residing in palaces of monarchs, who, however, refused to perform any public office or political duty. Their examples include Zhang Heng – i.e. a Chinese inventor of the telepathic detector of impending earthquakes (described on my web pages named „seismograph.htm” and „artefact.htm”), and the historically existing Chinese, Shou Xing, (described e.g. in subsection JG9.1 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5]), who lived to the age of around 800 years, so that Chinese have recognized him later as their „god of longevity”.

(E) Realising that from our perspective it is difficult to understand the perspective of God. This is probably the most important among the moral lessons. It states that what we from the human point of view (and thus from the perspective of our imperfections, erroneous knowledge, fallibility, habits, oversights, etc.) can consider e.g. to be a morally-correct helping others, in fact from the superior point of view of God expressed in the Bible may turn out to be the banned for us by God „top-down” acting, the implementing of which can be an immoral acting and therefore is punished by God.

(F) The disclosure that from God’s viewpoint, there is a significant difference between the „bottom-up” doing „good deeds” for the benefit of individual people (for which good deeds these people either ask or clearly need them), and the „top-down” imposition of „good deeds” over entire group intellects – in which group intellects a significant part of people may NOT want that particular good deeds (i.e. the forceful imposition of good deeds across the states, nations, cities, factories, etc.). Unfortunately, with our rough analysis, fallible habits, mistakes and inconsistencies of knowledge, etc., this difference is difficult to understand, generalize, and take into account – although I myself already many times came across that difference, for example while lecturing some knowledge that was important for my students, which, however, these students did NOT want to learn and considered it quite superfluous to them (only that in my awareness the importance of this difference I did NOT generalize then). In such cases, the end result has always been a significant slippage down in the moral field of all involved, and a significant loss of moral energy by all people touched by this situation (in other words, the effect of this situation has always been a mutual harm and catastrophe). This difference is also hitting us in events that constantly are taking place in today’s world, when various countries or politicians try to „help” other countries, or politicians from other countries, e.g. by providing them with weapons and sending their armies in there, in spite that always the end result of such actions appear to be a mutual suffering, evil, destruction, damage, loss of esteem, increase of mutual hatred, attacks, aggression, terrorism, etc. – means disasters affecting later all nations involved into this situation. It is just after the empirical noticing of consequences of this difference, that in my descriptions from items #F1 and #F3 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm” I have asserted, that any „top-down” interference by any nation or state into the internal affairs of another nation or state is the punishable by God breaking of moral laws – therefore the right (and duty) to independently and without any interference from the outside world solve the „bottom-up” the internal affairs of any nation and state, have only those of citizens of given country who long-term reside in the territory of given nation or the state. (Notice here that I emphasize the words „long-term reside” – as in the Bible I came already across the suggestion, that immigrants and people who, for example, fled abroad from the territory of their own nation or country, voluntarily renounced that their belonging to given own nation or state, thus they belong already to the nation or the state in which they are actually residing. This in turn means, that they and their descendants, NO longer have rights to any interference in the affairs of the nation or the state from which they originally come, because these rights they actually waived away through their escape or emigration.)

(G) The indication of example that confirms the essence of item #L1 from my web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”. In that item #L1 I explained and emphasized, that as an imperfect and fallible people we can greatly be at wrong in our assessment of whether is moral or NOT whatever we just intend to do. In turn this post and the „part #J” of web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm” confirms it. After all, it reveals that the „bottom-up” doing „good deeds” for the benefit of individuals whom, for example, ask us to do for them these „good deeds”, God recommends and rewards. But the „top-down” forceful imposition of „good deeds” onto entire group intellects, a lot of people from which do NOT wish to receive such „good deeds”, God forbids and severely punishes them after the elapse of so-called time of return. It is just because of the existence of such well-hidden nuances and differences, which in our rough and incomplete moral analyzes can easily be overlooked and ignored, that absolutely every our significant life decision or action it is worth (and we should) consult with the content of the Bible – as I explained this in the abovementioned item #L1 from my autobiographical web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”. In that consulting, one needs to carefully analyze what the Bible clearly and directly states about the interesting us matter. However, in cases when the matter is very important, while the Bible omits its direct explanation, then it is worth (and we should) try to answer ourselves the question „why in this very important matter the Bible deliberately avoided a direct explanation?” – after all, omniscient God who authorized the Bible omits nothing just by a pure chance, but everything that He entered into it, or omitted, He did highly deliberately. (As examples of some of the reasons for such a deliberate omission in the Bible of direct explanations, consider the matter „when the soul enters the body” (which bears a direct impact on the ethics of abortion), which matter I discussed in item #C6 from my web page named „soul_proof.htm”, the matter of verse 22:21 from the „Gospel of St. Matthew” (stating: „Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s”) – discussed in 6 from item #C4.2 of my web page named „morals.htm”, the matter of polygamy allowed by the Bible, but forbidden by human laws – discussed in item #J2.2.2 from my web page named „morals.htm”, and a few yet other such deliberately NOT discussed directly in the Bible issues, that I discuss and try to clarify in my web pages and monographs.)

Of course, in the events and situations described here hides much more moral lessons – but to NOT extend this post and the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm” too excessively, I explained here only a few most important examples of them. After all, on the basis of these examples, the reader probably already alone will be able to realize further among such lessons.

* * *

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