#247E: How to protect our inventors and discoverers from persecution by the so-called „inventive impotency” and „curse of inventors” (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „Because of a complex level of today’s devices and technology, virtually do NOT exist truly new inventions, which could be developed, while the society in which inventors of these devices live, creates and implements the progress inhibiting laws of the type ‚it is forbidden’, and tolerates immoral attitudes of the type ‚I will NOT let you’.”

As it turns out, most of the mechanisms that govern our fate, God wisely pre-programmed on principles of „self-regulation”. An excellent example of such a „self-regulation” are the moral mechanisms that govern over the development and implementation of new discoveries and inventions, described under the names of „inventive impotency” and the „curse of inventors” e.g. in item #G1 from the separate web page named „eco_cars.htm”. For example, the „curse of inventors” causes that in countries where the level of the collective morality of the entire nation falls below a certain threshold, inventors and discoverers are subjected to such persecution by their countrymen, that are unable to implement and disseminate their creative ideas. So in a result of such widespread persecution of the discoverers and inventors, countries or nations with such low levels of morality are declining and over time are absorbed or colonized by countries or nations with higher levels of morality – which establish in them a new order and thus restore their level of morality. An excellent illustration of this self-regulatory mechanism is the fate of the New Zealand builder of one of the first aircrafts in the world, named „Richard Pearse”, whose quite typical for inventors fate is described in items #D1 and #D2 from the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”, or are fates of inventors described in items #H1 to #H1.6 from the web page named „newzealand_visit.htm”. For example, because Richard Pearse was trying to build an airplane which was unknown yet at that time, his own countrymen called him names, while with their taunts, mockery and persecution they drove him to a mental hospital. They also did not let his legacy to spread over the world. Only now they erect him monuments and build museums – although it is too late, since he died, while the first airplane that entered permanently to accomplishments of the humanity has been built and promulgated by the Wright Brothers from the USA. This is why, the leading manufacturer and user of airplanes until today remains the USA, NOT New Zealand.

For a valid reason I emphasize here the relationship between the invention, the first building, and the dissemination of aircraft in the USA, and the leading role that the USA has in the world in the construction and use of airplanes. This is because my research carried out in accordance with the principles of the „totaliztic science” reveal a highly repetitive rule, that the country and the nation, which due to its moral acting and a collective effort, as the first country in the world manages to overcome an instant (short-term) resistance from the „curse of inventors” in building and in dissemination of an invention which generates for people moral products of its operation, is then rewarded in a long-term with a world’s leading role in the production of this invention and in the benefiting from the fruits of its operation. This fact is clearly documented by a significant number of inventions. For example, consider a country that as the first in the world developed a movie camera. Still even today it leads the world in the benefiting from the production and sale of various movies. Or consider a country which built the railroads and trains as the first in the world. To this day it remains the leader in the construction of quality railroads and trains, as well as in benefiting from the use of them. Or consider the country in which the first internal combustion car was built. The reputation of it as a producer and a user of cars until today tops in the world. On a similar principle it is not difficult to establish which nation and country rips the greatest benefits from the development and dissemination of the Diesel engine. Etc., etc. (Notice, however, that the country which as the first developed and disseminated an invention that yields immoral products of its operation, is treated in an opposite manner – which stems from the way in which works the „moral field” discussed below in this post.)

The problem with the „inventive impotency” and with the „curse of inventors” lies in the fact, that in present immoral times they began to paralyze the progress in practically almost the entire world. For example, at present I know of only two countries in the world, such as Germany and South Korea, in which these moral phenomena certainly had not yet completely paralyze the creative achievements of their discoverers and inventors. In the rest of the world a truly new (i.e. previously completely unknown) discoveries and inventions have entirely disappeared. If in there something is described as „new”, in fact this is only an old idea which is dressed in some new knick-knacks. So if people do NOT learn to counteract the escalation of these phenomena of „inventive impotency” and the „curse of inventors” with wise moves and laws, then very soon our world will begin to increasingly accelerate the already noticeable turning back in its development. After all, this dynamic „moral field” described in items #J1, #I1 and #N2 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” (addresses of which are provided at the end of this post), is intentionally pre-programmed so wisely, that those who lie with their bellies up and do NOT do anything, means which stopped in the required from people constant climbing uphill in the moral field towards the morality and towards the progress, this field automatically pushes down into stagnation and backwardness – as this is described e.g. in item #A2.1 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”, or in item #E3 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”. In this post I am going to present my findings regarding: from what a wise counteracting of the escalation of „inventive impotency” and the „curse of inventors” should begin.

