#255E: The use of our knowledge of moral statute of the source of a new idea for the „indicator of moral correctness” that is to reveal to us, whether a given idea in the long-term work of moral mechanisms is to turn out to be beneficial, or destructive (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” (Bible, King James Version, Matthew, 7:17-18)

The general methods of God’s action include, among others, the principle which in the best manner is expressed by the warning words of the Bible quoted in the motto to this post. Since this principle is expressed in general terms, it refers virtually to the entire physical world. In this way it expresses, among others, NOT only the principles which apply to the bearing of fruits, but it also expresses principles relating to the emergence of new ideas, to inventions and theories, to results of wars, to consequences of traditions developed and maintained by families, institutions and nations, etc., etc.

If the words of this general principle are to describe and interpret anything that just is being born, then they tell us precisely, whether during the long-term work of moral mechanisms that emerging something is going to prove to be beneficial or disastrous for people confronted with it. This is because according to the words of this biblical warning, „everything that originates from immoral sources, in the long-term work of moral mechanisms is to turn out to be destructive and detrimental for people”. In turn „everything that originates from the moral sources, in the long-term work of moral mechanism is to turn out to be good and beneficial for people”. Thus, if in any way we are able to determine whether a newly-born something is derived from moral or from immoral sources, then in advance we can also specify whether in the future it proves itself to be beneficial or destructive for people. In this way, such apparently innocent-sounding words of the Bible, express the well camouflaged God’s method of acting, which allows us to use our knowledge of the moral status of the sources of whatever is just being born, as another „indicator of the moral correctness”. NOT without reasons in our immoral civilization various laws are established regarding the protection of supposed „privacy” of people who act immorally, so that this makes impossible for us a simple finding out a connection between cases of immorality and the problems that the usage of „bad fruits” generated by sources of this immorality brings to people.
There is a vast amount of empirical evidence, which confirms to us that God with the „iron hand” controls the development of mankind and the operation of the physical world, so that the principle described above with words of the Bible, is always fulfilled. In order to inform the reader about the kind of this evidence, I am going to indicate here several examples of such evidence, which I have described in more detail on my web pages. And so, for example in item #J1 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, I explained both, long-term adverse consequences of the introduction to use of inventions of pesticides and antibiotics, as well as the introduction of the theory of relativity, and also I explained why we can have serious reservations regarding the moral status of sources from which these inventions and the theory originate. Similarly, in the caption under „Fig. #1” from the web page named „p_e.htm”, I explained that God has NOT allowed that the son of Wernher von Braun (i.e. the Nazi builder of deadly missiles „V2” – whose heritage and traditions Americans used as „source” for their technology of space rockets) invented the Magnocraft and the Time Vehicle, but God caused, that both these starships invented the son of the „slave” of von Braun. As it appears God knows since a long time, that the rocket propulsion systems already today are sources of suffering and deaths for scores of people, and that in the future rockets are to prove to be a serious obstacle in the development of entire mankind – as already such an obstacle appears to be the theory of relativity. (That obstructing work of rocket propulsion systems was fully confirmed a long time ago during my interactions with NASA, when due to the NASA investment in the rocket propulsion system that agency stubbornly ignored my countless applications and appeals directed to it to gain a support for my research on the Magnocraft and on the Oscillatory Chamber.) On a similar principle everything that originates from the tradition and from the development of the atomic bomb already now is proving to be a curse to the mankind – including the destructiveness of nuclear power plants, an excellent example of which is the Japanese disaster in Fukushima – the actual reasons and consequences of which are described in items #M1 to #M1.3 from my web page named „telekinetics.htm”, and also including the destructiveness of current „neo-medieval epoch”, the not-too-distant arrival of which, induced due to the „telepathic noise” generated by the explosions of atomic bombs, was already indicated by results of my research on consequences of the Tapanui explosion carried out and published back in 1989, while the beginnings of the actual arrival of which neo-medieval epoch, with all its deadly aggressions, fights, plagues, savagery of human customs and the ugliness of „works” of artists, we can see across the globe since 2001, means since 12 years after my prediction that the neo-medieval epoch is to come soon (for a brief summary of the current „neo-medieval epoch” see „part #K” from the web page named „tapanui.htm”). Furthermore, virtually all of ideas identified as immoral in item #C4.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”, as well as in item #B6 from the web page named „p_instruction.htm”, also show decisively immoral origins. Hence, it is absolutely certain that if for these ideas until this moment of time some amongst them have NOT showed yet to us their destructive consequences, then various kinds of such disastrous consequences for people are to emerge soon. In other words, the point and the information that I am trying to convey here is that, by knowing whether the sources or the traditions from which originates something that is just emerging, have a moral or an immoral character, we can already now predict with a high accuracy just on the basis of words from the Bible quoted in the motto to this post, whether after the completion of this emerging something, in the long-term action of moral mechanisms it is to turn out to be beneficial or destructive for people.

