#240E: „Why” and „how” God uses „truths” as one amongst His tools for upbringing people into „soldiers of God” (in English – po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „For upbringing of people into ‚soldiers of God’, God is forced, amongst others, to so control every truth, that it proves to be more difficult for accepting than any version of untruths on the same subject.”

#A3: People are very sensitive creatures. So they react rapidly and strongly, among others, to everything that inspires in them strong feelings, such as pain, hunger, anger, frustration, oppression, harm and injustice, etc. Of course, if we actually lived in a world without God, i.e. in such a world in which our living is claimed by the present official science referred here also as the „atheistic orthodox science” (i.e. the science briefly described in item #H3 from this post, while defined precisely in items #C1 to #C6 from my web page named „telekinetics.htm”), then our reactions to everything that surrounds us would be only our private matter. However, evidence and formal scientific proof presented in items #B1 to #B3 from my web page named „changelings.htm” conclusively reveal to us, that in fact we live in the world created and wisely ruled by the almighty God. On the other hand, in the world wisely ruled by the almighty God everything that is manifested in there is in fact derived from God and has a very important reason for its occurrence. As it turns out, one amongst the reasons for which people are experiencing such a multitude of different phenomena that arouse in them strong feelings and reactions, is that God uses these phenomena and human reactions caused by them, amongst others, as „educational tools” with which God is raising up people for moral, resourceful, tough and battle-hardened „soldiers of God”. On a number of totaliztic web pages I already explained in detail „why” and „how” God uses for such educational tools various phenomena other than „truth”, that also excite strong feelings in humans. For example, in items #C1 to #C9 of my web page named „god_exists.htm” I already explained exactly how for such a role of educational tool is used „pain” and „suffering”. In turn, for example in item #L2 from the web page named „magnocraft.htm” I explained how in the role of educational tool are used God’s simulations of UFOs and UFOnauts. In contrast, items #B4, #C2 and #F1 from the web page named „tornado.htm” reveal and indicate the confirming evidence which suggests, that even the various types of cataclysmic events, such as tornadoes, are also send by God to achieve God’s superior goals, including the proper upbringing of people. This post provides an additional opportunity to explain to the reader as well, how in the same role of educational tool is used „truth” and its products – means are used human reactions to various feelings aroused by truth or by lack of it (i.e. by untruth), e.g. such feelings as frustration, impatience, a sense of injustice, anger, revenge, etc. – see explanations from items that follow in this post.

#H1: Since I already informed the reader, that also „truths”, along with a variety of feelings triggered by truth (e.g. strong feelings of frustration, impatience, harm, injustice, etc.), or by lack of truth – that is by the burgeoning lies, are used by God as educational tools that help God to educate and to train people to be effective „soldiers of God”, in the entire this post I am going to explain the matter more broadly.

#H2: Due to placing people in the „software reality” and exposing them to a „reversible software time” discussed, among others, in item #H4 below on this post, God everyday can use the tool that I named „omniplan” in order to control with it every detail of the life of each person individually, as well as the lives of all the so-called „group intellects”. (Notice that God’s „omniplan” is described in detail in items #C3 and #C4 from my web page named „immortality.htm”, while „group intellects” are further described in item #E2 from my web page named „totalizm.htm”.) That strict control over lives of all people allows God to control, among others, the fate of every truth, so that on one hand „truth always wins” (as it is explained in item #E1 from the web page named „prawda_uk.htm” – addresses of which are provided at the end of this post, and as it is confirmed by numerous old Polish proverbs of the kind „truth like oil always comes to the surface” – in Polish „prawda jak oliwa zawsze na wierzch wypływa”), but so that on the other hand this „victory of truth” occurs in the manner and in the moment of time that support the achieving by God of the entire range of His superior goals. One of the most important amongst these divine goals, i.e. upbringing of people into moral, resourceful, efficient, tough and battle-hardened „soldiers of God”, is supported due to a systematic use of God’s so-called „principle of reversals” during governing over the fate of every possible truth. (Notice that this „principle of reversals” has been thoroughly described in item #F3 from the different web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”.) The use by God of that „principle of reversals” for managing truths boils down to the implementing of following actions:

(a) Blocking and holding back the dissemination of „truths” the learning of which would benefit all people. For example, blocking truths of the kind to which led me the completion of research programs described below in item #H4 of this post.

(b) Facilitation of disclosures of embarrassing or shocking „truths”, the spread of which try to hold back famous or influential people (such as movie stars, politicians, millionaires, etc.). Means, assisting in revealing the truths that expose famous or influential people to scandals, losses of prestige, derision, insult, etc. This is because such disclosures stimulate in them (and in people related to them) strong feelings, which in turn lead to educational situations and actions, that God wishes to invoke.

(c) Aiding of official spread and promotion of „untruths” (lies), instead of already widely known „truths”, carried out in every case when a large number of people (for example, a large proportion of the entire nation) is interested that these „truths” were officially recognized and adopted. For example, the support to the government and to the politicians who insist to maintain the validity of a law justified by a deceitful claim that this law is supposedly progressive and works for the benefit of the nation, when most of the nation already knows for certain that this law is highly conservationist and destructive – for an example of just such a situation, see item #B5.1 from my web page named „will.htm”.

