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#274E: Examples of lies spread by the monopolistic official science, which (lies) have proven to be the most fatal for the humanity


Motto: „The results of every research that ignores the impact, which on the subject of this research exerts the morality of all the people in any way linked to this subject of research or to the process of conducting the research, represent the lie that is only to deceive those people who are to entrust in these results” (the main conclusion from logical deductions presented in item #B3 of my web page named „portfolio.htm”)

In order to maintain its lucrative monopoly on research and on education, the official science piles up ever higher tower of alleged knowledge, which (the tower) actually is erected from increasingly fatal lies. Already now this tower is so high, that around the year 2040 this tower of lies must crumble, crushing and burying under its rubbles the entire present human civilization – as explained in „part #H” from my web page „prophecies.htm”, as well as illustrated in my biographical film from YouTube entitled „Dr Jan Pajak portfolio” (i.e. the film available at the address , while described on my web page named „portfolio.htm”). As a result, the piling of these official lies is to prove itself fatal to almost all of humans that live today – including you, the reader, as well as all your close ones whom you love the most.

All lies of today’s official science could NOT be described on any web page because there is such a vast number of these. After all, almost everything about which today officially speaks the science meets the definition of „a lying statement” explained in item #B3 from the web page named „portfolio.htm”, while summarized in the motto to this post. However, there is a group of lies of the official science, which proves itself to be particularly fatal to our civilization. It is because they are aimed against God and almost border with blasphemies. In turn, as reveal this my research, God does NOT tolerate such kind of lies and punishes them very harshly – for examples see my descriptions in items #H2 to #H7 from the web page named „tapanui.htm”. Thus, although because of their large number it is NOT possible to discuss here all of the lies disseminated by the present official science, below in subsequent numbered paragraphs I am going to indicate several examples of at least these most fatal among them, so that the reader gains a better understanding regarding the acceptance, repeating or referencing of which lies of the official science he/she should strongly avoid – according to the dictates of the Eastern so-called „Four wise monkeys” described in item #B1.1 from my web page named „antichrist.htm”, which illustrated and reminded on a daily basis the recommended to us by God maxim „do NO evil, speak NO evil, see NO evil, hear NO evil”. So here are examples of these lies of today’s official science, the consequences of which prove themselves to be the most disastrous to the entire our civilisation:

1. The lie that God does NOT exist. That most clearly it is just a lie, and that in reality God exists for sure, it is revealed on my web page, which presents the formal scientific proof and the supporting evidence for the existence of God – i.e. on my web page which has the name „god_proof.htm”. This lie caused that almost the entire present humanity increasingly more blindly is breaking the laws and ordinances of God, turning the whole Earth into counterparts of the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Of course, the consequence of this is that almost all of humanity will experience also the fate of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and also the fate of many other immorally behaving cities – e.g. these described in items #H2 to #H7 from my web page named „tapanui.htm” and in „part #H” from my web page „prophecies.htm”.

2. The lie that in the universe there is the lack of a place, in which God could live. This lie is abolished by my theory of everything called the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity” – the complete descriptions of which are provided in volumes 4 and 5 from my monograph [1/5], while the brief summary of which provides my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. As it turns out, regardless of our so-called „physical world”, which is the only world known to Earth’s official science, there are still two more worlds of the characteristics of a „liquid computer”, that my Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the „counter-world” and the „virtual world”. God resides in that „virtual world”, in which apart from God is also stored our memory and our souls. The most important information regarding the location of God in the universe is presented on a number of my web pages and monographs, for example in item #C2 from my web page named „god_proof.htm”, in item #D4 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, in item #B5 from my web page named „totalizm.htm”, in item #B1 from my web page named „evolution.htm”, or in item #I6 from my autobiographical web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”. Spreading of that lie by the official science closes for the humanity an access to the entire ocean of very substantial knowledge, which is able to completely change the civilized status of mankind, raising us to the level at which the possibilities are so vast, that they escape even from the grasp of our present imagination. (E.g. the embracing of possibilities of only time vehicles of my invention, or even just the so-called „reversible software time” in which as we grow older, already exceeds the limits of the imagination of many among today’s scientists, so what these scientists would have said about the possibility of e.g. the creation instead of producing, rejuvenation instead of repair, transformation of the body instead of healing, dematerialization instead of disposal, etc., etc. – for details see subsection H11 from volume 4 of my monograph [1/5].)