The folk wisdom also has been aware of the action of God’s principle described here. For example, it is just from that principle that originates the idea of the so-called „evil eye” cultivated in the folklore of the Far East – which persuades NOT to have anything to do with highly immoral people, because everything at what they just only have a look, will wither. In a similar way the old Polish folk tradition persuades NOT to get anything from immoral people, nor hire immoral people to help us with anything that is related to birth of something new – because their participation is to bring „bad luck” to that something new and will make it either to die, or to wither, or to cause that it only brings troubles and losses.

Nowadays it becomes increasingly difficult, if not almost completely impossible, to determine whether a given immoral action originates from someone who always acts chronically immorally, or originates from someone who in principle acts morally – only that in the given matter made a mistake, or let loose some amongst his/her human imperfections, as a result committing an immorality which is a rare mistake for him/her. After all, various human laws, such as the „Privacy Act”, as well as various customs that the humanity has practiced, of the kind of „telling complements” or „white lies”, or to NEVER say „bad things” about the member of family, or someone famous, or someone dead, cause that the immoral nature of chronically immoral people is carefully hidden and for ordinary people this bad nature is almost impossible to link to specific people or institutions. Fortunately, such an immoral human nature is impossible to hide from all-seeing God. In turn God uses His knowledge of the entire nature of a given person, and also uses a thorough analysis of the habits, characteristics and behaviour of each person, revealed to God during the previous passage of that person through time and life, and then on the basis of His methods of acting, God judges what His actions should be regarding the specific individuals and regarding activities that these individuals decided to complete in their current passage through time and life. It is just because of the result of actions taken by God, that the quotation from the Bible described here directs also our attention at the additional and highly useful truth, which states that the „fruits” of the behaviours of both, individual people as well as group intellects, always belong to just a single moral category, namely if these behaviours in an intellect are qualified by God as predominantly immoral, then the „fruits” of practically everything that God allows this intellect to do, are to turn out to be harmful or even destructive in the long-time work of moral mechanisms, but if the behaviours of an intellect are qualified by God as predominantly moral, then „fruits” of virtually everything that God allows this intellect to do, turn out to be positive and constructive in the long-term work of moral mechanisms. In other words, in spite that today people are effectively hiding their immorality, still God discreetly reveals to us this immorality, because if we manage to definitively establish, that in a given matter someone, or some institution, generated any „fruits”, which in the long-term turn out to be decisively immoral, then the quotation from the Bible described here assures us, that we can be certain, that also in all other matters in which God allowed the same person or institution to also generate „fruits”, in long-term these „fruits” turn out to be equally immoral. (Note here, that already a number of “fruits” of present official science were definitely confirmed as immoral.) So it is a big risk to accept any of the “fruits” of its conduct, as in the long-term almost certainly these “fruits” will prove harmful. This is why, among other things, such chronically immoral people in the days of my youth were called „Midases in reverse”, because everything that they would touch with time would turn into shit. (Of course, there are also unrelated to the „fruits” methods of determining whether someone belongs to the category of generally morally or immorally acting people – i.e. to Totalizts or to Parasites. For example, people who generally act immorally are NOT able to take approvingly any morally-correct conduct, because their nature orders them to spontaneously demonstrate hostility and aggression against everything that is morally-correct. In addition, the extinguishing of moral compass in them causes that they typically are NOT able to distinguish between moral conduct and immoral conduct – thus in everything they are driven only by their own convenience, emotions, feelings, desires of their bodies, etc.) Thus, the above quotation confirms to us the vital truth which already a long time ago discovered the philosophy of totalizm when it determined that every intellect belongs to just one category of intellects, namely belongs either to totalizts, or to parasites. At this point it is also worth to add, that the so-called „scientific morality” (i.e. this „morality” which is described more comprehensively in items #B2, #B3 and #B6 from the web page named „morals.htm”) uses various human concoction to continually renew its efforts to form among the people the dominant opinion that contradicts the discussed here words of the Bible. For example, numerous films and TV programs are made and disseminated for this purpose, in which ex-offenders are shown as supposedly performing highly noble deeds. Or dangerous criminals are pardoned and released back into the society – supposedly in order to give them a „second chance” to rehabilitate themselves, but in practice in order to enable them to commit further wickedness. Etc., etc.

