#275E: Let us learn from discoveries, theories, inventions, achievements, tips, advice, philosophy and life of „trailblazers” of the kind like reported here for Jan Pajak – but for assurance and for the truth we should always additionally confirm these with content of the Bible (the truth of which is originating from God)

Motto: „Humanum est errare” (Latin: „to err is human”)

In English there is a meaningful word „trailblazer”. Briefly its meaning can be translated as „a maker of new tracks”, while in the dictionary, „Merriam-Webster” this word is defined by the sentence „a person who makes, does, or discovers something new and makes it acceptable or popular”. If you (or someone else) learns my life and scientific achievements even in such a limited extend, as that from the web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm” or from the YouTube biographic film „Dr Jan Pająk portfolio” (that one described on my web page named „portfolio.htm”), then you/he/she must admit that I also belong to the category of just such „trailblazers” – which fact I do NOT try to hide for numerous good reasons (one of those reasons is the emphasis on my/Polish authorship of completely new ideas, so that these ideas are protected against future attempts of thefts by other than the Polish nations – as I described it e.g. in item #I7 from my web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”).

The problem of „trailblazers” is that in fact they do not have anyone with whom they could consult, or to results of whom they could compare, whatever they have discovered or worked out. Hence, in my own case, in everything that I accomplished, I relied solely on my education, scientific training, experience, logical deduction, gathering and scrutinising empirical evidence from the world around us, etc. Unfortunately, as we know, all these are tools developed by the atheistic official science. Therefore these are also tools devoid of knowledge about methods and requirements of God, which in the poem „Romanticism” by the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz are sarcastically called „lens and eye of a sage” (i.e. in the original Polish language called „mędrca szkiełko i oko”). On the other hand, since the formulation of my „theory of everything” called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity in 1985, I already know with the absolute certainty that God exists. Thus, as a scientist who know about the God’s existence, now I have a duty to compare and to consult all my scientific findings with statements of God precisely and unspeakably-wisely written in the content of the Bible (after all, the content of the Bible was inspired by God Himself – as it is stated, among others, in verse 3:16-17 from the Biblical „Second Letter to Timothy”). So, since the moment when I started these comparisons and consultations of my discoveries with what the Bible says, I initiated unusual and eye opening to truths journey that I continue to this day. The outcomes of my experience from this journey I regularly have reported in my monographs and on my web pages. However, if these outcomes one would try to summarize in a single sentence, this sentence would probably read: „every human (including myself) is imperfect and fallible, so to obtain the certainty of truth, in every important to us matter we should always consult and compare whatever we learn from other people with what the Bible states (as the Bible makes available to us the absolute truth, knowledge, and laws of God)”.

In this my journey through life, that opened up my eyes to truths, I experienced a huge transformation – which transformation I am to describe here. After all, a similar transformation probably experience also all those other lucky people, who already have earned the knowledge (and the recognition) of spiritual truths, which a broader understanding of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm opens for us. I start from reminding that before that breakthrough year of 1985, I was an atheistic scientist. In turn, the hardened habits and beliefs of any atheistic scientist is extremely difficult to get rid of. If the reader does NOT believe, then let him/her try to convince any scientist known to him/her that, for example, „the today’s official science NOT only that does not know everything about the universe which surrounds us, but it does NOT know even one percent of whatever the science should know to stop lying to people” (in order to learn the evidentiary foundation for this my statement about the ignorance and mendacity of official science, see e.g. item #B3 from my web page named „portfolio.htm”, item #B2 from my web page named „humanity.htm”, item #D4 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, item #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”, or item #K1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”). Therefore, soon after the year 1985, i.e. shortly after I personally have discovered and scientifically have proven that God does exist – contrary to all these misleading assertions by the atheistic official science claiming that supposedly there is NO God, I still believed, similarly as still believe until today the majority of professional scientists, in a whole array of disseminated by the monopolistic official science: lies, myths, false assurances, propaganda statements, political statements, bragging, nonsense, etc. In order to provide here some examples of these my former beliefs, I mention now in items that follow a few most important amongst them (although in past I believed in much more of them than I am able to indicate in this brief post here). Thus, for example, I believed that:
(1) The Bible is just of a human authorship and probably expresses only the stories of ancient shepherds and itinerant storytellers. (Today, the masterpiece of the Bible takes my breath away from the delight how a superior over the human knowledge was needed, so that the absolute truths, omni-knowledge, and the all-purpose laws could be intentionally camouflaged in the written form, which is so short, infallible, written through a remote inspiration, and confusing for arrogant people.)
