#267E: The scientific „nonsense on wheels” called the „discovery of gravitational waves” – meaning how the false „propaganda of successes” of present official science camouflages the actual collapse and the suicide of human civilization deluded by this science – po polsku poniżej

Motto: „The better you get to know the disease, the higher is your chance of surviving it.”

On Friday, 12th February 2016, the evening television news in New Zealand began to repeat the „scientific revelation” noisily disseminated officially throughout the entire world, that supposedly just happened the „breakthrough” discovery of „gravitational waves” – about which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described e.g. on the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm” explains the same thing as it explains about the so-called Higgs boson, namely explains that physically they do not exist at all. On the topic of that alleged „discovery” readers can find a lot in the internet by typing keywords „discovery of gravitational waves”. Unfortunately, the problem with this alleged discovery lies in the fact, that it shows the characteristics of a kind of scientific „propaganda of successes” which completely deviates from the truth. This is because it is based on the detection of vibratory changes in distances. But the existence of such vibratory changes has long been known to also be caused by phenomena, which have nothing in common with the existence of gravitational waves. For example, in mono-directional version these changes can be caused by telepathic vibrations, e.g. of a „telepathic noise” type (i.e. among others, by the same „telepathic noise” as the one that is generated by nuclear explosions and by nuclear reactors – i.e. the one which is described in item #K1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”).

These loud announcements of the official science, of the kind described here about the alleged discovery of „gravitational waves”, or previously broadcasted about the alleged discovery of the „Higgs boson”, display all attributes of false scientific „propaganda of successes”. My knowledge and scientific experience indicates also about these announcements, that one can have a number of reservations that they deviate significantly from the truth, and also that they break a number of other vital criteria – which reservations I am going to describe near the end of this post. The false „propaganda of successes” nature of these announcements is also confirmed by statements of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity – and described on the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm” (addresses of which are provided at the end of this post). After all, this theory quite clearly explains to us how our universe is built. Thus, due to this explanation, it also clearly reveals to us, that neither the „gravitational waves”, nor the „Higgs boson”, actually have any right to exist physically. For example, in the matter of „gravitational waves”, item #G2 of the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, and also subsection H9.3 from volume 4 and subsection JG3.7.1 from volume 8 of my monograph [1/5], explain to us, that gravity is a consequence of the circulation natural programs of the universe. In turn, as we know it e.g. from the operation of today’s computers, any circulation of programs (or any movement of programs) cannot generate waves of the same nature as these programs (for if it generates, then this would result in a self-destruction of these programs). On the other hand, in the matter of „Higgs boson”, item #C2 from my another page named „hurricane.htm”, in combination, for example, with item #A1 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm” explain (and also explain subsection H4.2 from volume 4 and subsection LB1 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5]), that according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, entire matter, including elementary particles, atoms, molecules, etc., are just properly pre-programmed „whirls of counter-matter” formed into closed loops. These whirls differ from each other only by quantities and by sizes of spinning loops of counter-matter and by natural programs that control the behaviour of these whirls. Therefore, expressing the situation in a nutshell, physically there is NO such thing as „Higgs boson”, nor any other micro-particle, but only there are different types of whirls of always the same counter-matter, and different types of natural programs that control these whirls.

