#239E: The explanation of the new „totaliztic science”, why already at the beginning of physical world God created pain and suffering while now He abundantly serves these to people (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: „The actual executor of absolutely everything that takes place in our physical world is God – although for many important reasons, almost everything that God does is so implemented that it gives the impression that it was caused by someone, or something, else.”

#C1: For us, people, comes easily to disapprove, and sometimes even to criticise, methods used in God’s actions. After all, we do NOT have a clue in what situation God actually is, and hence we also have no idea which methods of action God is forced to use in order to deal with that situation. To NOT deprive us of the „free will”, as well as to create for us the opportunity to „pursue our knowledge”, God does NOT inform us about His situation – leaving to our logic and inquisitiveness to determine what this situation is. God also does NOT do anything in a way so overt and obvious, that it would be known immediately that the culprit for this is God Himself (for details of the most important method of hiding from people the executor of even the most obvious cases of divine actions – see item #C2 on my web page named „tornado.htm”). Meanwhile, unfortunately, neither the existing religions, nor the old so-called „atheistic orthodox science” (i.e. that our official science, which is roughly described in items #F1 to #F3 of the web page named „god_exists.htm” – addresses of which are provided at the end of this post), have NOT bothered yet to determine what is the actual situation of our God. In turn, without the knowledge of this situation, it is NOT possible to understand or properly appreciate the methods of God’s action. Only the new „totaliztic science” (also described in items #F1 to #F3 of the web page named „god_exists.htm”) initiated objective estimates of the actual situation in which our God is. The most complete description of this situation is provided in item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”.

The completion by the „totaliztic science” of these estimates of the situation in which our God is, was enabled by findings of a relatively new theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Especially it was enabled by the finding, that we humans live in a „reversible software time” that is managed by God via the special so-called „omniplan” which God created. (This „omniplan” is described in more details in item #C6 below on this post.) Thus, in order to raise us in the manner that gives us the characteristics desired by God, God uses this „omniplan” on several occasions during our lives to shift us back in time to years of our youth.

After learning the situation of God, the new „totaliztic science” can, in turn, understand and explain mysteries of a noticeable number of goals of God, that previously were misunderstood by people, and hence understand and explain also methods and principles of God’s action, by the means of which God accomplishes these His superior goals. This post tries to present to the reader, at least the most vital amongst these explanations – especially explanations that concern reasons for which God originally created, and now He tolerates and abundantly serves to people, pains and sufferings.

The fact which for people is the most difficult to understand, is that God has His goals for achieving, and that similarly like people, also God in achieving His goals is urged by the passage of time. This is because both present religions, as well as the most of present people, look at God like at a kind of the „retired old man” – means, they think that God does not have any goals to achieve, but rather have the entire eternity of time to spend in a pleasant manner, and thus that God only continuously „entertain” Himself in any manner that is coming to His mind, and that in fact God can do whatever He wants, because He is NOT pushed into specific actions by pressures of any threats of the situation in which He is. Of course, imagining God in such a situation of a bored „old retiree”, people cannot understand how it happens that instead of being pampered by Him and receiving from Him only pleasures, actually God gives them a „hard school of life” and serves to them more pains than pleasures. In turn, without the proper understanding of this matter, people feel disappointed and have words of criticism to God, for the pain and suffering that they experience.

The understanding of reasons for the creation and toleration by God of pains and sufferings, begins to come when someone puts himself in the situation of God, i.e. puts himself in the situation described in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. Especially well God begins to be understood, if the person putting himself in His situation was once performing caring responsibilities over a swarm of unruly, spoiled children (brats – preferably of someone’s else). After all, only then begins to reach us, that the goal of God cannot be to educate people into spoiled sissies and molluscs, who are going to cry and mentally collapse at the sight of any difficulties along their way, but this goal must become the upbringing of moral, disciplined, smart, resourceful, effective, and battle-hardened soldiers of God – at whose devotion to their God and at whose steadfast fight for the values that their God represents, our God will be able to count in the hundred percent, when in the future to our region of the infinitely large counter-world arrive times of struggle for survival.

