#265E: Since the food created for us God considers to be „very good”, then conceited but ignorant scientists, politicians and other individuals should NOT even try to change or „improve” it, because they are to poison or spoil it (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „Scientists who introduce changes to what God has created, and what the people (ignorant in comparison to God) must not change, are equally dangerous and destructive as leaders and politicians who destroy and depopulate countries governed by them – unfortunately both these categories of people rapidly multiply on Earth.”

#A1: In spite that for many years I practiced habits of a scientist, I always try to write in plain language all of my web pages and publications, including this post – so that they can be read and understood by ordinary people. But because of these scientific habits, I still add to the beginning of all my web pages a short summary (abstract) of their content, as well as the formulation of their goals. In turn, in this post and in the web page „cooking.htm” (from which this post eventuated) I exceptionally added the so-called „thesis” – the truth of which thesis is proven by practically the entire content of the web page named „cooking.htm”. (This is because into the content of the web page named „cooking.htm” I included examples of empirical evidence which support the truth of this thesis.) The presence of thesis and the evidence which proves it true, all together cause, that in spite of being written in a plain language, in fact the web page named „cooking.htm” represents the same format that used to have doctoral dissertations „in old good days” (i.e. in times when the science has NOT yet descended to the dogs).

The thesis of this post and the web page named „cooking.htm” states: all the components from which are formed (and are kept alive) people and also everything that people need to live, God has created in such a way that these components form „God’s masterpieces” in which the compositions, configurations, structures, parameters, functions, etc., are the most perfect out of all possible outcomes that could be obtained from given components – so that the introduction by humans of any forbidden by God kinds of changes to these „divine masterpieces” always causes only worsening of level of their excellence.

Expressing in other words this thesis and the reason why I stated it here, I try to provide the empirical evidence which proves what the to-date official science or the religions have NOT even tried to prove. Namely, the evidence which proves that all components of the people and of whatever is necessary for the people to live (e.g. food and beverages) God purposely designed, created and grouped together so wisely and so well, that they form wholes that are the most perfect out of all outcomes possible to obtain. Therefore, if some people, whose human-fallible knowledge makes them total ignorants and idiots when compared with God’s knowledge (e.g. present employees of the official science, politicians, food industry, farmers, butchers, fishermen, cooks, etc.) are to try to make any changes or „improvements” that ruin in these „God’s masterpieces” the originally created by God composition, configuration, structure, etc., then such changes or attempts of „improvements” for sure are to cause only a significant deterioration in the level of excellence of these masterpieces and in their ability to support human health and life.

I probably do not need to add here, that – as in every matter which is highly important for the good of the people, God also warns us in the Bible, that everything He created (and thus, among others, also the food that we eat and beverages that we drink), He prepared for us in the most perfect way possible. After all, only such a divine warning placed in the Bible is able to clearly let to know all of the humanity that if we (i.e. the imperfect people with knowledge incomparably lesser than that of God) will begin to change it or try to „improve” it, then the only thing we get is the destruction of this „God’s masterpiece” and the spoiling of its beneficial effects on our health and life (which beneficial effects God originally bestowed to it). An example of just such a divine warning is the verse 1:31 from the Biblical „Genesis”, which, after describing the process of creation of the universe and the people says: „And God saw everything that He had made was very good.” (In order to draw people’s attention to this weighty fact, that whatever God created is already „very good”, and thus that people should NOT even attempt to change it or to „improve” it, God repeats similar emphasizes of quality (good) of the final products that He created for several other stages (days) of creation.) In turn, as we all know, there is NO the word that would mean something even better than „very good”. Furthermore, behind of what God says always stands the authority of divine omniscience and God’s infinitive capabilities. Therefore, by stating that what He has created is already „very good”, God does NOT need to continue to dwell in the Bible (as I am doing it here) that people deprived of the divine omniscience and capabilities, must NOT change or try to „improve” whatever God has done as „very good”, because they will spoil it. After all, such a ban on making changes is obvious and comes to mind by itself from the authority of God’s divine omniscience standing behind the term „very good”. (An example and an illustration of in how much trouble the humanity falls if it starts to change and „improve” whatever God has made „very good”, are murderous consequences of nuclear power, which probably already threaten virtually every person with the danger of inducing skin cancer, named „melanoma”, and genetic mutations, in case of someone just being soaked with ordinary rain. After all, my research to-date described in item #F5 and on „Fig. #F1abc” from the web page named „cooking.htm” – unfortunately, which research still is awaiting verification and confirmation by other researchers, seem to reveal that probably in every rain are contained individual droplets of highly concentrated radioactive waste, the fall of which droplets on the skin, is potentially threatening with causing mutations and the „melanoma” cancer.)

