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#269E: Corruption, and ways it turns wealth into a „hellhole” – means two major keys for our understanding the reality in which present people must live – po polsku poniżej


Motto: „Only these ones who can see may also learn and become able, unfortunately, although all look, only a few exceptions can see.”

#E1: The word „corruption” is one of those „dirty words”, which it is dangerous to even say nowadays, and thus regarding which the official science is simply too afraid to lead e.g. quantitative research or research on a specific and clearly named country, nation, city, office, institution, etc. Thus, in spite that in official publications we still can read e.g. that „corruption is the abuse of public office to obtain private benefits”, actually about the subject of corruption almost nothing useful is officially known. For example, officially still we do NOT know (though my philosophy of totalizm and the philosophy of parasitism already reveal it since a long time) what this corruption really is, or to what it boils down, what is the actual mechanism that develops corruption, nor how to detect which „group intellects” (i.e. which countries, cities, offices, institutions, etc.) are already dangerously corrupt and what percentage of advancement their corruption has already reached. (And hence, how close they already are to the outbreak of rebellion, social unrest, a bloody revolution, civil war, or to being destroyed by natural cataclysms.) Also none country of the today’s world knows what percentage of its national income is actually squandered due to corruption – although according to my (extremely rough) estimates, these are already astronomical sums. (For example, estimating the situation on the basis of findings of the philosophy of totalizm and the level of advancement of the philosophy of parasitism, I personally believe that in today’s world there is no longer a country left that would squander due to corruption less than one-third of its entire national income. So how many new jobs could be created from these money, and how much new housing, roads, bridges, streets, subways, inventions, and other projects for facilitating human lives could be accomplished with them – what a different and better world would then be. What is even worse, it seems that there are already countries that reached 100% of their national income squandered on corruption, and even are countries which squander on corruption more financial resources than they generate – thus which have been living at the expense of some other countries for a long time, and which therefore will never be able to repay their debts.) In addition to this, because of the official ignoring of the philosophy of totalizm, the present official orthodox science still cannot explain „what criteria in general terms allow to distinguish every corrupt behaviour from a similar behaviour that is morally and socially correct”, and thus the science is still unable to indicate „when” and „where” corruption begins, „how” it is driven, and „in what way” or „how” people would be able to eliminate corruption. On the other hand, the getting to know answers to these, and to similar, questions would be beneficial for virtually everyone. After all, consequences of corruption adversely affect the fate of everyone who comes within range of corrupt activities. Furthermore, at the end of every case when corruption gets out of control, always is awaiting a disaster – e.g. bloody riots, revolution, civil war, natural cataclysm, etc. After all, when the so-called „time of return” elapses, this disaster is eliminating from the life and from further corruptive influence on people every group intellect, which previously has already reached 100% of the level of corruption, and which despite of the warnings that it received, did NOT change its behaviour. On the occasion of this elimination, such a disaster unleashes also a veritable hell for the people from a given group intellect, and for their neighbours, as well as for other group intellects which helped it to reach such 100% level of corruption. (For explanation what is this „time of return” – see item #C4.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”, or item #A4 from the web page named „karma.htm”.) Thus, the learning of useful and correct knowledge about corruption becomes the major key to our understanding of reality in which we all live today, and also the key to improving the situation of the participants of each „group intellect” in existence – i.e. the situation of each country, city, office, institution, organisation, political party, etc. This is because corruption displays special attributes, the existence of which a majority of people do not realize. For example, „corruption is a kind of collective addiction” that is almost impossible to eradicate, and thus carriers of corruption must first become extinct for the corruption to really disappear. In addition, „absolutely every person who is a member of a corrupted ‚group intellect’ is both, a short-term beneficiary and a long-term victim of corruption” – only that the corrupted people on high positions do NOT know about the actual work of moral mechanisms, which mechanisms, after the elapse of „time of return”, issue the bill to corrupted people for whatever was being done – for examples see items #B2 to #B2.3 from the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”, or item #C1 from the web page named „stawczyk_uk.htm”.

