#228E: A model of ancient „telepathic telephone” from the church in Gdansk, Poland, versus the true purpose of „confessions” in churches (po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „The existing evidence conclusively confirms that God made sure every groundbreaking technical device, which is to decide about fate of the humanity, has appeared on the Earth in ancient times, and that the knowledge about the design and operation of this device continually inspired people until the time when the humanity is to learn how to build this device.”

#D1: In the Virgin Mary Catholic church from the Polish city of Gdansk (called also the „Assumption of Mother Mary Basilica of Concathedral from Gdansk”, or the „church of the Virgin Mary”), soon after the World War Two was juxtaposed a configuration of mysterious religious artefacts shown in „Fig. #D1” from the web page named „artefact.htm” – addresses of which are listed below. This configuration was juxtaposed supposedly „at random” from medieval artefacts that survived the devastation of war and that originated from two different churches, i.e. juxtaposed from fragments of the original baptistery that was already in this Gdansk Basilica since it become consecrated in 1557, and from the font of 1682 that after the war was shifted to this Basilica from another church of St. John in Gdansk. But we should not be misled by this supposedly „random” composition of this device. After all, „in the world created and intelligently governed by omnipotent God”, in which world we live (as tries to reveal this to us, amongst others, the formal scientific proof from items #B1 to #B3 on the web page named „changelings.htm”), does NOT exist such a thing as a „random coincident”. Everything that in this God’s world happens supposedly at „random” or by an „accident”, in reality is wisely pre-planned and foresightedly implemented by omniscient God who NOT only knows the entire past, but also the future. Therefore, my analyses, results of which I am trying to present in this post, suggest that the configuration of this „composite device” from Gdansk in Poland was intentionally so designed by God (although made with hands of people inspired by God), that it fulfils a very important function of inspiring the development of science and technology on the Earth. Namely, in my opinion (which opinion I am going to justify in subsequent parts of this post), the configuration of this „composite device” from the church in Gdansk, Poland, has the goal to inspire people, who know almost nothing about telepathy, to build a working prototype for a new kind of „analogue telephone” in which (telephone) the functions of the carrier of voice conversations are to be fulfilled by telepathic waves. In order to fulfil such an inspirational function, and at the same time to NOT take away from anyone his or her „free will”, but to allow everyone to have an own interpretation of this supposedly „assembled at random” technical device, God intentionally gave to its formation the characteristics explained in more details in item #C2 from the totaliztic web page named „tornado.htm”. Namely, God so designed origins of the configuration of devices discussed here, that: (1) atheists consider this configuration to be a result of a „blind action of a random coincident”, means to be a result of an accidental and natural action of the human author of this configuration, (2) historians and people seeking an inspiration in technical achievements of antiquity could believe that this configuration is the result of the restoration (replication) by the human author of it, an ancient device about which this human author knew, or heard of, that in the distant past it acted as a „telepathic telephone” (I would NOT be surprised at all, if ancient remains of just such an existing telepathic devices were discovered somewhere soon), in turn (3) those who believe in God, or who know for sure (like myself) that God does exist, considered this configuration to be what I am explaining in next parts of this post – namely, to be a model and an inspiration for the „telepathic telephone” given to the humanity (or more specifically – to the Polish Nation) by God, through inspiring me (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak), to firstly recognise the uniqueness of this device immediately after I saw it for the first time, then to photograph it and thoroughly examine this „composite device” during my visit in Gdansk in 2004, and finally to „invent” the operation and the design of the „telepathic telephone” from the very beginning in 2013 without re-examining it – i.e. just by being inspired by the appearance of this Gdansk’s device and because I previously accumulated the required knowledge about the work of telepathic waves and telepathic devices. In descriptions from further parts of this post that are to follow, I am to try to justify my belief that the „composite configuration” described here is a wise „gift” donated to us by God and aimed at inspiring and providing a model for a „telepathic telephone” – but about which probably one day is to turn out that it is also a replica of an ancient telepathic device which in past was built and existed, only that, as all the ancient wonders of technology, it later fell a victim of human forgetfulness.

