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#266E: How God serves the universal justice for (1) individual, and for (2) group intellects, for immoralities that these intellects have already committed (i.e. How God punishes those intellects) – po polsku poniżej


Motto: ‚Only atheists try to convince us that „one can accidentally find himself or herself in a wrong place at a wrong time” – deep believers in God know that „in life everyone receives exactly what he/she previously deserved”.’

#B2: The most moral and progressive modern philosophy of the world created by man and named the philosophy of totalizm, teaches us that there are two categories of „intellects”, and thus also two categories of morality and universal justice that are characterising these intellects. (An „intellect” is an entity that leads its own separate „intelligent life” – for explanations see item #E2 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”.) These are the so-called (1) „individual intellects” – means single persons, and (2) „group intellects” – means e.g. a factory, a village, entire city or community, entire religion or science, entire country or nation, or even the entire civilisation – for more details see that item #E2 from the abovementioned web page named „totalizm.htm”.)

Fates of subsequent intellects that belong to both above categories, i.e. „individual intellects” as well as „group intellects”, depend on the behaviours that they practice in their lives, and that are ruled by the philosophy which these intellects practice in their everyday lives. Of course, God tries to persuade all existing intellects to „voluntarily” live in agreement with principles which obeying God requires from us. In the popular language these imposed on us and independent of times principles are called „morality”. Their full description God outlined in the Bible. Unfortunately, in recent times the public opinion is influenced by the official science – which intensely tries to convince people, that God does NOT exist (and this in spite that for many years are already published formal scientific proofs for the existence of God – e.g. see item #G2 from my web page named „god_proof.htm”). So this official science invented its own „atheistic” explanation as to what „morality” is. This scientific explanation of „morality” in my publications is called the „scientific morality”. Of course, that „scientific morality” significantly differs from what God requires from us, means it differs from truth – for details see descriptions from items #B2 and #B3 of my web page named „morals.htm”. This is because the science tries to convince us that the „morality” is a purely human invention. Thus, humans in power and authority, employers, politicians, and scientists supposedly have the right to change all rules of this „scientific morality” in any way that they feel like. Therefore, in order to distinguish that unchangeable morality, which with the iron consequences is required from us by God, from that invented by atheistic science „scientific morality” that by politicians, employers and by scientists can by changed in various ways and shaped by human legal systems, for that unchangeable morality that originates from God I introduced in my publications a more precise name of the „true morality”. The true morality is the obedience with which people stick to fulfilling the list of principles of living and requirements imposed onto us by our creator (God). The requirements of „true morality” in quite an ancient way are described in the Bible. In turn with the use of modern language in a scientific manner they are explained by the philosophy of totalizm. This philosophy also defines precisely in today’s language the „moral criteria” the adherence to which causes our compliance with these God’s requirements, and also defines and explains the methods used by God in the enforcement of these requirements and in punishments for breaking them.

(Notice, however, that contrary to the Bible – which is authorized by the infallible and omniscient God, the philosophy of totalizm was developed only by fallible human scientist (i.e. me). Thus, although the philosophy of totalizm probably is easier to read and understand than the Bible – because totalizm is already using modern language, is based solely on scientific research and on proven evidence, each topic it discusses at length and in detail, as well as for each of its statement it explains not only „what”, but also „why”, „which consequences this brings”, „what evidence confirms it”, etc., however precisely because of this origin of totalizm solely from the fallible human being (me) – whose purely human imperfections by definition are sources of various simplifications and errors, on the statements of totalizm one cannot rely with the same certainty of their absolute correctness with which one can rely on words of God provided by the Bible. Therefore, if for some vital for the reader matter explained by the philosophy of totalizm, the reader wants to be absolutely sure of its correctness, as the author of totalizm I would recommend him/her to additionally verify the correctness of his/her understanding of this matter on words of the Bible.)