3. The lie that the universe has a finite size and time of existence, and that it continues to expand. This lie is refuted, among others, by explanations presented in item #D4 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. This is because presented in there is the evidence that in fact the universe has infinite dimensions and infinite time of its existence, while any change in its size and volume, including the change which announces the „fashionable” now „theory of a big bang” falsely promoted by the official science, would cause the disappearance of all the life (that is, among others, would cause the death of the entire humanity, and probably also the death of God who created us). This lie turns the humanity into prisoners of their very primitive worldview, which can be compared only to the slightly larger-scaled medieval beliefs of some ignorant people that we live on a „flat earth” and that the „edge of the world” does exist somewhere.

4. The lie that there is a so-called „continental drift”. In the best way this lie is revealed by findings presented at a point situated about one hour and 28 minutes from the beginning of the film (in Polish), which in July 2016 one could see for free on YouTube at the address , and which carried the title „Kod Piramid 2. Cz. 1 i 2 – Czy świat Zbudowano Na Kłamstwie ?” (i.e. „The Code of Pyramids 2, parts 1 and 2 – Is the world built on a lie?”). (This film has also an English version, available at the address , which has the title „Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids HD”.) To sum up this film, it mainly illustrates (although without knowing about this nor informing about this the viewer) with the empirical evidence the fact, which I have stressed up for a long time in a number of my publications, namely that when creating the first people God created for them also the first stone cities, buildings, and even the furniture and household equipment that they needed, and only then God settled these people in there. A lot of those created by God cities, buildings and household appliances exists until today. They display features so unusual, that even today’s people are unable to produce similar objects. For example, cities, buildings, and even kitchen utensils were made of hard granite or stone and with the precision, which today’s humanity has not yet reached. Thus, in spite that e.g. the huge blocks of stone from which their walls were constructed often contact each other along crooked surfaces, still they are so closely matched that even a razor blade cannot be inserted between them – e.g. see „Fig. #I1” from my web page named „god_proof.htm”. In addition, the most important among these cities and buildings God placed along a strip only around 100 kilometres wide that then was running along the equator of the Earth – in the course of this equator that existed at the time of the creation of our planet and humanity. The central building on that strip of towns and buildings created by God was the pyramid – nowadays called the „Great Pyramid of Giza”, or erroneously the „Pyramid of Cheops”. (Notice here that only this one pyramid was created by God in Egypt – because other Egyptian pyramids are only the imitations built later by very ambitious pharaohs.) Other structures also created by God along the original course of the Earth’s equator, included, among others, Machu Picchu in Peru, stone statues of „Moai” from the Easter Island, the temples of Cambodia, Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan (where they found radioactive human skeletons), Petra in Jordan, and many others with similar characteristics to these. Unfortunately, until today the Earth crust had to be subjected to some deliberately caused corrective slips, so that the original course of the equator of the Earth has changed and tilted by about 30 degrees in relationship to the present position of the Earth’s equator. (One among these deliberate corrective slips, amounting to only around 7 degrees, was carried out relatively recently, because in 1178 AD, through the so-called Tapanui explosion – described, among others, on my web page named „tapanui.htm”.) I have a theory which explains why it has been necessary to carry out these slips of the Earth’s crust already after the creation of Earth and humanity – I summarized this theory briefly in the