It just so happens that I have experienced quite a lot because of action of the „curse of inventors” and „inventive impotency” – e.g. see descriptions from item #N2 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. Thus, I devoted much attention, data collecting, research and thinking to these self-regulatory moral phenomena. As I established, the action of the „curse of inventors” and „inventive impotency”, is just one in a large diversity of possible manifestations of the instant (short-term) resistance, that the so-called „moral field” places in front of every morally-correct action of people. (The instant, as well as the long-term, work of the „moral field”, are described in more detail in items #F5, #I1, #J1, #N2 and #N4 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”.) This instant work of the moral field (i.e. the „curse of inventors” and „inventive impotency”), always incorporates at least five different ways of the simultaneous blocking of the creative actions of inventors and discoverers, namely: (1) physical preventing of the completion and popularization, (2) blocking the action by laws and regulations of the type „this is forbidden” (means by the so-called „red tape” – with which name in NZ are described the legal obstacles and bureaucracy), (3) isolation and stigmatizing inventors and escalation towards them various personal attacks, harassment, insults, etc., (4) the prevalence of attitudes of the type „I will NOT let you” amongst decision-makers and superiors of inventors or discoverers, and (5) taking away from inventors and discoverers the opportunities to benefit from fruits of the implementation of their creative ideas. Let us now discuss separately each of these ways of blocking the progress.

(1) The physical preventing of completion and popularization involves the formation of such a situation in a given country or nation, that inventors and discoverers do NOT receive in there any chance for a physical completion of prototypes of their inventions, nor for publishing and disseminating amongst other people the new ideas that they managed to discover and to work out. As a result, although statistically in every country there is a number of creative people with new ideas, in countries with below the threshold level of morality, their ideas do NOT receive any chance to reach the state of implementation and to enter permanently to the accomplishments of entire mankind, or at least a given country. So in order to break the deadlock in this regard, it is necessary to take such initiatives as e.g. the one that is described in „3a” from item #D1 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” – i.e. the creation of a chain of „workshops for inventors”. After all, one of the primary obstacles in research and development of a prototype of any invention, is the lack of manufacturing capabilities, means the lack of access to suitably equipped workshop with tools and machine tools, lack of access to expensive measuring instruments that are required to develop the necessary improvements of the prototype, and often also the inability to purchase the required materials, components and parts. This is because to teach people morality, God almost never gives new ideas to those ones who have opportunities to complete them. So typical inventors almost never can afford to buy the necessary tools, machine tools, materials, parts and measuring instruments. In some countries there is a belief that these physical limitations can be overcome by financing – for example, through the grants for inventions and for research. However, there are also various problems with such initiatives as grants for inventions and for research. The most important of these is the scarcity of these grants. For example, the only such a NZ initiative known to me, is described in the article [1#D5] „Labour promises boost for IT sector”, from page C9 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, July 12-13, 2014). It relates to the distant future (when the Labour Party is to govern), and it promises to New Zealand creators and inventors a „garage grants” in the amount of $NZ 10,000. Thus, if an inventor wanted to develop an IT system that requires e.g. to build a new hardware, this sum is even too small for him to acquire a high-quality oscilloscope – which is the basic instrument for the construction of the new hardware. So if in addition to this grant, the inventor would NOT have a free access to the oscilloscope from, for example, one of the „workshops for inventors” which I proposed to build in the abovementioned item #D1, then the lack of such access would block the implementation of his idea. Another problem with financial grants is the bureaucracy that accompanies their giving. Although grants are public money which obviously should be carefully accounted for, still the responsible for documenting their spending should lie with the bodies that grant them, NOT on the shoulders of inventors and discoverers. Inventors and discoverers should only receive the funding and get on with the work for which the money is intended – that is with the advancement of their inventions or discoveries. However, the bodies awarding grants typically push all the bureaucracy on the shoulders of inventors or discoverers. As a result, instead of working on their inventions or discoveries, these highly creative people spend their time filling in a mountain of papers, applications, forms, plans, reports, etc. Yet another problem of financial grants lies in the fact, that money alone do NOT suffice to overcome the resistance of the moral field. Thus, giving money must simultaneously be accompanied with the elimination of laws and regulations of the type „it is disallowed” (which hamper the creative work with the „red tape”), as well as it must be accompanied by the change of the human attitudes of the type „I will NOT let you”, into the attitudes „YES, I will help you”. Otherwise, for example initiatives of the kind of abovementioned $NZ 10,000 of the „garage grant” from the article [1#D5], for sure will always „come to nothing”, because they are NOT accompanied by the required removal of legal obstacles of the type „it is disallowed”, nor there is done anything to change the people’s attitude of the type „I will NOT let you”.

