#246E: An example of personal delivering of election flyers, used as illustration for choosing this solution, which climbs the most steeply uphill in the „moral field” and thus generates the most of long-term benefits but the least of undesirable „side effects” (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „The moral field is an indicator for these moral mechanisms which cause that short-term hardship of the steep climbing uphill in this field always generates the most of long-term benefits and the least of undesirable side effects, while momentary convenience of an easy and pleasant slipping down in this field always cause long-term problems.”

Prayers described in items #B1 and #M3 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” (addresses of which are provided at the end of this post), and also in post number #243E from this blog, most clearly have worked. The first miracle had already happen. After all, in spite that I still maintain my „zero-dollar” level of spending for the election campaign, declared and described in item #D2 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, starting from 19th June 2014 I have available 9999 election flyers of a superior quality, described in (2014/5/28) from item #M2 of that web page „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” – in comparison to which the local flyers of even candidates from a rich party look like a very poor relatives. Imagine A5 size flyers with particularly vibrant colours, on which the set of my political goals of action that emotionally moves almost every voter from the Hutt South, was dressed in a wonderful graphical layout shown in „Fig. #A1”, then printed with a peak German printing technology on chalk white ceramic paper „galaxi keramik” of the world’s best quality. The result is that I have election flyers which attract the eye with their appearance and vivid colours, offer an emotionally moving content to the Hutt South voters in NZ, are very pleasant to the touch, are not afraid of rain or water, and in addition save our forests because they are NOT printed on the paper from organic matter, but on flexible ceramic leafs. If I myself ordered the design and production of such flyers, it would cost me a fortune – and of course, I would NOT be able to afford it. So what particularly captivated my heart, is that these flyers were designed, printed in Germany, and sent me to New Zealand as a gift, by a humble follower of the philosophy of totalizm who meticulously pursues a command from the Bible, to perform good deeds anonymously, so that „do not let your left hand know, what your right is doing” (The Bible, Matthew 6:3). Therefore, this totalizt does NOT agree to even reveal who he is and how he can be contacted. (The philosophy of totalizm explained „why” the Bible and totalizm recommend such an anonymous carrying out good deeds – this explanation is repeated, amongst others, in item #I1 and in the caption under „Fig. #I1” from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. Namely, immoral persons learning that someone known to them carried out a good deed, or seeing someone doing a moral good deed, generate in themselves so much envy and other negative feelings, that the loss of „moral energy” caused by these negative feelings can ruin a whole goodness that these good deeds could bring.)

Having to my disposal the election flyers of so superior quality, gives to me almost equal chances of winning the upcoming elections, as the chances that have candidates proposed by political parties. After all, the flyers have the potential that from a scientist and a creator of the philosophy of totalizm, who remains almost unknown in the Hutt South electorate from New Zealand, they transform me into a person whose existence and goals are known here to a sufficient number of voters. However, a moral requirement is imposed onto this transforming. Namely, I must now deliver these flyers to voters in the most moral way – that is in the way which most steeply climbs uphill in the so-called „moral field” (i.e. in the invisible primary field similar to gravity, which is described in items #F5 and #I1, as well as in „part #N”, from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”). As it is explained, among others, in the introduction to the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, the new „totaliztic science” has determined that every real problem, including the problem of dissemination of election flyers, has a number of different solutions, while the solution that brings the most of long-term benefits and the least of undesirable side effects, is that one which climbs the most steeply uphill in the „moral field”.

In order to find that solution to a given problem, which most steeply climbs uphill in the moral field, we need to start from creating a list of known to us, or possible, solutions for this problem. So in the case of the problem discussed here, we should use e.g. „brainstorming”, our own analyses, or research of behaviours of other politicians or countries, to carry out a review of the ways in which election flyers can be distributed to voters. Let us list here the most common such ways. (1) Walking from a house to a house and giving personally the election flyers to hands of the voters. (2) Dropping in person the flyers to mailboxes existing by homes of New Zealand voters (in NZ mailboxes easily accessible from the street are placed by footpaths on the fence of the garden of each residential house). (3) Hiring a special service that for a fee delivers flyers to mailboxes from each house in a given electorate. (4) Standing in areas frequented by large numbers of people, e.g. at gates of factories or on the main streets of the city, and handing flyers to passers-by. (5) Sticking flyers under windscreen wipers from cars in public car parkings and at supermarkets. Etc., etc.

