#235E: In the infinitively large counter-world evolved many gods similar to ours, and thus for the defence from them our God needs raise people onto „soldiers of God” (po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „The goal of someone’s action (which answers the question ‚where this action is going’) should be clearly distinguished from the reason for this action (which answers the question ‚why this action is carried out’) – for example, if one’s goal is to emigrate to America, the reason may be e.g. the prospect of poverty in the home country.”

The major goal for which God created humans, means the „pursue of knowledge”, decisively shapes the whole range of methods of God’s action. For example, as it is explained in item #B3 from the web page „antichrist.htm” (addresses of which are provided near the end of this post), the pursue of knowledge is impossible if people practice the so-called „immorality”. After all, immoral people viciously persecute discoverers and inventors who are dependent on them, thus creating in their community phenomena described on that web page „antichrist.htm” under the name of „inventive impotency” and the „curse of inventors” – i.e. the phenomena which nowadays paralyze the progress of knowledge in a significant number of countries. Therefore, in order that despite of the natural tendency of imperfect people to practice immorality, this pursue of knowledge could still take place, God is forced to discreetly „persuade” people to lead a possibly the most moral life that their nature allows them. This persuading God carries out with many not-too-pleasant for people methods, for example, through „fighting immorality with the immorality itself” – as described in item #T1 from the web page named „humanity.htm”; through a discreet „killing the most immoral individuals”, and through a „destruction with natural disasters of the most immoral communities” – means through a discreet deployment on the Earth of the principle of the „extinction of the most immoral”, which for the individual people is described more accurately e.g. in item #G1 from the web page named „will.htm”, while for the entire so-called „group intellects” (e.g. for the whole cities) is described and documented, e.g. in items #H1 to #H6 from the web page named „tapanui.htm”; etc., etc.

But it so happens, that regardless of the goal for which God created humans, equally decisive influence on the methods of God’s action has also another factor, namely the „reason for the creation”. This is because the main reason for the creation of the people turns out to be the need for upbringing the „soldiers of God”. The point is, that the so-called „counter-world” in which God dwells has infinitely large size – as I am explaining this for example in subsection A1 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], and also in item #I2 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, or in item #C2 from the web page named „god_proof.htm”. Thus, apart from our God, in that infinite counter-world could also self-evolve various other gods, which created for themselves their own physical worlds and their own versions of the people from our physical world. In fact, even the today’s (still very primitive) human science, already was able to detect the existence of these different worlds (presumably containing different gods) – for details see the article [1#B1.1] entitled „Cosmic radiation map first evidence other universes exist”, published on page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post”, issue dated on Monday, 20 May 2013. Of course, if even our still primitive official science could detect these different worlds, then about their existence certainly already knows for a long time our infinitely more perfect God. He probably also knows, that one day this may lead to a confrontation between our world and these different worlds with their inhabitants. After all, God clearly remembers that fratricidal struggle which in the early stages of His self-evolution He was forced to have with other similar to Him brotherly software-beings which have evolved together with Him in the same area of the infinitely great counter-world, and the description of which is contained, amongst others, in item #B1 from the web page named „evolution.htm”. To this day God remembers also well, what He later reported in the Biblical „Book of Wisdom”, verses 10:1-3, namely that the source of His own power which allowed Him to overcome these fraternal programs-beings, was His own wisdom. (It is just the memory of the importance of this wisdom in overcoming every kind of obstacles, that stands at the basis of the „pursue of knowledge” as the major goal for the creation of man.) Therefore, according to the old Roman doctrine „in order to have peace, prepare for a war”, our God needs to raise for Himself the suitable „soldiers” – who are willing to do everything in their power for their God and for their world. For just such soldiers God raises up humans.

