#268E: The history of telepathic transceivers („telepathysers”) – reported since the gift of „telepathic pyramid” in 1978, until the success in first intercepting telepathic waves by LIGO in 2015 – po polsku poniżej

Motto: „If the door gets shut, check the window.”

The name „telepathyser” is assigned to a communication device which is scientifically highly advanced, although technically simple to manufacture, and which for transferring information uses „telepathic waves”. (Telepathic waves are much safer in use, and faster, than the currently used by humanity radio waves, as they reach immediately any distant objects – including other galaxies, are able to penetrate through every object made of matter, and also do NOT cause cancer nor deaths of bees – for details see item #F1 from the web page named „telepathy.htm”, addresses of which are provided at end of this post.) The first instruction on how to build telepathyser the humanity received in 1978. This instruction was given to us by a mysterious being illustrated in „Fig. #3” from the web page named „telepathy.htm”. Because of its pyramidal shape, that first telepathyser was named the „telepathic pyramid”. For receiving of this pyramid on behalf of the humanity, this mysterious being (or someone whom this being represented) selected Ms. Daniela Giordano – Miss Italy of 1966 and film actress widely known in the world. In order the telepathic pyramid could be built by ordinary people, its construction and principles of operation were deliberately designed by the gifting being so that this pyramid could be build by virtually any average hobbyist-handyman from Earth with the help of funds, materials and tools that are available today for such an average hobbyist – however provided that this hobbyist demonstrates the required labour input, motivation, experience, attention, wisdom, knowledge, etc. Unfortunately, since the receipt of the guidelines for the construction of this pyramid in 1978, the matter of constructing it and implementation to use, progresses forward with such great difficulties, like the proverbial „squeezing blood from a stone”. (The probable reason for these difficulties, is the fact shocking for some people, that the construction of working telepathyser on Earth, actually became a kind of „battlefield” between two external powers, the first of which tries to inspire, advise and assist the people in this building, while the second is trying to deceive, to surround the matter of this construction with tradition of deception, lies and robbery, to hold back, to guide into a blind alley, etc. – as this is explained in item #C2.1 from another of my web page named „free_energy.htm”.) Perhaps precisely because of the above, that the being who gifted the telepathic pyramid to us, at some stage apparently decided that his expectation of constructing this pyramid by an individual earthly hobbyist is unrealistic, hence he changed the initial „plan A” to a different „plan B”. In this new „plan B”, rather than further stimulate earthly hobbyists to undertake the construction of this pyramid, he somehow managed to inspire professional scientists to build industrially a facility, which represents a large-scaled (but simplified and modernised) version of the „telepathyser” that uses almost identical principles of operation as principles used in the „telepathic pyramid”. Descriptions of this large-scaled version of telepathic pyramid are disseminated on the internet under the name of LIGO. Unfortunately, that battle which in the matter of building the telepathyser is still raging on Earth, causes that the ideas of „telepathy” and „exchanging thoughts directly between minds” are kinds of „taboo” and „heresy” to present professional scientists. In turn, such official considering „telepathy” to be „scientific taboo” and „heresy”, probably caused, that instead of giving to LIGO the highly useful for the entire humanity goal of learning how to intercept „telepathic waves”, the constructing of LIGO was undertaken for a different goal – e.g. obtaining the Nobel Prize for detecting the existence of „gravitational waves”, about the possibility of existence of which Einstein speculated over 100 years ago, although about which my Concept of Dipolar Gravity clearly states, that physically they do NOT exist, as if they existed, then they would annihilate gravity, and also even if they existed, still technically they would be completely useless for the humanity. In 2015 that LIGO facility encompassed the „academic success” of registering some kind of telepathic signals (probably a „telepathic noise”) for the first time. However, scientists who built LIGO ignore numerous indications that they registered the „telepathic waves” that are highly useful for the humanity, but instead they still believe and still misleadingly keep announcing this around the world, that they registered these technically useless „gravitational waves”. Thus, that particular „scientific success”, still remains stained and inherent in a lie – as it is described in more detail in section #K2 from different my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, as well as in entry number #267E from this blog of totalizm. So, in the present situation especially urgent becomes the correcting of this scientific lie, means urgent becomes the notification and convincing all concerned that in 2015 the LIGO actually intercepted a „telepathic signal”, NOT „gravitational waves”. (At making this correction of scientific lies is aimed, amongst others, also this post, as well as descriptions thematically associated with it, e.g. from abovementioned item #K2 of the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”, or from item #C2.1 of the web page „free_energy.htm”. In addition, I especially hope that also readers of this post get involved in correcting of this scientific lie, which correcting is enormously important for the entire humanity – i.e. I hope that readers are to inform whomever they deem worthy to know the truth, about this scientific lying resulting either from ignorance of scientists, or from their premeditation, and depending on naming „gravity waves” the phenomenon, which actually represents „telepathic waves”.) After all, only a persistent rectification of this type of scientific lying is able to stop the official science from the current uncontrollable wandering astray and ruining the entire humanity, and to gradually restore the science, and with it also the whole of humanity, once again onto the „path of truth” and towards morally correct behaviours.