(2) I also believed that during these six days of creation (about the actual existence of which confirmed my scientific discovery and proofs that God does exist after all), God probably created the physical world and the people so perfect, that the current operation and further development of the physical world and people can be carried out just by itself (i.e. without any further interventions from God).
(3) In turn, because of such a perfect creation of the physical world and the people, I also believed that God can now act like the proverbial „retired old man” only observing what is happening in the world, but interfering personally into nothing.
(4) I believed also that everything that happens throughout our physical world is governed only by immutable laws of nature and universe – of a kind of evolutionary „survival of the fittest”, or the omni-prevailing „law of conservation of energy”.
(5) Since my education and scientific training originated from the discipline of „Mechanical Engineering” and from one of the best universities in the world (for details see my later scientific findings about the level of academic perfection of the Wrocław University of Technology described in item #E1 from my web page named „rok_uk.htm”), in which (the discipline and the university) almost 100% of research was based on direct measurements and experiments, thus until starting my journey around the world „in search of bread” and until my close watching how scientists from other disciplines and from different universities conduct their „research”, personally I believed that results of the „research” of all scientists in the world represent exclusively the correctly interpreted and unbiased outcomes of precise measurements and experiments. Thus, into the category of jokes invented by malicious people I initially ranked the funny sayings about methods of some scientists, of the kind that: the most eminent scientist is the one who can so magnify the thickness of the individual dots in his graphs with results, that through all these dots one can draw a straight line which exactly matches the wishes of person who finances his/her „scientific research”. Now, however, I already know with certainty that such type of sayings are NOT jokes, but summaries of real-life truths about methods of actual behaviour of many „scientists”.
(6) I believed additionally that whatever the official science has already discovered, is the truth, and therefore ignoring small errors of measurements and human mistakes, the official science states mainly and only the truth.
(7) I believed, too, that in fact the official science already managed to learn almost everything that was left for people to know.
(8) Moreover, I still continued to support then the part of my previous believes from the atheistic period of life that at least some of statements of the Bible must be missing the truth, because almost the entire content of the Bible is opposite to what has already been established empirically, and disseminated, by the official science.

Fortunately for me, this duty of scientific verification and confirmation of statements from the Bible, which I then voluntarily assumed onto myself, began to gradually break down all these my initial hardened atheistic beliefs. In this paragraph I am to compile now (also in items with the same numbers as above) my findings and results of research carried out in accordance with the „a priori” philosophical approach of the new „totaliztic science” (i.e. the science described in items #C1 to #C6 from my web page named „telekinetics.htm”, and also in item #J2 from the web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”), which findings and results refute these false atheist beliefs that I adhered formerly and that I described in the previous paragraph. However, notice here, that the following summary of my findings and results I published in the order of their mutual implication, i.e. the order which shows which my finding or discovery resulted from which prior finding or a discovery. After all, the historical (i.e. provided in the order of their dates) listing of all my discoveries, inventions, theories and philosophies I am providing in subsection W4 from volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5], while briefly I summed it up it in item #B1 from my web page named „portfolio.htm”. Here is this new compilation:
(7) My initial belief that the official science knows almost everything collapsed already in 1985, i.e. when I was developing detailed descriptions of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity and thus when I discovered that in the universe there are also whole two different worlds with their own laws and their own content, while about the existence of these two further worlds the official science still does NOT have a clue (i.e. when I discovered that in the universe there is also the so-called „counter-world” – in which is contained our counter-material duplicate, means our spirit, and that there is also the „virtual world” – in which God lives and are stored our souls).