It is not hard to guess, that if to our physical world comes down so much information about the other worlds, that already now they can be interpreted by these still rather primitively-minded scientists of today, then God Himself in His almost infinite knowledge and wisdom probably researches this information already for thousands of years. Thus, by today, God probably knows not only about the existence of these other worlds and other divine beings similar to Himself, but also knows how these other worlds are organized, on what principles they operate, and what can be expected when comes to confrontation between our physical world and them. Therefore, probably since a long time our God already planned how to educate the future physical „soldiers of God”. For example, probably for that reason, after the end of the usefulness (and thus also the existence) of the today’s Earth, God has designed (and described in the Bible) the creation for the people of a „flying city”, called the „New Jerusalem” – described more comprehensively in item #J3 from my web page named „malbork_uk.htm”. After all, in just such a flying city God will be able to implement the „second stage” of the training of people into „soldiers of God”, through riding them onto various star systems, on which probably already since a long time He is preparing „simulations” (or „copies”) of these different worlds ruled by gods other than Himself. In the course of this riding around our universe, the „soldiers of God” (i.e. people) will be able to learn and to practice, what and how they should decide and do when it comes to a confrontation between our physical world, and these other worlds managed by different gods.

Of course, the candidates for the „soldiers of God” are brought up differently than, e.g., the candidates for Casanovas. Soldiers of God must have the required knowledge and wisdom, be smart, moral, battle-hardened, „tough”, accustomed to overcoming difficulties and adversities, persistent, self-reliant, patient, visionary, resourceful, etc. This in turn means, that while raising people to be „soldiers of God”, God is forced to use on them certain methods of treatment, and to educate them in certain circumstances – for examples see item #B5.1 from the web page named „will.htm”, or items #A3 and #A4 from the web page named „god_proof.htm”. In other words, the divine need to raise people onto the „soldiers of God”, causes that the physical world in which we live needs to look and work completely different than from our point of view, we (the people) would have hoped or imagined it. Let us review now the most important consequences, which have the conditions in which exists and acts our God and our physical world, at the characteristics and the fates of present-day humans on the Earth. Here are these consequences:

1. The creation of humans as highly imperfect. This imperfection explains broadly item #B2 from the web page „antichrist.htm”. If one carefully considers the matter, then only by starting from the greatest possible human imperfection, and then by gradual and laborious improvement of people, solves a whole range of problems associated with giving to humans characteristics of highly effective „soldiers of God”. For example, God begins the life of people from the most difficult one, only later gradually allowing them to earn for themselves (and thus to value highly) the increasingly better standards. This in turn allows people to understand what is imperfection, and how to fight it. This allows also the oppression of people by people themselves, and thus gives to people a greater source of the required experience. (For example, in a world of perfect people, oppression of others would have to be make by some different creatures, which creatures God would have to create especially to introduce them amongst people – as God actually did this with devils in the initial stage of the upbringing of humans.) Etc., etc. Of course, the creation of humans as highly imperfect creatures, introduces a whole range of adverse consequences to virtually every area of our lives. After all, for example, this is why politicians and decision-makers typically first implement the most imperfect solutions, that then always require correction. This is why many of us fall into addictions and practice perversions. It is for this reason that God requires from us that we fought our imperfections – NOT succumb to them. Etc., etc.

2. The use of the „principle of reversals” for upbringing people. That not very pleasant for us method of upbringing, that God uses to train people to become His „soldiers”, is described under the name of „principle of reversals” in item #F3 from the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”. Therefore, it should not surprise us much „why” in the world ruled by the omnipotent God, whatever „is”, gives an impression of the „reversal” of what „God requires from us”, what „should be”, or what „we would want that it would be”. For example, why God does NOT openly and immediately reward moral deeds (although He reward them discreetly and secretly after a certain period of time passes – as it is explained in item #B2.1 on the web page „mozajski_uk.htm”), why in our lives everything must be earned, why inventors and discoverers are treated „fairly roughly” by life because of the action of the so-called „curse of inventors” and the so-called „inventive impotency” (see items #B2 and #B3 on the web page „antichrist.htm”), why for the rich people God does not promise heavens, why officially always is disseminated the untruth about God while to the truth about our creator everyone must laboriously work way through on his own, why the first and the most important requirement of the eternal live in the next physical world is to acknowledge the existence of God as well as to voluntarily obey God’s commandments and requirements, why the final burning and destruction awaits all these people whose minds do NOT notice the existence of God – in spite of the presence of all these numerous experiences and all this evidence similar to that described in item #F3 from the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”, why everything from our world, into which we ceased to contribute our effort (and also every person who becomes complacent), automatically and just by itself slides down into the decay and oblivion, why every person must experience a certain amount of suffering, etc., etc. It is also worth noting, that the principle of people’s upbringing, which is opposite to that which God uses on us and He recommends that we also use it on our children, is that „principle of greenhouse” (by some called also the principle of wrapping children into „cotton wool”) increasingly used recently by the over-protective mothers. (I described this principle more comprehensively in item #F3 from the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”, and in item #B5.1 from the web page named „will.htm”.) Instead into the „soldiers of God”, this „principle of greenhouse” is upbringing children into egoists, sissies, misfits, suicidal wimps, etc.