paragraph provided after the end of discussion of this lie here. But what is most interesting about all these numerous slips of the Earth’s crust, that none of them changed the amazing dimensions nor dimensional and numeric proportions existing between the originally created by God stone cities and buildings, nor changed the original dimensions and dimensional proportions embedded into the construction of these buildings themselves. Thus, these dimensions and dimensional proportions are maintained until today with a truly divine accuracy. Therefore, they provide us with a clear proof that the so-called „continental drift” deceitfully forced upon the humanity by the official science, never has occurred, thus the surface of the planet Earth today retains its configuration originally given to it by God – only that now it is tilted by about 30 degrees in relationship to the present equator by consecutive corrective slips of the Earth’s crust. Unfortunately, while disclosing a lot of evidence about the actual absence of the „continental drift”, the above film still expresses the biased and erroneous opinions. For example, it still tries to convince the viewer that these unusual stone buildings were allegedly created by „aliens” and NOT by God. Also it overlooks, or covers with silence, a lot of evidence that confirms the presence in them of the knowledge and the hand of God. For example, it ignores the fact, that in spite of the repetitive changes in the position of Earth’s poles and repetitive slips of the Earth’s crust, the orientation of the Great Pyramid is always by someone so adjusted that it is always turned with its sidewalls precisely toward the current (at a given point in time) geographical poles of Earth – so that its other side walls, deliberately split in half into two clearly concave half-walls, twice a year indicate the existence of significant astronomical phenomenon called the equinox – when one of those half-walls for a few seconds is already illuminated by the sun, while the second half-wall from the side wall of the pyramid still remains black. However, only God has the power and the knowledge required to make so precise and repetitive tuning of the orientation of the entire immense pyramid, periodically deflected from its original location with subsequent corrective slips of the Earth’s crust. In addition, for example the so-called „Pyramidion” – i.e. the top of the Great Pyramid carved from a monolithic stone and shown on the film, once possessed dimensions precisely based on the length of today’s earthly „meter”, although also mapping the dimensional proportions of the Great Pyramid. In this way it has proved whatever I have explained in the introduction and in item #G4 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm” – namely, that God controls the future, knows the future and has a precise „omniplan” which states exactly what the future will bring. This is because only by knowing the future God already knew in times when He erected the discussed here stone buildings and the Great Pyramid, that the humanity in the distant future will use the today’s „meter” as the international unit of length measure. However, in 2008 it was noted that someone mysteriously changed the shape and dimensions of this „Pyramidion” (this change is well documented even on photographs) – i.e. similarly like myself I noted in my previous research on UFOs, that someone mysteriously changed the evidence which I pinpointed in my publications. In turn, this change of shape of the „Pyramidion” also proves to us, that God at any time can change what already has happened, or what already was made even in the distant past – as I noted this long ago on the example of the Church tower from the New Zealand town called „Oamaru” and then I described, amongst others, in item #D2 and in „Fig. #D2” from my web page named „newzealand.htm”, while later I again noted it on a number of other examples described, among others, in items #D6 to #D6.1 from my web page named „timevehicle.htm”. Of course, the consequences of the described herein lie of the official science, that the so-called „continental drift” supposedly took place, only plunge the humanity into ever deeper swamp of official lies and deception, which completely prevent the official return to the truth and into the light of correct knowledge.

