#262E: Werewolves from forests of Stawiec near Milicz (present Poland) and their physical „rules of engagement” (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it probably is a duck” (English proverb)

English people use this funny proverb which I quoted in the motto to this post. I am reminding here this proverb, because since childhood I know something that just „looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck”, but for decades officially it was called „a series of accidents and coincidences”. It so happened, that in the past an open naming this something „a duck” would be a very dangerous thing to do. Hence, for years I too was naming it like everyone else (although I kept no secret of my uneasiness and concern regarding the strangeness of all matters that related to this „duck” – for an example see item #F3 on my web page named „sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm”.) But now times have changed. That probable „duck”, and all the Pollacks, now already belong to the same united Europe. (Note that „Pollack” is the word derived from the Polish noun „Polak” and it also means „a person of the Polish origin” – it can be used as the positive synonym of a quite derogatory word „Pole”.) Furthermore, since 11th September 2001 we together should prepare ourselves to the arrival of a new threat, which is equally dangerous for both of our previously confronting sides – for details see items #H1 to #H3 from the web page named „prophecies.htm”, item #N2 from the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”, and item #K1 from the web page named „tapanui.htm”. (Especially I suggest to notice in there the scenario from item #H3 of the web page named „prophecies.htm”, which I published still back in 2009, while which scenario describes the fulfilment of an old Polish prophecy, that stated „people are going to bring on themselves such a destructive catastrophe, that afterwards a man is going to be so happy to see footprints of another man that he is going to kiss these footprints” – isn’t the beginning of this my scenario published in 2009 corresponding exactly to what started to happen in Europe of 2015?) Thus, in these new times we need to remember that there is such a thing as a „grievances time limit”, as Christians we must also be able to forgive this „duck” that it fulfilled the role towards which its „ducky” nature inclined it, we need to extend our hand for reconciliation, to congratulate it that in spite of being „a duck” it so perfectly and efficiently was able to pretend of being „a series of accidents”, and we need to seriously start studying its perfect methods of acting in order to learn from them. After all, the requirements of an active preparation to whatever we are able to predict that it inevitably is already coming (i.e. the requirements explained more comprehensively, among others, in item #N2 from the web page „pajak_re_2017.htm”), enjoin us, that when a new threat comes to all of us, then the moral „duty of self-defence” requires from us, that we can equally effectively as this „duck” did, but this time in a common effort and in a complete agreement with the moral criteria that we learned in the meantime, confront what the grim future have already announced for all of us.

So let us „call spade a spade”. Well, what in the English proverb is named a „duck” in the real life from the vicinity of Wszewilki and Milicz probably may be called „an extremely effective and efficient cell of the German underground organisation named Werwolf (i.e. „Werewolves”), that after the Second World War operated in forests surrounding the area of Stawiec village near the Polish town of Milicz”. Of course, because this probable cell worked extremely efficiently, it accomplished only successes, it was able to „cover the tracks” of its activities very precisely, and it was never seek by the former Polish authorities nor even considered that it might exist, there is now no evidence that it existed at all. Therefore, everything that is explained in this post represents only circumstances, probabilities and my guessing. However, it is still worth to know principles of the physical acting of this cell, because if by any chance one day it is proved that in spite of the official stand of authorities, this cell really existed, then the mere forgetting the physical methods of its acting would be a tremendous waste of rich experience and excellent methods of its physical operation (i.e. „rules of engagement”). This is because the methods this cell used have proven themselves in the real life. Thus these methods should be studied and learned. In turn, after the improvement of their moral dimension to the level of our present knowledge of morally-correct acting, we should be able to implement them – if such a need occurs. After all, the history likes to „stagger in circles”, hence physically so excellent operating methods and lessons for the future, that the learning of this history can open for us, already in the near future may prove indispensable for the survival of our close ones and our culture.