The next step is to select this solution which most steeply climbs uphill in the moral field. The most easily such choosing can done by matching all known solutions that are available for us, with the so-called „indicators of the moral correctness” discussed in item #J2 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. In the case of delivery of flyers, that most steeply climbing solution turns out to be the way (1) of delivery – i.e. the personal delivery of flyers directly to the hands of voters. For example, it is the most difficult, while the so-called „line of the least intellectual resistance” runs exactly opposite to it. So it is that way (1) which provides the largest number of long-term benefits and introduces the smallest number of „side effects” – although in the short term it is to require the largest contribution of the intellectual, emotional, and physical work. Other ways are less compatible with the criteria of morality. For example, if I myself place flyers in mailboxes of voters according to the way (2), then these flyers would met a fate similar to any advertising material which is massively thrown into these mailboxes. Namely, the majority of voters instead of reading them, after removing them from mailboxes would immediately throw them out with the trash – thus wasting materials, human labour, and their own chances to gain useful information. Of course, the candidates backed by large political parties can afford such treatment of their flyers – routinely disseminated for them throughout the electorate according to the way (3) by appropriately paid post office, or by company that delivers advertisements, which place these flyers in mailboxes by homes of voters. After all, when elections are already close, their political parties will organize and pay additional televised debates, newspaper advertisements and public meetings that will remind the voters who are these party candidates. In contrast, as an „Independent” candidate, behind who stands NO political party, I cannot afford to pay additional television appearances and newspaper advertisements. Thus, election flyers are for me the only way to draw attention of the voters to my candidacy and to goals that I would try to achieve in the case of being elected to NZ parliament.

Theoretically speaking, it should NOT be difficult to personally hand out 9999 flyers within 93 days that are to pass from the date of receiving these flyers until the date of election. After all, it would be enough for me to deliver each day into the hands of the voters about 108 flyers. Even while taking into account the fact that I am still troubled by the cough which stays from times of my vacation (see (2014/5/1) in item #M2 from the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”), and that in the current winter a cold rain falls during more than a half of days in New Zealand, still I should be able to distribute these flyers even while going to deliver them only during every second day (i.e. while there are breaks in the rain) and handing out then around 216 flyers a day. From a childhood in the rural Poland I remember that every rural postman everyday distributed several times more letters, and he also delivered them personally directly into the hands of addressees.

In practice, however, the requirement of overcoming the resistance of the moral field considerably complicates such a personal distribution of flyers. It does NOT help the knowledge that, as I am to explain it in this post, the complication of delivery brings long-term benefits for both me and for all other interested parties. This is because the short-term resistance of the moral field is so large, that it makes the personal distribution of flyers extremely difficult. Thus, in our electorate this resistance makes virtually impossible the personal distribution of flyers by other candidates – thus giving me the chances to effectively compete even with candidates from rich political parties. Moreover, as I am to explain this later, it makes voting results independent from the amount of money that someone is to spend on the campaign, and makes these results compatible with the state of philosophy and morality of the community doing the election. So in fact, the existence of this resistance of the moral field makes me happy. Nevertheless, although in my case this resistance evens my chances of winning the election, at the same time because of it practically only with a great difficulty I am able to deliver these required about 108 flyers per day. In spite of the fact that the delivery of these around 108 flyers per day takes me only about three hours of time, it still leaves me completely exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. Of course, I am very intrigued by the manner in which the moral field turns so seemingly simple action, as the personal delivery of election flyers, to become so immensely difficult and exhausting. After all, in addition to being a candidate to NZ parliament, I am still also the creator of the philosophy of totalizm, and a scientist seeking truths and popularizing truths. Therefore, in this post I am going to try to objectively identify and describe the mechanisms and tools by means of which the moral field creates so much resistance to people personally delivering election flyers, while at the end of the description I am to try to summarize examples of long-term benefits that arise from the existence of this resistance. While reading these descriptions, however, please note that the impartial describing of the complex resistance of the moral field is quite difficult. Hence my expressions may clumsily reflect a phenomenon, which God has designed with the infinite genius, and which outcome in the long-term actually works in favour of the morally acting people. So if I reveal below the difficulties with which I have to deal during the personal delivery of these flyers, please do NOT take these descriptions for my complaint or criticism. For I am delighted that such difficulties exist, and thus that they are putting off other candidates, that they level my chances, and that they are working for justice. It is just that in order to enable the reader to learn the truth about the mechanisms of work of the moral field, in the following descriptions I tried to reflect as faithfully and accurately the difficulties of the delivery of flyers, as only allowed me my rather imperfect writing skills.

