#231E: The ignored protest of mine regarding the provocative article in the newspaper „Dziennik Malborski” about the restoration of idol of the Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis known from its hostility towards Polish people – meaning we supposed to live in the „freedom of speech era”, but obviously „Poland still practices censorship” (po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „In the world where nothing happens by a random chance or by coincidence, (i.e. the world in which we live – see items #B1 and #B3 from the web page „changelings.htm”), every harm is proceeded by a warning. Thus, only that person may become ‚a Polak wise after a harm’ which ignores all warnings received, because of his/her carelessness, stubbornness, arrogance, etc.”

Malbork (in Poland) has its own local newspaper. It is called „Dziennik Malborski” (i.e. „The Daily of Malbork”. In 2012 and 2013 from its website available at the address http://malbork.naszemiasto.pl/tag/dziennik-malborski.html one even could read some amongst the articles from this newspaper – although this provocative article [1#C7] about which I am writing here, probably deliberately was NOT published in there. On the other hand, in January 2013 the communication with its editorial staff could be obtained either by mail through the address Dziennik Malborski, ul. Kościuszki 5A, 82-200 Malbork, Poland, or via email by writing to: the Editor: r.konczynski@prasa.gda.pl, the Journalist: j.skrobisz@prasa.gda.pl, or the Reporter: p.jankowski@prasa.gda.pl.

Of course, as befits a local newspaper of Malbork, probably it published various articles on how to restore the idol of Madonna of the Teutonic Knights and Nazis from the castle in Malbork, which is historically known from its hostility towards Polish people and Poland. Unfortunately, living on the opposite side of the globe, I really have NOT been able to find and to read such articles. The only article, the content of which so-far I was able to get to know, bore the title [1#C7]: „Coraz bliżej powrotu figury Matki Boskiej” (i.e. „Getting closer to the return of figure of God’s Mother”). It appeared on page 8 of that newspaper „Dziennik Malborski”, issue dated on 2nd November 2012. In this article [1#C7], the foundation „Mater Dei” with an enthusiasm informed readers about rather a provocative fact, that the restoration of the statue of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from the castle in Malbork is close. Since the establishment of „Mater Dei” foundation in 2007, it had already gathered 273 000 units of Polish currency – mostly from grants of tourists (probably in understanding: „from foreigners”). In turn the cost of rebuilding of this Madonna is estimated at 1 to 2 million. This means that the restoration of the idol of this hostile Madonna (towards Polish people) is already close to entering into an implementation stage.

I was totally stunned by the enthusiasm of this provocative article [1#C7]. After all, today I’m probably the only scientist in the world, who scientifically and objectively researches methods which God really uses in His actions – for some amongst results of my research see e.g. item #G1 from my web page named „will.htm”, item #C3 from my web page named „immortality.htm”, item #B1 from my web page named „changelings.htm”, or item #G3 from my web page named „god_proof.htm”. In turn my research clearly reveals that a large group of these methods of God’s acting focuses on persuading to people that they voluntary obey the demands and commandments of their creator. But in order to teach this voluntary obedience, all these methods boil down to giving somehow know to people of what God requires of them and what He orders to them, and to the next severe punishment of those people and those nations which violate these precepts. Only that in order to NOT deprive people of their so-called „free will”, this severe punishment is carried out in such an ambiguous, camouflaged and difficult to clear interpretation way, that we first need to be sure of the existence of God, to be able to note these punishments (as this is explained in more detail e.g. in item #C2 from my web page named „tornado.htm”). Because of this camouflage, only those cases of punishing become known to the most of people, which God has revealed to us for examples – e.g. consider the fate of the Biblical Eve (which broke the divine command to NOT eat the paradise apple). About the fact, that every day we are also witnessing many other cases of similarly severe divine punishments, people could learn only if the science officially funded from our taxes carried out for this a factual and objective research – means the research that is similar to my private searches for the truth, the results of which I presented e.g. in items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named „petone.htm”. Unfortunately, our openly acting against God official „atheistic orthodox science” does NOT want to carry out such research. (This is why is true my previous statement, that as now I am probably the only scientist in the world who objectively and scientifically researches the methods of God’s actions.) Therefore, as so far, probably only some amongst us may ask themselves a question, whether e.g. the today’s economic depression in the European Union’s single market, is by any chance a result of the active breaking by that economic organization of a series of divine precepts, including the principle to NOT waste the food, and thus e.g. to NOT organise festivals of throwing tomatoes or oranges at each other, to NOT pay e.g. farmers for abandoning harvesting their fields and increasing the fallow lands, to NOT kill bulls just in order to entertain mobs, etc., etc. (about some other consequences of such violation of the divine precept to respect food and to NOT waste it, which consequences I have watched for the past few years, I have written in item #D5 from my web page named „fruit.htm”). Also only these most religious amongst watchers of television news probably ask themselves a question, whether e.g. these destructive „weather anomalies” from England and America, are NOT just the result of a „global warming”, but may stem from the chance that these countries have broken a whole range of God’s precepts, e.g. the one about NOT practicing the homosexuality. Similarly, probably only the most religious Australians, may sometime ask themselves a question, whether e.g. these devastating hurricanes, floods, and fires, which for several years repetitively plague Australia, are by any chance a result of increasingly common breaking of a number of various divine injunctions, e.g. ones relating to „desires”. Etc., etc.

There is no a secret, that there is also a divine order for the Polish nation, to NOT rebuilt this symbol of aggression, occupation, oppression, injustice, injustice, immorality, etc., which is the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis from the Malbork castle. After all, this order God has passed to our knowledge in a number of different ways – amongst others through making the stern warnings described in item #C1 from the web page named „malbork_uk.htm” (addresses of which are provided at the end of this post). So when I read the abovementioned article [1#C7] I literally started to panic. I have long been aware though, that a breach of this divine order through the restoration almost in the middle of Poland of the symbol of aggression and oppression in the form of idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights which already in the course of history let to know about itself, that is capable of supernatural activities, which was famous for its anti-Polish deeds and hostilities towards Polish people, and to which is attached an ominous prophecy which has already proven that it is fulfilling, would be a kind of national suicide. Hence, all the Poles are obliged to protest and to prevent the restoration of this idol.

Such suicidal consequences of the rebuilding of idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights was also discreetly confirmed by God directly to me. After all, only due to God’s ability to synchronize time of related events, such as the ability described in item #C3 from the web page named „immortality.htm”, only God was able to cause, that in a short time after I read the abovementioned article [1#C7] and after I posted to the editorial staff of the „Dziennik Malborski” my official protest regarding the rebuilding of the Malbork’s idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights, in the New Zealand newspaper that I typically read, was published a warning article [2#C7] entitled „Knights successors head back into battle” (see page B4 from the newspaper „The Dominion Post”, issue from Tuesday, February 12, 2013). In this article is described how today’s heirs of the medieval Teutonic Knights now keep wining in Europe one lawsuit after another, for paying to them compensations by countries that took the former lands of Teutonic Knights and for returning to them the castles of Teutonic Knights seized by these countries. Already they have obtained in this way compensations for damages, and castles, from Austria, Slovenia, and the most recently from the Czech Republic – about which the Czechs particularly deplore because the castle of Teutonic Knights called the „Bouzov Castle”, so-far was for Czechs a significant source of revenue from tourism. So it is easy to predict, that one amongst the first steps of today’s descendants of the Teutonic Knights, which is to be taken after the rebuild by Poland of the idol of Malbork’s Madonna, will be a lawsuit to firstly pay by Poland for the castle in Malbork, and later probably also for the whole land of the former East Prussia. (I do NOT need to explain here what then happens to the Polish population now living in Malbork, and in former East Prussia – us the history illustrated to us that the former national characteristics of Teutonic Knights do not change.) Thus, as „a Polak who does NOT want to be wise only after the harm” I decided to respond to the article [1#C7] in a manner that was in my (rather modest) capabilities. This post explains with what and how I responded then.

Some time since I managed to read the content of this provocative article [1#C7], after considering various possible ways of my reaction, and after careful thinking over this matter, I come to a conclusion that the most effective form of my response would probably be if I prepare a written „protest” and post it to the editorial staff from the „Dziennik Malborski” with my polite request to publish it. So I wrote down the arguments of his „protest”, quoted below, and on 17 January 2013, I posted it by e-mail to each member of the editorial staff from the „Dziennik Malborski” known to me – of course, together with my written request, that on the basis of the democratic right to express my opinion, I would like this my „protest” is published by them. Unfortunately, the rest of January 2013 has passed, then passed the whole of February and March, so that now we already have April, while the editorial staff of the „Dziennik Malborski” has NOT even bothered to answer me regarding this my official protest. As we can see, the endangering of my life and the future, when as an active member of the Solidarity I fought for the „freedom of speech”, was only the beginning of a series of „lost causes” of my life. That complete ignoring of my official protest, can be interpreted as empirical evidence that, as Poland stood by censorship under communism, by censorship is also standing at present. This is why it is difficult to see a politically significant difference between the complete ignoring of my official protest by the editorial staff of the „Dziennik Malborski”, and e.g. such action from the communist era as the one described in item #E5 from my web page named „rok_uk.htm”. I can write hundreds of protests, and endlessly appeal to the reasoning of „Polaks” (i.e. Polish nationals), while Polaks still are to remain proverbially „wise only after the harm”, and none of my protests and appeals is to be taken seriously. So the only other form of reaction to that ignoring of my protest described here, that still remains open for me, is to publish here this my official letter of protest, which on 17th January 2013 I posted to the editorial staff of the „Dziennik Malborski”, together with my polite request to publish it. Here is my rough translation into English of this my letter of protest (originally prepared in Polish) that was ignored by the editorial staff of the „Dziennik Malborski” – hopefully my translation gives to the reader some idea about kinds of objections which I wanted to raise regarding the controversial restoration of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights:


It somehow happened that I personally went through a lot of bad experiences served to me by the hostile towards „Polaks” idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork. Thus, on my own skin I experienced how much evil and suffering can induce its use of supernatural powers prejudiced towards Polish nationals, and how evil and perverse can be ways in which it harms Polaks. These my own bad experiences, as well as examples of harm to other Polish nationals, I already described thoroughly, and even supported with historical examples, on my web page [1] named „malbork_uk.htm” – which every reader can view, for example, at addresses http://soul.frihost.org/malbork_uk.htm or http://tornado.fav.cc/malbork_uk.htm. After experiencing this suffering, it becomes clear to me, that as a Polak who despite of the well-known Polish proverb, „does NOT want to be wise only after a harm” (in the Polish language this old Polish proverb states „Polak zawsze jest mądry dopiero po szkodzie”), I have a moral obligation to oppose and protest against the intentions of restoring the idol of this hostile towards Polish nationals, Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, in its original symbolism of Teutonic Knights and in Nazi personality. Explanations which I am presenting below originate from this my duty of protesting as a „Polak before a harm”.

To the preparation of this protest prompted me the article [2] entitled „Coraz bliżej powrotu figury Matki Boskiej” (i.e. „Getting closer to return of the figure of God’s Mother”), from page 8 of issue of your newspaper „Dziennik Malborski”, dated on 2nd November 2012, which article enthusiastically praises the Malbork’s foundation „Mater Dei” for the completing of an initial phase of the restoration of idol of this hostile towards Polaks Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis. This is because my personal experience and research clearly documents that this Madonna should never be restored to the existence in the old symbolism, configuration and personality of Teutonic Knights, and as the carrier of Nazi traditions, but rather in its place should be erected a new symbol of Polish identity and faith, such as the cross without a figure (i.e. devoid of any „idol”), or a new statue of the Madonna with already the Polish symbolism, artistic meaning, configuration, and tradition – as such a new symbol would be more appropriate to the actual situation of the world today. I do NOT intend to conceal, that is known to me a lot of reasons, including the ominous prophecy, all of which clearly indicate that „it takes the Polaks wise only after a harm”, who with their own hands would rebuild the idol hostile towards them and having confirmed supernatural powers, which cost their ancestors an ocean of tears, injustice and bloodshed. So although I can understand that the city which earns for living due to „antique lovers”, the restoration of this idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights may seem, as the English people would say, „second best thing after introducing a sliced bread”, I would like to remind here, that in our physical world nothing is only „good” or only „bad”, and all things bring both, beneficial as well as detrimental consequences. Unfortunately, in the case of restoration of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights in her old symbolism and in Nazi traditions, the painful, risky, and harmful for Malbork and for Poland consequences of it, far outweigh anything good that may come out from that idol. On the other hand, if this Teutonic symbol has been redesigned and built to have the new (Polish) symbolism and tradition, then it would bring to Malbork all the benefits that may stem from the old idol of Teutonic Knights, and in addition it would introduce no risks and dangers linked to the restoration of the symbol of Teutonic Knights and Nazi followers. After all, the vast majority of people visiting Malbork neither know how the medieval idol of Madonna from Malbork really looked like, nor it makes any difference for them whether they ever learn that old look. Fortunately for us, we now live in a democratic world – and even in Poland, everyone should have the right to express his or her views and opinions (although, as so far, I have not seen that someone was officially allowed a public expression of objections towards that symbol of Teutonic Knights). Thus, herewith, I am exercising this right and I express my open „protest” against the rebuilding of this idol in its old symbolism of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, and with its already proven supernatural powers. Simultaneously I explain it here what premises and experience make me to protest in this matter.

Here is a numbered list of my reservations (to facilitate thinking about them), regarding the rebuild of the „idol of Malbork’s Madonna” in its old symbolism of Teutonic Knights and in Nazi traditions:

– 0. The Bible in several places clearly prohibits building idols to which people would pray and devote religious worship – which fact I supported with many quotations in item #D1 from abovementioned web page [1] named „malbork_uk.htm”. For example, the verse 20:3-5 from the Biblical „Exodus” says, quote: „Thou shalt have no other gods before me You shall not make an idol, or any picture of what is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth Thou shalt not worship them nor serve them: for I the Lord your God, am a jealous God … „. Meanwhile, the restored statue of Teutonic Madonna is to create just such an „idol” („picture”). After the rebuild of it is completed, a lot of people will come who will „bow” to this „idol” („picture”). So the restoration of it in Malbork is to oppose the precepts of the Bible. In turn, for every action, which is to oppose the precepts of the Bible, later comes to the perpetrators a hefty „bill to pay” – as, on the real-life example of St. Andrew Bobola, I am reminding this in item #D1 from the abovementioned web page named „malbork_uk.htm”. Thus, according to the saying „do not have a kicking match with a horse”, a „kick” directed at words of God contained in the Bible, due to the rebuilding of this idol, some days in the future probably will be returned to inhabitants of Malbork with a significant „vengeance”. After all, how such a „kicking match with God” may finish for Malbork, is illustrated on an example of actual events, amongst others, in item #G2 from the web page [3] http://petone.xtreemhost.com/prophecies.htm.

– 1. Even only the correct naming of this idol of Teutonic Knights already induces bad reactions. It so happens, that each object-name from our physical world, refers not only to this object, but also stimulates the feelings resulting from previous roles of this object. Therefore, some amongst these names stir up definitely bad feelings – for example consider names „mass murderer”, „invader”, „guillotine”, „concentration camp”, etc. Among other things, this is why, if we are talking about a material statue or image of God’s Mother, then we always qualify precisely which exactly statue we mean – for example, „Our Lady of Fatima”, „Black Madonna from Częstochowa”, etc. After all, the use of only the name „God’s Mother”, without the required qualifier, does NOT refer to anything physical that would still exist in our times, but only directs the thoughts and feelings of the listener to a special soul residing in heaven. However, if one wants to give enough precise name to the statue of Teutonic Knights’ Madonna planned to be rebuild by the Mater Dei foundation, so that this name distinguishes the given figure from all other statues of God’s Mother that exist in the world, then it is necessary to emphasize its origin through the use of names of the kind „idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis from Malbork”. After all, the use of other names is NOT sufficient (e.g. the name „Our Lady of Malbork” still does NOT explain which figure from Malbork is just described, and thus it would direct the thoughts and feelings to all such figures which exist in Malbork). However, the use of a completely accurate name, like the „idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis from Malbork” immediately stimulates in the listener very bad associations. After all, this particular idol of Madonna is responsible for an ocean of human injustice, wars, battles, bloodshed, deaths, etc. – what burdens it with a huge baggage of historical evil. It is difficult to imagine that the members of the Mater Dei foundation do NOT know about these facts. In this situation may intrigue us the question, why both, in the abovementioned article [2], as well as on the website of that foundation, instead of using a precise and complete name for this idol of Teutonic Knights, improperly is used a deceptive for readers, short name of „God’s Mother” – which in the majority of Polish citizens automatically induces a feeling of admiration for the mother of Jesus which represents a model of maternal perfection and goodness? Is this avoidance of the use of a full and correct name deliberate, or it stems just from the ignorance? In addition, how to NOT oppose the rebuilding of this idol of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, which cannot even be called accurately and correctly, because in the listeners it immediately induces very bad associations?

– 2. To the „idol” from Malbork is attached the ominous prophecy stating that „for as long as the statue stands in its place, the land that it overlooks will remain under the German control and only the German language will sound in it”. This prophecy proved itself true beyond any doubt in the course of history, and for sure it has the power to fulfil itself again (several cases of this fulfilment I described and reminded to the readers in the abovementioned my web page [1] about Malbork – which is named „malbork_uk.htm”). Although right now the „political correctness” commands us to „turn a blind eye” to the deviations of the past, from the past experience we perfectly remember, that politics is constantly changing, and what today may seem appropriate, already in a few years of time prove to be a source of tension, hostility, tears and human suffering. In turn, when the old idol of Teutonic Knights with supernatural powers is once constructed, it may then be necessary a next world-war to re-remove it from its pedestal.

– 3. This idol in the past was famous from supernatural powers, the products of which always turned out to be unfavourable for Poland and for Polish people. The future prayers of tourists and faithful certainly are to give a similar supernatural powers to the rebuild idol of Teutonic Knights. After all, if this idol is rebuild, people will flock to pray to it. Thus, it would be much better for the Polish nationals, if in the place of the old idol, a completely new symbol was build with a different history and with a personality favourable towards Polaks. It is not an example of wisdom, if with their own hands the Polish people restore the hostile towards them idol of Teutonic Knights with historically proven supernatural powers.

– 4. Supernatural powers possessed by this figure of Madonna make it an „idol” (also called „picture”, „statue”, „fetish” etc.), praying to which the Bible expressly forbids (for an example see the biblical quotation above from my reservation number „0”). After all, its powers do NOT come from God, but from the energy absorbed by it from people that are praying to it. As such, the idol of Teutonic Knights is NOT different from other idols that exist in the world, which also document to have supernatural powers coming from the energy of people praying to them. For example, is NOT different from idols named „Datuk” in Malaysia, from „totem poles” in Borneo, or from „guardians” of the old Korea – all of which are described in items #D2 and #D3 from the indicated in [1] web page named „malbork_uk.htm”. After all, this „idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis from Malbork” received the „personality of Teutonic Knights and Nazis”, because in the past it was saturated with all the physical vices, imperfections, characters, customs, methods, goals, etc., of its Teutonic Knights and Nazi faithful, who in past prayed to it. So if again it is restored to the existence, it will continue to implement its supernatural actions that are compatible with its personality of Teutonic Knights and Nazis.

– 5. That idol of Teutonic Knights used to also be a Nazi symbol of Germanness of the lands supervised by it. Thus, it is easy to predict, that after the rebuild, it probably will attract to Malbork like a magnet all sorts of „elements unwelcome in that town”. After all, today’s world is full of various nationalists, neo-Nazis, separatists, terrorists, hooligans, and other groups and individuals, who are just waiting for an opportunity or excuse to induce all kinds of troubles and unrests. In turn, after attracting these elements to the Polish Malbork, almost certainly, they will initiate all kinds of trouble and unrest, burn and vandalise cars, private properties, public buildings, attack and smash windows of businesses and offices, etc., etc. As a result, these elements are to bring to the town a whole range of problems, and from the present peaceful town, Malbork will turn into a kind of battlefield.

– 6. In a democratic society, the undertaking a rebuild of anything, especially something so controversial as that idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights soaked in Nazi traditions, should always be based on an analysis of all the benefits and losses – which analysis should be made available to the public scrutiny. Also always the decision to carry out such a restoration should be taken only in case if this analysis shows undoubtedly that the benefits are to exceed the harms. Unfortunately, I never came across any mention, that such an analysis was carried out by anyone. Meanwhile, if one considers thoroughly this matter, the rebuilding of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, practically is NOT to bring any concrete benefits that could be measured or estimated, but instead it may result in significant damages in the future.

– 7. Those who hope that the rebuilding of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights increases profits for the inhabitants of the Malbork town, or increases a number of tourists, can really be disappointed. After all, the funds collected for the restoration of this idol of Teutonic Knights will end up on the accounts of some foreign „experts” and will NOT help any unemployed inhabitants of Malbork to earn for a living. This is because only if in the castle’s niche was exhibited a brand new (Polish) symbol, then it would be possible to entrust the construction of it to Polish artists and businesses. In addition, the riots and the problems which this Madonna is to cause in Malbork, will cost the town increasingly more and more losses and gradually will scare all self-respecting tourists. So instead of generating income and attracting tourists, this idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights will attract the elements that typically do damage and that no town wants be visited by them.

– 8. The „Mater Dei” foundation has started the rebuild of the Malbork’s idol in a way, that can be called self-usurped and dictatorial. On the other hand, in such an important and controversial issue, which may with all its consequences affect several millions of people and a large proportion of the territory of today’s Poland, the decision to rebuild should be made democratically, after giving an opportunity in the public referendum to everyone who will be affected by the consequences of the reconstruction of this idol, to say whether he or she is „for” or „against” the rebuild. After all, it is almost sure that the local population is firmly opposed to this reconstruction, only that so far no-one allows it to speak. About the lack of popular support from the people of Malbork and the vicinity of it, indirectly admits even the „Mater Dei” foundation in the article [2] discussed here. This is because it states in there, that the source of grants for the reconstruction of the idol of that Madonna of Teutonic Knights are mostly tourists (i.e. probably foreigners). So in fact, without the firstly carrying out a public referendum on the subject, the self-proclaimed and forced upon people rebuilding of the idol of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, is a kind of social violence and of imposing a decision, which is illegal and against the principles of democracy. As such, it should be immediately halted.

– 9. In the present time, when a rebuilding is carried out on something from the past that have completely disappeared, always this should be done in a reasonable compromise between the past and the needs of the presence. For example, in the reconstruction of the old town of any city, NEVER the rebuilt homes are supplied in ancient toilets in the form of a backyard „long drops” or a hole dug in the ground, and always added to them are bathrooms that formerly did not exist in them. But the Mater Dei foundation insists on rebuilding the idol of Teutonic Knights exactly in its medieval symbolism and form, i.e. completely without consideration to the requirements that the present times impose onto its reconstruction. If one thinks in these terms of an absolute medieval authenticity, he or she should also request to remove from Malbork all modern toilets, and demand that in line with the medieval customs townspeople and tourists emptied themselves in the „medieval style” – that is, for example, directly to the Nogat river.

– 10. When such an important and controversial decision on reconstruction is taken, it should be based on consideration of „for” and „against” in at least three different proposals. For example, it should at least consider the „for” and „against” (1) restoring the original idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights, (2) the erecting in its place a brand new figure designed by Polish artists, such as e.g. the figure of „Our Lady the Queen of Poland”, with a drastically different symbolism and configuration, or (3) inserting in there a religious symbol that appeals to all of today’s religions, because it would have been deprived of the so-criticized in Catholicism likeness of any „idol” – for example, erecting in there a simple cross devoid of any figure. However, I never came across such an analysis of at least three proposals.

– 11. The idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights was in the past the source of much suffering, the human harm and tears shed. In turn, the Chinese knowledge about the so-called „feng shui” prohibits possession in the place where one lives any objects that were once a source of evil. The old traditional Polish knowledge also claimed the same and, for example, it ordered to bury in the ground executioner’s axe which has already cut 1 000, or more, human heads – because it could chop off just by itself the head of a nearby person. Empirical experience from the past reveal that the energy accumulated in such objects can still harass, torment and disturb in the supernatural manner the peace of the people staying and living in the vicinity of such objects.

– 12. The bad past belongs to the past, and its restoration to existence would make sense only if it helped in our present. But all the facts indicate that the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, if it is ever rebuilt, will definitely disturb the present, instead of helping it.

As I firmly believe, the above expression of the opposition and protest in the matter of rebuilding the idol of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, I am presenting NOT only on my own behalf, but also on the behalf of a significant number of other Polish nationals who had been forced to remain silent because they were NOT given the chance to safely reveal their opinions (and are too scared retaliation to open their mouths). As I also believe, this objection and protest about the reconstruction of the idol of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, does NOT mean, that similar objections would appear, if in the niche of the castle from Malbork was built some other religious symbol, e.g. a cross without the idol, or a figure of Our Lady the Queen of Poland – provided, however, that the symbolism, configuration, meaning and tradition of this new symbol would be completely different from the symbolism, configuration, poses, meaning and tradition of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights – as is already thoroughly explained in item #C5 from my web page [1] named „malbork_uk.htm” (available, among others, also at the address http://cielcza.iwebs.ws/malbork_uk.htm). So if the „Mater Dei” foundation chooses to „design differently (in the Polish style)” the symbol planned to be erected, then – after giving to everyone the opportunity to verify that the actual design of this new symbol, through its different configuration, pose, content, tradition, place of the origin, etc., is bringing all the hallmarks of newness and Polishnness, then the idea of its implementing probably is to receive the full support and cooperation from every Polish national, including myself.

Jan Pająk
17 January 2013.

At the end of this item I would like to add that if the arguments that I quoted here are close to the reader’s heart, and thus if you share my views, you should not remain passive towards this matter. In today’s world of internet and emails, you have a possibility to also put into the written form your own „protests” and then send them (e.g. anonymously – if you are scared retaliation) to decision-makers and journalists who have some influence onto what happens in this matter. The required addresses of authorities and the press can be found on the internet (some of them I even quoted at the beginning of this item). So „do NOT sit on your own hands” and do NOT wait passively until you feel on your own skin the hard consequences of coming true the old prophecy on the hostile towards Poland and Poles idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from the Malbork castle, but do act already now towards the halting of this idol of Madonna from being returned to the position from which it was prevailing in past.

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The above post is an adaptation of item #C7 from the totaliztic web page (in the English language) named „malbork_uk.htm” (updated on 9 April 2013, or later). which explains the fate of my official protest regarding the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, Poland. Thus, reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „malbork_uk.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:

Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including all the above web addresses, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic web page that interests you, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name „malbork_uk.htm” is changed into the name of web page which you wish to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „will.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address http://energia.sl.pl/malbork_uk.htm , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet explorer you write e.g. the address http://energia.sl.pl/will.htm .

Also notice that a complete list of (and links to) totaliztic topics discussed in various internet forums is provided in item #E2 of the web page named „faq.htm” – also available at every address listed above.

It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #231E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak



Jedna odpowiedź to “#231E: The ignored protest of mine regarding the provocative article in the newspaper „Dziennik Malborski” about the restoration of idol of the Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis known from its hostility towards Polish people – meaning we supposed to live in the „freedom of speech era”, but obviously „Poland still practices censorship” (po polsku ponizej)”

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