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#233E: How reincarnation and ghosts manifestations are explained by my research on methods of God’s actions, that were initiated by the mystery of my duel with the commander of Teutonic Knights from the Olsztyn castle (po polsku ponizej)


Motto: „God mastered to perfection the two-stage, reliable method of persuading people to initiate research and to search for truth, which He widely applies both, to individual intellects as well as to entire group intellects (e.g. to the entire human science). Namely, at the very beginning God (1) „fabricates” for the use of a given intellect the apparent body of evidence which seems to confirm the previous beliefs of a given intellect. But when this intellect is already involved in researching a given topic and is sure of the absolute truth of his (or its) previous beliefs, then God (2) reveals to him (or it) the actual body of evidence which documents falseness of these previous beliefs, so that the intellect sufficiently humble, moral, and devoted to truth, which thus is able to admit that was wrong, can repeat his (or its) research from the very beginning.

#J1: This happened in one of the final years of my studies at the Technical University of Wroclaw. During less busy days from learning I visited the family of my girlfriend of that time, to spend together pleasant evenings on various entertainments and social games. That particular evening her sister named Lodka showed us how to call ghosts with the aid of a saucer and a sheet of paper with hand-scrawled letters and digits. (This particular sheet of paper in English is called the „wigi board” – under which name the descriptions and illustrations of it can be found on the Internet.)

Seven of us present at that time sat around a table and laid their fingers on the saucer reversed upside-down. According to the tradition of such ghost sessions we also switched off the electric light and we lit a candle – the moving flame of which created shadows that introduced a kind of weird mood. At that time I was an atheist by conviction – as it is described in item #G3 from my web page named „cielcza_uk.htm”. So I believed absolutely in the „scientific worldview” that was instilled in us during the years of studies. Moreover, at that time I still did not know that in the Bible are expressly prohibited all contacts with ghosts of dead people. So I treated this „Ouija” as another source of social fun. When a saucer twitched almost immediately under our fingers after we putted hands on it and called loudly a nearby ghost to reveal itself, I was convinced that either someone (e.g. Lodka) is „pulling our legs” and pushes the saucer with her fingers, or that several out of the group ganged together to have a fun at the expense of others. My suspicions intensified even more when the arriving ghost inscribed my name with the alphabet from the wigi board and began a conversation solely with me.

The first information we received was a request of that ghost addressed personally to me, that I said a prayer for his soul. So in order to „tune in” to the „fun”, I started a discussion with him. I began by asking why he is so interested that an atheist like myself is to say a prayer for his soul. He then explained that it stems from our previous lives. Namely, he was the commander of the Teutonic Knights that resided in the castle from Olsztyn, Poland, while I was the commander of the Polish knights who laid siege to this castle. Thus, in order to end the siege he called me to a duel, and suggested that whichever one of us gets killed in this duel, then either my knights abandon the siege, or his Teutonic Knights surrender the castle without further fighting. I honourably agreed to this duel, which took place in front of all the fighting men on both sides. However, during the duel he killed me by surprise, in a highly unfair manner that was inconsistent with the former ethics of knighthood. (No wonder that since the childhood I have some inherent bias against swords, bayonets and knives, as well as that I am engulfed with sickness at the sight of blood, or while just listening to descriptions of violent events.) For a punishment, after the death he has been sentenced to penance until the time when I recite a prayer for his soul.

After hearing this story I began to be sure that someone present in that ghost-session had conspired with others to have a fun at my expense. Perhaps they wanted to hear how I am going to say a loud prayer in their presence. After all, from the lessons of history in my high school, I did not recall any mention that the Polish Olsztyn ever belonged to the Teutonic Knights. Furthermore, how it is possible that a Teutonic Knight (i.e. a German national) conversed with me in the modern Polish language. So in order to spoil this conspiracy, I said to this ghost that while being an atheist, I do not remember any prayer that I could recite for his soul. For this he replied that he knows that I frequently use the University Library on the Szajnocha street in Wroclaw, Poland, so he is to give me the reference-number (library signature) of a short pamphlet in the collection from this library, and enough for him will be for a prayer if I attentively read that brochure. This statement of the ghost made me wonder, because none of those present at the table did know that I often spend my time studying just in that library, and probably none of them was ever visiting that scientific library from the university. (From among those present, I was the only person who studied at the university level.) Since the agreeing to the proposal of that ghost of Teutonic Knight NOT threatened me with any sociable embarrassment, I agreed that I will read attentively that pamphlet. The ghost gave me the reference-number (library signature), which I meticulously wrote down, after which he thanked me, and the saucer stopped to move (become still).

The library signature of that pamphlet was unusual for the university library. For it was very short – only five or six digits. It also contained NO letters, while virtually all of the books from this library that I ordered previously, always included letters in their signatures. So some time later I went to this library, more out of curiosity than out of conviction. I expected that when I order something with the reference number given to me by this ghost, most likely to be seen that there is NO a book with this signature in the entire that library, or – in the best case, it turns out that this book is a textbook of, for example, botany, or e.g. encyclopaedia of agriculture. However, to my surprise, after the ordering that book, they brought to me a small booklet about the size of a typical 16-page school notebook. When I opened it, I almost fell off my chair. The booklet proved to be a kind of story (or a summary of the life and the list of virtues) that a group of friends wrote about their friend who just died in the eighteenth-century city of Kraków, Poland. The entire content of it contained firstly a short paragraph discussing subsequent something good that the dead man had done, after which there was quoted another prayer for the peace of his soul. Then there was another one small paragraph and another prayer. Etc. To be sure of the fulfilment of my promise, I read the brochure attentively several times. Then I left the library with a confusion in my mind. The entire event with that ghost calling, makes me wonder until today.