The description of above lies of the official science (about the alleged existence of so-called „continental drift” – which (drift) supposedly drastically rearranged the shapes and relative positions of different continents) should be complemented here with a short explanation why after the creation of Earth and settling the humanity on it, it was necessary to correct the orientation of the Earth’s crust by making a series of slips which slanted the original course of the equator by 30 degrees in relation to the current course of the equator. It turns out that the reason for this necessity was probably the „overdoing” with goodness of conditions in which God originally populated Earth with the humanity. Namely, when creating Earth, God has planned that the most favourable conditions for people’s lives will be prevailing along the equator – i.e. a warm climate, the rapid growth of the food, the life-giving qualities of the environment surrounding humans, etc. Therefore, He so created the Earth, that the original course of the equator coincided with the longest overland belt on which human settlements could be built. However, as it reveals to us the ancient mythology from the area of present India, after the settlement of this equatorial belt by people, it began to emerge, that masses of its population keep leaving these centres of civilization that were personally managed by God through His representatives (i.e. through the beings that on the web page named „changelings.htm” are called „changelings”), and then this population escapes into uninhabited by humans „wilderness” with a more temperate climate than the equator. Soon it also turned out, that those valuing their freedom „packs” of humans roaming the „wilderness”, began to display more favourable for God characteristics than the population of those created and managed by God centres of civilization. For example, members of these wild „packs” proved to be more resourceful, more seeking of knowledge and more disciplined in making up their communes, than the population of these centres of civilization. In addition, people spreading throughout this cooler „wilderness”, in their actions were guided more by logic than by emotions, while the population from the centres of civilization was mainly governed by feelings in everything they did (not for nothing that in Poland we have a saying „hot-headed”). Moreover, that differences in the characteristics of the population from tropic and from cooler climate we see even today. (This is probably why none among the tropical countries is an example of success, in spite that God flooded countries of tropics with all sorts of natural resources.) As a result, in spite that these created by God civilization centres were also protected by God (e.g. to protect the centres existing in the southern part of today’s China, God has even created an enormous defence structure now known as the „Great Wall of China” that spanned from Pacific to the Black Sea – a similar structure God created also in Southern America), continuously one after the other these centres collapsed either by themselves, or were conquered by these wild „packs” of people from a colder climate. As a result, after analyzing the knowledge that provided to God the experience with these centres of civilization, God came to the conclusion that the establishment of a course of Earth’s equator through the maximum land area is a waste of valuable land on the people who are only „consumers” (not „generators”) of knowledge that is necessary to God, and therefore it is better if God gives this strip of land under occupation of people gathering knowledge rather than merely consuming it (i.e. the people fulfilling the task explained by the so-called „theory of Superior Beings” described in item #B4 from my web page named „will.htm”, item #B1 from my web page named „antichrist.htm”, subsection A3.2 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], while summarized in item #I6 from my web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”.) The results of this analysis have inspired God to gradually so adjust the orientation of the Earth’s crust, that the equator runs now through approximately a maximum of oceans and a minimum of useful for people land masses, while the former course of the equator is now located in more moderate climate zones. Such a situation we see on Earth currently. Also note here, that the formal proving of this my theory on the intentional correcting slips of the Earth’s crust, would introduce various implications that are to reach far beyond the invalidation of the „continental drift”.

5. The lie that the people rose as a result of „natural evolution”. The shortest deduction which refutes this lie is presented in item #D4 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. In turn the broader descriptions of the impossibility of the existence of human evolution are presented on the entire my web page named „evolution.htm”. In item #B8 of that web page is even provided a formal scientific proof that „God created the first couple of people, i.e. the first woman and the first man” – which proof was formulated in accordance with principles of formal proving with methods of mathematical logic. Consequences of the official lie, that humans are the product of a completely random natural evolution, is that many people deceived by it are parting from God, which parting in turn brings for them consequences explained in the Bible, while the entire of humanity this lie plunges into the increasing immorality and the resemblance to the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

