#238: Why the new „totaliztic science” claims, that the self-aware and life-giving programs from the counter-matter, known to us as „human souls”, are „immortal”, although the Bible omits clarification of derived nature of their immortality (po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „When we realise that there are numerous kinds of immortalities, then we also realise, that one of these kinds characterise our souls.”

#L1: Without knowing about it, we live in times of the widespread incomprehension. If we examine arguments of any two quarrelling people with different views on a given topic, then it turns out, that the majority of their differences in opinions stem from the fact that although they both use the same words and concepts, each one of them mean by these words and concepts something completely different. The point is that today’s imperfect human language uses terminology that has both the popular meaning, as well as a number of specific versions and interpretations. To make matters even worse, in discussions and documents people mix together both the popular meanings of given words, with their specific versions. Thus, for example, if the „road code” of a country prohibits driving vehicles on footpaths, then there will be police officers who sign off fines for youth that uses leg propelled toy-scooters – after all, such scooters can also be called „vehicles” while youngsters usually drive them along footpaths.

So in order to avoid unnecessary disputes arising out from the use of different versions and meanings of the same words or concepts, it is always necessary to define precisely what we should understand under that particular word or concept. In this post (and in „part #L” of the web page named „soul_proof.htm” – addresses of which are provided near the end of this post) I am going to explain what is meant under a number of already used, and available for uses, kinds of „immortality”, as well as I am going to scientifically reassure the reader, that his (or her) own soul is characterized by one of these versions of „immortality”.

The popular understanding of the term „immortality” can be defined as follows: immortality is the ability of living creatures to live for infinitely long time. But the problem with that definition of „immortality” is that there are many ways in which living creatures can gain the ability to live for infinitely long time – that means, that there are many versions of „immortality”. For example, in item #H1 from my web page named „immortality.htm” (which explains the work of „time vehicles” of my invention, and principles of the use of these time vehicles for gaining immortality in the „reversible software time” in which we all live), I described one of these versions – namely the so-called „imprisoned immortality”. In „imprisoned immortality” a living creature is repetitively shifted in time back to years of its youth after each reaching an old age. In this way, the creature lives forever. However, its life is always like „imprisoned” in the same range of the „reversible software time”. On the other hand, in items #J1 and #J4 of the same my web page named „immortality.htm” I described a different version of „immortality”, named in there the „true immortality”. It is based on the fact, that a given creature receives the ability to lead an infinitely long life through an infinitely long period of reversible software time. However, it should be added here, that the creatures which enjoy any of these two kinds of „immortality” can still be deliberately killed by someone. Thus, their „immortality” is NOT „absolute”, but is „conditional”. That is, it can be achieved only under certain conditions – e.g. when there are NO notorious killers and psychopaths in their midst. (More facts regarding such „conditional immortality” provide sections #L4 and #L6 below in this post.)

#L2: Nowadays, people love to conduct quarrels on every possible subject. The most fierce amongst such quarrels, and often fights and wars, are conducted about the issues related to God, religions, faith, etc.

However, if we came across such people arguing about „immortality”, then it is very likely that each one of them by the term „immortality” actually means a completely different kind of immortal life. So it should not surprise us, that we can hear from a preacher, that the Bible nowhere says that human souls are immortal – and thus that in accordance with the Bible it can be speculated, that human souls are NOT immortal at all. At the same time, on the web page named „soul_proof.htm” I claim scientifically, that human souls are immortal. The point is, that every one of us talks then about a different version of immortality. Thus, if we do NOT define exactly: (a) what the Bible means by the word „immortality” used in it, (b) how „immortality” of the human soul could be defined in biblical times when people did not know what is that thing which now we call „program” or „software” and how this software differs from „hardware” that implements a given program, and (c) in what sense in this post (and on the web page named „soul_proof.htm”) I use the word „immortality” in relationship to the self-aware and life-giving natural programs from the counter-matter that are known to us under the name of „human souls”; then we could argue on this issue for centuries, because each one of us would be both, right and also mistaken. However, if we precisely define every possible version of „immortality” – as I am doing it herewith in this post (and in „part #L” of the web page named „soul_proof.htm”), and later we identify who out of arguing people uses the concept of „immortality” in the sense of which one amongst these versions, then it turns out, that there are NO reasons to carry out quarrelling on this subject.