On the occasion of this description I should also bring again the reader’s attention to what is explained in all my autobiographies, namely, how big waste of my creative capabilities, „special directing”, and the knowledge that I was blessed with, is this loud spitting, humiliation, mockery, criticizing and ignoring of products of my creative searches for truth that are going-on throughout the entire my live – with the silent approval from my countrymen. After all, these are such attitudes and condemnations from other people which cause, that in spite of many repeated efforts and appeals – of the kind described e.g. on the web page named „job.htm”, in item #I1 from the web page named „seismograph.htm”, or in my autobiography, that so-far disallowed me to complete even a single one amongst my numerous inventions and to put it into a service for the humanity. On the other hand, when I’m gone already, other people NOT so gifted by God with creative abilities similar to mine, are going to have „hard nuts to crack” and laborious searches to complete, if they wish to implement any amongst my numerous inventions, without being able to consult what they do with the body of knowledge accumulated in my mind and without my creative thinking.

#D2: On the basis of whatever the author of this post already knows about the phenomenon of telepathy and about principles of operation of telepathic communication devices, he is able to predict (or more strictly, „invent” again from the very beginning), how the prototype of analogue „telepathic telephone” is to work in the future. (The author calls this „invention” a „prototype”, because in the first construction it will probably have rather „large” dimensions, i.e. the same big size as the size of the device described here from the church in Gdansk, Poland. Only in later versions, that are to be produced after a full understanding of its principles of operation and phenomena taking place in it, it will be miniaturized to small sizes.) The author is to describe below in this post the principle of operation of this „invention” of the prototype of such a „telepathic telephone”. He recommends the reader, that while reading the description that follows, at the same time the reader directs his attention at the compatibility of this principle of operation with the „model” of the described here „composite device” from the church in Gdansk, Poland. Here is the description of the principle of operation of an analogue „telepathic telephone”:

Two (or more) identical such „telepathic telephones” are positioned in a large (almost any) distance apart. People that are to converse remotely with each other via these telephones, are standing in precisely determined points on a straight line connecting the two devices, so that their backs are turned towards each other. The positions in which they are to stand are imitated by female figures of „virtues” in a configuration of the model from the Polish church in Gdansk. The voice coming out from the mouth of each of these mutually conversing people is reflected by a large „voice mirror” – means by a kind of dome or a dish that focuses the voice vibrations from the talking person onto the „telepathic microphone/speaker” suspended in the middle of the central octagonal container whose sides are curved into shapes of the satellite dishes pointed exactly at other similar „telepathic telephones” with which users of a given telephone carry out a voice conversation. (The functions of just such „voice mirror” can perform e.g. a properly curved and positioned dome of the church’s roof, or kinds of concave bowls similar to the ones shown in „Fig. #D2” from the web page named „artefact.htm” (listed below), that are build-in to walls which surround the „telepathic telephone” described here.) In the voice-sending „telepathic telephone”, the „telepathic microphone/speaker” (whose function can successfully be performed e.g. by a large „quartz crystal” (Q) described and illustrated, among others, in the web page named „fe_cell.htm”), converts speech vibrations into telepathic vibrations, while in the receiving „telepathic telephone” it works in opposite direction, means it converts telepathic vibrations into sounds. These telepathic vibrations produced by the „telepathic microphone” are reflected by the satellite-antenna-shaped and appropriately targeted central octagonal copper container, in the result of which reflection these telepathic waves are transmitted along straight lines and arrive, among others, to the inside of the second (receiving) such a communication device. In there again, they bounce-off the side of a curved like a satellite dish, central copper container – which focuses these telepathic waves on the „telepathic speaker” from this second device (i.e. on another equally large quartz crystal „Q” with natural frequencies of its telepathic vibrations harmonically-identical to these from the crystal (Q) in the first device transmitting a given speech). This second „telepathic microphone/speaker”, marked here „Q”, changes the telepathic vibrations back into the voice vibrations of the air – means turns telepathy into voice. But this voice is too weak for the other person to hear it – because it diverges from the quartz crystal „Q” into all possible directions. Fortunately, this second device is also positioned close to yet another „voice mirror” similar to the mirrors captured on the photograph „Fig. #D2” from the web page named „artefact.htm” – addresses of which are listed below. This yet another „voice mirror” captures faint voice vibrations radiating from the associated „telepathic microphone/speaker”, then focuses these vibrations onto the ears of the other participant of the conversation. That their focusing reinforces the voice, causing that the speech becomes audible to the other party in such a remote conversation. In this way, whatever says one of the people conversing with each other with the help of a pair of such „telepathic telephones”, the other person instantly hears it – and vice versa. Of course, a greater number of such telepathic telephones allows that more than two people (i.e. in the versions shown in the abovementioned „Fig. #D1” – up to 8 people) simultaneously take parts in a remote discussion with each other.