That success of LIGO in 2015, when for the first time in the modern history of Earth people have managed to register any telepathic signal, finished the first stage of quite vicious and intensive „battle” to build on Earth a working telepathyser. (It is worth to remind here, that in ancient times people were able to register telepathic signals and to build devices working on telepathic waves – for examples see the entire web page named „seismograph.htm” or just item #E4 from the web page named „telepathy.htm”, as well as items #D1 to #D3 from another my web page named „artefact.htm”). Therefore, in this post I am to document briefly the history of this first stage of the „battle for telepathyser”, which history includes events starting from the act of giving to us the telepathic pyramid in 1978, until that „scientific success” of first in the world intercepting a telepathic signal (probably a „telepathic noise”) in 2015. This first stage in history of the „battle for telepathyser” is very important, because on how it will be accepted by people and how people react to it (including how you, the reader, accept it and react to it), depends now whether the next, second stage will involve already building increasingly more perfect prototypes of telepathysers so urgently needed by the humanity, or on cementing the lies of scientists, that they are able to intercept these useless „gravitational waves”, and then on struggles of those increasingly fewer people standing by the truth, to officially correct that scientific lie. So here is the story of this first stage of the actual „battle for telepathyser” taking place in sight of increasingly more passive people who are too busy bingeing sandwiches in front of their television sets to also see that this „battle for telepathyser” is actually a symptom of our increasingly rapid rolling down towards a self-destruction:

The builder of the first on Earth prototype of the communication device described here under the general name „telepathyser” was abovementioned Miss Italy 1966 and known in the world film actress, Ms. Daniela Giordano. Soon after she received in 1978 the guidelines from the mysterious being as to how build and how use the „telepathic pyramid”, Ms. Daniela Giordano personally overcome a number of various obstacles, and she built herself the first prototype of this extraordinary device. Descriptions and illustrations of her prototype, as well as descriptions of experiments that Ms. Daniela Giordano carried out on it, are provided in the treatise [7] available in three different languages, namely in Polish, English and Italian. Unfortunately, this first prototype has not worked properly. In turn Ms. Daniela Giordano has NOT had either the conditions nor motivations to pursue the matter further by building next prototypes and making them work. Probably also the mysterious giver of the telepathic pyramid in advance predicted that this is what is to happen. This is probably why he chose this world-famous European actress and Miss Italy, so that with her personality and position she could provide the required publicity to the matter of donation of this pyramid to the humanity and cause in such a way that to the task of constructing this device will devote their time and effort also numerous other people.

