#261E: The most vital advice of totalizm: do NOT be fooled by the short-term consequences of „moral field” work, which seem to „reward immorality” and „persecute morality” (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „Are you NOT puzzled why lives of people are formed into one long chain of moral lessons, tests and exams? After all, continuous lessons, tests and exams may have only one goal – namely selecting a few best of the best, from a large crowd of already good ones.”

I cannot stop marvelling over the genius of pre-programmed by God the so-called „principle of contradiction between the short-term and long-term effects of the work of moral field” – discovered only by totalizm and briefly summarized in item #H2 of the web page named „totalizm.htm”, while accurately described, among others, in items #C4.2.1 and #C4.2 of the web page named „morals.htm” and illustrated in „Fig. #I1” from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. This contradiction (reversal) of effects allows that in the short-term work of moral field for all impatient and blind people may appear that „immorality pays off”, but simultaneously that in the long-term work of moral field the justice is restored, because immoral acting people are severely punished, while morally acting people are handsomely rewarded. As a result, this reversal of short-term and long-term work of „moral field” allows God to quickly classify subsequent people and group intellects to the moral or immoral classes (after which classifying they can be treated as it is explained in item #C4.7 from the web page „morals.htm”), to check people’s readiness for accepting the moral lessons and for implementing these lessons in everyday lives, to test the intelligence and dedication of subsequent people, to check who is suited for the future coexistence with God, while who systematically breaks moral criteria and thus must be removed prematurely from this world according to the described in #A2.7 from the web page named „totalizm.htm” the „principle of the extinction of most immoral intellects”, etc., etc. That is precisely because of this reversal, when you do something morally correct, then rather be happy and treat it as a „good omen” if immediately (i.e. during the completion of given activities) you come across various obstacles and problems. However, begin to act very carefully and wisely (even to the point of abandoning a given activity) if everything goes for you „like a Swiss clockwork” and if all circumstances seem to help you in whatever you are doing as well as instantly reward you for what you are doing – means when the behaviour of moral field seem to indicate that you just carry out an immoral activity. The reasons for which I give you here this advice you may learn after the careful reading, among others, abovementioned items #C4.2.1 and #C4.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”, and also after reading the other totaliztic publications which illustrate examples and explain the operation of „moral field”, for example items #N1 as well as #B5 and #F3 from the web page named „solar.htm”, items #B4 and #C2 from the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”, item #I2 from the web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”, etc., etc. Here I explain only, that in a world ruled by all-powerful and all-seeing God, the „immoral acting” NEVER pays off, because all the apparent benefits that in the short-term work of moral field seems to bring the violation of moral criteria, are carefully invalidated in the long-term work of moral field, at the same time all the problems which a given immoral acting supposed to solve are escalated further – as excellent examples of just such invalidation of the apparent benefits of immoral acting and the escalation of problems that it supposed to solve, consider the consequences of immoral implementation of pesticides, antibiotics, and the theory of relativity described in item #J1 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. Thus, the only human acting which actually brings permanent benefits, is the acting that fulfils the criteria of morality (i.e. which is the pedantically moral acting) – for explanations see item #B4 of my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”.

Until now only a small handful of people bothered to learn about powerful tools that God has created to be able to precisely control literally every second of life of each person. These tools have only recently been discovered due to the use of different research methods of the new „totaliztic science” – while under the names „omniplan” and „reversible software time” are summarized, among others, in the introduction and in item #G4 of my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, and are described in detail in items #C4 and #C4.1 from another my web page named „immortality.htm”. But even without the knowledge of these powerful tools of God, still those more perceptive individuals eventually notice, that the life of every human has too many regularities and similarities to be governed just by „pure coincidences” – as erroneously makes us to believe the present official science. After all, „pure coincidences” are NOT e.g. able to cause, that practically every person sustains roughly similar amount of happiness and successes as well as misfortunes and problems – and this irrespective of his/her wealth or power, that all events which affect us display attributes of moral lessons, or that the fate of each person is controlled by the level of passing moral exams. All this together further confirms the truth about which I am warning in the motto to this post – namely, that to morality is worth to devote our utmost attention, because the way it impacts our lives proves that it serves for the immensely important choosing of the very few best of the best from a sizeable group of already quite perfect. In turn where such a choice takes place, there is also a certainty, that later it is to serve for an equally important further consequences.