Unfortunately for us, in spite of the existence of requirements of the „true morality”, the imperfections and weaknesses of human nature impose continuous pressure on people to practice the highly immoral lives described by the so-called philosophy of parasitism. (The most important amongst these pressures caused by imperfections and foibles of human nature are described under the name of „10 devilish commandments” in item #R2 from my web page named „solar_pl.htm”.) Therefore God is forced to continually punish these people who surrender to weaknesses of their nature and practice that highly immoral and contagious philosophy of parasitism. What is most interesting, in this punishing God places great emphasises that the imposed punishments contain in themselves numerous attributes that are to educate people – as this is explained in item #N2 from my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”. Simultaneously God also continually rewards and encourages these people who really practice in their lives what is required from them by the Bible, and thus what is also recommended to them by the highly moral philosophy of totalizm. For the effective „punishing” and „rewarding” of people who practice specific kinds of morality, God developed and continuously applies quite interesting mechanisms of His supervision over the learning of people how they should live accordingly to requirements of their creator.

The most important amongst mechanisms that supervise the learning by people of how they should live in accordance with the requirements of their creator, is the primary field very similar to gravity, but acting on our minds, called the „moral field”. The best description of the nature and work of the „moral field” is provided in items #C4.2 and #C4.2.1 from my web page named „morals.htm”. It is just this „moral field” that decides (and tells us) which our actions are morally correct, and which are immoral because they violate criteria of morality – for a brief summary of work of this field see items #B4 and #N2 from my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”. It is also the moral field that in its long-term work oversees the administration of „rewards” or „punishments” for which we deserved earlier due to our moral or immoral behaviours – a brief explanation how this work is provided in items #A1.1 and #E2 from my web page named „totalizm.htm”. Unfortunately for us, the imposition of „rewards” or „punishments” takes place only after the elapse of so-called „time of return” (karma), means many years after the time when we ourselves committed deeds that cause the returns of punishments or rewards which we deserved (this „time of return” is further explained in item #C4.2 from my web page named „morals.htm”).

In our present physical lives, practically continually we are rewarded and punished for whatever we have done previously in a moral or an immoral way. However, in typical cases a majority of us do not realize that given something is a moral reward, while something else – a punishment. After all, when these arrive, most of us do not remember our behaviour from which they originate. Therefore, in order to help us in learning how to quickly identify and understand them, in the following sub-items of this item #B2 of the post, I am going to indicate several examples which I personally researched scientifically, and thus the detailed descriptions of which I provided on my web pages. In these examples are described and explained in more detail „punishments”, about which I managed to determine already, that known to me individual or group intellects were „treated” with them for immoralities that these intellects previously committed in their actions. („Rewards” for the time being are not discussed here, because at this stage of our development, for us is much more important to learn how to avoid „punishments”.) Of course, in my research the most intensely I searched for connections between the kind of immorality that has been committed, and the educational features embedded into the punishment that was served for this immorality. The point is, that the learning of this connection teaches us how to avoid such punishments (and also helps us to estimate what kind of punishment is to come for a given kind of immorality). On the other hand, if we learn how to avoid punishments, then almost the only thing that we will experience, are rewards – which in such a case will become easier to identify and to describe. Unfortunately, the researching of each of my cases takes a lot of time, while I am still the only scientist in the world, who alone and without the support of any institution carries out this important research. Hence, the already described specific examples that I researched is still far too few. However, they still give us very first insights regarding what are these educating us relationships between immoralities that we commit, and penalties that come for those immoralities, and regarding principles and methods that God uses in imposing such penalties. In addition, due to the use of „extrapolation”, now these examples also allow us to draw conclusions about the whole range of other similar immoralities and penalties for those people who commit them. Thus, their knowledge is hugely beneficial for us, because they literally „opens our eyes” on the issues of punishments and administration of divine justice, about filaments of which typically we previously had no idea. So here are sub-items with links to more comprehensive descriptions of examples of „punishments” that I researched.