3. The development of the so-called „omniplan” to gradually improve the people and to give to them features desired by God. The principle of operation of this software entity called „omniplan”, with the help of which God so designs the course of life of each individual person, that it gradually gives that person all the features required by God, is described in items #C4 and #C3 from the web page named „immortality.htm”. By using this „omniplan” for a multiple and repeated passing of each single one of us through the especially for us designed course of our life, God continues to improve each person to the extend when this person either acquires all the features required for a „soldier of God”, or until God definitely is convinced that he or she is impossible to improve to the required level, and thus that he or she is „disposable” and must be permanently „eliminated” from the further plans of God.

4. The illustrating to people the principle of „survival of the fittest”. This principle is implemented in the entire nature which surrounds people. Also God makes an impression on people, that it applies to humans as well – in spite that secretly towards humans and towards domestic animals God implements a completely different principle of the „survival of the most moral” (also called the principle of the „extinction of most immoral”) described e.g. in item #B1 from the web page named „changelings.htm”, and in item #G1 from the web page named „will.htm”. In a normal situation could surprise us these supposed „double standards”, when God Himself apparently uses one principle, but is asking people to observe a completely opposite principle. However, in the case of raising people to become „soldiers of God”, which soldiers can come to fight to the death for survival, this ceases to surprise.

5. The forgiving of sins for sinners. If we think about it, then from the point of view of people this forgiveness of sins is a source of a whole range of adverse consequences. For example, it slows down the process of transforming sinners into people who act morally. After all, for sinners it sends a signal „why rush onto the path of morality, if immoral life gives us so much pleasures, while God anyway in the end forgives us all immoral deeds”. However, from the point of view of training of the people into the „soldiers of God”, the forgiveness of sins allows all of us to gather much broader life experience than leading just a moral life (while for a soldier the life experience is a huge asset). It is known, that the best bankers are former crooks, and the best cops – former criminals. In addition, onto that „forgiveness of sins” God has imposed a very wisely thought-out restriction, discussed, amongst others, in item #C5.1 from the web page named „morals.htm”, and at the end of item #A1 from two web pages named „quake.htm” and „seismograph.htm”. Namely, God forgives sins only when someone transforms his or her life from immoral to moral. But when someone would do the opposite, i.e. from a moral he or she becomes immoral, then God causes that such a person must die for it.

6. Driving every public initiative along the so-called „path of the maximum error”. If one objectively examines the methods of God, then it turns out that with the iron hand God governs over every event which happens on Earth and consequences of which are affecting people. A more detailed analysis of a general principle that God uses in the management of any development of public events, reveals that this principle states: everything that with its effects affects many people, must proceed along the „path of the maximum error” – which is also the „line of the maximal teaching effect” (for more data on the subject of this path see item #J3 from the web page named „malbork_uk.htm”). For example, every law enacted in any country in its first edition must include a lot of errors and omissions, which then must be painstakingly removed and repaired. Each new building is erected in such an erroneous position and built in such a wrong way, that later it causes a maximum discomfort and requires the maximal amount of repairs and corrections. Each road at the beginning is going to zigzag and is full of potholes which then require repairs. Each new drug introduces more harmful side-effects than the healing outcomes. Each new product which supposed to make our lives easier and improve our health, later turns out to be harmful to humans. Each new device at the beginning does more harm than good. Each disseminated information includes the highest number of mistakes and errors that only can appear in it – for an example see item #G4 from the web page named „god_proof.htm”. Etc., etc. Such driving of every public case along the „path biggest error” could surprise us – if we believe religions that God is mainly engaged in pampering people, i.e. engaged in securing for people their well-being, comfort, peace, happiness, etc. However, it ceases to surprise us, if we understand, that God is upbringing people into the battle-hardened „soldiers of God”. After all, this „path of the biggest mistake” develops in humans the qualities of soldiers by forcing them to constantly correct errors they committed. In addition, it reveals to God who amongst people recognizes mistakes made by policy-makers, and then have the courage to demand the removal of these mistakes. It also allows God to easily „separate the wheat from the chaff” through an easy judging who amongst the people is suited for the „soldier of God”, while who should be discarded, because when confronted with difficulties in life, he or she turns out to be useless. Etc., etc.

