#242E: The discovery that ageing of people is ruled by artificial time elapsing in jumps and around 365 thousands of times slower than the natural time of the universe in which are ageing rocks and fossils (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: ‚Although God considered all the creatures and the entire former physical world that He created within the first six days to be „very good”, the iterative improvements that He introduced later, by today have completely restructured several times these creatures and world.’

(Introduction:) In spite that the official human science researches the reality around us since the times of Archimedes, it still has NOT managed to discover that the reality around us is governed by two drastically different kinds of time. (In all publications by the author, this official science is called the old „atheistic orthodox science”, so that one could clearly distinguish it from the new „totaliztic science” in the spirit of which this post is written.) One of these two different kinds of time, in totaliztic publications called the „irreversible absolute time of universe”, is the time in which lives only our God. This time exists in nature, elapses in a smooth manner, and in our physical world it affects only the inanimate matter (i.e. non-living chemical elements, minerals, rocks, fossils, bones of dinosaurs, coal, etc.) – which are ageing according to its speed of elapse. The old official human science believes that this is the only time that exists in the entire universe. However, the new „totaliztic science” has discovered, that people actually live in a completely different time, in publications by the author called the „reversible software time”. That software time does NOT exist in nature, so it has been artificially pre-programmed by God and introduced to use during the biblical Great Flood – as it is explained in items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 of the web page named „immortality.htm” (addresses of which are provided at the end of this post). It elapses in short jumps. (The actual existence of „jumps” of this artificial „reversible software time” in which we live is revealed to every person by the popular phenomenon described in item #D1 from the web page named „immortality.htm”.) Because of the existence of long gaps between subsequent such jumps, the elapse of this artificial software time is about 365 thousands of times slower than the elapse of the natural „irreversible absolute time of the universe”. To the ageing in this artificial jumping time are subjected humans and all the living creatures having DNA. It also allows for the building of my „Time Vehicles” described on the web page named „immortality.htm”. Differences in speeds of elapse of these two kinds of time from our physical world are so large, that many people notice with naked eyes e.g. astonishingly rapid ageing of rocks – see item (#C4.1) from this post. The fact of existence and work in the physical world of these two drastically different kinds of time, explains also many mysteries about which so-far people conducted disputes and wars, for example, explains why the Bible and the history reveal that God created mankind only about 6,000 years ago, while rocks and fossils (e.g. bones of dinosaurs or coal) date back to millions of years. Why people have a „deja vu”. Why prophecies exist and become fulfilled. Why God knows the future. Etc., etc. This post, as well as the web page named „immortality.htm” which it recommends to read, presents basic explanations and body of evidence for practically all the above topics and matters.

Personally, I am most surprised that today’s scientists with parrots’ inane reverently repeat baseless speculations of Einstein on the „irreversible absolute time of universe” which in our physical world rules only over the ageing of inanimate matter, while at the same time they completely overlook the entire ocean of irrefutable evidence that our physical world is governed simultaneously by as many as two kinds of time described above, and that people actually live in the totally different than rocks and fossils, „reversible software time” – which is artificially created by God and which elapses in jumps. After all, there is such huge body of evidence for the existence and operation of this artificial software time which elapses 365 thousands of times slower than the natural absolute time, that just indicating the most important categories of this evidence took the whole „part #D” and yet further sub-item #C4.1 on the web page named „immortality.htm”. In fact, there is enough of this evidence, that after ordering it accordingly to the reliable method of proving called the „method of matching attributes” it suffices for formulating the „formal scientific proof” that should be binding for everyone, even for the most thoughtless scientists.

