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#243E: Please pray for the eventuation of my (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak) goals and intentions (po polsku poniżej)


Motto: „I may disagree with whatever you say and in whatever you believe, and I may spend my life to fight against it with all means available to me, but at the same time I will do everything in my power so that you have the right to express your opinions and beliefs in a public manner without experiencing from this reason any harassment or externally imposed unpleasantness.”

On Saturday, 20th September 2014, elections to parliament are to be held in New Zealand. Since this my second fatherland is blessed with having a true democracy, I decided to offer my knowledge and life experience to work for the good of all inhabitants of this honey and milk flowing country, by standing as a candidate in this election. After all, I fulfil all the criteria required to be accepted for this elections as a so-called “independent” candidate – i.e. a candidate which do NOT represent any political party. The progress of my preparations for these elections I intend to systematically report to readers with the use of my information web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”, available, amongst other, at addresses listed at the end of this post – e.g. at the address . But please notice, that this information web page still is NOT my official web page for the election campaign. After all, according to the timetable of the election, official and final approval of the list of candidates for the election will take place between dates 20 and 26 August 2014. So before this approval takes place, I can only reassure everyone that I have a decisive intentions to stand in this election, that I am doing everything that is required for my candidacy to be officially approved by the Election Commission, and that I fulfil all the requirements imposed on candidates. However, officially I am NOT yet a candidate – similarly as officially still are NOT yet candidates all other people for which voters are to vote in this election.

Of course, to my disadvantage works a lot of factors. For example, I never take a part in any election to parliament, the language of the campaign that I am to carry out is NOT my native language, I do NOT have funds even to print posters and flyers – thus my campaign must be “zero-dollar”, etc., etc. Furthermore, since 26 August 2014, when according to the timetable of the election the approval of candidates will be finished, until the election on 20th September 2014, only around 3 weeks of time will be left. So in spite, that then I intend to quickly re-edit the abovementioned information web page named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” into the web page of my election campaign, and also officially initiate my election campaign, still around 3 weeks is too little of time for such a novice-candidate like myself, to have a sufficient time to actually complete my whole election campaign and to let know the voters about my existence and about goals and intentions that I will try to implement in the case if I am elected. On the other hand, election to parliament always have strong and widely known candidates, amongst which some already “ate their teeth” on winning subsequent elections, which have the required funding in their disposal for carrying out a campaign that reaches all voters, and which are supported by widely known political parties. Thus, for a non-party novice like myself, it is practically impossible to win election if I start informing voters about my existence, goals and intentions only after 26 August 2014. Therefore, already now I am making available to all interested people my information web page indicated above and named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. Furthermore, I am turning to you, the reader, with a request for help in my preparations for this election. A list of manners on which you can help me is provided in item #C2 from the abovementioned my information web page.

These amongst readers, who already learned topics and subjects of my scientific research, probably know that I am the first scientist, who proved formally the existence of God – which formal proof I also described in the abovementioned my information web page, providing in it even links to appropriate publications. These readers probably also know, that I am sure of the existence of God, and that I consider myself, and all my actions, as a kind of service to God. Therefore, the final request for a favour I have for you, the reader of this post, which I hope you fulfil, is that you sincerely and with the spiritual motivation of asking God, read the prayer for the success of my intentions for the elections described here (of course, read it only if your view of the world allows you to participate in prayers). You can do me this favour, either through tentative reading (but with the spiritual attitude, that whatever you read is also your own prayer to God) of the text which I am providing at the end of this post, or through reading, with a similar spiritual attitude, the texts of two prayers that I published in items #B1 and #M3 of the information web page indicated in this post and named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm”. So here is text of the prayer which I would like you read in the support of my goals, intentions, and efforts.

Holy Father, if this does NOT interfere with Your superior goals and plans, then I am asking sincerely to support with Your divine power the implementation of the compatible with Your will parts of the goals and intentions of your servant, Jan Pajak – the author of this post.

* * *

The above post informs about my intentions to officially stand in this year election for NZ parliament – descrtibed on my information web page (in the English language) named „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” (updated on 7 April 2014, or later). Thus, reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:

Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including all the above web addresses, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic web page that interests the reader, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name „pajak_for_mp_2014.htm” is changed into the name of web page which one wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „god_proof.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet explorer one writes e.g. the address .

Also notice that a complete list of (and links to) totaliztic topics discussed in various internet forums is provided in item #E2 of the web page named „faq.htm” – also available at every address listed above.

It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #243E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak