#241E: „Why” the foretelling that it will be Korea that is to build Magnocrafts of my invention, and that is to become the next (and last) nation which is to reign over the world, is contained in the method of God’s acting, and, amongst others, in the old Polish prophecy which states that „the yellow race is to reign over the world” (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „God likes to surprise people by implementing of whatever almost everyone considers to be improbable or impossible.”

Our world slowly approaches the year of 2036. In turn, from regularities inherent in the so-called „Periodic Table for Propulsion Systems” discussed below, it stems that around the year of 2036 the all-powerful starship of my invention, called the „Magnocraft” is to be built on Earth. This my starship will probably be built to carry people to stars, and to make available unlimited resources of space to its builders. However, probably an additional impulse to undertake the construction of the Magnocraft is also going to be the need to defend the country of its owners against waves of starved residents of neighbouring countries, who in future will fall to anarchy as a result of deepening processes of law and order collapse, beginnings of which began to be clearly visible already in 2013 as they are consequences of the global economic crisis of 2008. After all, the current continually worsening process of loosing the respect for the rule of law and for public order, must inevitably lead to anarchy, collapse of food production, and to the creation of waves of starved people who like locusts are to attack neighbouring countries to also destroy their food production and initiate anarchy. So future countries where the rule of law is to still prevail, will be forced to defend themselves somehow against these waves of desperately hungry people from countries that have already fallen to anarchy – as in item #C2 of the web page named „petone.htm” I explained that for circumstances of formation of the „chapel of skulls” from Czermna near Kudowa Zdrój, on the territory of Lower Silesia from present Poland. In turn, the most effective defence against these waves of starved neighbours will be just my swift Magnocraft capable of the formation of impassable „belt of death” around country’s borders. After all, in case of the collapse of many countries and the global loss of access to raw materials and to fuels, armies of countries which still are to maintain the rule of law are to run out of ammunition, petrol, and soldiers to be able to defend themselves against these growing numbers of bands of starved and determined people. So it is easy to predict that when anarchy and famine is to spread around the world, many countries will suddenly start desperate efforts to build my Magnocraft. Most of these countries probably will NOT have enough time to complete the construction and earlier are to also fall victims to rampant anarchy and famine. After all, the completion of the Magnocraft even with the most vigorous efforts of a novices team, still take many years – as determined and explained, among others, in item #J3 from my web page named „magnocraft.htm”. However, one of these countries probably is to build this starship on time – thus saving itself in this way against the fall, and starting a new era on Earth. After all, the „by-product” of the Magnocraft’s construction will be that my starship will turn the country which as the first in the world that starts to have it, into the global superpower and the new leader of mankind – and this is to happen no matter how small this country would be and what is the number of its population. This is because the military capabilities of my starship no-one is to be able to resist – as explained in more details in items #E1 to #E22 from the web page named „military_magnocraft.htm”. For example, it suffices around 12 hours of time, to turn a mid-sized European country, such as England, France, or Germany, into a complete desert just by a single Magnocraft. In this post I am going to explain how methods of God, as well as other kinds of premises and evidence (e.g. the old Polish prophecy which states that „the yellow race is to reign over the world”), allow to predict already now, that the country which as the first in the world is to build my Magnocraft, and then which in a completely unintended manner is to reign over the world because God is to promote it to become the next leader of the Earth, is to be the tiny Korea. I suggest the reader remembers this prediction. After all, the year 2036 is already near. Majority of readers of this post thus receive the privilege of being able to say, that they personally read yet in 2014 this prediction of the upcoming era of hunger, chaos, anarchy, loss of access to raw materials and to fuels, lack of law enforcements and fall-downs of statehoods, and induced by this human-caused disaster a revolutionary transformation of our world, that after the year 2036 these readers will be able to see with their own eyes.

Deductions on which are based predictions described here about building my Magnocraft by Korea and about the incoming leadership of Korea over the world, stem from the finding, that in all the activities of God exists an amazing continuity and is strictly observed the „principle of cause and effect”. For example, my invention of the „Magnocraft” has NOT „fell from heaven above”, but it is an outcome of my diligent analysis on a kind of „Periodic Table for Propulsion Systems”, which I developed (or invented) yet in 1972. This table is described more comprehensively in item #B1 from the web page named „propulsion.htm”. It is a kind of „Mendeleyev Table” – only that instead of the characteristics of successive chemical elements, my „Periodic Table for Propulsion Systems” describes features of subsequent propelling devices to be invented and built on Earth, and indicates the approximate years when these propelling devices are to be built. It is through the analysis of regularities imbedded in my „Periodic Table for Propulsion Systems” that already in 1980 I managed to invent and to work out my Magnocrafts, which, according to this table, are to be built only around the year 2036, while in 1983 I managed to invent and to work out the Oscillatory Chamber – which is to supply power to my Magnocrafts. Also, my „Periodic Table for Propulsion Systems” allowed me to invent and to work out the construction and operation of Time Vehicles – which are to open access to immortality for people, while building of which on Earth is quite necessary also for God as e.g. „without the learning of construction and operation of Time Vehicles, people are NOT able to truly understand God nor the Bible”. The above sequence of my inventions, each one of which was the „cause” for the inventions that followed it, and was the „effect” for the inventions that took place before it, quite clearly documents how God consistently implements this „principle of cause and effect” in all His activities.

Relying on this God’s consistency in everything that God is doing, and also knowing about the operation of the God’s software entity – which in item #C4 from my web page named „immortality.htm” is described under the name of „omniplan”, I am able to deduce on their base „why” in the years that immediately followed my inventions of the „Magnocraft” and the „Oscillatory Chamber”, none of the countries with predominantly European population has answered my numerous appeals and pleadings to allow me to build for them these futuristic strategic propelling devices. After all, my letters explaining exactly what is my Magnocraft and my Oscillatory Chamber, and informing precisely what would be the program of my research after the adoption and execution of which the working prototypes of these powerful devices of my invention would be accomplished, were sent to virtually every institution which could allow me to build these devices, and which was located in countries such as the USA, England, France, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Job applications I also posted to practically almost every university in Poland, letting to know in them that I am the inventor of the Magnocraft and the Oscillatory Chamber, and that I would undertake the construction and testing of these devices during my employment at their university. However, none of these institutions from the countries to which I addressed my pleading has expressed their consent nor gave me a chance to built for them my Magnocraft or my Oscillatory Chamber. In turn, all universities in which I was taking any available job to at least be able to make a living, not only that do NOT allowed me to openly carry out research on the Magnocraft and on the Oscillatory Chamber, but also actively prevented me from carrying out such research. When, in spite of prohibition, I too much insisted on carrying out these research, then these institutions under any pretext „fired” me from the job – as it has done very openly the New Zealand’s „University of Otago”.

Near the end of 2007 I ceased active efforts of trying to build for someone my Magnocraft and my Oscillatory Chamber – although even now I am still maintaining a passive readiness to consider possibility of helping the nation and the country which turns to me with a request for a moral and intellectual support of its efforts to build the Magnocraft and the Oscillatory Chamber. Instead of those my previous active efforts, in 2007 I began a long-term research program into the methods of God’s action – as it is more fully described in items #H4 and #H3 from my web page named „prawda_uk.htm”. Till the end of 2013 this new research program has allowed me to discover and to confirm scientifically what the Bible states for millennia, and what I explained in items #H1 to #H7 of that web page named „prawda_uk.htm” as well as in items #C1 to #C9 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”, but what most people ignore because the official science tells us misleadingly that „God does NOT exist”. Namely, this research allowed me to discover and to confirm scientifically, that God with an „iron hand” controls virtually everything that happens on Earth and in our part of the universe – means God even controls the fate and history of every truth and the amount of pain and suffering that each person must endure and experience. This discovery explains also, that in fact it was God who discreetly controlled the insistence of countries with a predominantly European population to prevent the building for them of my Magnocraft and my Oscillatory Chamber. In turn this explaining leads to the next conclusion, namely that the building so powerful technical devices as my „Magnocraft” and my „Oscillatory Chamber” in countries with a predominantly European population, definitely does NOT lie in God’s plans. After all, if it lies in God’s plans, then even if it was too early for these devices to be build, still God would at least let me started their construction for a country with predominantly European population. This is because these powerful devices are intellectual products of entire my life, and thus are kinds of my „intellectual children” – while it is known that God always supports human efforts of taking care of the future of own „children”.