#D3: In ancient times, the mankind had technical devices that until now amaze us with their unheard scientific and technical sophistication. For example, the so-called „Zhang Heng Seismograph” still exceeds the present level of knowledge by at least 100 years. Other devices also extremely advanced technologically (e.g. the so-called „Amphora from Pakistan” – which warmed water without drawing nor consuming any energy at the same time) is described in item #E4.2 from the web page named „boiler.htm”, as well as in item #H3 from the web page named „newzealand_visit.htm”.

If we analyze the entire information which is now available on the subject of „composite device” from the Polish city of Gdansk, shown in the abovementioned „Fig. #D1”, then it turns out, that this device (and its fate) follows a kind of „standard scenario” which we know from the history of other „miraculous” apparatuses of antiquity. This „scenario” was deliberately designed by God in such a way, that even after the a working prototype of the future „telepathic telephone” is build and started to be used in the future, still the device from Gdansk does NOT deprive anyone of his or her „free will” and does NOT change his or her beliefs and views. Therefore, for example, (1) people who believe in „random coincident”, even after a building of a working prototype of this device still will be able to maintain their certainty that the configuration from the Polish city of Gdansk was just a work of „coincidence”. In turn e.g. (2) people that believe e.g. in „ancient astronauts”, or in existence of civilisations in the Earth’s distant past, that were more advanced than our present civilisation, still are to maintain their belief that the apparatus from the Polish city of Gdansk was „assembled together” by its designer just in such a way, because this designer knew or heard of a similar miraculous apparatus that existed somewhere in antiquity. Furthermore, (3) people who believe e.g. in what I wrote in this post, also will then be able to get confirmation for their beliefs after a working prototype of this device is finally constructed.

The effect of NOT taking away the „free will” from people, even when the working prototype of the „telepathic telephone” is build, would only be additionally reinforced, if old „artefacts” would be found somewhere, which would confirm that in antiquity such telepathic telephones were already build and used on the Earth. After all, such old „artefacts” would additionally enforce beliefs of all three main categories of people listed above. Therefore, I personally would NOT be surprised, if remains of such an ancient apparatus soon were discovered somewhere. After all, such remains would empirically revealed the highly ambiguous fact, that the configuration from the Polish city of Gdansk in some way copies or replicates an already built and existing in past (i.e. working in antiquity) set of just such devices.

To be honest, even right now I myself know devices still existing in several old churches, which can be just medieval copies or replicas from ancient „artefacts” even older than they are, and which (artefacts) in ancient times were used just in functions of such „telepathic telephones”. This device already known to the author of this post, is the so-called „confession” shown on „Fig. #D3” from the web page named „artefact.htm” – addresses of which are listed below. Actually, everyone can have a good look at such „confessions” still existing until today in several amongst old churches. After all, such a „confessions” are present until today, for example, in the Polish cathedrals from Gniezno and Kraków, and also in the St. Peter Basilica in Rome. In 1995, I myself saw such a „confession” in the church from Warsaw, Poland, located by the Polish President’s palace (which church at that time was clearly shifted miraculously from somewhere to Warszawa just for the duration of my visiting it) – as I described this in more details in item #D6.1 from the web page named „timevehicle.htm” and in items #E3 to #E4 from the web page named „malbork_uk.htm”. There is several reasons for which I believe that these „confessions” from medieval churches in fact are copies or replicas from some originals of „telepathic telephones” even older than these confessions are. I am going to list here at least most important amongst these reasons. Here they are:

1. The similarity of these „confessions” to the so-called „Oscillatory Chamber” and to the „main propulsor” from the spacecrafts which I invented myself, and which are called the „Magnocrafts”. On the other hand, I already know for sure about this main propulsor from the Magnocraft (which, of course, I know extremely well, because I invented it myself) that independently from its functioning as a propelling device, in the future it will also perform various communicative functions based on telepathic waves – in this number the function as a „telepathic telephone”. For many years now, I also explain these communicative functions of the main propulsor from the Magnocraft in my numerous monographs – for example, see subsections G1.5 and G1.6 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5], or see subsections F1.5 and F1.6 from volume 3 of my slightly older monograph [1/4], or see subsections F1.5 and F1.6 from chapter F of even the oldest Polish monograph [1/3] still present amongst my publications circulated on the internet.