#C2: Always when God created the first pair of people of a given race, for example, our Adam and Eve, before He sent them to the Earth so that they coped by themselves with the normal, difficult, everyday life, firstly God took them into a kind of „school of life” located in a special flying vehicle-garden by Christians called „Paradise” or „Eden”. The more detailed descriptions of such „school of life” for the first people of a given race I have provided in items #D1 to #D3 from my web page named „newzealand_visit.htm”. However, in subsection P6.1 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5] I documented the fact, that this flying „Paradise” was actually the Magnocraft type K7 – of the functionality very similar to a flying vehicle type T12, which biblical descriptions under the name of „New Jerusalem” have been interpreted in item #J3 from the web page named „malbork_uk.htm”.

One of key components of the knowledge that the first people of every race supposed to acquire in their flying „school of life”, was the knowledge about the existence of „good” and „evil” and about the impact of „good” and „evil” on people. In order to teach this knowledge more illustratively, God created two human-like tutors, that supposed to symbolize good and evil. One of these tutoring creatures was beautiful and always did to the first people only what they took as „good”. The second one was a hideous creature and did only what for these early people was unpleasant. But the minds of both of these creatures were connected directly to the mind of God. (It means, in terms of their nature and characteristics, these creatures were the kinds of „changelings” described on the web page named „changelings.htm” – that is, they had human-like bodies and spoke and behaved as if they were humans, but their minds and powers were actually the mind and powers of God Himself.) In the flying „school of life” called „Paradise”, these tutors of the first people who taught Adam and Eve about „good” and „evil” were two creatures who called themselves God and the Serpent (Satan). In turn in another flying „school of life”, called „Hawaiki” (for the first New Zealand Maoris), to the creature with the appearance of Maori man (which symbolized the „good”), God gave the name „Tane”. In turn, to this second, hideous creature, symbolizing the „evil”, God gave the name „Uenuku”. When the training of the first people of a given race finished, while God „send them out” from the „school of life” with a significant help of the creature which symbolized evil, both of these creatures still continued to perform their symbolic roles. For example, some people until today do see „devils” and „Satan”, while „Uenuku”, or his „Taniwha” (i.e. „devils”), still until today show themselves from time to time to carefully selected Maoris – see item #F2 from the web page named „newzealand.htm”. As a result, over time, these creatures have become parts of virtually every religion, while their symbolic roles entered even into the Bible. The whole Bible is filled up with various symbols, which with certain beings symbolize the selected categories of actions (e.g. in the Bible woman symbolizes the work of institution of church), while with the specific objects symbolize selected categories of people (e.g. water in the Bible symbolizes the mixture of diverse people).

Because „Satan” („devil”) symbolizes evil, with the elapse of time everything that is bad for people has been attributed to him. Hence today’s religions teach that evil is NOT caused by God Himself, but it is caused by Satan (devil). However, if one searches carefully, than it turns out, that there is a wealth of evidence, that in fact both are always implemented by God Himself – i.e. God implements Himself whatever people perceive as „good”, as well as He implements also Himself of whatever people perceive as „evil”. To the examples of religious evidence for this fact, can be included, amongst others, statements from the Bible, that it was God who created Satan and devils – for the samples of these statements see item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. Another such a proof is, that in the Bible God Himself admits, that in the first phase of His existence, God was forced to fight a fratricidal fight to the death, with other creature similar to Him, which had a different from our God attitude to life. That admitting of God is described in more details in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from my web page named „antichrist.htm”, and also in item #L4 from my web page named „soul_proof.htm”. In turn the fact that our God was forced to fight the battle for life and death with a being similar to Him but of a different attitude to life, practically means that even if God indeed allows to exist such creatures as Satan or devils, still the condition of this existence is that God has His mind connected to the minds of these creatures, and that God precisely controls all their actions.

