#251E: Program your „smart” TV, or your PC, as I programmed my Korean TV from LG, type 42LA6230-TB, so that you can eliminate pirated advertisements that keep suspending or hassling videos from the www.youtube.com and that you can also get rid of other inconveniences while repetitively viewing such videos (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „In every intelligently designed system, the operation of which is the combination of outcomes from the work of its hardware and software, the independent from time defects, faults, disadvantages and limitations of the hardware can be eliminated through the appropriate programming of the software of that system.”

On 16th November 2013 I bought for myself the so-called „smart” television set type „42LA6230-TB”, from the Korean company „LG”. Unfortunately, „smart” TVs represent a brand new technology that currently comes into use. So as this is always with a new technology, in addition to a whole range of obvious advantages, at the beginning it has also a lot of various defects. After all, for the creators of a new technology always takes many years to remove these defects progressively. The main problem of my „smart” TV, which I find to be the most obstructing in the proper use of it, are discomforts of entering a text into it, if such a text is needed for some reason – e.g. entering a web address. Although these „smart” TVs supposed to be a cross between TVs and PCs (i.e. a cross between television sets and computers), actually my TV does NOT have a factory keyboard sold with it, while any other keyboard that I connected to it, works in a very „erratic” way. Of course, I connected to it already several different keyboards, including those that are recommended – all of them are swallowing the first letter, lose some amongst the required characters, etc., which means that are generally unreliable, uncomfortable and useless. So in order to enter in this TV a required text, e.g. a web address, one must use the remote control and tediously type the text letter-by-letter through pointing with a cursor, and then clicking, onto the individual characters on the keyboard that appears on the TV screen. But I am used to computers, which help their users to achieve the goals towards which these users are striving, NOT obstruct the achievement of these goals. Fortunately, in my life of a scientist I got to know the work of the principle of operation of physical reality described in the introduction to „part #A” from the beginning of the web page named „p_instruction.htm” (addresses of which are provided near the end of this post), which principle I expressed with the following words from the motto of this post, quote: „In every intelligently designed system, the operation of which is the combination of outcomes from the work of its hardware and software, the independent from time defects, faults, disadvantages and limitations of the hardware can be eliminated through the appropriate programming of the software of that system”. Notice here, that in my description of that principle I am emphasizing the „defects which are independent from time”. After all, so-far only God knows how to program „time” – as this is explained thoroughly e.g. in items #C4 and #C3 from my web page named „immortality.htm”, or explained in the introduction and in item #G4 from my web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. People are to learn how to program time only after our civilisation builds my time vehicles. Thus, until the moment when the first human „time vehicles” initiate their work, e.g. in a slow working hardware we cannot increase the speed of its work only through means of software. This is because „too slow speed” is one amongst these defects which depend on time. But we can with the use of appropriately programmed software remove all the defects of hardware from e.g. „smart” TVs of the Korean company LG, described on this post – as I am describing here only the defects which are independent from time.

Thus, knowing the above principle of operation of physical reality, and also being relatively skilled in computer programming, I could prepare for my „smart” TV such a software, that it eliminates the need to tediously compose letter-by-letter whatever text needs to be entered into this TV, as my software replaces the typing of web addresses with a single click of the TV remote control. In this way my „playlists” were created, the instruction of use of which is provided in „part #A” of the web page named „p_instruction.htm”. Of course, to be able to program these „playlists”, I was forced to put a lot of effort, work and research, which I am NOT going to describe here – but from repeating of which I am trying to save my readers through the gifting to them in „part #C” of the web page named „p_instruction.htm” a finished source program of my final „playlist”, to which final product I have come as a result of my effort, work, and research. After all, to program my playlists firstly I had to design how I solve this problem of the tedious typing of web addresses. Then I had to experimentally explore which search engine my TV uses – after all, this information is NOT given in the documentation of my TV (this search engine has proved to be a simplified version of the „Google Chrome”). At the end, I had to find a programming language (i.e. HTML), and the manner of programming of the most important functions of my solution to the problem discussed here (i.e. IFRAME).

