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#216E: The lack of atheistic (secular) explanation of tornadoes, and the lack of competency of the official science for explaining tornadoes (in English – po polsku ponizej)


Motto: „If rightly calculated royalties would be paid up for correcting lies and ignorant claims disseminated throughout the world by the official ‚atheistic orthodox science’ to-date, then payments for only these lies and ignorance of the official science, which the author of this post already managed to discover and publicly reveal, would suffice for financing the entire new so-called ‚totaliztic science’ and would provide due compensation for that entire ocean of persecution, humiliation, and unemployment, which the old science served so-far to the author as a ‚reward’ for his numerous discoveries, theories, and inventions.”

It turns out that the knowledge which is in disposal of our old official so-called „atheistic orthodox science” (i.e. the science which we learn in schools and in universities – described, amongst others, in item #B1 of the web page named „tornado.htm”) is still too primitive and too incomplete to really explain a number of phenomena of nature which we know from the world that surround us, and which contradict completely to whatever this old science is claiming. One amongst such phenomena are tornadoes. Only the new knowledge and new philosophical foundations created by the just emerging, competitive towards that old science, new so-called „totaliztic science”, allow the author of this post to explain these phenomena, how they really are working. In this post I am going to describe for the reader an example of just such a phenomenon which is completely contradictive to claims of the old „atheistic orthodox science”, and which is explainable only on the basis of scientific and philosophical foundations of the new „totaliztic science”.

If we to believe the old „atheistic orthodox science”, then „waterspouts” (i.e. „water tornadoes”) – described in item #G3 of the web page named „tornado.htm”, happen because the funnels of tornadoes „suck” sea water and lift this water up into the air, forming from this water consistent pillars of several hundred meters in height. But from physics we know perfectly, that a pillar of water can be „sucked” up onto the height NOT greater than around 10 meters (e.g. at the „normal” atmospheric pressure – at the height of 10.13 metres). After all, the height at which a pillar of water can be „sucked” depends on the „atmospheric pressure”, and on the „specific gravity” of water. This is because such a pillar of water „sucked” upward works like a kind of so-called „water barometer”, means a kind of „barometer ” in which instead of mercury, sucked upward is slightly lighter water. However, even the pillar formed from that lighter water, at the height of just around 10 meters becomes already so heavy, that it forms a complete vacuum at the top, and cannot be „sucked” higher than that „critical height of sucking” of around 10 meters – defined by the „specific gravity” of water and by the current „atmospheric pressure”. The humanity knows about this fact already since 1643 – means since the time of the completion of the famous „Torricelli Experiment”, while on the topic of it write practically almost all textbooks of physics. In other words, according to the knowledge of the old „atheistic orthodox science”, the so-called „waterspouts” (i.e. „water tornadoes”) work contradictive to laws of physics and have NO rights to occur – after all, they „suck” pillars of sea water over that „critical height of sucking”. Simultaneously, according to the same old „atheistic orthodox science”, NO other phenomenon (apart from „sucking”) is known officially, about which for sure it is known that it is induced by „waterspouts” (i.e. „water tornadoes”) and with the assistance of which these tornadoes could lift pillars of water onto the height of several hundred meters – as in reality it is actually done by „waterspouts”.

How really „waterspouts” (i.e. „water tornadoes”) are able to lift pillars of sea water to heights of several hundreds meters, it is explained only recently by the new „totaliztic science” on the basis of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory described to us the principle of formation of the phenomenon of „telekinesis” – which still is denied and ignored by the old orthodox science. (I.e. this theory discovered and described for us the principle of telekinesis explained briefly e.g. in item #B3 from the web page named „timevehicle.htm”.) The phenomenon of telekinesis causes, that every „matter” washed by a stream of „counter-matter” (as this takes place in the funnels of tornadoes) begins to move on the principle of so-called „telekinetic motion”, means NOT on the principle of „physical motion” – which (physical motion) still remains the only motion officially known to the old orthodox science. In turn „telekinetic motion” has the ability to neutralise the action of physical forces (e.g. to neutralise „gravity forces”, „centrifugal forces”, etc.). Thus, it allows to make „weightless” everything that tornadoes hit, means make „weightless” the air, water, people, buildings, etc. As such, the „telekinetic motion” released by funnels of tornadoes is e.g. able to lift sea water onto any heights, maintain consistency of funnels from fast spinning air of tornadoes, and release still other different phenomena which completely contradict knowledge of the old official „atheistic orthodox science”.

The inability of the old „atheistic orthodox science” to explain rationally how it is possible that „waterspouts” (i.e. „water tornadoes”) are able to „suck” pillars of sea water onto heights of several hundred meters, while in almost every textbook of physics is written that water can be „sucked” only at the height of around 10.13 meters (or 33 feet), is just one amongst a whole array of mysteries of tornadoes, the existence of which was revealed only by the author of this post, while the correct explanation of which becomes possible only due to scientific and philosophical foundations of the new „totaliztic science”. Let us list now in items below, most important „mysteries of tornadoes”, which already turned out to be „unexplainable” on the basis of primitive and incomplete knowledge which is in disposal of the old official science to-date (i.e. the science NOT without valid reasons called also the „atheistic orthodox science”). After all, the number of these mysteries, as well as their kind and reasons for which they remain unexplained, reveal how primitive and how incomplete turns out to be the human science to-date, and how urgent is the official establishing of the new „totaliztic science” – as this is described in item #C4 of the web page named „tornado.htm”. After all, the author was able to identify, reveal, and explain all mysteries below, only due to the previous formulation of scientific and philosophical foundations of this new „totaliztic science”. So here is the list of these „mysteries of tornadoes” that are most hitting in our eyes.

1. Principles and mechanism of „sucking” by „waterspouts” (i.e. „water tornadoes”) the pillars of sea water onto heights of several hundred meters, while almost every textbook of physics explains that a pillar of water can be „sucked” only at the height of around 10 meters – with simultaneous lack in tornadoes phenomena other than „sucking” that would be officially recognised by present official science (as it was explained in item #K1 of the web page named „tornado.htm”).