The theory of everything of the new „totaliztic science”, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, explains also to us, what the official science really discovered, instead of this supposed „discovery” of physically NOT existing „gravitational waves”. According to this explanation, the alleged „discovery” actually boils down to building of a costly installation – in literature and on the internet described as LIGO (i.e. acronym from the English words „Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory”), and then to intercepting by this installation some „telepathic waves” known to us already for a long time – instead of intercepting the non-existing „gravitational waves”. In other words, the LIGO installation „tuned in” to vibrations of counter-matter named „telepathic waves”, and then transformed the intercepted telepathic waves into a form, which later can be converted to sounds that are perceptible to humans. (This „tuning in” to telepathic waves the LIGO installation accomplished similarly as today’s radios are „tuning in” to vibrations of radio waves.) This means that either intentionally (but without giving to Ms. Daniela Giordano, nor to myself, a moral and discretionary „credit” due), or unintentionally, the gravity researchers built a device, which many years ago I named the „telepathyser”, while the building of which I postulate in my publications for decades – briefly describing its design and operation, among others, in items #E3 to #E3.2 and #C4 to #C4.1, from my web page named „telepathy.htm” and in item #C2.1 from my web page named „free_energy.htm”, while in detail describing it in subsections K2 to K2.7 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The best example of such „telepathyser” is the so-called „telepathic pyramid” gifted to the humanity by a mysterious being, the detailed description of which is provided in two treaties authorised by Mrs Daniela Giordano and by myself, namely in the treaties [7] and [7/2].

The empirical proof that the LIGO installation „tunes in” to the „telepathic waves” (means surely NOT to the „gravitational waves”), is provided by the amazing similarity of construction and operation of LIGO installations, to the construction and operation of that „telepathic pyramid” gifted to the humanity by a mysterious being via the Miss Italy of 1966, Ms. Daniela Giordano. (The point is, that about the „telepathic pyramid” no-one can have any doubt, that it actually „tunes in” and receives „telepathic waves”, NOT „gravitational waves”.) In turn how significant is the similarity of construction and operation of LIGO installations and the „telepathic pyramid”, the reader can judge for himself/herself by comparing the descriptions of both of them, and by finding out how both these devices produce uniform light, how light in both of them is then repeatedly reflected by cascades of mirrors, how in the working space of these devices light interferes then with „telepathic waves” and changes the length of its wave, and finally how the appropriately designed electronic systems transform effects of light interference into the signal perceptible by people. One can say that both these devices actually look as if they were designed by one and the same creator, only that the LIGO installation was designed so that it can be build by professional engineers with the use of modern materials, components and tools that are today industrially-available, while the telepathic pyramid was designed so that it can build by amateur hobbyists with funds, materials and tools that are domestically available to average present hobbyists. In my opinion their mutual similarity is so significant, that every group of objective experts selected for their comparison will rule decisively that they are modelled on each other. If the both of them were intellectual products of two different people from Earth (which, however, they are NOT), then their mutual similarity would provide the inventor of much earlier published „telepathic pyramid” with arguments to accuse the builders of LIGO installation that they violated copyright laws, that they created a plagiarism, and that they copied someone else’s intellectual property. That the LIGO „tunes in” to „telepathic waves”, and NOT to „gravitational waves”, also attests the explanation that has long been disseminated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that telepathic vibrations which propagate through the counter-world cause, amongst others, mono-directional vibrations of objects from matter which can resonate with them. In turn, the vibrations of these material objects become detectable in our physical world. This is because their vibrations boil down, amongst others, to oscillatory changes of distances. Just this is why e.g. a quartz crystal of a proper frequency of own vibrations can selectively transform telepathic waves into electrical oscillations in the „telepathysers” tuned to a single frequency, or in any other communication devices operating at a single selected frequency of telepathic waves – for more information see descriptions e.g. from items #E1.2 and #F1.2 of my web page named „fe_cell.htm”. Also this is why some kinds of matter can be permanently telekinetised, partially loosing their weights.