(8) Then, as time elapsed and my research progressed, I also discovered and confirmed for myself on empirical evidence, that every statement of the Bible which I verified on the existing evidence turned out to be the truth and nothing but the truth.
(1) In turn this my own discovery and confirmation, combined with verifications of other researchers, who also verified and confirmed the truth of the Bible claims, reassured me in the certainty that the entire Bible states the absolute truth and nothing but the truth, and thus that actually only God was able to inspire remotely the writing with human hands the holy book so completely filled up with truth and with supernatural knowledge on virtually every subject – which inspiring of content of the Bible, God does NOT hide and openly reveals it (e.g. see the Bible, „2 Timothy”, verses 3:16-17).
(2) I later also discovered and confirmed that we humans are intentionally created by God as highly imperfect and fallible (for details see items #B2 and #B1.1 from my web page named „antichrist.htm”) – so in order to be sure of the truth, every more important for us statement of any human researcher (including mine), it is necessary to compare and check over the content of the Bible, which is currently the only written source on Earth, which contains the absolute truth and only the truth.
(3) I also discovered and confirmed, that in fact God has pre-programmed in advance the so-called „Omniplan”, in which He precisely defined the course of each even the least for us significant moment of our lives. (This „Omniplan” describe in more detail e.g. items #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named „immortality.htm”.) Thus, actually God intervenes in, and oversees of, virtually every moment of our lives – only that He makes it discreetly and in the manner described in item #C2 from my web page named „tornado.htm” – which turns out to be extremely difficult to detect by humans.
(4) In time, I also discovered and confirmed on evidence that in our physical world absolutely everything is governed by the laws intelligently devised by God and by that God programmed in a software manner (thus over the work of which laws God can freely govern). In turn because of the software pre-programming of these laws and their subordination to the will of God, God quite often temporarily changes the work of some of them to achieve in this manner results aligned with His long-term plans. Moreover, God created also a whole range of „intelligently governed” phenomena, laws and rules, which are directly subjected to His will and to methods of His work. Examples of such „intelligently governed” phenomena, laws and rules, that previously were unknown to the official science (and that are stubbornly ignored by the science even today – i.e. when I already disseminated around the world the knowledge about them), and the highly intelligent work of which clearly documents that the effects of their actions are changeable and managed directly by God, are e.g.: (1) the so-called „moral field” (described in items #C4.2 and #C4.2.1 from my web page named „morals.htm”); (2) the applicable to all humans „principle of the survival of the most moral” described e.g. in item #G1 from my web page named „will.htm” (which invalidates selectively for people the evolutionary „principle of the survival of the fittest”); and (3) the applicable to people principle that „morality is the key to everything” (while the Bible is the key to morality) described e.g. in item #A1 from my web page named „totalizm.htm”. Notice here the confirmation already accomplished by my research, namely that because God makes available everything that is essential for the life of people who abide moral principles, therefore the abovementioned principle (3) stating that the „morality is the key to everything”, actually invalidates erroneous scientific belief that the „energy is the key to everything” (as, according to scientific beliefs, people who have access to the required amounts of energy are then able to rob from the nature or from other people everything that they consider useful for themselves).
(5) In my globetrotting „in search of bread” I also had the opportunity to carefully look at methods of conducting „research” by representatives of disciplines other than my own and universities other than my native one. With a shock I then realized, that only a small fraction of published results of research, reports the facts established directly via measurements and experiments. In turn the majority of these results are based on actions that could be named „scientific politics and propaganda of success”. This is because they boil down, among others: (a) to making of assumptions which in advance decide about the results to be achieved; (b) to interpreting of results in a way that is expected in advance; (c) to the flattery over views of those who finance given research; (d) to the avoidance of „leaning out” of the general trends and beliefs prevailing in a given discipline; (e) to the setting up for promotions and for awards, (f) to the matching the beliefs of those who then review the publication of results, etc., etc. In other words, I observationally was convinced that in modern times the results of actual measurements and experiments are the insignificant part of the published research results, while the overwhelming majority of results is that „scientific politics and propaganda of success”, means ordinary scientific lies. (For example, those who honestly and objectively analyzed the degree of similarity between the DNA of monkeys and the DNA of people increasingly come to the conclusion that the similarities may be even lower than 25%, that is, from the DNA point of view people and monkeys may be genetically unrelated similarity like e.g. humans and dogs – meanwhile, scientists are telling us that genetically we supposedly are in 99% similar to monkeys, and thus that supposedly we „evolved from monkeys”.) What strikes me the most in that politics and propaganda of success of the alleged „scientific research”, is that the emphasis in them is clearly placed on lying that supposedly scientific results contradict the statements of the Bible.