In every human acting, and therefore also in action of the Werwolf cell described here, can be distinguished three dimensions, namely the dimensions: (1) physical, (2) emotional, and (3) moral – for more details see „Fig. #I1” from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. While at the present level of our knowledge and experiences we can have a lot of objections to the moral and emotional dimension of the operation of this Werwolf cells from Stawiec, the physical dimension of its acting was close to the perfection. Hence it is this physical dimension, that is worthy of further study, and that for the learning of it is also worth to accept the risk of exploring the truth about the actual existence of this Werwolf cell. So here are some examples of „clues” and „circumstances” that seem to confirm the existence and the full of successes physical operation of this highly active cell of the German underground named Werwolf (i.e. „Werewolves”) from forests surrounding the area of village Stawiec near Milicz (in present Poland):

1. The mysterious carrying out to the end, by unknown someone, the clear order of former Nazi authorities from Milicz, to kill all Germans who remained in the area – which an order was to be implemented by every German sabotage group left in Milicz and in vicinity of it after the passing of the front line. About this order I am writing in item #C1 from my web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm” (i.e. „the battle of Milicz”). Namely, when on 22nd January 1945 the Russian army liberated Milicz, in Milicz’s town-hall secretly were hidden two companies of well-armed German youth. This youth received a clear order, that after passing the front line, it has to „crack down” (read „shoot to kill”) all German residents who ignored the orders of Nazi authorities and did NOT flee into depth of Germany before the advancing Soviet army. Fortunately, the Russians learned on time about the existence of these orders and about these more than 300 well-armed young Germans, and prevented the execution of this particular order – about which fact I write in detail in item #C1 of my web page about the „battle of Milicz” named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”. But in spite that these two companies of young Germans were prevented from completing their intention to shoot and kill all the original inhabitants of Milicz and surrounding areas (who knew the history of their territory), still nearly all these „autochthons” who survived the war, were later mysteriously send to the other world – which fact I explained more specifically in item #E1 from the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”, as well as in several other locations of that web page. As we can see, the killing orders that had those young German-defenders of the town-hall from Milicz still someone mysteriously carried out, while those hidden forces which did NOT want to let the past and some very important secrets of Wszewilki and Milicz somehow came out to light, almost achieved their goals after all. So who carried out that order?

2. Those few young German „defenders” of Milicz, who managed to save themselves from the massacre in Milicz, fled just to the village „Stawiec”. Four of them were even shot in the course of this escape – as described in item #F1 of my web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”. To my mind comes a number of questions in the connection with their direction of escape. For example, why they fled to Stawiec? After all, Stawiec lies to the north from Milicz, while the country Germany lies to the west. So logic says that if some German soldiers came out alive from the massacre in Milicz, then they should flee towards Germany, which is to the west, and NOT to Stawiec, or north – unless they knew that in Stawiec is the active cell of Werwolf. For example, a German soldier, who until the last minute kept vigil by the road in the village of Cielcza, instinctively fled towards the west (i.e. to Germany) when he saw first Russian tanks. It was during his flight to west that he was shot while running across the open field to be nearly able to hide his further escape behind my grandmother’s fence. My second question is, why they fled through the open area near Stawiec, where the sharp-eyed Russian soldiers could easily spot them out and shoot them, while if they run away towards the west, their path would lead them among the forests, where it is easy to hide – again the likely explanation is that in Stawiec was Werwolf. Thirdly, who buried them with all the soldiers’ honours – in the manner typical for German military traditions, i.e. by thrusting bayonets into their graves and hanging their helmets on these bayonets. The Polish settlers who arrived to this area, nor the Russian soldiers, would NOT bury them with such soldiers’ honours. For example, young Germans shot in Milicz, Russians just fling into trenches existing near Milicz, whereupon let run a zig-zaging heavy tank along these trenches to cover with pushed-down soil the Germans lying inside.

