#258E: The video of UFO from Friday 3rd April 2015 which documented the black ring of outlets from side propulsors of a starship type K8, that was hiding from people inside of the botched „magnetic lens” probably to abduct inhabitants of Kazakh village Shortandy (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „The memory of present people is very small, while their will to ignore the truth is very big.”

It took place in the village Shortandy located about 70 kilometres north of the Kazakh capital of Astana. There was a beautiful Kazakh afternoon on Friday, 3rd April 2015. The whole sky was blue and completely cloudless. Suddenly, around 4 in the afternoon, the residents of that village noted a huge black ring hovering motionlessly at an altitude of about 200 meters above the village. Witnesses judged its diameter at about 100 meters. One of the villagers had a camera – so he started to film the mysterious ring. His video recorded the motionless hovering of this black ring for about 15 minutes. It also shows how, after about 15 minutes of almost complete permanency, this ring firstly in a few seconds transformed itself into a circle combined from black patches, and then equally fast disappeared completely. I was NOT able to establish yet the name of the author of this scientifically valuable video. However, the content of a web page later showing this video seems to indicate that his name probably was Bill Volk. After filming, the video of this extraordinary black ring on the Kazakh sky was made available in the internet. The message about its existence immediately spread like wildfire around the world. I read about it in the article „Mysterious smoke ring in Kazakh sky”, which was published on page B9 from the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald (issue dated on Saturday, April 11, 2015). On 17th April 2015, I even managed to find and thoroughly review that video on the internet – where then it was available at the address http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2lsw1v . (After that first finding of it, I discovered that it is also made available on a number of other web sites, most of which can be find by entering into any English-language search engine the keywords mysterious+smoke+ring+in+Kazakh+sky or by entering in a Russian-language search engine the Russian equivalents of these words – e.g. by coping from here and then pasting the following words: черное+кольцо+в+небе+казахстана .) In the photo of the black ring from „Fig. #E2” of the web page „cloud_ufo.htm” (as indicated below), I provided an internet link to one of the online presentations of this video – it is enough to click on this photograph and you should see a different web page that automatically is to play this video for you. On the internet I also found many descriptions of this video. One of them, relatively well documenting with photographs the process of the formation of this one and other similar rings in the sky, was available at the address http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/Laura-Knight-Jadczyk/article-lkj-16-07-03.htm (although that article does NOT explain the rings on the basis of the theory of the Magnocraft). Other information about that Kazakh’s video can also be found by typing in any search engine the abovementioned English keywords mysterious+smoke+ring+in+Kazakh+sky, or abovementioned their Russian equivalents.

In situations like this one with the video from Kazakhstan, people rely on the official science for providing them with the truth and with explanations. However, unfortunately, the present official science is still a monopolistic institution, which does NOT have any competition, and thus which in its absolute monopoly on research and on education is free to overgrow into various distorting habits, traditions, practices, procedures, methods of operation, culture, etc. In turn, this overgrowing causes, that in accordance with the „dynamically shifting back” work of the so-called „moral field”, described in item #C4.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”, our official science slides increasingly deeper into the practices of the philosophy of parasitism. As a result, already now this science represents the exact opposite of the goals for achieving of which it was originally established – in spite that currently it is increasingly better financed from taxpayers money. In fact, if the present official science was NOT a monopolistic institution, but it worked in a competitive environment – as are forced to work, for example, industrial institutions, then because of the present level of the parasitic behaviours in every its activity, this science would already collapse a long time ago. After all, the customers of it would turn away from it a long time ago and would start to use its competition because of these parasitic practices that it imposes onto the people who finance its existence and work. It is because of these practices that already for a long time instead of increasing our knowledge, the official science inhibits the progress of people. Instead of opening new directions, the official science closes for people the access to everything new. Instead of searching for truths, since a long time the official science seems to be correctly described by this old Polish saying, stating: „stands on a lie and is supported by a fraud”. In this situation, it NOT only becomes unproductive to have any expectations that the official science is to explain to us the truth, for example, regarding UFOs or God, but also we NOT longer can count on the official science in any other matter. After all, whatever one starts carefully explore, and compares what on a given topic says the official science with what on the same topic we can see in the real life, then one always comes to the conclusions, which I am describing, amongst others, in item #C4.7 from the web page named „morals.htm”, in item #J1 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, or in items #B1 and #A3 from the web page named „humanity.htm”. There is why NOT without a really important reason, in items #C1 and #C6 from my web page named „telekinetics.htm”, and also in items #B1 and #G1 from another my web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”, for a long time I have been reminding people, that in order to save our civilization from the catastrophe toward which pushes us just that monopoly of our official science, it is necessary to establish officially as soon as possible a competitive towards it, the new „totaliztic science”, which is to operate on a different „a priori” philosophical principle than the current „a posteriori” principle used by the old official science, and in addition it is also necessary to establish officially „totaliztic schools and universities” that would educate people in accordance with principles of this new „totaliztic science”. But in spite, that these important policies I am postulating already for a number of years, of course all people ignore them – the effect of which situation is the recent starting on the Earth the new, dark, „neo-medieval epoch” described, amongst others, in item #K1 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”.