Regardless of religious evidence for the fact, that Satan, devils, serpent, etc., are only symbols of actions which are unpleasant for the people, but which actually God is also forced to implement, there are items of scientific evidence for the same fact as well. One of these items of evidence is the situation, that already mentioned earlier the so-called „omniplan” (the one that allows God to fully manage time and every event which affects people) actually would NOT be able to operate if the fate of people, apart from God, was also influenced by yet another entity (i.e. „Satan” or „devil”) – which entity would also exhibit its own „free will” and its own goals. On the other hand, the wealth of material evidence which is presented on the web page named „immortality.htm”, proves conclusively that the „omniplan” actually works, and that we do live in the „reversible software time”. In other words, for a number of very important reasons God absolutely could NOT afford, that independently from Him, people are influenced by any other creature that also possesses the „free will” and that have its own goals, agendas, and its own manners for their achieving. The only thing that our God can afford, is that the characteristics and nature of some actions that God is also forced to make, are illustratively symbolized to the people as a kind of hideous creatures. In turn an example of the further evidence for the fact, that it is God, NOT Satan or devils, that serves to selected people, among others, also evil, is a close correlation between the arrival of natural disasters, and the level of immorality and the absence in a given community of those required by God at least „10 righteous” – which correlation is scientifically documented, among others, in items #I3 to #I5 from my web page named „petone.htm”.

To summarize the above, although for facilitation of people’s gathering of knowledge about the varieties and works of good and evil, God introduced illustrative symbols such as Satan, serpent, devils, etc., in fact for many extremely important reasons, all good and all evil is served to people personally by God. In other words, pain and suffering has always been served to the people by God, NOT by Satan or devils. After all, the inability of the reign of God over the full fate of people, would be a proof of the weakness of God, the manifestation of God’s inability to parentally influence people, and the cause of inability of God to achieve the objectives for which originally God created people. In total, allowing that Satan created by God freely destroys the efforts of God, would be a manifestation of God’s lack of competence in the management of the world, which after all, our God created Himself. However, the unprecedented level of perfection with which our world is designed, created, and currently works, proves that such suspecting God of a lack of competence or knowledge would be so enormous nonsense, that it does NOT even deserve any consideration. So the only explanation for the creation and existence of Satan and devils as symbols of „evil”, is that for many important reasons God decided that the initial maintenance of these symbols of „evil” was the best solution for the to-date level of human knowledge and maturity. However, on the current and the future level of knowledge and maturity of people, it is preferable to already know the whole truth. Thus, in order to let people learn this truth, God inspired the formulation of foundations for the new „totaliztic science”, then He guided this new science towards the establishing of facts presented, among others, here, as well as in the web page named „god_exists.htm”. After all, wise God knows perfectly well, that the kind of people who do NOT deserve to benefit from the knowledge presented here, are to reject the truth provided here, even if they were fed with this truth directly into their mouths with a proverbial „silver spoon”.

#C3: That indicated previously theory of everything, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, revealed to us the cognitive path that allows to determine causes for which God originally created pain and suffering – although He could also create a world in which neither pain nor suffering do exist. Namely, it all starts from knowing the situation in which our God is, and which is described in more detail in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. To summarize briefly this situation, our God self-evolved in a limited area of the infinitely large counter-world. Hence, then when He created our physical world, He took into His possession only a tiny fraction of the infinitely large counter-world. As a result, in other areas of this infinitely large counter-world, in which still prevail the original conditions of primordial chaos, with the passage of time also other gods can self-evolve, meaning can self-evolve other intelligent beings similar to our God. The knowledge of these other beings, and thus their powers, with the elapse of time may therefore be similar, or even higher, than the knowledge and power of our God. Our God has already bad experiences with such other gods. As our God admits Himself this in the Bible – and as is explained in more detail in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”, together with our God, in the same part of the counter-world also self-evolved another like-Him brotherly entity, with which our God was later forced to fight a fratricidal struggle for life and death. He survived only because, as this is explained in the biblical „Book of Wisdom”, verses 10:1-3, He managed to accumulate more wisdom than that other brotherly entity – this is why later the main purpose for which our God has created people has become the „pursue of knowledge”. So basing on those bad experiences, our God is already preparing Himself for the future possibility that in a distant future in this part of the infinitely great counter-world can once again self-evolve any other entity similar to our God, with which our God will then be forced to fight to the death. Thus, in order to have helpers in this future His struggle with such another entity, our God created people, and now He carefully trains them into His future soldiers of God.