#J2: The puzzling correctness of the library reference-number given to me by the ghost of the commander of Teutonic Knights from the castle in Olsztyn, Poland, bothering me enormously. After all, it was too sophisticated and too complex to be only the product of a joke of participants in this ghost session. So I decided that within my capability I am going to undertake a verification of the rest of information that we acquired during that session of ghosts’ calling. Unfortunately, I am not a historian, and also I am always too busy throughout my life, to find time to search through historical documents – not to mention the fact that after my emigrating to New Zealand I do NOT have any access to the historical sources regarding the Teutonic Knights. However, by some strange „coincidence” an opportunity to make the first such checks presented itself to me. (I used quotes here, because in the world ruled by omnipotent God there is NO such thing as a „coincidence” or an „accident” – as it is explained in item #B1 from the web page named „changelings.htm”.) Namely, shortly after the graduation I was sent by the Polish army to the city of Olsztyn for several months to be trained as an officer (which was also a strange „coincidence”, as it was apparently in that city that I had died as an officer and the commander of a warring army of knights). So just during the first pass to the city I went to look whether there is a fortified castle in Olsztyn. To my surprise, I actually found the ruins of an old castle. It was somewhere on the grounds of the foreland of that castle that I supposed to die in my previous incarnation. To even a greater my shock, by these ruins of the castle an information board was posted which stated that in some specified years this castle was in hands of Teutonic Knights. So it seemed, that the story told to me by the ghost of the Teutonic Knights’ commander from that castle could be true. What was even more intriguing, the story contained a whole range of information which none of the participants of that ghost session could have known (for example, in spite of the high level of the education in my favourite history classes from the Lyceum in Milicz, I myself did NOT know that the fortified castle from Olsztyn was once in hands of the Teutonic Knights, nor even did know that Olsztyn had once its own fortified castle – not to mention here puzzles of the library reference number of this booklet with prayers). Of course, in order the story was actually true, there had to be something that we call „reincarnation”. So starting from that time, I began my studies of all available information concerning reincarnation – for example see item #C4 from my web page named „bible.htm”. After all, a lot of books on reincarnation was already written. So I managed to get and to read a few of such books. In addition, from time to time mass media also provide various information on that subject – as an example see the article „11,000 parents agree: kids say the creepiest things”, from page B5 of the newspaper „The New Zealand Herald” (issue dated on Thursday, May 2, 2013), containing, among others a statement of 4-year-old boy who told his parents that when he was still a girl, he fell off a cliff and died. Thus, I closely followed, amongst others, the content of such information.

In order my research on reincarnation make even more effective, I have learned the art of hypnotizing people. Then I started to shift hypnotized friends and acquaintances to their previous incarnations, so that this way I could reveal any facts which would allow me to check their objective historical truth.

Virtually each one amongst my friends and acquaintances, that kindly agreed to be hypnotized, I was able to shift back to a previous life (incarnation). Every single one of them described to me under hypnosis an interesting event from his or her past life. But as a scientist seeking objective „evidence”, NOT just interesting descriptions of events, I must admit that the majority of these descriptions have NOT included the data that would allow me an objective and impartial confirmation of their truth on the historical material available to me. Only in two cases, such a confirmation I managed to find. (More precisely, the confirmation for the „reincarnation” was discretely foisted to me by a strange coincidence and by fate – thus fulfilling the unique principle of mobilizing people to seek the truth, which I myself discovered only recently and which is described in item #A2.2 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”, and which states that „if we believe in something so strongly, that we are ready to take action on the basis of this belief, then content of this our belief is discreetly confirmed with a subjective evidence typically made available only to us – regardless of whether this our belief is true or false”.)

The first out of these two cases confirming the „reincarnation”, was my co-worker on a New Zealand Polytechnic. Already from the very first moment when I saw her I was shocked. This is because back in the days of my senior year at the high school, I was tempted to enter to undergrounds of the previously-existing wooden church in Trzebicko near Milicz, Poland, which was built back in 1571. (The photograph of that previously-existing church from Trzebicko build in 1571 is shown in „Figure K1(b)” from my English monograph [1e], as well as in ” Fig. #D23″ from the web page named „milicz_uk.htm”. Unfortunately, today that old church from Trzebicko is no longer there. Shortly before my visit in Poland in 2004, it was replaced by a new church shown in „Fig. #D23(b)” from the web page named „milicz_uk.htm”.) In the undergrounds of this old church in Trzebicko I saw the self-embalmed corpse of a young, beautiful woman with fair hair and an upturned nose. Descriptions of events that led me up to seeing that woman are provided in the caption under „Fig. #D23” from the web page named „milicz_uk.htm”. The unusual and unique appearance of her remains in my memory until today. But what is the strangest, the same woman with an unique appearance I saw 20 years later alive in New Zealand. Her name was Anna and she worked as a lecturer at the same Polytechnic as myself. She was very talented artistically and had a remarkable wisdom – in fact I estimate that the level of her intelligence was even higher than mine. Also still her the most favourite long plush (velveteen) skirt was the same colour, shape and appearance as the dress in which she was buried in Trzebicko. Of course, I was so fascinated by this whole event that I became friends with this woman. She also agreed that I hypnotized her several times and shifted her back in time to her previous lives. Under hypnosis she remembered a whole range of different her previous incarnations. To my dismay, however, I was unable to shift her back to her incarnation from Trzebicko. But during one of these shifting back she described to me her life as the daughter of a pottery maker from the ancient Inca in Peru. The name that she had in there she could not pronounce, but she explained to me that it is the local name of a beautiful bird. In that incarnation she was a witness of the arrival to their Inca village of the former Inca ruler of Peru, along with his entourage. Although in the force was the prohibition to look at this ruler, she pretended that she is keeping her head down, but she was discreetly glancing at what was going on. Thus, she was able to accurately describe to me what this ruler was wearing, how looked like a stretcher made of gold on which he was carried, how looked like their clothing and jewellery, as well as describe to me the appearance of pots that she helped her father to paint. After the hypnosis session was finished she sketched for me a lot of the patterns which she saw under hypnosis (she was a very talented painter). So in the end I had something that I could verify historically. When we both started a long search in historical literature to check patterns drawn by her, and events that she reported, suddenly an announcement appeared that to the city of Dunedin (in New Zealand) arrived from Peru a visiting exhibition called „Oro del Peru” (i.e. „Gold of Peru”), which included dozens of cultural objects from the ancient Inca period. Of course, we both immediately went to see this exhibition. To the unspeakable shock of both her and myself, on that exhibition was exposed almost everything that she saw, described, and drew for me during the hypnotic session. So there were exposed NOT only pots identical to those that she helped to paint, and that were fired by her Inca father, but also the identical clothing, jewellery, and even the gold stretcher on which the Inca ruler was carried around the village. The shock of both of us was complete, while since then we both, she and I, started to deeply believe in reincarnation. In addition, admiring the huge knowledge, intelligence and talents of Anna, and also knowing about her much higher than in other people number of incarnations into different individuals, I formulated in my mind a working hypothesis, which verification I started from that time, that the „intelligence, knowledge of life, the level of mental skills and talents of each person, are proportional to the number of incarnations into different people through which this person has already gone”.