What is even more interesting, mutual misunderstandings gradually turning into causes of heated inter-human quarrels, similar to this example of the controversy on immortality of human souls discussed here in this post, are repeated on the Earth in thousands of other life situations. Thus, the content of this post (and „part #L” of the web page named „soul_proof.htm”), can serve as an excellent example of how easily people may avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, disputes, and even hostilities, through a clear definition of what constitutes the subject of their disputes. Frankly, if people learned the strict defining of what is the subject of their dispute, then it could turn out, that most of the disputes would disappear, and that some professions, such as a lawyer or a politician, would prove to be completely unnecessary.

I prepared descriptions and explanations from this post (and from „part #L” of the web page named „soul_proof.htm”) to allow the reader to understand exactly what kind of „immortality” is used in descriptions from the Bible when it refers to God himself, while what other kind of immortality is presented in this post (and in the web page named „soul_proof.htm”) when it is attributed to human souls. Furthermore, I hope that my descriptions provide the reader with one of the best examples of how, through the precise definition of the key terminology, it is possible to avoid unnecessary disputes. Descriptions and explanations provided here report the findings of the new „totaliztic science” on the subject of differences between the immortalities of God and human souls. It is worth to also read these, just to understand better our God, and to understand better our own souls.

#L3: The Bible authorised (inspired) by God is NOT the most voluminous book in the world. However, the information contained in it includes the knowledge that is difficult to fit (and to find) in even a whole library of human books. The accumulation of such a wealth of knowledge in such a minimal volume has been made possible only due to very wise choosing by God, and placing in the Bible, only the knowledge which is absolutely essential for people, as well as due to the separation of this essential knowledge from the knowledge neglected in the Bible because people do NOT need to receive it from God – as they are able to earn it by themselves. Thus, as a result of this extremely wise selection by God of the most essential knowledge, the Bible does not include almost anything that people would like and have a pleasure to learn – although it is NOT absolutely necessary for them. On the other hand, the Bible contains all the knowledge without learning of which people are unable to live and to function properly, although learning of which the majority of people rather do NOT like, and sometimes even do NOT want.

If someone carefully reads the Bible, then he or she should notice also, that it lacks, amongst others, formal definitions of terminology that it uses – i.e. it lacks the definitions so formulated as for all key concepts the official science formulates them in modern times, while after the simplifying they are repeated in e.g. dictionaries and encyclopaedias. After all, God have NOT designed the Bible as a set of ready-made recipes and solutions for the lazy and ignorant people, but prepared it as a kind of learning foundations from which we people have to start now our own arduous quest for truth, learning about the world, and pursuing the knowledge. For these reasons, the Bible reveals to us only „what”, while for the questions „how”, „why”, „what confirms it”, etc., we people must find an answer on our own. However, while writing the Bible, God cleverly encoded in it the definitions of key terminology that He uses in it. This encoding depends on the use of all key terminology in at least three different places of the Bible, where these terms are used in at least three different contexts – such as for the suggestion contained in the Bible, stating that in the year 2656 will be the „end of the world”, explains item #C4 from the web page named „immortality.htm”, while in relation to those only 144,000 people who according to the Bible are to be eventually admitted by God to the „kingdom of heaven”, explains item #N1 from the web page named „quake.htm”.

With regard to the key concept of „immortality”, the Bible states about God that, amongst others, „He alone is immortal; he lives in the light that no one can approach. No one has ever seen him; no one can ever see him.” – check the verse 6:16 in the biblical „First Letter to Timothy” (citations provided here come from [1#L3] and [1#D1] the English Bible of 1984, published under the title „Good News Bible” by Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York, 1984). God is also „a source of immortality” – see the Book of Wisdom, verse 15:3. Furthermore, the Bible says „For what is mortal must be changed into what is immortal; what will die must be changed into what cannot die. So when this takes place, and the mortal has been changed into immortal, then the scripture will come true: Death is destroyed; victory is completed.” – see „The First Letter to the Corinthians”, verse 15:54.

If one analyzes the context in which the above quotations from the Bible use the term „immortality”, then it turns out that the biblical use of this term defines it in the following manner: the word „immortality” which is used in the Bible means the conditioned by the nature and attributes of our God the unique ability of God himself to life for an infinitely long period of time, which ability for now have only our God, but which our God is able to make available to some people that He chooses. This kind of immortality the new „totaliztic science” named the „conditional immortality”, because in order to be the owner of it, one needs to fulfil a number of conditions (for example, one needs to posses some attributes of God).