As an excellent example of the absurdity of claims of present official science, and an example of its tendency for inducing „storms in teacups”, consider whether really are justified the claims of it, that the age of the universe is about 14 billion „years” (data from April 2014), and thus that the Bible and the so-called „creationists” are supposedly wrong in assessing the age of the universe at about 6000 present human „years”. After all, as is explained in the caption under „Table #K1”, and in items #K1 and #K1.1, from the web page named „tapanui.htm”, the official science uses an entirely different (inanimate) type of the unit for measuring the passage of time, by scientists called the „year”, than the (live) unit also called „year”, but used by creationists and by historians. After all, for the assessment of the age of the universe and Earth, the present official science uses the characteristics and behaviours of inanimate matter, i.e. rocks, fossils, isotopes, light, etc. Meanwhile, the conversion given by the Bible allows us to deduce, that the unit „year” which governs the behaviour of inanimate matter elapses about 365 thousands of times „faster” than the different unit also called „year”, but which governs over the aging of living humans and all other living creatures with DNA – which fact is briefly explained, amongst others, in the introduction and in item #G4 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, while thoroughly it is explained in the introduction, item #C4, and item #C4.1 from another my web page named „immortality.htm”. So in fact, if the official science used the same unit „year”, as the 365 thousands times „slower” unit also called „year” but used by creationists and by historians for estimating age of everything that God created through the assessment of human years lived by the various generations of men, then it would turn out that this age of the universe allegedly numbering around 14 billion „(inanimate) years” old, actually is about 6000 „(live) years” old – as it is explained in the caption under „Table #A1” from my web page named „humanity.htm”. In other words, the current fierce quarrels of official science and „evolutionists” with the so-called „creationists” about the age of the universe, can be compared to the fiery argument that could have Americans (who measure lengths with the unit called „foot”) and Europeans (measuring the length in „meters”) as to whether the diameter of Earth at the equator is 41,851,443 ft (feet) or 12,756,320 meters. After a few hundred years, when the humanity builds my time vehicles which are to operate due to the utilisation of that artificially introduced by God the so-called „reversible software time” (measured with „(living) years”) in which living people are ageing, and thus when even atheistic scientists will find out empirically that the „(living) year” of time that elapsed for living people is equal to about 365 thousand of „(inanimate) years” that elapse for rocks and for the inanimate nature, then the present dispute of official science and „atheists” with „creationists”, about whether the universe is about 14 billion „(inanimate) years” old, or rather about 6000 „(live) years” old, in the future will probably be treated with equal humour and sarcasm, as today are treated medieval disputes about „how many devils can fit on a pinhead”.

