#273E: Why the constant density of „counter-matter” from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity proves that the universe has infinitive dimensions, while its expansion is impossible (contrary to what the official science claims misleadingly)

Motto: „Only the universe of infinite dimensions can be stable, because it does NOT have borders with any empty or over-inflated space, which would make it to expand or to shrink, and thus change its volume, while due to this inability to expand or to shrink the universe maintains a constant density of the counter-matter which fills it up, thus preventing the detuning of its vital parameters, what in turn maintains the stability and validity of its physical laws, and in this way allows also that life could be continued in it indefinitely.”

Before I start the discussion on topic of this post, I must firstly explain here how the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the resulting from this theory the new philosophy of totalizm, define the totaliztic term „universe”. This totaliztic definition of „universe” NOT only that is completely different than the definition of „universe” disseminated by the official science to-date, but it also is more correct, complete, realistic and open for the future progress of human knowledge. And so, one of the wording with which this totaliztic definition can be expressed, states: in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and in the philosophy of totalizm „universe” is the general name assigned to multiple generically-different worlds that already exist, or that are to arise in the future in all of this homogeneously filled with counter-matter space and time of infinite size, for which the already known to people matter, cosmos, and our physical world, represent only a small and finite in size and time components. Of course, the same definition can be expressed also briefly with other words, for example that the „totaliztic universe” is the general name for all the worlds that populate the whole space of the infinite size and time that exists and that is (or will be) occupied by all the worlds that already exist or which ever may come to existence. (In other words, in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and in totalizm the „universe” is just the general name for a collection of worlds, which collection includes, among others, whatever already exists, as well as what is only to appear in the future, and is located both within and outside of the area occupied by the already well-known to human scientists matter, space, and our physical world – means this name includes everything that may exist already or may come to existence in the universe, even though about the existence of this, or about the possibility of coming to existence, the official human science can still NOT have even a slightest clue.) Notice also that in all my web pages, as well as in all my other publications, by the term „universe”, as well as by the terms resulting therefrom (e.g. by the terms „counter-world”, „physical world”, „virtual world”, etc.) it is understood exactly what says the above totaliztic definition, or what stems from this definition. Meanwhile, the official science by the term „universe” actually understands only „the already known and already described by the Earth’s scientists space occupied by matter”. In other words, the official science by the entire „universe” understands only what the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm consider to be just that small portion of the infinite totaliztic universe, which is occupied by our „physical world”. Of course, that limited and closed to the progress of knowledge „universe” the official science also defines with many different phrases and expressions, in many ways, etc. However, each of these formulations and ways reflects only its currently already corrupt philosophy and officially accepted close belief (e.g. consider the formulation: „the universe is all the existing mater and the space occupied by it, which together form a uniform cosmos”). Therefore in the definitions of the official science the „universe” is always only this space, which is occupied by the already known to science „matter”, while describing of which is possible on the basis of atheistic theories officially approved by that science. (Let us remember here that neither the Concept of Dipolar Gravity discussed here, nor the philosophy of totalizm, officially are accepted by the official science – on the contrary, they are secretly discriminated, persecuted and blocked.) In other words, in their presumptuous definitions of the „universe” the official science non-openly implies, that in the entire universe there is nothing else beyond matter and space that this science already managed to recognize and describe.

As it is apparent from the above, whatever the official science calls the „universe”, in the described here Concept of Dipolar Gravity it is called our „physical world”. This is because the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines our „physical world” as follows. Our „physical world” is this section, volume, or „bubble” of counter-matter separated from the infinitively sized „counter-world”, which lies within the communication range of our God, and thus the hierarchically organized movements of which (counter-matter) has been so pre-programmed by our God, that it forms all of matter, space and phenomena that can be noticed by human senses and human instruments. From the above definition stems, that if somewhere in the infinitively sized counter-world, existing also well beyond the communication range of our God, already self-evolved (or only will self-evolve) yet another self-aware creature with capabilities of our God, then this creature can create its own (and very different from ours) physical world. Also, because of the infinitive size of counter-world and the existence of it for the infinitely long time, such physical worlds that differ from ours and that are managed by their own divine beings, may appear in the counter-world in infinitely large number.