(d) Making progress dependent on learning the truth. This mean, the creation by God of the situation on Earth, that „without the knowledge of truth there is NO progress” – that is, the creation of the situation described in item #F1 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”. In turn, this situation forces some people, that in spite of everything, they still undertake efforts to recognize, learn, and to promote truth.

(e) Turning people’s „standing on truth” (i.e. „attitudes towards truths and treatment of people who reveal truths”) into the basic criterion that decides about the development and growth, or decides about the fall of these people. This, in turn, gives to truth, amongst others, the role of reliable indicator, from the watching of which can be predicted well in advance what will be the future fate of a specific individual person or a particular group intellect (i.e. an entire given nation) – as very cautiously I try bring this to the attention of the reader, amongst other, in item #H7 below on this post.

The result of the implementation of those components of the divine „principle of reversals” for managing the fate of subsequent truths, is that these truths (or untruths that replace them) arouse in people affected by them strong feelings such as frustration, impatience, disappointment, a sense of injustice, anger, thirst of revenge, etc. In turn these feelings motivate people to undertake the fight for a particular truth, which fight leads, among others, both to impart desirable characteristics of the „soldiers of God” in people participating in that fight, as well as leads to the „pursue of knowledge”.

I must admit here that when in the last days of December 2013, I discovered that God uses „truths”, among others, as one of numerous divine educational tools, even for me this discovery was a major shock. So I am NOT going to be surprised, if what I am explaining here is to shock also the reader of this post. Therefore, in order to gradually introduce the reader to the subject, in item #H3 below I am going to explain how the evolution of my views looked like, so that in the end it led me to this shocking discovery. While looking through that development in my views, I would advise to pay special attention to how a given their phase resulted from the consequences of preceding phase, and thus how consistent is the whole my cognitive path and how important for every kind of the „pursue of knowledge” is the continuous comparing of our views to the reality which surrounds us, and also is the willingness to change our views – if these views do NOT agree with that reality (in other words, how vital to the true „pursue of knowledge” is the behaviour exactly opposite to the one manifested today by the official science).

#H3: Descriptions from this post are a good illustration of how the enlargement of our knowledge about God drastically improves our personal philosophy of life and our attitude to events which affect us and which result from this philosophy, For example, starting from times when my view of world began to be strongly deformed due to deceitful claims of the education which I was gaining then, from a Catholic that I have been in childhood, I was gradually transformed into an atheist. This in turn caused, that my philosophy of life began to be consistent with whatever states the old, official „atheistic orthodox science”. (Notice here, that both, the old official „atheistic orthodox science”, as well as the new „totaliztic science”, are more fully described and defined in items #C1 to #C6 from the separate web page named „telekinetics.htm”.) During that atheistic period of my life, in many life situations of that time I applied findings and recommendations of that old „atheistic orthodox science” – although I still listened even then to the voice of my conscience. For example, my attitude to life defined at that time the Darwinian „survival of the fittest principle” promoted by the official science (may God forgive me those times of errors and distortions).

Fortunately for me, in the duration of this atheistic years of my life, God directed my fate towards undertaking a series of „private” research programs, which are described briefly in item #H4 below on this post. One amongst these programs was launched by my formulation in 1985 of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory has this to itself, that it proves conclusively that God does exist. Thus, since 1985 I started to know that God exists, and I began to be absolutely sure of God’s existence. (Notice here, that initially, means during years of my childhood, as a Catholic I only believed that God exists. On the other hand, in life one can always stop to believe in something, but one NEVER ceases to know about this something.) But in that initial stage of my research, the views were still deformed by statements of the official science. Thus, I believed then, that God so created and pre-programmed the surrounding reality, that the operation of it sustained itself – completely without the need for divine intervention. Expressing this in other words, initially I confessed to the view, that the situation of God is similar to that of today’s an „old retired person” – namely, that in spite of God having unlimited power over all things, and an unlimited amount of free time, after creating the physical world God „rests” all the time and even now He still almost does NOT intervene in the affairs of our physical world, but allows that these affairs be rolled out along their own paths. Of course, the professing to such believes exerted a significant influence on my philosophy of life from that time – as it is reflected, amongst others, in the content of the web page named „prawda_uk.htm”. In later times, however, that is in 2007 and in 2013, I accomplished a few discoveries that have revealed to me true goals and the true situation of our God. This in turn drastically changed and perfected my philosophy of life, as well as resulted in improvements of the content of that web page named „prawda_uk.htm”. Among other things, it made me to realize, that after all, God does intervene continuously in the affairs of our physical world.

In that first period, soon after gaining in 1985 the certainty that God exists, I still carried out the initiated yet in 1981 a program of my research on UFOs and UFOnauts. So even after 1985 (i.e. even after the formulation of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity), as the foundation of my personal philosophy still remained an intense belief based on the evidence available to me at that time, that the planet Earth is secretly occupied and exploited by cosmic relatives of humans called „UFOnauts”, who practice an evil kind of philosophy which I named parasitism. That belief is still reflected in the large proportion of the web page „prawda_uk.htm”, which I decided to leave without changes to NOT ruin the illustration recorded in it about the subsequent improvements of my views. Hence, while simultaneously being certain that God exists, I started then to intensively seek answers to the question „why God does not intervene actively in such an overt act of injustice, as the secretive occupation and plundering of the Earth by evil UFOnauts?” At that times, this lack of divine intervention I explained by the belief, that God acts like a kind of „old retired person” – means, that He complacently and passively looks at everything going on in the physical world ruled by Him, but He is satisfied with mainly forgiving people their sins.