The contexts in which the Bible uses the words „immortality” and „soul”, explain also for us why the Bible never states that the human soul deprived of a body is immortal too. Namely, it turns out, that if the individual words receive the divine semantic precision, with which (the precision) the words are used in the Bible, then the word „immortality” can be assigned only to living beings, means to beings that are composed both, of the natural program which we call the „soul”, and of the „body” due to which these souls can experience the life (i.e. to beings which are wholes composed both from the „software” that defines what and how they may do, and from the „hardware” which implements commands of this software). On the other hand, the soul itself (i.e. deprived the body) does not meet the biblical definition of a living being. Thus, according to the biblical terminology, a soul deprived of a body could only be described with the term „potentially indestructible”. In turn, in biblical terminology, the term „immortal” is NOT appropriate for such a soul.

However, it so happens, that the imperfect terminology used by people do NOT have a precision of God’s word. After all, in today’s human terminology, some objects also are referred as having a „life”. For example, how many times we can hear today something along the line „in the duration of life of that my computer it was getting infected with computer viruses several times”. In other words, in the imperfect human terminology scopes of meaning of certain words are not respected, while their use is governed by more factors than just by the semantic precision. Therefore, in human terminology the fact that a human soul itself (i.e. without a body) carries the potential that after the „breathing” it into a properly designed body, God can give „immortality” to a person created in this way, is sufficient to define this soul with the word „immortal” – instead of merely describing it e.g. as „potentially indestructible”. The only problem that arises in such formulation of human terminology, is that if one wants to actually be precise (which precision becomes very important during disputes and discussions), then one needs to clearly define what is really meant by the term „immortal soul” (I provide such a definition in section #L6 of this post).

The „conditional immortality” defined above (and below) actually has these attributes, that the holder of it can only be God himself. However, one of the characteristics of human souls is that they carry the potential to achieve some form of „immortality” if only a specific set of requirements is met (i.e. if God deems it worthy of this award and actually „breathes” it into an immortal body). So these people and clerics, who say that according to the Bible human souls do NOT have immortality, are right in the sense that these souls do NOT have such an unique „conditional immortality” characteristic only for God. At the same time, however, from another point of view, these people and clerics can be wrong. After all, the potential of the human soul to receive the immortality from God, after the compliance with certain requirements, also in today’s human nomenclature can be considered as a specific version of „immortality” – as this is explained and defined in item #L6 below in this post and on the web page named „soul_proof.htm”.

#L4: The „conditional immortality” we can define as the ability of any living being (e.g. God) to lead an infinitely long life, which ability manifests itself when certain conditions are met. In fact, already at the present level of our knowledge it becomes clear, that in the entire universe may exist only such „conditional immortality” and various derivatives of it. For example, the most superior immortality that has our God, is just such a „conditional immortality”. In addition, each received subordinate immortality that God chooses to give to creatures which He created, is also a „derived” from that God’s „conditional immortality”. After all, all living beings, including our God, may be intentionally killed by other living beings similar, or superior, to them. Thus, if for example, near our area of the infinitively great counter-world ever evolves other aggressive God – as it is described in item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”, then this other God may be tempted to kill our God. If this happen, then our God would cease to be immortal. As our God describes it himself in the biblical „Book of Wisdom”, verses 10:1-3, in fact soon after his self-evolution, our God really had to fight the fratricidal fight to the death with other similar to him software being that has evolved in the same area of the counter-world as our God did – as I explained this more broadly in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. (The source of the power of our God, which among others, allowed him to beat that fraternal program-being, was the wisdom – this is why God puts so much emphasis on the „pursue of knowledge”.) Similarly, our God would also cease to be immortal, if e.g. for some reasons the counter-matter has lost its indestructibility, and became a destructible and unable to store the natural programs in its memory – such programs as those self-aware natural programs of our God. Or, if for some reasons the counter-matter would lose its density (e.g. because the infinitely large universe would begin to expand even more), while because of this dilution of the counter-matter, natural programs of God would spontaneously cease to work – it would also be equal to a loss of consciousness and the life of God, means equal to the end of God’s immortality.

#L5: Since every living being is vulnerable to intentional killing of it, for example, by other being similar to it but with a superior knowledge and skills, and also since every living being can be accidentally killed by some natural processes that prevent the continuation of its core life functions, in fact such a thing as the „unconditional immortality” does NOT exist. In other words, in the entire infinitely large universe there is NO living being, whom another living being similar to it but with a superior knowledge, would NOT be able to kill, or in respect of whom there is NO some natural processes or phenomena that may cause it to be killed!