Because of the monopoly of official science explained above, that holds back the progress of human knowledge, immediately after this Kazakh video was published professional scientists from a number of countries around the world rushed to destroy the evidential value of this video as a scientifically valuable material that managed to document the hovering of an invisible UFO. To accomplish this destruction, professional scientists began to prove hysterically that this huge stationary ring on the Kazakh sky, supposedly was just a „circle of black smoke” – and this in spite that NO scientific experiment could create a ring of smoke in free air that would: (a) hover motionlessly in a permanent ring shape by more than a few seconds, (b) appear in the open air already at the altitude of around 200 meters above the ground and began to hover in there for about 15 minutes, (c) have a diameter of up to about 100 meters, (d) still was thin like a thread – in spite that it hovered at so large height (rings of true smoke increase their thickness together with the length of their motion through the air), (e) NOT display the spinning motion that would rotate the smoke around the circular axis of that ring (rings of true smoke always whirl around their inner axis, as that they are formed due to this whirling and the whirling maintains their rig-like shape), (f) have ideally black colour which certifies the absorption by it of almost entire light (majority of smokes do NOT have such a black colour), (g) suddenly disappear in a few seconds without being moved by the wind to another place, (h) even at the time of the disappearance keep the circular arrangement of disappearing spots that formed it, or (i) at the moment of disappearance generate steam which locally created a small white cloud (rings of black smoke never are able to create white clods of steam, but the resonance of UFOs magnetic field with particles of water contained in the air easily forms just such a local cloud). It seems that today professional scientists believe that if something appears to have just a slightly matching colour and shape, then it must already be what their authority and the monopole of official science allows them to proclaim and get away with it. Also, it somehow does NOT seem to worry the scientists who imposed this „smoking gun explanation”, that the smoke almost always is accompanied by fire, and also accompanied by the smell of burning – which fact numerous witnesses of the black ring from the village Shortandy definitely NOT reported. (Residents of Shortandy emphatically emphasized in interviews that during the sighting of this black ring NO noticeable odour of smoke or burning could be felt – for details see descriptions and photos from e.g. the web page http://www.techtimes.com/articles/45132/20150410/locals-in-kazakhstan-alarmed-by-appearance-of-strange-black-smoke-ring.htm .)

For a person well acquainted with the principle of operation and with phenomena induced by the starship of my invention called the „Magnocraft”, and in addition also acquainted with my formal scientific proof that „UFOs are already completed Magnocraft”, immediately becomes clear what really was documented on the video discussed here. However, because the internet shows quite forcefully, that for many people – especially for professional scientists, the revealing of the truth about this video is NOT acceptable, below I am to explain what this video really documented. But before I do this, I have to remind here, that in accordance with the formal scientific proof presented on my web page named „ufo_proof.htm”, as well as presented in subsection P2 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5], UFO vehicles are propelled by an extremely powerful magnetic field, the all parameters of which are precisely controlled. The UFO field is so strong, that if we look at it from the side direction (i.e. from a direction nearly perpendicular to the course of its lines of force), then this field absorbs the light (i.e. it neither allows light to pass nor reflects it). Thus, the columns or magnetic circuits of this powerful field are seen by outside witnesses of UFOs as types of black forms – in my publications called the „black bars”. (A more detailed description of these „black bars” provides, amongst others, subsection G10.4 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn a good illustration of these „black bars” is a „four-propulsor vehicle” shown, among others, on the drawing from „Fig. #G2b” on the page named „explain.htm” – but when looking at that „Fig. #G2b” it is also worth to note that the fast pulsating, or fast spinning, powerful magnetic field of UFOs ionizes the air, thus during the dark nights sometimes, but NOT always because UFOs can also generate field which does NOT pulsate nor spin, on surfaces of these „black bars” a faint light may be emitted, thus making them visible.) In turn, if the UFO’s field is viewed from the inside of it, as this is shown, for example, in „Fig. G32” from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5] (and also, among others, in „Fig. #C9b” from the web page named „explain.htm”, in „Fig. #L1c” from the web page named „evidence.htm”, or in „Fig. #E1” from the web page named „tornado.htm”), then this field intercepts the light and redirects the flow of this light along the curved „fibre-optic channel” formed by the lines of force from the powerful magnetic field of this UFO. This phenomenon of redirection of light by the field of UFOs is called the „magnetic lens”. Such lens is further described, amongst others, in subsections G10.3 and G10.3.1 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]. UFO vehicles use this effect to hide from people, by making themselves invisible to the human eyes. The UFO vehicle that was documented on video described here was just hiding from the people by wrapping its hulk into just such a „magnetic lens”. Unfortunately for its crew, the pilot of this UFO apparently „forgot” to stop spinning the magnetic field of this vehicle, thus causing that the ring of „black bars” formed by the side propulsors of that UFO become visible to people. Only when, after about 15 minutes of hanging in mid-air, the crew of this UFO realized through reading telepathically the minds of human witnesses, that these „black bars” are visible to people, then the crew turned off the spinning of the magnetic field yield by the propulsion system of this UFO, which turning off resulted in the complete invisibility of that UFO. Of course, after the disappearance from the human view, that UFO still remained in the same place.