Through a chain of coincidences, at a time when Ms. Daniela Giordano experimented with her prototype of the „telepathic pyramid”, I was developing theoretically, among others, ideas of two (from a the whole series) of my inventions – which later proved to be the constituent components of that pyramid, i.e. I was developing theoretically the idea of a „telekinetic cell” and the idea of a transceiver operating on modulated telepathic waves – which device I named the „telepathyser”. What is even more intriguing, this chain of „coincidences” caused also that Ms. Daniela Giordano and I corresponded with each other – only that initially on topics quite different from the telepathic pyramid, in which we both have been interested (i.e. UFOs). However, after some time, Ms. Daniela Giordano described to me also her pyramid. In turn I with a shock immediately recognized in this device the presence of components which carry out the functions of a „telekinetic cell” and a „telepathyser” – i.e. devices which I previously invented myself. Of course, in this situation I could not remain indifferent to such a proof of the correctness of my theoretical inventions and developments, and to the confirmation resulting from it, that if the „telepathic pyramid” is to be built and „fine tuned” correctly, then for sure it will work. So I proposed to Ms. Daniela Giordano, that together we write and publish the treatise [7], in which we will describe her experience and we give descriptions of the telepathic pyramid, as well as supplement all this with my theoretical explanations as to how the telepathic pyramid works and how one can build it, plus additionally we encourage every hobbyist or handyman who feels up to such a task, to start the building of it, and then „fine tuning” („harmonizing”) it, in order to make it work. After a long work and many arrangements made painstakingly via correspondence at a distance, this treatise [7] was formally published in 1995 in 3 different languages (i.e.: Polish, English and Italian).

Unfortunately, the building of a working „telepathic pyramid” is an extremely difficult task NOT because of the level of its technical complexity, but because of the amount of knowledge and experience that are necessary for the final „fine tuning” („harmonizing”) it and causing that it works. The point is, that the telepathic pyramid was deliberately so designed by a mysterious giver of it, that from the technical point of view it could be built in a „kitchen way” by practically today’s every devoted hobbyist, and only with finances, materials and tools that are available to an average among today’s Earthly hobbyists. The problem, however, is that although the physical building is easy and thus financially and technically possible for nearly every today’s hobbyist, the mutual „fine tuning” of its components into each other and the „fine tuning” of the entire pyramid into telepathic waves (i.e. the „harmonizing”), and thus causing that it works, is extremely difficult and requires a considerable amount of work, motivation, dedication, patience, experience, wisdom, knowledge, etc. How hard it is to „fine tune” it and to cause that it works, to me personally realize my experience from the time of high school. This is because still as a student at the Lyceum of General Education in Milicz I participated actively in the work of „radio-communication group” by the „League of National Defence” in Milicz of that time. In this group, we learned, among others, the construction and use of radio stations (including the broadcasting with a key and Morse alphabet), and also we learned to built our own radio receivers. The building of these radio receivers boiled down to the procedure, that the National Defence League handed to us packages, each one of which contained the bulk packed all the parts that make up the working radio, plus each package contained also the wiring diagram of that radio. In turn we were given the task to personally assembly these parts together and to solder them together in the way indicated by this wiring diagram, then to „fine tune” the radio to make it work. It is worth to note here, that these radios were powered from the electricity grid, so that for our safety (OSH), in the room where these radios were assembled by us always was present an adult instructor ready, if necessary, to turn off the electricity in case when someone would be „kicked” by electricity (although no such situation occurred), and to occasionally provide us with an advice and explanation (but never to perform for us any work that we should complete ourselves). In spite that all radio parts which we were assembling, were already so selected in the factory, that each of them had the operating parameters required by the given radio to work, still after the physical mounting them together it always turned out that the radio is NOT working, because its individual parts are NOT „fine tuned” yet to each other nor to the radio waves that it supposed to receive. So in order to cause the radio to work, after its assembling and welding we still had to „fine tune” it, that is, in the words of that mysterious being who gave humanity the telepathic pyramid, we needed to cause that all parts of that radio have became mutually „harmonic”. In the course of this „fine tuning” we discovered, that the physical assembling and soldering the radio took us then only about 10% of the time and effort required to make it work. In turn the remaining 90% of the time and effort we had put just in this „fine tuning” (i.e. „harmonizing”) of the previously already assembled and soldered radio and in causing this way that it started to work. (Probably if at the same time we did NOT have to just learn how to carry out such „fine tuning” – „harmonizing”, it is likely that our time and effort of such fine tuning would be reduced.) We also must remember here, that only looking at how complicated is the construction of a typical radio receiver, one already begins to understand how much time and effort it takes to only physically piece together and solder together its parts – means without this „fine tuning” („harmonizing”). Thus, that particular experience gave me an excellent understanding of how much work it will require to „fine tune” („harmonize”) the telepathic pyramid and to cause that it works, after it already is physically build – remembering also that its individual parts mounted together are NOT yet so selected (as in these radios, which as a teenager I assembled) that their operating parameters were already suitable for the working pyramid, and also considering that to ensure that our telepathic pyramid actually works, one needs to build up two pyramids tuned to the same telepathic wavelength, after which one needs to make both of them to „converse” with each other. Furthermore, we need to remember that the „telepathic pyramid” consists of as many as 5 separate „functional systems”, rather than two such separate systems that make up a typical radio which I then built (i.e. instead of (1) the system of receiving radio waves and converting them into electric vibrations, and (2) a system of speaker). I mean, the telepathic pyramid consists of: (1) the „system telekinetic cell” – which generates the electricity needed to power circuits of the pyramid with the electric energy necessary for its functioning (while the radio is supplied with electricity already generated and then only collected either from the grid or from a battery), (2) the „system of interception of telepathic waves” – which turns the message brought by telepathic waves into electrical vibrations (i.e. the function of which is corresponding to e.g. the operation of the antenna and circuitry of a radio receiver), (3) the „system of the transformation of the incoming message into the thought form that is understandable for the people” (means, that one which performs functions corresponding to the operation of today’s speaker or screen), (4) the „system of transformation of sent message from the form of thoughts into the form of electric vibrations” (i.e. the one which function is corresponding to the operation of a microphone or a TV camera), and (5) the „system of changing the electric vibrations into telepathic waves and then sending these telepathic waves in space” (i.e. the one which function is corresponding to the operation of today’s radio transmitters and antennas). Hence, the refinement and fine-tuning all of these 5 systems embedded into a single technical device called a telepathic pyramid requires a huge contribution of work, motivation, experience, observation, wisdom, knowledge, etc., which contribution is incomparably higher than that which is required, for example, to „fine tune” and to make work a radio receiver which is already physically built.

By the way, I would recommend to the reader, that if he/she has a 15 to 18 year old son, then it is worth to try persuade this son to volunteer for the completion of the described above extremely educational assembly of a radio receiver. After all, all that one needs for this, is to find some old radio receiver, e.g. a Polish radio from the period between 1950 and 1980, which still works and still receives radio stations, and for which there is a valid wiring diagram. (In those years 1950-1980, in Poland there were laws in action, that wiring diagrams must be attached to every new radio and each television set sold in Polish stores. As an outcome, due to this extremely wise laws issued then by the Polish authorities, many ordinary Polish citizens from my generation, including myself, personally repaired their own radio receivers and television sets, thus developing in themselves while doing such repairing, the highest in the world common knowledge of electronics – NOT without reasons Englishmen have now this saying described in (1) from item #E1 of my web page named „rok_uk.htm”: „hire a Polish emigrant, and he will complete the job four times faster and for only about one-fourth of the price of an English professional”. On the other hand, because of greed, copyrights, and monopolisations, countries other than Poland never included valid wiring diagrams with home electronic devices sold in their shops, which lack of diagrams deepened in their citizens the state of electronic ignorance and induced the general collapse of electronic skills, while over time even caused that now selling of electrical and electronic components for the use of ordinary citizens is in there either completely prohibited, or is hindered – as for the programmer of a washing machine it is described in the final paragraph from item #P5 of the web page named „quake.htm”, while for solar panels is described in items #A1 and #I2 from my web page named „solar.htm”.) Then together with the son this radio needs to be carefully dismantled into its component parts, so that these parts are NOT damaged. After the dismantle the reader needs to appeal to the ambition of the son to test his skills and perseverance through the re-piecing and soldering together these parts, in accordance with the wiring diagram for that radio. Of course, if the radio was completely dismantled, and parts of it thoroughly mixed, then after the reassembly, the radio is certainly NOT going to work – about what we really are after in this experiment. Therefore the most important and the most difficult, but at the same time most educational task for the son will be to work out and to learn for himself how to „tune in” the radio and to make it work again (we know for sure that the radio is certainly able to work, as it worked before the dismantling). In 1962 to 1964 then 15 to 18-year-old youths from a small provincial township of Milicz in Poland were able to cope with such a task just by themselves – only that, according to my observations, the youths of that old times were much smarter, more self-reliant and less spoiled (pampered) than today’s youths. If we have reasonable concerns that clumsiness of our son will expose him to an electric shock, then it is worth it to find a portable radio powered by low-voltage batteries. (In case of mounting the radio powered from the electricity grid, for health and safety (OSH) reasons it is necessary that during the assembly of the radio in the same room always an adult person is present ready to turn the power off, if the son forgets to disconnect the radio from the mains when touching a component which at high voltage should NOT be touched.) In just such a simple manner, our little investment to purchase an old radio, a soldering iron and an electrical multimeter, plus devoting to the son a required time for explanations, advices and safety, will test for us what really is worth the intelligence and perseverance of our son, while in case of a success, it is to repay itself afterward repeatedly through true interests and new employments horizons that this assembly of the radio opens for the son in the future. (For example, my own experience with building radio-receivers in the time of high school, plus subsequent experience in repairing television sets, later during the work as a university professor allowed me to lecture, among others, electronics at the university level – although by education I have a master degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in computer assisted machine design. In New Zealand I also lectured, amongst other, electrical engineering at one of NZ polytechnics.) Notice here that such assembly of a radio will be a success only if the son handles it personally – that is, if he does NOT assembly the radio with hands and with intelligence of adults who at every step will be „helping” him by doing work for him, instead of only advising and guiding him to sources of useful knowledge.