The finding that in plans of God does NOT lie that devices which carry the potential to lift a whole new country and a new nation to the role of the new leader of the world, are to be build in countries with a predominantly European population, points out to something rather shocking. Namely, it implies that in God’s plans lies the not-too-distant taking away the leadership of the world from the hands of nations with predominantly European race, and giving this leadership to new hands of the nation from a race completely different than Europeans, while the main instrument in this change of leadership over the world becomes the Magnocraft of my invention. Who in turn will be these future leaders of the world, is quite clearly indicated by the old Polish prophecy stating that „the yellow race will reign over the world”. However, the „yellow race” is actually many different nations, countries and cultures – because virtually the entire South-East Asia. So the next question for which it is worth to look for answers, is „which one amongst these nations will be promoted by God to be the next superpower and the next leader of the world?” (It is worth to also realize, that according to foretelling from the Bible, that next leader of the world will also be the last leader before the loss of usefulness to God of the present form of our physical world, and before the creation by God of the next world announced in the Bible, in which people will live infinitely long – for hints see item #J3 from the web page named „malbork_uk.htm”.)

A lot of countries from the South-East Asia can already be eliminated from consideration based on the knowledge of goals and methods of God’s actions. For example, the goal for which God gives leadership over the world in hands of increasingly different nation and country, is to test practically how a given combination of the national characteristics of the people is doing in governing over a collection of different nations with different cultures and characteristics. Because of this God’s goal, every nation and country receives the leadership over the world only once in the entire history of the Earth, while after this test God already knows whatever He wanted to learn, and thus gives the leadership into different hands. In the South-East Asia, China and Japan had already received their chances for leadership of the world. So they can therefore be eliminated from further consideration. Moreover, during that God’s test, the moral behaviour of Japan was quite despicable – this, in conjunction with the work of karma, explains for example the repetitive nuclear problems of Japan (e.g. those problems described in items #M1 to #M2 from my web page named „telekinetics.htm”). Other countries, e.g. Cambodia and Thailand, can also be eliminated on the basis of the chaos that prevails in them. After all, before one gets from God the privilege of ruling over the entire world, one first must prove that is capable to properly govern in one’s own country – as to the future leaders of the world cannot relate the old Polish saying that this country „is build on anarchy” (in Polish „nierządem stoi”). So there remains only very few amongst these nations of the „yellow race”, the candidacy of which should be seriously considered.

A whole range of different premises indicates which exactly nation and which country from the South-East Asia can be this next superpower and the leader of the world – the last before the end of the current phase of the existence of the Earth (and before the „end of the world” which historically rather a close date probably indicates item #N1 from the web page named „quake.htm”). Each of these premises is completely independent of the others. However, they all consistently indicate that the next (and the last) leader of the world will become Korea. Let us list here the most important amongst these premises. Here they are:

1. That important old Polish prophecy, stating that „the yellow race will reign over the world”. Note here that nowadays the „yellow race” typically is associated with China. However, in the old Poland China had a special respect and position. Thus, in the past, the Poles have always refereed to China under the name of China – for an example of such referencing see the old poem about „kuramina”, cited on the web page „healing_kuramina.htm” while described in items #H1 and #F5 from the web page named „healing.htm”. So the use in this old Polish prophecy discussed here of the expression „yellow race” (instead of the specific name of the nation), adds itself to the previous explanation that China has long ago passed the divine test for the role as the leader of the world, and confirms further that this old Polish prophecy refers to a nation other than China – for example, to Korea.

2. The economy of Korea. If we notice what already the small South Korea managed to achieve, and extrapolate this to the time when the South Korea is joined by starving people from the today’s North Korea, then it will allow us to realize what is actually happening in the world today, and where are going the present developments of the situation.

3. The seriousness and determination which lie in the nature of Koreans. These their national characteristics are hitting eyes in their country. For example, whatever Koreans do, they are investing in it all their zeal and all the energy – for examples see my web page named „korea.htm”. How drastically different they are from lately so goalless people of Europe, America, or even from nearby Japan.

4. The moral correctness of the „attitude towards truths” in Koreans. This attitude is discussed in more detail in items #H2 and #H7 from my web page named „prawda_uk.htm”. For God it is the basic criterion which decides about someone’s rises or falls. According to my personal experience, in the South Korea that „attitude to the truths” is the closest to the one required by God, from all the countries that I had the opportunity to visit and get to know in my life.