In order people could in the future become effective „soldiers of God”, a lot of different conditions must be fulfilled. The two most important out of them, which exert the greatest impact on the fate of people today, are (a) the need for adequate training of people, means the need for giving to selected people all the required features of „soldiers of God”, and (b) the need to give the ability to live eternally to these mortal bodies of people who successfully pass through such „God’s training” and who acquire all the attributes required from the „soldiers of God”, means the need for giving to the chosen people the so-called „immortality”. (See also descriptions from items #L1 to #L7 of the web page „soul_proof.htm” – which explains exactly what is this „immortality”.) God says in the Bible openly about His intention, that He ultimately gives „immortality” to every person who fulfils the requirements of God – that is, to every person who reaches the level of so-called „righteous” (i.e. the level described in item #I1 from a different web page named „quake.htm” – which, however, level, unfortunately, according to the Bible is to be achieved by only 144,000 of people). For examples of these biblical descriptions – see, among others, abovementioned item #I1 from the web page named „quake.htm”. In turn, unencrypted disclosure of the fact, that each person must first pass through a properly designed „training” to acquire the characteristics required from a „soldier of God”, God decided to skip in the Bible – although this fact is disclosed in the Bible in an indirect and well coded way. Clearly, in His unlimited wisdom and prudence God left this fact as one of the truths and branches of knowledge that in the future people need to discover and refine by themselves. After all, if God openly reported this fact in the Bible as well, then He would have to additionally explain also the structure and operation of the counter-world, and the potential of the counter-world to self-evolve an infinite number of sentient beings similar to our God. Unfortunately, through the open giving to us such explanations, God would remove from the scope of research of humans a large area of knowledge and truth, which future wise and resourceful „soldiers of God” should be able to discover and develop by themselves.

#C4: Due to knowing what is to be a future function of all soldiers, for each one of us begins to be understandable, why any training for soldiers, must also include learning about pain and suffering, and the acquisition of appropriate coping skills when pain and suffering get to a given soldier. In this situation, it cannot surprise us, that while training all people onto the „soldiers of God”, almost continuously God preserves the situation on the Earth that pain and suffering are present in everyone’s life. Not without reasons, some people believe that every person receives from God the task to live through a specific portion of pain and suffering. If he or she does NOT experience this portion during the life, then its complementing (living through it) takes place during the dying.

#C5: The explanation of the new „totaliztic science” for reasons of the existence of pain and suffering, that stems directly from the explanation of this post, is as follows. The situation in which our God is, imposes on Him the need for educating and training „soldiers of God”, who will display a set of quite well-defined characteristics (described, amongst others, in item #I1 from the web page named „quake.htm”), which characteristics people acquire individually, amongst others, when experiencing pain and suffering, means when they make their own attempts to work out ways and means to deal with the causes and consequences of the pain and suffering that they experience, while the God’s assessment of the level of achievement of which characteristics also requires subjecting these people to pains and sufferings that test them. In other words, pain and suffering are needed by God for (1) proper education and training of His future „soldiers of God”, for (2) selecting and distinguishing between people who are suitable for „soldiers of God”, and for separating them from those people who are NOT able to become „soldiers of God” (that is – as the Bible says, to separate the wheat from the chaff, separate the goats from the sheep, etc.), and for (3) testing (examining) the level of acquisition by subsequent humans the features of „soldiers of God”, which these people so-far have managed to achieve.