Of course, the empirical proving of the truth of the above thesis, obtained through providing the body of evidence which I collected on the web page named „cooking.htm”, introduces many serious consequences. For example, it reveals that whatever people do that causes changes in the „God’s masterpiece” that are forbidden by God (e.g. changes in the composition of it), it is always only a next step towards the deterioration of the quality of whatever for us (the humans) is absolutely necessary for life and health. Thus, e.g. every change of the natural composition of the foods we eat, or fluids that we drink, made e.g. by the food industry, commands of politicians or governments, greed of farmers, cunningness of retailers, inventiveness of cooks, etc., always cause only the reduction of the quality of these foods or liquids. In other words, the consequence of proving the abovementioned thesis is a warning: industrialists, politicians, scientists, farmers, butchers, fishermen, vendors, cooks, homegrown enhancers, etc., hands off the changing of composition, genetics, condition, performance, etc., of whatever we eat and we drink. For every change to the created by God forms of the food and fluids required for us to live and to be healthy, through e.g. their industrial processing, adding any chemicals to it, altering their genetic composition, culturing on ways different from natural, or changing them in any ways described below in item #A4, turns this food and fluids into slow-acting poisons that gradually destroy human health and shorten people’s lives – as this is explained in item #T7 of my web page named „solar.htm”.

From thesis of this post and the web page named „cooking.htm” stems also their main goal. This goal can be stated as: the combining together examples of the most important types of empirical evidence which indicates, that all the changes and „improvements” that people introduce to the created by God natural composition, condition, genetics, growth, etc., of the food that we eat or fluids that we drink, always causes the gradual destruction of the natural ability of these products to support and to nourish our health and life. In other words, the goal of this post and the web page named „cooking.htm” is to confirm, that everything that people are trying to change or to „improve” in our foods and beverages created by God, while the permission of making which changes has NOT been positively acknowledged in the text of the Bible, actually causes that these foods and drinks are poisoned and spoiled, and thus that then they become hazardous to our health and life.

#A2. Why neither the atheistic science, nor the religions existing today, so-far have NOT even tried to prove empirically nor warn us, that the food which God created for us, people must not change or try to „improve”, because all human changes made to the „God’s masterpiece” cause only significant poisoning and spoiling it, that eventually will destroy people:

Today’s official science virtually at every step „stumbles” on examples of infinite perfection of God’s creations. After all, the configuration, parameters, etc., of practically everything that makes up the people and makes up whatever to these people is essential for their life and health, including food, are selected and combined together by God in so narrowly allowed range, that for accomplishing this was necessary the infinitely higher than human wisdom and intelligence of God just to so well match and align these creations. (Notice that in order to continually NOT repeat the words „food and drink” frequently used herein, in every place of this post and of the web page named „cooking.htm”, when I write the word „food”, I recommend to understood this word both as food for eating, and as drink for satisfying thirst.) In fact, there also is a whole ocean of situations and cases, which in a clear manner prove to the researchers, that every change or attempt to „improve” anything in whatever has been created by God for the people, causes the rapid deterioration of the quality of this creation – and thus brings undesirable consequences for people. The entire science and some scientists also sometimes act as if subconsciously they are aware of the fact that „God’s masterpiece” people must not neither change nor even try to „improve”. After all, for example, the establishing of various „seed banks” both at the global level and in individual countries is, amongst others, just such acting that tries to protect against changing by the people of whatever seeds God has created. Unfortunately for us, in spite of all this, for many different reasons, the institution of present official science as a whole (i.e. as the so-called „group intellect”) still cannot somehow get itself to develop and to announce the conclusion, that „God’s masterpiece” people must not attempt to change nor „improve”, because all such attempts always end up only with spoiling it. So let us list here and describe several amongst most significant examples of these different reasons. Here they are:

(1) The official lying by the science (treated as a whole), that God does NOT exist. In order to prove that „God’s masterpiece”, especially food, people must not change or „improve”, one needs firstly prove that „God does exist” (as I did it, amongst others, in item #G2 from my web page named „god_proof.htm”). However, the atheistic institution of present official science claims that God does NOT exist. Thus, by definition, this science cannot draw the conclusion, that people must not change or try to „improve” the „God’s masterpiece”, especially food – although such a conclusion increasingly loudly arises by itself from the more and more obviously devastating for the people results of the changes and „improvements” that the official science already has introduced to that food.

(2) Greed what dominates over good of humans. Lucrative lives that lead today’s official science and its scientists in charge, are only achieved because the science and scientists get funding from governments just to change or to „improve” whatever God has created – including food. Thus, the statement that „God’s masterpiece”, particularly food, people must not change nor „improve” would be for the official science like the „cutting off the tree-branch on which this science sits”.

(3) The lack of definition. So far, there was NO definition yet, as to what actually constitutes the disallowed for the people „change” or attempt to „improve” of whatever in this post I call „God’s masterpiece” – including the change in state, composition, performance, genetics, etc., of foods. In other words, there still was NO the definition yet as to what people must not change (i.e. there was NO the definition similar to that one which I am providing in item #A3 below in this post). In turn without such a definition, people typically are unable to distinguish, for example, unnatural and therefore disallowed „changes” or attempts to „improve” foods (i.e. the saturation of foods with mineral chemicals, genetic modifications of foods, etc.), from the natural and permitted by God preparation of food for consumption (i.e. from washing it, cutting, fermenting, sprinkling with salt, cooking, combining together longer menus out of different natural foods, distribution, serving, etc.), and from growing it up and multiplying it – that is, e.g. from planting, natural fertilization, grafting of fruit trees (but only carried out without changing their kind – i.e. NOT including, for example, the proverbial grafting „pears on willows”), and the like. After all, some natural preparation of food for consumption and the growth and multiplication of food, also by a lot of people may be wrongly classified as a „change” or an attempt to „improve” – although in terms of the objectives for which it serves in fact it is a completely different category from the „change” category of human activities. After all, the preparation for consumption represents only the various examples from a wide range of legitimate uses, to which the subjecting of this „God’s masterpiece” is allowed in the Bible, so that food can be multiplied and used for the good of humans.

In turn religions do NOT even try to prove anything that would advance the human awareness to a new level – including e.g. trying to prove that „God’s masterpieces”, particularly foods, people must not change or try to improve. All the attention of today’s religions is in fact converged on extending the life of their own religious institutions and on multiplying their followers.

At this point, I also have a duty to stress emphatically that the incompetence of previous developments, and thus also the certainty of the future avoiding by the official science and by religions of so much needed informing, that „God’s masterpiece” (especially food) people must not neither change nor even try to „improve”, causes that people still continue introduction of devastating changes to whatever they are NOT allowed to change. It is because of this continuing, that starting from 11th of September 2001 the humanity crossed the „point of NO return” in its efforts to commit suicide and now it gradually is dying – as this is explained more broadly in items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named „solar.htm”.