The second case, which I also started to regard as giving me a reason to believe in reincarnation, took place in New Zealand as well. When I worked at the University of Otago in Dunedin, I befriended a woman named Bev, which was fascinated by ships and by seas. Since Dunedin has its own sea port, whenever this port was visited by a new ship, the woman always had to see it up close, and if she could, even go onto the board and explore it thoroughly. This woman agreed to be hypnotized by me and to be shifted back to her previous life. It so happened, that immediately after shifting her to a previous life, she moved to the times when in the ancient Egypt she was the wife of an owner of the entire fleet of merchant ships. She had no talent for drawing, so she only verbally described to me how these ships looked like. Especially well she described to me the ship, the captain of which was her lover, and thus which she visited most frequently – that ship also belonged to the fleet owned by her husband. Her descriptions coincided exactly with what I knew about the design and appearance of ancient Egyptian ships. Thus, in conjunction with that difficult to rational explanation her fascination with the sea-going vessels, which survived in her until her present life, I believe that her descriptions also provided me a valid evidence for the existence of reincarnation, on which I could rely.

However, I am a scientist by vocation and I have a habit to constantly compare everything to the reality that surrounds us. In turn, all this my many years long research into the evidence for the existence of reincarnation led to the finding, that in the vast majority of cases, descriptions of one’s past life are always so skilfully formulated, as if on purpose they do NOT contain any historically verifiable information. However, from the everyday life it is known, that practically in almost every day of our life something happens that has a link to historically verifiable facts – for example, we see a building, monument, unique clothing, important person, we hear a name, read a newspaper or a book, etc. In turn, if someone (like my friend Anna) already has an access to the historically verifiable information from previous lives, then suddenly appears a vast amount of this information. In total, according to my life experience, the repetition of just such a pattern in almost all reports about reincarnation, quite strongly indicates that for some reasons the idea of reincarnation is intentionally „simulated” („fabricated”) by someone with supernatural powers and with a significant influence onto memory and sub-conscience of people.

#J3: One of the most important instincts about which the philosophy of totalizm discovered, that it is permanently embedded into the human nature, is the overwhelming desire that if we really love and respect someone, then we want to know everything about the object of our love. It is because of this instinct, that all people who believe in God, spend an enormous amount of time studying either the Bible or requirements of their religion. It is also because of this instinct that I myself (i.e. the author of this web page) spend almost all my time available on scientific researching of God and on researching God’s methods of acting. In turn one of the products of my research on methods of God’s actions, is that they shed a completely different light on everything that I previously established about the „reincarnation”, that is on all that apparent „evidence” that I described in the previous parts #J1 and #J2 from this post.

My research on methods of God’s actions were initiated due to a shocking discovery which I accomplished as late as in 2007. This discovery revealed to me that God „fabricates” UFOs and UFOnauts in order to persuade people to abandon the superficial treatment of scientific research – so characteristic for today’s works of professional scientists representing the old so-called „atheistic orthodox science” (i.e. this science to which I refer the reader in descriptions from item #A1 of the web page named „malbork_uk.htm”), and start to put more „heart” and „wisdom” into their efforts of truth finding. Soon later I also discovered, that together with every action that God takes, He also „simulates” („fabricates”) at least three different categories of evidence, which – depending on the philosophies of people, allow to explain this God’s action in at least three different manners – as this is explained more comprehensively in item #C2 from the web page named „tornado.htm”. Both above my discoveries about the intentional „simulating” („fabricating”) of evidence by God, change completely the rules of searching for truths. This is because before accomplishing these discoveries, in all human research it was automatically assumed, that if there is found a body of evidence, then whatever this evidence is indicated must be the absolute truth. (E.g. it was assumed, that if „bones of dinosaurs” are discovered, than this means, that dinosaurs really lived on the Earth.) However, after accomplishing these discoveries it turned out, that if there is some kind of evidence, still this evidence could be „simulated” („fabricated”) by God in order to enable accomplishing some other superior God’s goals, and thus this evidence cannot be taken as a definitive proof of what it seems to indicate. (E.g. after these discoveries, it turns out, that if the science finds „bones of dinosaurs”, then the goal for which these bones were „fabricated” may be e.g. persuading the science to consider the fact of existence of God and to consider the power of God’s creation, NOT just to categorically confirm that such dinosaurs actually lived on the Earth.)