3. The epidemics of „neck breaking”, that after the war prevailed among indigenous people (the so-called „autochthons”) from Milicz and the vicinity of it. As you probably know, during the German occupation typically anyone who annoyed Germans received a „bullet in the head”. Thus, the bullet hole in the head was a kind of „certificate” of the „German work” during the occupation. However, soldiers of „Werwolf” had orders to act in the conspiracy – so that the Polish local authorities did NOT realise of their existence and thus have not undertaken the search and disposal of them. Thus, the members of the Werwolf in the last phase of the war were specially trained on concentration camps’ prisoners, how in a „pure”, „undetectable”, „silent” and „fast” way, with just a single precise movement, „break necks” of people that were inconvenient for them. (The concentration camp closest to Milicz and Stawiec was located in nearby Sułów – see items #D11 and #D12 from my web page named „milicz_uk.htm”. Pity that no documentation nor witnesses survived, that could provide the testimony of what has happened in there in the final part of the war.) Of course, the lack of criminal expertise among the new Polish authorities from Milicz, and perhaps also other reasons, together caused that all these „breaking of necks” amongst indigenous people („autochthons”) from Milicz, Wszewilki and other surrounding areas, were formally classified as „accidents” and „coincidences”. However, for some reasons that today I cannot explain, really outraged me the death of autochthon named „Waloha” from Wszewilki – whom I personally knew and really liked. So still as a small boy I already established from eye witnesses where was the exact spot in which he was found with „broken neck” lying next to his pushbike. This particular place is situated by only about one-metre-high embankment of the asphalt road leading from Cieszków to Milicz. Knowing personally Waloha, something emotionally NOT allow me to believe, that even if by a chance his pushbike ride down from such a low embankment-slope, this physically fit, strong and slender man would break his neck. In addition, the place in which he was found lies only a few meters before a crossroad where from that asphalt road departs a dirt road leading from Stawiec to Wszewilki – about which dirt road everyone knew that Waloha is to slows down before it and turn into it on his pushbike when he was returning at night to his home in Wszewilki (e.g. returning home from visiting someone – which visiting could deliberately be „organized” for him by Werwolf, or about which the Werwolf knew that unmarried Waloha is taking regularly, e.g. every week). Nothing therefore stopped a Werwolf soldier skilled in „breaking necks” to wait by this dirt road, start talking to Waloha (who probably knew him personally, because they were both locals and lived in the vicinity of each other for many years), break his neck, whereupon drag him several meters up the asphalt road and lay down by his pushbike as if he accidentally fallen from about one-meter-high embankment of the road and „broke his neck”. A similar course could have the „breaking of neck” by other autochthon, who was also a good friend of my family, named Haupfman Nietzke von Kolande, described, among others, in item #G1 from my web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”.

4. Bodies of all other indigenous people (autochthons) from Wszewilki, Milicz and the vicinity, murdered in their homes, have always been thoroughly burned along with the homes in which they died. Simultaneously among the population of the area rumours were spread, that allegedly those murders were carried out by gangs of marauding Russian soldiers (recently comes to my mind, that these rumours alone smell from afar of methods of work of the Nazi propaganda). Meanwhile, facts which come to my attention seem to indicate, that gangs of Russian marauders indeed did rob and rape the local people, but typically afterwards they did NOT kill them. (For example, one such a band tried to rob my family – as described in item #J1 from the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”.) After all, logically speaking, these gangs have not had reasons to murder the people who were their wartime allies (although they had typical human reasons, for example „greed”, to rob and to rape them), but such reasons, and also clear orders to kill autochthons, actually had Werwolf.

