#257E: Would you vote for Dr Jan Pajak and actively support his efforts to improve the current democracy through adding to it the mechanism of fulfilment of moral criteria in all governmental decisions, if God gave „another chance” to him and to the country, and if you again experience the idleness of election promises and the Sisyphean task of voters’ attempts to make situation better through just the replacement of one group of politicians with another group of politicians (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „Democracy is currently the most perfect political system which the humanity has developed for itself so-far – but if democracy is enriched by strict adherence to the criteria of „true morality”, then it would become even a more perfect political system.”

I have always been fascinated by the stubbornness with which people in their activities refuse to take into account lessons from life and history, which previously were given to them. For example, consider elections. On the occasion of every election, people get excited, because one group of them hopes to be able to get rid of those politicians who have previously disappointed their hopes. Simultaneously another group of people hopes to be able to maintain in positions the same politicians, because they opened the door to fortune for them. Typically, both these groups over time get disappointed. There can be several different reasons for these disappointments – the most important among which can be that the use of logic, thinking, and the use of the life lessons from the past, frequently can be non-existent amongst typical voters, while it is almost impossible to convince the people annoyed with life to take a real action and foresightedly do something beneficial for their future. On the other hand, the logic, thinking, and past lessons from real life quite well confirm the truth of statements from the introduction to the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”, as they clearly reveal, that in order to really improve the situation of a nation, it is necessary to peacefully introduce improvements and „true morality” to the entire political system, NOT just replace one group of imperfect politicians with another group of similarly imperfect politicians. What is even more important, the real life and past history teaches us, that the nation has to hurry with this peaceful introduction of improvements and „true morality” to the political system, because when the social discontent exceeds a certain threshold, then typically riots erupt. On the other hand, all riots and the social unrests are immoral by the definition. Hence NOT only that they will NOT improve the situation of the people affected by them, but even they significantly worsen the situation of these people. As a result, if the with the introduction of improvements and morality to the political system the nation awaits too-long, then all people lose – after all, if they initiate fighting, chaos, anarchy, famine, diseases, natural disasters, etc., then these destroy the lives of rich and poor in the same way. (Notice that brief definitions of the name „true morality”, which I am using frequently in this post, are provided and discussed in items #B2 to #B6 from the web page named „morals.htm”. These brief definitions state something along lines: the „true morality” is „the level of obedience of people to the requirements imposed onto humans by God”. Thus, the defined by God „true morality” significantly differs from the humanly defined „scientific morality” discussed in items #B2 and #B3 of that web page „morals.htm”. Actually, whenever I use the word „morality” in this post, or in other my publications, I always mean the „true morality”. If I refer to the „scientific morality”, I always name it in full.)

For the parliamentary elections of 2014 I was bringing up several projects of enhancements, including the project of peaceful improvements of democracy through adding the moral requirements to governmental decisions and laws – as explained in more detail in item #J1 from the web page reporting about my previous elections and named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” (this project was later repeated in items #B4 and #B7 from the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”). In case I decided to stand as a candidate in the elections of 2017, I would keep the validity of my previous projects, inclusively with the improvements of the democracy through adding moral requirements to governmental decisions and laws. After all, according to the best of my knowledge and expectations, the implementation of this extremely important project in real life, in the long-term work would solve practically almost all of the country’s problems today. This is because my project, which I believe is able to solve almost all the country’s problems, depends on adding to the set of responsibilities of government and parliament the special requirement of systematic checking of every decision and action of the government, as well as every law newly-enacted by the parliament, whether they are consistent with the criteria of morality – and in cases where it would turn out, that these decisions or laws violate any criteria of morality, then propose such improvements to these decisions or laws, that they would continue to achieve their initial goals, but they no longer would break any criteria of „true morality”. In other words, this project NOT only that is to create a robust mechanism for adding moral requirements to the entire work of the government, but it also make the MP especially established to perform this moral checking, to be personally and directly responsible for the outcomes of work of this mechanism. If this project is implemented, then the actual working of it in real life was guaranteed in advance by the summarized in item #B3 above, while explained thoroughly in items #C4.2 and #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm”, quite revolutionary discovery of the new „totaliztic science”. (What is this „totaliztic science”, in more details explain items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named „telekinetics.htm”.) This is because the discovery reveals the fact, that only those human conducts and activities that are consistent with the criteria of morality, actually bring benefits in the long-term work of moral mechanisms. In turn all the activities that violate any moral criteria, in the long-term work of moral mechanisms are only severely punished. Moreover, the most important punishment that is served for every immoral human conduct or activity, is the invalidation of all the beneficial consequences of these conducts or activities. Item #J1 from the different web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” even provides descriptions of examples, how were invalidated the beneficial consequences of the immoral inventions and implementations of pesticides, antibiotics and the theory of relativity – all of which initially looked as if they are to bring countless benefits to people, but all of which benefits in the long-term work of moral mechanisms have been invalidated – thus turning these inventions and the theory into present curses of mankind. Of course, much more of my web pages provide similar examples for invalidation of all benefits – e.g. see also items #F1 to #F3 from my web page named „solar.htm” (which show how already now are cancelled the supposed benefits from immorally forced onto people the „battery-deprived solar energy systems), or see „Fig. #1” from my web page named „p_e.htm” (which illustrates how the immoral tradition of origins of rocket propulsion systems is already gradually invalidating the beneficial consequences of the uses of these rockets), or see item #C4.7 from my web page named „morals.htm” (which, amongst others, explains how the immoral efforts of present official science to maintain its lucrative monopoly on research and on education is firing back by forcing this science that it itself cancels all the benefits of its taxpayer-funded activities, because this science lies to the humanity in practically almost every official statement it makes). The research of new „totaliztic science” described herein revealed also empirically the shocking discovery reported, among others, in items #A4, #C4.2 and #C4.7 in the abovementioned web page named „morals.htm”. Namely, this research has revealed, that because of the wide-spread lack of knowledge about the work of moral mechanisms, as well as the lack of moral checks on the governmental decisions and on the newly-enacted laws, currently practically almost all the governmental decisions and laws violate various criteria of the „true morality”. This in turn causes, that the beneficial consequences of practically almost everything that today’s governments and parliaments decide, make, or enact, with the passage of time are cancelled by moral mechanisms. Thus, the implementation of the abovementioned my project would change the fate of beneficial consequences of practically almost everything that today’s governments and politicians do, from the previous cancellation of these benefits by moral mechanisms, into the future long-term multiplication of these benefits by the same moral mechanisms. In turn, on such a drastic change of fates of these benefits would greatly gain literally all inhabitants of the country.