Already during the process of writing treatise [7], of course, I also promised myself, that I will try to build a second in the world prototype of the „telepathic pyramid”. Unfortunately, wandering throughout the world „in search of bread” and constantly changing country, place of residence and work, I have NOT really had the conditions to build such a prototype in my flats. Hence my own prototype I managed to build only during the holidays in Poland in 1995 – and it was only due to considerable help from my Polish friends and family members. Nevertheless this my prototype still became the second prototype in the world, because it was ready around the time when the treatise [7] was published. Of course, my prototype also has NOT worked – as I was predicting this in advance on the basis of my abovementioned experience with building and with fine tuning („harmonizing”) of radio receivers in time of my high school, and with subsequent repairs of television sets. However, the building of my own prototype of this pyramid still allowed me to gather a wide range of practical experience, which I described in the second edition of our treatise on the „telepathic pyramid”, i.e. in the treatise [7/2], published in 2000. In addition, it created a foundation on which I could later carry out further research and development on the „telepathic pyramid” – if by some miracle I would ever find myself in a situation that I could devote myself to building such a device and would have the required conditions and equipment to be able to build it properly. Unfortunately, such a miracle never came. Thus until today I also do NOT have the conditions required for actual constructing of the telepathyser – which is so much-needed by the humanity. Namely, I do NOT have the conditions required for constructing a device that would operate like the telepathic pyramid described here, nor even conditions for constructing any other among my numerous inventions – which situation is particularly painful in relation to the starship of my invention that I have named the Magnocraft (which is described on the web page named „magnocraft.htm”, and which has the potential to solve all international problems of the present humanity, including the problem of peace and security and the problem of economies suffocated by crisis), as well as in the case of my Time Vehicle (which is described on the web page named „immortality.htm”, and which would allow people, among others, to lead an immortal life, through repetitive shifting people to years of their youth after each time they reach an old age). Thus, on the subject of all these my breakthrough inventions I can now only theoretically speculate „what would be if …”.

