#230E: How the true work of time is explained by the „imitation of time” in form of the flow of execution control through control programs for machine tools with computerised control systems (po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „Only the immensely wise God was able to create the world so excellently as we see it around us – in turn so immensely wise God would NOT have created a world in which there would be something, e.g. time, that God would NOT be able to freely control so that it implements His superior intentions and goals.”

My theory of everything, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, explains the concept of time and the work of time in a completely different way than did it the old, official, „atheistic orthodox science” (i.e. that old, monopolistic, ignorant and arrogant science, which is described more broadly, amongst others, in item #D8 from the web page named „immortality.pdf”, addresses of which are provided at the end of this post). For example, according to my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, time is actually a kind of motionless „software landscape” formed from a special kind of program and data stored in the „counter-world” and called here the „omniplan” or „timespace”, while our life depends on moving through this „landscape”. (It is worth to remind here, that the old official science says just the opposite, namely that time „flows” around us – similarly like a stream flows around a stone, while we stand in one place – like that stone stands in a stream.) Due to the fact, that in reality „time is motionless while we travel through this time”, it is possible to build „time vehicles”, which, similarly like our present vehicles, also allow us to move through time in all possible directions, i.e. to shift back in time, to accelerate time forward, to stop the elapse of our time, etc. In this post I am going to explain to the reader more precisely how the Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes the work of time, while more specifically, explain how works this „omniplan” („timespace”) – which actually governs over time and through which we can accomplish all these capabilities to shift our time back (i.e. to become immortal), to skip forward in time (i.e. to visit the future), to stop the passage of time (means to live through whatever we like the most for as long as we wish), etc.

Immensely wise God intentionally pre-programmed our physical world in so intelligent manner, that it gives Him a free reign over every possible parameter of the universe, including also reign over time, i.e. so that, for example, God freely is able to shift time back, move time forward, stop the passage of time, view, change, and adapt to His plans and goals everything that happens in any time (i.e. also in times that we consider to be the past or the future), etc. After all, such a free reign of God over all the parameters of the universe, including His control over time, allows Him to accurately govern over the physical world which He has created, and thus allows the precise achievement of His superior divine goals. Of course, a kind of a by-product of this intelligent pre-programming of time by God, is that we can also benefit from it. After all, if we advance our knowledge to the level, that we learn how to control this „timespace” („omniplan”), then we will also be able to execute our control over time. In other words, the fact that God reigns over time, it also means that if we deserve it with the moral life and with the persistent learning of truths, then we also will be given a similar mastery over time. This in turn will give us the capability for immortal lives.
Such a control over the time God has achieved through the wise formation of the physical world into just such a software structure, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the „timespace” or „omniplan”. This „timespace” („omniplan”) in reality is a „natural control program” developed by God and stored in memory of the intelligent counter-matter, which program controls over everything that happens in the entire physical universe. Notice, that I introduced here both these names, i.e. „timespace” and „omniplan”, so that depending on the situation being described, I can use either the name „timespace” – which illustrates how we move through time, or just use the word „omniplan” – which explains the role that the „timespace” fulfils in the intentions of God. Thus, both of these names, i.e. „timespace” and „omniplan”, mean here exactly the same, while the meaning of both of them illustratively describes that God created this „software structure”, which I have called with their names.

In my busy life, filled with a variety of activities, already a long ago I got to know a similar (but created by people) „software structure”, which actually is one amongst several developed by the human technology and simplified „models” or „imitations” of the divine „omniplan”. This human „software structure” that I met quite a long ago, thus that lies at the foundations of my later understanding as to how works the software time pre-programmed by God, is the so-called „control program” for the numerically (computer) controlled machine tools. Due to learning in years of my youth, how exactly such „control programs” work in machine tools, and due to my understanding that for the numerically (computer) controlled machine tools, such „control programs” are exactly the same as for people is time, I was later able to NOT only understand myself how wise God pre-programmed the work of software time for us, but I was also able to explain this work of time to other people – which explanation I provide, amongst others, in this post. Later in my life, I also discovered that the „control programs” for machine tools are just one amongst many similar simplified „models” or „imitations” of the divine „omniplan”. Some amongst these other „models” or „imitations” are even known more widely and more commonly than these „control programs” from machine tools. Therefore, they are even more suitable for the use in order to explain to readers how works this software time created by God. One amongst the most frequently used at the moment, and hence the most widely known such „models” or „imitations” of software passage of time, is an ordinary movie film (e.g. a feature film) stored in a computer’s memory and played by someone on the screen of that computer.