After learning the above categorical finding of „totalizm”, that „immorality never pays off”, and after learning the finding of the new „totaliztic science” that „immorality is one amongst the tools used to educate people and to examine their suitability for divine purposes”, in the reader probably arises the question „why in present times so many people deliberately close their eyes to the truth and choose the irrational belief that in life it is beneficial to behave immorally?” The answer to this question is equally complex as that proverbial „Gordian knot”. After all, in order to properly respond to it, we have to agree, among others, with what in details is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm” – namely that God purposely so designs our life, that with the help of the consequences of work of the „principle of reversals” our life is upbringing us into „soldiers of God” hardened in overcoming every kind of difficulties, and that all events which affect us in life are designed in advance to serve as „moral lessons” honed in us lasting habits of morally correct behaviour, and to test (examine) the level at which we are already implementing the principles of morally correct conduct. However, I still will try to „cut” here through that „Gordian knot” to show the reader what it is composed of. Here are the most common upbringing activities and subsequent moral tests or exams, to which we are constantly subjected (although most of us do not have the slightest idea about their existence), supplemented by my brief explanation of „why” every one of them makes an impression as if it rewards immorality while punishes morally correct behaviour:

1. Test on respect for moral traditions. In my opinion the primary reason for increasingly common today erroneous belief that „immorality pays off”, is the testing of our respect for the morally-correct traditions. The reason for this test is that people who cannot bring themselves to respect the past and traditions which created them, cannot also bring themselves to respect anything else, including their own parents and God. In this test, for example the „toys” that our ancestors had to invent, because until recently they have NOT existed (e.g. computers, cell-phones, colour television, jet planes, cars, etc.) are used to amaze and to tell today’s generations of people, that due to the use of such „trinkets” these generations supposedly become „more superior” than generations of these ancestors who invented these „toys” – see descriptions of the generation of „Midases in reverse” from items #K5 and #K6 of the web page „tapanui.htm”. In turn, by being such supposedly „better” generations, they have the right to „trample with their boots” over the traditions of our ancestors, which traditions already have proven themselves working for thousands of years. So some people fooled by those „trinkets”, actually trample, among others, over the already established for a long time e.g. the Bible verses and folk wisdom stating that „immorality never pays off” – e.g. consider what percentage of people today takes notice of the true importance of the proverb „Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small”, or the Polish-language counterpart of it, stating that „God does not act rapidly, but acts justly” (in Polish: „Bóg nierychliwy ale sprawiedliwy”).

2. Test on believing today’s mass media, that advocate „quick successes” achieved at any cost, but remain silent about the long-term consequences of immoral actions. All our current mass media (including television) are so controlled, that they produce long programs on „how effortlessly get a quick success in life”, but that typically they are silent about disclosing to audiences „what happened in the long-term work of moral field with all those people who almost effortlessly achieved rapid success in life” (i.e. „what after the elapse of so-called. ‚time of karma return’ happened to these people, about whom moral field and moral mechanisms knew in advance that they belong to those ‚bad trees that are to yield only bad fruit’ ” – described in item #C4.7 from the web page named „morals.htm”, and hence whom the „moral field” in its short-term work „helped” to get a success in life).

3. The test on believing in claims of official science, which does NOT hide its atheism and openly avoids researching of the actual work of moral field and moral mechanisms – and thus which fulfils the Biblical definition of a „bad tree that is NOT going to yield good fruit” (for more details see item #C4.7 from the web page „morals.htm” and item #K1 from the web page named „tapanui.htm”). This test checks the people’s belief in false and constantly changed claims of present, official, monopolistic science, i.e. the belief persisting in spite that these people know that the present official science has been built on atheistic (i.e. false) foundations, that it refuses to undertake research on requirements of „true morality” (about requirements of „true morality” almost everyone knows, that these can originate only from God), and that as such, according to the Bible, the present official science is NOT able to give birth to any „good fruit”, but yields only „bad fruit” that will only harm those people who are greedy enough to eat it. In general terms, this test boils down to checking whom a given person is to believe, when he or she is forced to choose between whatever in a given matter indicate our senses, logic, empirical experience, evidence, etc., but what is officially denied by scientists who look at the world from armchairs and through thick windows of their „ivory towers” – as an excellent example of the necessity of making just such a choice, see descriptions from item #E2 of the web page named „cloud_ufo.htm”. For example, this test checks whether a given person is already deterred by the situation, that the present official and monopolistic science – which leads a highly prosperous and trouble-free life due to research-grants received from the power-hungry politicians and from the greedy industries (e.g. armaments), has NO courage to promote any morally-correct truth, e.g. the truth that „in the long-term work of moral mechanisms every war is always lost by an aggressor” – broadly explained, among others, in item #I2 from the web page „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”, that this science constantly changes its official statements and the contents of its textbooks, that is growing the number of its findings and statements that appear to be mutually contradictory, that instead of promoting the progress, this science persecutes and holds down every new ideas that are incompatible with its atheistic doctrines – such as, for example, the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or the starship called the Magnocraft, etc., etc. From what I noticed, this exam on belief in the claims of present official science, especially commonly fail women – obviously the opinions of titled experts mean for them more than logic, evidence, and common sense. For example, it is sufficient that somewhere they read an interview with someone with numerous titles, that, for example, allegedly smoking reduces overweight, and immediately they throw themselves onto cigarettes, knowing that these are to kill not only them, but also their family members. Just it suffices that some prize-winning researcher of e.g. cranks recommends in TV to NOT discipline children, but rather keep convincing them like adults, and immediately they report to police if anyone tries to implement what the Bible commands about the disciplining of small brats. It is just enough that in an illustrated magazine they read that a celebrity wife of some rich doctor eats certain weeds, instead of meals, and immediately this weed becomes the only dish in dinners NOT only for themselves, but also for their husbands and families. It just suffices that on the Internet they read what some dictatorial government state regarding salt, and immediately they ignore thousands of years of natural regulation of the demand for salt by our senses of taste and thirst, and force the whole family to eat everything without salt (see #D2 on the web page named „healing.htm”). Etc., etc.