To summarize the above in other words, instead of the discovery of non-existent „gravitational waves”, luminaries of the science either in the intended manner (but without giving to Ms. Giordano, nor to me, the due discretionary and moral „credit”), or unintentionally, managed to build a large-scale of slightly modernised copy of the „telepathic pyramid”, while with help of this copy they were able to tune in and to turn into sounds the „telepathic waves”, means they managed to pick up sound-like-waves that propagate solely through the counter-world, which waves, together with the telepathic pyramid and along with many other transmitting-receiving telepathic devices allowing for the use of telepathic waves for instant communication at interstellar distances, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes already since tens of years. Only that instead of modulated telepathic waves, which would provide us with a message from the mysterious civilization which gifted to us the „telepathic pyramid”, these luminaries of science so-far probably only tuned in to the ordinary „telepathic noise”, formed perhaps by a nearby nuclear reactor, or by a nearby nuclear explosion (although we should NOT exclude the possibility that this first intercepted signal already contains an intelligent message – only that so far no-one recognized it and deciphered what it says). However, knowing that those mysterious givers of the „telepathic pyramid” diligently observe with their „telepathic telescopes” what is happening on Earth, I am absolutely sure that if the luminaries of science will keep running their LIGO device (that supposedly detects non-existent „gravitational waves”), and keep this device tuned in to the same frequency for the required long period of time, then soon their device receives an intelligent and logical message from outer space. After all, in such a case mysterious givers of the „telepathic pyramid” will have the time needed to determine the frequency of telepathic waves to which is tuned the LIGO installation allegedly detecting the non-existent „gravitational waves”, so that then their „telepathic projectors” will be able to send to this installation an intelligent intergalactic message. So we should NOT be surprised, if soon we will hear another „scientific revelation” authorized by the same luminaries of science, and stating something along the lines, that e.g. cosmic „black holes” indicate that they possess an intelligence, because „gravitational waves” generated by them contain some logically formulated codes and information.

Wave motion is one of the most frequently occurring phenomena of the universe. So it should NOT be a surprise, that if someone comes across of any amongst numerous manifestations of wave motion, while origin of it is not obvious from the manner in which it manifested, then a given someone may try to declare that he/she had discovered „gravitational waves” – especially if previously he/she did not have a chance, or deliberately NOT wanted, to learn about my Concept of Dipolar Gravity (which theory would explain to him/her that „gravitational waves” physically do NOT exist). Thus, the described here case of alleged „discovery”, is NOT the first, and probably also NOT the last, when someone claims the „discovery” of gravitational waves. A previous case of „discovery” of gravitational waves that took place as long ago as in 1972 and that was quite similar to the one described here, was claimed by then a Polish citizen – more details about it is described in the German, English and Polish languages at the internet address http://www.gravitational-waves.eu (after entering of which „eu” address, you firstly need at the top of page click on the flag of the country in the language of which you wish to read the descriptions of that discovery, and later on the „menu” from the left margin you need to select and to click on what exactly you want to read about that discovery), and also it is described in the Polish language at the address http://www.nautilus.org.pl/?p=artykul&id=3087. It is worth to have a look at the description of that discovery of 1972, because it reveals that the rule in all these supposed discoveries of „gravitational waves” is that always the circumstances in which these discoveries take place do NOT allow the discoverers to unambiguously determine what exactly was detected, and what the given waves actually represent. Hence, the discoverers of these phenomena are always tempted to erroneously or falsely claim that they just discovered „gravitational waves” (after all, hardly anyone is ready to accept the finding of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity that gravitational waves physically cannot exist, although on the present level of our knowledge and technology we already can build devices which are capable to use absolutely safe „telepathic waves” for sending and for receiving information).

As we see it again, God works tirelessly in mysterious ways to inspire humanity’s learning and to improve our knowledge of truths. So perhaps that because of the use in the LIGO installation of the same principles of operation which uses the „telepathic pyramid”, the lie the official science about the alleged discovery of actually non-existent „gravitational waves”, in a way totally unintended by the luminaries of science will open to the humanity a new channel of telepathic communication. In turn by means of this new channel, mysterious givers of the „telepathic pyramid” will finally be able to start wisely communicate with humanity and to initiate the promotion of truth on Earth (but, unfortunately, this communicating may happen only if our atheistic scientists do NOT feel that these communications are a threat to their authority, and therefore if they do NOT deliberately start to avoid the receiving of these communications). So, as we can see, with the help of God in revealing the truth described in this post, the humanity receives one more chance to postpone the mass extinction of a significant proportion of humanity that is approaching quickly, and the imminent arrival of which extinction I explained in items #H1 to #H3 from my web page named „prophecies.htm”, in item #K1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”, in items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named „solar.htm”, while the likely course of which, resulting from historical records about the medieval „Black Death”, Mr Dominik Myrcik illustratively describes in his Polish article available at http://www.angelus-silesius.pl/articles/2015/black_death.html . So the question – the answer to which should be worth to notice from what will happen soon, is whether atheistic scientists will allow that the mankind makes now the use of that new communication channel and the use of perhaps that last chance.