So in order to better understand what is that „omniplan”, and how works this software „timespace” created by God for governing over time, I am introducing here quite a simple and primitive analogy of time to a movie film stored in a computer. This movie film is shown on a computer screen and viewed by a computer illiterate, i.e. viewed by a person who does NOT know computers well enough to be able to control them just by himself. For such an illiterate who is only viewing (although emotionally living through) the action of this movie film, the flow of the events from the film through a computer screen is an analogy to the flow of time in our lives. Namely, just like in our lives, on that computer screen also one can see the events that occur in sequence one after the other, one can see the objects and creatures involved in these events and affected by their consequences, also for the heroes of that film the development of events on the computer screen is like the development of real-life events in our lives, etc. Furthermore, just as it is with the passage of time, such a film displayed on the computer screen and viewed by a computer illiterate also flows in only one direction, namely only towards the future.

However, unlike the illiterate viewers of this film from the computer screen, and also in contrast to the heroes of this film, the situation is quite a different one for programmers familiar with the principles of encoding videos in the computer memories. After all, this film from the screen of a computer, is actually a kind of program. Thus, such a programmer well familiar with the principles of movies’ encoding in computers, can select in the computer memory any part of the program of that film, and then change this part in any manner that is suiting him or her the best. For example, if the bride of the hero from that film, dies in a park because onto her head falls with a thunderous noise a heavy branch broken off a tree – as this is described, for example, in the article [1#C3] entitled „NZ burial for woman killed by falling branch” from page A8 of the New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post” (issue dated on Thursday, September 27, 2012), such a programmer can change that part of the film e.g. into a situation, that onto this bride falls a flower wreath thrown by a nearby bride who implements an old custom that it can be caught by a next miss which soon is to get married. As a result of such type of changes introduced by the programmer, this illiterate watching a movie film and symbolising here the audience (witnesses) of someone’s real life, would see a completely new story-line that are experiencing the heroes of that film (which heroes are analogies to us in the described here „imitation” of time). Exactly on the same way works software time. Only that for time an equivalent to this film stored in the computer memory, is the described here software „timespace” (i.e. „omniplan”) – stored in the memory of the intelligent counter-matter from the counter-world. Simultaneously, the equivalents of the heroes from that film, are ourselves, while the equivalent of that computer-illiterate watching a movie on a computer screen, are „witnesses” of our lives – that is, all other living creatures from the physical world, which together with us are watching and experiencing what is happening throughout the entire universe. I mean, neither we (nor these other creatures), are able to change anything significant in this supposed film, but we only are witnessing and reliving what in the universe is unveiling. But God is like the programmer from the above analogy – who pre-programmed the entire this film. So God can reprogram any portion from that film in the manner that suits Him. Only that this reprogramming God is carrying out in the other „counter-world”, which is superior to our „physical world” in the same way as a computer’s „processor” is superior to the „screen”, and thus that this counter-world is managing everything that is going on in our physical world.

The primitive analogy of time together with timespace (or omniplan) described above, to the software encoding of a film in the computer memory, perfectly explains the operation and features of time. To better realize this explanation, I am going to describe now the actual features and principles of operation of time – as these are described by my theory of everything, means by my Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Here they are:

1. Time is a kind of motionless „software landscape”. This means that like a film placed in the computer’s memory is simply a kind of fixed „landscape of bits and bytes”, also time and programs that control it are just „software landscape stored in the memory of intelligent counter-matter”. (This „landscape” I call here the „timespace” or „omniplan” – depending on which of these two names illustrates better a given part of a description.)