6. The lie of official science, that both ages of the universe, i.e. that indicated by the Bible, and that indicated by the official science, supposedly differ from each other, while only the official science stated this age correctly. On the other hand, the truth on this subject is highly embarrassing for the official science, because it shows a shocking ignorance of today’s leading scientists. This truth stems from the discovery, which my web pages named „immortality.htm” and „dipolar_gravity.htm” disseminate for many years – but the recognition of which the official science stubbornly refuses even till this day (this is because the recognition of it would completely ruin false philosophical foundations on which the official science stands). More detailed explanation of this truth contains, among others, the caption under „Table #A1” from the web page named „humanity.htm”, and the caption under „Table #K1” from the web page named „tapanui.htm”, while on a different example it is also explained in a fragment of item #E2 from my other web page named „cloud_ufo.htm”. Namely, the difference in the digital expressing of this age stems from the use by the Bible and by the official science two different units of the passage of time, both of which units, however, are called „year” („years”). What is even worse, the official science still claims that both these units are equal, although the Bible (already available for about 2000 human years) does NOT hide from the people, that the differences between the two different types of „years” reach approximately the level of 365,000 times. Namely, in the Bible the passage of time is expressed in „human years” (in my publications called the „reversible software time”), while in the official science the passage of time is expressed in the „years of God, minerals and inanimate matter” (in my publications called the „irreversible absolute time of the universe”) . Also, as the Bible states, these „human years” elapse approximately 365000 times slower than the „years of God, minerals and inanimate matter” – which fact I am explaining, among others, in the „introduction” to the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. Thus, all that incompetent accusation of the Bible by scientists regarding the age of the universe, is just a „storm in a teacup”, which can be compared, e.g. to the bickering about the distance, taking place between incoherently and messily gabbling to each other Englishman and a Polish person, who are unable to understanding each other, and therefore compare the distance by one of them expressed in miles, while by the second in millimetres. Of course, the consequence of this lie of the official science is that its blatant promotion in today’s mass media reduces the respect of people to the truths of the Bible – if these people are unable to develop their own views. In turn, the decline in this respect to the truths of the Bible leads to the situation, which in today’s „neo-medieval epoch” we see around us, and which could be summarized with a sarcastic old Polish saying „carouse soul hell is NOT” (in Polish „hulaj dusza piekła NIE ma”) – i.e. a situation in which almost the whole of humanity has already been warped into widespread immorality, lies, selfishness, greed, intolerance, aggression, wars, terrorism, savagery of customs, the lack of any brakes, corruption, etc., etc.

7. The lie that nuclear energy is useful for people and it can solve the energy problems of mankind. On a number of my web pages I explained, that because of the work of so-called „moral laws”, absolutely everything that originates from the tradition of immorality, lies, death and destruction, forever is to remain useless for people, means remain a kind of tree that grows only bad fruits. Nuclear energy is an example of something that just originates from such a tradition of evil, destruction and lies (similarly like is e.g. the rocket propulsion, and also the present official science). After all, it slowly and secretly turns our entire planet into radioactive garbage dump, in which the life is to become impossible. Hence its uselessness and harmfulness for people is emphasized on a number of totaliztic web pages – for example, in item #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”, in items #B2.1 and #H3 from my web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”, or in items #D5 and #J2 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. The proof of the enormous dangers of trying to generate nuclear energy from nuclear fuels, is provided by the burning-radioactive raindrops, which at random fall already in the entire world mixed with normal raindrops, and which almost certainly cause skin cancers („melanoma”) in humans, mutations of birds illustrated on „Fig. #T1abcd” and „Fig. #T2” on my web page named „solar.htm”, as well as mutations and burning of plants. Descriptions how I discovered in New Zealand the existence of these individual raindrops burning with their radioactivity everything that they touch, are provided in item #F5, and illustrated on „Fig. #F1abc” and „Fig. #F2”, from my web page named „cooking.htm”. It is also worth adding, that the radioactivity tends to slowly accumulate wherever it falls. Hence, probably it is these burning-radioactive single raindrops, falling rarely and at random in a large mass of normal rain, that caused the already described in items #F1 and #F3 of the web page „cooking.htm” and in item #M1.1 from the web page „telekinetics.htm” the radioactivity and unfitness for consumption of German meat from wild pigs, and probably also the meat from wild pigs of many other countries of the world today, residents of which have NOT use radioactivity meters to check the edibility of meat which they hunted down. Therefore, the further dissemination of this lie of the official science will probably cause, that before people realise, these deadly raindrops are to pollute with the radioactivity the soil all over the planet so strongly, that every kind of food (including even all kinds of grain, as well as meat and milk from cows that feed us), will become as radioactive and inedible as the meat from the German wild pigs.