7. A noisy promotion of untruths, and a persistent obstruction of the truths. As you can see in everyday life, everything that is untrue is immediately make famous around the world and is promoted in numerous noisy ways. Simultaneously, telling truths is condemned, punished, silenced, deliberately distorted, etc. This is why, for example the official science noisily announces false ideas of a kind of the „big bang theory” or the „theory of relativity”, while at the same time it hides from the people e.g. the scientific evidence for the existence of God (described, for example, on the web page named „god_proof.htm”), as well as refuses to acknowledge e.g. the truth revealing theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It is also for this reason, that for example, journalists who expose bitter truths, are persecuted even in the most leading democracies, while those people which tell compliments and sweet lies are rewarded, prized and promoted. Such a situation has its justification only in a world in which people are brought up to become hardened like steel „soldiers of God”. After all, it teaches everyone that to get to know the truth, he or she must first deserve it through an arduous searching for it, and to make them understand, that whatever noisily reveals itself to us and is harassing us, typically is NOT true. As it is well known to us, every opponent will try to deceive the soldiers which it confronts, while one amongst the ways of such deception, is feeding them with false information. Therefore, educating people onto the „soldiers of God”, requires that they are taught to distinguish truth from falsehood, that they develop habits of laborious tracking the truth, and that they are let to know, that the truth is always deeply hidden and is well-guarded against easy learning.

8. The inclusion of religions into the lack of exceptions in gathering errors and in warping truths. From the life we know that every institution that exists for a long time, over time accumulates more and more harmful practices and traditions, sees the world around it increasingly mistakenly, and it distorts increasingly the truths entrusted to its care. Totaliztic publications in many places are trying to draw the attention of readers to this principle of gradual and continuous accumulation of errors and „creeping of deception” into institutional truths. For example, with regard to the present official science, these are discussed in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named „telekinetics.htm”. On the other hand, with regard to religion these are discussed e.g. in item #J3 from the web page named „malbork_uk.htm”. Of course, God was able to make an exception to this rule and make religions resistant to this gradual increase of errors and distortions in themselves. After all, it was enough for this, to just prevent people with questionable morals while at the same time with over-inflated imaginations, from becoming leaders of given religions. But God has NOT imposed such prevention measures. What is even more noteworthy, the most of religions God has provided in holy books that He inspired (e.g. such as the Christian Bible), so that people can easily and accurately trace the derogation of their religion from the truths provided to us by God that are contained in these holy books. Hence, from the crucifixion of Jesus by the Israelite priests, from the activities of the medieval Inquisition, as well as from the today’s horrors and terrors committed in the name of religious fanaticism, we already know jolly well that it is difficult to find a more shocking genocides than crimes committed in the name of religion – but contrary to the commandments of God. The only logical explanation of why such a situation is possible, is the need for upbringing of people into the „soldiers of God” who are trained, among others, in the knowledge that all, without an exception, institutional truths, with the passage of time become distorted and replaced by untruths with which these soldiers of God must then actively fight.