But returning to the main topic of this post, our senses and logic are accustomed to the limitations of the size of everything that surrounds us. After all, we ourselves, as well as all the objects which we know, are of limited sizes. By extrapolating to the entire universe that subjective human habit of finite perception, the official science erroneously tells us, that the whole universe also has a limited size. However, although such a limited size of the universe is easier to be accepted and understood by our imperfect human imagination, by our understanding, and by our daily experience, in fact it is contrary to the foundations of philosophy, and even contradicts the findings of this part of mathematics, which operates on infinitive numbers. After all, if our universe actually had a limited size – as it claims the present official science, then beyond its borders would have to exists yet something else. (I.e. the situation with the universe would then be similar to claims of the followers of „flat earth”, or to errors of ancient world-views claiming that somewhere beyond the horizon supposedly there is a hidden „edge of the world”.) So what would then be outside of our universe and what size it would have? And hence also what would be that next something which would lie even further away, and what size it would have? Etc., etc. So the only possibility which is consistent with the foundations of philosophy, and features of which exactly coincide with the findings of mathematical operations on infinite values, is that the universe has an infinite size and infinite length of time of its existence. Also, according to the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, just in such universe unlimited in size and time we live – or more precisely, this is what is the most primary (original) component of the universe, which component the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the „counter-world”. So when, with the passage of time, findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity about the infinite size and time of the universe, will eventually be widely accepted, people and scientists of the future will be mocking and joking about the stupidity and tightness of views across the entire present official science, among some of today’s famous scientists, and across the whole generation of people today, just as today we ridicule and joke about the backwardness and ignorance of the ancient people who believed in a „flat earth” and in the existence of the „edge of the world”.

The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains also, that this superior rational being (i.e. God) who around 10,000 of human years ago self-evolved in the intelligent counter-matter from the counter-world (after which self-evolving who around 6,000 human years ago created, among others, „matter” and us „people”), so pre-programmed movements of the counter-matter from the scope of its reach, that this counter-matter artificially created yet another, observable for humans component of the universe, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls our „physical world”. In other words, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the physical „universe” consists of at least two words of a physical nature, namely (a) the infinitely existing original „counter-world” uniformly and entirely filled up with the invisible to humans „counter-matter”, and (b) the „physical world” created by our God and filled up with the visible to humans „matter” which was created by our God through the appropriate pre-programming of the movements of that invisible to humans „counter-matter” (or as many as a number of such „physical worlds” – if in the universe some other gods managed create more than one of these). Expressing this differently, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains to us what exactly means the statement from the Biblical „Hebrews”, verse 11:3, quote: „… the universe was created by God’s word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen” – for a more detailed explanations of that verse see (5) from item #C12 of my web page named „bible.htm”. In addition to this, because the kind of „liquid computer”, which is constituted by the counter-matter from the counter-world, displays all the characteristics of the „potential-intelligence” (similar to the characteristics of the „potential-intelligence” that is displayed by the memory and by hardware of today’s computers), in memory of this counter-matter from the counter-world there is also located (c) another (the third one) kind of world, which I call the „virtual world”. This „virtual world” exhibits similar characteristics in the natural state, as characteristics which we know from the hardware used to store and to execute the present computer’s software. Hence, what currently the Christian religion calls the „Holy Ghost”, as well as „human souls”, are actually kinds of self-aware programs contained in this „virtual world”. (On the other hand, what Christianity calls „God the Father” and also „Ancient of Days”, in fact is the intelligent „counter-matter”. In turn, the „Son of God” and his „body”, is the symbolic representation of the people from our „physical world” and the entire „matter” that fills up our „physical world”.) In addition, whatever we currently call „laws of nature”, in fact is a kind of programs created by our God and stored in the counter-matter, which programs govern over the behaviour of this part of the counter-matter, from which is formed our matter, and thus which counter-matter is the source of all phenomena from our physical world.

So in fact, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, our „physical world” is the one, which by God was filled with the visible to people „matter” and with the learned already by the people laws that govern the behaviour of that matter, but which was created through pre-programming the still unknown to people circulations and movements of counter-matter that remains invisible to the humans. Therefore, our „physical world” is also the one, which the present scientific instruments allow people to watch and to research – that is also the one which the present official science and astronomy call with the use of word „universe”. However, for practical reasons, this observable by us „physical world” must have a finite size. After all, God in His efforts of pre-programming the behaviour of counter-matter (i.e. in the efforts of creating the volume and size of the „physical world”), encounters various practical obstacles (e.g. the reach and the ability to transmit the programming commands). These practical obstacles prevent God from extending His rules over the entire infinitely-sized counter-world. Hence our God and our physical world occupy only a finite sized „Bubble”, or fragment, of the infinitely sized counter-world. Thus, beyond the borders of the area managed by our God, in that infinitely vast counter-world probably still prevails that busy, the counter-material „chaos”, similar to the chaos from which our God has evolved – i.e. the same „chaos” which is described in item #E1 from my web page named „will.htm”. In turn that „chaos” formed with the intelligent counter-matter has this to itself, that it allows the self-evolution of self-aware beings. This means that still exist unmanaged by our God parts of the counter-world, in which at some stage may self-evolve next gods with powers similar to our God. What is even worse, these other gods do NOT need to be friendly toward our God, nor to whatever our God has created, including to us humans. Therefore, probably in the context of preparing Himself for such a possibility, our God, among others, decided to create people and educate and train out of them the disciplined, and utterly devoted to God army of self-conscious, wise, thoughtful and experienced „soldiers of God” (as I explained this more comprehensively in item #B1.1 from my web page named „antichrist.htm”). From the content of the Bible stems that this army is to be made up of 144,000 of so-called „Righteous” (i.e. people with uniquely high moral standards and personal features explained in item #I1 from my web page named „quake.htm”).