Already that first my discovery, about the „simulation” („fabrication”) of evidence by God, gives us a lot to think about these previous my findings regarding „reincarnation” that are described in previous parts #J1 and #J2 from this post. After all, it reveals to us, that in order to achieve His superior divine goals, God frequently „fabricates” deliberately (or „simulates”) the apparent kinds of evidence. However, a true understanding of the situation was accomplished when I discovered the fact which is described, among others, in item #A2.2 from the web page named „totalizm.htm” – namely, when I discovered that one of the standard methods of God’s actions boils down to the fact that every intellect (e.g. each individual person, every community, every scientific discipline, etc.) always receives from God the unique for their beliefs confirmation of the consequences of whatever this intellect deeply believes and on the basis of which believes this intellect takes its actions. This is because the learning of that standard methods of God’s action made me realize, that at the time described in part #J1, God apparently read out from my mind, that deeply down I believe in the possibility of reincarnation. Therefore, in order to encourage me for starting the intensive researching the truth about reincarnation, God probably „fabricated” („simulated”) all this apparent „evidence” that is presented in parts #J1 and #J2 from this post.

At this point I should emphasize, that the words „fabricated” and „simulated” that I use here, are very crude words and they do not describe accurately what God really did. After all, they have been developed to describe human behaviours, NOT the behaviour of the being so perfect and so almighty as God. Unfortunately, these are the only words which so-far the humanity has coined and that, although with the great approximation, still describe the actions and methods that in the case discussed here God decided to implement in His infinite wisdom and foresight. Therefore, when reading these words, the reader should mentally apply the correction on the crudeness and inadequacy of the language which we humans use to describe mainly themselves, so that after the introduction of such a mental amendment, the words of this language have also become relevant for the expression of the positive, focused on welfare and progress of the whole of humanity and the universe, filled with love for the people, actions of all-powerful and all-knowing God.

After I discovered, that those my „evidence” on reincarnation could be intentionally „fabricated” by God to encourage me to seek an objective scientific truth on this subject, I started a systematic search for such an objective evidence that could confirm the fact that the „reincarnation” in the form in which it is commonly believed, in fact, can be just a divine „simulation”. As it turned out, there is enough of such evidence to make me pretty sure, that the reincarnation of our souls in humans different than ourselves (or in other entities) does NOT exist. Below I am going to present these categories of such evidence, which I have already managed to identify and to pre-test. However, I am warning here the reader, that so-far has NOT been obtained the enough definitive proof, that it would decisively deny the existence of reincarnation in the generally believed form. Thus, the evidence which I present below should be taken as a preliminary scientific premises that strongly suggests the non-existence of reincarnation, but which still require further testing with the highly accurate and objective scientific methods, and also require the future reformatting into the form of a formal scientific proof – similar to the proofs already presented in item #G3 from the web page named „god_proof.htm”. So here are categories of evidence which so-far I have found that they strongly deny the existence of reincarnation:

1. The „fabrication” by God of apparent evidence to encourage people to seek the truth. Already was identified a wealth of evidence which conclusively confirmed, that in every case where there is a need, that from the position of someone’s lack of interest in research, this someone was transformed into vigorously carrying out the research, the actual source of this transformation is an „apparent evidence fabricated by God”. And so, for the entire institutions a perfect example of such an „apparent evidence” is the discovery of „bones of dinosaurs” described in item #H2 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”. In turn for individual people, a perfect example are the divine fabrications of UFOs and UFOnauts described in item #L2 from the web page named „magnocraft.htm”. Since God is routinely „manufacturing” such apparent evidence, one should also take into account, that especially for me God also „fabricated” that „evidence” which is described in parts #J1 and #J2 from this post. Especially, that very easy „fabrication” of such „evidence” lies in the basic capabilities of God.

2. „The path of the highest error” – along which God leads all people who seek the truth. Among the already identified standard methods and principles of God’s actions, one could be called „the path of the highest error”. As it turns out, whenever anyone amongst people seeks a truth, always to this truth he or she is led along that „path of the highest error”. It means, before people get to know that objective truth, they must first exhaust their recognising for this truth of all the different kinds of untruths that are relevant to a given truth. Only when people have run out of untruths which can be considered as a given truth, then very reluctantly and at the very end they acknowledge this objective truth. As it turns out, this fact that the most of people started to recognize the existence of reincarnation as an objective truth, coincides exactly with the work of that divine principle that people must reach the objective truth that „there is NO reincarnation”, by going just along such a path of the highest error. This means, that firstly people for the truth recognize the foisted falsehood of reincarnation, and only at the very end they are to recognise the objective truth confirmed for them in the Bible, that the improvement of the characteristics and nature of the people is carried out by the repeated living through their own (the same) life.

3. The work of so-called. „omniplan” with which God manages time. This „omniplan” is described in item #C3 of the web page named „immortality.htm”. In turn the work of this „omniplan” is, amongst others, such that until the end of the world the soul of each person must wait in readiness to be returned to the body of that person, because every time when God introduces an improvement to the past, to which improvement a given person is related, then God brings this person back to life – just as God himself admits this in the Bible (for details see item #B4.1 from the abovementioned web page named „immortality.htm”). Only that just after such a return to life, that person lives according to a different scenario that God has already recorded into the „program of life and fate” of this person, and that all previous passes through the same period of time has been completely erased from the memory of that person – although remains from them the so-called „deja vu”. Since the soul of every person must all the time wait in the readiness of becoming alive again when there is a need for it because God is correcting something in the time in which this person is living (which correcting requires that this person must live and physically participate in such a correction), then this soul cannot simultaneously be reincarnated into a different person living in different times. By the way, I personally knew a person described in items #C2 and #E1 from the web page named „boiler.htm”, which most probably died in 1998, but in 2007 was again revived in the manner described here, in order to assist in correcting the situation with the free energy.