However, the above my beliefs have changed dramatically in 2007, when during my professorship in Korea, on the basis of new evidence, which then become available to me, I made a shocking discovery, that actually UFOnauts and UFOs are „simulations” („fabrications”) created temporary by God. This discovery on one hand explained to me many puzzles for the explanation of which previously I had NO evidence required – for example, the mystery of „why UFOnauts and UFOs are always being watched or photographed in situations which authenticity is extremely easy to undermine by the so-called sceptics” – for examples see my web page named „memorial.htm”. On the other hand, the same discovery forced me to search intensively for answers to another question „why God simulates (fabricates) the existence and evil activities of these parasitic UFOnauts?” The attempts of that time to answer this question also are illustrated on the web page „prawda_uk.htm”.

My search for an answer to this very important question above, „why God simulates evil UFOnauts?” succeeded in May 2013, when I discovered that our God is in the situation which puts certain pressures on Him – namely that with God happens similarly like with living situations of each one of us, which situations force us to undertake such and not other activities. That newly discovered situation of God is described comprehensively in item #B1.1 from the separate web page named „antichrist.htm”. This discovery marked the beginning of the entire new my research program pursued intensively until today, the theme of which could be entitled „research on the impact of the situation in which our God is, on the methods that our God is using in His interactions with people”. These research have shown, amongst others, that our God is raising up people into the moral, effective, efficient, resourceful, dedicated to their God, and battle-hardened „soldiers of God”. In turn, as we know, the soldiers must be brought up differently than sissies and cowards. So in order to make used so raised people to suffering, toil, overcoming obstacles and hardships of „soldiers’ fate”, God intentionally subjects humans to various experiences that are unpleasant for them – including shabby treatment by evil UFOnauts. In fact, God uses on humans the educational method that is rather unpleasant for us, which in item #F3 from the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm” is described in detail under the name „principle of reversals”. For implementing this educational method on people, God uses various tools, one of which is the appropriate management of the fate of every „truth” – as described already above in item #H2.

Many of above descriptions which explain how evolved my discovery that God uses, amongst others, „truth” for such upbringing of people that they become „soldiers of God”, probably is NOT clear to those readers who are NOT familiar with the topics of my research and with their results. Thus, although these topics and results have already been described extensively on a number of my web pages and publications (for example, they are described on my autobiographical web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”), in order to NOT distract the reader from the course of deliberations of this post, in the next item I am going to summarize very briefly the most important research programs that I continue to realize practically even now. Here they are.

#H4: My research on the impact of the situation in which our God is, on the methods that God uses in His interactions with people, which research I began in May 2013, is already the 7th in turn, long-term research program that I opened in my life, and that implementation of which I continues until today on the principle of my „personal” scientific hobby (i.e. the research of which I finance from my own pocket and carry out in my own „private time” – i.e. the time that other people typically spend on resting). Before I started the implementation of this latest, 7th research program, previously I accomplished the 6 other similar research programs. Each one amongst these programs essentially perfected my personal philosophy of life, and my attitude towards truths. Below I am going to explain briefly what consisted of all these my „private” research programs, and how they influenced my personal philosophy of life, and my attitude towards truths. While reviewing my explanations I suggest to pay attention to how each next of them resulted directly from the accomplishing of basic goals and tasks of the previous programs, means how these my subsequent research programs formed an unified „path to truths” which I followed in my life (unfortunately, which also turned out to be a kind of my personal „thorny path”). Here are these research programs:

#1. Periodic Table. My first long-term research program, the development of which on principles of my scientific hobby is still continued until today, was „the development of my Periodic Table and the examination of conclusions that arise from this table”. This my „Periodic Table” (also called „The Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems”), which I discovered (or invented) as long back as in 1973 – when I still worked at the Technical University of Wroclaw, is like the equivalent to the „Mendeleyev Table” – only that instead of regularities in the chemical elements, my „Periodic Table” describes regularities in the development of human propulsion systems – see descriptions of it in item #B1 from the web page named „propulsion.htm”. Although my „Periodic Table” was formulated yet in 1973, analysis of conclusions arising from it, practically are carried out until today. In fact, only relatively recently, because of this my Table, I managed to identify and to describe how works God’s the so-called „omniplan”, i.e. to identify and to describe the software entity developed by God – with the help of which God manages the „reversible software time” in which we all live. (Because this „omniplan” is described comprehensively in items #C3 and #C4 from my web page named „immortality.htm”, I am NOT going to explain here again how it works.) In turn, the learning of the operation of this „omniplan” allows for an easier building the „time vehicles” of my invention, due to which one day people will be able to live forever, because each time after reaching an old age they will be able to shift back in this „reversible software time” to years of their youth.

The discovery of the fact, that inventions and developments of human propulsion systems are ruled by Periodic Laws similar to those laws that govern the formation of various chemical elements, were for me a huge cognitive shock. In fact, it opened my mind to many truths previously unrealised by people, for example to the truth that both, chemical elements from the nature, as well as subsequent propulsion systems invented and implemented by people, once were designed „a priori” by some overriding mind (i.e. by God), or to the truth that learning the Periodic Principle which this master mind (God) has used to design the various propulsion systems, allows for early prediction of the next vehicles that are to be completed on Earth in the future, and for prediction what will be the construction and operation of these future vehicles.