My already well developed theory of the invented on Earth starship with magnetic propulsion system, called the Magnocraft, allows also to explain, that this video was documenting an invisible UFO type K8 hovering motionlessly in the „hanging” position with its propulsors working in the „magnetic lens” mode of operation. (According to Table #G1 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5], the UFO vehicles type K8 have the nominal diameter d=99.30 meters, where „d” is the diameter of a circle passing through the centres of the side propulsors of that UFOs – thus „d” measures also the circle which formed the black ring discussed here. The outer diameter of UFOs type K8 is D=140.44 meters, while their outer height is H=17.56 meters. The K8 UFOs have n=28 side propulsors, and 8 crew members – one of which crew is a medical doctor that specialises in the human medicine. This is because UFOs type K8 specialize, among others, in abducting of people onto decks of UFOs and harvesting in there human sperm and ovules. The side view of a UFO type K8 is shown on the photograph from „Fig. P5” in volume 14 of my monograph [1/5], and also is illustrated on the drawing „Rys. B12” from the Polish treatise [3b] „Cosmic jigsaw puzzle” – in which is provided a detailed description of a series of abductions of the Polish citizen named Andrzej Domala to just such a UFO type K8.) The reason why the black outlets from side propulsors visible on the photograph from „Fig. #E2” do NOT form a perfect circle, is that this vehicle hovered slightly tilted, so that the outlets from its propulsors were directed along the Earth’s magnetic field, and also because some of these side propulsors must be positioned at a different angle than the rest of them – to be able to balance the torque formed by the spinning magnetic field, which (torque) tries to rotate the UFO around.

From the UFO literature quite clearly emerges, that the UFOs type K8 specialize in abducting people on their decks for collecting human sperm and ovule. For example, my research of the abduction case described in subsection UB1 from volume 16 of my monograph [1/5] revealed that in UFOs of that type are huge halls filled up with the shelves holding kinds of large transparent jars, in which were cultivated living human embryos in various stages of development. Similar huge halls inside of UFOs, filled up with alive embryos of human babies, are described also by abductees researched by Professor John E. Mack, MD – interviews with whose UFO abductees are reported in his excellent book [1T1] „Abduction – human encounters with aliens” (Ballantine Books – a division of Random House, Inc., New York, May 1995, ISBN 0-345-39300-7, Library of Congress Card Number 93-38116, 464 pages), the content of which book is, among others, discussed in subsection T1 from volume 15 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Although the above literature contain the largest amount of information about this harvesting of human sperm and ovule on UFO vehicles type K8, a lot of other publications on UFOs also contain descriptions of the same huge halls filled up with living human embryos, and provides reports of people exploited on such UFOs.

Because the data about the discussed here UFO suggest, that this was just the „K8” type of UFO vehicle which specializes, amongst others, in abducting and in exploitation of people, I am willing to bet that if someone would examine legs of inhabitants of the Kazakh Shortandy village, then on many of them would be found this characteristic „scar of UFO abductees” – i.e. the scar which photograph is shown in „Fig. #B4” from my web page named „ufo.htm”, as well as are shown in „Fig. U1” from volume 16 entitled „Abductions of people to UFOs” in my newest monograph [1/5]. If, in addition, someone managed to convince the residents of this village, to describe their intimate experience on decks of UFOs, then almost certainly it would turn out, that some of them lived through experiences similar to those described in subsection UB1 from volume 16 of my monograph [1/5], or even similar to experiences described in my Polish treatise [3b]. (Unfortunately, in today’s highly hypocritical world, in which scientists and decision-makers with telepathically manipulated minds show a visible hysteria when they are confronted with anything that concerns UFOs, it would be highly difficult to convince someone to disclose publicly their private experiences with UFOs, as such a person has to consider the later persecution, mocking and attacks from various idiots of dubious moralities, whose minds are manipulated by these UFOs, as well as must also consider possibility that for the revealing the truth vindictive UFOnauts are to send on this person some kind of deadly illness or accident – similarly as UFOnauts caused the cancer in abovementioned Adrzej Domała – for details see subsection #F1 „About authors” from treatise [3b] „Cosmic jigsaw puzzle” (available only in the Polish language), while for descriptions of the „UFOnauts’ machine for intentional inducing cancers in people” – see item #B1 from the web page named „bandits.htm”, and also as UFOnauts killed with a „car accident”, amongst others Professor Mack – for details see item #D5 from another my web page named „predators.htm”.)