4. The errors and distortions which each religion accumulates over time. As I already explained this on several different occasions, e.g. in item #D1 of the web page „malbork_uk.htm”, or in item #G4 from the web page named „god_proof.htm”, imperfect people bring over time increasingly more misinterpretations and distortions to virtually every existing religion. To indicate here examples of such distortions and misinterpretations already detected in e.g. such common religion on the Earth as Catholicism, I suggest to consider the commandment of God that is mentioned in „- 0 ” from item #C7 of the web page „malbork_uk.htm”, and to compare it with the so-called „cult of the Virgin Mary” practiced by Catholics, or, for example, to compare what the religion practiced by the reader is telling to people about the „hell” and compare this with the description of „hell” provided in the Bible, or, for example, try to find in the Bible descriptions of „purgatory” or „limbo” – in the existence of which Catholics believe for centuries (the origin of the idea of „limbo” is described, amongst others, in item #F9 from the web page named „god.htm”). This mean, that the older is a given religion, and the richer is the imagination of the nation which practices this religion, the more misinterpretations and distortions already creep into it. In turn, it so happens that the idea of „reincarnation” originates from the Hindu religion – which is one of the oldest religions in our world, and also which is practiced by Hindus known all over the world from their rather vivid imagination. So probably the today’s understanding of the idea of „reincarnation” is the result of distortions that these Hindus introduced to explanations which they have received from God on the subject of use of the human soul in the work of „omniplan” – already described in the previous category „3” of the evidence. (Alternatively, this idea may also be, for example, an outcome of the change of methods used by God for perfecting human souls. For example, soon after the creation of the physical world and after the teaching of people how to practice Hinduism, God could actually improve human souls with the help of reincarnation. However, after the development of Christianity God could discover empirically that much more efficient than reincarnation is to improve souls of people through the repetition of their lives via the „omniplan”.) The work of this „omniplan” also requires that (like in reincarnation) the souls are „incarnated” and perfected during the development and improvement of the universe. Only that this incarnation according to the „omniplan” must always occur into the same (our) body.

5. The statements of the Bible. As we all know, every religion provides a wealth of information as to what is happening to us after the death. Unfortunately, as explained above in „4” above, all religions are full of misinterpretations originating from people who controlled them. But if we carefully examine the Bible, then it turns out that the information provided in there on this subject is surprisingly sparse, so that it can be summarised in just a few sentences. Yet the Bible (and other holy books), NOT the claims of religions deviated over the time, indeed represent the objective truth on this subject passed to us by God Himself. As it turns out, the Bible does NOT contain even a single direct and unequivocal confirmation, that the reincarnation does exist. Though it contains a number of statements, such as those discussed in item #C4 from the web page named „bible.htm”, which can be interpreted as a possibility of reincarnation, but with the interpreting of the word of God we must be very careful. (Especially if these interpretations are NOT independently confirmed by a scientific model which proves itself to be corresponding to the reality – for example, by the „omniplan” described in „3” above, or by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or by the philosophy of totalizm.) What is even more meaningful, every statement from the Bible about what happens to us after the death, precisely coincides with what stems from the theoretical model of „omniplan” described in „3” above. And so, according to the Bible, at the time of death we go from an active „life” into the state of „sleep” (but devoid of dreams) – which our „sleep” continues until the time when God again „awakes” us to subject us to the „final judgement”. So this our sleep is similar to that of the „temporary shutdown of a computer” from the „analogy of film” used in item #C3 of the web page „immortality.htm” to explain the action of „omniplan”. Even more interestingly, during the „sleep”, our souls at all time are ready for a restoring to life and to reliving the time that through which we already lived – if God decides to make a further improvement in the times in which we live, and if this improvement requires our action as a physical person (hence origins of our „deja vu”). After the „awakening” to be subjected to that „final judgment”, according to the Bible we find ourselves back in our body, and depending on the character traits that we have acquired in your physical life and according to the morality of our actions, we are assigned to one out of two groups, i.e. either to (a) a large group of people for the final and irreversible burn, or to (b) a few people whose qualities, character and morality turn to be useful for the implementation of the further God’s goals, and thus to whose it will be given to physically live indefinitely long and happily in the next physical world that God is to create in the future. Those people (a) burned then, will never again be brought back to life – that’s why their second death is described in the Bible as the final death which will last for all eternity. Also, according to the Bible, only a very small handful of almost perfect people from the group (b) will be chosen by God for this future second happy physical life of the unlimited length. My analysis suggest, that perhaps the most important requirement that these people must satisfy, is their usefulness as the „soldiers of God” explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. Hence the number of these people from category (b) is to be less than one-third of the world’s population, means the number which is to populate then only a single flying city of the future – in the Bible called „New Jerusalem”. For example, into the number of people chosen by God to this future heavenly life, are NOT going to be included rich people from the present physical life. (Probably because the rich people produce in themselves the characteristics and nature which induce in them a constant desire to „have more” – which attributes never allow them to be really happy with what already has been given to them, and what they already have, and thus which prevent them from accomplishing the state of nirvana and from focusing themselves exclusively on achieving higher goals than just the desire to have „more and more”. In turn we know, that if amongst the future residents of the New Jerusalem there were such people unhappy for any reason, then they would have made unhappy also all other unfortunate people who would be in contact with them.)

In the Biblical description of this flying „New Jerusalem”, provided in the Book of Revelation. 21 and 22, are contained several highly intriguing features and details, that are worth examining. For example, an intriguing are reasons for which these descriptions are very similar to descriptions by ancient Israelites of discoidal UFO vehicle type K7 named „Eden” – discussed in subsections P6.1 and G2.5 from volumes respectively 14 and 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Only that this flying New Jerusalem most clearly is to be the four-propulsor (cubical) UFO of the T12 type, with a square base of a side length equal to 1123.5 meters – described more comprehensively e.g. in chapter D from volume 2 of my monograph [1/5], and also described e.g. in item #F2 from the web page named „magnocraft.htm”, or in item #G1 from the web page named „explain.htm”. Another intriguing feature of the „New Jerusalem” is the fact, that this city is a kind of interstellar spacecraft constantly flying in space, rather than the city permanently mounted on a planet – such as today’s earthly cities are. The point is, that by using such a city in the form of an interstellar-vehicle, God will be able to ride the future people to various star systems, in which previously He has already prepared a „simulations” (or „copies”) of other worlds. In turn by confronting people with creatures that populate these simulations of other worlds, God will be able to train and to toughen His future „soldiers of God” – as it is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named „antichrist.htm” and in item #L6 from the web page named „magnocraft.htm”.