In the previous paragraph I mentioned difficulties that many inventors have, among others, in making a purchase of the necessary materials and components. The reason is that, for example, in NZ acts a ban on selling of many types of materials, components and parts to ordinary citizens. This ban is often driven by the immoral intention of supporting monopolies. For a one amongst several examples of work of such a ban, see my trouble with an attempt to purchase the programmer for a washing machine, described in the final paragraph of item #P5 from the page named „quake.htm”. In a similar way as this programmer, I also recently cannot buy in NZ an ordinary anti-mosquitoes metal mesh to be placed on doors or windows of the flat. This is because for the instalment of such mesh-doors, just a few selected companies have a monopoly. It also seems that by a similar ban is covered in NZ the sale of photovoltaic cells for solar power – so that a cheap DIY installation of these cells by the users themselves have NOT been introducing a competition for companies maintaining a monopoly on the lucrative business of instalment of these solar power cells on the roofs of houses (this possible ban I still have to check and to confirm, when after the elections I find some spare time to continue my previous attempts to purchase such solar panels). So in order inventors are able to effectively overcome this type of purchase bans, it is necessary that, amongst others, the discussed here „workshops for inventions” received (to be legislated yet by the NZ parliament) the right to import free of duty, or to buy tax-free directly from the manufacturers, raw materials and components that may be necessary for inventors which are to use the services of these workshops.

(2) The blocking of inventiveness and creativity by laws and regulations of the type „it is prohibited”, reveals itself in binding people with creative minds by a destructive to their creativity the so-called „red tape”. After all, in present countries is multiplied so many legal restrictions and laws, that when an inventor or creator is trying to accomplish something new and untypical, then sooner or later he runs onto various legal restrictions or bans, which are blocking his work – for an example of just such a situation, see the web page named „boiler.htm”. But new inventions and creative ideas rely heavily on making something new and untypical – which is usually forbidden by the existing laws. For example, at NZ universities the receiving of any financial grant to carry out research and experiments is associated with such a mass of „paperwork” of the kind of writing applications, preparation of plans, justification, approval, reporting, etc., that it would be easier to get the required funds through washing cars rather than by applying for grants. As a result, in NZ almost are NOT carried out at all any complex scientific experiments, nor are build prototypes of experimental devices. So in order to overcome such a destructive work of the „red tape”, the intervention is needed at the level of NZ parliament, which would depend on the creation of a completely different laws and regulations, which would help the inventiveness and creativity, instead of blocking them.

(3) Somehow so happens, that people with a low (fallen) morality always react with anger, jealousy, attacks, etc., against anyone who in their own opinion threatens their ego by doing something that other people can perceive as a good deed, moral act, progress, significant discovery, important invention, significant achievement, etc. Also, they are to react so negatively for as long as other people tacitly accept and even support their immoral behaviour. As a result of this kind of reactions of immoral people, virtually every inventor and discoverer is inundated with an avalanche of insults, curses, accusations, invented ridicules, jokes, etc. If the reader does NOT believe, then I would suggest to learn a true history of any significant invention or discovery, and a history of the person who made it. So if a given inventor turns out to be sensitive to this kind of personal attacks, then these attacks are able to send him even to a mental hospital. But even when his personal immunity can save him from such a mental collapse, still these personal attacks are a source of indescribable amount of pain, disappointment, grief, discouragement, etc., which only exceptionally resistant individuals are able to endure and still continue their efforts. So this murky aspect of making inventions and discoveries means, that a number of inventors and discoverers who persevered to the end with the development and dissemination of their groundbreaking invention or discovery, is so small, that there are numerous countries in the world, including NZ, about which no-one in the world has ever heard that they developed and implemented any groundbreaking invention or important discovery.