To summarise the above explanations, on the basis of my knowledge of the operation of the magnetic starship of my invention named the Magnocraft, I am able to explain exactly what was captured on the highly documentary video discussed here. Namely, the reason for which, in spite of good visibility, light, and clear skies, in this case the black ring is visible (instead of e.g. a ring of white steam), is that the magnetic field of that UFO was spinning slowly while it was forming the so-called „magnetic lens”. Thus, the „magnetic lens” was covering nearly the entire body of that UFO, but the rotating magnetic field absorbed light around the length of entire circle with side propulsors, around the perimeter of which circle the magnetic field was rotated – that is, along the perimeter where in the so-called „ionic picture of a whirl” (the one shown and explained on „Fig. #C7ab” from my web page named „ufo_proof.htm”), the so-called „block of main swirling” (3) is separated from the „flange of side swirling” (4) by the output of side propulsors. The fact which confirms the correctness of the above my explanation is the final stage of blurring of the above black ring, also captured on this video from Kazakhstan (occurring at the time of the disappearance of the magnetic field rotation, and the replacement of the rotating magnetic field by a constant magnetic field). Namely, at that moment of the slow stopping of that rotation, captured are black outlets from side propulsors of that UFO – especially the black outlet from one of these propulsors – i.e. the one which is pointing its outlet at the camera that filmed this UFO and the entire event. I should add here that when the UFO stopped spinning its magnetic field, it become completely invisible to human eyes. Hence, it could continue to hover in the same place for several further hours or even days – as UFOs type K8 typically do when they abduct on their deck people from nearby settlements. (A few further my explanations as to what this video was able to document, prepared on the basis of my knowledge of the principles of operation of the Magnocraft starship of my invention, and also on the base of my research completed on UFOs, is provided in the caption under „Fig. #E2” from the web page „cloud_ufo.htm” – addresses of which are indicated below.)

My thorough examination of this video from Kazakhstan, as well as reviewing the articles describing it, confirmed also the presence in Kazakhstan of a similar process as the processes which I watched over Wellington in New Zealand, and then I described in items #C1 and #C2 above on the abovementioned web page named „cloud_ufo.htm”.

The highly documentary video described here of that UFO type K8 hiding from the people in the „magnetic lens” mode of operation, provided me with a rather shocking philosophical conclusions and experiences. For example, it revealed to me how stubbornly people choose to stuck in the darkness of ignorance, and also confirmed that still some powerful force is trying to prevent the dissemination of the truth about UFOs. A number of my publications – for example, the monograph [1/5] and its volumes 3 and 14 describing in details the „Magnocrafts” and my formal scientific proof that „UFOs are already completed Magnocraft”, are, after all, available to all interested people since the year 1980. Also, the majority of these my publications for many years is disseminated on the Internet for free in two languages, i.e. English and Polish, while some of them are also available in German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and Greek. Moreover, these publications provide a highly detailed knowledge that allows people to correctly and accurately explain such phenomena as these discussed here and documented on the video. In spite of all this, no one even mentioned anywhere by this video, what is the true explanation for the UFO documented on it – although it is worth to confirm here that many people could NOT be fooled by the deceptive claims of professional scientists (stating that it was merely „a circle of smoke”), and they intuitively insisted in their belief that it was a UFO. But what is even worse, when on web pages containing this video I started to provide links to my web page named „cloud_ufo.htm”, which explains what the video is really documenting, my entries with these links began to be systematically removed by someone from these web pages (which process of removal was easy to carry out, because the majority of web pages with this video were owned by one and always the same internet corporation).

* * *

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