#232E: Every tax is immoral and should be abolished, but the taxes on the purchase of goods and services (named „VAT”, „GST”, etc.) are most immoral, because they ruin whole countries (po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „Into every problem which stems from immoral action of people God embeds automatic solution for this problem.”

As everyone can deduce it for himself, taxes do NOT need to exist. A lot of today’s countries copes well without imposing taxes. The standard of living of residents in many of them is above the average standard of living of our planet. Numerous examples of these remarkable countries can be found described in the internet after giving to a search engine the keywords „countries with no taxes”. However, in order to not disturb the reader’s line of thoughts, I have already found-out the first twenty most commonly indicated examples of such countries – of course in the world there are more than 20 of them. Here are these examples in alphabetical order: Andorra, Anguilla, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, North Korea, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Maldives, Monaco, Oman, Qatar, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Turks and Calicos, United Arab Emirates, Vanuatu. (I wonder if the reader already noted quite a striking regularity in this list?) It is not difficult to determine, that paying any kind of tax, is for the economy of a given country what throwing sand is for the moving parts of a working machinery. Also, if one checks with criteria of the philosophy of totalizm, whether gathering any tax from people is a moral activity, or if one matches taxes to requirements of the definition of true „morality” provided in item #B5 from the web page named „morals.htm”, then it turns out that the imposition by the governing bodies of any form of taxes is a highly immoral human behaviour that was tolerable in epoch of slavery, but deserves the damnation in present times.

It happens that wise God so controls each immoral human behaviour, that it acquires the ability to „self-regulate” – i.e. the ability described more accurately in item #B3 and #B3.1 from the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”, and depending on the „combating of immorality by immorality itself” (means, working according to the principle implemented by wise God in the world which He created, stating that „every problem caused by the immoral behaviour of people must contain in itself the own solution for that problem”). In turn, one amongst external manifestations of that ability to „self-regulate”, that characterises all immoral activities of people, is, amongst others, that every immoral human behaviour is displaying a whole series of features (rather unpleasant for the perpetrators), which have long been indicated to us due to the research on the „parasitism” – means on the philosophy of immorality. For example, every immoral behaviour: (a) is continuously escalating, (b) always ends in a disaster – if is NOT abandoned on time, (c) allows to avoid the final disaster (to which it always leads) only if on time is completely abandoned, and (d) the total abandonment of a given immoral activity requires contributing to it the effort of climbing uphill in the moral field along the so-called „line of the highest intellectual resistance” – which effort is proportional to the harm of the final disaster to which this immoral activity is leading. These features every reader can personally detected in any immoral activities the full course of which is known to him. For example, if someone watches liars, then he finds out (a) that their lies always are escalating over time, (b) that if their lies are not abandoned, then they lead to a disaster such as imprisoning, divorce, job or property loss, etc., (c) that liars can avoid this disaster only if they totally abandon given lying, but (d) that the total abandonment of their lying requires from them to put so much intellectual effort, how big is the harm of the final disaster to which their lying is leading – for example, to avoid a divorce requires from liars the contribution of the same amount of humiliation and pain as does the divorce itself. These characteristics every reader can also detect in every other immoral human activity, for example in stealing, drinking alcohol, drug abuse, aggressive behaviour, murders, wars of entire aggressive nations, etc., etc.

Since the tax collecting is also an immoral activity, the above features of immoral human activities are also present in taxes. And so, (a) taxes tend to constantly escalate their level, (b) if taxes are NOT stopped, then they lead to a disaster such as riots, revolutions, the collapse of governments, and sometimes even the change of political system of the country, (c) the only way to eliminate the devastating consequences of taxes is the abandonment of their collection, and (d) the abandonment of tax collection is so difficult, that the turning to a social unrest and even to a revolution or the change of political system, usually comes much earlier than the abandonment of these taxes which have brought on the people so much misery and discontent that these initiated the social revolts.