5. Psychosis of deadly „threat” that prevailed in the vicinity of Milicz for many years after the war. This psychosis I even remember from the days of my childhood. People in the vicinity of Milicz always were afraid of nights, locked themselves in their homes, built high fences, kept packs of dangerous dogs, in late evenings did NOT let their children to go out to the countryside for playing, for many years they were afraid to even touch anything which was considered to be a German property, etc. – because without interruption something tragic and inexplicable kept happening in there. Because of this fear, one indigenous family well-known to my parents immediately after the death of Waloha packed their humble belongings, abandoned the house which previously they laboriously earned, and fled in panic from Wszewilki – not telling anyone where they were going. Also from the time I spent in a village named Cielcza, I know that this constant psychosis of a deadly threat was quite unique just for Milicz and the vicinity of it. When I think about it, just comes to mind, that the presence in forests of Stawiec an active cell of Werwolf soldiers well-trained in killing, perfectly explains what then kept happening around Milicz.

6. An extremely important secret which apparently is hidden in the medieval tunnels from under the township of Milicz. After all, from the old family stories I know, that in woods near Stawiec have been located exits from these underground tunnels leading from Milicz. Before the outbreak of the Second World War about these tunnels and about their exists knew practically every local resident. Thus, if these tunnels were adopted by Werwolf for their hideouts and bases, it became important for them to „send to another world” all the people who could indicate to Polish authorities where the entrances and exits to these tunnels are hidden. Also in various offices of the German administered Milicz must have existed numerous plans and documentation of these tunnels – but until today somehow NONE of these plans has surfaced nor has been publicly disclosed. Immediately after the Second World War in many places of Milicz still existed entrances to these tunnels. I personally knew older colleagues, who entered into them (one of these colleagues, whom the police from Milicz caught dressed in a knight’s armour that he found in these tunnels, a few years later died unexpectedly at a young age – but I am NOT sure whether he accidentally „broke his neck”). In past one of my classmates showed to me even the entrance to these tunnels that was then located in the wall of the second basement level of the building situated more or less opposite the Milicz bookstore of that time. But then suddenly the Milicz (Polish) authorities thoroughly walled up and hide all entrances to these tunnels. Their exits near the Stawiec village also apparently still have not been found by anyone. So we should not exclude the possibility that it was the local Werwolf which took over these tunnels and turned them into the underground hideouts and bases that until today are tightly covered by the „cloak of mystery” – see item #F3 from my web page named „sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm”. The probability of the existence of this mysterious connection between Werwolf and the underground tunnels from medieval Milicz, causes that perhaps there is a way to validate the circumstances and my guesses described here. Namely, if it was possible to find these exits from the tunnels hidden, among others, in woods near Stawiec, and which still somehow no-one is trying to investigate officially until today, then (if indeed these tunnels were used by the Werwolf) probably appropriate evidence would still be present in their midst. After all, there is a chance that until today the soldiers of Werwolf simply died out from old age, but „just in case” until the very end they did NOT liquidate their underground bases. (To these tunnels, and to their hidden exits, may still lead non-collapsed underground walkways passing from the undergrounds of Milicz.)

