#272E: Destructions caused to our civilization by the official science because of insistence to NOT accept the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, philosophy of totalizm, nor any other futuristic achievements presented in the film „Dr Jan Pajak portfolio” (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „Monopoly is good for a few, competition is good for everyone.”

Let us consider for a moment, how the reader would judge a scientific article published in a journal of the world fame, in which a group of highly successful scientists financed e.g. by banana producers, summarized results of their research on time-lengths of walks in the open air by people with a variety of personal features. To perform the research the fairest as they can, these scientists would have taken into account people’s features resulting from the Darwinian Theory of Evolution. And so, they would study the influence on the time-length of walks of such alternative personal features as having a bald head or full head hair, the use of artificial teeth or their own jaws, the having or not having a rheumatism, and of course, the fact of eating, or not eating, every day at least one banana – after all, their research would be financed by producers of bananas. To also conduct research in line with the current trend of social and political correctness accepted by the today’s world, that all humans are supposedly equal and therefore none people are allowed to be discriminated, these scientists would not distinguish between the races of people nor between different sexes or kinds of transvestites – declaring that these differences are irrelevant to results of their research. As a result of costly and deep research on a sample of several thousand of walkers, they would arrive to the final conclusion, which thoroughly and scientifically they would describe in their article, namely that the longest duration of walks in the open air show people who are bald, with artificial teeth, with rheumatism, and who eat the daily minimum of one banana (probably enriching their level of potassium). The question that is worth to ask here of ourselves, is whether on the basis of such an article the reader should try to quickly acquire these features, which the article proves to be inducing very healthy lifestyle, namely the bald head, false teeth, rheumatism, and the habit of eating every day at least one banana, because these features will help him/her to spend the most time while walking in the open air – which walks are highly healthy and therefore very desirable? Of course, everyone who knows the truth about life, would immediately shout „nonsense” and „pure absurdity”! The reason is that these scientists have NOT taken into account in their research the „weather”, while all the conclusions to which they arrived are actually products of the weather. After all, the fact that people who are bald, with artificial teeth, rheumatism, and who eat a daily portion of at least one banana, spend so much time while walking, is because they are old retirees on pensions, so they can always choose the time of their walk when there is NOT raining. Meanwhile, the rest of the people are young, most of the day they must work to earn a living, and when at last they could go for a walk, typically is just starting to rain!

The above example I purposely invented so that in a best and humorous way I could illustrate with it the non-compliance with the moral criteria of activities of professional researchers and decision-makers of today’s official atheistic science, and the resulting from this non-compliance the nonsense and falsity of conclusions to which they keep arriving. This is because the extrapolation of such behaviours of present scientists and decision-makers onto the scientific achievements illustrated and discussed in the YouTube film entitled „Dr Jan Pajak portfolio”, i.e. onto the theories, philosophies, scientific discoveries, inventions and formal scientific proofs presented in this film, perfectly explains a lot of problems that encounters the researching, dissemination and implementation of these achievements. For example, it explains why several scientific decision makers tried to remove me from their university immediately after they discovered what topics I am researching and popularizing in my spare time and with my own funding. It also explains why none academic institution in the world openly endorsed nor adopted the research and development of any among my inventions – even though the proposals and projects of starting such a research and development were posted out to almost all research and development institutions in the world that are dealing with topics of an interest to me. It also explains why research policy makers and the entire official science secretly block, while openly ignore and boycott every scientific idea which derives its origin from my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and from my philosophy of totalizm – though for the good of all humanity, this theory and philosophy should be already taught in virtually every high school and university to balance with it the atheistic worldviews, falsely forced on youth in there, while the new ideas derived from this theory and philosophy should be earnestly implemented in everyday life.