2. Principles and mechanism of „swirling” of the surrounding media by funnels of practically all tornadoes, without the formation of centrifugal forces which would disperse columns of spinning matter – while almost every textbook of physics explains, every experiment confirms, while devices such as „centrifuges” or „bag-less vacuum cleaners” illustrate meaningfully, that fast spinning of any matter creates powerful „centrifugal forces” which disperse this matter thus making impossible the formation consistent funnels from it – of the kind of funnels shown in „Fig. #H1” on the web page named „tornado.htm”. So in fact, according to the state of present official knowledge, spinning funnels of tornadoes, such as the one shown in abovementioned „Fig. #H1”, and also high pillars of sea water spinning by „waterspouts” (i.e. „water tornadoes”), have NO right to exist (in spite that in real life they do exist and significantly trouble immoral communities). Only the new theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (i.e. the one which forms scientific foundations for the new „totaliztic science”) explains exactly how these pillars of spinning matter are formed and maintained in the state of consistency by the phenomenon of telekinesis released by the intelligent so-called „counter-matter” pre-programmed for spinning. But the old „atheistic orthodox science” still do NOT recognise the existence and correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity nor recognise the phenomena like „telekinesis” – which this new theory identifies, describes and explains. Thus, old „atheistic orthodox science” is also unable to explain, how the spinning matter from funnels of tornadoes is maintained in consistent pillars and is NOT dispersed by powerful centrifugal forces which the spinning of it forms. Of course, the old orthodox science in its conceit and ignorance, is still unaware that on the basis of its primitive and incomplete knowledge, it still is unable to explain phenomena described in this post. Therefore it took the eventuation of the new „totaliztic science” and it took the „civil courage” of the author of the web page named „tornado.htm”, to point out this ignorance and incompetence to the official science to-date, and point it out to at least some present scientists (e.g. these most arrogant and best paid).

3. Reasons for which tornadoes (and all other cataclysms) hit only in these communities which on daily basis practice the advanced form of the philosophy of parasitism, while simultaneously tornadoes avoid communities which practice any form of the philosophy of totalizm – as this is explained more comprehensively on the web page named „quake.htm”, while is documented (with the already researched examples from real life) in items #I5 and #I3 of the web page named „day26.htm”.

4. Reasons for which into all tornadoes are written at least three (3) sets of attributes, which allow to explain mechanisms of their occurring in at least three (3) independent ways – as this is described more comprehensively in item #C2 from the web page named „tornado.htm”.

5. Reasons for which clouds from which tornadoes emerge, always take shapes which reflect the design and operation of UFO vehicles, while tornadoes themselves always display attributes which are the reflection of principles of operation of UFO vehicles and Magnocrafts – as this is explained more comprehensively in items #E6 and #E3 of the web page named „tornado.htm”, while illustrated well in „Fig. #H2” and „Fig. #H1” of the web page named „tornado.htm”.

6. Reasons for which tornadoes have two different kinds and two different shapes of „funnels”, which (kinds and shapes) correspond to flights of UFO vehicles and Magnocrafts in two different positions (i.e. to their flights in the „standing” and „hanging” positions) – as this is described in items #A2, #E3 and #E6 of the web page named „tornado.htm”.

7. Reasons for which tornadoes induce „naturally” almost all phenomena which are also induced technically by UFO vehicles and by Magnocrafts (e.g. spinning of the surrounding medium into configurations that correspond to location of propulsors in UFOs and in Magnocrafts, motion of tornadoes in directions that are agreeable with directions of magnetic flights of UFOs and Magnocrafts, pulsating magnetic field, emission of powerful warning telepathic signals, squeaking sounds, etc.) – as this is explained more comprehensively on almost the entire web page named „tornado.htm”.

8. Reasons for which on the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth (e.g. in the USA) tornadoes spin mainly counter-clockwise, while on the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth (e.g. in New Zealand, or in Australia) tornadoes spin mainly clockwise – as this is explained and documented by items #G1, #G2 and #H5 on the web page named „tornado.htm”.

The contradiction of operation of tornadoes with still very primitive and incomplete knowledge which is accumulated by the old „atheistic orthodox science”, is only one amongst a huge pool of examples of phenomena, for the actual explanation of which the old „atheistic orthodox science” is still incompetent, and thus on the subject of which this science tells people complete nonsense. Such phenomena totally contradictive with erroneous claims of the old official science to-date are so numerous, that it would NOT be possible to describe them on a single web page. Many out of these phenomena are already described by me on a number of totaliztic web pages – for example see the web page named „god_proof.htm”, the web page named „ufo_proof.htm”, or the web page named „nirvana.htm”. In items below I am going to indicate only these examples, which are already thoroughly explained on totaliztic web pages indicated in subsequent items below. These examples of phenomena contradictive to the old official science, which are already explained by the new „totaliztic science”, include, amongst others:

0. The existence of God. The old „atheistic orthodox science” does NOT recognise the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity – which becomes the first scientific theory on the Earth that proved formally the existence of God and that explained to us what actually God is, where God resides, how God came to existence, how God acts and behaves, etc. Therefore, this old science still erroneously claims, that „God does NOT exist” – because if He existed, then supposedly He would need to reside somewhere close to the Earth, and thus would be detectable even to present scientists. On the other hand, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals the nonsense of such claims, because according to it God inhabits the separate world called the „virtual world” (i.e. the world located in memory of intelligent so-called „counter-matter”). Thus, at the to-date level of human knowledge, the existence of God was NOT detectable from our „physical world”.

1. The so-called „red shift” of light from stars, and the „violet shift” of the light coming to the Earth from sky. Both these shifts were explained correctly only in items #D2, #D2.1 and #I1 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. Their contradiction to official human science means, that scientifically contradictive is also the explanation of this science to beginnings and to origins of the physical world. Expressing this in other words, both these shifts prove, that the so-called „Big Bang Theory” is just a long string of scientific nonsense.

2. Apparent reversal of the direction of spinning in objects watched in daylight. This reversal was explained correctly only in items #D1 and #D2 from the web page named „immortality.htm”. Practically it proves that time is the „motion of execution control” through our „programs of life and fate”, and thus that time can be shifted back and that time-travel is possible (and technically feasible to implement).

3. Reasons for which all cataclysms hit exclusively into communities which practice the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism, while carefully omit communities that practice any form of the philosophy of totalizm. These reasons were explained more comprehensively on the web page named „quake.htm”. In turn examples of evidence which documents that communities practicing the highly moral philosophy of totalizm are omitted by all cataclysms, are indicated in items #I5 and #I3 from the totaliztic web page named „day26.htm”.

4. Living fish falling from the sky. „Rain” of such living fish, which I sighted in person during my childhood, is described in caption under „Fig. #D24” from the web page „milicz_uk.htm”. Attributes of this rain, which I remember from my personal sighting, completely contradict whatever the old „atheistic orthodox science” officially claims on the subject of such rains, and deny the „explanation” which this science coined on their topic.

5. Current mass extinction of bees caused by the cellular phones. It is described, amongst others, in item #F1 from the web page named „telepathy.htm”. It is an excellent example of inability of present „atheistic orthodox scientists” to reveal such truths which would expose them to attacks of someone influential (e.g. telephone companies) – in spite that these truths could contribute to stopping the destruction of life-giving nature by present human civilisation, and even if these truths were already learned by selected people.