(6) I also discovered that virtually everything officially stated and currently disseminated by the official science is a lie and an ignorant story telling – which fact of the official lying of scientists NOT only that is documented by my research described, for example, in item #B3 from my web page named „portfolio.htm”, or in item #B2 from the web page named „humanity.htm”, but it even is confirmed in the Bible, for example, in verses 1:27-29 from „1 Corinthians”), quote: „but God chose the foolish things of the world, that he might put the wise men to shame, and God chose the weak things of the world, that he might put the strong things to shame, and God chose the ignoble things of the world and the things looked down upon, the things that are not, that he might bring to nothing the things that are, in order that no flesh might boast in the sight of God.” (For the commentary of these verses see the final paragraph from item #D4 of my web page named Concept of Dipolar Gravity). These lies of the official science rise my hair with a horror, when I realize the deadly consequences to which they lead when combined with the ignorance of today’s politicians who on these lies base their most important decisions – for examples of these consequences see items #H1 to #H3 from my web page named „prophecies.htm”, items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named „solar.htm”, or see the prepared by my friend (let’s call him „SJ”), the following list of current threats to humanity and to Earth caused by the irresponsibility and ignorance of today’s scientists and politicians, each of which threats has the potential to cause a total destruction of entire our civilization – I quote from the email of „S.J.” dated on 27 August 2016: Fall of civilization: social changes, climate changes, capital changes, changes to the natural world, political changes, planetary changes. The collapse of moral principles – this is a common phenomenon in every culture, loosening of morals and perversion of the original laws contained in the Bible, Roman Law, codes of conduct, etc. This manifests itself through the destruction of the family, indifference, the lack of higher needs, interpretation of the law from own strength and possessed power. Climate change – the phenomenon observed and slowly started to be studied by today scientists. The severity of temperatures jumping, rainfalls, and strengths of atmospheric currents. The release of the flow of international capital – the effect is the emergence of speculative capital, and the excessive concentration of capital. Poisoning the environment – the impact of technological civilization and the effect of free capital where profit is more important than the exploited planet (food poisoning, genetic structures of GMOs, the disappearance of species, limiting the area for wildlife). Liquidation of national states – the destruction of tradition and strong defensive structures which in case of a danger, natural disaster, the great financial crisis could control the situation on a wider area. The development of electronics – anchoring the technical development on a high level of access to the electronics without taking into account its mass destruction, e.g. by solar flares. The collapse of the Latin culture – changes in the Catholic Church, the decisions of the Vatican sobor. This phenomenon had an impact in particular onto Europe as a civilization based on Christian culture. Changes in salinity of ocean currents – the phenomenon was observed since the year 2000. The result is a slow cooling of certain areas of the earth. This phenomenon likely is linked to the level of salinity. The introduction of the theory of unlimited growth – the lack of respect for the principles and guidelines of common sense, no conclusions from the report of the Club of Rome of 1972, confirmed on the mathematical model of collapse of the USSR. The extinction of bees – after passing through the threshold of destruction of the species, a domino effect through a massive reduction of food production. Liquidation of democracy – the impact of free capital for which democracy is a threat because it may limit the gains. An example is the lobbing action in world of politics. Risk of impact – there are NO real programs to protect the earth from the effects of impact. The present programs are just scientific theories. The today’s planet preparation best estimates the event of last impact from Russia and the discovery of new objects just a few days