#B2.1. Examples of „punishments” for „immoralities” committed by individual people:

Almost every „punishment” that someone receives for committing an immorality, typically comes only after the so-called „time of return”. For individual people this time typically is about 7 to 10 years. Thus, when someone receives the punishment for which he/she deserved many years earlier, then most of times he/she does not remember the immorality for which that punishment has arrived. Therefore into the penalty God is embedding a whole range of features, which create a learning bridge between the immorality that we committed several years earlier, and the punishment that we just received for that immorality. These features of divine punishment are listed and discussed more comprehensively in item #N2 from my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”, while the most vital amongst them are briefly summarised in sub-item #B2.3 from the web page „mozajski_uk.htm”. But onto one of these features I would like to draw the reader’s attention already at this point in time – because it turns out to be a leading component of virtually all of God’s punishments for serial (multiple) repetition of the some kind of immorality aimed at drawing specific kind of benefit. Namely, this leading punishment turns out to be the irreversible loss for the rest of the life of a given punished person (or of a given punished group intellect), this benefit, for the draw of which this person (or this group intellect) had counted while committing the given type of serial (repeatable) immorality. So here are examples of these penalties that I have already researched:

In items #F3 and #B5 from my web page named „solar_pl.htm” I explained why for individual people it is a highly immoral action to invest in the „battery-deprived domestic solar systems”. This is because these particular solar systems support with their principle of operation the immoral interests and efforts of electrical grid cartels that try to make dependent on themselves also all these individual owners of domestic solar systems for the generation of electricity, and to force them to buy the dirty and harmful to the nature electricity from the grid cartel. Therefore, individual people who invest in such battery-deprived domestic solar systems, and thus who with their investment support the immoral practices of electrical cartels, are then punished with the loss of sums spent on their domestic solar systems. This is because their investments practically do not get a slightest chance to ever get returned. In other words, these individual people who invest in such battery-deprived domestic solar systems, because they are counting on the profitability of their investments and on the return of the invested sum, irreversibly lose the chance that the invested sum will return itself, or will bring to them any income.

In items #B5.1 and #G1 of my web page named „will.htm” I explained, that if someone spares the rod (i.e. does NOT use corporal punishment for disciplining own children) – as the Bible tells us to do, then at old age is punished for it with a bitter disappointment resulting from either the fate, or from behaviours, of these children. In other words, those parents who serially (repeatedly) refuse to serve to own children the imposed by the Bible corporal punishments for which these children deserved, because these parents want that children loved them more because of this, and therefore in the future children treated them particularly lovingly, as a punishment irreversibly loose for the rest of their lives all that they hoped that it will come to them due of such enhanced love of their children.

In item #N2 of my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm” I provided an example of penalty for passivity in everyday life. I recognized precisely this penalty because it was received by a person I have known personally for many years. This penalty turns out to be the „forced passivity”, caused by illness that for the rest of life has deprived this person the ability to live actively. Of course, when this previously voluntarily passive person learned about the illness, which this time has forced to lead a passive life, the fight with the illness has begun. Unfortunately, the fight is continually lost – as if God is informing: „I was waiting for your volunteer activeness as long as 65 years, but now my patience has been exhausted”. In the same item #N2 I also provided the „energy-based explanation” informing the reader why every „passivity” in life, is punished by God as one of the most significant „serial” (repetitive) immoralities.