6. Pollination of baobabs supposedly done by fruit-bats. It is described, amongst others, in item #C2 from the web page named „cooking.htm”. It is a proof how „shallow” and unverified are numerous „scientific claims” of present „atheistic orthodox scientists”.

7. Survival in Poland of a perfectly visible snake with red colouring of skin (the so-called „Gniewosz”). Because of the perfect visibility of this snake already from large distances, according to claims of official science – it NOT supposed to survive! After all, it is easy to spot by its enemies, and defenceless. But in reality it survived until present times. The new „totaliztic science” reveals, that it survived only because it mastered the supernatural ability to slow-down the speed of elapse of time – which ability of this snake is denied and ignored by the „atheistic orthodox science”. This Polish snake, and its supernatural ability to slow-down the speed of elapse of time, are described in item #F3 from the web page named „stawczyk_uk.htm”.

8. Generation of „free energy” from the everlasting motion of „counter-matter”. The old „atheistic orthodox science” considers „motionlessness” to be the natural state of the universe, while according to it, „motions” are states „artificially induced”. Thus, according to that old science, in order to generate energy one needs firstly to induce artificially a useful form of motion which then is to propel our generators, and the by-product of which is the „increase of entropy of the universe”. In other words, according to old „atheistic orthodox science” the construction of „free energy devices” (one of simplest versions of which in past was called „perpetual motion”), is physically impossible. However, the new „totaliztic science” proves, that the natural state of the universe is „motion”, while „motionlessness” is the state artificially pre-programmed into our „physical world” through the creation of inertial „matter” from „whirls” of ever-moving „counter-matter” – as this is explained the most comprehensively in subsections #A1 to #A6 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], while is briefly summarised e.g. in item #A1 on the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”, item #C1 on the web page named „nirvana.htm”, item #B5 on the web page named „evolution.htm”, or item #C1 on the web page named „soul_proof.htm”. Thus, according to this new „totaliztic science”, building of „free energy devices” (and „perpetual motion”) in reality is possible. Only, that human inventors must find well-hidden ways of „going around” protections which make impossible easy generation of energy from that everlasting motion of „counter-matter”. In turn to find these ways, the sufficient number of open-minded people must unite around the idea of building such devices, so that with a common effort they are able to overcome the action of „morally self-regulatory” mechanisms of the so-called „curse of inventors” – described more comprehensively e.g. in items #G1 to #G6 from the web page named „eco_cars.htm”. Directions in which it is necessary to go in such overcoming of the „curse of inventors” already now are indicated, amongst others, on the totaliztic web pages „fe_cell.htm”, „free_energy.htm”, and „telekinetics.htm”.

Incompetence of the old monopolistic „atheistic orthodox science” to-date in explaining the above phenomena of nature, as well as in explaining many other similar phenomena, confirms additionally the urgency with which human civilisation should officially establish the new so-called „totaliztic science” which would create a healthy „competition” for this old and significantly „complacent” science to-date, while which is described more thoroughly, amongst others, in item #C1 of the web page named „telekinetics.htm”. The matter of urgent establishing of such a new „totaliztic science” discusses also item #C4 on the web page named „tornado.htm”. Because of the amount of immorality, cataclysms, harm, suffering, errors, deviations, etc., which are to be saved to humanity due to a fast establishing the new „totaliztic science”, herewith I have an appeal to every researcher who acquired personal conviction about the correctness of scientific and philosophical foundations of this new science. Namely, I am appealing that everyone who shares the understanding for the urgent need to establish the new „totaliztic science” which will be „competitive” to the old one, should already now do everything accordingly to canons and principles of this new science – without waiting until the science is officially established. After all, the undertaking actions agreeable with the new „totaliztic science” does NOT depend on doing everything in a new and unknown so-far manner, but on adopting in all our activities the philosophical approach „a priori” utilised by this new science, and on considering, deciding, and carrying-out everything accordingly to this „a priori” approach. In turn this „a priori” approach is already described sufficiently well in various web pages and publications of totalizm. For example, independently from items #B1 and #L1 of the web page named „tornado.htm”, readers can find it described e.g. in item #A2.6 of the web page „totalizm.htm”, item #C1 of the web page named „telekinetics.htm”, items #F1.1 and #F2 of the web page named „god_exists.htm”, and on several other web pages and publications of the philosophy of totalizm.

* * *

The above post, which indicates examples of countless nonsense disseminated arrogantly by the official human science and revealed only due to scientific and philosophical foundations of the new so-called „totaliztic science”, is an adaptation of items #K1 to #K3 from the totaliztic web page named „tornado.htm” (updated on 17 March 2012, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page than from this post – as in the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, text includes colours, presentations are supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „tornado.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses: or alias: (which always links to the most important amongst recent updates of totaliztic web pages)

Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including the above web sites, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any other totaliztic web page that interests us, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name „tornado.htm” is changed to the name of page which the reader wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „quake.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address , it is enough that instead of this address, in the window of an internet explorer the reader writes the address .

It is also worth to know, that almost each new topic that I am researching with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #216E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses: or alias:
While reviewing these blogs, it is worth to have look at their related posts, e.g. at posts number #208E, #205E, #204E, #176E, and #151E – which also discuss similar matters.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

#216: Sprzecznosc dzialania „tornad wodnych” („waterspouts”) z dzisiejsza wiedza fizyczna – czyli potwierdzenie ateistycznej niewyjasnialnosci tornad i braku kompetencji dotychczasowej oficjalnej nauki


Motto: „Gdyby wyplacane byly honoraria za korygowanie klamstw i ignoranckich stwierdzen rozglaszanych po swiecie przez dotychczasowa (oficjalna) ‚ateistyczna nauke ortodoksyjna’, wówczas wyplaty chocby tylko za te klamstwa i ignoracje oficjalnej nauki, które autor tego wpisu juz zdolal odkryc i publicznie ujawnic, wystarczylyby na sfinansowanie calej nowej tzw. ‚totaliztycznej nauki’ i dostarczylyby sprawiedliwej rekompensaty za ów ocean przesladowan, ponizen i bezrobocia, jakie owa stara nauka zaserwowala dotychczas autorowi jako zaplate za jego niezliczone odkrycia, teorie i wynalazki.”