The length of life and the inevitability of death are the most important challenges faced by humanity, which are associated with time and with the passage of time. The majority of us believe, that extending the life, defeating the death and accomplishing immortality will be obtained through progress in medicine. They do NOT see, however, that medical extending of lives requires the undertaking of immoral activities described in item #B2 below. Furthermore, judging from the speed of such medical progress, it can require even several thousands of years of research before medical fraternity finds a way to defeat deaths and accomplish the access to immortality. Even then though, only a few individuals could use it. After all, it would require making highly immoral decisions (e.g. taking lives from other people or creatures to extend our own life). Furthermore, as such, it would also be very costly, and only a few people could afford it. On the other hand, the philosophy called totalizm explains to us, that actually there is also a morally correct path to immortality, and that we could live forever already at the present level of knowledge and science. This is because immortality can be also accomplished in a moral manner with the use of technology – means through the construction of technical devices called here Time Vehicles. In turn when we have such devices, then each time when we arrive to the old age we could repetitively shift our time back to years of the youth. In this way everyone could keep extending his or her life infinitively long. But to get access to these Time Vehicles, we need to start accepting that such devices are technologically feasible, and we need to start building these devices as soon as we can. To be honest, if I received the assistance that is required from the very beginning of my research, means from 1985 – when I discovered how time works and when I invented Time Vehicles and developed their design, then even if I would work just alone on the development of these vehicles, while the provided assistance limited itself just to financing and manufacturing subsequent prototypes, research stations, laboratories, measuring equipment, etc., still I would manage to complete these vehicles already a long time ago – as about these wasted chances I am writing more comprehensively in items #J1 to #J3 of the web page named „magnocraft.htm”. After all, since 1985 tens of years have elapsed. In turn, in such a case, already a long time ago the humanity would defeat deaths, while each one of us would already have the access to immortality – thus being able to live forever. As it turns out, constructing these Time Vehicles is relatively simple. But in order to accomplish it, we all need to change our attitudes and manners of thinking. We need to start thinking in categories of the philosophy of totalizm. For example, we must understand that our universe is so designed by God that „everything that we can think of, we can also accomplish” – only that for it we need to fulfil specific conditions. This post is to point out for us such a correct direction in our thinking regarding the completion of my „Time Vehicles” and the technical access of humans to immortality through the repetitive shifting of our time back to years of our youth.
(#A1:) To vital goals of this post belongs also, amongst others, the explanation what actually is this „reversible software time” – such explanation is provided in items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 of the web page named „immortality.htm”. That is, the explanation what is that particularly unnatural (artificial) kind of time, which elapses in jumps, and in which live and get older all people and all living creatures having DNA, but to which are NOT subjected and age, among others, rocks or fossils (such as „bones of dinosaurs” described in item #H2 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”). This post reveals also how different is this artificially created by God „reversible software time” from the natural „irreversible absolute time of the universe” – means it explains that this absolute time flows smoothly with the speed of around 365 thousands of times greater than the speed of jumping software time, that in this absolute time lives only our God, and that in our physical world in this absolute time exist and age all minerals (including rocks, bones of dinosaurs, coal, etc.). That artificial „reversible software time” elapsing in jumps does NOT exist in nature, and thus it had to be artificially pre-programmed by some superior intelligent being with the knowledge and capabilities of our God (similarly like also artificially created have to be a kind of „language” called „DNA code” – due to the artificiality of the features of which in item #G2 from the web page named „god_proof.htm” it became possible to formally prove the existence of God). Therefore, the lack of knowledge of the existence and the work of this artificial jumping time in the to-date official human science, deprives the humanity of one of the most illustrative evidence for the existence of God, who, after all, pre-programmed this time. In addition, the ignorance of official science regarding this time, persisting in spite that almost every person saw with own eyes the phenomenon described in item #D1 of the web page named „immortality.htm”, which conclusively proves its existence and work, reveals how erroneous are the monopolistic claims of the official science. After all, by being in error in matters of „time” – which is the most important component of virtually every process from our physical world, the old, official „atheistic orthodox science” is practically also in error in all other matters. No wonder that this old, official science has led the humanity to the situation that we see around us today, and even worse – that it still has NOT stopped to push the mankind toward the abyss and the self-destruction. For more explanations about the artificial characteristics of the „reversible software time” – see also item #C3 from a separate web page named „prophecies.htm”, item #G4 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, and/or item #H2 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”. In that item #C3 from the web page „prophecies.htm”, and also in item #C4.1 from this post, it is worth to pay a special attention to the evidential value of noticeable for us, much faster ageing of rocks than people, and thus also much faster ageing of human paintings, marks, footprints, and fossils preserved in rocks and caves. This faster ageing of rock than people stems from the length of gaps between subsequent „jumps” of this discrete time and from multiple repetition of life of people in the „reversible software time” – while simultaneously the rocks age constantly in the „irreversible absolute time of the universe”.
(#C4.1:) Because a vast body of evidence presented in „part #D” of the web page named „immortality.htm” confirmed conclusively, that the lives of people are governed by this artificially pre-programmed by God „reversible software time”, now there is the turn to document with another body of evidence, the discovery of the new „totaliztic science” described in item #C4 from the web page named „immortality.htm”, that this artificial time with the jumping elapse was introduced by God only around a half of duration of the biblical Great Flood. In other words, now there is the turn to present a wealth of evidence which confirms, that the „reversible software time”, has NOT existed and has NOT been working since the beginning of the creation of the physical world, but was additionally pre-programmed (means like „patched”) to our physical world, when the Earth, cosmos and people already existed, while God did NOT want to destroy everything that He previously created, only to reprogram into it a new kind of time. For the fact of the introduction of that artificial time only then, certifies a vast body of evidence, many of items of which I have already revealed in the previous descriptions and publications indicated below. So in order to NOT expand unnecessarily the volume of this post, I am providing here only summaries and links to a few most vital amongst further examples of such items of evidence – which include, among others:

#A. A wealth of evidence contained in descriptions from the Bible. After all, as it reveals the web page named „bible.htm”, independently from the list of moral requirements which people must fulfil in their lives, the Bible (authorized-inspired by God Himself) is, among others, also a kind of God’s autobiography and at the same time a written history of the universe prepared from God’s perspective. The most important evidence derived from the Bible, which confirms the introduction of „reversible software time” only during the Great Flood, includes amongst others:

#A1. Biblical descriptions of God’s helplessness towards the absence of obedience in people who lived before the Great Flood. After all, the only prevailing then „irreversible absolute time of the universe” did NOT allow God to serve then to people educational methods of the type of „principle of reversals” described previously.

#A2. Biblical descriptions of the methods with which at that time God was trying to persuade people to return to the path of obedience to their God – e.g. God showing Himself to people, sending angels to Earth, inspiring prophets, etc.

#A3. Biblical descriptions of longevity of humans living before the Great Flood (i.e. before the Great Flood people lived till almost 1000 years).

#A4. The change of principles on which worked bodies of people from before the Great Flood and work bodies of present people. For example, the information provided, amongst others, in verse 3:22 from the biblical „Genesis”, that before the Great Flood people died only when their bodies consumed the entire reserve of the kind of „life energy” given to these bodies through eating the fruit from God’s „tree of life”, or through the birth, combined with the information contained, amongst others, in verses 90:9-10 from the Biblical „Psalms” – which confirms, that after the Great Flood people died already like today at the age of around 70 to 80 years (because their bodies were subjected to ageing). Or the information, that before the flood, people consumed fruits only (i.e. all of them were „vegetarians”). From old Israelite sources is also known that bodies of pre-flood people were NOT eaten by worms, nor subject to decay after the death. This matter is discussed, amongst others, on pages 213 and 217 from the Polish-language book [1JG9.4] by Andrzej Olszewski, „Paradoksy tajemnicy wszechświata” (i.e. „paradoxes of the mystery of the universe”), Warsaw, 1998, ISBN 83-900944-2-8 – the part of which about the lack of decomposition of human bodies before the Great Flood is discussed in subsection JG9.4 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5]. A large proportion of the pre-flood people grew also to sizes of giants.

#A5. The information contained in the Bible, that in fact there are two different kinds of time and two different speeds of elapses of these times. For example, the information from verse 3:8 of „2 Peter” – quote: „But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”. This information should be interpreted, amongst others, that there are two different kinds of time, and that God lives in a different time than us, so that when in our artificial „reversible software time” elapses just one day, in the natural „irreversible absolute time of the universe”, in which lives our God, can elapse even around 1000 years. An information about the existence of two kinds of time with two different ways of elapsing is also encoded in the choice of words with which in the biblical „Book of Genesis” God describes the smooth passage of time during the creation of the world and people, and then describes reversibility and jumping character of time which existed after the Great Flood – e.g. see the quotation from item #D5.1 of the web page named „immortality.htm”.

#B. A wealth of evidence contained in regularities of the development and the history of the mankind. Until the biblical Great Flood the humanity was developing chaotically. But after the flood suddenly occurred the clearly noticeable regularity in its development and history, that could only occur if its development and history initiated at that time is intelligently controlled in compliance with a divine „scenario” pre-planned in advance – that is, in compliance with the „omniplan” described in items #C3 and #C4 from the web page „immortality.htm”, that manages the „reversible software time”. Here are easiest noticeable by nearly every person examples of these regularities in the development and history of the mankind:

#B1. The fulfilment of prophecies. As it is explained in the introduction and in item #C3 from another mine web page named „prophecies.htm”, the fulfilment of so-called „prophecies” would NOT be possible if the fate of humanity and the Earth is NOT ruled by the pre-planned in advance by God „scenario” described under the name of „omniplan” in items #C3 and #C4 of the web page named „immortality.htm”. But prophecies actually do fulfil themselves – especially if they originate from the Bible (which fact is already proven by a huge body of various scientific evidence). For example, the majority of prophecies concerning the history of humanity that are provided by the Bible, already has fulfilled itself with the precision of a Swiss watch – as an example consider the described in item #N1 from my web page „quake.htm”, the 1,260 years long period of the political power of the Roman Catholic Church (i.e. from 538 AD to 1798 AD), foretold in the Bible and described in verse 7:25 from the biblical „Book of Daniel”. Of course, some non-biblical prophecies formulated by selected humans also fulfil themselves – only that among people a lot of „false prophets” appears, who either simply are wrong, or who pretend that they know what the future is to bring us (their predictions typically do NOT fulfil themselves). Moreover, even in fulfilment of prophecies told to us by people who are inspired by God, God also is forced to make deliberate inaccuracies. After all, God must constantly remind the mankind that every human is imperfect and fallible, and furthermore God must also avoid assigning the undeserved statute of a „prophet” to e.g. immoral individuals who by some accident were able to predict that something is to occur – for details see the final part of item #B8 from my web page named „seismograph.htm”. So usually from the prophecies of people supported by God is fulfilled only „what” is to happen, but these people can drastically be erroneous in the matter of „when” it is to happen, „who” and „where” is to carry it out, etc. – for details about this „what”, „when”, „who”, etc., see item #C3 from my web page named „prophecies.htm”. As an example of the human prophecy, which already fulfilled itself, consider the prophesised by Nostradamus the inventing of my Magnocraft of the third generation (on this post also called a Time Vehicle), described in more details in item #H1.1 from my page named „prophecies.htm”. That prophesised by Nostradamus invention of my Magnocraft already fulfilled itself, only that the construction of this starship is still awaiting to be completed by humans. So the fulfilment of prophecies is the further proof, that since the Great Flood people and Earth actually are subjected to both kinds of time described on this post. At the same time it is also the proof that God exists – as only God could pre-program the non-existing in nature „reversible software time” and then also reprogram humans for the life in this artificial time created by Him.

#B2. The pre-planning in advance of the order and type of inventions. The best proof of this preplanning is the so-called. „cyclic table for earthly propulsion systems” that I invented (or discovered) yet in 1972, and the implications of which I briefly described, amongst others, in items #C3 and #H1.1 from my web page named „prophecies.htm”, while I discussed it in great detail in item #B1 from the web page named „propulsion.htm”.

#B3. The loosing of every war by the aggressors. A few examples of aggressive wars, which in the final effect were always lost by aggressors, is discussed on the web page named „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm” – with the summary presented over there in item #I2. That systematic loosing of wars by aggressors could NOT have happened if the fate of humanity is NOT ruled by the divine „omniplan”.

#B4. The work of the principle of the „extinction of most immoral”. Without reprogramming of human bodies during the Great Flood to the work according to the „reversible software time”, it would NOT be possible the consistent implementation by God of the „principle of the extinction of most immoral” described in more detail in items #G1 to #G6 from the web page named „will.htm”, and in item #B1 from the web page named „changelings.htm”.

#B5. The consistent work of the divine educational method for people, named the „principle of reversals”. This principle is described in item #F3 from my web page „wszewilki_uk.htm”, while its use is justified in item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. In turn, the consistent implementation of it on Earth is continuously documented by events from the world around us. However, the consistent implementation of this principle would NOT be possible if during the biblical flood, people were NOT reprogrammed to a life in the „reversible software time”.

#C. A wealth of evidence that is contained in the world that surrounds us, and thus that is scientifically verifiable by any interested researcher. It includes, among others:

#C1. The existence on the Earth of two drastically different rates of ageing, which, for the more observant people, can be noticed even with the naked eye, i.e. the slow ageing of people, and the shockingly rapid ageing of rocks and fossils (e.g. bones of dinosaurs coal, etc.). The reason for the existence of these two different rates of ageing is that people are subjected to the „reversible software time” artificially pre-programmed by God, while all minerals (including rocks and fossils) are subjected to the naturally existing in nature the „irreversible absolute time of the universe” – as it is described in items #A1 and #C4 of the web page named „immortality.htm”, as well as, amongst others, in item #H2 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”, item #G4 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, or items #C3 and #H1.1 from the web page named „prophecies.htm”. The fact, that to the ageing consistent with the „irreversible absolute time of the universe” is only subjected everything that could NOT be reprogrammed on the Noah’s ark, is one amongst many confirmations, that the introduction of artificially pre-programmed „reversible software time” had to take place when all of living creatures having DNA were on that ark. That fact, that hard rocks in just a few years can be subject to changes of shapes for which the natural erosion should take them millions of years, I noticed already a long time ago in several places of New Zealand, for example, on the volcanic rock of so-called „Lawyers Head” from Dunedin, or on the rocky path to the lookout platform for penguins watching in Oamaru – which I had documented long ago at the end of item #H2 from my web page named „god_proof.htm”. Similar sightings were also reported to me by several more observant amongst my friends.