#A3. Let us define for ourselves as to what constitutes a „change” or an attempt to „improve” of what God has created for our consumption and what here I call „God’s masterpiece” – that is the composition, condition, genetics, etc., of what people must not change or attempt to „improve”:

There is a whole range of important premises, all of which relatively accurately reveal to us, what changes in „God’s masterpiece” people must NOT made. The most important source of these premises is the Bible. After all, it is in the Bible that God authoritatively states that everything that He created is „very good” – that is, that beings (people) deprived of the divine omniscience and powers should NOT even try to change it, because they only spoil it. Also in the Bible are clearly separated from each other two different categories of actions to which can be subjected, among others, food, i.e. (1) the creation of its „very good” composition, state, content, functions, etc. (i.e. whatever people must NOT change), from (2) its uses for human good and its multiplication (i.e. what people are allowed to do and what God is recommending to be done). Another source of such premises is the finding of the philosophy of totalizm. This finding has revealed, that absolutely everything that people do, and thus also the human handling of foods, can be made either (1) in a manner violating the God’s commandments (i.e. „immorally”), or (2) in a manner consistent with the God’s orders (i.e. morally) – as briefly summarize these two opposite human ways of doing things the items #B2 and #B1 from the web page named „cooking.htm”. (In other words, the philosophy of totalizm teaches us, that it is NOT true what practices the present official science, namely that scientists, politicians and people in general, are permitted to „change” everything, to changing of whatever they have a desire, for if they „change” something what God does NOT allow them to change, then God sends a severe punishment.) The logic, a common sense, and typical life experience, also are sources of premises which quite clearly suggest to us, that nothing that someone with the knowledge and experience higher than ours has already made „very good” (thus also all these characteristics of food, which were granted to it by God at the stage of creation) we must NOT change or „improve”, because of our inferior knowledge and experience only is to spoil it. (For example, in item #B1 of my autobiographical web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”, I described as still as a little boy I succumbed to temptations that after my father was leaving to his work, I was dismantling „very good” Swiss-made watches, which my father fix only the night before – and, of course, having no knowledge and experience of my father, I only spoiled these watches again.) But the most convincing source of premises revealing what changes in „God’s masterpiece” people must not make, is a long list of such changes already made by people, that ended up poisoning and breaking down of „God’s masterpieces” – such a list for foods I provided below in next item #A4 of this post, while the detailed descriptions of poisoning and spoiling of „God’s masterpiece” that such changes cause in foods, are presented on the web page named „cooking.htm”. All these premises put together quite precisely reveal to us how we should define these changes and attempts to „improve” foods, that people must not make, because they only ruin „God’s masterpiece” of creation of the foods which can be described with the divine expression „very good”. Therefore, on the basis of all these premises I have already prepared the necessary definition and I present it below. Here it is:

The disallowed for carrying out by humans change or an attempt to „improve” foods, should be named any change in genetics, the manner of growing, composition, distribution, method of food preparation for human consumption, or in compiling multi-course meals from different types of food, which a change is to cause the acquiring by this food any modified attributes that are different from those of originally pre-programmed by God in a given kind of food, or modified attributes which are NOT approved by God through listing in the Bible the examples of their positive use.

In other words, with food people are permitted to do anything, which leaves unchanged the characteristics that God pre-programmed in it for us at the stage of creation, and/or to do anything that is positively mentioned in the Bible. For example, in every possible way it is permitted to cut food, pulverize it, squeeze, extract, smash, choose for eating only its components, ferment, boil, sprinkle with salt, dry, etc. Very carefully (i.e. in ways that comply with a number of specific genre and energy rules – e.g. see items #L1, #L2 and #L3 from the web page named „cooking.htm”), a given kind of food can also be mixed with other similarly natural kinds of food, or can be included into extended menus that are composed of many dishes containing different types of foods. However, with food completely we are NOT allowed to do what I specified in item #A4 of this post, and what then I described in more details on the web page named „cooking.htm” – means to do whatever precisely meets the above definition of disallowed for people changes or attempts to „improve” food. This is because making such forbidden changes transforms food into a slow-acting poison which gradually kills its consumers.

I should also add here that the above definition stems from the current stage of my research and the current state of my knowledge. However, realizing my human imperfection, my research into compliance of the above definition, with what reveals to us the surrounding reality, is still to be continued. After all whatever imperfect humans do can also be further enhanced by the selected people that already possessed the required for these improvements level of wisdom, knowledge and experience. So if in the future I discover that this definition in some place is NOT sufficiently correct, accurate, or clear, then I am to perfect it further.