5. Impressive level of morality in Korea. This level I noted during my professorship in the South Korea. I described it in item #I1 from my web page named „quake.htm”. In turn we have to keep in mind here the finding of a new „totaliztic science” that „morality is the key to everything” – for examples that prove the truth of this finding, see item #B4 from the web page „morals.htm”, item #A1 from the web page „totalizm.htm”, item #P1 from the web page „changelings.htm”, or item #H7 from the web page „prawda_uk.htm”. According to this finding of the new „totaliztic science” (i.e. this new science that is described in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named „telekinetics.htm”), also the leadership over the world God always gives into the hands of nation which in given times exhibits the highest level of morality among its ordinary citizens. The mechanism which governs the relationship between the average level of morality of the nation, and the role and fate of this nation, is described in more details on a number of my web pages discussing the phenomena of the so-called „curse of inventors” and the „inventive impotency” – for an example of description of this mechanism see item #H6 from the web page named „prawda_uk.htm”.

6. My repeated empirical experience, that wherever God sends me, always He has very important reasons for this sending. Also, always these God’s reasons for sending me to a given place turned out to have a vital link with the morality, methods of God’s acting, and with the increase of human knowledge about God. For example, when in 1982 God sent me to the city of Christchurch, the reason was to give me a chance to learn exactly the level of so-called „group morality” in the city that in 2011 God was going to destroy with earthquakes described here briefly in item #G2, while discussed in detail in items #P6 and #P7 from the separate web page named „quake.htm”. Since God has sent me to the South Korea onto 10-month long professorship, He allowed me to make important discoveries out there and to complete breakthrough formal proofs, and He gave me the opportunity to publish in there my newest monograph [1/5], all of this taken together for sure means, that in God’s plans Korea has an unique role to play.

7. Statements of the Bible. The Bible quite clearly emphasizes, that the future (and last) leader of the world will be „the Beast that speaks like a dragon” – for an example see the Biblical „Book of Revelation”, verse 13:11, discussed more comprehensively in item #H7 of my web page named „prawda_uk.htm”. In turn „dragon” is actually a symbol of the culture of Korea, in which it is present in virtually every aspect of the local tradition, history and folklore.

8. Already today’s presence in the South Korea all the attributes of a superpower, except for those that to Koreans can give the building of my Magnocraft – that is except for the „power” over other countries. In other words, the today’s South Korea has established a required level of morality, resourcefulness, economic prosperity, skills of effective teamwork, correct methods of governance and administration of their own country, skills of peaceful dealing with aggressive and dangerous neighbours, etc. The only thing that it still lacks to become the superpower which governs over the world, is the „power” over other nations and other countries. However, from the definition of „power over others” it is known that „power” is having something that others desire, or that others are afraid of. For example, it is precisely because of this definition of „power”, that wives have power over their husbands in all the countries where the law enforces the monogamy amongst their citizens – as this is explained in item #J2.2.2 from my web page named „morals.htm”. It is also for this reason that governments have power over their citizens (after all, governments have police, courts and prisons), and that superpowers have power over the governments of other countries (after all, superpowers have armies, powerful economies, and the dominance of markets). However, although the building of the Magnocraft of my invention will probably be initiated because of completely different reasons explained at the beginning of this post – for example, defending its food production against waves of desperately hungry people from countries that already have fallen into anarchy, or access to unlimited resources of the universe, the very fact of having Magnocraft will provide Korea with something that is desired by others and that others are afraid of. After all, my Magnocraft, while later also my Time Vehicle, is just what others will both want and be afraid of – for details see item #E5, or items #E1 to #E22, from the web page named „military_magnocraft.htm”, or items #L3 and #L4 from the web page named „magnocraft.htm”, or subsections G14 to G14.2 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5].

There is, of course, much more premises similar to these listed above, than just these 8 which I decided to indicate here. Easily can be listed even more than 12 of these premises. Thus, the scientific method of proving that is based on „matching of attributes” – i.e. the method described, amongst others, in item #G3 from the web page named „god_proof.htm”, allows for the formulation of these premises into a formal scientific proof. However, I do NOT see a need to prove here the truth of whatever soon is to be revealed to everyone. After all, the year 2036 is not far. Afterwards everyone will be able to visually see with own eyes which of these predictions prove to be true. Moreover, in today’s hypocritical times, almost every truth causes that someone feels offended and may start a harassment – while the purpose of this post is only to explain scientifically of what is coming, not to motivate someone for starting a harassment.