Unfortunately, today’s „smart” TVs do NOT have yet what it takes, so that typical users could program them directly – i.e. program them the way we do this with today’s computers. Also present „smart” TVs do NOT have yet what it takes, so that typical users could input into them permanent programs which would control their work. Therefore, the programs of my „playlists” I needed to pre-program on my PC. Also on my PC I tested the operation of these programs. In addition, these programs are prepared in the form of web pages – which are stored on the internet servers, NOT in my „smart” TV. To TV these programs are therefore loaded from the Internet only at the moment when they are to control the operation of my „smart” TV. Thus, such a solution of „software” of my „playlists” creates many advantages. For example, my „playlists” can be played both, on „smart” TVs, as well as on computers, and even on tablets and mobile phones – and used by any person living in any place on Earth. They also provide a completely new software idea, showing how we can improve and expand the capabilities of TV hardware with the help of software that has NOT been programmed on this hardware, and is NOT permanently residing in this TV. More interestingly, they also illustrate how is likely programmed, tested and stored in the counter-world the „software” that make up human souls.

What’s also interesting, already after I started to use the „playlists” programmed by myself, I slowly discovered that they eliminate another serious flaw in my „smart” TV. Namely, they eliminate the suspension of its operation by poorly programmed pirated advertisements downloaded into my TV together with videos from the Youtube. In turn while tracking these advertisements, over time I discovered that they do NOT originate from the YouTube, but for a monetary gain they are added to videos sent from YouTube, by someone who has an access to a transmission lines of YouTube videos – for more details see item #A10 of the web page named „p_instruction.htm”. In this way I got to the problem, which is the root of the majority of cases of evil and inconvenience that today dishearten around the world – namely, I got to greed, which is spurring many of today’s companies and individuals to break the moral criteria in their doing.

The humanity knows it for a long time, that everything that humans do, can be completed in two ways, namely either in accordance with the criteria of morality, means „morally”, or in a manner violating the criteria of morality, means „immorally”. It so happens, that the today’s world is heading rapidly towards doing everything in an increasingly immoral ways – including immoral doing even such activities of television industry seemingly oriented at the human comfort, as television advertising, or as activities of designing television sets and video-recorders. However, those immorally acting individuals and decision-makers overlook that behind the requirements of morality hides the same superior intelligence that created the entire physical world, and that now precisely controls the fate of this world and everything located in it. In turn, this superior intelligence is NOT going to tolerate violations of the laws that it has established. Thus, together with the establishment of the moral laws, requirements and criteria, it also programmed the work of corresponding moral mechanisms, which react with the required punishing „return” to any manifestation of the violation of these laws, requirements, or moral criteria. In turn, these moral mechanisms cause that, for example, every manifestation of someone’s immoral behaviour is punished severely in a whole range of different ways – amongst others by eliminating the beneficial consequences for the achievement of which this immoral activity was originally taken, and by replacing these beneficial consequences with their exact reversal – means with the exaggerated wave of the adverse consequences of the same action. For example, if one makes an immoral decision, then in the long-term operation these moral mechanisms NOT only that are rebuilding a problem for the elimination of which these immoral decisions have been taken, but in addition they escalate significantly the power of this problem – as an example consider the long-term effects of the implementation of pesticides and antibiotics. What even worse, if that decision was taken at the level of entire country or the world, the escalation of this problem uncomfortably harms all citizens of this country or even the entire world. Therefore, seeing from the results of my research how these moral mechanisms are working, I myself at all costs try to avoid doing anything that would violate the moral criteria, as well as I strongly advise other people to avoid in their lives doing anything that is immoral. In order to make easier such an avoidance of breaking moral criteria, developed is even a special philosophy dedicated to morality – i.e. developed is the philosophy of totalizm.