7. The mysterious whistling communication signals, that I heard at nights several times in the „area of sending to the other world” that lied between Milicz and Wszewilki. I lived in Stawczyk (a part of Wszewilki) for the first 18 years of my life. During the most of that time, almost every day I travelled to Milicz on my pushbike. After all, in 1953 to 1957 I attended the Primary School No. 1 in Milicz, and then in the years 1960 to 1964 I studied in the Milicz High School. Sometimes my mother sent me to Milicz even on Sundays to deliver fresh milk, butter, or cheese to her friend-client from Milicz. Of course, as befits a boy from that time, relatively often I remained in Milicz until the late night. After all, we went with colleagues to the Milicz’s cinema, we played together, we visited each other, and at the time of my high school came also the dating, night watching of the moon and stars as a part of astronomy group within my high school, and also my fairly active public life including organizing dances, festivals, sports competitions, fireworks displays, etc. When I was returning back home late at night on my pushbike, it would be a big risk to drove along the road, as my pushbike had no lights, while the police in Milicz liked to ambush people on the Krotoszyńska street to catch and punish the ones passing in there without lights, i.e. to catch and punish those people which others could not see from a distance (perhaps the police did so for reasons which I am explaining in the next paragraph). Thus, I always was returning back home by taking a shortcut through completely empty area between Milicz and Wszewilki. In there I knew by heart practically every path, every stone, every corner, and every branch and root of a tree because of which a bicycle could get into trouble. Unfortunately, this area enjoyed a „spooky” fame, as many mysterious things kept happening in there. In turn the paths home along which I was always pedalling, led through the most spooky areas. For example, all these paths led in fact to the railroad tracks, where from time to time various „suicide” victims laid their necks under the wheels of trains. Furthermore, all the paths led along dikes of the river Barycz, while it was this river, from which occasionally were pulled out drowned bodies. In addition, the path that led along the Milicz-side of the river, next to the town of Milicz was starting on a chain of war trenches, at the bottom of which were bodies of the German young defenders of Milicz, which Russians soldiers disposed in there. In these trenches someone constantly was digging pits, although the digger could never be seen. So people were whispering that further bodies were added to these ones already lying in there. If I chose the path at the Wszewilki side of the river Barycz, then by it was a sizeable wasteland, in which also someone unseen continually dug pits – thus also making people to whisper that these pits hide human bodies as well (this track also led to the railway-lane so favoured for „suicides”). Thus, while driving along these paths in the dark, I felt like I rode alone at night through a cemetery in which „haunted”. So when I drove my bike at night through the area located far from houses, then no matter which path I chose, I always was scared, I had there my „soul on the shoulder”, and my senses were taut as the strings. In spite of this, except for a few rare cases when I came across known to me inhabitants of Wszewilki hurrying along the railway tracks to the train station in Milicz, the majority of my trips by that terrible for me area went without seeing anyone. Thus, it was very strange for me, that in several cases, when I was pedalling on my bike through this empty area, only about 20 meters behind me, where previously my heightened senses NOT seen anyone, I heard a very loud whistle, clearly identified aurally by me as the „whistle of a person on his fingers”. If this whistle is described phonetically, it typically consisted of two parts and was sounding as „phiiii-wit” (although sometimes it sounded completely different). Whenever I heard it, I believed that it is someone’s signal to someone’s else, telling that I am coming. So always my eyes were seeking with a fear if anyone is to block my path, but I never could see anyone after such a whistle. It was not until many years later when I was trained as an army officer, that I learned about the principles of placing „vigilantes” at all roads leading to the main forces, and about the need to establish a wide range of „communication signals” that these „vigilantes” were to use if it was necessary to inform the main force of impending danger, and also that in the proximity of the enemy, these „communication signals” should be possibly „loud but natural” – so that the opponent could NOT decode what they mean. In the vicinity of Milicz does NOT exist a beast or bird, which would whistle like a human „whistles on fingers”. Therefore currently I believe, that this „phiiii-wit” which repeatedly I heard in the „area of sending to another world” probably was just such a „near-natural” signal with which someone having a „vigil” at the path along which I pedalled communicated a message: „hide because a single teenager rides on a bicycle” (if on a bicycle would ride two of us, then probably the signal would sound „phiiii-wit-wit”). So the only thing that in Milicz in these matters differed from the instructional „rules of engagement”, is that when an intruder has left the danger zone, the „vigilante” that was hidden at the other end of the path, should give appellate signal „danger has passed” – while in my experiences was broadcasted only the first „warning whistle” – when I rode into a given area, but there was no the „calling off whistle” – when I was leaving the area. (Although, after my moving out of the area could be signalled a different signal, which could NOT be noticed by me, e.g. a short and silent lighting of a green flashlight facing the main group, towards which I was directing my back, thus I was NOT able to see it.)