It is worth to notice here, that this number 144,000 is a kind of key which allows for the theoretical determination of the exact size of „Bubbles” occupied by our present physical world, and by other physical worlds that ever someone can extract from the counter-world. This is because in the future, if necessary, those 144,000 „soldiers of God” will be able to create 144,000 satellite worlds, still subordinate to our God and administered on principles developed by our God, that will form a uniform protective layer around the entire physical world that is controlled by our God – similarly like once the Soviet Union formed around its borders a chain of protective communist countries reporting to the government in Moscow (one of which was the previous Republic of Poland). So through the calculation for which diameter of the sphere (i.e. the „Bubble”), the entire of its surface is tightly protected by 144 thousands of other spheres with diameters almost identical to it, because only smaller by limitations of human communication capabilities in comparison with the communication capabilities of God, and susceptible to management of individual people and their massive future computers, is to allow for the theoretical calculation of what is the limit of the diameter of our and other physical worlds.

So, if e.g. in the distant future near the „Bubble” occupied by our current physical world and our God, an external threat appears, then the Bubble can be tightly surrounded, guarded and defended with these 144 thousand of secondary physical worlds, each one of which will be given to the management of one among the future „soldiers of God”. In turn, the outer surface of this layer of secondary physical worlds can be tightly surrounded, guarded and defended by thousands of tertiary physical worlds, each of which will be placed under the control of one among the self-conscious, thinking and self-learning robots, which until that time, people will learn to build and over which they will have the same absolute power, as our God now has over people. On the other hand that tertiary layer can be tightly surrounded by another layer of worlds that will be managed by these creatures, which self-conscious, intelligent and self-learning robots will be able to invent and to build in the future. Etc., etc. There I do NOT need to add, that in the vital interest of each of these layers will be the voluntary preserving of traditions, ideas and moral values on which rely the beings living in there, while, if necessary, to voluntary defend of a world that they surround together and protect it against the accessing of it by hostile external powers. In this way, thanks to the wisdom, knowledge, foresight and cautiousness of our God, this part of the universe that is managed by our God, is to be moral, peaceful, constantly growing, and protected in the future against any possible developments of situations which could threaten it. As such, it will be able to exist and enjoy a happy life by virtually infinite length of time – regardless of developments of situations in other parts of dimensionally infinitive universe.

The above descriptions of the possible future role of these 144,000 „soldiers of God” are, of course, only my speculations based on just fragmentary statements contained in the Bible, and on a very scanty empirical evidence to which so far I was able to dig in. However, these speculations are worth to read, as so-far cannot be excluded that some part of them may be close to the truth, as well as because their descriptions provide an interesting insight into the distant future, not to mention that the study, analysis and confirmation on the existing evidence of the resulting from these my speculations hypothetical „theory about the soldiers of God” is very fascinating. Therefore, more complete descriptions of the future „training”, fate and the role of these 144,000 of „soldiers of God”, which compose the hypothetical „theory about the soldiers of God”, I developed further in item #A3 from yet another my web page named „humanity.htm” – in which item I provided more precise descriptions of the so-called „Periodic Table for Historical Ages” (i.e. the table prepared for item #K1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”, the description of which is also included into the content of the discussed in the introduction to this web page the YouTube.com film entitled „Dr Jan Pajak portfolio”).

In order to summarise deductions described in the above section of this post and also in item #D4 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, although we exist in an infinitely sized counter-world, due to various physical constraints displayed by the characteristics and parameters of this counter-world, the created by God our „physical world” in which we live is of a limited size. (Although, as so far, the limits of our „physical world”, and hence also the boundaries of the section of counter-world taken under the control of our God, remain open to attempts of our God to further enlarge the size and the area in which our God reigns, through finding and implementing a manner of the rational programming of still erratically-chaotically behaving part of the counter-matter from the outside of the reach by communication ability and by software from our God, and hence beyond the borders of our „physical world”.) Meanwhile, outside of borders of our „physical world” with the passage of time in the counter-world can gradually evolve many different gods, which will create next worlds for themselves – which (and that) can be organized on entirely different principles than the principles which we know and we are to learn and therefore which values we are to adhere to and to defend. In turn the infinite size of the counter-world means, that eventually in the entire counter-world can evolve and arise an infinite number of such other gods and other worlds organized by them.