In spite that we are given the „free will”, in real life only a very small percentage of actions we take ends up with the eventuation of any „fruits”. For example, every time when I was looking for another job, I was forced to submit hundreds of job applications before one of them ended successfully in getting a job. The warning from God described in this post, that those people assigned to the category predominantly immorally acting people, are to implement only those actions the „fruit” of which is to prove to be harmful or even devastating, gives us to hands a very important for each of us opportunity of an early obtaining the feedback regarding the moral category to which we have been classified. The point is, that according to the Bible, during the so-called „final judgment” people previously classified as belonging to the predominantly immoral category of „goats”, will be separated from those previously classified as belonging to the predominantly moral category of „sheep” and designated to a complete annihilation. But the majority of people leads their lives without having the slightest clue into which amongst these two categories they are classified by moral criteria. Meanwhile, the described above quotation from the Bible, complemented by the described in item #C4.2 from the web page „morals.htm” the knowledge of principles which outline the short-term and long-term work of the so-called „moral field”, allow everyone for an early learning whether he/she is classified to the category of those „sheep” or to the category of those „goats”. After all, if one is classified to the category of „goats”, then the „fruits” of everything that he/she is able to do in our present passage through time, in the long-term work of „moral field” turns out to be harmful or destructive. In turn „fruits” of whatever we do, each one of us can identify and then analyze in moral terms. After all, each one of us somehow earns for living, and as part of this earning is obliged to give „something” back to people. Thus, it is possible to judge, whether this „something” is more similar to drugs, cigarettes or tanks, which destroy the lives of other people, or is more like bread, milk or beautiful homes that satisfy and make us happy. Also, many people have children – which are either like a plague, or radiate good to other people. Some are building something, or plant something, which either irritates and harms everyone around, or beautifies and helps. Etc., etc. Just that in the later moral analysis of these „fruits”, we need to take under account moral principles and criteria, explained in more detail by the Bible or by totalizm. The point is, that these days a lot of „fruits” have more than one creator – so in their case we need to determine whether we are the co-creators of their harmful aspects. For example, if our children grown to be criminals, the question is whether we were only their biological parents, or we were upbringing them as well. Also, if someone else was upbringing them, then whether we have done everything in our power to prevent them from „going to the dogs”. Similarly, if a building that we co-created collapses and kills many people, then whether this collapse was caused e.g. by our careless and unprofessional design, or for example, by a theft of cement and the use of poor building materials, about which we did NOT know. (In turn, if we knew e.g. about these thefts of cement and building materials, then whether we informed of whoever needed to act upon this – or were silent and thus morally becoming co-responsible for the subsequent collapse – as explained in item #A2.8 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”.) Therefore, if we can detect that everything that we do in fact is turning into harmful or destructive „fruits”, then we still have time to drastically change our behaviour into whatever the Bible or the philosophy of totalizm commands us to adopt – as after the learning of our fate during the „final judgment” it will be too late to change our behaviour. In turn, when we prove to God that we drastically changed our behaviour, then probably we will be shifted back in time to an earlier age, and at the same time our memory of previous passage through the time will be erased in us, while in already a new passage through time the „fruits” of everything that we are allowed to do, in the long-term work of „moral field” will turn out to be beneficial and uplifting.

A meaningful attribute of these warning words of God cited in the motto to this post, and the corresponding to these words principle of God’s acting, is that the context in which those words are expressed in the Bible clearly tells us that the principle described by them is valid and works in both directions. In other words, with regard to morality, these words explain that not only all actions of either moral or immoral people bear later the good or bad consequences, but also the good or bad consequences are always a proof that they are the fruit of moral or immoral people. In nature the possession by something of just such an attribute of the two-way action is relatively rare, as most of „natural” principles of action are valid and work in only one direction. For example, although all the wives are women, but NOT all women are wives. Similarly, although all inventors gathered extraordinary knowledge, but NOT all people who have gathered an extraordinary knowledge are inventors. Etc., etc. But what gives us a lot to think about, is that every principle that naturally works in only one direction, can be turned into a principle that operates in both directions – if someone puts into it the right amount of intelligence, motivation, good will, thinking, intellectual effort, etc. So, for example, if we overthrow the present legal limitations forcing people to monogamy – which are clearly contrary to the intentions of God, and let that, for example, every man could have as many wives as he or they only wish and for maintaining of which allows him his financial situation (as this is described in item #J2.2.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”), then the end result of such treatment would be that NOT only every wife will be a woman, but virtually all women are somebody’s wives. (After all, the natural excess of births of women over men, and typically shorter life expectancy for men than for women, cause that in monogamy for some women husbands must run out.) Similarly, if we cause with various moral, educational, legal and incentive encouragements, that all people which gathered the required knowledge, will direct this knowledge towards the improvement of the world in which they live (instead of, e.g. „making money”), then the end result will be that it is NOT just that everyone who is the inventor accumulated an extraordinary amount of knowledge, but also everyone who has accumulated an extraordinary amount of knowledge is to become an inventor. Etc., etc. The point and the main message that I am trying to reveal here to the reader with the help of the above examples, is stating that the fact that the principle described in the Bible with the words quoted in the motto to this post works in both directions, on one hand indicates that its two-way work results from intelligent and targeted actions of God, aimed at such controlling the operation of the physical world that this is going to cause a two-way work of this principle, on the other hand, it confirms to us that although God acts in a manner so unobtrusive that it does NOT break our „free will”, still His actions and control over the physical world are relentless, ubiquitous and absolute – so that they cover with an iron control absolutely everything that people do. Of course, I do NOT have to add here that in order God with such an „iron hand” is able to control discretely absolutely everything that people do in our physical world, firstly that God must really exist – in spite of the floods of lies about God with which buries the humanity the present official „atheistic orthodox science”.

