#252E: The use of the moral field for an „indicator of the moral correctness” with the characteristics so secular and so scientific, that even for „atheists” this indicator can be accepted for comparing human actions with standards of morality that are objectively existing and independent from humans (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „Those who decide or act immorally, only waste their time, effort, resources and life – after all, the moral mechanisms in their long-term operation invalidate everything that humans have accomplished as a result of immoral decisions and actions.”

#A4: It just so happens that we live in times when the majority of people instead of working towards the elimination of their own imperfections, such as greed, lust, selfishness, deviations, favouritism, etc., they rather prefer to cultivate these imperfections and corrupt with them the morality of the whole society by giving to these imperfections a status of legal „rights” that are owned to people. For this reason, as a result of the increasingly powerful public pressure of an increasing mass of such people with corrupt morals, even religions that once taught of principles of the moral conduct, now are also afraid to openly teach the duty to obey the moral principles. So instead of teaching to people methods of meeting the requirements of morality, about which God has told us quite clearly e.g. in the Bible – that we have an obligation to permanently imprint them into our characters, currently religions limit themselves to only promising what prizes await us in heaven, if we regularly participate in the rites of given religion and at the same time we give generously „on the tray”. In addition, all religions do NOT carry out by themselves, nor promote carrying out by others, the searches for answers to these most important questions about morality, listed in item #A1 of the web page named „morals.htm” (i.e. searches for answers reaching much further than to merely already been given by God answers to the question „what?”) – the finding of which answers God intentionally left to people for a laborious earning. Just as with religion, also is with the present official science. After all, already some time ago the official science has set to itself the officially unspoken goal of denying everything that God says in the scriptures. No wonder that our science neither does teaching, nor objectively researches, the true morality required from people by God. In the result of this ignoring of research and abandoning of teaching of morality by both religions and by official science, in present times the entire humanity begins to act increasingly immoral – to which fact I am trying to direct the attention of readers and to illustrate it on numerous examples, e.g. in item #C4.2 from this post and from the web page named „morals.htm”, in item #B5 from my other web page named „p_instruction.htm”, in item #T1 from another my web page named „humanity.htm”, while jokingly also in the second paragraph of item #G3 yet another my web page named „prophecies.htm”, as well as in a whole range of further totaliztic publications.

Of course, it is unspeakably pity that both religions, as well as the old official „atheistic orthodox science”, do NOT conduct reliable research nor actual teaching of morality. After all, the newly emerging „totaliztic science” has already established that virtually everything that people do, can be carried out either in accordance with the criteria of morality, that is, in a moral manner, or in a manner that violates these criteria of morality, that is, in an immoral way. This new „totaliztic science” has also discovered empirically and then documented it on a required sample of cases from the real life, that every „moral” acting in the long term is rewarded by moral mechanisms, while every „immoral” human behaviour is severely punished by the same moral mechanisms. That long-term rewarding and punishing is also made with an iron hand, regardless of whether one is aware or not, that in a given case acted morally or immorally. At the same time, the most important penalty, which in the long-term operation of moral mechanisms is systematically served still in this physical life for every immoral action and every immoral decision, is the cancellation (elimination and lost) of all the benefits that previously for a short term have been achieved as a result of the immoral action or decision. In other words, because of the ignoring of reliable research on the mechanisms of work of actual morality required from the people by God, and also because of the neglect of teaching morality, the humanity still is NOT aware that over the time everything that humans have accomplished as a result of immoral behaviour is cancelled and lost. And these losses are huge. For example, on two occasions I analyzed for the compliance with moral criteria, these fragments of governmental decisions, that reached the public (and my) knowledge (after all, NOT all decisions of the government the public and I had the opportunity to learn), and later fragments of these analyzes I dared to carefully describe on my web pages when discussing the earthquake in Christchurch and the elections to Parliament in 2014. As these analysis had revealed to me, a majority of decisions of today governments violates various moral criteria. This in turn, in the light of current knowledge about the principle of systematic punishment by moral mechanisms for every immoral decision and every immoral action, as described here, makes it already absolutely certain, that the beneficial consequences of the majority of governmental decisions are later completely lost as a result of long-term work of moral mechanisms. Thus, the making of immoral decisions at the government level leads directly to an unimaginable waste of the human time, effort, and resources – including the wasting of taxes so ruthlessly executed from individual people to finance with them these immoral government decisions. In fact, if just only a half of decisions of the government of a country was made in accordance with the criteria of morality, and thus in the long-term work would NOT have to be punished by moral mechanisms with the cancellation of beneficial effects of these decisions, then the life in the country ruled by such a government would become similar to living in a paradise. Except that, unfortunately, the long-term beneficial effects of such making mainly morally correct decisions, would fully disclose themselves only after the so-called „time of return” of karma by the moral mechanisms, explained in item #C4.2 below – which the „time of return” in some cases of behaviours of entire countries can be extended even to about 70 or 100 years, while very rarely is less than about 7 years. Hence these politicians, who would implement such morally correct actions, typically would NOT benefit from the results of own efforts and decisions, while sometimes they probably would NOT even live until the long-term fruits of their labour will be revealed – which situation in the today’s human attitudes described by the saying „after me is OK if even the end of the world is to come”, does NOT induce a much hope that in fact there will be any politicians who are to base their decisions on the criteria of morality.