The most illustrative, and therefore in my opinion also the best, examples of how religions distort truths – if these truths oppose the interests of influential people, provide the moral maxim issued by God and disseminated amongst people by the Buddhist religion (this maxim is described in item #I1 from the web page named „quake.htm”). In the original (Buddhist) form, this maxim stated: „do NO evil, speak NO evil, see NO evil, hear NO evil”. In order it also appealed to ordinary people, typically it was disseminated in a form of a drawing or a figurine called the „four wise monkeys”. Out of these four monkeys, the one which forbids us to „do evil”, typically has its hands crossed on its chest, the one which forbids us to „speak evil” plugs its mouth with hands, the one which forbids us to „see evil” covers its eyes with its hands, and the one which forbids us to „hear evil” clogs its hands over its ears. In such a form of these four commandments of God (and four monkeys which illustrated them) the maxim was disseminated NOT only in Buddhism, but later also in the old Chinese philosophy of Confucius. Confucius expressed it in the form of philosophical principle „非禮勿視, 非禮勿聽, 非禮勿言, 非禮勿動” – which commands „look not at what is contrary to propriety, listen not to what is contrary to propriety, speak not what is contrary to propriety, make no movement which is contrary to propriety”. But when Buddhism along with this maxim came to Japan, the part of it saying „do NO evil” somehow did NOT match the nature and everyday behaviours of the warrior-like nation of that time. Therefore, Japanese ignored the most important monkey which illustrated the commandment „do NO evil”, and in their temples placed only three orphaned monkeys which illustrate the shortened (and thus also distorted) form of the God’s commandments discussed here – see the illustration of that shortened maxim immortalized in the world’s most famous temple from the Japanese city of Nikko. From temples in Japan, this already distorted maxim was popularized around the world, where now it is known under the name of „three wise monkeys” – postures of which state: „speak NO evil, see NO evil, hear NO evil”. Sarcastically, in this distorted (because orphaned) form, three monkeys say a maxim which is almost an exact opposite to the original God’s commandments that were to be expressed by the previous „four wise monkeys”. This is because the three-monkey version allows also to be misinterpreted misleadingly as if it means: „you can do as much evil as you want, as long as you do NOT speak about it, do not look at it, and do not listen it”. What even worse, as we remember it from the outcomes of the second world’s war, many countries and a number of nations in fact implemented the misinterpreted content of this distorted maxim. The distortion of it, however, has NOT ended on that. In the face of crazy that enveloped the present world on the matter of sex, someone (who probably did not know about the existence of the original „four wise monkeys”) re-introduced the fourth monkey to these three impoverished in past by Japanese. Only that instead of illustrating with it the divine injunction „do NO evil”, this recently re-introduced monkey symbolises now the frivolous joke „make NO love” – which this monkey illustrates by covering its genitals with its hands. So it becomes like a contradiction to the slogan repeated by many amongst today’s peace activists, who’s banners say „make love, NOT war”. Various miniature figures of „wise monkeys” become recently favourite souvenirs for tourists that visit countries with Buddhist traditions. After all, they well decorate furniture in modern homes, standing next to such other tourist memorabilia, like miniature statues of liberty from New York, Eiffel tower from Paris, figure of Jesus from Rio de Janeiro, etc. In turn, these commandments of God that originally wise monkeys supposed to illustrate and to emphasize for people, in present times almost no-one takes seriously.

9. The apparent promotion and rewarding of the immoral people by God. If one carefully looks around the world, then he or she is hit by an apparent impression, that God rewards immorally acting people and promotes immorality. After all, for example, fame, wealth, power, the leading social positions, the influence onto the decision-making, etc., reach only those individuals, whose characteristics give to God a guarantee, that they will act highly immoral, and that in their future efforts they will shock the world with some manifestations of their immorality. Meanwhile, people who act morally, are always pushed into the shade, harassed, abused, exploited, etc. This situation might be a surprise, if one believes into all that for political reasons religions tell to people. However, it turns out to be the correct situation, when we begin to understand, that God is raising up people to be „soldiers of God”. After all, such a prevalence of apparent immorality, induces rebellion and a desire to fight, in all the people who are a good material for „soldiers of God”. Thus, these people reveal to God their true value, courage, and the level of activity in doing good. They also learn to notice to where leads us immorality, how to distinguish between morality and immorality, how to combat immorality, etc. At the same time, these immoral people who apparently seem to be singled out and rewarded by God, actually God leads into various problems and afterwards discreetly removes them from life – as this is explained, for example, in item #G1 from the web page named „will.htm”. As it is easy to notice from the real life, such people quickly fall victims of various accidents, diseases, drugs’ overdose, they become victims of assassinations or revolutions, criminals, etc.