#C6: The basic tool that allows God for such a use of human senses and experiences – including the use of pain and suffering, that shape in them most effectively the desirable characteristics of the „soldiers of God”, is the God’s ability to govern over the „reversible software time” in which we all live. These governing over time is made possible because God created the unique software entity, which under the name of „omniplan” has been described in items #C3 and #C4 of my separate web page named „immortality.htm”. By using this „omniplan”, God is able to design a course of every detail in the life of every human being, in such a way that according to God’s will proves then to be the most appropriate for developing in this person qualities about which God cares the most. In turn, if after experiencing a given segment of life of given person, God discovers that the designed earlier events and experiences did NOT shaped gradually the qualities which God wanted, then the „omniplan” allows God to shift this person to the time that precedes a given segment of his or her life, and then re-design the life of this person in a different way. Such a process of enhancing the details of life that a given person is to experience, God is able to repeat any number of times. In the Bible God even admits, that every person is so shifted back in time at least two or even three times during the entire life – for details see item #B4.1 from the abovementioned web page named „immortality.htm”. Of course, apart from the Bible, there are also available numerous other items of evidence that God so governs over time of all of us, that due to this He is to get the required educational effects. In order to indicate here also examples of such other evidence of repeated reliving of certain parts of our lives, it belongs to them, amongst others, the phenomenon of so-called „deja vu” – means the phenomenon of remembering what we experienced during one of our previous walks through time, which remembering sometimes still takes place in spite that after any shifting us back in time, God carefully erases the content of our previous memory. An example of another such a proof are also frequent occurrences of phenomena such as those described in items #D6 and #D6.1 from my web page named „timevehicle.htm”, or described in item #D2 of my web page named „newzealand.htm”.

Independently from this basic educational tool, which is the described above „omniplan”, God also uses a whole range of other tools that also provide people with the required experience – including pain and suffering, and thus that help God in shaping in people of the required human traits, habits, behaviours, memories, history, etc. One amongst examples of these other tools can be the organ of so-called „conscience”, with the help of which God continually tells people what they should do in a given situation. (Further information on this organ of „conscience” is provided in item #C3.2 from my web page named „morals.htm”, while it is broaden in item #I1 from my web page named „quake.htm” and in item #G1 from my web page named „will.htm”.)

Very important for us people are also ways (or principles) in which God uses these tools, so that to each one of us is served the required dose of such types of sensations and experiences – including pain and suffering, that are to induce the intended educational effects. As the new „totaliztic science” was able to establish so far, God developed for this purpose a whole range of principles, which He implements repeatedly on each one of us individually, and also on the entire mankind. Examples of one group of these principles are already described in items #A2.1 to #A2.10 from my separate web page named „totalizm.htm”. In turn below I mention a few examples of the most important principles amongst the other group of them – about which the totaliztic science also already established that God equally often uses them for the proper serving to people of educational pain and suffering, while learning of which by the reader, in my opinion will increase his or her chances of a correct treatment of unpleasant experience which in his or her life most probably already are present, or soon will be present. Here are examples of these other principles, or ways:

(1) The giving of power over other humans mainly into hands of particularly immoral, aggressive, and incompetent people. This means, putting power into hands of mainly those people who will spread pain and suffering, induce fights and disagreements, enforce injustice, inhibit progress, spread cronyism and incompetence, etc. Notice that the old, official, so-called „atheistic orthodox science” (i.e. the science described in items #F1 to #F3 of the web page named „god_exists.htm”), this phenomenon that in the position of power and authority always end up mainly the most badly behaving and immoral people, explains by effects of the alleged „law” which supposedly governs over societies, and which law states that „every person lands in his or her life on the threshold of own incompetence”. But it is worth noting here, that what this old science explains as the „law” which governs over societies, in fact is a principle of actions which God repeatedly uses in His work. After all, on the Earth only happens whatever God has designed earlier and now He implements with the help of his „omniplan”.

(2) The use of the principle „divide and rule”. This principle is the reason why God created on the Earth a number of races of people, a number of languages and nations, a number of religions and cults, different political systems and ideologies, etc. This is because when a group of people become too incumbent and complacent, God directs against them another aggressive group of people, who in some aspect are different, and thus the difference of whom starts to be a source of educational pain and suffering.
(3) The use of the method of „carrot and stick” to motivate people. Many people have a stubborn nature attributed to donkeys, namely when they are pushed forward, then typically they go backward. But to motivate donkeys, so that despite of their stubborn nature they go forward when this is required from them, people have developed an effective method, in English called the method of „carrot and stick”. This method is more fully described in item #D1 from the web page named „god.htm”. Roughly it boils down to the fact, that the donkey is receiving a carrot when it goes forward, and gets hit with a stick when it goes backward. As it is established by the new „totaliztic science”, God often uses precisely this method of „carrot and stick” in all cases, when the refusal by given people of doing something, what God expects from them, has a chance to spoil the God’s plans. In such cases, God in a clearly visible manner rewards those people who are doing what God expects from them, and He punishes them painfully and obviously when they delay the implementation of the divine requirements. Folk wisdom for a long time has been aware of the use of this method by God, hence, for example, it describes its implications in numerous sayings like „problem ignored tends to rapidly grow” or „keep your friends close, while your enemies even closer”.