Okazuje sie ze wiedza jaka dysponuje nasza stara oficjalna tzw. „ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna” (tj. nauka opisana w punkcie #B1 strony o nazwie „tornado_pl.htm”) jest ciagle zbyt prymitywna i ciagle zbyt niekompetentna aby faktycznie wyjasnic az caly szereg zjawisk natury jakie znamy z otaczajacego nas swiata, a jakie kompletnie zaprzeczaja temu co owa nauka nam wmawia. Jednym z owych zjawisk sa wlasnie toranada. Dopiero nowa wiedza i nowe fundamenty filozoficzne stworzone przez wlasnie rodzaca sie, konkurencyjna wobec tamtej starej nauki, nowa tzw. „nauke totaliztyczna”, pozwalaja aby autor tego wpisu wyjasnil owe znajwiska, tak jak naprawde one sa realizowane. W tym punkcie przytocze czytelnikowi przyklad takiego wlasnie zjawiska calkowicie sprzecznego z twierdzeniami starej „ateistycznej nauki ortodoksyjnej”, zas wyjasnialnego dopiero na bazie fundamentów naukowych i filozoficznyech nowej „nauki totaliztycznej”.

Jesli wierzyc owej starej „ateistycznej nauce ortodoksyjnej”, to „tornado wodne” (po angielsku zwane „waterspout”) – opisywane w punkcie #G3 strony „tornado_pl.htm”, powstaje poniewaz lej tornada „zasysa” wode z morza i podnosi ta wode w góre formujac z niej slup o wysokosci kilkuset, a czasami nawet ponad tysiaca, metrów. Jednak z fizyki wiemy doskonale, ze slupa wody NIE daje sie „zassac” do góry na wysokosc wieksza niz okolo 10 metrów (np. przy „normalnym” cisnieniu atmosferycznym – na wysokosc 10.13 metrów). Wszakze wysokosc na jaka slup wody daje sie „zasysac” zalezy od cisnienia atmosferycznego i od ciezaru wlasciwego wody. Taki „wsysany” do góry slup wody dziala bowiem jak rodzaj tzw. „barometru wodnego”, czyli rodzaj „barometru ” w którym zamiast ciezkiej rteci wsysana jest pod góre nieco lzejsza od rteci woda. Niemniej, nawet slup formowany z owej lzejszej wody przy okreslonej swej wysokosci zaledwie okolo 10 metrów staje sie juz az tak ciezki, ze formuje on na swej górze kompletna próznie i NIE daje sie go „wsysac” wyzej niz owa „krytyczna wysokosc zasysania” zdefiniowana ciezarem wlasciwym wody i aktualnym cisnieniem atmosferycznym. Ludzkosc wie o tym fakcie juz od 1643 roku, czyli od czasów przeprowadzenia slynnego doswiadczenia Torricellego, zas rozpisuja sie na ten temat praktycznie niemal wszystkie podreczniki fizyki. Innymi slowy, zgodnie z wiedza starej „ateitycznej nauki ortodoksyjnej” tzw. „tornado wodne” dziala niezgodnie z dzialaniem praw fizyki i NIE ma prawa zaistniec – wszakze „zasysa” ono slup wody morskiej ponad owa „krytyczna wysokosc zasysania”. Jednoczesnie, zgodnie z ta sama stara „ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna”, NIE znane jest zadne inne zjawisko poza „zasysaniem”, o jakim z cala pewnoscia wiadomo ze pobudzane jest ono przez „tornado wodne” i z pomoca jakiego tornado to mogloby wzniesc slup wody morskiej na wysokosc owych kilkuset metrów, a czasami nawet kilku tysiecy metrów – tak jak faktycznie czynia to typowe „tornada wodne”.

Niemoznosc racjonalnego wyjasnienia przez stara dotychczasowa „ateistyczna nauke ortodoksyjna”, jak to mozliwe ze „tornado wodne” realizuje „wsysanie” slupa wody morskiej na kilkusetmetrowe wysokosci, podczas gdy w niemal kazdym podreczniku fizyki jest napisane iz wode daje sie „wessac” jedynie na wysokosc okolo 10.13 metra (tj. 33 stopy-feet), jest tylko jedna z calego szeregu tajemnic tornad, których istnienie ujawnil dopiero autor tego wpisu, zas których poprawne wyjasnienie staje sie mozliwe dopiero dzieki fundamentom naukowym i filozoficznym nowej „totaliztycznej nauki”. Wylistujmy wiec teraz w punktach najwazniejsze „tajemnice tornad”, które juz okazaly sie „niewyjasnialne” na bazie prymitywnej wiedzy jaka dysponuje stara dotychczasowa oficjalna nauka (NIE bez powodu nazywana tez „ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna”). Wszakze zarówno liczba, jak i rodzaj owych tejemnic i ich niewyjasnialnosci, ujawniaja jak prymitywna i niekompetentna okazuje sie byc dotychczasowa nauka ziemska, oraz jak pilne jest oficjalne ustanowienie nowej „totaliztycznej nauki” – tak jak opisuje to punkt #C4 strony „tornado_pl.htm”. Wszakze autor byl w stanie dokonac ujawnienia i wyjasnienia wszystkich ponizszych tajemnic tylko dzieki sformulowaniu fundamentów filozoficznych i naukowych owej nowej „totaliztycznej nauki”. Oto wiec wykaz najbardziej rzucajacych sie w oczy „tajemnic tornad”:

1. Zasada i mechanism „wsysania” przez „tornada wodne” slupa wody na wysokosc kilkuset metrów, podczas gdy niemal kazdy podrecznik fizyki wyjasnia, ze slup wody moze byc „wessany” tylko na wysokosc okolo 10 metrów – przy jednoczesnym braku w tornadzie oficjalnie uznawanych przez dzisiejsza nauke zjawisk innych niz „wsysanie” (tak jak wyjasnil to punkt #K1 strony „tornado_pl.htm”).