2. The flow of time is a movement of the „execution control” over that „timespace” („omniplan”). To view a video from the computer’s memory, a kind of pointer, indicator or a „cursor”, must be moved through this „landscape of bits and bytes” which stores the entire content of the film. This pointer (cursor) indicates the frame of the movie film that is about to be displayed. Such a process of moving the „cursor” and the work of computer caused by it, programmers call the „execution control”. Similarly is with time. The current point in time from the „omniplan” that we just are living through, is indicated by the pointer of the „execution control” contained in our genes. In turn the elapse of time is simply the movement of this „execution control” through the „omniplan”.

3. Time elapses in short jumps – similarly like a movie film passes through a computer screen. This jumping passage of time is documented by the facts described in item #D1 from the web page named „immortality.htm” – addresses of which are provided at the end of this post. The jumpy (i.e. NOT continuous) passage of time is in turn the empirical evidence, that time works exactly as it is described here. (After all, if time was as it is described by the old „atheistic orthodox science”, then its passage would be continuous.)

4. For creatures that still have NOT deserved to have time vehicles, time flows in only one direction, that is always only towards the future. Such creatures are therefore similar to that computer illiterate from the previous descriptions, who still does NOT know how to operate a computer, and thus who can see the movie film only once – when someone else displayed it to him. Our present civilization as a whole, as well as almost all of today’s „atheistic orthodox scientists”, are just equivalents to such computer illiterates. However, totalizts who get to know findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, no longer are similar to such complete illiterates like present professional scientists. In turn creatures that already know how to use time vehicles are like people who have learned to use computers. However, the highest level of human cognition is the ability to build time vehicles.

5. The operation of time vehicles boils down to introduction of changes to the current position of the pointer in the „execution control” of the „omniplan” described here. In other words, just as a person who is capable of using a computer can repeat or skip through any parts of the movie film played on the computer screen, also creatures which use time vehicles cause that these time vehicles shift the „execution control” to other points in time from the „omniplan”. Of course, it is mainly God who intentionally shifts the „execution control” whenever He decides so, while time vehicles are only able to duplicate some of God’s actions.

6. Time vehicles are NOT able to change anything from our past or the future, and they can only shift us to a different point in time, which we naturally have experienced in our previous life. So they are similar to a computer that is NOT able to change the plot of the movie film stored in its memory without the programmer’s intervention. To make a change, in the new passage of time we ourselves must choose for ourselves a different path through the life, means we must enter onto a different path leading us through this divine „omniplan”.

7. God is the programmer of time, and thus He can change whatever He wants both from the events of the past as well as from events of the future. In other words, God is like the programmer from the previous analogy of a computer movie film, who not only can shift execution control in this film to any scene, but also who is able to „reprogram” the story-line of the entire film into a completely different one. In fact, God does so for each of us and He does it several times in our lives – to which changes God even admits in the Bible (as it is described in item #B4.1 from the web page named „immortality.htm”). After all, if God shifts us back in time and at the same time He erases the appropriate portion of our memory, we do NOT have the slightest idea about the occurrence of this shifting us back in time – even though we sometimes wonder why certain life-situations seem familiar to us, as if we had already experienced them („deja vu”). Due to these capabilities, God is able to accurately „pre-program” the life of each one of us in a manner that is consistent with the superior God’s goals and intentions, and also with our knowledge, skills, and character traits, as well as with the fate for which each one of us individually deserved.