In various websites and publications of my philosophy of totalizm I provided a range of empirical evidence which conclusively document that moral mechanisms act on all „group intellects”, including the television companies, just in the way as is explained above. In fact, the empirical evidence, which so far I collected in this matter, is extensive enough to develop a formal scientific proof on its basis, that the moral mechanisms work precisely in the manner described by totalizm. (After being developed, this formal proof would become very similar to a large proportion of formal scientific proofs indicated and discussed in item #G3 from the web page named „god_proof.htm” – e.g. similar to the proof from item #B2 and from „parts #C” of my web page named „ufo_proof.htm”.) So here are examples of this irrefutable empirical evidence documenting that one of the penalties for „immorality” served by the moral mechanisms, is the invalidation of goals for the achieving of which someone has taken a given immoral action, through the escalation of the adverse consequences of this action. And so, in items #I1 and #I2 from the web page named „healing.htm”, I explained how in the pursuit of profit some amongst today’s pharmaceutical companies avoid the production of drugs which really heal, and prefer to sell drugs that only relieve symptoms and therefore condemn patients to the use of these drugs for the rest of their lives. Moral mechanisms responded to this immoral behaviour with the increase of severity of diseases, so that now these diseases kill if they are NOT cured, and thus their symptoms cannot be alleviated with modern medicines for the duration of typical human life. In turn, in items #A1, #B5 and #F3 of my web page named „solar.htm”, I explained how some of today’s electric monopolies and cartels are trying to immorally install in private homes exclusively the „battery-deprived” solar systems for the generation of electricity from the energy of sunlight. Such solar systems are immoral because they make their owners dependent forever on buying electricity from these monopolies and cartels. (After all, by NOT having batteries, such domestic solar systems still force their owners to purchase electricity from the grid in evenings and at nights – i.e. during the hours when the sun is absent but typically this electricity is needed the most.) Moral mechanisms reacted with the spread of information around the world about financial distress and bankruptcy and about types of problems that plague those people who have allowed themselves to be fooled by such „battery-deprived” solar systems. (As a result of this information, private individuals lately almost ceased to install domestic solar systems, thus the companies that insist on installing such „battery-deprived” solar systems soon could face bankruptcy.) In item #I2 of my web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm” I explained that every aggressive war is immoral, while moral mechanisms cause with an iron hand that ultimately „every war is lost by the aggressor”. In item #A2 of my web page named „petone.htm” I direct the reader’s attention to the historical immorality of colonialism and slavery, and on the today’s „returns” by moral mechanisms to former colonial countries and to countries that used to have slaves, the treatment of their citizens, equal to that treatment which once the citizens of these countries served to people from their colonies, or to their slaves. In item #T2 of my web page named „humanity.htm” I explained that every tax is immoral while the most immoral and destructive are taxes type VAT, GST, etc., and I also illustrated that moral mechanisms severely punish every country whose government does NOT practice restrains on the increases of taxes, by imposing on this country the chronic state of economic depression and by triggering social unrests and disturbances in public law and order. In item #J1 from yet another my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” I explained that the decisions to introduce pesticides and antibiotics (as well as the theory of relativity) to the common use also turned out to be highly immoral decisions, thus moral mechanisms cause that harmful organisms which these pesticides and antibiotics supposed to fight out, become resistant to them completely, so now are destroyed by them mainly organisms beneficial for people. Etc., etc. – examples of this type can fill entire encyclopaedias. Of course, just only the above examples make it clear that if the entire television industry is currently breaking criteria of morality, then moral mechanisms are soon to punish severely NOT only this industry, but also all the governments and nations which allowed this breaking of morality to happen. Expressing this in other words, if TV industry is to continue the present imposing of increasingly harsh restrictions on the capabilities of their products and services, then the moral mechanisms will soon begin work, so that we will be witnessing a complete collapse of the availability for this industry of goals, for the achieving of which these TV companies break currently the criteria of morality.

While emphasizing punishments from long-term effects of every „immoral” acting, I have also a duty to emphasize here the opposite effects of acting accordingly to criteria of morality. After all, the same moral mechanisms cause, that every „moral” acting is rewarded in its long-term effects – which fact is already illustrated on numerous examples in a number of totaliztic publications. Thus every time when we decide about something, it is worth to put into it an additional effort and earned totaliztic knowledge, to make sure, that it is agreeable with criteria of morality. (How to make sure whether a given decision is „moral”, it is explained, amongst others, in item #J1 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”.)

After purchasing the „smart” TV described here (by the Korean company „LG”), I began to gradually discover various further disadvantages and inconveniences of it. In spite that I chose for buying myself a TV set which according to my assessment criteria was the best amongst „smart” TVs available on the market, it turned out that still there is rather a lot of these faults and disadvantages. But what upsets me the most, is that a significant proportion of the inconveniences and drawbacks of my „smart” TV is NOT due to the low advancement of today’s technology and knowledge, but actually from the breaking of moral criteria. And so, for example, it turned out that my TV has a very low operational memory. From a technical point of view, it should come as a surprise, because nowadays computer memory is cheap. So the explanation for reasons why my TV is having such a small memory, must result from something other than the cost of production – e.g. from the desire of forcing the users to purchase additional devices that compensate for this lack of operational memory in the TV itself. (E.g. to force users into buying video-recorders that compensate for the lack of memory in the TV itself, in which one could store TV programmes which one gets to like while is watching them.) Of course, a small memory in TV means also that the work of it is suspended and interrupted in every case when something tries to use a bit more of this memory. And it just so happens that I live in a country which produces a multitude of badly programmed pirated television commercials which are very greedy for the memory, and these badly programmed pirated commercials that absorb a lot of memory are imposed onto almost every online video downloaded from http://www.youtube.com . Thus each time I try to watch a video downloaded from http://www.youtube.com on my allegedly „smart” TV, then these poorly programmed pirated advertisements suspend the operation of my „smart” TV. In turn, after every such a suspension of its work, I have to start laboriously the run of my TV from the very beginning, I have to find in the menu and engage again its search engine, type again the required web address, wait until it downloads the video that I just wish to watch, etc., etc.