The two-way work of the principle described here is of great importance to morality and to humanity. After all, since the first moment it is not only able to allow us to predict what will be the long-term consequences of a given action – if only we know what is the moral status of the source from which this action originates. In addition, it also allows us to back-track to find out who, or what, is exactly the reason for a given kind of fruits that reveal themselves only in the long-term operation of moral mechanisms. For example, this principle reveals, that some current American racial frictions stem from the immoralities of slavery, NOT from the differences between people of various races (as some individuals tried, or try now, to believe). Similarly, it reveals that, for example some today’s problems of England stem from immoralities of colonialism, NOT e.g. from the friendly immigration policy of UK. Etc., etc. In the opposite direction, this principle allows also e.g. to predict what in the long-term work of moral mechanisms will arise in the future, from e.g. the current bombing or sending „UN peacekeeping troops” to other countries, or e.g. to predict what fate in the long-term work of moral mechanisms is to be met by the institutions and by their owners or directors, if these institutions accumulate their wealth at the expense of starvation-wages paid to their workers.

Highly teaching are also circumstances in which the actual work in our lives of words of the Bible quoted in the motto to this post has been experimentally confirmed by the philosophy of totalizm. Namely, firstly as part of totalizm and the new „totaliztic science” I researched the principles on which works the so-called „moral field” described, amongst others, in item #C4.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”. But when I brought this research to the point in which it became clear to me how this „moral field” really works, and when I described the results of these research, among others, in the above item #C4.2 newly updated in December 2014, then suddenly I realized, that the work of this field is described in the most perfect way by the words of the Bible discussed here – which words I remember well because they are often spoken during holy Masses in which I participate. In other words, actually I firstly discovered the work of moral field empirically, and I described it scientifically, while only later I discovered that this work of moral field is most perfectly described by the abovementioned words of the Bible. In exactly the same way I carried out the discoveries of work of other words from the Bible to which I refer in my publications. For example, firstly I discovered empirically and determined scientifically the work of so-called „omniplan” described in items #C3 and #C4 of the web page named „immortality.htm” (which „omniplan” informs us, amongst others, that each one of us is repeating own life more than once), while only then one of my readers posted to me his discovery that just such repeated living of every person though his/her life God describes in the Bible – see item #B4.1 in abovementioned web page „immortality.htm”. Thus neither totalizm, nor I, do operate in such a way that firstly we select a verse from the Bible, and then we check it scientifically whether it is fulfilled in the real life. In fact, I and totalizm, we do exactly the opposite – i.e. firstly we discover the action of a moral principle that governs over the real life, then we find (usually unintentionally), that this principle is already clearly expressed with words of a verse from the Bible. This in turn introduces a whole range of extremely vital consequences. For example, this causes that the empirical findings of totalizm independently support and confirm the words of the Bible, and that simultaneously statements of the Bible add validity to the empirical evidence which independently confirms the findings and discoveries of totalizm. It also reveals how well and wisely the Bible is written, that although it contains more knowledge that so-far the entire human science was able to accumulate, still the Bible does NOT support the ignorance and laziness by giving to people ready-made recipes and solutions, but it requires that firstly something needs to be empirically and scientifically discovered by people, before the precise meaning of the words describing this discovery in the Bible becomes understandable for people. In addition, it also reminds me and us, why the words of the Bible are still „alive” and continually work in the real life, and why the Bible was NOT able to be authorized by some imperfect people, but it had to be authorized/inspired by all-knowing God Himself.

The general rule of God’s acting described here, expressed, amongst others, in words from the Bible repeated in the motto of this post, „Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit”, from the scientific point of view of its principles of operation is also explained in item #C4.2 of the web page named „morals.htm”. In addition, it is also discussed on a number of other totaliztic web pages – for example see item #D6 from the web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”, item #D4 from the web page named „artefact.htm”, or item #H1 from the web page named „boiler.htm”.

* * *

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