8. The passage of „real time” which occurs in the counter-world, is of a different kind than the passage of „software time” in our physical world. In the previously introduced analogy of time to a film displayed on a computer screen, the „real time” that elapses in the counter-world can be compared to the time that elapses for the computer itself (i.e. that computer, in memory of which the film is stored), and also to the time that elapses for the programmer who operates the downloading and displaying of this film. However, the „software time” that elapses in our physical world, can be compared to the elapse of time which experience the characters (heroes) from that film displayed on the computer screen. Thus, for example, if the display of the movie film is interrupted, because the person watching it has e.g. do some other works, then for the characters from that film time is to stop in one place and stands still until when this person returns to watching the movie. On the other hand, if the watching of a film is shifted back to the beginning, the time of heroes from that film is also to shift back to the beginning and then re-start to run from the very beginning. The above illustrates that God and all spiritual beings from the counter-world live in the „real time”, which could also be called the „absolute time” – because it is impossible to turn back. (Of course, for God and for spiritual beings this impossibility of reversing their „real time” actually does not matter, as God and these beings exist immortally – as it is explained comprehensively in item #C3 from the web page named „soul_proof.htm”.) However, due to the pre-programming of the physical world by God into the form of „omniplan”, everything that exists in the physical world is living in a different „software time”, which can be stopped, shifted backward, accelerated forward, as well as every event of which God can reprogram into a completely different event.

9. God has a simultaneous insight into all times of the physical world (i.e. God see at the same time whatever for us is the past, as well as whatever for us is the present, and future). This is because the „timespace” pre-programmed by God already contains within itself all possible times, all objects, and all the events from the entire physical world – similarly as in the previous analogy to the film contained in the computer’s memory, this computer has stored in itself the entire course of the film, NOT only a moment of time that just appears on the computer screen, and thus the situation of which moment just experiences the hero from the film. (Thus, for example, a programmer familiar with the encoding of that film in a computer, also has a simultaneous access to all of its plots, and if he wants he also may „fine tune” to each other, and change, events taking place in that film into events that are most suitable for him.) Due to this simultaneous insight into all times and all events from the physical world, God has the ability to „fine tune” to each other, all moments of time in which each event of the universe are occurring – so that their results were exactly in line with His superior plans and goals. That is why, if God wishes so, He can precisely fine-tune e.g. the moment of the collapse of a heavy tree-branch described in [1#C3] above, to the moment when a person passes under this tree-branch – which person e.g. is subjected to the principle of the „extinction of most immoral” described in item #G1 from the web page named „will.htm”. (Intriguingly, so far I came across as many as three almost identical cases, when someone’s fiancé has died, killed by a tree-branch that with a great bang broke off from the tree when this girl walked right under it. The first of these cases affected my office colleague from the Technical University of Wrocław named Zbyszek. At a description of another similar case I came across in a newspaper, but I have NOT written down the editorial data of it. However, when I came upon the third such a case, almost identical to two previous ones, I already wrote down the editorial data of it and then repeated these data in the article [1#C3] above. It is worth noting here that such a „scenario of killing a fiancé with a falling tree-branch” could NOT be re-played repeatedly so many times in the world in which prevails the time described incorrectly by the old „atheistic orthodox science”.)