Of course, that suspending of the work of my „smart” TV due to its small operational memory, is just only one amongst many of its flaws and drawbacks. So now I am to list most troublesome amongst its faults and drawbacks, which so far have revealed themselves to me because they provide me with a lot of unnecessary problems. But note here, that since in accordance with the Polish saying „I am too poor to buy for myself goods of a low-quality”, I have chosen for buying myself the best „smart” TV which, according to my assessment criteria, was then available on the New Zealand market. Thus, many amongst the defects which my TV has, almost certainly appear also on „smart” TVs of other than „LG” companies. Here are these faults and drawbacks:

(1) The inability of the TV to save in any storage medium the longer TV programme that we would like to see again later – and this in spite that the TV has the embedded into it the function of saving in its small operational memory short segments of programmes that we just are watching, and also that it has USB plugs for connecting the external memories of the „flash drive” type – onto which could be saved even the longest TV programmes.

(2) The inability to copy and then paste the internet addresses, or written texts, from one location or document into another location or document. I.e. the lack of abilities that are offered by today’s PCs, when with a single mouse click one can paste a previously copied written text to another document or to another addressing window.

(3) The lack of own keyboard and an incorrect (erratic) work of keyboards that can be connected to this TV. I.e. all keyboards which I connected to this TV, including the one recommended for use, appear to be malfunctioning, „swallowing” characters, and thus are useless.

(4) The need to use the TV’s remote control for the laborious composing, letter-by-letter, long web addresses and texts of emails – through clicking on individual characters from a keyboard displayed on the screen. This work, because of the tendency of this TV to constantly suspend its work due to badly programmed pirated advertisements, makes its internet usage extremely annoying and similar to the „Sisyphean work”.

(5) Un-ergonomic design of the remote controller. (I.e. the remote controller is designed to „look good”, NOT to make it „easy and reliable for the use”.) For example, the most vital of its part, used for moving the cursor in four-directions along the TV screen, has the shape of a miniature concave bowl, while the ergonomics demands that it should be sticking up and above the level of other buttons. To be worse, this bowl is too small to accommodate a finger of a typical man that uses it, and is surrounded by uplifted buttons that interrupt the current operation of the TV. As a result, when one want to move the cursor, and thus he must insert the big finger into this miniature concave bowl, he ends up accidentally pressing a neighbouring amongst these interrupting buttons, and in this way the current viewing is interrupted, and the user is forced to start from the very beginning the whole procedure of switching on and searching for whatever he was just looking at. To make matters even worse, the second (sold separately and immorally, because it is disproportionately expensive) so-called „magic” remote controller for this TV is also un-ergonomic, technically unreliable, and it does NOT work properly – for example, it has built-in two different ways for switching channels, but the most important its button (OK), for the implementation of the issued order, is only one, and in addition to work, it must be separately pre-programmed in the resistant to its acceptance TV, while the design and makeup of it are highly unreliable.

(6) The lack in this TV of an open to the user „system software” which would allow for the programming of that TV by the user. I.e. the absence in that TV of an interpreter for a simple programming language, and the lack of storage space – similar to those that used to be provided to users with the first PCs, or at least similar to today’s language „Java Script” that is used for web programming. As a result, one is forced to use these TVs only in the way for which they were designed in the factories – i.e. without the possibility that their performance is improved, modified and adapted to needs of their users by these users themselves.

(7) The lack of documentation which would allow to program these TVs like today are programmed PCs. I.e. the lack of documentation which would allow to use a scripting programming language (e.g. the language „Java Script”), and which would provide users with the information about the structure of system software from these TVs, explained how and what can be programmed in them, how their memory is used and structured, etc., etc.