8. The lie that the phenomena that destroy human settlements and cities are just „accidental” freaks of nature. But in fact, my research of natural disasters reveals that in every case of their occurrence, these phenomena and destructions that they cause actually represent punishments intentionally and selectively served for unacceptably high in the eyes of God departing of inhabitants of these settlements and cities from the commandments and requirements described in the Bible (i.e. from the criteria of „true morality”). In the best way my results of this research are summarized at the end of item #H6 from the web page named „tapanui.htm”. Thus, the broadcasting of this lie holds back many people from taking seriously the warnings of the Bible, which remind us, that in whatever we do carelessly we should „fear God.”

9. The lie of the official science, that all human problems and illnesses have physical (material) origins, and thus may be eliminated or treated with physical (material) ways and means. Thus, in a very simple approximation, e.g. a lie that social problems stem from e.g. underfunding of social services, that crime stems from e.g. a lack of the required number of police and prisons, that congestion is solely due e.g. to the lack of required number of roads, or negligence in maintaining the required quality of roads, that drug abuse is e.g. due to the ease of accessing drugs, that diseases are resulting solely from e.g. infections by bacteria or viruses, etc., etc. – and thus that all of these can be eliminated through implementation of costly constructions, repairs, hospitals, medication taking, etc. Meanwhile, using the research methods of the new „totaliztic science” I had the privilege to discover the extremely important principle of God’s acting, described, amongst others, in item #A2.2 from the web page named „totalizm.htm” – which clearly confirms that absolutely all the problems and human illnesses have a spiritual origin, and come from the wrong (i.e. not complying with the criteria of so-called „true morality”) beliefs (and thus also behaviours resulting from these beliefs) of the people concerned. Hence, to permanently eliminate these problems and illnesses, it is necessary to change the beliefs (and resulting behaviours) into more correct. In contrast, treatment of these problems or illnesses with physical (material) remedies can only treat, or temporarily eliminate, the symptoms of their existence, but if it is NOT supported by the change of beliefs (and thus also behaviours), then it never permanently eliminates the sources of these problems or diseases, so over time some symptoms their existence will reappear with a much greater force. The best proof of the truth of this my discovery, that these are wrong beliefs (and behaviours resulting from these beliefs) that are the source of all problems and illnesses, and thus at the same time also the best proof of the lying nature of the scientific claims about the physical (material) origin of problems and diseases, is the reliability, efficiency, and flexibility of methods of eliminating these problems and illnesses based on the change of human beliefs – which method I described in more details in the abovementioned item #A2.2 from my web page named „totalizm.htm”, as well as in the entire „part #G” from my other web page named „healing.htm”. Problem with the described here deceptive lie of the official science regarding the physical (material) origins of human problems and diseases, is that the dissemination of it around the world prevents people from implementation of methods for permanent (and typically free) elimination of human problems and diseases, which methods are based just on the change of human beliefs into more correct ones. In the result of this lie, a temporary (and usually very expensive) elimination with physical (material) means of the symptoms of problems or illnesses, only gives a temporary relief, but it does NOT eliminate the danger that some symptoms of this problem or illness are to return with much greater force after some time – typically killing then the person, institution, or nation which entrusted the lie of official science about the physical (material) manner of such eliminating.

10. The broadcasting by official science the untrue principle of the „survival of the fittest” (applicable only to the animal world) rather than applicable to all the people principle of the „survival of most moral”. Both of these principles, and the harm of lacking in humans a detailed knowledge about their work, are described, among others, in item #G1 from my web page „will.htm”, and, among others, in item #B1 from my web page „changelings.htm”. On the other hand, the irresponsible dissemination by the official science exclusively this supposed evolutionary principle of the „survival of the fittest” leads to such distortions as, for example, Nazism, or to the situation as, for example, the one currently prevailing in the Middle East, or held around the world regarding nuclear weapons, the aggression hidden under the excuse of supposed providing of military aids, the global warming, corruption, exploitation, human slavery, etc., etc.