#2. Magnocraft. The first and most important finding stemming from my „Periodic Table”, was that soon, because around 2036, people are to build a completely new kind of fast like light and silent flying vehicles (starships), which I named the Magnocrafts. Hence my 2nd long-term research program, that directly stemmed from my Periodic Table, was „the design, development and research of the Magnocrafts”. Magnocrafts are described in more detail in volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The first publication which described them appeared already in 1980 – that is still in the days when I worked at the Technical University of Wrocław, in Poland. Soon later, I invented and worked out a detailed design and operation of the device named the Oscillatory Chamber, which provides the motive power for these Magnocrafts.

The development of the Magnocraft and the Oscillatory Chamber brought about another revolution in my personal philosophies and views on the truths. It made me to realize, that „in the world in which we live, everything conceivable, is also accomplishable”, and that the only restriction that inhibits the development of humanity, are the limitations of imagination and the lack of openness of human minds.

#3. UFOs and UFOnauts. While I was developing and researching my Magnocrafts, other people started to tell me, that they saw my vehicle in flight. Only that they called them „UFOs”. These stories persuaded me to start the 3rd, many years-long research program, which can be entitled the „impartial and objective research on UFO vehicles and on UFOnauts”. These research led me, among others, to the development of the formal scientific proof stating that „UFO vehicles do exist objectively, and are already operational Magnocrafts”. That proof is published, among others, on my web page named „ufo_proof.htm”. Another achievement of my research on UFOs was that I identified what phenomena accompany the appearance on Earth of „time vehicles” which these UFOnauts have and use for a long time. This in turn allowed me to work out further details of the construction and operation of the Earth’s version of „time vehicles” of my invention, which not-too-distant completion on Earth is also foretold by my „Periodic Table”. These my „time vehicles” are described quite accurately on several of web pages, e.g. on the web page named „immortality.htm”.

UFOs and UFOnauts caused another revolution in my views on the truths. They made me to realize, that „there are more things on heaven and earth than philosophers ever dreamed of”. In this way they opened my mind and my eyes to the habit of constant noticing and explaining the truths that previously were ignored.

#4. Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This my „theory of everything” named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity I conceived during one fine day while walking around the park in the city of Invercargill, New Zealand. This theory is described in more detail in volumes 4, 5 and also 1, from my newest monograph [1/5]. It proved to be the most important theory of my life, and probably also the most important theory which other people should learn. After all, it allowed me, amongst others, to prove formally that people are living simultaneously in three different worlds (i.e. in the physical world, in the counter-world and in the virtual world), one of which worlds is inhabited by God, and to also prove that people have immortal souls. In addition, it allowed me to develop the formal scientific proof that „God exists” – for the description of this proof, see item #G2 from my web page named „god_proof.htm”.

This my „Concept of Dipolar Gravity” (by people recognizing my accomplishments often abbreviated as „KDG”) turned out to be the essential foundation on which I could start to build the entire edifice of new knowledge and to learn entirely new truths. After all, for example, from the former atheist it turned me into a person „knowing” for sure that God exists. And I should remind here that knowledge is better than faith, because „one can always stop believing, but NEVER ceases to know”.

#5. Totalizm. After the indisputable determination due to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, this scientific fact that God really exists, and after a thorough explaining to myself who (what) our God actually is, where our God comes from (what initiated His existence), and on what principles God acts, it becomes necessary to develop a new philosophy which would teach people how they should live so that they do NOT get continually into trouble with God for their misconduct or wrong lifestyle. So my 5th long-term research project, which also continues until today, was to develop the new philosophy of life, which I named the totalizm (spelled with „z” – to distinguish it from „totalitarianism”). This my new philosophy teaches the most appropriate rules of conduct in our daily lives. Some amongst these rules are described briefly in items #A2.1 to #A2.10 from my web page named „totalizm.htm”, while in detail I explained them in my monograph on totalizm available, amongst others, via the web page named „text_8_2.htm”. It is worth noticing that totalizm is currently the most moral and peaceful philosophy in the world, and that it is the only philosophy in the world formulated in the last half-century which is gaining increasingly more followers and people practicing it on a daily basis because its principles and recommendations actually come true in everyday lives of ordinary people.

I NOT only formulated totalizm, but also – as far as it allows me my situation and my inherent human imperfections, I try to practice it in my everyday life. This in turn has opened me to the flooding of an ocean of new truths, what I am trying to describe in my publications.

#6. UFOnauts and UFOs are God’s „simulations”. In 2007, the South Korean government invited me to a 10-month long position of a full visiting professor at one of Korean universities. During this professorship I got an access to a whole series of new items of evidence that supported each one amongst these my hobby research projects that I carried out at that time. When I analyzed this series of new evidence, I suddenly was shocked. This is because on the basis of it I discovered the fact that UFOs actually are NOT interstellar ship of our cosmic relatives with the decadent morality (for which previously I considered UFOs), but are only „temporary simulations” (fabrications) that God repeatedly creates so that He can highly discreetly confront them with carefully selected people. These „simulated UFOs” now fulfil the same functions, which once fulfilled the „devils”. From this shocking discovery arose my next, 6th long-term research project, namely „the research of God and methods of God’s interactions with people”. Due to this research I discovered, among others, that God sends disasters exclusively to those communities that have begun to practice the above-threshold level of „immorality” – for details see the web page named „quake.htm”, and that one of the ways in which God demonstrates to people reasons for these disasters, is that disasters have been caused technically by UFO vehicles – for details see item #C2 on my web page named „tornado.htm”. In addition, I discovered also that those children who do NOT learn to listen to their own organ of „conscience” are dying at a young age – for details see item #G1 of my web page named „will.htm”.