before their passage. The collapse of national homogeneity – the culture of multiculturalism and mixing of races and cultures, often conflicting with each other. Changes in sunlight – this phenomenon is observed for several years, one of the factors are artificially sprayed substances in the atmosphere as a tool of climate wars, temperature control, tools for high energies projects in the ionosphere. The phenomenon is not fully explained, but at this stage of observation it is proven in terms of the existence and the impact on sunlight. Wrong policies of central banks – the effect of speculators’ capital protection at the expense of taxpayers. Unlimited enlargement of debt and money printing. Exhausting agricultural production resulting in soil sterilization – an example is China where any agricultural production can no longer exist without the use of artificial fertilizers. Additional extinction of bees will cause the need to manually pollinate fruit and thus will reduce production. Changes of world leaders – the inevitable trade and military war between China and the United States. One country must be subordinated. The risk of an epidemic – an event almost certain and depending only on the time of occurrence. Due to the mass transport between continents it is not possible to control. Robotics and automation of life – forced modification of human beings and the new social programming which is contrary to the natural tendency of man to live in the community, to defend his territory, to the division of social classes and compatible coexistence with the laws of nature, etc. Changes in the availability of basic raw materials, e.g. water – the phenomenon of drying of planet and reduced access to fresh water resources which will soon lead to the first water wars. Geographical differentiation in terms of supply of jobs – the effect of the freedom of movement of capital to places of cheap labor and low taxes. An additional effect is robotics and automation. Excessive exploitation of non-renewable resources – a phenomenon of free capital and unlimited profits. In addition, the phenomenon is not controlled through the development of alternative technologies or the acquisition of new mining areas, as was the case, for example, in medieval Europe after the discovery of America by Columbus. The revival of religious fundamentalism – the formation of ISIS, the collapse of democracy in many countries of Africa and Asia, mass migrations between continents. Other unknown civilization risks – the explosion of a super volcano, shifting the axis of earth, changes in load of continental plates (glaciers), etc. However, the biggest risk factor is the present distribution of populations. In the twentieth century was initiated the process of mass displacement of the population to cities, as the result of free capital which needed cheap human labour. In the twenty-first century a further factor was added, namely the ability to easily control the population of given area, and capability of a cheap satisfying of its infrastructure needs. Currently the most of population lives in cities and the minority in the country. This is the opposite situation than in earlier centuries. If currently the global transport stops as a result of any abovementioned event, this is to cause the lack in the cities of basic resources needed for living by the population gathered in there. The effects: hunger on a scale not imaginable, epidemics and unrest. In the twentieth century Ukraine, the taking by government for consumption the grains needed for sowing resulted in killing of 10 million people in one winter. But keep in mind that then the majority of the population lived in the countryside, though still was unable to protect themselves from hunger. Today, the result would be the same, only that on much greater scale.
To summarise this paragraph, with the passage of time I gradually discovered that all these lies, nonsense, myths, boasting, false assurance, propaganda statements, etc., in which I once deeply believed, and in which still believe NOT only professional scientists and politicians, but also the majority of ordinary people, are merely a deceptive illusion with the aid of which the monopoly of the official science leads the humanity straight toward a self-destruction, and thus if humanity do NOT repent on time and do NOT stop its sheeply following the monopolistic and badly erring science, then soon it all ends almost as bad as in the days of the biblical Great Flood.