6. The mismatch of „reincarnation” with other processes designed by God, means with e.g. the „omniplan”, travelling through time, the final judgement, etc. For example, the implementation of the reincarnation cycle prevents, or at least hinders, the implementation of „omniplan” – as it was explained in „3” above. If someone’s soul is reincarnated, the owner of it cannot also travel through time to other eras. In addition, people who are reincarnated many times are NOT suitable for a fair judgement in the so-called „final judgment”, because e.g. it is not known whether it would be fair to judge them on the best or on the worst incarnation. Etc., etc.

7. The data and „coincidences” embedded into the events that I comment here. If we consider the matter thoroughly, the nature and the course of events described in the previous parts #J1 and #J2 of this post, as well as the type of information that was then revealed to me, also strongly deny the possibility that in fact at that time was taking place my conversation with the ghost of the commander of the Teutonic Knights from the Olsztyn castle, but rather these confirm the possibility that in fact I conversed then with the God’s „simulation” of the ghost of that commander. There is a lot of details in these events, which seem to confirm this fact. For example, the use of modern Polish language. After all, the Teutonic Knights were Germans. How, then, the ghost of the medieval Teutonic Knight could have known so well the Polish language in its modern form, that he understood me perfectly, and that he erroneously conversed with me, writing every single word. Or the matter of the Library. In times of Teutonic Knights did NOT exist universities’ research libraries. So how a medieval Teutonic Knight, whose main skill in life was to cut off human heads with his sward, was able to fathom the intricacies of the operation of a modern library, how he knew what is a „book reference number (signature)”, and how he have found in advance what reference number (signature) has this only booklet amongst the thousands of books from the collection of the University Library at the Szajnocha street, which I was required to read. How he found out what is written in that booklet. Not mentioning the fact, how this ghost knew in advance, that I am to refuse him an immediate saying the prayer for his soul, and thus that he will need a reference number (signature) of this particular brochure from the library in which I typically was learning. (But God of course would know in advance about my refusal, because of the principles on which works the divine „omniplan” described in „3” above.) Let us also consider the array of these „coincidences”. God can pre-program them in advance with the help of His „omniplan”. However, the ghost of the Teutonic Knight was not able to cause, that e.g. „coincidently” I was sent by the army to be trained in Olsztyn, or that „accidentally” by the ruins of the Olsztyn castle someone placed an information sign which wrote that this castle was in certain years in hands of the Teutonic Knights. In total, the nature and the course of these events clearly suggest that for the superior reasons they were „simulated” by God, and that they were NOT the actual encounter with the ghost of the Teutonic Knight who killed me in one of my previous incarnations.

Of course, the superior-being so perfect as God, does nothing without an important reason. Therefore, another highly important issue, which also it would be beneficial to examine, is why God let me experience those extraordinary events. For example, is it possible that for some important reasons God decided to confront the increasingly widely disseminated beliefs in reincarnation, with the scientific rationale denying the existence of reincarnation? (If YES, then why?)

#J4: My descriptions of the hostile towards Polish people idol of Madonna from Malbork, induced a lot of interesting reactions from readers. The content of one amongst emails that was sent to me within this reaction, is worth discussing here. This is because it illustrates a whole range of general principles which manifest their work in our daily lives. For example, it illustrates the highly comforting fact, that independently from this hostile towards Polish people idol of Madonna from Malbork, there are also numerous statues and images of the God’s Mother, which strongly favour the Polish people and Poland. In the email is provided a specific example of the old painting of God’s Mother which favours the Polish nation and which resides in the sanctuary named „Jasna Góra” from the Polish town of Częstochowa. To this painting is attributed the miraculous chasing out from Poland the invading Swedish army. For this act, and for other good deeds, the God’s Mother was later crowned as the symbolic Queen of Poland. The email also illustrates the fact, that practically every person at some stage of his or her life experiences a supernatural event – except that most of us soon forget about it. Thus, although I personally stand by the beliefs which are contradictory to the main idea of that e-mail, and which I am explaining at the end of this post, still for the scientific exactitude, as well as because my human knowledge is by definition imperfect and incomplete, and thus I too can be wrong, in this item I quote and summarize the main ideas of that email – thereby enabling these ideas be verified also by the reader.

According to the content of the email that I received, the Russian Marshal named Konev also experienced events of a supernatural character. Appeared to him, and even talked to him, a woman who were the materialization of God’s Mother of Częstochowa – that is the same painting of Madonna that favours Polish people and Poland, which previously had already become famous because she chased the Swedish invasion out of Poland. The reader who wrote to me that email also explained that the repeated below from his email the course of that conversation of Marshall Konev with Madonna, originally is described on pages 300 to 307 of the Polish book [1#J4] by Father Dr. Joseph Bartnik (Jesuit and Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Warsaw) and Eve J. P. Starożyńska (the daughter of Scout from „Grey Army AK”, battalion „Sophy”), entitled „Matka Boża Łaskawa a cud nad Wisłą” (i.e. „God’s Mother of Graces and the miracle by the Vistula”). However, since I do NOT have an access to this book, I can only quote below descriptions that I received in the abovementioned email from the reader:

„The Nazis on the 1st and 2nd September 1939 were confident that they remove Jasna Góra in Częstochowa from the surface of earth. The first squadron of planes rather than to sanctuary of God’s Mother of Częstochowa saw a big lake and there they dropped the bombs – they were brought before a court martial. The second squadron of aircraft saw a great forest, and they dropped bombs in there. The third squadron composed of SS officers who volunteered to that task, did NOT come back at all. Reminded only a testimony of one SS-man, who survived but was paralyzed. Mother took care of him. He was happy that he have found a way back to God and that he saved his everlasting life. During the WW2 Częstochowa was visited by Hitler, Himmler, and Governor Frank. Towards the end of the war, during the January offensive of 1945, the Russian Marshal Konev wanted to take a few days of break near Częstochowa. When he studied maps regarding the further march to the front battle, came to his quarters a woman in dark clothing, and she ordered him an immediate march to Częstochowa, then she left. The Marshal asked his soldiers about that woman. But nobody had seen her. Konev immediately ordered the march and captured the Częstochowa town without firing a shot. The German commander had the order to blow Jasna Góra under the death penalty. Actually with 200 air bombs it was done, although the bombs supposed to explode two weeks later and the blame was to be placed on Soviets. A young, gifted student from the Leningrad Polytechnic, named Aljosza Kapustin, after 24 hours of dangerous searching found the detonator and de-mined the area. The young officer lost 10 kg in that short time, his hair turned grey, and his appearance become of the skin and bones. But Jasna Góra has been saved. The throne of Polish Queen remained. On 24 January Marshal Konev and his staff went to the chapel in Jasna Góra. At the sight of the picture of Blessed Virgin Mary he shouted in Ukrainian „this is the woman whom visited me”, and in spite of being an atheist he twice gave a deep bow to the Blessed Mother, signing an orthodox cross with his hand. He confided to one amongst his officers that after hearing the words of God’s Mother of Częstochowa he had nothing else in his mind, but just to immediately attack Częstochowa. Anyway Jasna Góra has already burned. In the monastery was the fire brigade captain, Professor of music S. Makosz. Awaken at 23rd hour in night from bed by Pauline Fathers, he extinguished the burning 8-ton truck filled with fuel. It would not be possible if it were not gunshots and panic of Germans, who fled in panic, and if not a huge amount of snow. A shaft of snow prevented the explosion. Upon learning about it, the Marshal Konev tightly surrounded the Jasna Góra, so that no German could escape.”

Author of this email also informed me that the abovementioned book [1#J4], on its page 93, explains the origin of idea enthronement of God’s Mother to the Queen of Poland. According to this explanation, this idea was given by Virgin Mary herself to the Roman Jesuit, father Julius Mancinelli. Here are descriptions from the e-mail containing this explanation. On 14 August 1608, i.e. in the eve of the feast of the Assumption, to the father Mancinelli appeared Madonna with the child, and with Stanislaus Kostka kneeling at her feet – i.e. with that young Polish Jesuit, who died 40 years earlier in the opinion of holiness (beatified in 1674, canonized in 1726). Shocked father Julius Mancinelli wanted to greet the Mother of God with a special solemn invocation. When he wondered what words he should use, the Mary spoke first: „Why not call me the Queen of Poland? I greatly love that kingdom and I intend to make great things for it, because its sons have a powerful love for Me.” After the canonical confirmation of this revelation, father Mancinelli passed the words of Mother of God to his Polish colleague, father Peter Skarga – confessor of the King Sigismund III since 1588. In turn from him the king and queen heard as first about this revelation of Mary. On page 94 of the same book [1#J4] is also explained that the father Mancinnelli, then already 71 years old, went from Naples to Kraków on foot and reached the Polish capital, on May 8, 1610, during the Feast of the patron of Poland, the Bishop Stanislaw. In the Wawel Cathedral, Mary again appeared to him, saying „I am the Queen of Poland. I am the Mother of this nation, which is very dear to Me, so turn yourself to me for them and for the well-being of this land constantly beg me.” In turn, on the page 103 of the abovementioned book [1#J4] is the reminder, that the enthronement of Mother Mary was carried out by the Polish king Jan Kazimierz, on April 1, 1656 in the Cathedral of the city Lwów. A more detailed description of this enthronement, and events that accompanied it, is provided in item #D5 from the web page named „sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm”. (The selection of the date „April 1” – i.e. the Fools-day, may make us wonder in the light of what is explained in item #D8 from the web page named „day26.htm”.)

As a person born in Poland, I certainly feel a great honour and pleasure that God’s Mother herself volunteered to be the mother and the Queen of Polish people and Poland. I also feel immense gratitude and respect for everything that she has done and is doing for Poland and for Polish nation, and with all my heart I feel towards her my heartfelt thanks. But as a scientist who studies methods of God’s actions, and as a private person unpleasantly affected by the idol of Madonna from Malbork, on the basis of my previously accumulated knowledge and experience I feel obliged at the same time, to NOT hide that I am opposed of praying to any Madonna, and opposed of asking any Madonna for anything. After all, neither the knowledge that God allowed me to learn so far, nor my previous private experience, nor the content of the Bible, are containing orders, or even just a suggestion, that independently from God, our prayers and petitions should also be addressed to the Virgin Mary. And yet the Bible contains a collection of the laws that God commanded us to do, and that then are severely judged by God. So if God felt the need for us to pray not only to Him, but also to the Virgin Mary, He certainly would let us to know it somehow in the content of the Bible that He authorises. In turn, since the philosophy of totalizm requires that every claim of „what” is supplemented further by at least an explanation of „why” (and, if possible, also by the explanation „which facts confirm this”), for the use of those readers who would like to verify in person the correctness of my position regarding the prayers and petitions addressed to any amongst idols of Madonna, below I list my reasons „why” feeding a deep respect and a gratitude to the Virgin Mary, I simultaneously entrust the Bible and the knowledge accumulated so-far, that our prayers and requests we should address only to God. Here are these reasons:

(1) The Bible forbids praying to anyone or anything but God alone. This fact was explained earlier, for example see item #C7 (0) or item #D1 from the web page „malbork_uk.htm”.