(4) A major source of blocking of creative activities is also the attitude „I will NOT let you” in decision-makers and in superiors. For example, even if the rules, tradition and fashion allow that something has been done towards supporting of a morally correct new idea, still people on whom depends a decision in a given case will issue the decision „you are NOT allowed”. The reason is that such a decision releases them from the responsibility for everything that undesirably for them could happen in the future. And we know that in a situation of actually implementing some new ideas there is a lot of room for human errors and mistakes. After all, the philosophy of totalizm discovered that this is just through our failures, mistakes and errors that we ourselves learn, while all of humanity generates the progress. Moreover, the blocking of new ideas gives to these incompetent decision-makers the feeling, that they prevent the situation when their subordinate employee can create a competition to their cushy job. Thus, a typical reaction of decision-makers to someone coming out with a new idea is „why I should risk that something will NOT come out right and that I will be held accountable, or even I lose my cushy job, if now I can decide ‚I will NOT let you’ and thus I can prevent all future problems – after all, this is NOT my idea, hence its implementation in my opinion does NOT lie in my private interest”. The easiest way to eliminate this source of blockage would occur if schools began to teach the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (CDG) and the philosophy of totalizm – thus balancing with them the today’s culture of laziness and greed induced by the deceitful statements of the old official science. This is because CDG and totalizm reveal to us, amongst others, that each defeat of an inventor in the completion of his new idea, actually reduces the quality of life of NOT only his own countrymen, but also all the inhabitants of our planet, since the dynamic „moral field” works in such a way that „doing nothing” actually turns into moving backward. So in the interest of all of us is to NOT sit on our hands, but actively assist inventors and discoverers in the implementation of their new ideas. An elimination of refusals concerning inventions and discoveries can also be accomplished through wise laws and organisational moves – e.g. through the creation of a special decisive body which would be completely independent from superiors of inventors and discoverers in a given institution.

(5) The human nature and our sense of justice is such, that the motivation to contribute into something a huge effort, suffering and sacrifice, appears only if there is a real chance for the subsequent benefiting from the fruits of whatever someone is doing. But if we analyze the history of inventions and discoveries, and the fate of people who made them, then it turns out that the inventors and discoverers themselves, who introduced something really moral to the lasting achievements of our civilization, practically never have the opportunity for personal benefiting from fruits of implementing their creative ideas. (Although moral field works in such a manner that from fruits of own work always do benefit instantly the inventors and discoverers which created something immoral, i.e. something that when used on a long-term basis reveals numerous undesirable side-effects and starts to work to the detriment of individual people and the entire human civilization – as examples, consider the discoverers of radioactivity, the builders of the first atomic bomb, inventors of pesticides-DDT and antibiotics-penicillin, creator of the theory of relativity, etc., etc., commented, amongst others, in item #H3 from the web page „mozajski_uk.htm”.) After all, the history shows, that from fruits of the effort of such moral creators always benefit someone completely different, and often only after their death. They themselves typically die in poverty and obscurity, in addition often harassed, mocked and despised. Such historically documented typical fates of inventors and discoverers are a source of serious discouragement. Thus, individual nations and countries should NOT shirking from taking the responsibility for rewarding their inventors and discoverers still during their lives, for the actual contribution of moral actions which they have made. Unfortunately, the historical experience reassures us about the inevitability of something quite opposite, while present inventors and discoverers are increasingly more aware of the meanings of these lessons of history. So more and more difficult is in such a situation to maintain until the end the motivation to implement whatever is invented or discovered.

Let us summarize this post. Although two investors who practice totalizm expressed willingness to invest in the construction in Petone of the „workshop for inventors” about which I write in „3a” from in item #D1 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, there is NO sense to charge someone with the difficulty and cost of building and equipping such a workshop while there is NO chance that the workshop is to succeed in current circumstances. The reason is that still there is NO preparation for the opening of these workshops, in the form of required legal environment and human attitudes. So even if such „workshops for inventions” have now been built, then still, because of the progress-blocking today’s legal climate of the type „it is prohibited”, and because of the attitudes of people of the type „I will NOT let you”, for certain it is to prove, that they are unable to overcome the current level of „inventive impotency” and „curse inventors”, which is reigning in NZ. But I hope that if someone in NZ parliament finally starts to wisely, prudently and systematically alter the content of existing laws and regulations from the type „this is prohibited” onto the laws and regulations of the type „we will help you”, and also starts to introduce to schools the teaching of new theories and philosophies of the type of CDG and totalizm – which are to counterbalance the lies and distortions spread by the old official science, then this required legal climate and human attitude can be repaired. In turn, after their repair, all inhabitants of this country would benefit, and consequently the inhabitants of the entire our planet would also be better off.

* * *

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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