The research program which started this discovery from Korea, that „UFOs and UFOnauts are temporary God’s ‚simulations’ (‚fabrications’)”, has completely changed my views about God. Previously I thought that although God certainly exists, in fact very rarely He interferes in the affairs from our physical world, allowing our world to „sustain its operation just by itself”, while God still enjoys the rest of this Biblical 7th day of creation, behaving like an „old retired person”. In turn my discovery that God „simulates” the existence and activities of UFOnauts, revealed to me that in fact God continually interferes into the affairs of our physical world, only that for reasons which I should research He carefully hides from people these His interventions. In addition, I also realized that there is an important merit in the old Polish saying „Fear of God”.

#7. The situation of God and its impact on the methods of God’s actions. Although God and His methods of influencing people I already researched continuously from the time of my professorship in Korea in 2007, it was only in May 2013, when I discovered that God is in quite a situation, the significant pressures of which force God to educate people in a certain way, so that these people have acquired all the attributes of moral, resourceful, wise, battle-hardened „soldiers of God”, ready to stand firmly for the values that our God represents. This discovery is described in item #B1.1 from my web page named „antichrist.htm”. It initiated my latest, 7th in turn, long-term program of research, one amongst results of which is described in this post.

Knowing the fact that, similarly as people do, also our God is subjected to pressures of the situation in which He is, and that this situation of God exerts the strongest influence on the methods with which God interacts with humans, has again significantly improved the my views on the truths. It allowed me to understand the fact, that pain, suffering, disappointments of life, the difficulties with discovering and disseminating the new truths, etc., are all tools that our God is, amongst others, forced to use in order to develop in humans the desirable traits of „soldiers of God”. Because as so far, people thought that virtually all of these tools of God are results of harmful to humans activities of „Satan”, herewith I hurry to explain of whatever is explained in this post. After all, the learning of this truth raises our awareness to a completely different level of cognition.

#H5: In my publications I do NOT hide that this „principle of reversals” (i.e. the principle indicated in item #H2 above) – which God uses also on truths that I discovered and tried to disseminate and implement, has catastrophic consequences for these truths. As a result, the dissemination of almost every truth that I discovered have been blocked. For example, when in 1986 I turned to the Institute of TBM from the Technical University of Wrocław (means to the institute, my work in which created the inspiration for the invention of the Periodic Table and the Magnocraft), asking for the permission to open a habilitation thesis on „Magnocraft” and on „Oscillatory Chamber”, the Research Council in this institute of that time refused to grant me this opportunity – which fact I described more broadly in items #J1 to #J3 from my web page named „magnocraft.htm”.

Of course, until the time when I discovered methods of God’s acting described herein, that hermetic blocking of virtually almost all the truths that I discovered, was the reason for an immense amount of my frustration, stress, anguish, anxiety, feeling of being rejected and unwanted, painful loss of jobs, uncertainties of wandering around the world in search of bread, queries, searches, etc. These feelings, in turn, throughout almost the entire my life motivated me to intense furthering my research and creative searches. So on the one hand, their result was that rather than concentrating on the completion of, for example, only the first two of my research programmes, in my life I started and advanced implementation of seven such programs. However, on the other hand, that blocking caused that none of the advanced technical devices which I invented has been made available to mankind in the present immoral times in which people clearly are NOT ready yet for their proper use.

In contrast today, when I discovered already and understand the most important methods of God, this blocking of the truths which I determined ceases to arouse my emotions. So I regained peace and solace of nerves. I know that this blocking is good for the achievement of God’s more superior goals and intentions.

An additional factor that causes my recent recovery of calm and that soothes my emotions, were also the recent discoveries concerning the consequences of the use of time vehicles of my invention. Namely, while preparing descriptions from items #H1 to #H10 of my web page named „immortality.htm” – which explain the comparison of the consequences of use of God’s „omniplan” and my „time vehicles”, I discovered quite a shocking truth, that without understanding the operation of „time vehicles” which I invented, and without the knowledge of consequences of their building, it is impossible to fully understand God. This truth practically means that in spite of the current blocking of truths that I discovered, at some future stage, God for certain is to allow a large proportion of these truths to get to the knowledge of all people. After all, also the future vehicle of Jesus, which in the Bible is described under the name of „New Jerusalem” (see the description of its role provided in item #J3 from my web page named „malbork_uk.htm”), actually will be just such a „time vehicle”. Thus, in order for people to be able to crew this vehicle and to direct its operation, firstly they need to build their own „time vehicles”. In turn, the building of „time vehicles” by people will only be possible, if previously some nation directed by truth is to build my Magnocrafts and my Oscillatory Chambers, and if that nation earlier recognises officially the findings of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In this way, in order to realize the divine prophecies recorded in the last book of the Bible, God at some stage of the Earth’s fate for sure is to withdraw the blockade that He currently placed on the truths that I discovered. Only that the time of the removal of this blockade will occur when the situation on Earth becomes consistent with God’s plans – which I try to explain in more detail in item #H7 below on this post.