(4) The promotion of only those persons to the role of future human idols and role models, who are to rose later to fame due to many immoral fits and hurting of these people who are under their power. The best example of this principle of God’s acting are today’s movie stars, singers, and famous sportsmen. In fact, they outdo one another in showing to other people examples of immoral behaviours and abuse of even the most loved ones – even spouses or their own children. In fact, this principle is so dominant, that practically it is impossible to indicate an example of morally correctly behaving movie star, singer, or a famous sport person, while in relation to people who stand out in competitions, create a fashionable bands, or excel in sports, in advance can be predicted, that only those amongst them are to succeed, who in the future are to demonstrate to their fans something shockingly immoral and unfair.

(5) The giving to women the below-threshold level of imperfection, thus causing that in favourable conditions women are an inexhaustible source of pain and suffering for the people that are in their power. A broader explanation of the reasons for this imperfection of women contains item #B2 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. In turn, some amongst consequences of this below-threshold imperfection of women are discussed in items #B5.1 and #G4 from the web page named „will.htm”, and in items #J2.2 and #J2.2.2 from the web page named „morals.htm”.

(6) The directing of any progress onto „the path of the greatest resistance”. For many important reasons, for example to implement the action of a „moral law” which states that „everything must be earned”, God intentionally causes, that all activities relevant to the true progress of the people, are always directed at the „path of the highest resistance”. The description of this path is already provided on other web pages – for example, see item #D1 from the web page named „boiler.htm”. So this will NOT be repeated here. In turn examples of evidence which confirms the fact that God intentionally directs everything that makes true progress on this „path of the greatest resistance” may be: the phenomenon called the „curse of inventors” – which painfully affects all individual people that generate the actual progress of mankind, and the phenomenon known as the „inventive impotency” – that painfully experience the entire countries and nations (including the two countries closest to my heart, namely New Zealand and Poland). Both these phenomena of paralyzing the real progress, are described in a number of my web pages, for example see item #G1 from my web page named „eco_cars.htm”.

(7) The intentional creation of phenomena and creatures which are inducing pain and suffering in selected people. For example, the creation of mosquitoes, parasitic organisms, bacteria and diseases, etc. – whose painful consequences, force people to intensively search for remedies. Also creation of tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. – whose debilitating consequences force entire communities to a moral renewal and to reconstruction of their philosophies (as explained in the web page „quake.htm”). Etc., etc.

Of course, in order to obtain appropriate educational effects, God uses many more principles, ways and methods than these few ones listed above. However, even on the basis of these several above examples, the reader acquires a relatively good knowledge of what type these methods are, how they affect each one of us, and with what treatment and attitude we should react to them, when we discover that they have been used for the personal good of ourselves, or for the good of someone very dear to us.

While learning the above examples of the principles and methods with which God induces in people all kinds of feelings and experiences – including pain and suffering, in order to educate people and to shape in them the required characteristics, we should also pay attention to the level of excellence with which these are dispensed to people. After all, the pain and suffering would be easy to „overdose” and their overdose would change down the Earth into a kind of hell. It is easy to notice that God uses a whole range of further methods and principles which I am going to describe on a different occasion, and which are to prevent overfeeding of pain and suffering. Their example can be the principle of God that together with virtually every pain and suffering He also serves pleasure, joy and hope (e.g. consider the pains of childbirth, or the proverb „there is NO such bad something that would not turn out into good”). So the fact that the skill and precision with which God uses his educational tools without overdosing pain and suffering, is another one amongst almost infinite number of reasons why we should admire and bestow trust in the level of knowledge, perfection, and good will of our God.