10. The explanation of the mystery of „jealous God”. The fact, that our God is „jealous God” (onto which fact God puts a high emphasis in the Bible – see for example the verse 20:3-5 from the Biblical Book of „Exodus”), normally could surprise us. After all, for our world, He is simultaneously the only God. Thus, illustratively His situation could be likened to the situation of the only woman living on some remote island that is cut off from the rest of the world, which woman is emphasizing to her husband (or to her husbands) that she is a jealous woman. However, the emphasis of God on such a jealousness ceases to be a surprise in the situation described in this post. After all, upbringing people to become „soldiers of God”, whom may soon come to fight with the other gods, our God cannot afford, that at the earliest opportunity these soldiers, instead to Him, began to serve and worship some other god with which they have an obligation to fight – as explains it, amongst others, item #F3 from the web page „wszewilki_uk.htm”, and items #J4 and #D1 from the web page named „malbork_uk.htm”.

11. The creation of former „devils”, present „simulations” of evil UFOnauts, and the future „Antichrist”. God admits in the Bible, that He Himself created beings formerly called devils – e.g. see verse 3:1 from the Biblical Book of „Genesis” (interpreted e.g. in item #E2 from the web page named „evil.htm”). In turn from the research of the new „totaliztic science” stems, that in present times God „simulates” the situation on the Earth, that our planet is occupied and exploited by evil UFOnauts – for more details see item #L2 from the web page „magnocraft.htm”, or chapter OD from volume 13 of my newest monograph [1/5]. On the other hand, from this web page stems that for a long time God has been planning to install on Earth an unspeakably evil creature called „Antichrist”. All this normally could surprise. After all, it is not very fitting to the religious descriptions of the manifestations of God’s love for people, and God’s desire to provide people with the highest possible level of happiness, justice, prosperity, etc. However, in the situation of upbringing of people to become „soldiers of God”, immediately it takes on a logical meaning. After all, it prepares people for their future mission – that is to the fight with whatever to our world and to our God proves to be extremely evil and dangerous.

To implement the training of people into the „soldiers of God”, God was forced to design a very unpleasant for people course of a long-term training. In fact, this training is to have as many as three stages. Nowadays it is implemented only the first stage, consisting of the „character building and selection”. In this first stage, each person is passed by God through especially designed course of life, which is to form the character that God requires, and also is to write into the „soul” of that person the required by God’s history of his or her life. This first stage ends at the moment of death of every person. If a person has acquired the characteristics that God is looking for, then after the end of this world and after the resurrection of dead, that person is to receive from God a new, different body that is NOT going to get old and is to be immortal – as this is described in item #J3 from the web page named „malbork_uk.htm”. In this new body, the person is to go through the second stage of training for a „soldier of God”. At the second stage of training the „selection of decision-making” is to be carried out. For this purpose, God is to fly all people throughout the physical universe in a „flying city” which in the Bible is described under the name of „New Jerusalem”. During this flying, to people are to be shown various other worlds that God has especially prepared so that they simulate all possible „scenarios” that in the future these people may confront as „soldiers of God”. During these shows, people are to make the right decisions based on the knowledge that they gathered, on their characters, on the requirements of God, etc. These people, who are to chronically make wrong decisions, or who do not comply with their obligations imposed onto them (e.g. who will be interfering with the harmony and happiness of the „flying city”, because they will NOT be continually maintaining their state of totaliztic nirvana), God will move from this flying city onto the Earth. In this way, on the Earth is to grow increasingly the number of immortal „rebels”. After 1000 years of this second stage of training, is to come the decisive, third stage of the „selection in conditions of battles”. Namely, on the Earth appears Antichrist described on the web page „antichrist.htm”. He is to ignite the fight of a significant proportion of these immortal „rebels” against the so-trained „soldiers of God”. According to the Bible, people who are loyal to God (i.e. those who are still remaining and continue to be trained onto effective „soldiers of God”), led by Jesus Himself, will be forced to militarily confront these „rebels” led by Antichrist. That armed confrontation will probably be the last „selection on the courage and devotion to God” (or at least the last that is described exactly in the Bible). Those who pass it, will be promoted to the rank of already trained and tested in action „soldiers of God”, which God will continue to maintain as „reservists” in the event of a confrontation with different worlds and other gods. But in what way God is to provide the further activities for these „reservists”, this I have NOT managed to find and read from the Bible. Thus, either God still has no plan for so-distant future, or His plans in this regard He still do NOT want to disclose to people.