It is worth to add here, that it is good to learn the approximate „times of return” for moral or immoral acting. (Approximately these times are provided in item #C4.2 – although for specific intellects the reader can also determine and check them by himself or herself even much more accurately.) After all, on one hand, they provide us with evidence for the confirmation of the truth of descriptions from the web page named „morals.htm”, while on the other hand, they allow to determine empirically, for example, what proportion of the actions or decisions of governments, of any institutions, or of any persons, meet the criteria of morality – that means is moral. After all, if e.g. someone builds a permanent house (from e.g. bricks), but he or she does it in an immoral way, then after a time greater than this „time of return”, the house will NOT exist any more. This is because the principle of automatic punishment by moral mechanisms will cause, that in order to invalidate the beneficial consequences of this immoral building, the house will be either abandoned and fall into disrepair, or e.g. a cataclysm will destroy it, or will be taken by the court and demolished, etc., etc. So instead of existing for several hundred years, as its durable materials allow this, this house for sure is to NOT exist after a little more than 10 years – if it was built by an individual person, or after a little more than 100 years – if it was built by the government or by an institution (i.e. by the so-called „group intellect”). In other words, if, for example, we want to know what proportion of the actions of a given government, or a given institution, complies with the criteria of morality, then it is enough to check a little over 100 years later how much still exists, is used, and enjoys human respect out of whatever that government or that institution has made. (NOT without reason, e.g. out of all buildings over 100 years of age, mainly churches still exist and are used. After all, in typical situations all phases of their construction, starting from the decision making, through collecting the funds, and finishing with the erection, in past were carried out without breaking any moral criteria – for an example see the caption under „Fig. #G1a” and see item #D3 on the web page named „cielcza_uk.htm”.)

In addition to this, the Bible (as well as some of other holy books inspired by God) is quite clear in explaining that e.g. to get to heaven in the next life, firstly we have to earn this by proving to God in this life, that we inscribed into our character the permanent habits of moral behaviour. After all, one does not need to be a guru to deduce that if God forgave all sins and would let everyone into heaven, than same wicked people, who today unleash hell on Earth, would also turn heavens into a similar hell. Thus, our primary goal in this life on Earth, becomes the proving to God during the tests and trials on morality, to which we are continually subjected, that we already etched permanently into our character enough moral habits to be able in heaven to coexist harmoniously with other people admitted in there and to implement in discipline and in the manner required by God the job that in the future God will be entrusting to us in heaven. Not without a reason in the Bible God warns us that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into heaven, and also warns us that from the whole of this vast number of people, who in all times lived on Earth, to the heaven will be permitted only 144,000 of the most „righteous” people – both of which warnings are explained in a bit more detailed way in item #C4 from my web page named „immortality.htm”, and in item #I1 from my web page named „quake.htm”. (Notice here, what item #A3 from my web page „god_proof.htm” explains on the topic of moral degeneration under the influence of wealth, and on upbringing in wealth and in prosperity, as well as explains how God uses the method of upbringing called the „principle of reversals” – i.e. explains the method described, amongst others, in item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm” and in item #F3 from the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”. In addition, note also here that the biblical expression „righteous” does NOT coincide with the today’s understanding of this word and in the Bible it is used to describe a person which today we would call „pedantically morally acting person” – for more details about these „righteous” people see the abovementioned item #I1 from my web page named „quake.htm”.) In other words, yet another immense loss that both, the whole humanity, as well as each individual human is to experience due to ignoring of objective research on the mechanisms of action of true morality required from the people by God, and also by disregard to learning of morality, is that the overwhelming majority of people living on Earth are NOT going to get into heaven – in spite of deceptive promises of many of today’s religions. (E.g. from my rough estimates described in both abovementioned web pages stems, that to heaven get only about 4 people out of every million people who have lived on Earth.) Thus the most important own asset that is wasted due to immoral behaviour, is a waste of our own lives by denying ourselves a chance that after the final judgment we get a new immortal body and a new, great, infinitely long life.

Of course, there is a whole ocean of scientifically verifiable facts, which confirm that God fulfils exactly what He said. Only that just that old official „atheistic orthodox science” do NOT intends to deny its doctrinal foundations through scientific verification of these God’s indications. Also religions do NOT even attempt to scientifically verify them. Thus, so far the new „totaliztic science” is the only one, which in the extent of its limited resources and capabilities, such scientific verification is carrying out. Unfortunately, whatever this new „totaliztic science” established, still does NOT reach to the most people. After all, the results of its research are still ignored, while its publications are still blocked and ridiculed. However, in spite that the majority of people are to ignore whatever is explained here, it is still worth to promote the truth. After all, to those who deserve it, this truth somehow arrives. So let us list here at least the most tangible categories of evidence, which confirm that in the long-term action God strictly and severely punishes every manifestation of immorality, while handsomely rewards every moral behaviour (and thus, that only those people may count for any future with God, who prove to God, that they permanently inscribed to their characters morally correct habits of conduct). Here are these categories:

(1) The Bible inspired by God. In fact, the Bible in many different places assures us with various words, that immorally acting people (the „wicked ones”) are to be punished, while morally acting („righteous”) – rewarded. For example, amongst others God promises in the Bible, that for as long as some human settlements are inhabited by at least „10 righteous” people (i.e. by at least 10 „pedantically morally acting people”), these settlements will NOT be destroyed by any disaster. As I described it in items #I3 to #I5 from my web page named „petone.htm”, during the time of my living in Petone, one amongst such human settlements turned out to just be the township where I currently live. No wonder, that my personal verification carried out for many years, showed that numerous disasters of various calibre, which spread destruction in towns neighbouring to Petone, bypassed and left untouched the township of Petone itself. (Thus, it is quite a significant loss, that my proposal described, amongst others, in item #J1 from the web page named „quake.htm” and addressed to a different New Zealand city named Christchurch (which is repeatedly shaken by devastating earthquakes) was NOT accepted. In this proposal I suggested that with the help of residents of Christchurch I will also check on their city the work of this Biblical promise from God.)

(2) Folk wisdom (expressed e.g. through the content of proverbs and legends). Independently from the Bible, about the inevitable punishment for immoral behaviour of people clearly warns us also our folklore, for example consider the Polish proverbs of the kind „easy come, easy go,” or „God tardy but fair”, or consider legends on the fate of immoral cities Vineta and Salamis described in items #H2 and #H3 from my web page named „tapanui.htm”.

(3) Scientific findings of the philosophy of totalizm and the new „totaliztic science”. The fact of unavoidable punishment of every immoral human behaviour is also confirmed by the results of research carried out by the philosophy of totalizm and by the new „totaliztic science”. For example, as it has been proved already by the research of totalizm and the new „totaliztic science”, all the short-term benefits obtained by any intellect (e.g. by any person, institution, country, etc.) in the result of an immoral behaviour, in the long-term operation of the moral mechanisms are always made void and replaced by the disadvantages that represent their exact opposites. Examples of various well-known cases investigated by totalizm and by the new „totaliztic science”, whose long-term consequences confirm such punishment for immorality, are provided e.g. in item #C4.2 from this post and from the web page named „morals.htm”, while are described in more detail, amongst others, in item #J1 from another of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, and in item #B6 yet another my web page named „p_instruction.htm”.

(4) Ordinary logical deduction. Each of us can imagine, whom he or she would let into heaven, if, for example, God has entrusted him or her with the highly responsible task of choosing people whom the heaven should host. As it turns out, the responsible completion of such a task would be extremely difficult. After all, we know about too large number of people from around us, that if they are given immortal bodies and the ability to do whatever they want, then they would quickly change the heaven into a kind of hell. Therefore, if such a choice of candidates for heaven from our environment is made in a way truly responsible and objective – meaning by NOT being influenced by the cronyism or family ties, but only by the actual character of these people, then it turns out that we know really very few people whose character qualifies them to stay in heaven. (For example, I am ready to bet that if someone in his or her life was able to get to know, let us say, a million of people, probably with a difficulty would be able to find among them four, about which he or she could objectively indicate and justify on the requirements described in the Bible, that actually they deserve to go to the heaven.) Notice here, that the additional achievement of this type of logical analysis is that it immediately realizes to us „why” people whom we objectively would NOT allow to heaven, on a daily basis are plagued by so many problems, failures and misfortunes of life, while the people whom we ourselves would allow to heaven, every day lead completely different lives – i.e. incomparably happier and more fulfilled than these others, although not necessarily richer or more famous.

(5) Our own analysis of the life-fates for humans which we know well. Each one of us knows a few people from the environment, whose exceptionally immoral acting (unfortunately, only in rare cases – particularly moral behaviour), qualify to the category of persons, which in the long-term operation of moral mechanisms deserve the especially exemplary punishment (unfortunately, only in the increasingly rare cases – deserve a special reward). So, if one examines their fate, then it turns out that actually in the long-term work of moral mechanisms such a punishing (or rewarding) is taking place. For example, I once carried out the analysis of the fate of my school colleagues, about which from the time of our youth I knew, that already then they stopped the listening to the voice of their conscience, so that their characters already in those days of my youth become known as particularly hopeless cases of immorality – which have NOT gave any hope for the future improvement. As it later turned out, all those my classmates who already in their youth silenced out the voice of their conscience, died at a relatively young age (their fates are described in items #C7 and #D3 from my web page named „god_exists.htm” and in item #G1 from my web page named „will.htm”).

Thus, since both, the religions as well as the present official science, had already abandoned the teaching of morality, and never carried out a reliable scientific research on the true morality required from the people by God, the last discipline devoted to the true morality remains the new „totaliztic science”, in the spirit of which this post is written. This „totaliztic science” still is trying to teach us about the immense significance of moral principles for both, our personal lives, as well as for the fate of all mankind. It still provides us also with the increasingly deeply verified results of its research on the mechanisms of morality, and on the methods by means of which in our own behaviour we can utilize these mechanisms for expanding our personal happiness, for conducting highly fulfilled lives, and for avoiding the waste of our time, effort and resources to act immorally, the beneficial effects of which acting will later have to be cancelled (the fact of immorality of which actions, unfortunately, still cannot be recognized by us on the basis of any written sources apart from the Bible and the totaliztic publications).