2. The containing of all key components of the „telepathic telephone”. In addition to the above purely theoretical knowledge of the „confessions”, in that year of 1995, with my own eyes I saw also empirically, that typical „confessions” contain in themselves all vital components of the „telepathic telephone” described here in item #D2, including a huge quartz crystal-resonator „Q” located in the centre (which crystal „Q” in the confessions takes the shape of a „sarcophagus” or a „marble coffin”), and also including a large „voice mirror” hanging above that crystal – which „mirror” in the typical „confessions” takes a form of the „baldachin” supported by four twisted columns. It is pity that I do NOT have the required funds, nor an official status, to research these „confessions” and to e.g. check whether by a chance their work as „telepathic telephones” survived until today in their medieval copies, or replicas, and also to explore where were located the originals which these „confessions” imitate (after all, these original devices would be „artefacts” of the original „telepathic telephones” the remains of which, according to the certainty which I gained during my sleep, survived somewhere until today).

3. The significance of inconsistency between the destination of „confessions” and the meaning of their name. The word „confession” comes from the Latin word „confesio”. According to various dictionaries, the meaning of the word „confession” is typically defined somewhere along the lines: „reporting to the appropriate authority about one’s doings”. This meaning perfectly reflects the functioning of the objects named „confessions” in the role of „telepathic telephones”. On the other hand, this particular word is assigned for naming „tombs of believers”. Thus, to me such an assignment looks as a kind of deliberate „masking” of what „confessions” actually hide from people who are morally NOT mature enough for the honour of building and having „telepathic telephones”. (Notice that a similar „masking” hits also our eye e.g. in the content of the entire Bible.)

In the same way as finding an „artefact” of the device discussed here would NOT deprive anyone of his or her „free will” – even when a working „telepathic telephone” is already built, also the described here history of my „invention” of this device is NOT taking away the „free will” from any of the existing categories of people. After all, for example, (1) atheists and people who believe in „coincident”, even after the „telepathic telephone” is constructed (my „invention” of which phone is described here), still will continue their beliefs that my invention and the circumstances of it, were just the result of accidental convergence together of the image from Gdansk’s device (which image resided in my subconscious), with my in-depth knowledge of the work of telepathy and the work (in the role of telepathic transmitters) of main propulsors in the Magnocraft vehicles which I invented. In turn, for example, (2) those people who believe in the ancient civilizations still would believe that my invention was a mere reproduction or recalling of the device that I have seen, or perhaps even that I built and used myself in one of my previous incarnations. Also (3) those people knowing for certain about the existence of God, or people strongly believing in God, still would believe in what I also believe, namely that God „gave” me the „invention” of this telephone during my sleep during the night of 9th to 10th January 2013. I should also add here, that my research on methods of God’s work, reveal that if something creates so much ambiguity and so many possible interpretations – all of which are well serving towards preserving „free will” by people, then God chooses that just this is confirmed in the real life. Only that God provides the confirmation of it in the time chosen by Him, not by us, and that the implementation of the confirmation God always controls along the „line of the highest error” – which is also the „line of the highest teaching effect”.