But if we leave aside the matter of a possible opening by the luminaries of science of the new telepathic communication channel with some mysterious beings, then the intentions of alleged discoverers of the non-existent „gravitational waves” break a whole array of scientific principles, good practices, and duties to disseminate truths. For example, I myself have a lot of reservations about these intentions – which reservations I am to summarize now in paragraphs that follow.

(A) Scientific reservations. These boil down to the fact, that the fruits of the supposed „discovery” of the non-existent „gravitational waves” run against various scientific truths, findings, rules and practices, etc. So here I will show some examples of most important amongst them. (A1) How is it possible, that two giant black holes due to gravity vibrate in the distant cosmos with so high frequency, that this frequency can be transformed into sounds perceivable by human ears – which sounds these scientists have provided for us to hear. After all, the gigantic masses of these black holes the same luminaries of science estimated as amounting to equivalents of 29 and 36 of the masses of our Sun. On the other hand it is known, that the greater the size and weight of an object, the lower is the frequency of natural vibration of it. This in turn means, that the vibrations of any cosmic black holes should occur with a frequency so slow, that it should not be audible to humans. (A2) Why the alleged „discoverers” of these non-existent „gravitational waves” have NOT admitted that in fact these are „telepathic waves”, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes for decades, while for which a highly detailed descriptions of detecting devices are widely available on the internet for many years – including descriptions of the „telepathic pyramid”, to the construction and operation of which the LIGO installation is astonishingly similar. After all, if in the future it turns out, that the just detected „telepathic waves”, which I have described already many years ago in my publications, were deliberately and deceptively named „gravity waves”, so that under this different name could be promoting a supposed brand new and yet unpublished discovery, then this would represented a regrettable scientific plagiarism and stealing my intellectual accomplishment (i.e. in such, I hope, NOT occurring case, it would represent a stealing of my intellectual property worthy of some street thugs, NOT worthy of caring about their authority venerable luminaries of science with numerous official titles). In turn, as a proof that LIGO is „tuning in” to telepathy, NOT to gravitational waves, suffices if this installation intercepts any logical telepathic message from e.g. mysterious givers of the telepathic pyramid. Regrettably, the history reveals to us, while items #I3 to #I5 from my web page named „mozajski_uk.htm” roughly document it, that in the past various academic achievements and intellectual properties of Polish nationals were a favourite subject of „appropriation” by then the „rulers of the world” – only that so far this has happened only at times when neither copyrights nor the concept of scientific and intellectual property were already established (so let us hope that such behaviour NOT arises already today, i.e. in times when copyrights and intellectual property allegedly already is in force for all, while some countries even try to make copyrights work for them for longer). (A3) How is it, that in typical experimental research, it is difficult today to go with errors of measurement below 10%, so that because of the typical value of this error, the Polish scientific fraternity from the „good old days, when science was NOT descending yet to dogs”, forged and used to repeat the saying containing a bitter truth, that „in theory typically no-one believes – except for its author, but in the results of experimental measurement typically believe everyone – except for its author”. (In more detail this saying is described, among others, in 2 from item #E1 of my web page named „rok_uk.htm”.) Meanwhile, the supposed „discoverers” of the non-existent „gravitational waves”, a summary of uncontrollable influences on the measured light beam as well as on mirrors and on other system components of LIGO measured with the laser, the beam of which had a multitude of the length of 4 km, while the single twitch of the tip of beam from this laser, allegedly caused by the non-existent „gravitational waves”, had a variation of less than an atom (which gives the fabulously low percentage error of measurement, in the order of ten to a significant negative power, which is an error practically close to 0% – for realistic achievement of which zero-percent error actually we cannot even dream of, because many interactions and impacts onto this laser beam and onto mirrors reflecting it as well as onto processing components of LIGO, we simply are NOT able to predict nor guarantee). The point is, that if an error of the discovery discussed here was actually close to 10%, instead of close to zero-percent (0%), then this would imply that most of the claims about the „discovery”, especially quantitative data about the remote „black holes”, is certainly „taken from the ceiling”. (A4) How is it possible, that the idea of „black holes” (whose actual existence, however, we can also continue to question) are known to the official science for a long time, but attempts to detect the „gravitational waves” that these black holes supposedly generate and the supposed existence of which were postulated over 100 years ago, were started only recently. (I.e., whether e.g. it is possible that it was only relatively recently that luminaries of science stumbled upon something, e.g. upon descriptions of the telepathic pyramid, that has provided them with certainty that the use of a homogeneous beam of light reflected by mirrors will allow them to detect a phenomenon that can be called „gravity waves”?) (A5) How is it that these luminaries of science are confident that their LIGO device accidentally „pointed itself” precisely at that particular pair of „black holes” from the southern hemisphere interfering with each other in the distant cosmos, and thus that whatever their device is receiving, is the alleged „gravity waves” generated by just these two „black holes”, and is NOT e.g. the „telepathic noise” generated e.g. by a nuclear test explosion or by a nearby nuclear reactor – as described in item #K1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”. After all, from the time of my interest in astronomy I remember, that pointing an ordinary telescope even onto a close to Earth space object that one wants to just see, is quite a difficult task for intelligent people, and these objects are typically NOT distant from Earth as much as 1.3 billion light-years (as the stated distance of these „black holes”), and also the aiming of such a telescope is NOT happening because of some coincidence, but because of a human intelligent activity.