2. Zasada i mechanizm „zawirowywania” otaczajacego osrodka przez leje praktycznie wszystkich tornad, bez formowania sil odsrodkowych które by rozpraszaly kolumne wirujacej materii – podczas gdy niemal kazdy podrecznik fizyki wyjasnia, kazde doswiadczenie potwierdza, zas urzadzenia takie jak „centrefugi” czy „bezworkowe odkurzacze cyklonowe” ilustruja naocznie, ze szybkie zawirowywanie dowolnej materii formuje potezne sily odsrodkowe które rozrzucaja te materie uniemozliwiajac formowanie przez nia spójnych lejów – w rodzaju leja pokazanego na „Fot. #H1′ ze strony „tornado_pl.htm”. Faktycznie wiec, zgodnie ze stanem dzisiejszej oficjalnej wiedzy, wirujace leje tornad, takie jak ten pokazany na w/w „Fot. #H1”, a takze wysokie slupy wody zawirowywanej przez „tornada wodne”, NIE maja prawa zaistniec (na przekór ze w rzeczywistym zyciu one istnieja i znaczaco klopocza niemoralne spolecznosci). Dopiero nowa teoria wszystkiego zwana Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji (tj. ta teoria która formuje fundamenty naukowe nowej „nauki totaliztycznej”) wyjasnia dokladnie jak owe slupy wirujacej materii sa formowane i utrzymywane w stanie spójnosci przez inteligentna i zaprogramowana na wirowanie tzw. „przeciw-materie”. Jednak stara „ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna” ciagle NIE uznaje istnienia i poprawnosci tej nowej teorii. Stad stara „ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna” NIE jest tez w stanie wyjasnic, jak wirujaca materia z lejów tornad jest utrzymywana w spójnosci i NIE jest rozrzucana przez potezne sily odsrodkowe jakie jej wirowanie formuje. Oczywiscie, w swej zarozumialosci i ignorancji, stara nauka ortodoksyjna nawet NIE zdaje sobie z tego sprawy, ze na bazie swojej prymitywnej wiedzy ciagle NIE jest w stanie wyjasnic zjawisk opisywanych w niniejszym punkcie. Dlatego potrzeba az bylo powstania nowej „nauki totaliztycznej”, oraz potrzeba az bylo „cywilnej odwagi” autora niniejszej strony, aby owa ignorancje i braki powytykac dotychczasowej oficjalnej nauce i dzisiejszym naukowcom.

3. Powody dla których tornada (i wszelkie inne kataklizmy) uderzaja tylko w spolecznosci które na codzien praktykuja zaawansowana forme „filozofii pasozytnictwa”, jednoczesnie zas tornada omijaja spolecznosci praktykujace jakas forme „filozofii totalizmu” – tak jak wyjasnia to dokladniej odrebna strona o nazwie „quake_pl.htm”, zas dokumentuja na juz przebadanych przykladach z prawdziwego zycia punkty #I5 i #I3 strony o nazwie „day26_pl.htm”.

4. Powody dla których we wszystkie tornada wpisane zostaly co najmniej trzy (3) zbiory cech, które pozwalaja na wyjasnienie mechanizmu ich zaistnienia az na conajmniej 3 niezalezne od siebie sposoby – tak jak opisalem to dokladniej w punkcie #C2 strony o nazwie „tornado_pl.htm”.

5. Powody dla których chmury z jakich wylaniaja sie tornada zawsze przyjmuja ksztalty odzwierciedlajace budowe i dzialanie wehikulów UFO, zas same tornada zawsze wykazuja cechy jakie sa odzwierciedleniem zasady dzialania tzw. „magnokraftów” – tak jak wyjasniaja to dokladniej punkty #E6 i #E3 strony o nazwie „tornado_pl.htm”, zas ilustruja doskonale „Fot. #H2” i „Fot. #H1” owej strony.

6. Powody dla których tornada maja dwa odmienne rodzaje (i dwa ksztalty) „lejków”, które odpowiadaja lotom wehikulów UFO i magnokraftów w dwóch odmiennych pozycjach (tj. ich lotom w pozycjach „stojacej” i „wiszacej”) – tak jak opisuja to punkty #A2, #E3 i #E6 strony „tornado_pl.htm”.

7. Powody dla których tornada indukuja „naturalnie” niemal wszystkie zjawiska jakie indukowane sa tez technicznie przez wehikuly UFO i przez magnokrafty (np. zawirowania otoczenia w konfiguracje odpowiadajace rozlozeniu pedników w UFO i magnokraftach, wedrówka tornad w kierunkach zgodnych z kierunkami lotów UFO i magnokraftów, pulsujace pole magnetyczne, piskliwe dzwieki, itp.) – tak jak wyjasnia to dokladniej niemal cala strona o nazwie „tornado_pl.htm”.

8. Powody dla których na pólnocnej pólkuli Ziemi (np. w USA) tornada przewazajaco sa lewoskretne, zas na poludniowej pólkuli Ziemi (np. w Nowej Zelandii lub w Australii) tornada przewazajaco sa prawoskretne – tak jak wyjasniaja to i dokumentuja punkty #G1, #G2 i #H5 strony „tornado_pl.htm”.

Sprzecznosc dzialania tornad z ciagle ogromnie prymitywna wiedza jaka zgromadzila stara „ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna”, jest tylko jednym z ogromnego oceanu przykladów zjawisk, dla faktycznego wyjasnienia których stara „ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna” jest ciagle niekompetentna, a stad na temat których wmawia ona naiwnym ludziskom kompletne bzdury. Owych zjawisk calkowicie sprzecznych z klamliwymi twierdzeniami dzisiejszej oficjalnej nauki ziemskiej jest az tak duzo, ze niesposób byloby je opisac na pojedynczej stronie internetowej. Sporo wiec z nich opisalem juz na calym szeregu totaliztycznych stron – przykladowo patrz strona o nazwie „god_proof_pl.htm”, strona o nazwie „ufo_proof_pl.htm”, czy tez strona o nazwie „nirvana_pl.htm”. Poniezej wskaze w punktach tylko te ich przyklady, które zostaly juz dokladniej powyjasniane na wskazywanych tu totaliztycznych stronach internetowych. Owe juz powyjasniane przez nowa „nauke totaliztyczna” przyklady zjawisk sprzecznych ze stara oficjalna nauka ziemska obejmuja,

1. Tzw. „przesuniecie ku czerwieni” swiatla gwiazd, oraz „przesuniecie ku fioletowi” swiatla dochodzacego do ziemi z nieba. Oba te przesuniecia zostaly wyjasnione poprawnie dopiero w punktach #D2, #D2.1 i #I1 strony o nazwie „dipolar_gravity_pl.htm”. Ich sprzecznosc z oficjalna nauka ziemska oznacza równiez, ze naukowo sprzeczne jest tez wyjasnienia tej nauki dla poczatków i dla pochodzenia fizycznego wszechswiata. Wyrazajac to innymi slowy, oba te przesuniecia swiatla dowodza, ze tzw. „teoria wielkiego wybuchu (bangu)” jest jednym ciagiem naukowych bzdur.

2. Pozorne odwracanie sie kierunku wirowania obiektów obserwowanych w swietle dziennym. Owo odwracanie sie zostalo wyjasnione poprawnie dopiero w punktach #D1 i #D2 strony o nazwie „immortality_pl.htm”. Praktycznie dowodzi on ze czas jest ruchem kontroli wykonawczej przez nasze programy zycia i losu, a stad ze czas daje sie cofac oraz ze podrózowanie poprzez czas jest mozliwe i technicznie realizowalne.