#H6: The new „totaliztic science” determined, that the main goal for which God created people, is the „pursue of knowledge”. However, in order people can effectively „pursue knowledge”, God was forced to give to them the so-called „free will” – as this is explained widely in item #B3 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”, or in item #B1 from the web page named „will.htm”. Unfortunately, there are various adverse consequences of this interdependence of the „pursue of knowledge” and the „free will”. For example, one of these adverse consequences is that everything which we have NOT experienced personally, but only about which other people have told us, for us is just someone’s „pure theory”, the truth of which we are ready to undermine – if only our philosophy or the situation in which we find ourselves urges us for some reason to carry out this undermining. (For more details on our tendency to treat the experiences and findings of other people as such contestable „pure theory” – see item #N3 from my web page named „humanity.htm”.) In turn, this situation that everything which other people report to us, or which they teach us, for us actually represents only the unverified information and „pure theory” – which then can either turn true or a lie, exerts serious implications for our process of pursuing of knowledge and learning truths. For example, it causes that God is forced to discreetly use on us various tools that force us to advance our knowledge and to seek the truth. One such a tool often used by God, is this „principle of reversals” mentioned already above in item #H2 (while described more comprehensively in item #F3 from my web page named „wszewilki.htm”) – i.e. the principle used by God, among others, to manage the fate of virtually every „truth”. Of course, in order this „principle of reversals” is able to manage the fate of every truth, it is necessary that God continually creates the situation on Earth, that for whatever reasons, truth becomes difficult to learn and to disseminate – i.e. many times more difficult than lies (untruths) which replace it.

So let us now briefly overview the most important principles, methods, and tools with which God makes truths very difficult to learn and to disseminate (note that in our world, these principles, methods, and tools constitute also „attributes of truths”). Here they are, listed in items:

1. Causing that every person must get to know all truth on his or her own, and from the very beginning. In other words, causing by God, that truths determined by us cannot be given to anyone as a gift, and that „truths” cannot be „inherited”. As the result, everyone on his or her own must painfully learn every truth. But we should understand here, that similarly as God supplied every person into the organ of so-called „conscience” – which constantly tells him or her what is moral and thus what he or she should do, while what is immoral and should be abandoned, God could also bestow every person into the hypothetical „organ of truth” – which would continually told him or her what is true and what is false.

2. The creation of such circumstances surrounding every truth, that learning it one has to earn with his or her own toil and effort which is proportional to profits caused by the knowledge of it. In other words, skilful creation by God of a situation, that learning of every truth forces the learner to climb „uphill in the so-called moral field” – described in item #H2 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”, or in item #C4.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”. For the locating of each of truths at a much higher level in this „moral field” than in this field are located all versions of related untruths, and in order to force learning of truths by climbing uphill in this „moral field”, God uses such methods of acting, as the creation of situations that telling the truth is always painful, that the authorities of virtually every country and virtually every institution for various reasons persecute and punish those people who reveal the truth, that most of people, especially women, prefer to hear sweet lies (untruth) than to hear a bitter truth, etc., etc.

3. Incorporation into the nature of every human, the kind of „aversion to truths”. God could have created humans as absolutely perfect beings – i.e. create them such as are described in item #I1 from the web page named „quake.htm”. After all, according to the Bible, in the new physical world that God intends to create when finishes for Him the usefulness of the current physical world, God is going to create people such that they were „like angels” (i.e. create them as absolutely perfect and immortal beings) – as describes it, amongst others, item #J3 from the page named „malbork_uk.htm”. However, to effectively „pursue of knowledge”, originally God created people maximally imperfect – as it is explained in items #B2 and #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. In turn, for people to be so imperfect, God needed to embed in their nature a whole range of immoral inclinations – the „aversion to truth” is just one of them. Due to these inclinations, God can implement on Earth the highly effective educational principle, described as the „principle of reversals” in item #F3 from my web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”. After all, only imperfect people can acquire the desired by God characteristics through the work on improving themselves and their character. However, the same inclinations also cause that almost none of the people likes to hear truths, but prefers to hear untruths – as an example consider stand of the old, official, so-called „atheistic orthodox science” in matters regarding God, soul, creation of man or the universe, the existence of UFOs, etc., and compare this stand of the old science with the stand of the new „totaliztic science” described in items #C1 to #C9 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”.

4. Directing every process of learning of important truths along the so-called „line of the highest error and resistance”. In other words, when someone is close to the truth, God always directs the actions of that someone, that he or she learns the truth at the very end, when he or she has exhausted versions of untruth on a given topic in which people can believe – as it is explained further in item #C6 from my separate web page named „god_exists.htm”.