11. The intentional avoiding by the official science (means „lying”) of emphasizing, demonstrating, teaching, and using by themselves, the principle that everything that is new brings with itself NOT only the advantages but also many drawbacks, and that the wealth, prosperity, and an easy and comfortable life does NOT bring only beneficial consequences. After all, the Bible (consider the famous: „It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven” – St. Matthew, 19:24), as well as the philosophy of totalizm, and even the old folk wisdom, they all prove that both „there is NO such bad that would not turn into good” and also „there is NO such good that would not born some form of evil”. Examples of work of these bi-directional principles are indicated on a number of totaliztic web pages – e.g. see item #F3 of the web page „wszewilki_uk.htm”, item #C4.2.1 of the web page „morals.htm”, item #B2 of the web page „antichrist.htm”, item #B3 of the web page „pajak_re_2017.htm”, item #E2 of the web page „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”, and a few still other among my publications. It is precisely to avoid these unwanted consequences (evil) from whatever is new, that the philosophy of totalizm recommends that countries which cannot afford the absolutely safe security, or which scientists are too incompetent to act responsibly and safely, should NOT carry out any testing or deployment of whatever in the still unknown form is (or can be) highly dangerous, e.g. bacteria, nuclear energy, new medicines, technical telekinesis, etc. In addition, this philosophy also recommends to abandon all research that are aimed at „improving” of what is absolutely necessary to people (e.g. food, nature), because it has been already created by God as the maximum perfect, and hence every human attempt to „improve” it only spoils it – as this is explained, among others, in items #A1 to #A5 from my web page named „cooking.htm”. Of course, it is impossible to summarise here even briefly this ocean of miseries which both on the whole of humanity, as well as on the individual people, brought the non-compliance with the described here principles in everything that we do (as an example consider the cataclysmic consequences of imprudent introduction to general use, e.g. pesticides, antibiotics and the theory of relativity – described in item #J1 from my web page „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”).

12. The lying avoidance of stressing, that all the people (in this number also all scientists and all politicians) are highly imperfect and have an innate tendency to make mistakes, to cause distortions, to corrupt, etc., and thus that the progress of human science, politics and statehood always runs along the path of a highest error. In turn this deceitful avoidance is motivated by attempts to make impossible for nations to build into human laws various safeguards which allow to correct these errors and distortions introduced by scientists and politicians – through e.g. the official establishment of competitive towards the old, the new „totaliztic science” which would prevent further impoundment of scientific lies (as it is explained in item #C2 (problem #E1) from my web page „pajak_re_2017.htm”), or through the official introduction of offices which would check for the compliance with the criteria of „true morality” of all governmental decisions and all conducts of politicians (as the introduction of such an office is proposed in item #B1 and in other parts from my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”).

13. The lying recommendation by the official science, that in order to obtain the correct type of adult citizens, the upbringing of children and young people we must curry out by avoiding to discipline them and to impose onto them requirements and obligations, but by using only „psychological” appealing and explanations, by gentle and protecting care for, by stimulated with praises only the formation of their nature, etc. In other words, according to the official science the desired kind of citizens should be brought up in the exact opposite way than it is recommended by the Bible, means in a way that is called the „wrapping in cotton wool”. On the other hand, as it is disclosed in item #A3 from my web page named „god_proof.htm”, the upbringing of youth in accordance with these distorted instructions of the official science, generates present packs of egoists and molluscs with long lists of psychological problems, with having the unrealistic expectations toward the society and with distorted views about their own level, who even in their adult life live with their parents until the parents can no longer serve them, who ruthlessly throw out their parents into the care of state institutions immediately when these parents are unable to take care of themselves, who break down because of any encountered difficulty, and who only are waiting to commit a suicide under some kind of excuse. That is why the philosophy of totalizm recommends the upbringing of children and young people as the Bible commands it to us – see item #B5.1 from my web page „will.htm”, i.e. through disciplining and imposing obligations onto them which are appropriate for their age. Furthermore, totalizm recommends and realizes, to use by ourselves as an effective educational tool God’s method of upbringing described under the name of „principle of reversals” in item #B1.1 from my web page named „antichrist.htm”, as well as to understand and to accept the need for this tool in any situation when the consequences of such God’s educational method reveals to us that it was used on us or on our loved ones.