3. Powody dla których wszelkie kataklizmy uderzaja wylacznie w spolecznosci które praktykuja wysoce niemoralna filozofie pasozytnictwa, zas starannie omijaja spolecznosci praktykujace jakas forme filozofii totalizmu. Powody te zostaly wyjasnione dokladniej dopiero na stronie internetowej o nazwie „quake_pl.htm”. Z kolei material dowodowy który dokumentuje ze spolecznosci praktykujace moralna filozofie totalizmu sa omijane przez wszelkie kataklizmy, zostal wskazany w punktach #I5 i #I3 totaliztycznej strony o nazwie „day26_pl.htm”.

4. Zywe rybki spadajace z nieba. „Deszcz” z takich zywych rybek, który ja obserwowalem naocznie w czasach swego dziecinstwa, opisany zostal w podpisie pod „Fot. #D24” ze strony o nazwie „milicz.htm”. Cechy owego deszczu jakie zapamietalem ze swej osobistej obserwacji, calkowicie zaprzeczaja temu co dotychczasowa „ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna” oficjalnie stwierdza na temat takich deszczów i zupelnie mijaja sie z „wyjasnieniami” jakie nauka dostarcza na ich temat.

5. Obecne masowe wymieranie pszczól spowodowane przez telefony komórkowe. Opisane ono zostalo w punkcie #F1 strony o nazwie „telepathy_pl.htm”. Jest ono doskonalym przykladem niezdolnosci dzisiejszych ateistycznych naukowców ortodoksyjnych do ujawniania tej prawdy jaka by ich narazila na ataki kogos wplywowego (np. koncernów telefonicznych) – na przekór ze prawda ta moglaby przyczynic sie do powstrzmania zniszczen zyciodajej natury przez dzisiejsza cywilizacje ludzka, oraz nawet jesli prawda ta zostala juz poznana przez niektórych ludzi.

6. Zapylanie baobabów jakoby dokonywane przez nietoperze. Opisane ono zostalo w punkcie #C2 strony o nazwie „cooking_pl.htm”. Jest dowodem jak „plytkie” i niesprawdzone jest wiele „naukowych twierdzen” dzisiejszych „ataistycznych naukowców ortodoksyjnych”.

7. Przezycie w Polsce doskonale widocznego weza o czerwonawym kolorze (tzw. „Gniewosza”). Z powodu doskonalej widocznosci tego weza juz na duze odleglosci, zgodnie z twierdzeniami oficjalnej nauki – NIE powinien on przezyc! Wszakze jest latwy do wykrycia i bezbronny. Stad przezyl on tylko poniewaz posiada nadprzyrodzona zdolnosc do zwalniania uplywu czasu – która to jednak jego zdolnosc „ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna” ignoruje i zaprzecza. Waz ten, oraz jego nadprzyrodzone zdolnosci zwalniania czasu, opisane zostaly w punkcie #F3 strony o nazwie „stawczyk.htm”.

Niekompetencja dotychczasowej monopolistycznej i starej „ateistycznej nauki ortodoksyjnej” w wyjasnianiu zarówno powyzszych (jak i calego szeregu innych podobnych) zjawisk natury, dodatkowo potwierdza pilnosc z jaka cywilizacja ludzka powinna oficjalnie ustanowic nowa tzw. „totaliztyczna nauke”, jaka stworzylaby zdrowa „konkurencje” wobec owej dotychczasowej starej i znaczaco juz „zakisnietej” nauki, zas jaka opisywana jest szerzej w punkcie #C1 strony o nazwie „telekinetyka.htm”. Sprawe pilnego powolania owej nowej „totaliztycznej nauki” omawia punkt #C4 strony „tornado_pl.htm”.
* * *

Powyzszy wpis, wskazujacy jedna z niezliczonych bzdur upowszechnianych arogancko przez stara oficjalna nauke ziemska oraz ujawnionych dopiero dzieki fundamentom naukowym i filozoficznym stworzonym przez nowa tzw. „totaliztyczna nauke”, stanowi adaptacje punktów #K1 do #K3 z totaliztycznej strony o nazwie „tornado_pl.htm” (aktualizacja z 25 lutego 2012 roku, lub pozniej). Stad czytanie powyzszych opisow byloby nawet bardziej efektywne z tamtej strony internetowej „tornado_pl.htm”, niz z niniejszego wpisu – wszakze na owej stronie dzialaja wszystkie (zielone) linki do pokrewnych stron z dodatkowymi informacjami, tekst zawiera polskie literki, uzyte sa kolory i ilustracje, zawartosc jest powtarzalnie aktualizowana, itp. Najnowsza aktualizacja strony „tornado_pl.htm” juz zostala zaladowana i udostepniona wszystkim chetnym pod nastepujacymi adresami (przegladajac te adresy warto zwrocic uwage jak rozlegle, silnie i zawziecie tzw. „przeklenstwo wynalazców” dziala wobec stron internetowych zwiazanych z filozofia totalizmu oraz z moja osoba): lub alias: (który zawsze linkuje najwazniejsza z najnowszych aktualizacji)

Kazdy adres z totaliztycznymi stronami – w tym równiez kazdy z powyzszych adresów, powinien zawierac wszystkie totaliztyczne strony, wlaczajac w to strony których nazwy sa wskazywane w niniejszym wpisie. Stad aby wywolac dowolna interesujaca nas totaliztyczna strone, trzeba np. w jednym z powyzszych adresów nazwe strony „tornado_pl.htm” zastapic nazwa strony która chce sie wywolac. Przykladowo, aby wywolac sobie strone o nazwie „quake_pl.htm” np. z witryny o adresie , wystarczy aby zamiast owego adresu wpisac w okienku adresowym wyszukiwarki tak zmodyfikowany adres .

Warto tez wiedziec, ze niemal kazdy nowy temat jaki juz przebadalem dla podejscia „a priori” nowej „totaliztycznej nauki”, w tym i niniejszy temat, jest powtarzany na wszystkich lustrzanych blogach totalizmu ktore ciagle istnieja (powyzsza tresc jest tam omawiana we wpisie numer #216). Kiedys istnialo az 5 takich blogow. Dwa ostatnie blogi totalizmu, jakie ciagle nie zostaly polikwidowane przez przeciwników „totaliztycznej nauki” i przeciwników wysoce moralnej filozofii totalizmu, mozna znalezc pod nastepujacymi adresami: lub alias:
Warto tam tez przegladnac inne wpisy, np. numery #208, #205, #204, #176 i #151 – ktore tez omawiaja podobna tematyke.

Z totaliztycznym salutem,
Jan Pajak

#215E: How the change of consequences of wasps stings, from previous amusing and healing into today’s killing, reveals one amongst general mechanisms of work of morality (in English – po polsku ponizej)


Motto: „All events which affect people, even stings of wasps, are ruled by general mechanisms of morality – the detailed learning of which is to illuminate our lives.”