#D4: My „invention” of the „telepathic telephone” described here was actually „given” to me in a manner that disperses any doubts, because I received it in circumstances that completely contradict the logic. In days just before I went to bed in the evening of 9th January 2013, I did NOT think about anything associated with this telephone, nor even did NOT carry out any research or thinking that would be associated with the phone. In spite of this, when I woke up from a dream still a long time before the morning of 10th January 2013, in my mind I already had very strong feelings, (a) that I know how the „telepathic telephone” is to work, (b) that this mysterious device which I photographed a number of years ago in the church from Polish Gdansk is the „model” of such a „telepathic telephone”, (c) that in ancient times existed on the Earth and were used just such „telepathic telephones” – only that the knowledge and memory about them has been lost over time, (d) that remains (artefacts) of these ancient „telepathic telephones” exist on the Earth until today, and (e) that the entire knowledge that was „given” to me during the sleep that night I should now write down exactly on one amongst my web pages – so that from now on all interested people could start inspecting it and implementing it in the real life. I personally believe, that this strong feeling of „receiving” the above knowledge awakened me from the sleep that night. So after waiting until the morning comes, I started to quickly write down all this knowledge, to NOT forget anything. When I was writing it down, I still did not know about a few important details, for example about the fact that the „model” of this device from the church in Polish Gdansk is a „composite”, NOT a homogeneous whole, and thus that just by itself it is NOT a model of the physical device that existed in antiquity. (Together with the certainty which I gained during my sleep, that „artefacts” of such devices still exist on the Earth until today, the above practically means, that „artefacts” which represent the original, operating, ancient design of such a „telepathic telephone” still have to be found by a researcher devoted to this matter. In turn, as I already explained this in #D3 above, I myself suspect, that these „artefacts” are so-called „confessions” which until today exist in several very old churches.)

When later I began to wonder about the reasons for such a non-conventional „giving” to the humanity, via myself, the „invention” of the „telepathic telephone”, I easily understood that there is a lot of such reasons. Let us write down most important amongst them. Here they are:

(1) The illustrating that God strictly controls and inspires inventions and discoveries, and also that „inventions” and „discoveries” are actually „given” to individuals which are carefully selected for this purpose, so thus they cannot be accomplished only because someone „wants to be an inventor”. (Although in order to „receive” an invention or a discovery, one firstly must prove that deserves it, by contributing a type of work, which is related to a given invention or discovery and which on the inventor or discoverer him/herself typically makes an impression, that it is him or her that accomplished it. This impression is so strong, that until 9/10th January 2013, when I „invented” the „telepathic telephone” described here, I was sure that all my numerous inventions and discoveries were accomplished exclusively because my own hard work, my creative manner of thinking, and a huge amount of „all round” knowledge which I accumulated in my life.) This actual, although carried out discretely, „giving” of inventions and discoveries by God, and their „receiving” only by carefully selected people, explains many facts previously unrealised by the humanity, and ignored by scientists. For example, it explains why inventions and discoveries appear only in countries and amongst nations which display the level of „morality” required by God. (This means also, why in all „highly immoral” countries and nations, prevails darkness, stupidity, ignorance, and the so-called „inventive impotency” – described, amongst others, in (2) from item #H4 of the web page named „quake.htm”.) It also explains why females very rarely become inventors or discoverers – for correct source of such rarity see item #B2 on the web page named „antichrist.htm”. Furthermore, it explains why all the „inventors” and „discoverers” of something truly new and progressive have to be people highly „moral”, and why „immoral” people are never able to creatively develop anything really new, means why „immoral people” never become true „innovators” nor „discoverers” – as it is explained in item #H1 from the web page named „boiler.htm”, or in item #D6 from my autobiographical page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”. (Although in past there was a lot of cases when „immoral people” stole inventions and discoveries from their truly moral colleagues – but all such cases of historical cheating are slowly coming up to the knowledge of humanity – some amongst them are described in items #I1 to #I5 from my web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”.)

(2) The indication of the need for an active search of artefacts of ancient versions of the „telepathic telephone”. When the „invention” described here was „given” to me, also „given” to me was the certainty that such „telepathic telephones” existed already in ancient times, and were used on the Earth. Only that with time they fell into oblivion. So now someone just needs to find their remains, which exist somewhere on the Earth until today. As I already explained this previously, these searches can be started from careful researching of so-called „confessions” from old churches – about which may even turn out, that after a correct carrying out required experiments on them, they even today may still work as such „telepathic telephones”.

(3) The familiarising people with features, performance, and methods of utilisation of telepathic waves. This in turn opens to the whole of humanity the doors to an ocean of future technical applications of telepathy – including these ones that are described on the page named „telepathy.htm”.