So how we can stop wasting of our life, time, effort, and resources, through the learning of how to convert the most of our decisions and actions into the decisions and actions which are completed in accordance with the criteria of morality? Well, firstly we have to learn how to recognize that the decision or action that we are going to take breaks any moral criteria, means is „immoral”. After all, majority of the violations of moral criteria results from human ignorance – means from the absence of knowledge in humans that they just act immorally, from their lack of knowledge to what such immoral behaviour leads, and from their lack of motivation to learn how to act in accordance with the criteria of morality. In turn how to make such a diagnosis, apart from the Bible teaches us also the philosophy of totalizm and the new „totaliztic science” – including this post and the totaliztic web page named „morals.htm”, starting with its item #C4.2. Then we also need to learn how to convert an intended decision or action that proved to be immoral, into the morally correct decision or action with the same final goal. How to make such a conversion, it also teaches the philosophy of totalizm – e.g. see volume 6 of my newest monograph [1/5].

* * *

#C4.2: A phenomenon, which from the point of view of moral mechanisms turns out to be the most important for our life, is the moral field. This field I already described relatively well on many totaliztic web pages, e.g. see items #H2, #D1 and #C1 on my web page named „totalizm.htm”, or item #J1 and the caption under „Fig. #I1” on my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. However, in order to NOT force the reader to interrupt the course of reading of this post, also here I quote one amongst several totaliztic definitions of this field (but notice that the same „moral field” can also be defined in a number of other ways, including ways that bypass the use of the word „God”, and thus are acceptable for „atheists”). Here is this definition: the „moral field” is a sequence of discretely (discontinuously) occurring events and phenomena that God intelligently triggers at the moment when we plan and implement any our intention or action, and which by our mind are processed into the feeling constantly acting upon us, which in the case of us completing a morally correct action in us induces discouragement, while in our environment induces emotional and physical resistance that opposes to the implementation of this action, while in the case of us completing an immoral action, the feeling encourages us to implement it, while in our environment induces situations that help us to complete it. A relatively detailed description of examples of just such discrete phenomena and events intelligently triggered by God during a period of nearly half of the year 2014, to form from them the moral field acting on my mind and my surroundings, is provided in items #N3 and #N4 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. Examples described therein reveal the mechanism of formation of the moral field in the course of my NZ election campaign.

In other words, the moral field is like an intellectual equivalent and a relative, to the gravitational field – which hinders our effort in all cases of, for example, climbing upstairs or climbing up the mountain, while which makes our descent easier in all cases of going down the stairs or down a mountain. However, there is also a lot of differences between gravity and the moral field. The most important of these differences are described, among others, in item #H2 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”. For example, one of such highly significant difference is that gravity always works in almost the same way, while the „moral field” in the short term works exactly opposite than in the long-term – which fact is explained a bit further in item #C4.2.1 from the web page „morals.htm”. In its short-term action the moral field mainly has the goal to enable the examining and judging a given action and the person implementing this action. Thus, a short-term work of moral field is manifested most strongly immediately after we started the implementation of a given action, and then it gradually fades away. In contrast, only in its long-term work the moral field starts to generate the „moral return” that is due to the person or to the community for a given action and for the moral or immoral nature of this action. This „moral return”, occurs only after passes the required so-called „time of return”, means many years later – because it takes the form of either a response from the „Boomerang Principle”, or a karmatic response, and thus it has yet to be properly prepared by moral mechanisms. For example, from my research to-date it stems, that in the case of actions taken by individual people, the „time of return” typically amounts to about 7 to 10 years. In turn for group intellects, e.g. for the entire countries or for all of humanity, in some cases, this „time of return” may come even around 10 times later. E.g., the return of karma for the implementation of slavery and colonialism typically began to emerge after about 100 years since such immoral actions were taken by a given country, while the long-term reply of the moral field for such immoral implementations as antibiotics, pesticides, or the theory of relativity, arrived only after about 70 years since their development and implementation.)

The moral field has this feature that everything we do in our life, either immediately climbs us uphill, or immediately slides us down of this field. Namely, everything that is moral demands from us a laborious and difficult climbing uphill in the moral field. In turn everything that is immoral causes our effortless and pleasurable sliding down in the moral field. It is just because of such action of the moral field, that the actual truth is said to us by that popular saying stating that „everything nice in life is either immoral, illegal, or makes us fat” – a quote usually attributed to Dorothy Parker (this saying is highlighted on the web page with the „instruction”, named „p_instruction.htm” – which describes my „playlists” with videos of totaliztic songs programmed for „smart” TVs from the Korean company „LG”.)

The new „totaliztic science” also determined that the „moral field” is a kind of invisible „dynamically shifting us back” primary field of intellectual nature (i.e. originally acting on our minds). Its operation is therefore quite similar to the action of gravity on objects suspended in the midair (e.g. on birds), because it requires a contribution of hard work even just to hover motionless in it.