The realizing how much the lies of the official science deviate already from the absolute truth expressed in content of the Bible, automatically raises the question: what are the reasons for which the all-powerful God allows that professional scientists deliberately disseminate such large deviations from truths? The answers to this question I provided on several of my web pages, for example in item #B3 from the web page named „portfolio.htm”, or in items #B1.1 and #B2 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. In my opinion the most important for us amongst these reasons, because of which, among others, God acts, is the necessity (as the Bible puts it nicely) of „sifting the wheat from the chaff” – that is, of identifying people who either, among others, are NOT able to submit to the truth over lies, means whose sense of truth and morality has been so distorted and so devalued, that they eagerly chase enjoyable for them lies and immoralities, or who have lost their ability to distinguish between doing good and wrongdoing, treatment of others justly and harming neighbours, confronting wisdom or greatness and tripping over another stupidity and pettiness, appreciating the beauty and of looking at ugliness, etc., etc. Another important reason in my opinion is also God’s need to educate for Himself an army of special kind of people whom I describe as „soldiers of God” among others in item #B1.1 from the abovementioned web page „antichrist.htm”, and in item #A3 of other my web page named „humanity.htm”, while to whom the Bible also refers under the name of soldiers in several of its verses – e.g. see the „Second Letter to Timothy” from the Bible, verse 2:3, quote: „As a fine soldier of Christ Jesus take your part in suffering evil.” To still another among these reasons, we should also include: the inspiring of people to seek the truth through the study of both, scientific knowledge and the Bible; gathering the knowledge about God from both, the scripture and from the observation of the world that surrounds us; expanding of our knowledge with further details and with additional rules that explain whatever the Bible summarizes in a short manner – e.g. as it is described in items #A2.1 to #A2.10 from my web page named „totalizm.htm”, or in items #C4.2 to #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”. Etc., etc.

Vladimir Lenin is credited with the saying: „trust the people, however, take the jewels for pawning”. That leader of the revolution, which turned out to be the biggest, the most revolutionary, and still the only revolution which in the entire history of humanity enjoyed such a long-term success, and the range of which covered almost the entire planet, probably wanted to express with this saying the overarching idea, which could also be described with words: „people have good intentions and are trying to say what they believe is true, but because of the imperfection of human nature it always is worth to make sure that whatever others say is actually true”. So if the intention of this idea is applied to learning truths by the humanity, then it could be formulated, among others, as a following rule for practicing in our everyday lives: „although normally we learn just from results of other people, but all the more important for us truths, principles and requirements we should check and confirm by comparing these human results with content of the Bible”. (Note here that in such comparisons it is important both, what the Bible clearly states, and what we found that the Bible omits, or is forced to share in a disguised form. Furthermore notice, that to avoid misunderstandings everything really important the Bible repeats in at least two or three different places and in at least two or three different ways – hence to fully learn the truth we also must „compare the Bible with the Bible”.)

The above rule (about the need to confirm every substantial truth on the content of the Bible) is also valid in relation to everything that I say. After all, I am also only a highly imperfect and fallible man. In addition, many of my web pages and publications were written in the days when I NOT got rid yet of that my previous „hardened scientific” atheist views. So now, when I look again through these web pages and publications, for me is tempting to make the most of them completely reworded and updated in line with my today’s views (which already more closely and much better express the compliance with the content of the Bible, than the views that I adhered, for example, several years ago). However, the problem is that knowing how much and how fast my views and knowledge have been changing, I know in advance that such a work of updating would go to a waste. After all, even if I now reworded all my web pages and publications, still they would not be consistent with the views and knowledge that I am to have after some time from now – hence in the future they still would require to be reedited again. In addition, they would lose their historical layered structure. Meanwhile, the getting to know a truth is a never-ending process, NOT just a single act – and in addition every person must work out personally, alone and individually his/her way through such processes of searching for truth (after all, in facing God everyone is responsible personally and individually for what he/she has done). As such a process, the only thing necessary from the outside for its proper starting, is that someone, or something, initiated it in us, and gave to it the right direction, while then we ourselves will continue it. But if we think thoroughly about the matter, my publications of a „trailblazer”, in spite of still being imperfect, and in spite that probably they still contain many mistakes, already well fulfil this capability of an initiator and direction provider for the process of one’s individual searching for truths and careful studying of the Bible. After all, if someone entrust my proofs, logic, experience, examples and lists of empirical evidence, thus once enters a path of learning the truth and comparing the statements of human authorities with what states the Bible that is filled up with truths and with divine knowledge, then with the elapse of time he/she will be able to reach truths – no matter from what initial point he/she started and no matter what inaccuracies and mistakes with the elapse of time he/she detects in whatever he/she began his/her search for truths.

* * *

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