Historical facts and logic suggest also, that the empirical findings of the new „totaliztic science” described here, have a „double-edged” action. This in turn means, that if the current situation continues, while governments of the future will continuously make almost exclusively decisions and laws that violate various criteria of morality, then the situation NOT only that never is to improve, but over the time it is to become increasingly worse and more tragic. In other words, NOT only that the recently arrived to Earth „neo-medieval epoch” (described in item #K1 from the web page named „tapanui.htm”) will continue, but the characterizing it: immoral conducts, injustices, greed, oppressions, wars, famines, pestilences, chaos, anarchy, climate change, natural disasters, etc., will be increasingly stronger sweeping over the world and destroying increasingly more human lives. Thus, if this process begins to run increasingly faster, then it may even happen, that in 2017 our country is NOT going to exist, or that it still will be here, but will be seized by such a chaos, anarchy, fighting, brutality and tyranny, that it will NOT held democratic elections anymore, while the majority of its citizens will be forced to flee the country – as it already happened with Ukraine, as well as with Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and several other countries.

That finding of the new „totaliztic science”, that practically almost everything that today’s governments decide or make breaks various criteria of „true morality”, and thus causes that the beneficial consequences of practically almost all government activities are invalidated over time by the moral mechanisms, introduces a series of serious consequences. For example, it causes that from my project on the implementation of the moral improvement of democracy through checking and correcting all the decisions and actions of government, would actually benefit virtually all citizens of the country, starting from these poorest, and ending on these richest. Unfortunately, there is one problem with the implementation of this project in real life. This problem is the fact, that in order to check the morally and then properly adjust and refine all the decisions, actions and laws of the government, the MP selected for this function would need to have an excellent knowledge of the moral mechanisms and the extensive experience in the use of the findings of my philosophy of totalizm for resolving all kinds of life problems. Meanwhile, in New Zealand so far there is NO a party candidate for MP, who would possess the required knowledge and experience. Thus, in order to overcome this problem of the lack of adequate candidate, in 2014 I offered that if my intentions receive the required support from the voters, then I will take responsibility for performing these checks and improvements in the parliamentary debates. My offer regarding this matter I described thoroughly on my previous election web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” – especially see item #J1 in there.

Unfortunately, my offer of 2014 that I undertake the checks in parliamentary deliberations whether the decisions and laws enacted fulfil the criteria of morality, has NOT received the recognition from voters. In fact, in the elections of 2014 I got 103 votes – means in order to be elected for an MP I ran short of further 14,000 votes. So in 2014 I obviously disappointed all those 103 people who hoped that the democracy and the political system of our country will be advanced onto a more effective level, as I was forced to abandon my attempt to implement of what is described in this post (i.e. abandon the implementation of the abovementioned project of moral verification and improvement of the government decisions, actions and laws.)