Because of this ability of the moral field to „dynamically shift us back”, in this field we always must put continuous effort and work NOT only when we want to climb higher up, but even if we only want to keep ourselves on the same level and in the same position. The discontinuation of climbing uphill in the moral field causes that this field immediately shifts us back. The moral field is always so configured, that doing anything that is „moral” runs „uphill” in this field, while doing anything that is „immoral” runs „downhill” in this field. In turn, because this field is „dynamically shifting us back” – as it is also explained in items #D5, #I2 and #J1 from the web page named „morals.htm”, „not doing anything” still causes us to slide down in it. In other words, it works in a way that „doing nothing” is also a strongly „immoral” behaviour, and thus demanding a punishment. It is because of the existence of this „moral field „, that everything people do (or everything that they neglect to do while they should do it) always has a clearly defined „moral polarization” (i.e. everything is always either „moral” or „immoral”). For example, in item #A2 from the web page named „pajak_na_prezydenta_2015.htm” (unfortunately available only in the Polish language) is explained, that even some of the ways to do gym exercises (e.g. used as escapes to gyms from doing the real physical work for the benefit of specific people) also can be implemented in an immoral manner. It also this „moral field” causes that doing anything that is „moral” always in a short term requires putting into it our effort and work to overcome the short-term resistance of this moral field, while doing everything that is „immoral” in the short term is always pleasant and effortless. (This is just why so many people are practicing the immoral philosophy of parasitism, because being the highly immoral, always practicing this philosophy in the short term does NOT require putting into it any effort and is a source of immediate pleasures.)

This attribute of moral field, that it imposes a definite moral polarity onto each human activity which we knowingly take (or onto every lack of action when it is needed), makes the moral field to be an excellent „indicator of the moral correctness”. After all, in every life situation it is enough to determine whether a given our action climbs uphill, or slides downhill in the moral field, and we immediately get to know cognitively (i.e. we affirm this with our mind and knowledge), whether this our action is moral or immoral – i.e., whether when we complete it then in the long term we will be rewarded for it, or punished for it by the moral mechanisms. The existence of such an indicator is extremely important, because currently the life on Earth has become very complicated, hence the indicators which God originally provided in the Bible (e.g. 10 commandments) in many life situations no longer suffice for a growing group of people for an unambiguously determination in the cognitive manner, whether whatever is just planned to be done is moral or immoral (although independently from our mind, about the morality or immorality of a given action inform us also whispers of our conscience – but many people have forgotten already how to listen to these whispers). Thus, in an increasing number of cases, people do NOT listen to whispers of their conscience and they violate the criteria of morality, means they act immorally, because they do NOT realize the immorality of their actions – which, however, the lack of cognitive knowledge that one acts immorally does NOT protect anyone from being severely punished for breaking moral criteria (at which fact I already directed the attention of reader in previous item #A4 of this post). After all, one of the most important goals of our life is the „pursue of knowledge” – for details see items #B1 and #B1.1 on my web page named „antichrist.htm”, while penalties for ignoring the obligation of such generation of knowledge are also to „persuade people” to further their knowledge. In spite of this, most people still think, that it is enough to NOT do what is prohibited by the „10 Commandments”, and one already has acted enough morally. However, the truth is that virtually every human action can be carried out either in a moral manner, or in an immoral way – only that the current religions neither research this matter, nor they are going to inform us about it, while the official, so-called „atheistic orthodox science” is NOT intending to research and disclose of that fact – as I have already explained this in previous item #A4 from this post. However, the today’s modern life causes, that on a daily basis we encounter a huge number of situations and actions, about which without the use of moral field as an „indicator of the moral correctness” we cannot be able to established cognitively whether these represent moral or immoral decisions and behaviours of people. So let us list here at least some most troubling examples of such typical situations and action wrongly understood by people. Here they are:

1. Taxes. When I discussed taxes during my election campaign described on the web page „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, the majority of my collocutors expressed the view that taxes are necessary. After all, they allow to built roads, hospitals and schools, equip army, etc. What these people NOT see, is that if one goes one step further and check e.g. how it is selected which roads should be constructed and what kind of contractors builds them, how well hospitals today are serving to ordinary taxpayers, what in those schools is taught, and what level of knowledge children of taxpayers are reaching, for what is used the army after it is equipped, etc., and also if we count e.g. for what we would be able to pay by themselves if we do NOT pay taxes, then we can begin to have doubts about the true „value for money” of many taxes we pay. In addition, the moral analysis carried out for taxes show that virtually all taxes imposed onto individual people violate various moral criteria, means are „immoral” – for more extensive explanation see item #T2 from the web page named „humanity.htm”. (The morally correct may be some forms of tax collected from companies and institutions.) In turn the most immoral out of all of taxes, are the ones called VAT or GST. Their effects on humans and on the economy can be compared to pouring sand into the gears of working machines. As the research of the new „totaliztic science” has shown, in a long-term action of moral mechanisms the punishment for immorality always turns out to be, among others, the cancellation of all beneficial consequences of a given immoral action. Because the money collected by the government in the form of taxes, are then used to finance various governmental projects, this practically means that the true punishment for immoral collecting taxes from individual people, is the waste by the governments of almost everything that from these taxes is later financed. This penalty is independently confirming my finding, which I already described in previous item #A4 from this post – namely, that the majority of decisions of today’s governments violates various criteria of morality, and thus in the long-term work of moral mechanisms the beneficial consequences of almost all government decisions are cancelled (eliminated).