(2) In spite of the name that people bestow her, the God’s Mother could NOT be the mother of God, because God by definition has NOT had neither a mother or a father. So in fact She was only the mother of the body that God deliberately created and that was called Jesus, which performed the function of a link between God and humans. This means that the difference between God and the Virgin Mary, it is NOT just the difference between a mother and a son – for which it is taken by a lot of Catholics, but also is the difference between the Creator and a creation. After all, the God’s Mother during her life was a human – that means she was a creation. Meanwhile, her son, Jesus, was so-called „bodily representation of God” described, amongst others, in item #B1 from the web page named „changelings.htm” or in item #F5 from the web page named „antichrist.htm” – means He was a special kind of person whose mind was permanently linked to the giant mind of God, and thus who knows and is able to do everything that knows and is able to do God Himself. I certainly understand how praying to the God’s Mother, instead of praying to God, may be caused by habits which were induced in many of us by the experienced in childhood conducts of our mothers. After all, these conducts of mothers (ruled only by feelings) in many of us developed habits that if asking the father does not work, then in order to still „stand our case” it is sufficient to refer to the mother, and she either breaks the resistance of father, or skips the father altogether and directly we get from her of whatever we wanted. However, praying and addressing our requests to a God’s creation, even if that creation acquired already various supernatural abilities to generate of whatever we ask, e.g. praying to a picture or to a statue of Madonna instead of praying to the Creator Himself (i.e. to God), we risk a lot and it is NOT just because God forbids us to pray to anyone or to anything other than He Himself – as explained before. After all, in contrast to the Creator, the creation do NOT know the future, and thus NOT always knows what really is in our interests – just as we do not always have the certainty that whatever we want is NOT going to act against us. So I am almost sure, that there were God-fearing immigrants for whom God make impossible to get a ticket for the Titanic trip, because according to the God’s knowledge, they did NOT live immorally enough to deserve the journey in this doomed transatlantic, but who then prayed to God’s Mother and received her supernatural assistance in the purchase of tickets for this doomed ship. I am also pretty sure that there were also morally acting husbands whom God made impossible to marry the wives which afterwards murdered or harmed them, because according to the God’s knowledge they were too righteous to marry these women, however, prayers of who to the God’s Mother were answered in their bachelor days by receiving a supernatural assistance in getting the hands of those particular their future wives.

(3) By being a creation, God’s Mother does NOT have such a complete knowledge as that which God has. Thus, another rationale for the need to address our prayers and petitions directly to God Himself, stems from the fact that when the creator Himself does something, then His decision is made after a thorough examination with His superior mind of all the knowledge that is available only to God. Namely, for example, (a) after analyzing the results of His insight into the future (according to what is explained in item #C3 from the web page named „immortality.htm”) – which insight gives to God the accurate knowledge as to how a given action is to affect the future of a given person and all of humanity, (b) after analyzing the divine memory of thoughts and intentions of the people which this action is to affect, (c) after analyzing God’s knowledge about the laws and commandments that He issued to us, and that individual people have kept or broke in their behaviours, etc. Therefore, from God Himself everyone receives exactly what he or she has already deserved – i.e. receives what is „fair” and what NOT produces a karmatic „debt”. However, if the action is taken by a divine creation, or even by a materialization of God’s creation – such as a figure or an image of the Virgin Mary, then this creation is guided only by feelings and only by the limited knowledge that is available to it. Means the prayer requests addressed by us to the creations with supernatural powers, cause that sometimes we can get from them what we have NOT deserved yet, and thus for what (according to the principles of divine justice and in accordance with the operation of the so-called. „moral laws”), an additional bill inevitably come to us to be paid at a later date. In turn at this stage we completely do NOT know what kind of future bill is going to come back to the people for supernatural interventions, so it does NOT have to turn out to be pleasant. Therefore, I personally support absolutely what the Bible commands, namely that every divine creation should be respected and loved, also to every creature we must be grateful for whatever it has done for us, and thank it sincerely for any favour, but our prayers and requests should be addressed only to God. But this should not hinder us from documenting and researching all manifestations of the supernatural – because in the end they always lead us to a better knowledge and understanding of our Creator and His wonderful creations.

(4) Creatures with the supernatural powers have in their disposal, among others, the power to assume any appearance that they want. This in turn gives them the ability to „impersonate”. Thus, the fact that a supernatural manifestation has the appearance of a specific figure or image of Madonna, does NOT mean that it actually is the Virgin Mary. This fact is best illustrated by today’s encounters with UFOnauts. It is because UFOnauts frequently in UFOs show themselves and introduce themselves to people just as Jesus or the Virgin Mary – for examples see the web page named „ufo.htm”. So whenever someone sees the manifestation of a supernatural being, then no matter how this creature looks like and what it says or does, it actually still is not completely known who really is watched by us at that time. (For example, in the repeated above statements of the being seen by Mancinelli, it is worth to analyse the compliance of the choice of words and tone to the known attributes of the Biblical Virgin Mary – which represents the ideal of goodness, femininity and delicacy.)

(5) At the present stage of knowledge, still we do NOT know to what purpose are serving the supernatural manifestations of the Virgin Mary. So we should stop taking risks of unverified actions until such a time when the full knowledge about these manifestations will be completed. After all, they can be e.g. a kind of tests from our knowledge of God’s commandments and requirements. (After all, God prohibits in the Bible praying to anyone or to anything other than He Himself.) In turn, this test can e.g. check who is enough disciplined, consistent and prudent, that is suitable for the future performance of functions of the „soldier of God” described in item #J3 from this web page, and also in item #B1.1 from a different web page named „antichrist.htm”.

* * *

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