The Bible warns us, that those people who are involved in creating or using anything that sows death and destruction will be put to death by one of the effects of that thing (see the Biblical „villain who sows iniquity shall meet with the yield” – Job 4:8, „what man is sowing, this he will also reap „- Galatians 6:8, „who sows the wind reaps the storm” – Hosea 8:7, „he who lives by the sword dies by the sword” – St. Matthew 26:52). At the moment, a phenomenon which has created for itself the most deadly tradition on Earth, is the nuclear power and the radioactivity that it forms – consider Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. So we should NOT be surprise that Maria Sklodowska-Curie (shown in „Fig. #H1” on the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”), died of a kind of cancer caused by radioactivity called „leukaemia” – see the descriptions from item #H3 of the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”. (Consider also the fate of employees from Fukushima and from other nuclear reactors that underwent „failures” – as this is described in items #M1 to #M1.2 from the web page „telekinetics.htm”.) After all, adding any own contribution to the development of nuclear power is actually contributing to the „spread of deaths and destruction” on Earth. Maria Sklodowska-Curie added, of course, a special contribution to the spread of deadly nuclear industry and radioactive contaminations. Therefore her penalty was also very special. However, many people favour the lethal atomistic developments and radioactivity in a less spectacular way – e.g. just by voting „for” on the construction of nuclear reactors, or through membership in various „Atomic Energy Agencies”, or even by simply due to remaining passive on this deadly problem of the humanity in situations when they have the opportunity to actively do something to block the further development of atomic physics, nuclear weapons, or erecting further nuclear reactors. For such people also are meted out severe penalties for their immoral actions in support of, or for their passivity on blocking the further development of, radioactivity and nuclear energy – but those penalties take less spectacular forms, e.g. of a skin cancer called „melanoma”, which possible induction by radioactivity contained in raindrops I try to explain in item #F5 and on „Fig. #F1abc” from my web page named „cooking.htm”. Here it is worth also noticing, that the original deadly phenomenon formed by the decay of atoms and by the radioactivity, which spreads such death and destruction, is the telepathic noise. This noise caused, amongst others, the arrival to Earth of the current suicidal „neo-medieval epoch” described in item #K1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”, and in items #T1 to #T8 from the web page named „solar.htm”. Shockingly, apart from atomic bombs, this noise is also formed, amongst others, by the „Large Hadron Collider” near Geneva – for details see that item #K1 from the web page named „tapanui.htm”. (This means that sometime in the future, after elapses the required „time of return”, near Geneva, or in Geneva itself, happens also something that is to highly surprise you.) In addition, it is also worth to make a notice of the fact, that the activities described in item #C4.7 from the web page named „morals.htm”, as well as for example making money by producing cigarettes or through the dissemination of drugs, or e.g. smoking in places and in a manner which exposes other people to inhaling our smoke, too is a form of severely punishable spreading of death and destruction.

In item #E2 and #A2.7 from my web page named „totalizm.htm” I explained that before God we are personally liable for any immorality committed by a group intellect to which we belong – if we neglect to contribute our effort into the halting or repairing of that immorality. In turn in item #E2 of the web page „wszewilki_uk.htm” I described my belief, that after the Second World War the underground of Nazi Germany called „Werewolf”, that operated in Poland, used to break necks of numerous former Germans, thus unwittingly subjecting them to the penalty for the prior passiveness towards a group immorality perpetrated by Nazi Germany (recently I came across the claim that the Nazi underground „Werewolf”, specialising in such necks breaking, supposedly never existed in Poland).

In item #G1 of my web page named „will.htm” I explained that the youth who does NOT learn to listen to the voice of their conscience dies a premature death. For example, all my former colleagues from years of my youth, who already then demonstrated by their conduct that they do NOT listen to the voice of their conscience, died later at a young age – as states this the principle of „extinction of most immoral” that is described, amongst others, in item #B1 from my web page named „changelings.htm”. In other words, the penalty for the acquisition of the habit to „serially” (repeatedly) silence the voice of own conscience, and thus to enjoy the pleasures of committing immoralities that this conscience forbids us, is the irreparable loss still at a young age the ability to feel any pleasure that stems from staying alive.

#B2.2. Examples of „punishments” for „immoralities” committed by group intellects:

The „time of return” (sometime also called the „payback time”), after which typically arrives the „punishment” for an „immorality” perpetrated by a given „group intellect”, is about 10 times longer, than the „payback time” of penalties for individual people. Thus, for group intellects that „payback time” is typically about 70 to 100 years – which fact is broadly explained in item #C4.2 from my web page named „morals.htm”. However, in drastic cases of committing extremely significant „immoralities”, for example in the case of group attacks on God, or of immoral aggressive wars, God shorten the payback time to a similar length as for individual intellects (examples of events that represent just such a shortening of „time of return” for immoralities of group intellects are provided in item #J6 from the web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm” and in item #G2 from the web page named „prophecies.htm”). For me personally, it is also quite intriguing, that God appears to reduce significantly the „payback time” of penalties for passivity of entire group intellects (i.e. the penalties discussed in item #N2 from my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”, or mentioned in item #E2 from my web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”).