There are various serious consequences of this fact that in the „omniplan” from the very beginning are already pre-programmed all times, all events, and all the objects of the physical world. One of these consequences is the co-existence of what is called the „destiny” with what we call the „free will” (this co-existence of both of them I am going to explain further on another occasion). Another consequence is that the duration of the physical world is limited, and thus that actually one day unexpectedly to people, still the „end of the world” announced in the Bible is to come. Only that, according to what I am explaining e.g. in items #N1 and #C2 from the web page named „quake.htm”, this „end of the world” is still very far away. Before it will happen, for example people first are to build „time vehicles” and overcome death with these vehicles – just as the Bible foretold. Yet another consequence of the pre-programming of physical world into the form of „omniplan”, is that the storage of this „omniplan” in the memory of the counter-world must absorb the appropriately enormous „information capacity” of the counter-world. That „information capacity” can be compared here to a capacity of the computer’s memory that stores the film from the previously-described analogy. After all, the longer is the film and the more characters and objects are in it, the more memory it takes when it is stored in a computer. In turn, the „information capacity” of the counter-world required for the storing of the entire „omniplan” which God created, decisively influences the relative proportion between the size of the elementary particles of counter-matter from the counter-world, and the size of any of the elementary particles of matter from the physical world. The point is, that every elementary particle of counter-matter can store in itself only a limited amount of information – similarly as in today’s computers each unit of memory can store only a certain amount of the so-called „bits”. So in order that to every elementary particle of matter (which a particle of matter is, however, a separate object in our physical world) is assigned in the counter-world the amount of memory which is able to accommodate all the information related to this particle and which is present in the „omniplan”, it is necessary to assign to this particle of matter the large number of elementary particles of counter-matter. This number will also be the higher, for the longer passage of time God has pre-programmed our physical world. Thus, if we estimate the amount of information that these elementary particles of counter-matter must store on the subject of every elementary particle of matter from the physical world, and it still is multiplied by the amount of time the „omniplan” has been pre-programmed, then we must find out that the ratio of dimensions of a single elementary particle of counter-matter from the counter-world, to the dimensions of a single particle of matter from our physical world, must be enormous and probably it exceeds the ratio of size of one elementary particle from our physical world to the size of entire galaxies in space. In other words, we already consider ourselves (i.e. the human body) as giants in comparison, for example, to sizes of single cells from our bodies, not to mention comparing our size to the size of atoms and elementary particles. But our mind is NOT even able to comprehend how gigantic we are, if we compare ourselves to the size of individual elementary particles of counter-matter. Since, in spite of these enormous differences in sizes and in the required behaviours, God programmed this everything so precisely that it runs „like a Swiss watch”, we can imagine how incredibly great are: the knowledge of God, His power, and the glory, respect, and obedience to Him, which He deserves from us. For me the breath is clogged up from the impression, when I think how vast and how wonderful is the knowledge of God, and how immensely creatively He designed our present physical world. And I do NOT forget the fact, that a long time ago, God said in the Bible, that the next world that He will create will be even grander and more perfect than our present one.

The analogy to the movie film from our computer, that I introduced here to my descriptions of time to make them easier for understanding, is, of course, a very primitive and simplified one. In fact, instead of the „film” used in my above analogy, this divine „omniplan” is more similar to these „control programs” from the today’s machine tools with numerical (computer) control – the programming of which I had dabbled in during my career as an „adiunkt” (i.e. assistant professor) at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland. (The reader may have already heard that once I even created my own language for programming machine tools with numerical control. This language is called JAP – for descriptions of it see for example my article „The automatic programming language for lathes with NUMEROBLOK 21 T01 control system” – in the original Polish language: „Język automatycznego programowania tokarek sterowanych numerycznie w układzie NUMEROBLOK 21 T01”, Mechanik, No. 4/1973, pp. 175-178.) In addition, this divine „omniplan” is NOT pre-programmed in the „procedural” convention – as still commonly today are programmed control programs for machine tools. Rather, it is a kind of futuristic and more advanced version of what today’s programmers call „OOP” (from „Object-Oriented Programming”). However, the above is explained here only in a marginal capacity, to realize to the reader that although the principle of the divine program of „omniplan” can be easily explained by the previously stated analogy to a film, the actual program of the „omniplan” is extremely complicated and precise. It will probably take centuries of most strenuous research by followers of my „totaliztic science” with its „a priori” approach to research, before people manage to learn precisely what is the structure and work of this divine „omniplan”, and how the humanity can also use this „omniplan” in its own ventures. (Notice here also, that professional scientists practicing the old, wrong, arrogant and still monopolistic, the official so-called „atheistic orthodox science” with its „a posteriori” approach to research, practically never will be able to work out the design and operation of the „omniplan” described here – because of their philosophical limitations. Thus, if the humanity does NOT formally manages to establish quickly the competitive and new „totaliztic science” – as explained in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named „telekinetics.htm”, then the building of time vehicles and conquering of death will remain for people only an unfulfilled dream.)

* * *

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak



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