(4) The teaching to people of the most simple principle of operation and design of a telepathic communication device – which a device, after the miniaturization, will be able to replace today’s „mobile phones” and eliminate their disadvantages and destructive „side effects”. For example, „telepathic telephones” will eliminate such drawbacks, as limitations of the range, screening the access by metals, and several further ones. In addition, they will be able to eliminate the still denied by well-paid „experts” risks of inducing cancer in people who are using too-often present cell phones, eliminate the stubbornly ignored by the official science the destruction of bees caused by mobile phones and described e.g. in item #C5.1 from the web page named „newzealand.htm”, etc.

(5) The providing of previously unknown empirical evidence for the future development of a whole range of new technologies – for example the development of these so-called „free energy devices” based on gradually detected circumstances in which the „over-advertised” by the old „atheistic orthodox science” misleading „energy conservation principle” stops working. (For example, the author of this post is already aware, that the „principle of energy conservation” ceases to work for all telekinetic phenomena, for telepathic vibrations, and in cases of some transformations on physical vibrations – for example during spreading and condensing of voice vibrations, such as these described in caption for abovementioned „Fig. #D2”.)

#D5: On basis on my bitter experiences from the past, I am fully aware that my „invention” which is described here, similarly like everything that I have done and wrote in my busy life, will also be received with a loud noise and taunts, which typically persecuted every creative product of my research and my mind. As usual, too, my countrymen will probably excel in spitting and scoffing. However, to these few people who still maintain an „open mind”, and are still capable of rational thinking, I suggest to look beyond the usual ridicule and criticism of typical „down-to-earthlings” and „worshippers of No 5 wire”, and rather pay their attention to what good, NOT bad, may arise from this my „invention”.

After all, if we look beyond controversy imprinted e.g. in the way my „inventing” was done, the principle of operation, utilised phenomena, ancient origins, relationships with religions, etc., of „artefacts” and devices described here, then the most important in them turns out to be their inspiring role for the development of future science and engineering. After all, the idea of a „telepathic telephone”, which these devices model and inspire, runs far into the future and tens of years probably must pass before the official human science will be able to properly comprehend it. After all, this device from the Polish city of Gdansk is a blueprint, a model, or a copy (replica) of the communication device that uses telepathic waves to allow for a remote voice conversation. In this conversation, two (or more) such devices, identical to each other but located at significant distances from each other, turn human speech into modulated telepathic waves, which waves are then sent to another similar device, where they are converted back into human speech. Thus, the operation of a prototype of such a device will be very similar to the work of so-called. „telepathic pyramid” described in more detail in my treatise [7/2] and in treatise [7], as well as in items #E1 to #E3.2 from the web page named „telepathy.htm”. Only that this „telepathic pyramid” is designed for a direct and silent exchange of thoughts, while the device from Polish Gdansk shown here is designed for a verbal conversation, in which telepathic waves are the carrier of the human speech. Hence this device from Polish Gdansk is a model of the telepathic equivalent for today’s „mobile phones”. Only that from these mobile phones it is much more safe, healthy, perfect, and advanced scientifically. Also, similarly as today’s „mobile phones”, after the construction of the first working prototypes of such „telepathic phones” is accomplished (the work of which is highly beneficial for the health and is deprived of all detrimental influences), they will then be miniaturized, so that after several years they can even be surgically implanted into human bodies (so that they will always remain handy and ready for use).

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of items #D1 to #D5 from the totaliztic web page (in the English language) named „artefact.pdf” (updated on 17 February 2013, or later) and devoted to the description of design and operation of my various inventions (including the „telepathic telephone”) about which I later learned that in antiquity they were already build and utilised on the Earth. Thus, reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page, than from this post – after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, texts are printed in colours, the content is supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page „artefact.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:


Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including the above web addresses, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic web page that interests us, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name „artefact.pdf” is changed into the name of page which the reader wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „telepathy.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address http://energia.sl.pl/artefact.htm , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet explorer the reader writes e.g. the address http://energia.sl.pl/telepathy.htm .

Also notice that a complete list of (and links to) totaliztic topics discussed in various internet forums is provided in item #E2 of the web page named „faq.htm” – also available at every address listed above.

It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my „scientific hobby” with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #229E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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