There is a whole set of complex reasons, why resistance of the moral field can become so high that the seemingly so simple action as a personal delivery of flyers directly to hands of the voters may turn out to be so difficult and so demanding on the contribution of all knowledge, all the energy, the whole time, as well as the entire physical, mental and emotional capabilities, that remain in my disposal. These reasons cause, that after each delivery of flyers I am left completely exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. I will try to systematically explain these reasons. The most important one in my opinion, is the high consumption of actual physical work required for such delivery, combined with my rather NOT very high current physical fitness. The point is that in order to be a scientist, almost automatically one have to turn into a person once called a „bookworm”. (Today, perhaps, this name should include the word „computer”.) After all, the scientific research is tracking ideas and premises, analysing them, drawing conclusions, writing down, transforming, etc. All this is typically done while sitting. No wonder that my muscles are NOT accustomed to long-term physical activity, while the body is unused to rough treatment. Until the time, however, of the receipt of flyers, I did NOT know about this. In addition to such a NOT very high physical fitness, in action are also other forms of resistance of the moral field, for example a high level of intellectual contribution and constant attention required during the delivery of flyers, while manifesting itself NOT only in what one should say when delivering flyers and in a kind of reactions of the recipients that one should be prepared, but also in the organizing of this delivery, in the choice of locations and streets receiving flyers, etc. (After all, I do NOT have neither a sufficient number of flyers, nor enough time to be able to deliver these flyers to every household from the entire Hutt South electorate.) In addition, the delivery is accompanied by a high mental and emotional tension, and by physical readiness, reasons for which will become clear after reading the rest of this post.

In a typical case of delivery of flyers to hands of another voter, everything goes relatively easy and should NOT induce exhaustion. This is because typically one goes to the fence of a next house, opens the gate which leads to the backyard patio, walks along a sidewalk up to the door of the house, knocks on the door or rings the doorbell (if there is a doorbell), then, after the door is opened by a member of the household one introduces himself to the voter, handles out a flyer, politely discusses briefly the most important election ideas with this household member, explains the election goals and listening to his/her opinion on the topics that the voter is interested in, shakes hands, speaks farewell courtesies, leaves the garden, closes the gate behind, and goes to the next house. But in addition to these typical cases, there are exceptions. These are they that exhaust physically, mentally and emotionally the most. Probably also these exceptions caused, that when I got these 9999 superiorly printed election flyers described in (2014/5/28) from item #M2 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, and when I started with hooves their personal delivery, then, to my surprise, the first day I discovered that my legs, muscles, mind and feelings refused to obey me already after the delivery of only about 100 flyers. So let us learn now how looks-like the delivery of flyers in such exceptional cases.