The publishing by Ms. Daniela Giordano and myself the descriptions of construction and operation of the „telepathic pyramid” in the treatise [7] and treatise [7/2], caused that to building of it also took a number of amateur-hobbyists, who let me know about their intentions. Unfortunately, I learned later that only 2 more prototypes of this pyramid were built physically in the manner that faithfully implemented guidelines of the mysterious giver. Of course, as in advance it could have been expected, instantly none of these prototypes worked properly – after all none of them passed through the required „harmonizing” (fine tuning). In turn, their builders discouraged by such failures to work abandoned further attempts to bring the construction of these devices to the final success. Thus, to summarize the described above progress in constructing the telepathic pyramid, to my best knowledge it appears that together with prototypes of Ms. Daniela Giordano and mine, in total only 4 prototypes of this device were built in the entire world with the notion that their physical structure tries to faithfully reproduce the guidelines communicated to the humanity by a mysterious giver. While all the remaining enthusiasts interested in constructing this device, confined only to purely theoretical talks and speculations as to how they should start to build this pyramid, and to the endless queries posted to me and to Ms. Daniela Giordano about details how and what they should do – without being able to realise that if we really knew exactly all the details of building this pyramid and fine tuning („harmonizing”) it to work, then it would be built already a long time ago. When exchanging the correspondence relating to these endless queries, with a shock I also noticed how those people who asked many questions, gradually strayed away with their own concepts of construction and operation of the pyramid, parting increasingly further and further away from the consistent with the operation of laws of nature construction and operation of this device described to us by the giver of the telepathic pyramid. As a result of this straying away, those enthusiasts that looked for someone to do the job for them (rather than to provide the required knowledge of principles) steered away clearly toward the deviations of construction that in advance displayed capabilities of bringing failures, and thus which seem to be induced in them by that external „bad” power seeking to prevent our progress. In addition, apart from questioning and inventing more and more costly deviations from the required design and principles of operation, these enthusiasts have never managed to start the actual building of this pyramid, and over the time their enthusiasm deflated so that they have forgotten about this device. In February 2016 I also learned quite by accident, that the telepathic pyramid probably provided to someone (e.g. to a group of international scammers from Nigeria) a convenient excuse, so that by using this excuse they could extort money from gullible people – for details of this scam see item #K2.1 from the Polish version of the web page „dipolar_gravity_pl.htm”, while for the description of the „battle for telepathyser”, which (the battle) probably motivated this extortion (e.g. to wrap this device into the atmosphere of fraud and into the tradition of human greed), see item #C2.1 from the web page named „free_energy.htm”.

Fortunately God works in mysterious ways to improve the knowledge and learning of the truth by people. Thus, although the situation and the state in which our civilization and the most of people are today, cause that have failed all the to-date attempts of constructing by individual hobbyists the properly working telepathic pyramid, there are still other ways to somehow continue the matter of this constructing. For example, professional scientists could somehow be inspired that e.g. in the name of getting a „Nobel Prize”, from the taxpayers’ money they constructed a research facility advertised around the world under the name of LIGO. In turn this LIGO actually represents a simplified functionally, modernized in terms of the design, and able to be build by industry, a large-scale version of the telepathic pyramid. How much and in what ways the design and operation of the LIGO facility is similar to the structure and operation of the telepathic pyramid, it is explained in item #K2 from my other web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. In 2015, the LIGO facility started to work properly and it intercepted successfully, either the first „telepathic noise”, or still NOT deciphered yet by people, the first transfer of information from the mysterious giver of the telepathic pyramid – as this is described and explained more thoroughly in that item #K2 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, as well as in entry number #267E from this blog of totalizm. Unfortunately, as we know, today’s professional scientists „officially” do not believe in telepathy, nor in some mysterious being that strives to help the humanity. So probably these scientists will never be willing to accept the possibility that the telepathic pyramid was deliberately given to us by someone who tries to get in touch with us via the telepathic communication. This in turn means that the LIGO facility (which uses almost identical principles of operation as does the telepathic pyramid) probably will never be intentionally listening to the telepathic signals it receives to see if by any chance these signals contain an intelligent message destined for the mankind. On the other hand, already now – i.e. at the date of writing this history on 25th of February 2016, I am ready to bet that if the LIGO facility will be maintained in the working condition for a period of time sufficient for the mysterious giver of the telepathic pyramid to be able to figure out the frequency of telepathic waves into which the LIGO facility is tuned and which it intercepts, then one day the LIGO will receive intelligent and logical message directed through it to the whole of humanity. In other words, even if someone among those makers of decisions about the work and the future of LIGO, „officially” does NOT believe in telepathy and in mysterious beings helping the humanity to rise into a higher level of development and awareness, still he/she should maintain this facility in a working order, and repeatedly should check whether this facility already received (or is receiving) any intelligent messages – i.e. he/she should act in accordance with the Biblical principle of „Render therefore unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God” (see Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20: 25) – the command contained in which principle is explained more precisely in 6 from item #C4.2 of my web pages named „morals.htm”. This is because now it is merely a matter of time before the LIGO facility receives an intelligent message – only that NOT knowing yet, that whatever this facility receives may be an intelligent message posted to the humanity, the scientists who handle this facility may simply neglect the task and the trouble to decipher the message that it received. In turn, after the reception and deciphering of such an intelligent message, the correcting of the current „scientific lies” and the returning onto the „path of truth” has become much easier.