8. The acting of Polish authorities from Milicz of that time, that behaved as if they secretly cooperated with Werwölf. As you may know, in order to be successful, every underground organisation must have its own „intelligence” and its „informants”. Also as a rule, those must infiltrate the local authorities, especially the police. If we think about it, then the authorities from Milicz of that time acted just like someone from their leadership cooperated with Werwölf. The leads which seem to suggest this include e.g. a strange phenomenon that the authorities from Milicz walled up and hide all the entrances to the underground tunnels in Milicz, and that until now any pre-war documentation of these tunnels has NOT leaked to the general public – in spite that the pre-war highly thorough and methodical Nazi authorities of Milicz with certainty such a documentation drew up while its fragments had to be found in various archives of Milicz. I am also greatly surprised by official explanations, for example, to an unusually large number of (exclusively male) „suicide victims” and „accident victims”, who died on the railroad tracks between the village Wszewilki and the railway bridge on the river Barycz, i.e. in the area to which in the darkness people could sneak unnoticed from forests of Stawiec and Wszewilki, as well as from almost the entire town of Milicz – even carrying on their shoulders e.g. someone bound and gagged. About these exclusively male „suicides” I mentioned in the caption under „Fig. #E1” from the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”. By the authorities they all were officially explained as „suicides” or „casualties” of railway accidents. (Intriguing why never females were amongst them.) As an inquisitive boy, I always was fascinated how they died. So when I learned on time about them, for some of them I managed to see the place of their death shortly after the authorities have already removed their bodies and left the scene of the incident. Well, the majority of these „suicide” victims died by decapitation – officially explained that to commit suicide, they laid their necks on the tracks and let their heads to be cut off by wheels of a train. (Notice, however, that a victim that is wriggling and defending himself, is the easiest to immobilize by placing him on the track by its neck on a rail and oriented the face-down.) But what surprised me the most, was that all of them were found in the morning after a particularly dark, moonless night – as if everyone of them make an agreement that they are to die just in an absolute darkness, and I was also surprised that the place of their death has always looked like a place of a long struggle – i.e. on both sides of tracks and in the area of many square meters the ground was drenched in blood and was trotted as if a steam-roller drove over it. Somehow I could not explain the scenarios of voluntary „placing the neck on the tracks” that would leave such traces. Rather these areas looked for me as if someone had forcibly kept on the tracks someone else that was defending himself and wriggled, and as if after the separation of the head from the body still the remains were moved around while dripping with blood – e.g. to remove ropes from them and to arrange their remains into the desired composition. Other similarly strange leads, are the strange fates of my older colleagues, who were caught by the authorities on exploring the Milicz underground tunnels, and the initial takeover by militaries the Waloha’s farm and home – as if the authorities were afraid that the immediate letting a Polish family to take this farmhouse threatens with the discovery in there of something highly inconvenient for Milicz authorities.

* * *

In spite of that what I am describing here are only circumstances, probability, and my guesses, still just on their basis can be summed up rather the vital knowledge. Just for the salvation of this knowledge from oblivion, and thus for a possible allowing it to be improved with our present moral knowledge, and then (if necessary) to be used, I dared to make a difficult decision to write this post. Namely, can be summarized the „rules of engagement” of an underground organization, whose actions from the physical point of view have proved to be so tremendously successful, that 70 years later it is possible to spread now the propaganda, that this organization allegedly did NOT exist at all. Here are most important components of the „rules of engagement” of this organization:

(i) Focus on quality, not on quantity or loudness. For Werwolf soldiers apparently were chosen best of the best. After all, they were very well trained – e.g. they could break someone’s neck with just a single precise movement. They were highly disciplined, precise, hard-working and motivated. I also believe that they had a high „PR” (public relations), means that they were funny, cheerful, likeable, charming, widely known – otherwise it is not possible to explain, for example, the fact that all the victims allowed them to enter at night to their homes, or within a strike range, without initiating an alarm. Definitely they well knew the Polish language – otherwise they would not be able to infiltrate the Polish authorities and gather the required information (intelligence). Probably they had Polish names. Moreover, I suspect, that their cells were very small – probably consisted of only a few well familiarized with each other and close people.