Although the example of research discussed at the beginning of this post was just invented, it perfectly reflects the today’s situation with scientific research. In research carried out at present, professional scientists seem to routinely ignore what actually is most important for the results, namely the „level of morality” in the people affected by work of whatever is the topic of given research, and also the reaction of God on this level of morality. On the other hand, in our world, for which it already has been formally proven that God does exist, absolutely everything must be dependent on the level of human morality and on the response of God to this level – means on the level of human obedience in fulfilling the requirements and precepts of God and on the principles of the God’s response to such a level of obedience. (For the totaliztic definition, stating that „morality is the level at which humans obey God’s commandments and requirements”, see item #B5 from my web page named „morals.htm”, in turn for the most important among formal scientific proofs that God exists – see item #G2 on my web page named „god_proof.htm”.) Therefore, without taking into account the morality and methods of God’s acting as the factors that determine the fate of humans, virtually everything that scientists of today are researching leads to conclusions as absurd as in the above my invented example of researching walkers! The absurdity of such conclusions of the official science is proven best by my findings published on totaliztic web pages, which reveal the existence of a strong and actual interdependence, between the fate of individual people and also the entire so-called „group intellects”, and the level of morality that characterizes their lives. For example, in item #G1 of my web page named „will.htm” I described my discovery which once shocked me immensely, but which then opened the door to next very important discoveries, namely that people who already in their youth learned to not listen to the voice of their conscience, and hence who from an early age entered the path of immorality, are dying at a relatively young age. A similar fate meets also group intellects. For example, in item #D3 of the web page named „portfolio.htm” (addresses of which are provided at the end of his post) is described what happened to the state company „P. P. Drainage” which harmed farmers from the village of Wszewilki. In turn in items #I3 and #I3.1 from my web page named „petone.htm” are described results of my research on disasters and calamities that plagued neighbouring human settlements, but always spared the New Zealand town of Petone, near which lived these required by the Bible at least 10 people with especially moral behaviour, which the Bible calls „righteous”. On the other hand, in items #H2 to #H6 from the web page named „tapanui.htm” I described the destruction of a number of cities that were famous in their times because of the highly immoral conduct of their residents – means such cities as Vineta on the Baltic Sea, Salamis in Cyprus, Saeftinghe in the Netherlands, Port Royal in Jamaica, and Kororareka in New Zealand. Of course, my web pages contain much more similar examples – for further of them see the index provided on the web page named „skorowidz_links.htm”.

The point that I am trying to make here for the reader, is that if in research of fates of individual people and the so-called „group intellects” is completely omitted the taking into account their „morality” and the response of God to a given level of human morality, then the conclusions that are derived from such research represent a complete nonsense. This in turn leads to findings that I described at a whole range of totaliztic web pages, namely that NOT only some of the statements of the official science (such as statements about the discovery of „gravitational waves” or „Higgs boson” – which I described in item #E1.1 from my web page named „telepathy.htm”), but practically everything about which speaks officially the monopolistic science (i.e. that science which still jealously guards its monopoly on research and on education) is a notorious lie and a deceiving people „hoax on wheels”, and thus entrusting such lies and deception of science already led our world to immorality, chaos, misery, exploitation and injustice which we see now around us, while if the humanity do NOT repent on time and do NOT cease doing of whatever the official science directs it to, then this is to lead the humanity to the self-destruction.

On totaliztic web pages I described numerous examples to what misery and destruction leads distortions and lies disseminated by the present official science – for examples see items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named „solar.htm”, items #M1 to #M2 from the web page named „telekinetics.htm”, items #A1 to #A5 and #F5 from my web page named „cooking.htm”, the entire web page named „tornado.htm”, the entire web page named „katrina.htm”, the entire web page named „wtc.htm”, and several yet further totaliztic web pages. In turn how numerous are these distortions and lies, and how deeply they are nested already in the very foundations of the old official science, also explains the whole range of totaliztic web pages and publications – for examples see subsection H1.3 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5], or item #C4.7 from the web page named „morals.htm”, or item #D4 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, or item #K1 from the web page named „tapanui.htm”, or the entire web page named „god_exists.htm”.

Frankly speaking, it was only when I realized all the consequences of this deliberate avoidance by the official science of taking (in practically all the research) into account the impact of human morality (and also the response of God to the human immorality), that I started to understand what was actually God having in mind when in the Bible He explained what I more specifically developed in item #C4.7 from the web page named „morals.htm”, namely (see the Bible, Matthew, verses 7:17-18), quote: „every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree can not bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear a good fruit.” After all, one of the purposes of this explanation is to warn people, amongst others, what is to happens in situations like with today’s science, for example, what happens if the humanity entrusts the findings of the present official science and implements in real life whatever these findings suggest.