A perfect example of penalties which for committing immoralities received group intellects, are already clearly visible today consequences of immoral introduction to the use of antibiotics, pesticides and the theory of relativity. These penalties are explained in more details in item #J1 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. They are described in there together with an explanation as to which facts confirm that the introduction to the use of antibiotics, pesticides, and the theory of relativity, actually were the actions that break moral criteria, means were „immoral” actions (in spite that the present official science will argue otherwise). One amongst of a whole series of those already irreversible punishments, is the extinction of bees caused just by the immoral use of pesticides and mobile phones – as precisely this permanent in form of extinction of bees is explained in item #T7 from the web page named „solar.htm” and in item #C5.1 from the web page named „newzealand.htm”.

The thesis that today’s racial problems of some countries actually represent penalties for slavery and for colonialism which these countries have practiced in past, is put into consideration in item #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”. In other words, the treatment that about 100 years ago was served to local people by representatives of a given colonial nation sent to their colonies, is now returned to that nation by the representatives of these colonies who arrived to the country which then practiced slavery or colonialism.

The penalty taking the form of losing every war by the aggressor, most accurately is described in item #I2 from the web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”. More interestingly, every aggressor starting an aggressive war is punished for it in a number of different ways – losing that war is only one of these penalties. Another penalty is e.g. that the destruction that the aggressor has made in invaded areas, after the „payback time” are returned to it in the form of destructions of its own territory (if later the invaded people cannot return the destruction that they suffered, this destruction is returned e.g. by various destructive „natural phenomena”).

Countries that persecute and oppress their creative people, by subjecting each creatively-active their inhabitant to the action of so-called „curse of inventors” (as e.g. for a widely-known case from New Zealand is briefly described in items #D2, #D1 and in „Fig. #D1” from the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”), are later punished with the „inventive impotency” – as explained in item #D1 from the web page named „boiler.htm”, item #M3 from the web page named „fe_cell.htm”, item #G1 from the web page named „eco_cars.htm”, and item #D5 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. As a result of this punishment, they are lagging behind the rest of the outside world, and thus eventually erode on every possible front, after which they are colonized by countries with a higher level of morality that their own morals (as it is explained by the principles of „self-regulatory” mechanism of work of morality). It is just because of the long-term work of this „inventive impotency”, that e.g. the today’s Poland slowly turns into a colony of Western European countries, while e.g. New Zealand slowly turns into a colony of Australia and China.

In item #N2 from the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm” I described a country, whose citizens are unusually „passive”. The penalty for this passivity turns out to be the use of this passivity by successive governments of that country to introduce in there so many laws that restrict democratic freedoms of its citizens, and that limit the influence of these citizens onto the decisions taken by their governments, that now the citizens of this country are forced to continue indefinitely to live in that „passivity already forced onto them” – because even if they would like, now it is NOT possible to introduce in there any significant change or reform. Notice here an intriguing feature of any „forced passivity” – namely its characteristic is that those who are subjected to it, make desperate efforts to get rid of it and to end it – that is, the punishment for passivity also has a „self-regulatory” character described in item #B3 of the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”. However, the catch is, that in order to eliminate such a „forced passivity” a given intellect first must die – for details see the abovementioned item #N2 from the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”.

In items #A1 to #A5 from my other web page named „cooking.htm” and in item #T7 from my web page named „solar.htm” I explained the immorality which is now one of the most commonly committed on Earth. Namely, in spite that God quite clearly states in the Bible, that whatever He has created already is „very good”, today’s people instead of just merely study it and use it, stubbornly are trying to change and „improve” it – deluded by assurances of the official science. As a result, the human ignorance and arrogance only spoils it. When to such a spoiling by present people is subjected e.g. food, then from the beneficial to our health, this food is converted by the people into a slow-acting poison that gradually causes the death of its consumers. In turn to avoid the poisonous action of so spoiled food, people now have to voluntarily give up the technical achievements of present civilization – as this is described in item #A5 from the web page named „cooking.htm” and in item #T8 from the web page named „solar.htm”. (For example, people must stop eating all industrially processed foods, they must themselves prepare meals at home from the most elementary components which other people did NOT manage to poison yet, etc.) Thus, the punishment for spoilage by ignorant people of foods which God created as already „very good”, is the permanent removal from mankind of technical achievements that so-far the humanity has developed in the matters concerning food.