An interesting aspect of the principle of upbringing people into the „God’s soldiers” described here, is that just such an intention of our creator is confirmed by a vast body of evidence. Let us give here some examples of this evidence. And so, (1) the upbringing of people into „soldiers of God” is indirectly confirmed on several different ways by the Bible authorised (inspired) by God. After all, qualities of human character, the requirements of which are coded in the Bible, in fact describe a human ideal which most correctly can be called the „soldier of God”. (In English-language Bibles, that ideal of man wanted by God, usually is named with the term „righteous” – see item #I1 from the web page named „quake.htm”. Every person who meets all the characteristics and requirements of just such a „righteous”, receives from God a special support. For example, it suffices that in a town or in a city only lives at least 10 of such „righteous”, and they protect this town or city from every destructive cataclysm – as I scientifically documented it e.g. in items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named „petone.htm”.) Furthermore, (2) e.g. the requirements imposed in the Bible on these people, who are to be confirmed during the „final judgement” for the future everlasting physical life, in which they are to be subjected to the second phase of the training into „soldiers of God”, are extremely difficult to fulfil – so that only a small number of people really fulfils them. In turn these people who fulfil them, are in fact to display the presence of qualities of „soldiers of God”. Independently from the Bible, the need for upbringing people into „soldiers of God” stems also from (3) the theoretical analyses described in this post. In turn these analyses results directly from findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In other words, independently from the Bible, the need for upbringing people into „soldiers of God” emerges also from the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The same fact is confirmed as well by (4) the manner on which God formulated the work of so-called „omniplan”, described in item #C4 from the web page named „immortality.htm”. This is because the God’s „omniplan” also works in such a way, that it enables upbringing of people into „soldiers of God”. After all, it allows the continuous improvement of people’s character and the development in humans the required attributes and behaviours. Finally (5), the realities of present life on the Earth also directly confirm, that people are subjected to upbringing into the „soldiers of God”. This is because all God’s methods of acting used on people (which are described on numerous totaliztic web pages), clearly are so directed that as a final product they yield people that fulfil numerous requirements which by the definition must be attributed to the „soldiers of God”.

Let us summarize the discussion from this post. It turns our attention to the fact, that our God, and our physical world, do exist in certain conditions, i.e. they are suspended in the small section of the dimensionally unlimited counter-world, in which can evolve an unlimited number of gods and appear an unlimited number of worlds similar to our own. These conditions in turn exert specific kind of pressures on our God – the effect of which is just the choosing by our God such and not other goals for accomplishing and methods of achieving these goals. For example, the memory of God’s victory in the primary battle with the brotherly software-being (i.e. the victory gained due to the wisdom of our God), which battle has been described, and supported with a quote from the Bible, e.g. in item #I2 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, causes that God created man just in order to „pursue of knowledge”, and that God continually puts great emphasis on knowledge and on wisdom of the people. In turn for us humans, a clear understanding of these conditions, goals and methods of God, has this advantage, that it allows us to better understand our God (and, hence, allows us to love Him more). It also allows us to eliminate the chasm, which because of our lack of understanding for the situation of God, occurs between the way we would like the world around us should look and feel, and how our God manages the actual look and feel of this world. In addition, also allows us to precisely fulfil wishes of our God and „meet a half-way” the divine intentions – which is a basic requirement both to improve the quality of our daily life, as well as the requirement to include our existences into the future plans of our God.

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of item #B1.1 from the totaliztic web page (in the English language) named „antichrist.htm” (updated on 7 August 2013, or later). Thus, reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „antichrist.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak



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