Out of all kinds of taxes imposed by governments in present times, one is the most immoral and destructive. This is because it ruins entire countries and nations. In turn, this feature of it probably is to cause, that the tax is likely to be the most primary cause (though perhaps unrealized by victims) of the turbulent social changes that are clearly coming upon mankind. That most destructive and immoral tax, is the tax on the purchase of goods and services – in most countries called „VAT” (in New Zealand it is called „GST”, while in the U.S. it is called a „purchase tax”). I wonder if the reader noticed that during the economic depression which sweeps the world since 2008, these countries which have either not yet adopted a tax of the „VAT” type, or in which this tax is small (i.e. not greater than 10%) were NOT affected by the depression at all. At the same time, the countries that fall into the highest trouble during this depression, turned out to be simultaneously the same that have this „VAT” either the longest, or at the highest level. (For example, the population of the Greek island of „Cyprus”, the savings of which in March 2013 have been cut down by more than 30% due to the collection of government which needed to compensate the greed of some of their bankers, the VAT was 20% from the amount of each transaction.) Because of this highest destructiveness of VAT, it is worth to try to prevent a possible social catastrophe which clearly is coming, just by the elimination of this dangerous tax. After all, in the interest of every country and nation that loves peace and social stability, is to get rid of causes for future social unrests – means to get rid of the VAT. The descriptions that follow are to explain why and how is to best go about it.

#T2: The tax of „VAT” type is very immoral and highly detrimental to a whole array of reasons. Let us list here the most important amongst these:

1. It kills the economic initiatives of people. Namely, many people would undertake various economic initiatives that would improve the welfare and living standards of the population, but they are afraid of legal issues and formalities connected with the need to collect the „VAT” and remit it to their government. As a result, rather than pursue these initiatives, these people just abandon them and do nothing. For example, to me repeatedly turns out a lot of people asking that I sent them paper copies of my publications. I, however, in every such a case, am compelled to deny them this favour, explaining that I cannot afford to send to them a free copy, at the same time I do not intend to wrest with the legal problems and formalities relating to the New Zealand equivalent of „VAT”, which tax, as I believe, I would have to collect from them and pay to the state – if I sent to them paid copies of my publications. Similar is the situation with many other people who without a VAT would help, entertain and raise the quality of life of others, however, who do NOT have the strength and desire to overcome mountains of formalities connected with this tax, thus who instead of productively working for the good of others, simply remain idle.

2. It discourages to try new ideas. After all, before someone takes on the implementation of new ideas, or starts to produce something new, he or she first must go through various legal and bureaucratic formalities. Meanwhile, the „VAT” is surrounded by so many formalities and so complex and continually changing laws, that many people never have the power and perseverance to break through all these obstacles.

3. It holds-back the progress. If the implementation of progress, requires first to break through the sea of formalities and laws, one does NOT have the strength nor desire to make progress. Thus, one of the consequences of the introduction of VAT, is the escalation in a given country of the so-called „inventive impotency” described, among others, in items #G1 and #H1 from the web page named „eco_cars.htm”.

4. It turns decent citizens into criminals. Because of the existence of VAT, almost every citizen begins to consider how he could sell or buy something, but avoid paying this tax. As a result, in the light of existing laws, almost everyone becomes a criminal, while in the country habits are growing, that avoiding the obedience to law is a natural thing which is to be done normally each time whenever one is not watched by a representative of authorities. Thus, with the elapse of time the rule of law is being gradually eroded amongst citizens, morality collapses, and the country slips down into the grip of rising crime.

5. It increases the number of people actively supporting „immorality”. Research conducted by the new „totaliztic science” (i.e. this science which is referred to in item #B2 from the web page named „humanity.htm” – addresses of which are provided at the end of this post) determined, that the active supporting of any form of immoral act, in the final end is always discreetly punished by God (i.e. punished in a way that does NOT deprive the „free will” of outside witnesses of this punishment). The evidence and descriptions of this discrete punishment, the reader can learn e.g. from item #G1 of the web page named „will.htm”, item #B2.1 of the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”, item #I3.1 of the web page named „petone.htm”, and from a number of other totaliztic publications. On the other hand, the existence and gradual increase of VAT (as well as other taxes), constantly increases the number of people who, in accordance with the criteria of the philosophy of totalizm, as well as with text of the Bible, actively undertake immoral actions that set them precisely onto this discrete divine punishment. After all, these people are involved, for example, in adopting the VAT, or in its increasing, collecting, etc. So before one turns on the actions that actively support the VAT, I would advise him or her to ask the question of how in the moral sense these activities differ, e.g. from the production and sale of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.