In item #A2 from the web page named „petone.htm” is explained, that the current persecution of Christians that we see around, is a punishment for the persecution of others, which in the past just Christians were of a source and a reason.

Item #G2 from the web page named „prophecies.htm” reveals that a town with a holy name, but inhabitants of which do NOT live up to the requirements and traditions of that name and do not meet the requirement that „nobleness obliges”, nor try to protect their town by inviting at least 10 „righteous” to dwell in their town, is punished by being destroyed.

Items #H2 to #H6 from the web page named „tapanui.htm” reveal that immoral cities (i.e. ones which serially and continually commit all kinds of immoralities) and that are not protected due to living in them these at least „10 righteous”, as a punishment are destroyed.

In item #C4.7of my web page named „morals.htm” I explained, amongst others, that the nuclear power is a highly immoral kind of energy, because it is derived from immoral origins and traditions – this means that according to the Bible it is „a tree that cannot bear good fruit”. In turn in items #M1 to #M1.2 of my web page named „telekinetics.htm”, I explained why the nuclear reactor disaster in Fukushima, Japan, should be considered as a penalty, which not only Japan, but also the entire humanity has received for rejecting the moral lesson about the immorality of nuclear energy, which a lesson it previously received at the end of the Second World War. (Some consequences of this permanent penalty I already tried to discuss in item #T7 and in „Fig. #T1” from my web page named „solar.htm”, and in item #F5 and „Fig. #F1” from another my web page named „cooking.htm”.) Incidentally, almost every university in Japan at some stage received my application for a research professorship in the development of a new philosophy – as it is described in item #A1.1 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”. (Japan every year offers a large number of such professorships.) If at least one of these applications was successful, then I would help Japan to understand the philosophical truth, stating that we must not ignore the moral lessons given to us by God, and thus for its own sake it should not let nuclear energy on its territory.

From a similar immoral tradition as nuclear energy, also originates the today’s rocket technology. Therefore, in caption for „Fig. #1” from the web page named „p_e.htm”, in the mentioned above item #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”, and also in item #H1.1 for my web page named „prophecies.htm”, I explained how probably God intends to „punish” those who already „elevated” the development of this immoral rocket technology, while now neglect to look around for a more moral kind of propulsion systems. Namely, it seems that God is NOT going to allow that countries leading today in the rocket technology, to benefit in the future from inventions of the Magnocraft and Time Vehicle – about which God quite meaningfully caused, that these future human interstellar spaceships invented the son of von Braun’s „slave” (i.e. that one von Braun which was the creator of contemporary rockets), which „slave” was miraculously rescued from POW camp in Peenemunde during a botched bombardment by the Allies airforce. (As we know, Wernher von Braun was a German builder of deadly missiles „V2” – whose heritage and traditions after the war were used as the „source” for today’s space technology.)

* * *

The described here examples of immoralities perpetrated by men, and the punishments that are meted out for them, already on the present stage of research allow us to draw conclusions about the general principles and methods that God uses to impose the universal justice. The most important of these principles and methods I already tried to summarize in item #B2.3 from the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”. So let us learn from them. After all, on the one hand they allow us to estimate „what” punishment and approximately „when” will be imposed for a specific immorality. On the other hand, they allow us to avoid unintended committing of immoralities – caused, for example, by the lack of awareness that a given kind of conduct can be punished by God. In addition to this, in cases when we are affected by some unpleasantness of life, which obviously represent a punishment for a forbidden behaviour we committed in the past, knowing about these principles and methods of God also allows us to deduce what was that forbidden activity which we committed and approximately when we committed it.

* * *

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