5. Making the capacity to discover new truths dependent from the level of morality in the society in which someone just tries to discover given truths. In other words, the establishment by God of two phenomena that self-regulate the discovery and learning of truths, which totaliztic web pages describe under the names of „curse of inventors” and „inventive impotency”. These two phenomena are most fully described, amongst others, in item #G1 from the separate web page named „eco_cars.htm”. They cause, that in the immoral nations and communities is NOT possible to discover and spread new truths which generate the so-called „real progress” of a given nation or community. This in turn means that these immoral nations or communities decline over time and are conquered or colonized by more moral nations or communities which have been able to discover and learn new truths, and thus which generated real progress that lifted them to a higher level of civilization and a higher prosperity. (For example, according to the old Polish prophecies, the to-date European culture and dominance, which hermetically closed itself for completely new truths and which avoids learning such truths, soon will be surpassed and replaced worldwide by the culture and the dominance of the „yellow race” of people from East-Asian origins.)

6. Such directing the life fates of inventors and discoverers that the moment of implementation and dissemination of their inventions and discoveries is entirely consistent with the divine „omniplan”. In other words, causing NOT only that „truth always prevailed in the very end”, but also causing that „the victory of the truth occurred in the moment of time and in circumstances when wide dissemination of it among the people agree with God’s plans, and thus when God is to help this truth to become victorious”.

7. Helping various immoral individuals and nations to steal the authorship of truths that were discovered and developed by other people or other nations. This principle of God’s action arouses the strongest emotions, which then lead to the fighting for the truth coming on top. For example, if one learns the work of the present official science, then he or she is to discover, that the vast majority of discoveries and research is attributed to those false authors who NEVER have made any contribution to it, and who only forced authentic researchers and explorers to add their names to the beginning of the list of authors because of their position of authority. Similarly is with inventions – the vast majority of which is assigned to individuals or nations which have them copied or stolen – for examples of these see items #I3 to #I5 from my web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”, or item #G2 from my web page named „eco_cars.htm”.

8. The use of „truths” for testing the quality of the people. God is forced to separate in the future – as the Bible expresses it, the „wheat” from the „chaff”, or the „sheep” from the „goats”. After all, only a highly moral, resourceful and active people are useful for God during the next stage of the development of our physical world – for more details see item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. In turn most of the useless „chaff” or „goats” is disposable – as described in items #I1 and #N1 from the web page named „quake.htm”. Thus God is closely monitoring the attitudes of individual people towards essential „truths”, and uses these attitudes as that criterion to distinguish precious human „wheat” from the disposable human „chaff” (see also item #H7 below regarding people’s „standing on truths”).

At this point it is worth noting that in order for learning and disseminating of truths by people could be characterized by the above attributes, our physical world must be ruled very skilfully by extremely wise and almighty God, having in the arsenal of His methods of action the tools such as the „omniplan” described in items #C3 and #C4 from the separate web page named „immortality.htm” – which „omniplan” allows God the management of reversible software time in which we all live. This in turn causes the above attributes of truths to add up to the set of features described in item #B1 from the web page named „changelings.htm” – which prove, that our physical world is skilfully and intelligently ruled by a wise and powerful God (this intelligently ruled world is researched and described by the new „totaliztic science”), and which clearly distinguish this intelligently ruled world from the mindless world ruled by random events and coincidences (this stupid and coincidental world is researched, described and forced upon us by the old „atheistic orthodox science”).

#H7: In today’s philosophical climate, almost every one of us believes since the childhood that the victory of truth over untruths totally depends on our efforts and activities. I mean, believes that if one tries really hard, then one is able to force the truth that one learned, through the wall of various versions of untruths that obstruct its way to the consciousness of other people – as it is described in item #E1 from the web page named „prawda_uk.htm”. However, in this belief we forget about the plans and methods of action of God. As it is explained e.g. in item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”, the situation in which our God is, exerts a strong pressure on Him to so design the fate of every human being that this fate causes educational and training effects intended by God. And God is raising up people into moral, resourceful, tough and battle hardened, future „soldiers of God”. Thus, as befits someone who educates and trains such soldiers for Himself, God cannot coddle them and deprive them of unpleasant experiences that harden their character. This is why God intentionally serves to virtually every person on Earth the required dose of pain, suffering and disappointments – as described in items #C1 to #C9 from the web page „god_exists.htm”. It is also for these educational purposes and to set an example to others, that God terminates lives at a young age for every person who in previous passages through time has proven its inability to listen to the voice of own conscience – as this is explained in item #G1 from the web page named „will.htm”. So similarly to the use of pain and to killing of immoral people, God uses also „truth” in educational purposes. For example, no matter how many people believe in the correctness and in the need for teaching others about a given truth, this truth still prevails only when its dissemination is to fulfil its educational goals and is to fit into the divine „omniplan” (i.e. this „omniplan” that is described in item #C4 from the web page named „immortality.htm”). In turn such a development of situation builds up the frustration in increasingly more people, forcing them this way to fight for the victory of a given truth. In turn this fight is shaping and developing in them the desired features of the „soldiers of God”, and is also a kind of „test” which allows then God for this described in the Bible separation of the human „grains” from the human „chaff”.

Realizing the shocking fact, that God uses also „truth” as one of His educational tools, provides us with a whole series of benefits. Let us give here examples of at least most important amongst them. Here they are:

(1) The increase of our peace of mind and the elimination of negative emotions from our lives. When we do NOT know about methods and principles of God’s operation, then every unpleasant situation which affects us, for example pain and suffering, or the blockade imposed on the truth that is very close to our heart, stirs in us all kinds of negative emotions. But learning the facts described in this post, effectively eliminates such negative emotions from our lives. After all, we understand the need and desirability of what is happening. Also each unpleasant experience makes us to ask the question „which our attributes forced God to subject us to that experience?” In turn, after finding the answer to this question, we undertake voluntarily the effort to eliminate, or at least to maintain under control, these undesirable attributes.