The reason because of which the official science is unable to answer the questions posed above, is that in the scientific definitions of corruption always is missing the corruption-free standard, which would make it possible to determine the amount or the level of corruption, and the reason for corruption in every group intellect. Hence, so-far the science could only compare (although in practice it is too afraid to do so) levels of corruption in selected group intellects – although it still would NOT know how high is already the level of corruption in the intellect used as the basis for such a comparison. However, the corruption-free standard exists for over 2000 years – it is the Bible. Therefore, in the totaliztic definition of corruption, quoted in item #E3 of this post and in item #E3 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm” (addresses of which are provided at the end of this post), the Bible has been used as such a corruption-free base standard – starting from which now it is possible e.g. to calculate a percentage increase of corruption, or to indicate the source of corruption for every group intellect. Unfortunately, because the official science lies to the humanity that God supposedly does NOT exist, in analyzes of corruptions this science cannot use the Bible as such corruption-free base standard. Thus, if the official science does NOT change its stand regarding God, then it practically never will be able to learn nor to disseminate the truth about corruption, nor e.g. to track the percentage changes in the level of corruption from each country (and hence to predict the long-term fates and downfalls of each country). Fortunately, the new „totaliztic science” already learned this truth and disseminates it, making it available, amongst other, in the further items #E2 to #E5 from this post and from „part #E” of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”.

In spite that the official science lies to the humanity when claiming that God supposedly does NOT exist, God with an iron hand controls everything that happens on Earth and throughout the entire universe. It is also God (NOT people) that corrects the rise of corruption and corrects also any other departures of individual people and group intellects from the compliance with the requirements described in the Bible. It is this correcting that, amongst others, causes what this post (and also what „part #E” of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”) tries to realise and to explain, namely that „every group intellect which reaches 100% of the level of corruption is eliminated from the life” and thus also from further corruptive influence onto people. Of course, this elimination is carried out in a way that is NOT pleasing at all to the human participants in this group intellect. So if from item #E2 of this post (or web page „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”) the reader learns about the fact of eliminating the group intellects corrupted already in the entire 100%, while from the signs of advancement of corruption described in item #E3 of this post (or the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”) the reader is to work out which group intellects already reached these 100% in the level of their corruption, then the events that currently are taking place in the world today, and also these that will soon come, begin to be much more understandable for him or for her.

For the explaining of most important matters linked to corruption, devoted are all items #E1 to #E5 of this post (and all items from „part #E” of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”). Thus firstly, already in next item #E2 is described „why” the lie of official science concerning the most fundamental for the humanity matter of the existence of God, unleashed among people a frenzy of intensifying corruption throughout the entire world today, and is also explained how corruption is punished by moral mechanisms – in this number is explained the process of elimination from life (by „self-regulatory” moral mechanisms) the corrupt group intellects that already reached 100% in the level of their corruption. Then, in item #E3 is provided the totaliztic definition of corruption and are explained its main attributes and signs – including signs of the achievement of 100% level of corruption – which level triggers the total elimination of a given group intellect from life and from further corruptive influence onto people. Further item #E4 provides examples of most common types of political corruption and explains how these types function. While item #E5 explains what would be required from people if they themselves would attempt to voluntarily control corruption – which attempt would protect many amongst them from a premature loss of whatever is the most precious to them.

To summarize the above, the role of „corruption” in the world today can be compared to the role of „friction” (or „gravity”) in physics. Thus, after learning about corruption and about real mechanisms of its work, one begins to also understand the work of reality that surrounds us today. (This understanding is similar to the understanding of how „friction” or „gravity” impacts the work of our physical world.) This in turn, combined with the knowledge of work of moral mechanisms and moral laws, which are summarized already in next item #E2 of this post (or the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”), not only allows us to understand the phenomena which currently are taking place in the world, but also allows us to predict what will happen in the not-so-distant future to selected group intellects after the required „time of return” is to elapse for them. Thus, although clarifying of truths about corruption in the objective and general manner is nowadays very difficult and still is associated with certain risks even if these truths are presented without referring to any specific countries or leaders in existence, still as a „totaliztic scientist” who is aware of the truth on this subject and who is remembering the totaliztic principle that „knowledge is responsibility”, I am trying generally and objectively explain this truth in this post (and in „part #E” from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm”). I do hope that this explanation will cause that we all are to only benefit from it. So let’s start from the very beginning.

#E2 to E5: In order to read the remaining items #E2 to #E5 of this post, please have a look at items #E2 to E5 of the page named „pajak_for_mp_2017.htm” – items #E1 to #E5 of which (web page) are the source for content of this post.

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