If we consider the matter thoroughly, it turns out that all of the above drawbacks and problems of my „smart” TV are derived from the fact that its designers do NOT try to satisfy the moral criteria during making their decisions – i.e. that they ignored matters at which I try to direct the readers attention in item #J1 from my web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. For example, the inability of my TV to record longer television programs in the operational memory of that TV itself, or in the plugged-in external memory (so that users could watch these programs at a later date), is caused by the immoral intention of forcing users to make additional purchases of other auxiliary equipment, such as video-recorders (which fact I have already explained a few paragraphs earlier). In turn, the inability to copy and paste written texts stems both from this immorally small memory (and hence from the need to use in this TV rather primitive system software), as well as from the immoral intention to NOT compete with computers (i.e. so that users still have to buy both, television sets and computers). Etc., etc. In other words, the main reason for each of the problems and disadvantages of today’s „smart” TVs is the disguised human greed, means the ignoring (breaking) Biblical Ten Commandments.

But at this point it should be added, however, that these flaws and imperfections still should NOT discourage the reader from buying this particular TV. This is because, as I previously wrote, according to my assessment criteria, for now the „smart” TV from the „LG” company, is the best „smart” TV, which is available on the New Zealand market, and hence it has a whole range of benefits, the sum of which so-far compensates for the above drawbacks. After all, in the physical world does NOT exist anything that would have only advantages and would be devoid of any flaws – while now still there is a lack on the market of „smart” TVs with better characteristics. Frankly speaking too, in spite of the fact that now I already know its faults, if I still would need to buy myself again a new TV, then I would again choose to purchase just this one – unless in the meantime some other company would produce a model of „smart” TV, which would eliminate drawbacks and inconveniences which are described in the preceding paragraphs (1) to (7). (After such a television-set would in fact appear, then immediately it would become the best one amongst „smart” TVs on the market.)

Of course, in order to live accordingly to the recommendations of the philosophy of totalizm, when I programmed my „playlists” with videos of songs downloaded from http://www.youtube.com, as usual I put a lot of effort so that whatever I disseminate myself do NOT broke any already known to me criteria of morality – unless it is to serve as an illustration of how these moral criteria are, or may be, broken. Therefore, this post is another my example of: how with the help of properly programmed software one can repair defects and problems caused by breaking of moral criteria by hardware developers, how to distinguish between moral and immoral human behaviours, how to fight with the immoral behaviours, how should look-like whatever is to serve for the improvement of our morality, etc., etc.

My „playlists” NOT only that eliminate and repair the outcomes of a whole series of consequences of breaking moral criteria in the design and execution of today’s „smart” TVs, but in addition they increase capabilities of these TVs in a manner consistent with the criteria of morality. So let us list now „what” and „how” my „playlists” fix, and what are these extensions of capabilities of „smart” TVs that my „playlists” are introducing:

(i) My „playlists” eliminate the need to tediously type long internet addresses during viewing videos from http://www.youtube.com and allow that these videos are downloaded to our TV or PC, and then run, with just a single click of a remote control or a mouse.

(ii) They constitute a kind of memory stored outside of our TV or PC, which contains our most vital internet links and also a list of addresses of videos most liked by us and available in the Internet, thus allowing for a quick and easy launch of these links and videos whenever we want to.

(iii) They remind their users the truth typically ignored today, namely that everything that people do, can be carried out either according to the criteria of morality (that is „morally”), or „immorally”. After all, my „playlists” meaningfully illustrate that many of today’s decisions and moves of people and institutions are breaking criteria of morality (or speaking roughly, these decisions are „immoral”) – and that so happens even in such seemingly unrelated to morality matters as hardware design for „smart” TVs, listening to videos from YouTube, or the imposing of advertisements on television and on the internet.

(iv) They eliminate pirated advertisements that suspend work of „smart” TVs with small memory, which someone stubbornly attaches to videos downloaded from YouTube. Also they reveal and help to eliminate in a software manner, various other flaws and imperfections of today’s „smart” TVs and immoral behaviours of our civilization today – e.g. they fix the lack of information, they reveal the camouflage of true motivations, they expose the immorality of decisions, etc., etc.

(v) They are so simple and so easily-available on the web page named „p_instruction.htm” in their source version, that every reader with verve to computers, is able to transform them into own similar „playlists”. As a result, thanks to my „playlists”, almost every reader is able to eliminate defects and improve the operation of own „smart” TV, and perhaps also other similar „smart” devices.