2. Songs. Not everyone is aware of the fact that many products of artists, for example songs, also cause significant harm to audiences – means also break various moral criteria. In November 2014 I started the search in YouTube for songs which would be morally unblemished (i.e. which by themselves do NOT break any moral criteria). I wanted to form from them several „totaliztic playlists” with song videos. But I was shocked to discover that there is so few of such morally unblemished songs, that it appears almost impossible to form from them several thematically oriented playlists – for details see my web page named „p_instruction.htm”.

3. Antibiotics, pesticides and the theory of relativity. Moral field is quite clear, that the decisions of implementing all of these were (and still are) highly immoral. Explanation of „why it is so” is provided in item #J1 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. It is just because those decisions and actions have proven to be highly immoral, that as the discoverer of the „telekinesis” I have decided to declare the „telekinesis free zone” described on the web page named „tfz.htm” – after all practically everything can be done in a moral or immoral manner. However, from the resistance which the moral field has been exerting since a long time onto the construction of telekinetic devices, it can be deduced, that in typical cases the implementation of technical telekinesis is to be the moral decision and the morally correct action – although in the future perhaps there will be also cases that someone starts to use telekinesis for immoral purposes (the irreparable harm of which use is intended to be prevented by the establishing of my „telekinesis free zone”).

4. Addictive principles of operation. In past factories were proud that whatever they produce is reliable and durable – hence it will serve to their buyers almost indefinitely. But then it turned out that this reliability and durability led the factory of „Volkswagen” almost to bankruptcy. Their cars „beetles” in fact turned out to be so good, that no-one wanted to buy new ones. At the same time the Japanese car factories, which did NOT hide that their cheap cars are produced only for a service life of about 10 years, earned fortunes. This caused a drastic change of tactics of almost the entire industry. It was at that time that was invented a lasting trend, which by analogy with the action of drugs can be called „addictive principles of operation”. It depends on the fact, that currently an increasing number of products of industrial mass production is designed and built in such a way that they are like narcotics, namely that force their users into a cycle of endless acquisition of these products, or their components – e.g. to a repeated disposal of older versions of the product from a given factory, or the older part of this product, and repurchase of a newer version or a newer part of the product from the same factory. Of course, the driving force behind this trend is greed, which does NOT take into account the damage that it causes to the environment, natural resources of the Earth, the advancement of knowledge, human habits, health and wealth of mankind, and the like. What even more interesting, this trend NOT only has been implemented already for a long time to less-important products such as cardboard plates or plastic disposable spoons, but also to cars, television sets, electrical and electronic equipment, etc. Let us now review some of the most representative „tricks” used by various factories and manufacturers in the practical implementation of this highly immoral trend.

4a. Hand drills and other electrical power-tools. In past the hand drills and almost all other so-called „power-tools” were powered from the electrical grid. However, they worked very reliably and for a too long period of time. So their manufacturers have invented their powering by batteries. This is because today’s batteries are quickly ageing, and their electrical capacitance decreases rapidly. After all, so-far the humanity has NOT been developing anything significant enough for it to motivate the development of long-life batteries – i.e. such as would be the Oscillatory Chambers of my invention (such motivator to increase the lives of batteries could be solar systems described in the next example – but for now their development is blocked by electric monopolies, as described in items #A1, #B5 and #F3 from my web page named „solar.htm”). Owners of battery-powered tools are quickly so impatient because of the need to recharge them too often, that they repeatedly buy new batteries for themselves – of course, from the same factory as a given power-tool is. Thus, at present one cannot buy any longer e.g. a hand electric drill powered from the grid – as personally I realized it due to the futility of my own attempts to buy such a drill lately.

4b. Battery-deprived domestic solar systems for the generation of electricity from the energy of sunlight. Solar energy is considered to be „clean”, because it does NOT pollute our planet and eliminates dirty power plants. But smart managers of such dirty power plants quickly came up with an idea as to how, under the guise of promoting „clean” solar energy, force idealistic people to become additionally dependent on these dirty power plants. Namely, they came up with an idea, that if they manage to persuade those idealistic people to build for themselves solar systems without batteries that store electricity, then at nights, when there is NO sunlight, the owners of these solar systems will still need the services of these dirty power plants. In this way, there come up a situation that in many countries, the projects to build „clean” solar systems are now monopolized by dirty power plants, and these power plants build only the accumulator-deprived domestic solar systems, which additionally make even more dependent (instead of freeing) their owners from these dirty power plants. Thus, the moral field confirms here, that building such accumulator-deprived domestic solar systems, also represents a highly immoral decision and behaviour – for which in the long-term work of moral mechanisms people will be punished. The moral is only the installation in private homes the solar systems equipped with batteries. More information, including answers „why”, is provided in items #A1, #B5 and #F3, from my web page named „solar.htm”.