#C7: Unfortunately, in spite that for each one of us, God reiterates His attempts to shape attributes that God needs in him or her, a significant proportion of people turns out to be completely resistant to these divine efforts. As it is shown by my estimations described in item #C4 from the web page named „immortality.htm”, item #I1 from the web page named „quake.htm”, and item #L6 from the web page named „soul_proof.htm”, only about four people for every million humans living on the Earth, in fact acquires all the qualities that God was trying to develop in them. The consequences are such, that these numerous Christian people, who do NOT acquire features required by God, from God’s viewpoint become disposable. God does NOT hide what then happens to them, but in the Bible He openly warns that in the present life for these people is awaiting an earlier death. The evidence that is at my disposal, a sample of which I pointed out in the next paragraph, in fact documents that this WARNING of God from the Bible is implemented with a frightening consistency. In addition, according to the Bible, after the resurrection, and after the so-called „final judgment”, these people will be irreparably burned.

Since every activities of God on the Earth are set at teaching and at generating in people the required kinds of experience, histories, memories, and features, also such getting rid by God of those persons who persistently avoid the acquiring of attributes which God tries to develop in them, and thus who are unsuitable for the „soldiers of God”, always takes the place in a manner that is maximally educational for other people who are going to be acquainted with their fate. For example, as I discovered it by accident and then described more comprehensively in item #G1 from my web page named „will.htm”, all my friends and colleagues from the times of youth, whose character and personal qualities I managed to get to know well, while whose my current knowledge allows me to estimate as the impossible to educate into the „soldiers of God” – because already in their youth, they did NOT listen to the voice of their conscience, actually died at a relatively young age in circumstances highly educational for other people familiar with their fates. This in turn, allows me to draw the conclusion that after God definitively establishes through a review of the whole life of those of my friends and colleagues, that they are NOT suitable for „soldiers of God”, God shifted them back again to years of their youth, whereupon He ended their lives in a way which was the most educational for those people who knew about their fate.

A kind of innate sympathy with the fate of friends and fellow humans to which have happened something very unpleasant, typically does NOT allow us to admit, or even just to think, that to these people have happened what they actually deserved. On the other hand, if one starts to analyze scientifically the compatibility of the characteristics of these people (which we know of), with the requirements of God, described, amongst others, in item #I1 of the web page named „quake.htm”, then it turns out, that this old Polish proverb which states that each person meets exactly the fate which he or she actually deserved, is really true. In this situation, when we encounter an elderly person, then instead of joking about his or her ineptitude, ignorance regarding „our times”, a weak body, a confusion of memories, etc., we rather should display a deep respect. After all, to live to an older age is a great honour, because such a long living means that in the eyes of God that someone actually deserved for such a long life. In turn, the fact that in such older person typically NOT everything still works as well as in young people, is due to the fact that the requirements of God that such a person met in his or her life, are very difficult to the fulfilment in the entire 100 %, hence the inherent imperfection of each one of us causes that some amongst these God’s requirements simply this person was unable to fulfil.

#C8: As everyone can check it out on the reality around us, our lives are ruled by an iron principle, that every negative reactions to pain that affects someone, actually are proof of that person’s philosophical immaturity and deficiencies in their knowledge. For example, philosophically immature youngsters and children, always react with screaming, crying and tempers, to every attempt of their parents to bring them to a dentist in order to heal the sick and aching tooth, or to bring them to a doctor in order to give them an injection which makes them resistant to a disease. On the other hand, philosophically mature adults are going voluntarily to a dentist, injections, or even surgery operations, although they know in advance that it will hurt them. In a similar way, the philosophical immaturity of despotic dictators, who for any signs of unpleasant for them criticism, react by putting the critics to prisons, or even throwing them to lions, do NOT allow them to understand, that regardless of the momentary annoyance, this criticism brings also a knowledge of what and how is to be fixed, as in the case of negligence in fixing it, with the elapse of time the social discontent is to grow to the level of the revolution and the killing of this dictator – usually together with his entire family. On the other hand, the democratically ruling leaders, listen to words of criticism addressed to them, and then they make improvements that stem from this criticism. As a result, they are chosen voluntarily for many terms in office, and after the loss of power they still live in a much more pleasant society that has been perfected by them due to this listening to the NOT very nice-sounding words of criticism.