I also encourage the reader, that he/she verifies the correctness and clarity of this definition, both on the evidence which I am presenting on the web page named „cooking.htm”, as well as on any other evidence which the reader is able to find (in spite, that probably this evidence is going to be officially hidden by scientists and by politicians). If the reader finds out, that this definition in his/her opinion should be further improved – then I would appreciate letting me know „why”, „where” and possibly also „how”.

#A4. Let us also list here examples of key categories of „changes” or attempts to „improve” introduced by humans to food and beverages, about which already now we can determine, that they impair their quality by turning them into poisons slowly destroying the health and killing humans who consume them:

Ignorance and the atheism of scientists and official science, combined with the to-date lack of definition which only my research allowed to publish in previous item #A3, caused that people routinely make changes and attempts to „improve” foods that are ruining the characteristics given to food by God at the stage of creation – and thus which the people should not make. As a result, more and more often it is discovered that another one amongst these changes or „improvements”, previously determined by science as „allowed” or „needed”, turns food into a slow-acting poison. Thus, on the entire web page named „cooking.htm” I gathered together the most important examples when the changes, that scientists say are supposedly „allowed” or „recommended”, have already proved to be „poisonous” for the food – while in this item here I try to summarize these fatal changes.

Thus, the most important examples of such changes and attempts at „improvement” of foods that are disallowed to be made by people, as they turn these foods into slowly acting poisons, include:

(I) The introduction into food of any quantity and types of mineral chemicals that naturally do NOT occur in a particular kind of food, and thus that must be produced by today’s factories (but note that salt is here the exception). Especially the introduction of mineral types of chemicals described on the web page named „cooking.htm”. For example, the introduction of chemicals (described in item #C1 of the web page named „cooking.htm”), which intend to kill micro-organisms attacking a given food, which micro-organisms cause the spoilage of that food or change in its colour. After all, the introduction of such chemicals ignores the quite obvious conclusion, which probably already come to mind of the reader, and which states that if any chemicals kill the micro-organisms that cause spoilage of food or cause a change in the colour of that food, then the same chemicals certainly also kill the beneficial micro-organisms which in our body cause the digestion of this food and which assist in absorbing through our body the needed by us ingredients of that food (in other words – the introduction of these chemicals to food ignores the rather obvious conclusion that these chemicals do NOT just kill the micro-organisms, but they slowly and gradually also kill the people who consume them).

(Ii) Any industrial food processing that adds to it, or creates in it, any kind of chemicals or components that originally were NOT present in the given kind of food. An example is the industrial processing of red-meat – which turns this meat into a carcinogenic substance described in item #T7 from my web page named „solar.htm” (i.e. into the substance, eating of which the official WHO report qualified to the same dangerous to life and health category, as eating radioactivity or inhalation of asbestos).

(III) The irradiation of food intended for consumption by any type of radiation that naturally do NOT reach the Earth (e.g. because normally such a radiation is stopped by the Earth’s atmosphere), or allowing that the eaten food comes in contact with radioactive substances. Examples here is the use of radiation at the borders of countries to kill insects and their eggs, or to destroy the usefulness of the grain as material for sowing (e.g. in imported fruit or crops), the use of microwave ovens, eating or selling food that grows under high-voltage AC lines, etc.

(IV) The introduction to the food of any substance used by humans also separately as medicines, drugs, hormones, steroids, etc. For example, feeding chickens with antibiotics or injections of antibiotics into kiwifruit, adding vitamins to bread, adding calcium to milk, adding fluoride to the drinking water in public waterworks, add bromine to water in the water supply (e.g. to calm the riots), and the like.

(V) Causing the growth of food on plants or in soil treated with any kind of pesticides or other toxic chemicals. After all, e.g. pesticides, and also toxic chemicals or elements contained e.g. in artificial fertilizers, are substances particularly strongly breaking the moral criteria (i.e. are immoral substances) – for whose introduction into general use God already jointly and severely punishes the entire humanity – for details see item #T7 from the web page named „solar.htm”, and item #J1 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”.