Although there may be many causes for that lack of the required number of votes in 2014, the only cause onto which I have an influence, and thus which I may be able to fix myself in the future, is my lack of knowledge about the characteristics of NZ voters, and the lack of knowledge by these voters of my capabilities. So in order to fix in the future the effects of this cause, in March 2015 I deduced (and become aware) that if God will give to myself and to New Zealand the „second chance” explained in item #E2 of the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm” and allows us to improve the situation, then in the next parliamentary elections of 2017 I should consider the trying to repeat the implementation of the same project of moral improvement, refinement and transformation of democracy and the political system. In turn to learn the views and wishes of the voters, this post should initiate such an attempt with the questionnaire from item #D2 of the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”. So if it does NOT turn out in the future, that my activities unintentionally run against long-term plans of God or against wishes of voters, then the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm” and the questionnaire from item #D2 of it, is to be subjected to a repetitive improvements until 2017, and is to be constantly available to all interested people at two Internet addresses – namely at the address http://pajak.org.nz/pajak_re_2017.htm and at the address http://totalizm.com.pl/pajak_re_2017.htm . Since links to both these addresses are also listed on the election flyer from „Fig. #B1” of the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”, I suggest to the interested readers to print out that flyer, so that when the right time comes for me to decide what I should do, this flyer is to remind also to readers the internet addresses at which they should have a look.

If in fact this „second chance” was given to me and to our country, then the described above efforts of moral improvement of democracy and government decisions would be my ultimate goal of action – though NOT the only goal. This is because the logic dictates that to my election program for 2017 I should then also try to include additional goals, whose general motto would be to ensure that the morally correct refinement of democracy and the government would have the chance to acquire a permanent character, and NOT to be just a kind of temporary experiment. The projects of these activities I already described previously on the web page with the election program for 2014 – amongst others see items #D1 and #D5 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. For example, I would try then to restore the healthy balance between the atheistic, and the scientifically and secularly oriented the deistic education, means initiate also the program of formal education of young people in the knowledge of scientific principles, methods, tools, requirements and criteria of the „true morality” required from people by God – through the introduction of the official curriculum for the deistic Concept of Dipolar Gravity and deistic philosophy of totalizm in high schools and at universities to be undertaken in parallel with currently taught in there the exclusively atheistic views and theories, such as the „theory of evolution” or the „big bang theory”. (Note that I deliberately highlight here the word „secular”, because in spite of confirming the existence of God, both of them, i.e. the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm are completely secular scientific disciplines, which try to repair the distortions of the truth that have crept to virtually every modern religion, and which try to build their knowledge of God on the scientific research and experiments verifiable to everyone.) I would also try to end the current immoral monopoly of the old „atheistic orthodox science” on research and on education, through the creating for this old official science a real „competition” by the establishment of at least one „totaliztic university”, which would entirely base its (or their) actions on the principles of „totaliztic science”, and thus which finally would begin to make accountable the old „atheistic orthodox science” for all these lies with which this old official science now buries the whole of humanity. (Onto these lies of the old official science tries to draw the attention of readers, amongst others, item #C4.7 from the web page named „morals.htm”, and item #K1 from the web page named „tapanui.htm”.)

The history seems to prompt us, that almost certainly will come the time of a next disappointment – this time with the elections of 2014. (I believe that this disappointment is to come for certain – as in the current political system the elections are able to only replace one lot of humanly-imperfect politicians with another lot of similarly imperfect politician, but are unable to improve the entire current political system of democracy, in the way as the implementation of my project described here is capable to improve this system.) In turn, without the improvement of the whole political system, the situation can only get worse, while for sure never is to get better. After all, a stagnant democracy develops increasingly more political traditions, political culture, and legal climates, which all by their nature are immoral, thus which all only can increase the injustice, inequality and idleness in almost the entire nation. Meanwhile, the disappointment with any elections has the potential to pile further the level of social dissatisfaction and frustration. What even worse, as time passes, the increasingly deeper sinking of the humanity into the present „neo-medieval epoch” (described in item #A3 from my web page named „humanity.htm”) probably also starts to seriously trouble practically all the people. All this taken together urges readers to consider again whether they could and should fill up the questionnaire from item #D2 of the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”, in case God actually gives to me and to our country the „second chance”, as stated in the introduction to the web page named „pajak_re_2017.htm”. In turn, due to filling up the questionnaire, readers are to provide me with the information that is needed before 7th November 2016 to enable me to make the correct decision. After all, the other option is that perhaps voters choose to continue to be passive, thus they limit themselves to taking passively of whatever is to be served to them, to their close ones, and to their descendants, by politicians that stubbornly refuse to recognize the existence and work of mechanisms of „true morality”.

* * *

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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