A television set I saw for the first time in my life when I was already in 7th class of a primary school, means in spring of 1960. The Primary School in Stawiec, to which I attended then, purchased a first, small, black-and-white television set. It was the only television set in the radius of many kilometres. The relatively regular watching of TV I started only several years later, when I already lived in a student dormitory in Wroclaw, means since around 1967. In turn the internet I encountered for the first time in my life when I worked already as a professor of Computer Sciences in Cyprus, means in 1992. Unfortunately, it was still rather clumsy and very unreliable. For several next years I treated it as a kind of curiosity and toy, not as a tool of everyday use. The use of internet on a full scale I started only at the beginning of 1999. Means that the entire my childhood and youth, and also the childhood and youth of all my friends, passed without television nor internet. In present times people probably wonder what my generation was doing with the excess of free time which then existed because of the lack of access to television and to internet. After all, when today our television set is out of order, or we loose the access to internet, we do not know what to do with the excess of free time, because the majority of our everyday chores and entertainments then becomes inaccessible for us.

However, as it turns out, even in times when television and internet were not, as yet, in use, still our time was filled out completely with various activities, and we still had a huge amount of entertainment. Apart from cinema and theatre, the majority of the entertainment was in open air. Almost always it was implemented in a group, means together with almost all other boys from present Wszewilki-Stawczyk, and frequently also with our girls. So what were these group entertainments of these days. Well, they mainly boiled down to organising various group activities, plays, and games. Such games were organised then in open air, as hide-and-seek, bouncing coins from walls, bicycle raids. These were organised practically almost every evening which had a good weather. In turn during rains or during periods of cold weather, we visited friends, looked at their collections of stamps or view-cards, played various games under a roof, looked and fed their bunnies, cats and dogs, helped to build their models of boats and airplanes, listen to strange stories of their parents and grandparents, etc., etc. On Sundays and in holidays common fishing expeditions were organised, or expeditions to the forest, bicycle sightseeing raids, marches to Milicz, while in evenings visits to a nearest „folk dancing”. There were also seasonal entertainments, for example, during springs expeditions to pick in forests wild „lilies of the valley” – flowers with inebriate fragrances, or picking blueberries and wild strawberries at the turn of springs and summers, swimming by the dam from the Barycz river, or in the „first pond” in forest, and also picking blackberries in summer, collecting mushrooms and hazelnuts in autumn, sledging, skiing and sleighing in winter. All these are only examples of the most repetitive entertainments of those times. Apart from them, there were also various opportunistic entertainments, for example kayaking, sailing, shooting, etc. So practically there existed an unlimited number of activities and plays which filled up entire our free time.

In order to provide here a specific example how our entertainment on Sundays and holidays looked-like, I am going to describe our „adventure” from one Sunday, which I still remember until today. Let us call this „adventure” the „framing into wasps”. Here is how it was developing:

As usually on Sundays, after the return from church in Milicz, and after eating our dinners, we all met on the crossing of roads just behind the railway line, means in the village Wszewilki-Stawczyk. This crossing of roads was the usual gathering area for youth from Stawczyk. We started our meeting from discussing what kind of play or activity we should follow that day. One amongst us, probably it was Bronek, informed us, that he discovered a large nest of wasps not far behind the cemetery, so perhaps we should go there to have a look at it. We accepted it with an enthusiasm and a whole pack of us went to see these wasps. In fact they turned out to be worth of our attention. The nest was located in a large hollow of a tree, the entrance to which was positioned around 2 meters above the ground level. It was well developed, because wasps flew to it, and flew out of it, in continuous two streams. So we started to deliberate how to utilise the fact of discovering so large nest of wasps. Wacek, who was the biggest „leg-puller” in the entire district of Milicz, announced that we should convince Zdzichu, whom was absent from our group, and father of whom had beehives, to take honey for us from this nest. One of younger and more naive boys, probably Tadek, started to protest, claiming that wasps do not have honey. „This is the whole point” – replied Wacek. After understanding what all this was about, the entire our pack from Stawczyk enthusiastically went near the house of Zdzichu, who lived in the centre of Wszewilki, thus who belonged to this „other camp”. After calling Zdzichu out of his home, we left the matter to Wacek, so that he could do all necessary speeches. Wacek started from pulling Zdzichu’s legs. „Although your father has beehives, probably you still do not know how to take honey out of them”. „I know how to take honey”, assured us Zdzichu. „I helped my father many times and learned how to do this”. „But when it would come to a real honey taking, you would probably chicken out” – Wacek did not give up his inquires. „Me, chicken out”, Zdzichu replied angrily, „I am not afraid bees at all”. „You would not really be afraid to take honey from bees” – Wacek would not let go without catching Zdzichu on words. „Surely, I would not be afraid at all”, reassured us Zdzichu. „This is excellent”, continued Wacek, „because we just discovered a nest of wild bees in the forest and we need someone who would take for us honey from these bees – would you have a courage to do this?” „Surely, I will take the honey for you”, Zdzichu replied. We did not needed any more reassurances. Almost running we led Zdzichu to the nest of „wild bees” so that he could „take for us honey from them”. Two strong boys lifted Zdzichu to the nest, so that he could „take the honey”. All others amongst us, including me, with a respect kept safe distance of around 10 meters from the nest. Zdzichu without a second thought put his right hand until the armpit to the nest. At this moment both friends who lifted him on their backs could not withstand any longer and darted to run for cover. The last thing that I then saw, was Zdzichu hanging by the hollow of tree hooked on his hand. I also could not wait any longer, so I also run for cover together with these two colleagues who supposed to lift Zdzichu. Our escape was intensified by a loud, long scream of Zdzichu, which sounded as if someone was peeling skin out of him while he was still alive. In my run I noticed with the angle of my eye that the entire our pack was rushing out of the nest with full power of their legs, spread like a wide fan. We run in the direction of a large clump of low bushes which was distant around 100 metres from the nest. A moment later I was shocked to notice that to my right I was being fast overtaken by Zdzichu himself. At that time Zdzichu was around a head smaller than myself (although two years older), so usually he run slower than me. But this time, in spite that I darted as fast as I could, he still managed to overtake me with the speed as if I just walked while he was the only one to run. When he passed by me, I realised why he is so fast. Above his head, and also behind his back, there was in the air a thick cloud of infuriated wasps. A moment later after Zdzichu with this cloud of wasps overtook me, I rapidly experienced on my back as if a lightning stroke me. I realised that this was one of wasps which decided to use its weapon on me. I screamed from the pain. Simultaneously I heard similar screams from almost each one in our pack. A moment later I felt another hit of the pain, this time in the back of my head. It was painful like hell. Fortunately, we just arrived at the clump of saving bushes. Wasps quickly got lost. So we escaped from further bites. After we gathered again into a pack, we drag ourselves along to homes. Each one amongst us looked as if was returning from a war, scratched by bushes and with several blisters from wasp bites. The fate again reminded us, that whatever we plan for others, usually catches with us. Actually, the least affected amongst us turned out to be Zdzichu. So instead of us laughing at him, he laughed at us while looking at our swellings in various not very convenient places. After that adventure Zdzichu become like one of us. Although he lived in the centre of Wszewilki, means slightly far from Stawczyk, starting from that day we considered him to be „one of us”, means he belonged to our pack of boys from the behind of railway line.