(vi) They initiate a new phenomenon in „smart” television, which depends on the ability of the software to eliminate various imperfections of hardware in the television sets in a way similar as the so-called. „apps” eliminate various hardware imperfections of today’s mobile phones. After all, my „playlists” provide the first model and example of „what” and „how” could be done to improve the comfort of viewing and to expand the capabilities of today’s „smart” TVs. In this way, on the one hand they show to TV manufacturers „what” and „how” they should try to introduce to their TV sets to increase their competitiveness on the today’s markets. On the other hand, they indicate what features the consumers should seek during their purchases of TVs, and thus give them to hands a set of criteria for distinguishing between high-quality „smart” TVs and poor quality „smart” TVs.

(vii) They illustrate how still we can control the devices that have access to the internet, but which we are NOT allowed to program directly. After all, my „playlists” allow that programs which control the operation of devices type „smart” TVs were both, prepared outside of these TVs, and resided in the internet, and only temporarily were downloaded to these TVs at the time when they have to control their work. In addition, when we realize that our bodies are also just a kind of similar „devices”, while the counter-world is also a kind of „internet” – then my „playlists” also document and explain to us how are programmed, tested and managed programs constituting human souls.

Because of all the above advantages of my „playlists”, I personally would recommend to the reader to view and to check them all. In turn if the reader has the time, reasons and motivations, then I even recommend that he/she prepares similar „playlists” on the basis of my gift described in the next „part #C” of the web page named „p_instruction.htm”. After all, both mine and his/her „playlists”, the reader can view on his/her „smart” TV (if he/she has one), or on his/her PC with the search engine „Google Chrome”, or even on any other „smart” device such as a „tablet”, a „mobile phone”, etc. In turn, this viewing in conjunction with the information that is contained on the web page named „p_instruction.htm”, NOT only that just gives to the reader the pleasure of seeing videos of a number of nice songs and having at the fingertips all most vital internet links, but it also is to open his/her mind to the perception of a whole range of mechanisms and principles of life, the significance of which he/she could overlook so far.

* * *

P.S. For those readers, in whom the above information induced a wish to understand the philosophy of totalizm a bit better, I would recommend to begin from acquainting themselves with a brief, but constructive, factual, objective and true to this philosophy summary prepared by someone other than myself, e.g. by Szod – see the Polish web page „Totalizm – the banned philosophy”. (In November 2014, this web page was available at the address http://percepcja44.cba.pl/totalizm.html – so it is worth to check whether it is still available in there today.) The point is that the philosophy which explains rationally „why” in life we should always act morally, „how” one can act morally, and „what happens” if someone behaves immorally, and that leads us to live in peace and condemns human greed, unfortunately in today’s highly immoral times has a lot of enemies in power, influence and wealth. Those enemies are using every possible trick to discourage people to learn about totalizm. So currently the internet is full of comments of the kind „I had never stained myself with reading about totalizm, but I know for sure that this philsophy is worthless” and even contains web pages of the kind of that English http://storymash.com/u/societrix/simeseta/ – in which someone went so far as to impersonate me, and pretend that he is me, in order to make it easier for him to use every lie he knows to disgust towards totalizm those people who may wish to become acquainted with it. Hence, because of this hostile and loud campaign aimed at totalizm, the reading of someone’s else positive summary of totalizm provides an assurance, that NOT only the author of totalizm, but also other people with the required knowledge and understanding of life, see how faithfully totalizm reveals to them the truth about the actual laws and rules that govern the fate of every human – in this number also your own fate.

* * *

The above post informs how my software eliminated a number of inconveniences and drawbacks from the LG „smart” TV – as summarised in „part #B” from my web page (in the English language) named „p_instruction.htm” (updated on 7th December 2014, or later). Thus, the reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „p_instruction.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, through addresses:

(*) Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including all the above web addresses, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic web page that interests the reader, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses, the web page name „p_instruction.htm” is changed into the name of web page which one wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „solar.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address http://energia.sl.pl/p_instruction.htm , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet browser one writes e.g. the address http://energia.sl.pl/solar.htm .

The above manner (*) for viewing the totaliztic web page that is sought by the reader, is especially useful, because the majority of my web pages is published on „free hosting addresses” – some amongst which have this habit that typically they delete my web pages just after one year. Thus, if the reader wishes to find any such my web page to which I refer in my older posts from this blog, and therefore which page in the meantime was deleted from free hosting addresses, then it is enough to visit the newest post on this blog – under which I am providing the list of most recent and thus currently the most valid addresses that contain all my web pages. Then in any amongst these most current addresses the reader can find the web page which he or she is seeking, just by using its name for modifying that address accordingly to the method (*) described above (which method allows to run any totaliztic web page chosen by the reader).

It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #251E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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