4c. The so-called. „smart” TVs. If one has a computer and a TV, then these impose strongly that someone should merge them both into one device. Thus, under the pressure of public opinion, the television companies began to build the so-called „smart” TVs, about which is claimed that they combine the quality of the TV picture with the capabilities of a computer. However, to support the trend described here for making members of public dependent on the television and computer industry, these „smart” TVs have a whole range of inconveniences and imperfections, the existence of which can be justified only by the human greed. For example, they already have a built into themselves a recording function for whatever is watched, but in order to NOT decrease the sales of video-recorders they have too small memories to accommodate in it even only just a single film, and in addition they do NOT allow to send a recorded programme onto any external memory. A list of immoral limitations and disadvantages of such „smart” television sets, which clearly result solely from human greed, is provided in „part #B” and in item #A10, from the web page named „p_instruction.htm”.

4d. Medicines. We are used to believe that all medicines are good for people, because they heal. However, the truth is that everything, even the production of medicines and the treatments, can be made either in a moral or immoral manner. It so happens that in order to satisfy their greed, some pharmaceutical companies have come up with an idea, that if instead of producing medicines that heal diseases and thus terminate the profits of these companies, it is preferable to profitably produce medicines that only relieve the symptoms of the disease, and thus make the patients to take these medicines for the rest of their lives. That immoral trend of some pharmaceutical companies to produce mainly such addictive drugs, is described in items #I1 and #I2 from my web page named „healing.htm”. Lately, various „research” try to even convince people, that they should take continually old medicines as well – in spite that this old medicines used to heal and should NOT be taken all the time (e.g. consider the supposed „benefits” of continuous taking of aspirin).

4e. Cars with immorally large engines. At the beginning of the 1980s, the passenger cars with largest engines were in NZ Fords with 2-liter engines. However, typical NZ cars still had then engines which displacement volume of the cylinder smaller than one litre (I remember this fact very well, because as a newly arrived from Wroclaw University of Technology lecturer of mechanical engineering with interests in the direction of propulsion systems, who in Poland had a Fiat car with engine of 650 cubic cm capacity, after my arriving in NZ I spent a lot of time to study the differences between the state of the automotive industry in communist Poland and in capitalist NZ.) Unfortunately, cars of that time burned too little of gasoline to satisfy the greed of oil companies – which are constantly manipulating the automotive industry. Thus, in the following years, the capacity of the engines in NZ passenger cars grew rapidly, so that by 2014 (in December of which year I was reediting this item on the web page named „morals.htm”) the engine capacity in some luxury cars, for example GM and Chrysler (Dodge), had already exceeded 10 litres, while the new cars with a capacity of less than one litre, in 2014 could NOT be purchased in NZ at all. That is, only in the period of 30 years, the size (and thus also the fuel consumption) of engines in passenger cars increased at least 5-fold. In other words, the engines of some luxury cars in 2014 were already bigger than the engines of the most important battle tank „Valentine” used by the British Empire in the battles of the World War II – which tank is described under „Fig. #E1.3” from the web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”. Of course, if we think about it, cars with engines larger than war tanks, at a time when the planet is dying from pollution and when the global oil reserves are coming to a complete exhaustion, do NOT allow to be described otherwise than as a provocative immorality.

5. Destruction of mechanisms that teach people morality. Starting since the end of World War II, our civilization began to gradually destroy the mechanisms that taught morals and sustained morality among the people. Leading role in the destruction are the consequences of monopoly of the „official orthodox science” for knowledge and for education. Let us list here some of these mechanisms.

5a. „Politicization” of religions. Instead of concentrating on fulfilment of the role that God has given to religions, leaders of various religions began to more resemble the politicians seeking to increase their popularity and influence. Although the methods of this „politicization” varies across religions, in each of them they caused changes that can be detected in almost all religions, and consisting of moving away from serving God and turning to serving for the political goals.

5b. Raising children without disciplining them. In many countries, including NZ, in the name of a mistaken sense of supposedly being „good for kids”, now are adopted the so-called „anti-smacking laws” – which forbid disciplining of children, and thus which turn into criminals parents that discipline their children. Meanwhile, the disciplining of children is greatly needed. After all, it develops and trains in children the habit of listening to the whispers of conscience. In turn, as it is explained, amongst others, in items #A4, #C4.6 and #C5.6 of the web page named „morals.htm”, as well as in item #G1 from the different web page named „will.htm” and in items #C7 and #D3 from yet another web page named „god_exists.htm”, children who do NOT learn to listen to the whispers of conscience die at a young age – in accordance with the principle of „survival of the most moral”. More Information „why” this „anti-smacking law” is immoral, provides also item #B5.1 from my web page named „will.htm”.