(2) The increase of our tolerance and patience towards the stupidity of other people and towards the stubbornness with which they cling to the various versions of lies (untruths), instead of opening theirs eyes and minds to learning truths which we ourselves have previously learned. Please believe here also, that while explaining the above benefit, „I know what I am talking about”. After all, I myself learned a lot of truths that are stemming from my „private” research programs described in item #H4 above. Also practically almost none of these truths managed to break through the wall of closed minds of the majority of other people. Thus, until the time when I advanced my research program number #7 and started to understand the relationship between what we see around us and the situation and plans of our God, the failures to make aware other people of the truths that I discovered, were the source of great deal of frustrations and disappointments. However recently, due to research described here, I regained peace, tolerance and patience. This is because I realized, that according to the divine „omniplan” and requirements to educate other people, this situation with the truths that I discovered has to develop in just such a manner, so that it is to inspire people to fight, and hence it is to lead to more superior benefits in the future.

(3) The abandoning of materialistic ambitions that stem from learning of given truths. In today’s societies beliefs and habits established themselves, that every new truth should deliver various material benefits to its discoverers, via the use of patents, implementations, royalties, copyrights, licenses, etc. This in turn causes that authors of many inventions and discoveries avoid dissemination of the most crucial/important details of truths to which they arrived, because they, as yet, have NOT acquired patents and implementation rights for these truths. In the result, then something happens to them, and truths they have discovered are lost or forgotten. So in the future someone else must re-discover these truths with a great toil and effort. On the other hand, if one learns facts described in this post, then he or she stops to pay attention to own materialistic ambitions, because he or she knows that the fate of given truth that was discovered, depend on the plans of God. So it is God who chooses those ones who are likely to derive any benefits, as God is to maximize the educational value of given truth. Thus, the role of inventors and discoverers mainly boils down to the learning of the truth and to the dissemination of it among other people (i.e. to its publication). In turn, what is to happen then with this truth, it depends entirely on God and on the actions of these other people.

(4) The identification of the type of one’s attributes that require the elimination or improvement, resulting from the matching of the truth about misfortunes which affected someone, with the work of karma. Although in today’s world, the pursuit of truth is paralyzed by various laws, for example by „privacy of information” or by „criminality of slander”, still only on the basis of the type of disasters that affect someone, just the knowledge about „karma” already allows us to also infer the truth about the behaviours or attributes of someone’s character, which brought to this someone the sending by God of a given kind of disasters. After all, karma has this to itself, that it causes the return to the original source of whatever someone had previously „let in circulation”. Thus, if for example, someone experiences the loss of ownership of home, because this house is e.g. destroyed by a tornado, the mechanism of karma suggests that earlier this someone prevented through his or her conduct someone else to enjoy a home ownership. On the other hand, if someone experiences of being deceived, the mechanism of karma suggests that this someone at some earlier stage of his or her life, also has cheated on someone else. Etc., etc. In other words, if we approach constructively disasters that affect someone, and if by using the „principle of reversals” we establish the truth about the original reasons for these disasters, then this truth is precisely indicating what kind of someone’s behaviours or attributes of character is disapproved by God to the extend of sending a given disaster – and thus should be eliminated or improved by this someone.

(5) The getting to know one’s future, resulting from the one’s „standing on truths”. In item #H2 above in this post I have tried to draw the reader’s attention that from the one’s „standing on truths” or the „attitude towards truth and towards people who reveal truth” God made the basic criterion that decides about one’s development and growth or decline. A confirmation of this fact may be the Bible, for example the warning from God repeated multiple times in the Bible, that those ones who do NOT tell truth, will NOT be allowed to heaven, or e.g. the last book from the Bible, which provides an encrypted in symbolism prophecy about the final history of the mankind. According to this Biblical prophecy, the final superpower on Earth will be „the beast that speaks like a dragon” – see the Biblical „Book of Revelation”, verse 13:11. But probably everyone knows that „Dragon” is actually a symbol of culture of East Asia, where it is present in every aspect of local tradition, and where even today on streets are carried out public „Dragon Dances”. Furthermore, about this fact, that the role of the final superpower that is to lead the world, will be taken away in the future from nations of the European descent and given into hands of the „yellow race”, states also the old Polish prophecy mentioned already in item #H6 from this post – for details of this prophecy see item #H1 on the web page „prophecies.htm”. As it is extremely easy to discover if one visits any of the countries of East Asia – e.g. the South Korea, the essential reason why these countries are now quickly intercepting the leading roles that until recently were held by countries with the population of predominantly European origins, is just their „stand regarding truths” which hits our eyes in these countries.

Of course, there is much more similar benefits from learning facts described here. For example, they refine our character, give us the qualities that God is looking for in us, lift us to a higher level of consciousness, bring us comfort, bring us closer to God, etc., etc. Thus, as a person who perfectly „knows what he is saying” – because of my past fate and the number of new truths that I have discovered myself, I highly recommend what is written here as another „truth of life” the learning of which and the inclusion of which to our philosophy of life, truly brings us various benefits.

* * *

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