After reading the above, let us now analyze the relationship between the limitlessness of size of the universe, and the immutability the density of counter-matter, and thus the continuity of life in our physical world.

We already know, that in order life could be created and continued to sprout, the parameters of counter-matter (from which our physical world is created and maintained) must remain unchanged. This is because if these parameters changed over time, then our physical world, and hence all life, would be destroyed. After all, the parameters of everything that keeps us in existence and alive then would start to undergo detuning, causing, among others, disintegration of matter and the disappearance or change of laws of physics. After all, on the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm” I explained, among others (see item #G4 and the introduction of it) that all the phenomena of our physical world are only various behaviours is always the same counter-matter. So in order these behaviours of counter-matter remained always the same, counter-matter must always maintain the same characteristics and always have the same density. The requirement of stability characteristics of counter-matter is already fulfilled by the fact, that it is the eternally existing substance (i.e. a kind of weightless and ever-moving liquid). In turn, in order to satisfy also the requirement of the constant density of counter-matter, the counter-world cannot change its volume. From mathematics we know that only the counter-world of infinite size has NO access to further unfilled or over-inflated space, into which it could expand further, or which would compress it, and thus because of the existence of which the counter-world would change its volume. Taken together, everything that I explained here means, that the universe must have infinite (limitless) size, because the proof of this its limitlessness is the continuity of life on Earth which is NOT self-interrupted, in turn this continuity of life practically means, that the density of counter-matter contained in the counter-world is NOT subjected to any change, which fact in turn is only possible when the size of the universe cannot change, while this size do not change only when the universe has infinite dimensions.

The infinity of size of the counter-world, means also the constancy of the density of counter-matter (proven by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, amongst others, with the reasoning explained in this post and in item #D4 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”), formally invalidates the wrong and false claims of the old official science that the universe is supposedly of a finite size, while beyond its borders is the emptiness – into which the universe supposedly is still expanding, and thus that at the very beginning occurred the phenomenon by the official science named the „big bang” while described by the so-called „big bang theory”. (Science does NOT explain, however, what existed in the days before the „big bang” nor what caused the „big bang”. Even worse, it does NOT explain also how it happens that in supposedly the expanding universe, the density of which would have to continually decrease, the laws of nature DO NOT change, while the parameters essential for the existence of life are not deregulated – an overlooking of which regularities by the official science shocks me especially, because from the empirics we well know that any change in the density of anything always destroys and changes the essence of in whatever it takes place: as a well-known examples consider the implications of changes in the density of calcium in the bones of older people, means „osteoporosis”, or consider the effects of termites that eat wooden beams supporting a building.) However, since never could appear the „big bang”, practically it also means that there never existed a self-triggered (random) evolution of living creatures. In other words, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, invalidates virtually everything that falsely claims the old official science, while the most fatal to mankind examples of that I listed in item #B2 from my different web page named „humanity.htm”, and partly also in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. What even more important, not only that it invalidates all these lies of the official science, but in addition it creates and delivers the scientifically completely new and different explanations (i.e. explanations that are scientifically new because they could be scientifically derived only due to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here – although in the Bible they are present for a long time) – as I repeatedly try to realize this to readers e.g. in item #B3, from my web page named „portfolio.htm”, or in item #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”. It is why the described here my scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity can (and should) be called the „theory of everything”. After all, without having any funding for my research, and constantly experiencing persecution and denial, still this „theory of everything” was able to explain everything about the reality in which we live – and did this in a much more correct and more empirically verifiable way, than all this explains the expensive, jealous, monopolistic, blatant and presumptuous official science.

My descriptions presented here try to report to the reader how most likely looks-like the truth about the universe – although originating from the fallible human, these descriptions probably still only tend toward truth, while in the future will require further more detailed research and clarifications (after all, the full and absolute truth knows only God). While reading these descriptions, and comparing them with definitive lies, which about the universe the pompous official atheistic science tells to present people, it is hard NOT to ask yourself the question: why the truth is so distant from those lies which the official atheistic science spreads as the supposed truth? the answers to this question probably provides the verse from the Bible which I quoted in the „motto” to item #A1 from my web page named „evolution.htm”. This verse states, quote: „But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: That no flesh should glory in his presence.” (Bible, 1 Corinthians, 1:27-29). Translating into everyday rough language this extremely wise, diplomatic, fair and warning us explanation contained in the text of above verse, the major reason why there is such large difference between the truth and whatever is officially stated by the human pompous atheistic scientists, includes (among others) the fact that God is NOT prepared to tolerate pompous people who behave as if they „swallowed all brains”. In light of the above, it is worth that you, the reader, asks himself/herself whether it is wise if instead basing own behavior on whatever the Bible authorized by God himself requires us to do, one bases his/her most important decisions on whatever those lies of the present atheistic and pompous official science try make us to do?

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