(VI) Such preparation or combining food that destroys its nutritional and energizing abilities. For example, deep freezing, ionising, electrifying, ruining the balance of „yin” and „yang” energy during food preparation – examples provided in items #L1 to #L3 from the web page named „cooking.htm”, or items #B2 to #B4 from the web page named „fruit.htm”.

(VII) Genetic changes carried out in plants or animals that produce food (i.e. the so-called „genetic engineering”). For details see „part #G” of the web page named „cooking.htm”.

(VIII) Causing the growth of food on „composite” plants or animals, i.e. on such in which the individual parts have genetics that differ from each other. To this group of changes or „improvements” of foods prohibited for people are included any equivalents of the proverbial „growing pears on willows” – means, for example, the modern methods of grafting of fruit trees at the „root base” which is formed by planting firstly a fast- growing types of woods that are different than the fruit trees that later are to be grafted. In other words, the proverbial pears are only allowed to be grafted and grow on pear trees – i.e. on the „root bases” which are also formed from pear trees. (Just such forbidden „composite” fruit trees are now in New Zealand the majority of all the trees that provide fruit for human consumption, and are almost an exclusive type of seedlings of fruit trees that can be purchased in New Zealand garden shops – no wonder that even the freshly harvested and clean fruits still can be poisonous in present times.)

Please note that the above list so far includes only the most important changes and attempts to „improve” foods. Thus, in the future I will wide it and supply it with broader explanations – of course, as my free time will permit this.

#A5. So how we can defend ourselves and our loved ones from the harmful impact on our health and life of all these forbidden changes and the supposed „improvements” already introduced by other people to modern foods and beverages:

Theoretically speaking, a defence against the harmful effects of introducing disallowed for people changes and „improvements” to foods, and thus a defence against death due to a slow poisoning with today’s foods, looks easy. It is enough to just avoid eating such changed (supposedly „improved”) foods, i.e. to avoid purchasing and eating foods the packages of which reveal a long list of mineral supplements or medicines, foods industrially processed – especially if we ourselves are able to prepare an unprocessed, home alternative to food produced in a „factory-style” (e.g. to chicken and poultry from large „cage farms”, caged pigs, ready meals or sandwiches from mass dining outlets type McDonald’s or Pizza Hut), etc., etc. In fact, I myself already started this kind of defence. But as it turns out, in practice this defence is very difficult – as on the basis of my own practical experience is explained in more details in items #T7 and #T8 from my web page named „solar.htm”. This difficulty stems from the fact that nowadays practically is almost impossible to purchase foods that have NOT been previously poisoned in one of these numerous disallowed ways described in item #A4 above. Even if what we eat is prepared by ourselves from the most basic ingredients, such as flour, potatoes, bread, milk, slices of meat, eggs, etc. – still increasingly often we only can purchase ingredients which for some reason someone – who produces or sells them (e.g. a farmer, butcher, fisherman, miller, baker, salesman, etc.) tainted with some slowly working poisons. An additional difficulty to this defence is also that it introduces the necessity of sacrificing, and eliminating from our lives, almost all the conveniences and supposed achievements which our present technical civilization already have developed – as this is explained in item #T8 from the abovementioned web page „solar.htm”.

Examples of the principles and methods of defence which I already tried on myself, are described in more detail in items #T6 and #T7 from my web page named „solar.htm”.

But regardless of the fact that the defence against such food poisoning turns out in practice to be very difficult, still this defending should be carried out strongly – for several different reasons. For example, the overriding reason is to prove to God that we are NOT a passive „partner” in the „conspiracy of silence” that now is wrapping this massive immorality of food poisoning to satisfy someone’s greed – as it is broadly described in item #N2 from the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”. In turn the personal reason stems from the fact that „the point of NO return” is already passed by mankind and now our present civilisation is in the process of dying – as I explained this „down to earth” in items #T1 to #T7 from my web page named „solar.htm”. Thus, we need to avoid eating slow-acting poisons simply in order to prevent the inclusion of ourselves and our families to the group of people who will become extinct along with quickly incoming death of the current form of our civilization.

* * *

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