4. The tests on noticing distortions of virtually all religious institutions. About testing of our level of noticing the deviations of practically all religious institutions in today’s world one could write whole volumes (e.g. see item #A2.7 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”). But if we try to summarize these tests in a few sentences, they boil down, among others, to examining: (1) our noticing and remedying of the increasingly deeper departure of religions from doing what God commands them to do in holy books, but instead implementation of whatever imperfect human leaders of these religions tell others that they ought to do, (2) noticing and correcting the disappearance of teaching morality by religions, (3) noticing the avoidance of religions to research scientifically God’s methods of work which are commonly used in the present everyday life, (4) remedying the negligence of religions in the empirical checking and confirming of every religious truth (in turn truths, which were NOT subjected to rigorous checking and confirming that later can be verified and approved by practically every interested person, cannot change their status from „belief” into „certainty”), (5) stopping the politicization of religions – that is, stopping the caring of religions mainly about the power over people and about the political influence and income, instead about the service for God. Etc., etc.

5. The tests on knowledge of the work of moral field and moral mechanisms. For example, each one of us is repetitively taught and then examined whether he/she is already aware of the fact, that in the short-term work of moral field and moral mechanisms these tools of God only give an impression that „immorality pays off”, while the actual punishment for immorality comes only in the long-term work of moral field and moral mechanisms – as it is summarised in item #H2 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”, while in detail it is explained in item #C4.2 of the web page „morals.htm”.

6. The test on the enthusiasm for persecuting and on hostility directed at everything that is moral – e.g. on every truth, on the „philosophy of totalizm”, on the new „totaliztic science”, etc. In this moral exam, people with immoral tendencies are „provoked” to attack and to suppress everything that is morally correct – e.g. every truth. It is from this test that originate, for example, such phenomena as the „curse of inventors”, or as the vicious suppression with which the „philosophy of totalizm” and the new „totaliztic science” are troubled by various immoral forces – for examples of some forms of such suppression, see item #B5 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”, or items #J1 and #P5.1 from my web page named „quake.htm”. As another example of such suppression I should also disclose here that, for example, whenever in my professional life of an university professor I met up with the announcement of a university position in philosophical sciences focused on research and development of new philosophy, I always applied for this position – justifying my application by the need to further develop the already widely known in the world my philosophy of totalizm devoted to the „true morality”. But in spite that I made hundreds of applications for such positions, and in spite that already then the achievements of totalizm exceeded everything that other philosophers have developed so far in the area of our learning the principles of moral mechanisms, NOT even a single of my applications was ever successful. Today’s official science clearly does NOT want to have anything to do with academics who study and popularize the truth about the work of „true morality”. (Note here, how extremely difficult it is to research and to popularize the knowledge about the true work of mechanisms of morality, if one is constantly expelled from the job, and if the bulk of one’s energy must be spend on earning the bread and on keeping alive by lecturing e.g. the Software Engineering that is avoided by other professors and has little to do with what one is actually researching, and also if one is surrounded by a collection of hostile people who shout insults and continually put down of what one has already managed to accomplish.)