6. It urges the Government to repetitively increase the amount of VAT. When VAT is once introduced, features of it incline politicians to repetitive increase its value. After all, the ambitions of today’s politicians know no bounds. In turn the easiest way to meet these ambitions, is to increase the value of VAT. So whenever government accounts become empty, while with the morality of today’s politicians this happens surprisingly often, immediately a member of the government proposes the increase of VAT. For example, in New Zealand, the local equivalent of VAT (called GST) was introduced on 1 October 1986, in the amount of 10% from the price of all goods and services. Although the entire government propaganda of that time indoctrinated the population, that GST will only bring benefits to the nation, in fact this introduction resulted in a 10% increase of true prices of almost everything, and the same in 10% drop of real wages of every person. But soon afterward, on July 1, 1989, the GST was increased to 12.5%, resulting in a further proportional decline in real wages of the population. The rulers, however, did not stop at that, and on October 1, 2010, they again increased GST to 15% – causing a further significant decline in real income of the population. I’m willing to bet everyone, that this latest increase is also NOT going to be the last one.

7. It inspires the politicians to invent increasingly more and more taxes. Seeing how easy it is to collect tax via the VAT, politicians in power spend a significant amount of their time on trying to invent which yet another tax could be introduced, to squeeze money out of their nation as easily as with VAT. For example, in New Zealand in 2003 the politicians came up with the idea to tax farts – because farting supposedly emits gases which cause warming of the Earth’s climate. However, the proposed tax that was called by people the „fart tax”, provoked so much public ridicule and laughter, that the politicians of that time gave up and abandoned the introduction of it. However, to this day a mystery bothers me personally, as to how these politicians intended to measure exactly how much one should pay of this „tax on farting”. In turn, in March 2013, one amongst New Zealand’s politicians came up with the idea, that there should be also a tax from perks – including a tax for internet access. Fortunately, also this tax caused such a public outcry that the government was forced to abandon its introduction.

8. It turns the „spiralling” of money between people, which invigorates the economy, into their increasingly idle oscillation „from the government to the people and back to the government”. Without the tax of „VAT” type, the people between themselves exchange goods and services for money, so that their money is generating a lot of wealth and comfort before they are frozen in government vaults. However, after the introduction of „VAT”, money no longer „spirals” between people, but it oscillates between the government and the population. Furthermore, in that oscillations, the key financial role start to be performed by the unproductive bureaucrats, mainly because their salaries are paid-for by taxes. So the government can return the money back to the people, only when the country employs a huge crowd of unproductive bureaucrats who themselves do not produce almost anything, but only make life difficult for other citizens who work productively. As a result, instead of generating goods and services, in such a sterile oscillations between the government and people, money promotes idleness and bureaucracy. The production of goods and services immediately falls down, and the standard of living of the population is getting increasingly worse. As we also know, these are just such idle oscillations of money between the government and the people, that once have already been the original cause of the collapse of the communist system.

9. It tempts the rulers to increase the number of professional politicians living at taxpayer expense. The ease with which due to VAT, governments can increase their income by simply increasing the amount of that tax, causes that rulers begin to be tempted to increase the number of members of the government and professional politicians paid from taxes. After all, each amongst them has a lot of classmates and friends, whom the nation did NOT chose in elections and do NOT want, but who would be useful to the rulers as politicians e.g. who vote for them in parliament. Thus, in countries that introduced VAT long ago, typically adopted are parliamentary systems such as MMP, in which regardless of the politicians elected by the people, to the government and to the parliament are appointed by their party colleagues, numerous additional politicians that people did NOT elect, because the nation does not like them. In this way, the number of members of the government and members of parliament is practically almost doubled, while in the government are beginning to sit people who do NOT feel to represent their constituents, because in fact they have NOT been elected by the people. Then, such politicians appointed by their colleagues and NOT representing anyone, enact laws and make decisions that NOT only no-one wants and that are commonly opposed, but which also drastically run against the requirements of true morality, and sometimes even explicitly act to the detriment of the nation. As an example of just such laws and decisions, consider the law enacted in New Zealand and described in item #B5.1 from the web page named „will.htm”, which under the threat of imprisonment for parents, prohibits to discipline their own children, or consider other New Zealand law described in item #I3.1 from the web page named „petone.htm”, which gives to homosexuals the right to officially marry, or consider the New Zealand government’s decision to allow the spy agency to spy on own citizens of this country – as described in the article „New spy laws comparable to Big Brother”, from page A12 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, April 22, 2013; or consider the activities of the New Zealand institution called CYF, which in the glory of law does the actions described in the article „Russians claim CYF kidnapped hurt baby”. from page A3 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. Of course, the above examples of laws and decisions from New Zealand I provide here only because this particular country I know the best and have the easiest access to information as to what happens in it. In turn the learning of specific examples should open the reader’s eyes to similar situations that happen in his own country. (Totalizm teaches us, that „without the knowledge of truth there is no progress”.) However, I have travelled a bit around the world, and thus I am sure that practically in almost every country from the today’s increasingly immoral world, politicians act in almost the same way. After all, politicians are people, while to all the people God has given a similar set of human imperfections – as it is described in item #B2 from the web page named „antichrist.htm”. For example, in April 2013 a considerable consternation raised in Germany decisions of their government (which, incidentally, also is elected by MMP system, similarly as the New Zealand government) to „save” at the expense of the German taxpayer inhabitants of Mediterranean countries from their financial problems caused by too extravagant life, when it turned out that ordinary Germans are on average at least twice poorer than those whose standard of living „beyond their means” those Germans are forced to „rescue” financially by the German government – for more details see the article „Germans poorer than Cypriots”, from page B2 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, April 22, 2013. Similarly, when in 2008 because of greed of some bankers, several American banks were close to bankruptcy, the government gave them taxpayer money so that these bankers could still continue to pay themselves astronomical bonuses.