(B) Social reservations. These are due to the growing trend of official science, „to buy increasingly more expensive scientific discoveries” with taxpayers’ money. For example, as just revealed to us the above information about the alleged discovery of the non-existent „gravitational waves”, while previously revealed to us a very similar information about the alleged discovery of a non-existent „Higgs boson”, some amongst today’s scientists have developed a perfect way of „pressing into naive people the nonsense about the alleged scientific discoveries” through the today’s large-scale version of the „scientific propaganda of successes”. This method is very simple. It is sufficient, that (B1) scientists choose for themselves some unverifiable by ordinary people phenomenon that someone very famous, most preferably a widely known Nobel laureate, postulated in past, for example choose the „Higgs boson”, gravitational waves, etc. Then they (B2) order that with taxpayers’ money industry experts built some device highly costly and impressing with its complexity, that purportedly is to serve the confirmation of the words of this highly famous and widely known scientist – e.g. Einstein. Then they (B3) pay to their numerous technicians to carry out experiments on this device, about which experiments it is known in advance that in a new way may allow to perceive some phenomenon known for a long time, e.g. a vibratory change of distances. After the completion of these experiments, technicians are to produce and hand in, a written report. Then scientists (B4) use some unverifiable at today’s level of technology object, e.g. a distant cosmic „black hole”, so that even without having „a clue” about the nuances of the conducted experiment, still it is possible to interpret with the help of this object, that the phenomenon reported to them by technicians is actually the sought confirmation of the words of that famous scientist. Finally, they (B5) use the modern propaganda machine to impress the naive folks as to how great discovery was made. In turn after impressing folks, opens for them a new opportunity for being able to (B6) forward another application for financing by taxpayers a next, even more expensive, project of further researching by industry and technicians of the same phenomenon, on the occasion of which project probably (B7) opens a next opportunity for the same procedure to be repeated for yet another words of some famous past scientist. In this way our official science increasingly faster delves into lies, with the use of which luminaries of science push onto people the inverse of truth about actual reality around us – while together with them is delving into these lies also all the mankind. After all, at top of every scientific lie is later built another layer of lies, which all together increasingly tighter surround and bond the humanity with a wall of lies, which do NOT allow people to see the truth about the reality around us – because this truth is hidden behind the wall of lies.