(ii) Precise preparation and planning down to the smallest detail of all their underground activities. For example, they had planned in advance where and how they will approach the future victims, how victims are to die, and what the explanation for their death will be later propagated.

(iii) The acting only at very dark nights, in secrecy and silence, and taking all the necessary safeguards to NOT create, or leave behind, witnesses. As a result, no one ever knew what actually has happened, and the only knowledge on a particular topic one could draw from the evidence that they carefully and deliberately composed and left behind, and from gossipy explanations, which they obligingly proclaimed.

(iv) Skilful arranging appearances and traces of everything that they did into the „natural” forms (i.e. the forms of accidents, coincidences, suicides, tragic fires, etc.). Practically I never have heard of any case where it would be clear that someone was deliberately killed out by someone hostile to him or her.

(v) Placement of „vigils” at all the paths that led to the site of their current action and the use of whistled signals for warning of the approach of an intruder (a potential witness) towards their area of operation. In those days of the lack of small radios and mobile phones, these signals consisted of whistled on their fingers different warning messages – e.g. a whistle „phiiii-wit” probably meant „a lonely teenager on a bicycle is arriving”.

(vi) Never attempting to eliminate someone only because that person belonged to the class of their opponents (e.g. he or she was a Polish national). For example, as a teenager I notoriously kept entering into their way – without being aware of it. So if they behave like other guerrillas, then they had a lot of opportunities to crush me like a fly. However, they did NOT do this – for which leaving me alive I can only be grateful to them. Their victims have always been those who have previously undergone a rigorous check whether their removal was to significantly contribute to the cause for which they existed and for which they received clear orders to carry out. In other words, they struck rarely, precisely and only where it caused the most damage and the most contributed to their cause. This also reduced the risk of mistakes and mishaps.

(vii) For each of their actions they made up and then rapidly widespread the planned in advance „natural” and precise explanations as to what and how has happened. These their explanations were always additionally confirmed by the traces especially fabricated for this purpose and left at the scene, e.g. by the way in which they placed bodies of victims, or by the lack of gunshot wounds, cuts of flesh, nor of the knife thrusts. The rapid and widespread dissemination of these explanations meant that apparently none of their actions have been shrouded in mystery and silence, and each person allegedly had an opportunity to hear the information quickly (usually the carefully pre-planned lies) as to what exactly has happened and how. (Of course, if this information would be examined more closely and professionally, then probably it would turn out that it could not have been more far from the truth.) So almost no-one inquired later after the further details, because everyone has thought that he or she already knew „the full truth”.

(viii) Excellent equipping into everything that they needed. For example, mainly just by the need to store and maintain the equipment necessary for them, can be explained that they „took care” of the underground tunnels from Milicz.

(ix) The successful infiltration of the Polish authorities from that time. This is because only with that infiltration one can explain why, instead of seeking out and fighting them, the Polish authorities actually helped them (probably completely being unaware of providing this help).

The above clearly reveals, how much with their intelligence, discipline, precision and foresight, they differed in their actions from the actions of virtually all other underground organizations about which we can read in the history books. When compared to them, the actions of all other undergrounds and partisans can be described with words: primitive, amateurish and bungling. After all, what and where did the partisans of other nations, Germans always immediately knew, and in many cases they were able to successfully prevent it. This is because such actions were noisy and in the most cases rather thoughtless – no wonder that they typically resulted in the destruction of more their own people than the enemy’s forces. However, what did Werwolf quietly, almost no-one ever noticed, and to this day it remains a mystery. Thus, because of so high effectiveness of their actions, they provide an excellent model for following in the future – should the forthcoming new historical epoch called the „neo-medieval epoch” (described in item #K1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”) be forcing our culture into the next fight for survival. I personally believe, that in the face of threats just arriving, the knowledge of their „rules of engagement” is so valuable, that for its scientific investigation and protection against falling to oblivion, it pays to take a substantial risk of writing about it in a totally open way.