10. It deepens the financial „inefficiency” of all governmental institutions and enterprises. In engineering is used the term „efficiency”, understood as the ratio of what one gets to what one must put in order to get a given something. In addition, engineering uses also the term „inefficiency” defined as the opposite of „efficiency”. Thus, e.g. the latest electric motors have this efficiency close to 99%, the older combustion engines have this efficiency at the level of 50%, while steam locomotives (today considered to be almost ancient propelling devices) have this efficiency at the level of around 20% (i.e. steam locomotives have the „inefficiency” rate in the order of around 80%). If concepts of „efficiency” and „inefficiency” are also used in relation to the financial ventures of people, institutions, and governments, then these concepts in extreme ranges of their values would in addition reveal also „morality” and „immorality” of such ventures. As it turns out, such a financial „efficiency” calculated for the ventures of today’s governments, is at the level of just a few percent – which is even much lower than if the today’s states were driven by these steam locomotives considered by everyone to be almost ancient propelling devices. For example, when in New Zealand the election was lost by the most moral of all the leaders known to me, that is by the Prime Minister named Sir Robert Muldoon (described also in item #B1 from the web page „pajak_jan_uk.htm”), the government which took over the power from him began to massively sell all assets that were previously owned by the state, means the land, factories, power plants, railways, etc. The assets sold then were worth billions of dollars. Some time later I was shocked to hear on television, that to the state coffers went from these sales just only around 3% of their value – means the rest must be somehow „blown by wind”. The same trend seems to continue in New Zealand until today. For example, in the article „Seized millions fail to help”, from page A20 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Friday, April 26, 2013) is described the result of requisition by state of properties owned by several criminals. These properties have brought $150 million, of which $27 million was transferred to the state, but only $10.2 million went to the state coffers – which gives at the most 7% of „efficiency” of this example of the „government activity”. In turn for the rebuild of Christchurch, according to the article „Canterbury rebuild figure rises extra $10 b”, from page A18 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, April 29, 2013), the cost of this rebuild was estimated at $40 billion in April 2013. (Notice, that immediately after the earthquake described e.g. in item #P5 from the web page named „quake.htm”, the destruction of the city was estimated at around $2 billion.) In these $40 billions, the originating from taxes contribution of the government is to reach $15 billions – means 37.5%, or slightly over 1/3rd. So one should expect, that every third building in Christchurch should be rebuild from the taxpayer money. But if one watches news from the press and television, then practically almost everything that is build in Christchurch seems to be paid from non-governmental sources, i.e. by private owners, institutions, insurances, from rates of inhabitants of that city, etc. Thus, these and other similar examples which the reader may know, are illustrating, that today’s governments are probably the only institutions which are able to last and to be maintained by people, in spite that they are the most „inefficient” and financially wasteful institutions in the entire history of mankind. The reader may be bothered by the question, where this unjustifiably-low financial efficiency of all governmental projects comes from, since it is more suitable to times of paganism and slavery than to today’s supposedly modern and computerized market operations? I’m willing to bet, that the answer to this question is „from the ease with which governments collect taxes”. After all, taxes flow into the state coffers without any effort or endurance on the part of politicians – means according to the saying „easy come, easy go”. Thus, the existence of taxes, especially that VAT which is extremely easy to raise, does NOT urge politicians to reckon with the spending of every penny, as they would have to reckon if for their expenses they would need to earn with their own effort of inventing, establishing, maintaining, and supervising of various government business and commercial activities, and if at the same time a falling into deficit would mark the end of their term of governing and the end of their political career.