(C) Moral reservations. These include. (C1) The lying to the humanity and the dissemination of untruths – after all, the authorizing of information, about which it is known that it differs from the truth, is actually lying. (See also item #C4.7 from the web page named „morals.htm” – because it explains what consequences for the official science denying the existence of God, has the principle governed by God that is described with the following words of the Bible: „every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit”.) (C2) The seeking by many modern scientists mainly fame, money, and influence, instead of solving the current problems of the decaying humanity that already is behaving in suicidal manners. (C3) The resorting to the „propaganda of successes” to uphold the authority of official science strained by lies officially disseminated by this science. (C4) The avoidance of researching and taking a stand on matters whose correctness can be verified later, while the ever-wider directing attention toward unverifiable topics, such as distant planets and universe, atoms and elementary particles, far future, etc. (C5) The devaluation of the scientific contribution of individual researchers, who because of a lack of access to funded by the taxpayers expensive installations, satellites, space shuttles, rockets, etc., are NOT able to surround their achievements with as much loud „propaganda of successes”, as do the luminaries of science conducting the accepted by politicians research of the type discussed here.

The „propaganda of successes” has always been, and will always be, a harbinger of one’s decay and collapse. Not without a reason in the last years of communism, only such a propaganda was possible to officially hear from the communistic mass media. After all, only those who do NOT have to hide their corruption and idleness, have the courage to admit their mistakes. Unfortunately, the official science has long ago abandoned its previous principle, that an admission of error and describing how one makes it, often brings more useful knowledge than bragging about alleged successes – the essence of which is based on a lie. In turn, the monopoly of the official science on research and on education, causes that while sinking down by itself, this science also entails virtually our entire civilization. After all, following the example of science, nowadays practically almost everyone started to practice only such propaganda of successes. No wonder that our civilization has a long time ago crossed the „point of NO return” in its efforts to commit a suicide – as it is explained in more detail in items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named „solar.htm”. So it is a time we reminded ourselves, that the mechanisms of „true morality” obliged on us the duty to correct the harmful untruths in every case when we discover that someone „pushes nonsense onto us”. This is because only the widespread insistence on the truth and on the traditional values of „true morality” that may slightly slow down the speed of our continued rolling downward toward a disaster.

Those readers who are interested in information about telepathyser presented in this post, I would like to inform, that some amongst this information is additionally elaborated on my different web pages. For example, item #E1.1 from my web page named „telepathy.htm” briefly describes the whole history of the first stage of constructing a working telepathyser on Earth, i.e. the history covering the period commencing in 1978 (i.e. when a mysterious being gave the „telepathic pyramid” to the humanity, by describing the design and work of this pyramid to Ms. Daniela Giordano), while ending in 2015 (i.e. when the LIGO facility, the design and principles of operation of which are a close copy of the construction and work of the „telepathic pyramid”, accomplished a success in the first on Earth registering of some „telepathic signal” and in transformation of this „telepathic signal” into a form that can be understood by people). In turn, item #C2.1 from my other web page named „free_energy.htm” describes, among others, a fierce battle, which rages on Earth in the matter of building a functioning telepathyser, and that is carried out by two external forces, the first of which is the force representing „good”, thus which is trying to help, guide, and properly direct the people, while the second force representing „evil”, is trying to deceive, stop, obstruct, cheat, direct people into a blind alley, etc. The effects of this battle noticeably affect every person, the fate of whom is in any way intertwined with the effort of building a working telepathyser on Earth.

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of item #K2 from my web page (in the English language) named „dipolar_gravity.htm” (updated on 20th of February 2016, or later). Thus, the reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, through addresses:

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It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #267E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:

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