Unfortunately, with the recognition of the fact that to the LIGO facility was already posted an intelligent message, and later with deciphering the message that was posted, also can be serious difficulties. The point is, that the giver of telepathic pyramid documented with its design and operation, that he is accustomed to communicate only through passing thoughts directly between minds with the help of soundless „universal language of thoughts” (ULT) described in more detail in subsection I5.4.2 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5]. Meanwhile, here on Earth we continue to communicate through sounds – with the vocal speech and a particular human language. Hence the problem is whether that giver accustomed to the direct exchange of thoughts will develop a successful way to draw attention of the accustomed to the verbal speech Earth’s scientists, that a given telepathic signal contains an intelligent message. After all, in order to overlook the need for examining a given message, just suffices that the giver makes a mistake resulting e.g. from unawareness of the details of the situation on Earth, for example, if judging by the number of people speaking Chinese, the sender of this communication will formulate it in a Chinese style, but post it to the English-speaking American scientists. The matter of noticing that message in vibrations or sounds received by the LIGO is additionally complicated by the fact that today’s scientists are to judge such a message to be a „scientific heresy” and „scientific taboo” – the existence of which every self-respecting scientist who cares about his/her career, should NOT even contemplate. What worse, such a judgement of modern scientists, that telepathy is just a „scientific heresy” and „scientific taboo”, combined with the stubbornness with which today’s science stands by its officially professed lies (consider here the position of the official science in matters of God or UFOs), may even completely jeopardize the development of telepathysers on Earth. After all, this is to cause that if readers are NOT to help me effectively in the correcting, amongst others, the described here another scientific lie, which states that the LIGO facility supposedly received these useless „gravitational waves” (i.e. NOT technically useful to us „telepathic waves”), then the next stage of history of the building a working telepathyser will probably be limited to the fight for recognition of the truth of telepathy and to quarrels with scientists, rather than to building increasingly more perfect telepathysers. Therefore I have here an appeal to the reader. Namely, if the reader has an access to the source recordings registered by the LIGO facility, and if the reader believes that the truth must overcome today’s lies of official science, then the reader should personally „take under a magnifying glass” these LIGO’s recordings and check whether or not he/she detects in them any intelligent messages (if YES, then also check what indicates that it is an intelligent message, how we can try to decipher it, and possibly what it says). After all, according to the entire array of already occurring extraordinary events documented in this history, which are too numerous for even a today’s scientist to consider them to be mere „accidents” or „coincidences”, such an intelligent message may hide in the recording of virtually all the telepathic signals intercepted by the LIGO facility, including this first recording of 2015. For me, there is no longer any doubt that sooner or later such a message is to come to us.