Of course, in order to get to know the potential dangers that threaten a given living being from the part of other beings similar to it, and that may also threaten it due to some sort of natural processes or phenomena, as well as in order to be able to develop methods of defence against such dangers, it is necessary to constantly „pursue of knowledge”. It is for such reasons that item #B1 in the abovementioned web page named „antichrist.htm” explains that in the most vital interest of God is the „pursuing of knowledge”, and that we humans were created in order to assist God in this pursue of knowledge. It also means, that every single one of us humans, who displays the inadequacies for the „pursue of knowledge”, from the standpoint of our God ceases to be useful and thus becomes „disposable”.

#L6: In the Polish language exists a highly useful word „pochodna”, the English equivalent of which means approximately „derived”. With the use of this word „pochodna” („derived”) we can describe everything that has obtained some key features of something else. For example, genetics of a person is derived from genetics of parents of this person, attributes of petrol are derived from attributes of crude oil, etc. If we read what exactly the Bible says about human souls, then we notice that these souls have attributes that allow God to assign to selected people a version of the „conditional immortality” possessed by God himself. For this reason, it is true to say that human souls have the potential to carry the „derived immortality” stemming from our God. As such, human souls are immortal too, only that in order to clearly communicate to someone this kind of immortality, one have to use a different term than that one we use to describe the immortality of God himself, for example, to use the expression derived immortality.

So let us now define the new concept of this „derived immortality”. The „derived immortality” of human souls is a kind of immortality that God may choose to give to selected souls, adding them also the new potentially indestructible bodies into which these souls are to be „breathed”.

It is worth to also notice here, that the fact that our souls carry the ability to subsequently obtain from God some derived version of immortality, in the semantic conventions used today can NOT be named properly with the use of a different word than „immortality”. For example, it would be incorrect to use the word „indestructible” to describe it. Also, it would be extremely awkward if, instead of using the concept of „immortality”, that key feature of the human soul is described with a long explanation such as „a potential ability to exist forever, to not be the subject to wear, and to act (live) for eternity (if properly appointed to life)” – i.e. the explanations used by the today’s science of Software Engineering to describe one of the key features of today’s computer programs (as explained in more details, amongst others, in item #C3 from the web page named „soul_proof.htm”).

Similarly like God himself, also the human souls are prone to intentional destruction. Hence, the kind of immortality which characterizes them, also belongs to the family of „conditional immortality”. In addition to this, human souls are special kinds of natural programs to which God gives life in a special way via his own means. This in turn causes, that the immortality of the human souls is a „subordinate immortality” in relation to that one of God. Such an inferior towards the divine one, the „derived immortality” of the human souls, displays following attributes:

1. Subordination caused by the appointment to the life by God. Human souls do not lead a life just by themselves. To live, they firstly must be „breathed” into the body belonging to them. If they are not in a body, then (according to the Bible) these souls are experiencing a kind of „sleep” mode (i.e. they do exist, but they do NOT have awareness of „living”). Hence the immortality of the human soul is a „subordinate” in relation to the divine one. After all, only God can deliver souls deprived of bodies from that state of „sleep” – for example, through their „breathing” into the new (potentially indestructible) body. (Note, however, that if God is so willing, then He is able to implement also one of several other than „breathing” ways of extracting the soul from the „sleep” mode – e.g. see one of these ways described in items #C4 and #I3 from the web page named „soul_proof.htm”.) Let us clarify here this „subordination” of immortality of the human souls on an example. In item #C3 near beginning of the web page named „soul_proof.htm”, I explained the finding of the so-called „Software Engineering” that programs from today’s computers also are characterized by a kind of potential „indestructibility” similar to that one which characterizes human souls – i.e. these programs also have the ability to exist forever, to not be subject to wear, and to work forever (if are used correctly and if they are operational in a working computer). So, if these programs also gained self-awareness and the ability to live, then it could be also claimed about them that they are „immortal”. Only that their immortality would be „subordinate” to the human one, as it would be initiated for living by people.