#T3. Typically unaware by people implications of the VAT, include, among others, the gradual withering away of economic life in the country and the continuing increase in social tensions. Because of VAT, people in the country become more and more apathetic and deprived of initiative, while at the same time growing is the bureaucracy, corruption, economic crime, and various methods of getting rich quick in immoral ways. As a result, the country gradually declines, the economy is depressed and self-emptying, the gap between rich and poor increases, sense of security fades, etc. This means, that the standard of living of almost all of its population rapidly decreases. What’s the worst, it can begin to build up social tensions, which, if they are ignored by the rulers, may in time lead to the outbreak of riots – means to the social disaster. For this reason, in the interests of politicians and the population of each country is the elimination of some of the most immoral taxes as soon as possible – before the dissatisfaction and desire to rebel induced by them throws people into chaos of even more immoral activities, from which almost no-one will benefit, but nearly everyone become a victim.

#T4. If one carefully considers the matter, then it turns out that the tax is mainly needed by politicians, so that it can satisfy their ever-increasing ambitions. On the other hand, the number of politicians can be reduced to a minimum – as this is the case e.g. in Switzerland, or in countries which have not introduced taxes yet. After all, the public functions that today are carried out by crowds of politicians, may even better be filled by small governmental teams. In turn, if the number of politicians is reduced to just small democratically elected teams of governors and decision-makers, then it turns out that the whole country can exist and thrive completely without taxes. Let us now review here various key functions fulfilled by today’s swarms of politicians, and let us explain briefly here how the same functions could be successfully completed by small governmental teams not receiving any taxes from the public.

(1) Schools and education. Almost the entire social spending, already ceased to be covered from taxes since a long time. Instead, it is charged from the public fees relating to a given expenditure. For example, a significant proportion of schools and universities already is funded by their users, as well as churches or organizations that host them. Other could be funded by the province, cities, or factories that will obtain their residents and employees from the graduates of these schools and universities.

(2) Health Care. Hospitals, medicine and health care have long time been paid either directly by the user, or from insurance, or from donations of the nation.

Furthermore, the „health care” truly devoted to the treatment of people, i.e. such as we know it from the old days, gradually ceases to exist. From the „health services” it gradually turns into the „killing or addiction services”, which people are forced to use only if they absolutely have NO other choice. For example, in today’s hospitals, clinics, and health centres, have multiplied so many bacteria resistant to antibiotics, that if someone goes in there with a very sick and weakened body, then these bacteria usually attack such a person and cause the death. On the other hand, today’s doctors, trained by the old and erroneous so-called „atheistic orthodox science”, typically do NOT know other treatments apart of prescribing antibiotics. Even if someone has a strong body and is not afraid of those bacteria resistant to antibiotics, still for the reasons described in items #I1 and #I2 from the web page „healing.htm”, typically rather than to cure the disease, today’s doctors condemn this patient to a lifelong use of medications that only alleviate symptoms, but secretly induce addictions and dependencies.

(3) Retirements and unemployment benefits. In many countries pensions are already paid from old-age insurances that are separate than taxes, or from additional contributions of employers and employees. Similarly are also paid disability and unemployment benefits.

(4) Laws, justice, and prisons. Laws that swarms of today’s politicians and members of parliaments are enacting, are NOT useful at all. After all, in most cases, these laws run exactly opposite to principles of morality required from people by God, while these God’s principles of morality are completely sufficient for all the humans to accomplish the moral, prosperous and righteous lives – if only they are obeyed properly. (Which fact I try to emphasize in a number of my web pages.) In turn legal costs are already paid for by those ones who have lost their trials. The maintenance of police and prisons used to be (and can again start to be also in the future) paid for from products of prisoners labour and from work of punished people, from the sale of offenders’ properties, as well as from the additional income sources such as fines, tickets, penalties, etc.