Examples provided above, as well as the whole sea of other facts on descriptions of which here is not enough space (e.g. consider birth pains), clearly show that every pain and suffering that affects us, always have positive consequences for us. Folk wisdom already knows about this fact for a long time – NOT in vain it recorded this fact in the proverb, that from something bad, always something good comes out. In spite of this, when in life we are affected by any pain, suffering, or troubles, usually in the thoughts we say „God, why You experiences me so painfully – what I did to deserve this?” On the other hand, frankly, when some troubles touch us, we rather should be grateful to God – for many different reasons. After all, pain and suffering are the lessons that allow us to gain the required experience and draw the right conclusions for the future. As a result, over time, due to such troubles we become more experienced and getting smarter. The pain already lived through also increases our philosophical maturity. Due to it, we see life and the world more precisely, and we understand better our countrymen. Serving to us pain is also a proof, that God considers us worthy of experiencing it. This in turn means, that God did not give up in His attempts to improve our natural imperfections, thus that there is a hope for the future that with the elapse of time we will be suitable for the „soldiers of God”. Treating us with sorrows is also a manifestation of testing by God of the level of our morality and philosophy. The sole fact, that God is testing us, is also an evidence, that God appreciates our potential and considers what else should teach us to make us more useful to the future implementation of God’s superior goals. So when the next time something does NOT comes well for us and we are flooded by a tide of further unpleasantness, let us NOT complain because of this, but rather let us be glad that God does not give up in His attempts to properly shape our habits, traits, and character. Let us also contribute all possible efforts to turn the sensations that we experience into the memories and characteristics of our nature, on the shaping of which in us with the aid of these sorrows God apparently counts.

#C9: For political reasons today’s religions tell their followers, that if they only do what these religions require, then the faithful have a guaranteed access to heaven. But requirements of these religions typically are rather easy to meet – for example, participation in religious services and financial support of the religion. Many religious leaders also believe, that without telling to faithful such untruths, their temples and cash-registers would quickly empty. However, if one carefully reads the Bible, then it turns out, that the Bible presents the case of entry into the Kingdom of Heaven in a different manner. Namely, according to the Bible, immortality and the access to the Kingdom of Heaven is to be given by God’s to only those selected few who have earned a lasting habit to regularly, indisputably, with discipline, and on a daily basis, fulfil all the requirements and ordinances of God prompted to each person by the whispers of his or her conscience, and given also to the humanity in a written form of the sacred books – e.g. the Bible. In turn, the earning and development of that permanent habit is extremely difficult. Hence, the Bible lets us understand, that to the required by God level of a „righteous”, it will be acquired by only a small number of people, because by only about 144,000. According to the estimates which I published in item #I1 from the separate web page named „quake.htm”, this means that practically to the Kingdom of Heaven will be allowed at most about 4 people out of every million people living on the Earth so far. Expressing this in other words, to deserve the receiving from God an immortal body and eternal life, turns out to be extremely difficult. Hence, only a very small proportion of people are to receive this honour. In order to receive it, it is necessary to learn for a significant period of life, the habit of continual and systematic fulfilment of whatever God requires from us, means whatever the conscience continually whispers to us and also is expressed in writing, by, amongst others, so-called „10 Commandments” published in the Bible.

To learn anything persistently by a significant proportion of one’s life, it is necessary to have what in human language is called motivation. In turn that motivation is NOT to come itself to us, but we must somehow generate it in ourselves. From my experience it stems, that the best generator of the proper motivation is knowledge, especially that one which I try to convey in this post. Thus, the information which I am trying to reveal to the reader, states that the learning of knowledge which is explained in this post, allows for an easier generation of the motivation to successfully get through the difficult training and tests that God imposes on our lives, and thus the learning of this knowledge increases our chance of obtaining a success in the inclusion of one’s person to the group of these chosen few who will compose that 144 thousand strong army of the future immortal „soldiers of God”.

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