#C2. Remains of living creatures from before the Great Flood (such as bones of dinosaurs), which due to being subjected to the action of „irreversible absolute time of the universe” are aging much faster than the remains of creatures that lived after the Great Flood. For example, everything that lived before the flood, until today turned into fossils the age of which science estimates at millions of years. In contrast, everything from after the flood, already lived in the „reversible software time”, thus is at most 6,000 years old – for details see item #H2 from the web page „god_exists.htm”.

#C3. Limiting the action of „reversible software time” only to living creatures that have their DNA – the ancestors of all of which creatures were on the Noah’s ark. If the „reversible software time” would be introduced by God already at the stage of creation of the physical world, then it would work on everything that exists in the physical world – which situation would represent much more optimal and elegant pre-programming of this world, than the visible today „patching” tolerated in the current work of physical world accordingly to two different kinds of time. But since God was forced to resource to this „patching”, this is the sign, that He has programmed and introduced the „reversible software time” only much later than the time of creation of the physical world, while using for this purpose the presence in the Noah’s ark of all living creatures equipped in DNA.

#C4. Differences of ages between the human history documented in writing or in organic matter, and documented with data entrenched into rocks and fossils. Historians and archaeologists derive their dating from several different sources, for example from various written records made by people, from remaining organic matter, from dating of objects of mineral nature, from fossils, etc. As it turns out, sources of dating based on everything for which the rate of ageing has NOT accelerated after the biblical Great Flood, for example, based on writings or on organic matter, give the age of mankind not greater than 6,000 years. In contrast, sources of dating based on everything that after the Great Flood ages about 365 thousands of times faster than humans, for example based on drawings from walls of caves, on fossilised human footprints, etc., give the age of mankind reaching tens of thousands of years (e.g. in cases of drawings from caves) or even millions of years (e.g. for fossilized human footprints). Scientists who believe in evolution interpret this fact, that the humanity evolved millions of years ago, while groups of humans were painting cave walls tens of thousands of years ago. However, such an interpretation overlooked is the fact, that during the Great Flood a different kind of artificial time was introduced to people, which causes that humans and organic matter age about 365,000 times slower than minerals, rocks, caves and fossils.

#C5. The need for iterative improvement of the physical world and people. When God created the physical world and the people, He pre-programmed their work according to the „irreversible absolute time of the universe”. After all, until today the oldest part of it and practically the most of this world, i.e. all elements, minerals, rocks, planets, stars, etc., still work according to this natural absolute time. Also, it would NOT make a sense to complicate the act of creation by chaotic pre-programming (already since the beginning) of two different kinds of time in the operation of one physical world. Anyway, before the creation of humans and experiencing their existence, God had NO way to learn, that their lives according to the natural absolute time proves to be impossible to control. As God Himself admits this in the Bible, after the creation of the world and the people God considered everything (including also the work of entire physical world according to the natural absolute time) to be „very good” (see Bible, „Genesis”, 1:31). Currently, however, humans and all living creatures with DNA are already living by the artificially programmed „reversible software time” – which allows God the continuous iterative improvement of them, described in item #C3 from the web page named „prophecies.htm”. Because so drastic reprogramming lives of humans and all other living creatures onto the artificial jumpy kind of time, required the reduction of their numbers to just a few living individuals, the only period of time when this reprogramming could take place, was the Biblical Great Flood during which was destroyed almost the entire population of the Earth – except for those few reprogrammed individuals.