While reviewing the content of this post it is worth to keep in mind the purpose and the principle of operation of that software entity pre-programmed by God and described under the name „omniplan”, among others, in item #C3 of my web page named „immortality.htm”. After all, everything that is to happen in the future, including the fulfilment of prophecies, is just like a „by-product” of the operation of this „omniplan”. However, the goal of the use of this „omniplan” by God, is NOT at all the fulfilment of old prophecies, but is the upbringing of people into moral, resourceful, efficient, and battle-hardened „soldiers of God” – as this is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. But the principle of operation of this „omniplan” is that in order to train people onto these „soldiers of God”, God is forced to repeat several times almost the entire course of their lives, each time iteratively improving the kinds of experiences to which God subjects subsequent people. As a result, although we do NOT notice it, both past and future are in the state of ongoing improvements, changes, and „flux”. Thus, although this constant state of „flux” of all events, is unable to change the „what” is to happen – that has already been pre-programmed by God in His „omniplan”, still it continually may change „how” it is to happen, „when” this occurs, „whom” and „how” it is to affect, etc. In other words, while getting acquainted with the content of this post one should be aware, that the purpose and the principle of operation of this divine „omniplan” causes, that old prophecies quite accurately reveal „what is to happen”. However, due to the continual improvement by God of the course of events that affect individual people, these prophecies are unable to precisely define „when it happens”, „how it affects someone”, etc.

To summarize this post, both the premises already discussed above, as well as a whole bunch of other premises the discussing of which here I am abandoning, all of them indicate quite clearly that this „yellow race” which will soon become the next leader and a leading country of our world, will be Korea – as I already tried to justify this in item #H1 from my web page named „military_magnocraft.htm”, while the moral reasons for this incoming situation I have tried to emphasize, among others, in item #I1 from my web page named „quake.htm”. In turn the only mechanism that is able to elevate the tiny Korea to the role of future leader which is going to reign over the entire world and which is to control everything that in this world is going to happen, is the not-too-distant completion of my Magnocraft and my Oscillatory Chamber in Korea.

Reviewing the above forecast of mine, it is worth that the reader directs his attention, that the future superpower role of Korea will be reached on completely different principles than principles of the rules of every other superpowers that existed on Earth. After all, the other superpowers for achieving „power” over other nations and countries, have used the size of their armies, their large size, the power of their economy, huge population, etc. I mean, the to-date superpowers dominated other nations and countries by threat of size and power of their army and of size and power of their economy. On the other hand, the superpower of Korea will be based on the advancement of its technology. Hence, it will be impressing other nations with the speed and outreach of their Magnocrafts, effectiveness of their governance and decisions, dominion over the flow of information and energy, etc. No wonder that under its rules will be able to fulfil the biblical prophecies of the type that people who are NOT going to have a „sign of the beast” will NOT be able to even buy or sell anything. Indeed, these amongst readers of above descriptions, who will still remember them in the exciting future time when predictions described here begin to fulfil, and when a drastic transformation of life on Earth actually starts to take place before their eyes, will get a chance to experience truly „interesting times” and really interesting changes on Earth.

As typically it happens with every logically correct forecast for the future, taking it into account in most cases turns out to be very beneficial for those who have drawn right conclusions from learning of it. Hence, the learning of scientific forecast described here, can benefit virtually everyone and in a number of ways. To indicate here examples of how to benefit from this forecast, then e.g. today students, instead of learning a secondary language, may begin to learn the Korean language, or instead of studying in their own country, may choose a scholarship and a study in the South Korea. Today industrialists already now can make connections and relations with Korea, so that in the future they are able to benefit from them in many ways. In turn entire countries can benefit from this forecast, if instead of insisting on a blind love and servitude to an already fallen superpower, they invest their attention and effort into the development of friendly relations and economic ties with the today’s South Korea. After all, friendship between two nations and countries once established is to yield fruits for centuries.

* * *

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