While delivering flyers, these typical cases of going from house to house, that I described in the previous paragraph, from time to time are intertwined with exceptional cases which require additional completion of a wide range of various physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting activities, and which are implemented in a context of strong physical, mental and nervous tension. For example, when one goes to a next house typically firstly one needs to open and then close a gate or a property-door behind. Meanwhile, some of these turn out to be surprisingly heavy, lacking the hinges, or jamming out. It can also amaze the most diverse multitude of ways in which the locks on these gates or property-doors can refuse to work, and the number of trials as well as the level of engineering expertise that are needed to succeed in opening them in spite of their jam. Then one needs to find the entrance to the house – while in typical New Zealand homes with considerable gardens sometimes it is well hidden behind trees and bushes, and occasionally requiring walking at considerable distances within the garden. While searching for the house entrance door one must also look carefully and be aware of where exactly the gate or door for escaping to street is located. This is because sometimes pounces on us a dog (or dogs) initially hidden in the bushes or flowers and waiting for an opportunity to „play” with a visitor. From my former rural life I remember that one should NOT turn the back to a dog, because it will bite. Therefore, we must then be ready to quickly switch our legs into a reverse gear, after which we escape through the gate into the street, running backward while defending ourselves from dog’s attempts to bite us, all the time facing the dog that attacked us. When we finally manage to get to the front door of the house, our „fun” also does NOT end. One has to somehow communicate to occupants, that he is staying in front of their door. But I quickly discovered that only about 20% of homes in my electorate are having a working doorbell or a rattle. As a result, on the second day of delivering flyers, it turned out that all the joints of my fingers become so sore from the constant knocking to subsequent doors, that I was NOT able to continue to knock with my fingers, while knocking with anything else, e.g. with a cover of the pen, sounds amazingly rude. (Some amongst houses NOT only that do NOT have a working doorbell, but in addition they have the sign „please do not knock” placed on their doors.) If I can somehow attract occupants to the door, the „fun” sometimes continues. After introducing ourselves and presenting why we are visiting them, we can in fact meet with every possible reaction. A lot of people react very emotionally and vivid towards someone who, like me, either tries to take away votes from their favourite political party candidate, or insists on the moral goals of the actions – such as my goals. Thus, in the delivery of flyers one not always comes across people with which one can talk objectively about the problems of the country and electorate, and to learn what hurts voters and what we might try to change. Often strikes us the reaction of impatience – when a given voter acts as if he/she could not wait until we leave and he/she is able to re-close the door. Out of unpleasant reactions, for me personally the worst is when a household member sarcastically or angrily states e.g. something along the lines „I am NOT voting for independent candidates” and then slams the door in front of my face. Although this reaction occurs rarely, still in practically every day of delivering flyers, it happens at least once – while for some reasons I seem to be allergic for this kind of reaction, thus it can spoil the rest of my day. (For me it feels like a version of verbal bullying.) Not without reasons the old Polish proverb states that „one spoon of tar can spoil the whole barrel of honey”. (Chinese express the same idea with a more blunt proverb „one speck of rat dung spoils a pan full of rice”.) Relatively often no-one opens the door – sometimes in spite of that we see or hear that someone is still inside. In such a case we need to return to the street and find a place where the mailbox for that household is located – sometimes quite well disguised. However, before throwing flyers into this mailbox, the courtesy requires that we seek whether on it, or somewhere near it, is written a request to NOT place in this mailbox specific kinds of materials. If there is such a request, we must deduce on the basis of our logic and knowledge, whether the election flyers belong to this type of materials. It is also amazing how often the moral field can hinder the simple activity of throwing flyers into the mailbox. For example, disproportionately often just before I start my rounds, the same way as I is followed before by a carrier of advertising materials which clog the mailboxes, so that for the placing of my flyers without crushing them there is no space in the mailbox, thus the delivery requires much more manipulations than it should.

In addition to the above, a considerable amount of tension and trouble cost me the quickly changing weather of New Zealand. My preparation for the elections of 2014 happens when in NZ is winter, and when I still have unhealed cough. But the current winter there is a cold rain virtually in more than a half of each week, while the blowing of strong winds makes it impossible to use an umbrella. So for the person unaccustomed with working under the „open sky” and not resistant to colds, which I am, such cold rains and strong winds make almost impossible to go out on the street. Thus, I am forced to carry out the distribution of flyers only when there is a break in the rain. Unfortunately, the rapid changes in the local weather cause that if there is a break in the rain, it is often difficult to guess how long it is to last. So I have to use all my knowledge of climate and all available help, to predict the length of each break in the rain. After all, potential voters to whom I deliver flyers are scattered over a wide area (see item #C1 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”), some of them living nearly 20 kilometres apart from my flat. Therefore, every time I have to decide whether a break in the cold rain will be long enough, so that I am NOT caught in the rain when I reach by a bus the most remote voters, or whether it will be short enough that I should just hand out flyers close to my flat – so that I can escape quickly when a cold rain starts to fall. In addition, while delivering flyers on cloudy days I also must continually watch the weather to be able to escape on time when I feel that a rain is approaching.

A significant dose of „fun” gives me also a structure of streets in New Zealand towns. For me this structure resembles winding mazes and traps that are described in item #C4 of the web page named „petone.htm”. Thus, in connection with a chronic lack of architectural „landmarks”, with an almost identical appearance of every street, and the need to distribute flyers in increasingly different places depending on how long the expected break between rains is to be, this labyrinthine structure of the streets causes that it really is difficult to figure out which streets have already received flyers, and also that it is difficult to introduce some system and order to delivery of flyers into hands of the voters.

When after about 3 hours of delivering of about 100 flyers, both my legs, and the rest of the body, begin to refuse to obey me, typically in widely spread towns of NZ these flyers are distributed only along a single long street, or along two or three short streets. Such insignificant outcomes and small progress, of course, make me impatient. Therefore, in days when the weather was rainless throughout the day, after returning home, eating my lunch and a longer rest, I tried to go out again to deliver another batch of flyers. However, it turned out that the moral field was still working. Although my muscles rested in the meantime, my mind and my nerves still remained tired. As a result, in spite that physically I still could deliver flyers, all my behaviour, voice, and choice of words became a non-convincing, tired and devoid of vigour. Hearing myself during these secondary deliveries, I reached the conclusion that if I was a recipient of my flyers, then probably the person who served them to me, would NOT convince me at all to vote for him. So after a time, I determined these secondary deliveries to be so ineffective, that I abandoned them completely.

On weekdays, when throughout the entire day a rainless weather is forecast, I have a choice to either deliver flyers in the middle of the day, or in evening. The point is that in the middle of the day a lot of people are at work. So houses are empty. After all, in NZ in most of homes live only single marriages, both of participants of which typically are at work, or even just live a single person. So during the day a number of personal deliveries is very low. In turn during evenings people have already returned from work. It is therefore a greater chance to find them at home. In addition, during evenings it is easier to learn whether someone is in the house, because one can see the light. Unfortunately, the fact that currently in NZ is winter, causes that darkness falls soon after 4 pm. But most of working people return home after 5 pm – as in NZ typical working hours extend from 9 am to 5 pm. For reasons which are described in item #A2 of the web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, when it is very dark, people are reluctant to open their home doors to a stranger. As a result, both the daily delivery, and delivery in evenings, have almost the same efficiency when the ratio of successful deliveries is concerned. In addition, the delivery when it is already dark, exposes also me to various additional dangers – and it is NOT only during deliveries in some dark and forgotten streets. Thus, after several attempts to deliver in evenings, I decided to abandon the evening choice of time and deliver flyers only in the middle of days.

When I still lived in Poland, I often saw postmen when they delivered letters and handed them to hands of recipients. At that time Poland homes have NOT yet have letterboxes, so any correspondence had to be delivered into hands of recipients. I had no idea how tiring was the work of such postmen, nor what difficulties they had to face in their daily work. At that time I was also amused by these numerous cartoons humorously showing dog attacks on postmen as well as by trials and tribulations of these postmen trying to deliver the mail to hands of hard-accessible addressees. It was not until after my experience with the personal delivery of election flyers that suddenly I realized that these humorous cartoons actually showed scenes inspired by events from the real life. Thus, the distribution of flyers, among others, increased also my respect which I have for today’s, and for former, postmen.

The philosophy of totalizm determined, that choosing this solution to any problem (including the problem of delivering election flyers), which climbs most steeply uphill in the moral field, is to create the largest number of long-term benefits and the smallest number of side effects. (Notice here, that some side effects from the selected here personal delivery of flyers, still are to exist, because this solution still has a considerable inclination towards the axis of feelings „Y” from „Fig. #I1” on the web page „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”.) So let us list here, at least a few examples of these long-term benefits. And so, for me very important benefit of such a personal delivery of election flyers into hands of voters, stems from the workload and features of this delivery. After all, one has to have the health of a horse, physical fitness of professional athlete, a lot of perseverance, mental toughness, planning, ability to predict the weather, the knowledge of a given locality, discernment of geographical location, sense of direction, time, and a few others demanding personal qualities, to be able to overcome significant resistance of the moral field and actually deliver personally all the flyers into the hands of the inhabitants of households of one’s electorate. This in turn means, that the personal delivery of flyers improves and trains all of the above personal qualities – after all, the „practice makes perfect”. Moreover, if the election is won by such a candidate who in person delivers his flyers, then it is certain that he actually deserved to win, and also – if one shows enough of perseverance to personally deliver election flyers to his voters, one is also going to have enough perseverance to fulfil his election promises. Another benefit gained by candidates personally delivering own flyers, is that typical politicians who have NOT gone through the hard school of life, will NOT be able to neither take nor effectively implement such a personal delivery. So through the introduction of resistance of the moral field, God wisely and with foresight evens with this resistance, among others, the chances of candidates who have e.g. „zero-dollar” campaigns, such as mine, with the chances of candidates from wealthy political parties. The resistance of the moral field also generates benefits for the community that is electing their representatives. After all, when the chances of all candidates become equal, then the election wins the candidate whose goals and characteristics best overlap with the collective philosophy and with the indications of conscience of the population that these candidates are to represent later. So the final effect of the work of resistance of the moral field, turns out to be the shifting of decision for who is to win the election, from the price, breadth and quality of someone’s election campaign, to the state of minds and group conscience of all inhabitants of the electorate. Thus, the resistance of the moral field serves also to justice. After all, when the decision of who is to be chosen depends on the state of minds and consciences of voters, then each community shall always receive such leaders and rulers, for which it deserves due to its philosophy and moral state – which fact the findings of the philosophy of totalizm have been trying to tell us for a long time.

* * *

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