* * *

There is a huge number of various consequences of the documented above introduction by God, starting from the date of the Great Flood, of this artificially programmed „reversible software time”, and thus subjecting the physical world to a simultaneous action of two different kinds of time with two different speeds of elapses. These consequences dramatically change the rules on which actions should be implemented in virtually every area of human activity. For example, in every kind of dating they require that the present units of the elapse of time, such as year, day, hour, etc., should relate only to everything that contains DNA. For dating of everything that is ageing accordingly to the „irreversible absolute time of the universe”, e.g. for dating of metals, rocks, fossils, etc., need to be introduced completely different units. In turn, for example in all analyzes of actions it is necessary to take into account the fact, that God is constantly improving our physical world, using the method which under the name „iteration” is described in item #C3 from the web page named „prophecies.htm”. Hence, the majority of quantities which now we see and experience around us, and which the old „atheistic orthodox science” tell us that they are „unchangeable”, for example the majority of already completed activities, principles, phenomena, laws of nature, physical constants, appearances, written texts, structures and positioning of buildings, locations of human settlements, etc., in past were NOT necessary the same as are now, nor must be the same in the future. In fact, I already experienced in my life, and described in a number of my publications, changes of many supposedly „unchangeable” quantities listed here.

However, in my opinion, the most important consequences of the simultaneous existence and operation in our physical world as many as two different kinds of time, is that because of the ignorance and arrogance of that old, official, „atheistic orthodox science”, this science completely „got things wrong” in all matters relating to the essence of time, operation of time, speeds of the passage of time, dating, etc. For example, in spite of the researching of the physical world since the time of Archimedes, present scientists still do not realize that the various components of our physical world are subjected to the action of these two different times with two drastically differing speeds of elapses, and thus that e.g. rocks and fossils get older hundreds of thousands of times faster than individual people and the entire mankind. As a result of this state of things, practically everything that the old, official, „atheistic orthodox science” tells people about „time” is untrue, is a kind of „scientific nonsense”, and is the misleading of people and making them to err. In addition, the oversight by the old science of the fact, that the artificially pre-programmed by God „reversible software time” does exist and works, while it naturally could NOT appear in the universe, deprives people of one amongst the most clear items of evidence for the existence of God. In the light of what explains e.g. item #I1 from the web page „quake.htm”, such pushing people into acceptance of the „scientific nonsense” really spoils lives of all those poor people who entrust the findings of the present „atheistic orthodox science” and whose actions are guided by what this science tells them. Another important in my opinion consequence of the simultaneous existence and operation of these two different kinds of time, is that it reveals how much complacent is the present official science in its claims, as well as how dangerous for the whole mankind is a monopoly of this science in the official dissemination of knowledge. After all, errors, blindness and distortions of this science, NOT only that just led us to the visible today ruining of the Earth, and NOT only that allow this science to lead the entire humanity into an abyss, but it also destroys the harmonious coexistence of people with God. It is about time that the official launch of the new „totaliztic science” takes away the „monopoly for knowledge” from this old science, and restores a balance to the human development – as it is explained in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named „telekinetics.htm”.

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of introduction and items #A1 and #C4.1 from the totaliztic web page (in the English language) named „immortality.htm” (updated on 1 March 2014, or later). Thus, reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „immortality.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:

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Also notice that a complete list of (and links to) totaliztic topics discussed in various internet forums is provided in item #E2 of the web page named „faq.htm” – also available at every address listed above.

It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #242E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak



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    the existence of which in Internet I just discovered. It can be listened to at the address:


    if only the listener has the sufficient patience to persevere through a long advertisement that is shown before that song. I must admit here, that according to my taste the song is quite cute. Pity that very talented in an obvious manner authors of this song have NOT recorded it on a video and place it in the YouTube. I am ready to bet that in such a case it would become an international hit.
    After this first discovery of the above song, I started to intentionally search through the Internet to check the quality of other similar musical creations, the existence of which was rumoured to me previously. In fact I managed to find several further such songs devoted to myself (in this number one hymn about the village of Wszewilki in which I was born), and I also found the post on a forum, in which some anonymous author brags about uploading to Internet as many as 21 similar musical creations. Unfortunately, the artistic quality of these other songs do NOT qualify them to be recommended here for listening. But a curiosity and a puzzle which hit me in them, is that each song is sung by a different person – including women. So if their mysterious creator (or creators) do NOT have some magical powers, then in an obvious manner he (or they) needed to employ a large team of people for preparing these songs. So who to hell, and why, was prepared to contribute so much effort, costs, work and organization, to anonymously publish in Internet several funny or sarcastic songs about my research and myself, in spite that numerous individuals for long time try to convince readers of Internet, that supposedly all my discoveries, theories, philosophies and inventions are wrong and unworthy of reading? Another mystery is why the significant sums of money which this anonymous someone for sure needed to spend on so professionally prepared funny songs about myself (which songs probably only sparse people are to hear), instead of designating such money to finance my chronically underfinanced scientific research and to implement my inventions?

    With the totaliztic salute,
    Jan Pajak

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