While reading the above history of the first stage of building a working telepathyser on Earth, the reader may get an impression, that he/she reads a script for a „science-fiction” film, NOT a report of the totaliztic scientist from what actually has happened. However, all this is true, and in the historical sense all of it actually has happened. What even is more interesting, on the basis of my life experience, I am sure that this type of histories actually were unfolding in case of all breakthrough inventions, for example, among others, also in case of inventing and building a movie camera or printing press. Only that in the face of the human tendency to scepticism and to harassment of those who have had experiences which differ from experiences officially considered to be „normal”, an enormous courage is needed to expose oneself to unwanted danger through revealing to others publicly the truth and through detailed reporting this truth for posterity so that next generations can learn and benefit from it. Thus, for the majority of important inventions of our civilization, such events as these described herein are NOT historically documented – but it does NOT mean that they took no place. For me, however, the need for disclosure of the truth was able to overcome the resistance resulting from a normal human fear of the consequences of the exposure for a persecution by influential people that like secrecies, darkness and undertones. Hence, these problems and tribulations with constructing a working telepathyser on Earth I decided to honestly describe on a number of my web pages and publications – which I recommend to read for learning about this uncomfortable for some and highly sensitive truth. For example, I recommend item #K2 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, repeated in the entry number #267E from this blog of totalizm. It explains in detail why the claims of official science, that in 2015 the science supposedly discovered these useless and actually non-existent „gravitational waves”, disseminate among people a lie resulting either from committing by scientists a serious error, or resulting from a deliberate deception motivated e.g. by the avoidance of the referring people to the controversial for today’s official science achievements of Ms. Daniela Giordano and myself concerning the technically highly useful „telepathic waves” or motivated e.g. by the desire to get the Nobel Prize for „fashionable” today „applauding scientific antiques”. (Notice the fact, that according to the findings of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, „gravitational waves” physically do NOT have the right to exist, because their appearance would cause the destruction and diminishing of gravity. In addition, even if the „gravitational waves” existed, they would be completely useless for technology of our civilization – after all, in order that, for example, humans try to send a useful message via the gravitational waves, it would be necessary to firstly accomplish an intelligent „cooperation” with huge space „black holes”.) Another problem with insisting on this lie is that it, among others, devaluates the true achievement of the LIGO scientists. This true achievement is the construction of a working prototype of telepathyser capable of receiving technically the information transmitted via „telepathic waves”. In addition, this insistence may cause that in the next stage of history of the development of telepathysers, instead of focusing on the construction of increasingly more sophisticated versions of the telepathic transceivers, the mankind will be wasting own time and effort on flame wars with scientists in order to force them to the official recognition that the telepathic waves do exist and have already been received by the LIGO facility, and thus that telepathy is true and should be utilised for the development and for good of humanity. That item #K2 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm” explains also in detail „why” the highly intriguing similarity of the construction and operation of scientific LIGO, to the construction and operation of the „telepathic pyramid” described here, means that these scientists actually either intercepted of some kind of „telepathic noise” generated probably by a nearby nuclear reactor or a testing atomic explosion, or even already received the posted to us through telepathic waves an intelligent message from that mysterious giver of the telepathic pyramid – only that so-far they still have „no idea” that what they received may actually contain an intelligent message. In addition to the above discussed item #K2, I also recommend to the reader item #C2.1 from my other web page named „free_energy.htm”. It describes, among others, a fierce battle, which boils on Earth regarding the building of a functioning telepathyser, and which is carried out by some two external forces, the first of which is the force representing the „good”, thus it is trying to help, prompt and properly orient the people, while the second force is representing (or simulating) the „evil”, thus it is trying to deceive us, disturb, obstruct, cheat, direct people into a blind alley, etc. After all, the effects of this battle noticeably and painfully touch everyone, the fate of whom in any way is implicated in building of a working telepathyser on Earth.

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The above post is an adaptation of item #E1.1 from my web page (in the English language) named „telepathy.htm” (updated on 10th of March 2016, or later). Thus, the reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „telepathy.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, through addresses:

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It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #268E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:

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