2. Dependency on finding themselves in the human body, which (the body) has somehow acquired a „potential indestructibility”. Let us explain this dependency with the help of an example of potentially „indestructible” computer programs described in the above sub-item „1” – for which programs the present „Software Engineering” also claims, that they have the ability to exist forever, to not to be subject to wear, and to work for eternity. Well, in spite that these programs are „potentially indestructible” (like human souls), in order to actually work (live) for the eternity, they firstly need to end up in „potentially indestructible” computers – which also are capable of operating for eternity. Without finding themselves in such computers, means when they maintain their „indestructibility” but they are still just stored, for example, on a CD or on a floppy disk, these programs „sleep” – just as the Bible states that are „asleep” also our souls when they find themselves outside of physical bodies (e.g. because these bodies have died). So, as these „potentially indestructible” computer programs must be uploaded into similarly „potentially indestructible” computers, to be able to work forever, also the „derived immortal” human souls must be breathed into the „potentially indestructible” human bodies in order to experience the immortal lives. In other words, under typical circumstances, the human soul which is NOT „breathed” into some „immortal body” cannot experience the immortal life, but only can „sleep” for a potentially infinitely long period of time – just as the Bible explains this to us. Of course, this „immortal body” does not necessarily have to be made „immortal” by God, but it can achieve e.g. the „imprisoned immortality” which people open to themselves in the future by building my time vehicles.

3. Indirectness of work due to the starting and keeping alive by the higher-level programs of God. The human soul itself is unable to live. Its starting to life and later keeping alive is only possible due to a proper work of several superior in relation to it programs of God – for example, the program called „omniplan” whose operation is described in item #C4 from the separate web page named „immortality.htm”. To also illustrate here on an example this attribute of an indirect work of the human soul, let us use the example of a „program of the web page named soul_proof.htm”. Namely, if the program of the web page named „soul_proof.htm” have the self-awareness and the ability to live, then it would also have a kind of „immortality”. However, its immortality would be of an „indirect nature”. After all, in order to appear on the computer screen and to „live”, the program of the web page named „soul_proof.htm” would need to be launched by the superior in relation to it program that interprets the code of it, for example, by a program called „Internet Explorer”. Thus, its start-up and life would be similar to the starting and life of programs of the human soul by the divine „omniplan”. In addition, the program of „Internet Explorer” also is unable to work and „live” just by itself, but must be brought to life by an even more superior towards it program of the Operating System (for example, by „Windows”) – similarly as this program of „omniplan” is run and maintained by the work of God’s own programs. In other words, the human soul is so formulated that alone it is unable to live, and thus for the living it needs several increasingly imperative towards it programs created by God. Therefore, its start to life and keeping alive has an „indirect” character and is controlled by God. Its immortality is also „indirect” and completely dependent on God.

4. Enhanced conditionality. Regardless of (and in addition to) the conditions imposed on the „conditional immortality” of God, the subordinate immortality of the human soul has imposed on itself a whole range of additional conditions. For example, some of these additional conditions include: (4a) the appointment of the human soul to life by „breathing” it to the intended body; (4b) making its life dependent on the operation of several superior in relation to it programs – one of which programs is described under the name „omniplan” in item #L4 from the web page named „immortality.htm”, while the other is described under the name „program of life and fate” in item #A2 from the same web page „immortality.htm”; (4c) the resisting of attempts of other people to kill or to destroy it, (4d) deserving the award from God to receive the immortal body, etc., etc.

5. Susceptibility for killing and destruction by humans. Every kind of immortality can be destroyed by beings of the same type as the creature bearing a given immortality. So if a human soul, which received the body and the life from God, somehow accomplished also the immortality (e.g. through the construction and use of my „time vehicles” described on the web page named „immortality.htm”), then still some other people may appear, who are so aggressive and immoral that they may want to kill this soul, and simultaneously they are so scientifically and technologically advanced, that they will be able to carry out this killing. (As I mentioned this in item #C3 of the web page named „soul_proof.htm”, in circles of „occultists” it is believed, that finding ourselves near the centre of a nuclear explosion irreversibly destroys the human soul, and thus deprives the owner of this soul any further chance to experience immortality.)

6. Susceptibility to the killing and destruction by God. Of course, God may at any time terminate immortality by killing those immortal people to whom He gave the immortality. He may also take away from the human soul a chance to get immortality, by destroying it. God does NOT hide these his capabilities and writes about them openly in the Bible. Also He set up a time and opportunity, often called the „final judgment” when He is to consider the suitability of the soul of every human to obtain immortality, after which judgement He is to destroy these souls whose bearers, in accordance with the God’s criteria, do NOT deserve to obtain such an immortality. (What is most frightening, that according to the estimates described in item #I1 from the web page named „quake.htm”, those people who until the „end of the world” deserve the immortality, may be very few, because only „144 000” – that is, for every million of people living today, can be at most four people who, in practice, deserve to receive the immortality from God. The rest of the people after the „resurrection” at the „end of the world” perhaps will be irreparably burned.)