I should also add here, that as a scientist fighting for every possible truth – no matter what this truth refers to, I am very irritated that for grabbing just several historically insignificant political advantages, someone out there came up with the idea that after 70 years should begin to disseminate the deceptive propaganda that the organization of „Werwolf” did NOT exist at all. On the other hand, on the basis of the current knowledge about the operation of so called „moral field” described in item #C4.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”, it is already clearly known that the dissemination of this propaganda about the alleged non-existence of „Werwolf” is a highly immoral behaviour for many different reasons. After all, e.g. it is a lie, it prevents the closure of many matters and healing of many wounds, it causes the loss by humanity and by both nations then confronting themselves the enormity of essential knowledge and skills, it degrades, distorts and obscures the historically significant events, it is „unfair” both for the soldiers of Werwolf as well as for their victims because it pushes them into oblivion and treats them as if they never existed, etc., etc. As a scientist who researches „moral field” and work of moral mechanisms, I am also worried, that the pushing of Werwolf into non-existence, is to deprive the humanity one amongst the most clear examples of the type indicated in items #B2 to #B2.3 of the web page „mozajski_uk.htm”, which assist humans in a better understanding as to how the „moral field” punishes people who displayed passivity in the situation when the group intellect to which these people belonged acted immorally (e.g. this example illustrates, how the immorality of Nazi Germany, which at the beginning took the form of Germans killing people from other nations, make a large circle and after the finishing of war transformed into Germans killing Germans) – for more explanations about our punishments for allowing the immoralities of the group intellect to which we belong see also items #A2.8 and #E2 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”, while about our punishments for complacency and passiveness see item #N2 from the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”. After all, the already proven work of the „moral field” is such, that it severely punishes us for every kind of immoral behaviour. Therefore, instead of immoral broadcasting of the non-existence of Werwolf organization, I suggest the introduction of morally more correct legal solution in the form of a law and an institution for „grievances time-limit, forgiveness, reconciliation and amnesty” – described as „Problem #A3” in item #C2 from my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”.

It just so happens that moral mechanisms impose on us the „duty of self-defence”, described more comprehensively in subsection JD11.1 from my newest monograph [1/5] – including the duty of self-defence from all possible forms of immorality, as well as from carriers of these forms of immorality. In turn the historical cycles often take a rather unexpected turn – see item #K1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”. Therefore, I would advise you, the reader, that you try to remember what about the Werwolf’s „rules of engagement” so far I managed to find out and describe above. After all, we should always learn from the best examples – no matter who provided these examples, and only later improve these examples with what requests from us the highest known level of morality (i.e. in this case improve in them the implementation of the moral „duty of self-defence” through the defending ourselves while simultaneously obeying all other criteria of morally-correct acting). After all, one never knows yet what the future is to bring to us. So if you, the reader, ever came to take a personal defence for the survival of your loved ones and of your culture, then it is worth to remember that for the noisy although inefficient undergrounds, there is also the alternative described here, which is quiet, precise, extremely efficient, and already proven in action. It is also worth to be aware, that the typical noisy underground, spectacularly proclaiming its marches with grenades and machine guns, which proud descriptions we can find in the history books and in numerous films, actually to own side typically inflicts much more damage than to its opponents. In turn every action, which instead of effectively fulfilling the moral „duty of self-defence”, rather immorally contributes toward „self-destruction”, already from the definition is immoral. On the other hand the quiet, secretive and intelligent defending actions – the effective methods of which I am trying to protect with the explanations of this post from the current deliberate pushing it by someone into the oblivion, can be improved, planned, and carried out in such a manner, that in every aspect they fulfil the requirements of a full moral correctness. Thus both, for the short-term, as well as for the long-term action of the „moral field”, they can be able to qualify as an effective and morally-correct implementation of the duty of self-defence.

* * *

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