6. Situations when human laws are exactly opposite to the laws of God. The number of such situations is constantly growing. Their excellent example is this New Zealand „anti-smacking law” which is discussed in the previous example. Each one of these situations represents a „trap number 96” – after all, if one does what explicitly tell us the divine law, then one breaks human laws and is to be punished by human authorities and human courts, while if one does whatever requires the human law, then he/she breaks the laws of God and shall be severely punished by God. So how we should deal with such situations – Jesus explained this to us in the Bible with the following words: „Render therefore unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God” (see Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20: 25). In turn the biblical descriptions of the circumstances in which Jesus spoke these words, clearly suggest that behind these words lies much more meaning than the Bible can afford to speak without being announced as „banned book” by all governments and all rulers of the world. After all, if the Bible ordered, for example: „God’s laws take precedence over the laws of people, thus if human laws require something opposite to the laws of God, then always follow the law of God”, then the Bible would encourage to civil disobedience – the effects of which would also be immoral because it would lead to anarchy and to the collapse of the rule of law. Therefore, when interpreting these words of Jesus to specific situations in life one has to use a dose of wisdom. For example, in the light of research of totalizm, these words mean in practice: in situations where a divine law and laws of human authorities are opposite to each other, do what God commands, but simultaneously do NOT break the precepts of human laws – so that instead of wasting your time, energy and resources on staying in prison, you could rather take care of the legal elimination of the differences between the content of human and divine laws through e.g. the promotion of knowledge and the truth on this subject, by publishing or disseminating explanations such as these here, by putting your candidacy for parliament or for the government, etc. In other words, Jesus commands in such collisions of laws to intelligently find such ways out of the situation that this do NOT expose us to penalties and persecution of the authorities because of some apparent violations of human laws, while simultaneously this way out of the situation also allow us to do discreetly what God commands. And there are always such ways out – only that one needs to use own wisdom to find them, because they do not reveal themselves to us. The philosophy of totalizm explained, that from every life situation there is at least one morally correct way out, by totalizm called the „highway through the sea” (for details on this „highway” – see item #J3 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”). An example of one of many possible ways out of a similar situation, that do NOT demonstrate a civil disobedience yet complied with the laws of God, which the way out I have experienced in the days of my childhood, is described in item #L3 from the web page named „cielcza_uk.htm”.

7. Thousands of other similar human decisions and actions, about which typically we assume without thinking that they are „moral”, but which the moral field, and other „indicators of the moral correctness” in fact unmasked as „immoral”. A lot of these wrongly qualified decisions and actions is discussed in various publications of totalizm. However, since most of them represent only yet another example of the use of any of the immoral „tricks” already explained before – I am NOT going to repeat them here anymore. For several such examples – see, among others, item #B6 from my web page named „p_instruction.htm”.

What is most important, the moral field NOT only confirms the whispers of our conscience, and thus additionally allows us to establish in a cognitive manner (i.e. with our mind and knowledge), which decisions and behaviours are moral and which are immoral, but it also allows us to quickly decide what in a given situation should be done to turn them into morally correct decisions and actions. For example, one of the totaliztic ways to respond to developments of life situations says „always follow the opposite to what tells you the so-called line of the least intellectual resistance”. The point is that what this „line of the least intellectual resistance” tells us, it is very easy to almost immediate determination in almost every life situation – for more details see item #A2.1 from my web page named „totalizm.htm”. So in order to act morally, it is enough to do something that is opposite to the precepts of this line – e.g. if this line pushes us to call someone an idiot, the moral behaviour is the reversal of such calling, means e.g. a polite explanation of whatever constitutes a given problem.

The use of „moral field” as an „indicator of the moral correctness” has also this advantage, that its characteristics are so secular and so scientific, that can also be explained (although erroneously) as caused by „natural mechanisms” completely independent from God (e.g. as caused by the action of the human mind). Hence the use of „moral field” as an „indicator of the moral correctness” is acceptable even for „atheists”. In the today’s world, increasingly completely filled up with atheists and supervised by the monopoly of the old „atheistic orthodox science”, it is a very advantageous feature. After all, it allows that the ordered to us by God moral laws were also accepted by atheists as a kind of independent from people and existing in the „nature” moral standards, and that at the end atheists stop of fabricating their own perverted „scientific morality” which is contrary to the morality dictated to us by God. (This „scientific morality” is described in more detail in items #B6 and #B7 of the web page named „morals.htm”.) After all, if atheists accept that in the „nature” are ready moral standards that are not susceptible to warping, then they may abandon attempts to create a different „scientific morality” dictated by someone’s human whims and „pleases”. In turn the acceptance of God’s moral standards cease to generate their distortions, while the increasingly wide decision-making and acting done in accordance with the criteria of morality would reduce the number of penalties which for the immoral decisions and actions must now be served to communities and nations. In the result, this would bring peace to earth and allowed for a conformed building a better future for all of people – regardless of whether the builders of this better future are atheists or believers in God.

Even a wider and more detailed explanation of what exactly is this „moral field” (and in other items also what is the „moral energy” and what are „moral laws”), as well as how this moral field affects us, is provided in items #H2 and #D1 from the web page named „totalizm.htm” and in item #B2 from the web page named „parasitism.htm”, and also in volume 6 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn the graphic illustration of short-term work of „moral field” in four most common life situations is shown in „Fig. #I1” from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”.

* * *

The above post informs us how to make sure that the fruits of our labour are NOT going to be later eliminated by moral mechanisms, because we acted in an immoral manner – means this post is summarising items #A4 and #C4.2 from my web page (in the English language) named „morals.htm” (updated on 7th January 2015, or later). Thus, the reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „morals.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, through addresses:

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