#L7: If on the basis of the above descriptions, we have been able to understand, that in certain circumstances and with the consent and active participation of God, the human soul can exist and live forever, then we also understand that the human soul is having a kind of potential immortality described here as the „derived immortality”. In other words, these descriptions explain why on the basis of findings of the new „totaliztic science” we are permitted to say, that people have immortal souls. Only that while discussing this fact with someone who claims otherwise, we must explain to him or her what the above descriptions reveal, namely that the immortality of the human soul is of a different type than the immortality, for example, of God, and thus that the difference of opinion on this issue stems from the fact that using the same word „immortality”, each of the discussing parties means a different kind of immortality. Therefore, in order to arrive to elimination of differences in views on the immortality of the human soul, one must:

(a) Make sure that each of the disputing parties is aware that in biblical times people did not know what is that thing which today we call „program”, or „software”, and how this „software” differs from „hardware” that implements a given program. Therefore, in biblical times it was impossible to define for people that the human soul is a kind of self-aware and life-giving natural program („software”) which resides in the counter-matter and is run (appointed to life) by God through „breathing” it into the body that performs the function of „hardware” which implements this program. On the other hand, without the possibility of defining for people as to what exactly is the human soul, in biblical times it was also impossible to clarify precisely what kind of „immortality” this soul has. More preferably, and more inspiring towards the search for truth, was to leave all this knowledge for the scientific explaining by the future generations of human scientists on Earth – which explanation herewith provides the new „totaliztic science”.

(b) Balance the disproportion of the two disputing parties regarding gaps in knowledge about the different types of „immortality” (means read the complete this post, or „part #L” from the web page named „soul_proof.htm”, as well as „part #H” and „part #J” from the web page named „immortality.htm”), and

(c) Use in the exchange of views, the expressions that refer to specific definitions of the different types of immortality, instead of using for all of them the same single word „immortality” – under which each of the parties understands a completely different type of it (that is, the word „immortality” in the statements is to be complemented with an additional term that defines the type of it, for example, with the term „divine”, „conditional”, „derived”, „human soul”, „imprisoned”, etc.).

At this point I should add that if people started to use similar standards of discussion in all other exchanges of views and disputes, then the emergence of differences in opinions would diminish over time to almost zero, and thus the world would begin to live without strife, wars, and perhaps even without politicians and lawyers – who, after all, are masters in spreading confusion through manipulating on different meanings of the same words.

I do not need to explain here how important meaning has for each of us the knowledge of truth about the kind of immortality which characterizes our soul. After all, this truth is a kind of access into ourselves, means learning about ourselves what is the most difficult to learn.

The information provided in this post (and in „part #L” of the web page named „soul_proof.htm”) also draws our attention to another issue, namely to the fact how the pursuit of truth about God increases our admiration and praise for the real glory of our creator. After all, in the Bible, God devotes to the description of „immortality” only 17 verses (sentences) – meaning approximately 400 words. However, with their skilful use, as well as with the skilful use of whatever the Bible leave unsaid, God was able to provide us not only with all the information, which explaining in other words took me over 4000 words in this post, but He also was able to provide us with the additional information which in this post I did not even try to explain. In other words, in spite of using in the Bible imprecise ancient language, only in his descriptions that use this language God can be more than 10 times more factual and accurate than I am. On top of that, what I am only describing here, God actually invented, designed and implemented in the physical world that He created. This is yet another proof of indescribable greatness, precision, and glory of God, and the reason for pursuing our admiration and praise for his divine knowledge, capabilities, power, and perfection!!!

* * *

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Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including all the above web addresses, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic web page that interests the reader, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name „soul_proof.htm” is changed into the name of web page which one wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „quake.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address http://energia.sl.pl/soul_proof.htm , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet explorer one writes e.g. the address http://energia.sl.pl/quake.htm .

Also notice that a complete list of (and links to) totaliztic topics discussed in various internet forums is provided in item #E2 of the web page named „faq.htm” – also available at every address listed above.

It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #238E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:

With the totaliztic salute,
Dr Eng. Jan Pająk


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