The reason for which the official science got lost and already since a long time leads the humanity directly toward a self-destruction, is that we allowed science to become a monopolistic institution. In turn each monopolistic institution quickly falls deeper and deeper into „corruption” described in more detail, among others, in item #E3 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”. On the other hand with the elapse of time the corruption of monopolistic institutions quickly reaches 100% level of advancement, at which given institutions in practice are starting to serve the goal which is an exact opposite of the goal for the fulfilment of which these institutions were originally established. In fact, right now increasingly more institutions in the world are reaching the level, and the situation, of such 100% corruption – in this number many governments of entire countries. (It is extremely hard to find nowadays a government that would not operate as a monopolistic institution.) It is also almost an irony, that the humanity long ago had developed an effective method for balancing monopolies, which method prevents the achievement by monopolies of this highly destructive 100% level of corruption. This method is known as the „competition”. Unfortunately, in recent times, this method is applied increasingly less in the public life. For example, in order to repair present errors, distortions and lies of the official science, it would be enough to officially create for it a competition in form of the new „totaliztic science” – as this is explained more comprehensively in item #C6 from my web page named „telekinetics.htm”. However, the old, official, atheistic science, is to defend itself as it can against the loss of its monopoly, that is, against the official establishing of the new „totaliztic science”. After all, my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm were created in 1985 (means as long ago as 31 years prior to producing in 2016 the discussed here film „Dr Jan Pajak portfolio”) and they are continuously published and disseminated throughout all that long time. In spite of this, still even now the official science insists that neither my „theory of everything” nor the philosophy of totalizm is officially recognized, and the spread of them is blocked – although in contrast to the „erroneous” theories and philosophies disseminated by the old official science, for my Concept of Dipolar Gravity and for totalizm their accuracy and compliance with reality have already been proven. That insistence of the official science causes untold destruction and losses for our whole civilization – to what I am trying to draw the reader’s attention in descriptions from this post. On the other hand, the official establishing of such a new competitive „totaliztic science” would force the old official science to start the responsible telling of truth and to put more attention and actual research into whatever now this old science does profitably, irresponsibly and in an almost mindless manner. After all, if there is a competitive towards the old, new „totaliztic science”, then in every case of spreading lies by the old science, the new science would make these lies corrected (as indeed, in spite that I work alone, still I am trying to do already). Therefore, such an official establishing of a new competitive „totaliztic science” must be imposed forcefully by people and by governments, and NOT left to luminaries of science and scientific policy makers to make this establishing by themselves voluntarily. However, it is worth the effort, because it can save the humanity from impending doom that is arriving now rather quickly – that is, dear reader, it perhaps may, among other things, save your own life and lives of those whom you love the most.

Unfortunately, knowing the today’s biggest weakness of humanity, which is the „passivity” and „complacency” described in item #N2 from my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”, we should know in advance what will happen with the official creation of the new „totaliztic science”. Namely, people will ruminate over it, and perhaps even debate it, but they will NOT act – as they are currently also doing regarding the „global warming”. They will be reeling over it until about 2040, when arrives the destruction of humanity predicted in the discussed here film from http://www.youtube.com, entitled „Dr Jan Pajak portfolio”. In turn, after that destruction, everything will be destroyed – including the official science. Thus, these few people who are to survive the calamity, will need to start building again everything from the very scratch. Of course, knowing already that it was the previous official atheistic science that pushed the mankind to destruction, they are to rebuild NOT the old official science, but the new „totaliztic science”. However, there will be a problem again. Namely this problem will then lay in the fact, that even the new „totaliztic science”, if it existed and operated without any competition, with the elapse of time will also fall a victim of the „corruption” – thus the current problems with the monopoly of science will over time be repeated again. Therefore, most preferably would be, if already now people stopped briefly that passive viewing of television and chumming sandwiches, and rather already now have created a new „totaliztic science” – when the old science still has NOT been destroyed (so that both of these sciences, from now acting in the situation of competition with each other, would stop each other from falling into claws of corruption, and thus would busily tend towards the good of the entire human civilization). After all, the appointment of such a new science is NOT difficult at all. It is just enough that in a country, e.g. in Poland, New Zealand, or Korea, at the beginning would be open at least one state institution of higher education (e.g. a university), which would employ only scientists already practicing the philosophy of totalizm and hence able to pass the „entrance exam” from the knowledge of this philosophy, as well as all universities and schools of the country would begin to balance the current imbalance in the atheistic teachings by starting the compulsory teaching of the philosophy of totalizm and my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

* * *

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