Of course, I do NOT need to explain here, that looking back from the prospective of time at that „adventure” of „framing into wasps”, I am aware of the fact, that judging it from the point of view of atheistic criteria, or present politicians and scientists, it can be described as dangerous, irresponsible, unwise, etc. After all, atheists, or present politicians and scientists, are to argue that only a series of „coincidences” caused, that our „adventure” did NOT finish with a tragedy. (E.g. it did NOT finish with a tragedy because wasps had their nest in a hollow of a tree with a narrow exit, from which they were unable to fly rapidly all at once, because there was a young bush nearby into which we escaped and which dense leaves stopped the swarm of angry wasps, because no-one amongst us had an allergy to wasps’ venom, etc.) At that time we did NOT know, that even the most healthy person dies if it is stung by 60 (or more) European wasps (such as wasps that attacked us then) – as the venom from such a number of wasps stops heart. In turn people who are allergic to venom of wasps may die even from a single sting – e.g. in mouth or neck. (Fortunately, at that time in chemically clean and naturally behaving Wszewilki no-one had any kind of allergy.) In fact we did NOT know then that anyone can die from wasps sting – as e.g. in 2012 died from them the inhabitant of New Zealand who accidentally disturbed a nest of European wasps when collecting wood in a forest, and whose fate is described in the article „Man killed by wasps helped save his nephew” from page A4 of newspaper „The New Zealand Herald”, issue dated on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, and in the article „Stung man told nephew to run” from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post”, issue dated on Monday, February 6, 2012. Rather opposite, at that time it was commonly believed that stings of bees, wasps, and bumblebees have healing properties (e.g. heal rheumatic pains) – only that are painful and unpleasant. The only venomous local creatures considered at that time to be capable of killing a person, were „adders” and „hornets”.

The reaction of New Zealand for the killing of this New Zealander with wasps’ stings (as described above) turns out to be highly interesting. This reaction is worth discussing here because it is typical for people who do NOT understand the work of moral mechanisms in the world ruled intelligently by the omnipotent God – means for people which would benefit immensely from undertaking a trouble of at least brief learning moral principles and mechanisms of morality that are already discovered and described by the philosophy of totalizm and by the so-called „totaliztic science” (of the kind of mechanisms summarised in item #L5 on the totaliztic web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”). Namely, almost immediately was undertaken the massive action of wasps’ poisoning – as this is described in the article „Wasp control poison plan under way” from page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post Weekend”, issue dated on Saturday, February 11, 2012. Unfortunately, there was NO consideration given to the fact that mass poisoning of wasps, similarly like all other forms of interference with nature through massive use of poisons, is the activity which according to descriptions from item #A2.1 of the web page named „totalizm.htm”, runs along the „line of the least resistance”, and thus it steeply slides „down in the moral field”. As such, according to findings of the philosophy of totalizm, massive poisoning of anything is a „decisively immoral” activity. In turn the high immorality of a massive poisoning of any creatures purposely created by God, means that moral mechanisms are to cause that this poisoning is to have very detrimental for people „side effects” – as this is explained comprehensively in subsection JD11.8 from volume 7 of my newest monograph [1/5]. For example, poisons poured in huge amounts to poison wasps, will add themselves to the entire ocean of other poisons which in New Zealand are poured every year onto fields and forests, i.e. to poisons with which New Zealanders massively poison possums, rabbits, gorse, fruit worms and pests, weeds, unwanted grass, likens, worms in cattle and sheep, mosquito, flies, etc. In turn, after pouring these poisons, they will gradually move along the food chain until they arrive to bodies of New Zealanders, in which bodies they are to accumulate. In the result, already alarming numbers of cancers, allergies, mental illnesses, etc., will in New Zealand grow even faster than so-far. Many of consequences of this accumulation of poisons in bodies of New Zealanders is to cause effects the researching of which creators of this wasp poison probably „overlooked”. Thus, in the consequence of the use of this poison, New Zealanders become even more than currently susceptible to an easy death from venom of increasingly smaller number of wasps. In other words, such a highly immoral action of the kind of massive poisoning of wasps, will eventually bring effects which are an exact opposite of the effects that were intended by this poisoning – as the humanity already experienced this due to outcomes of previous uses of e.g. DDT, pesticides, antibiotics, contraceptives, and many other „improvements of nature introduced hastily by the atheistic orthodox science” (which „scientific improvements” are described, amongst others, on the web page named „tfz.htm”).

The events described in this post, which contrast consequences of wasps’ stings in times of my youth and in present times, in fact illustrate one amongst more general „principles of operation” of mechanisms of morality – the existence of which principle was discovered only by the new so-called „totaliztic science”. This principle states that „when human immorality grows, then also must grow the level of ‚rendering unpleasantness’ of lives of these immoral people – so that the requirements of ‚absolute justice’ were also fulfilled for them”. It is just this general principle of work of morality, that causes, amongst others, that while in times of my youth (i.e. in times when people used to act highly morally), stings of wasps, bees, and bumblebees amused and healed those people, in present highly immoral times the same stings can case significant health problems or even deaths. The point is, that in times described on the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”, people who lived in „totaliztic Wszewilki” acted incomparably more morally, than typically act people which live in present times at any place of the Earth – as more comprehensively documents this e.g. items #G3 to #G3.1 on the totaliztic web page named „prophecies.htm”, and also items #D1 to #D3 on the totaliztic web page named „antichrist.htm”. After all, in order the „quality of life” of any person is proportional to the level of „morality” of this person, the life of people acting immorally must be significantly more „rendered unpleasant” that lives of people acting morally. Because the explanation „why” so happens, requires slightly more extensive descriptions, I described this more comprehensively in the separate item #L5 of the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”. (I would recommend to check in there also that my explanation „why” – as it carries the potential to make our lives much more pleasant.)

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