14. The lying by official science, that „morality” and ethical principles are established by the people themselves, and over time can be changed by people. This „morality” that the official science defines as established by people themselves, I call the „scientific morality” (to make it distinct from the „true morality” established and required from people by God), while I described it in more detail in items #B2, #B6 and #C4.7 from the web page „morals.htm” as well as in item #N2 from the Polish web page named „pajak_na_prezydenta_2015.htm”. On the other hand, the definition of „true morality” I presented in item #B5 from the same web page named „morals.htm”. How big is the difference between this falsely forced upon us „scientific morality” and the strictly required from us by God the „true morality”, the reader can get an idea by comparing what today’s scientists and politicians do while acting according to the „scientific morality”, with what according to the Divine „true morality” we are asked to do by the content of the Bible. Meanwhile, only the „true morality” is the key to everything. As a result, because of this lie of the official science, the entire mankind must pay the penalties meted out to it, must suffer the unwanted karma, self-inflicted harms, damages, destruction, etc., etc. After all, it is for the observance or violation of the criteria of the „true morality” that the so-called „moral field” rewards or punishes us – as this is explained, among others, in item #C4.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”. For example, for the chronic breaking of the criterion of „voluntary moral activeness” the breaking people can be severely punished with a kind of „forced passivity” described in item #N2 from my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”. Also it is the greed and corruption resulting from breaking of the criteria of true morality that is the main cause of the collapse and decay of entire present countries and nations – see descriptions from item #E3 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”. Every war in the final effect is always lost by the aggressor (after all, any aggression is a highly immoral behaviour) – see item #I2 and „Fig. #A1” from my web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”. In turn chronic breaking of a number of „true morality” criteria can typically bring even premature death – as for the chronic jamming of the organ of conscience by undisciplined children it is described in item #G1 from the web page „will.htm”, and also bring the destruction to entire cities – as it is described in items #H2 to #H7 from my web page named „tapanui.htm” (recently we can see a lot of cases of this particular punishment meted out to residents of increasingly different countries). It is also a fact of taking into account, or ignoring, the impact of true human morality in all official research, that determines whether the results of these research are truth or a notorious lie – as this is explained in item #B3 from my web page named „portfolio.htm”, while is summarised in motto from this post here.

* * *

To descriptions of further (slightly less fatal) lies spread by the present official science, is devoted a whole range of items in still other my web pages. Their examples the reader will find e.g. in item #B3 from my web page named „portfolio.htm”, in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, in items #I3 to #I7 from my web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”, in item #K1.1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”, in item #E1.1 from my web page named „telepathy.htm”, in item #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”, and still in several further my publications.

Reading about all these lies irresponsibly disseminated by the official science, and therefore increasingly and fatally ruining our civilization, the reader probably asks himself/herself the question: what makes this most expensive institution on Earth, created and maintained for protecting our civilization against committing whatever is destructive to people, to actually lure the humanity towards a self-destruction? The answers to this question I have provided in item #B3 from my web page named „portfolio.htm”. Namely, the source of all the lies disseminated by the official science desperately clinging and seeking to extend indefinitely its lucrative monopoly on research and on education, is the fundamental error which today’s scientists make in their research and which I additionally emphasized in the „motto” and in the content of this post. This is because scientists do NOT take into account in their research the matter which exerts the most significant impact on the results, namely they do NOT take into account the impact of so-called „true morality” (i.e. the impact of morality defined by the philosophy of totalizm as a „level of obedience in keeping the commandments and the requirements of God described in the Bible”). But God warns in the Bible that, among others, we should NOT use the fruit born of lies (see item #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”). After all, to each person is well known the truth, that if one uncritically consumes a poisonous fruit, then the only thing that will come out of this consumption is a self-inflicted death.

* * *

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