7. The test on such programming of the current systems of governance (including virtually all of today’s democracies), which causes almost exclusively immoral actions of governments. It is this test that causes, that if someone matches today’s decisions of governments to moral criteria – which matching, among others, sometimes I do and which also should periodically be done by every other citizen familiar with work of „actual morality”, then it turns out that practically almost everything that today’s governments make or decide, breaks various criteria of morality, and thus in the long-term work of moral field all the benefits that initially stemmed from it must be cancelled as the punishment, while the problems that these measures or laws were to solve must be escalated as the punishment. As excellent examples of today’s breaking of moral criteria consider the presently existing „privacy laws” – that help to hide from people the committed immoralities and hamper learning about the actual work of moral field and moral mechanisms, or consider the introduced almost everywhere GST (also known as VAT), which works like sand thrown in the gears of working machine, and which is ruining economically the country that recklessly has introduced it – for details see items #T1 to #T5 from my web page named „humanity.htm”. More information on the subject of contradictive to moral criteria activities of governments can be found, among others, in items #J1 and #I1 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, and items #B1 to #B8 from my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”.

Of course, there is incomparably more moral lessons, tests and examinations similar to those listed above. Here I indicated just a few most common examples.

I was always intrigued by the thoughtlessness of people who play the „armchair philosophers”, and with a loud voice full of admiration for the shrewdness of their own mind deliver in public opinions such as „we cannot believe in the existence of God, when we see the enormity of suffering, trouble and struggles of men, when we see little kids dying from some painful illness, as well as when we see microbes, mosquitoes, tapeworms, venomous snakes, crocodiles …” Hearing this kinds of opinions I want to ask: „if you were god, would you create the world without pain, struggles, challenges, lessons, exams, work, deadly organisms, etc., which would be filled only with pleasures, self-supplying refrigerators and cups to which the supply of tasty wines and drinks would never have ended?” And if YES, then what you would do with those billions of immortal people that are used exclusively to pleasure and that cannot themselves do anything other than emptying their self-supplying refrigerators and cups? Yet you could not kill them, because death is also unpleasant. You could not order them to do anything, because the work is, after all, the effort, challenge, exam and the requirement to acquire skills – that is also a whole series of unpleasantness. (I am NOT going here to philosophize that even pleasure, in which one is forced to live for eternity, with time has become an unpleasant chore.) For many years in different places of my publications I am explaining to this type of „armchair philosophers”, that a world devoid of pain, unpleasantness, threats, fears, struggle, demands, laws, homework, exams, challenges, responsibilities, work, etc., would be an useless form of nightmare and hell – just only an extremely inexperienced creator would agree to create and maintain it for longer than a short initial period of the childhood and learning of first humans. In addition, all-righteous God, like ours, even in the world having all of these unpleasant „attractions”, can so choose who has to meet which kind of unpleasantness, that nothing unpleasant affects people who previously did NOT deserve it. Examples of publications explaining and documenting these facts, may be: item #A3 from my web page named „god_proof.htm”, item #G1 from my web page named „will.htm”, item #D3 from my web page named „god_exists.htm”, and items #D1 to #D6 from my web page named „newzealand_visit.htm” that summarize the role of „paradise”. However, seeing the universality of such a misunderstanding of the constructive, motivating and balancing role that for people fulfils the pain, death, fear, responsibilities, lessons, exams, work, challenges, etc., I suspect that one day I should write and allow to read, a full article similar to this post, which would explain to this type of „armchair philosophers” what a useless nightmare and hell would be the creation and maintaining of a world filled up only with pleasures – after which writing, in this place I should place a link to such an article.

Although what I have described in this post is only an advice from totalizm, NOT e.g. the law or an explanation, still it reveals that in view of the increasingly widespread „failing” of moral tests and examinations by people, on one hand we should sympathize with those people, what systematically fail these trials. (After all, NOT without the reason a wise proverb states that „everyone receives in life what he or she previously has earned”.) On the other hand, we should treat as a kind of miracle and the reason to wonder, that in today’s world there is still existing this handful of exceptionally special people, who in spite of everything, know, openly insist and keep proving to everyone, that for certain „immorality does not pay off”. (In item #I1 from my web page named „quake.htm” these exceptional individuals are described under the Biblical name of „righteous”.) As it can be seen, „the philosophy of totalizm” and born from it the new „totaliztic science” are now having the increasingly difficult task ahead – i.e. to re-disclose to typical people today, what is NOT revealed to them neither by present religions, by present official science and education, by present governments, nor by famous people providing role-models, i.e. to re-disclose what a huge mistake people make due to their short-sighted belief that „immorality pays off”, as well as people make due to the behaviour resulting from the belief that supposedly „morally correct behaviour totally does not count in life.”

* * *

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Jan Pajak


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