(5) Salaries for the government. Salaries for members of a quantitatively small government can be paid from sources completely different than taxes – for example, from the income of industry owned by the government. After all, every self-respecting government should form, and maintain, various companies, the existence of which lies in the interests of the country and the nation. For example, if a country has some natural resources, then the government should form their own (national) companies for the exploitation of these resources. This is because if the exploitation of natural resources is given in the hands of multinational corporations, the country and the nation is robbed by these corporations. As it is well known, when multinational corporations are to build and maintain for example gold mines, they never pay for the gold that they have mined, but only pay the salaries for the workers and some symbolic taxes. The same is also valid for any other natural resource being extracted, such as oil, coal, diamonds, ores, etc. Also, every government has a duty to fight with monopolies. Thus, if an enterprise begins to produce something in a given country, for which product there is a lacks of competition, the government is obliged to either set up a similar company that also produces a competitive product, or to establish a business that imports a competitive product from abroad. Of course, there is more cases when a given government should form and run own profitable businesses. For example, the promotion of progress and innovation should be expressed through the formation of such businesses, the unique needs of the country should be satisfied through them, etc., etc. In turn, all such businesses and companies together with other activities of the government that generate profits, such as charging for the granting of licenses, permits, visas, quotas, etc., should be sufficient to satisfy all the needs of government for salaries, fees, funding, investment, etc.

(6) The management of the country. The collective decisions which for dissolving responsibilities are currently being taken by quantitatively large governments typically composed of politicians without the knowledge of the subject area about which they make these decisions, usually do not meet criteria of the true morality and, therefore, with the elapse of time these decisions always turn out to be wrong. After all, present governments make decisions only when they were forced to do so, and they always choose the solutions that run downhill of the moral field along the so-called „line of the least intellectual resistance” (thus, as such, already from the definition these decisions are immoral). On the other hand, the philosophy of totalizm teaches us, that correct and NOT requiring later repairs are only these decisions which are „moral”, means which run uphill in the moral field along the so-called „line of the greatest intellectual resistance” – for more details see item #A2.1 from the web page „totalizm.htm”. Thus, the same decisions can be made more effectively and more correctly by small governments composed just of a few persons. After all, then at least it will be known who is personally responsible for the consequences of these decisions. This in turn will immediately mobilize governments to verify each their decision being made as to whether it meets the requirements of the so-called „true morality” – i.e. that morality which is defined in item #B5 from the web page named „morals.htm”. After all, according to findings of the philosophy of totalizm, only decisions which are pedantically moral, i.e. which meet all the requirements and precepts of true morality, are decisions which over time will prove to be correct and appropriate. On the other hand, decisions contrary to the precepts of true morality, with the passage of time always lead to problems, while their impact must be repaired later – although at the first glance they may look as if they brought some temporary benefits.

(7) Construction and repair of roads, dams, power plants, public buildings, etc. Such activities of governments have long been paid entirely from fees of their users, e.g. from the cost of gasoline, tolls, electricity prices, public contributions, separate budgets of cities, etc.

(8) The maintenance of army. In the world created and justly ruled by almighty God, the army not only that is NOT needed by anyone, but the possession and use of it causes that a given country and nation starts to accumulate an undesirable karma, that at some stage later must be paid back rather painfully. After all, carrying out an aggression against any other countries is forbidden and severely punished by God. Thus, the organising the army to make an aggression on a different country or a different nation is highly immoral activity which is severely punished by God. On the other hand, if some other country is to make an aggressive onto us, then God acts in accordance with the divine principle that „every war is always lost by the aggressor”, which principle is explained in more detail on several totaliztic web pages, e.g. in item #I2 and #E3 from the web page „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”. So actually keeping an army should NOT cost anything, because nowadays no civilized country should have an aggressive army, while the defence trainings can be organized on the basis of self-defence subjects taught in schools, or as a hobby funded by interested hobbyists.

As the above reveals, in modern societies, taxes actually are NOT needed. In fact they create more harm than good. In order to eliminate them completely, just suffices to reduce the number of politicians to the size of an „effectively operating governmental team”, for example, to about five democratically elected people (this is because from the research on the work of teams stems, that an effectively functioning team should NOT be larger than 5 persons). On the other hand, to curb appetites and personal ambitions of these politicians, just suffices to introduce laws which correct human imperfections and immoral tendencies – for example, introduce the law stating that the government is dissolved and elections of a new one are announced, if the government has caused the deficit and the lack of money to pay for governmental spending, before it finished its, for example, five-year normal term in office.

#T5. To improve situation of the humanity it is necessary to cause changes in the principles on which our governments are operating. Unfortunately, neither today’s governments nor political parties have what it takes to make such an effort and to take the risk of such changes. I mean, they do NOT have the moral authority, power, nor traditions that are required for such an important task. Therefore, to make the peaceful transition of principles of governing, a new political organization should be established in the country, the thoroughly prepared and consulted with the entire nation statute of which have been based solely on principles of the true morality ordered to people by God, and thus which, because of the philosophy adopted for itself, would represent the moral authority required that the public entrusted it with the proper carrying out the required changes. The proposal of just such a political organization with the high moral authority based on the philosophy of totalizm already have been postulated. It is disseminated under the name of hypothetical party of totalizm.

In order to peacefully bring about the change that will create the country’s political conditions for the birth of new rules of governance without immoral taxes and without swarms of politicians whose actions do NOT document that their behaviour is governed by the moral compass built by God e.g. in the content of the Bible or in the human conscience, it is only need to:

(a) Establish officially an entirely new political party of totalizm with the moral authority recognized by the nation and with morally correct and workable statute. This is because only such a new political party with unblemished moral authority is able to make the necessary changes in the rules of governance.

(b) Reduce the government to just a few democratically elected persons with previously proven expertise, who behave and act pedantically morally, and who displayed the personal responsibility for their decisions and actions. I.e. to replace the today’s „quantity” of politicians with the future „quality” of politicians.

(c) So redraft the laws and procedures of governance, that these repair the consequences of human imperfections and immoral tendencies, for example, that they cause that the government will never be allowed to borrow money, and that its own expenses it would cover from its own sources of government revenue. In other words, to implement for the government the humorous, although in practice highly effective, recommendation „trust the people, however, take their jewels for pawn” – the author of which supposedly was Vladimir Lenin himself.

(d) Gradually build up the prosperity and happiness of the country’s population through bringing the principles of the operation of that country close to the requirements of true morality imposed on people by God. This is because when the today’s immoral (and thus erroneous) decisions of governments are to be replaced by the transparent to everyone decisions that actually are moral (and thus correct), then the prosperity and happiness will return to the nation just by itself (or more strictly – just by God’s discrete intervention).

Of course, it is not difficult to predict that, given the enormity of the reforming effort that will have to be implemented to eliminate firstly the VAT, and then all other taxes, many countries and nations (if not all) will ignore this advice and warnings, while instead of undertaking the elimination of the amount of taxes, the taxes rather become escalated. This in time will inevitably lead to social tensions and to various unrests, and perhaps even to the situation described on web pages named „antichrist.htm” and „prophecies.htm”. After all, every change to the existing rules on which a given country operates, can be brought about not only peacefully, but also by strikes, street fighting, social unrest, and even revolution. Unfortunately, history shows it to us, as well as illustrates it via the most recent developments in countries in which the patience of nations has been exhausted, that the bloody and chaotic revolutions or civil wars are NOT beneficial to almost anyone, and typically are NOT making any real improvement. How could from fighting originate anything that is really moral and good, as fighting, killings and destructions, are themselves very immoral and evil. After all, evil is only able to raise even more evil. Thus, in order to NOT commit again the same error, which the humanity has previously committed thousands of times, I personally would like to recommend, that people start to trust in the moral power of the philosophy of totalizm, and they establish officially the party of totalizm – so that it is this party which is to introduce the required changes in a peaceful manner, i.e. with the least possible disruptions to the principles of governance and life to which we are accustomed, and which have been enjoying our full approval and support.

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of items #T1 to #T5 from the totaliztic web page (in the English language) named „humanity.htm” (updated on 3 May 2013, or later). Thus, reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „humanity.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:

Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including all the above web addresses, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic web page that interests the reader, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name „humanity.htm” is changed into the name of web page which one wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „morals.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address http://energia.sl.pl/humanity.htm , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet explorer one writes e.g. the address http://energia.sl.pl/morals.htm .

Also notice that a complete list of (and links to) totaliztic topics discussed in various internet forums is provided in item #E2 of the web page named „faq.htm” – also available at every address listed above.

It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #232E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak



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