#214E: Requirements and conditions of effective defence from earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires, frosts, and also from illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc. (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „Remove reasons for arrival of cataclysms, and these disappear by themselves – means, cease to pretend a victim of calamities send to you by a distant and hostile force (at the actions of which you have no influence), and cease to passively await until other people improve your situation, but accept the responsibility that whatever affects you stems from your own morality, philosophy, behaviours, etc., and then appropriately correct your morality, philosophy and behaviours.”

The practicing of a „correct kind of morality” turns out to be the most effective and the most universal kind of medicine, helpful for practically everything – including the defence against all possible cataclysms (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires, frosts, etc.) and also including the defence from all kinds of calamities (such as illnesses, diseases, infections, pestilences, epidemics, plagues, murrains, contagions, pandemics, etc.). In items #A2, #C1, and #G1 to #M1 from the totaliztic web page named „quake.htm”, it was already explained how the practicing of a „right kind of morality” allows to defend ourselves from all possible cataclysms. So in this item is turn to explain also how the same „right kind of morality” allows to defend ourselves from illnesses, plagues, epidemics, pandemics, etc. But in order to enrich these explanations also by answers to questions „why”, „from what it results”, „which evidence confirms this”, etc. – providing which answers is already the tradition for the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm, these explanations must start from the very beginning.

God purposely caused, that „everything that is ‚moral’ must also be difficult and must require putting into it our continuous effort, knowledge, attention, care, thoughts, etc.” After all, in the opposite situation the „lying-down on our backs, and doing nothing, would be the most moral out of all human behaviours”. Unfortunately for lazy people, such „lying-down on the back-side and doing nothing” would be the „most moral human behaviour” only in the non-existing „world without God” – in which supposedly lives the old so-called „atheistic orthodox science”. In turn, for the real world in which we all live, laws prevail which cause that the truly moral behaviour requires putting into it the continuous effort, thoughts and work – and we all continually experience these. It is so, because God established the so-called „moral field” which causes that the „morally correct behaviours” always require the continuous effort put into them. Because of the action of this „moral field”, all morally behaving people must continually climb „uphill” in this field – as it is explained in item #A2.1 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”. It is just because of the existence and action of this „moral field” that discovering and telling truths is for everyone so troublesome. After all, „truths are the essence of morally-correct behaviours” – thus discovery and dissemination of these truths must be difficult and must require the continuous contribution of our effort and energy.

A perfect example how difficult is to discover truths and to disseminate them amongst other people, is the finding of the philosophy of totalizm, that the intensification of epidemics, illnesses, plagues, pandemics, etc., always coincides in time with periods when the humanity begins to behave especially immorally and almost exactly opposite to commands of God. As an example which supports the correctness of this finding, consider the behaviour of humanity in medieval times – when on the Earth were unleashed medieval plagues, but also was unleashed church’s Inquisition, feudal monarchs with absolute powers and criminal inclinations, habits of burning „witches” on stakes, etc. Then consider also the shocking immorality in behaviours and views of present people – perfectly illustrated by explanations e.g. from items #D1 to #D2 and from the introduction to the web page named „antichrist.htm”, as well as in subsections #G3 do #G3.2 from the web page named „prophecies.htm”. In turn finding of the totalizm that the „intensification of illnesses epidemics, plagues, etc., coincides in time with intensification of immorality”, leads directly to an obvious conclusion that illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., are consequences of human immorality, while the most effective manner of correcting them and defending from them depends on the correcting of our own morality, philosophy, attitudes, behaviours, etc.

Summarising the above, „scientific research of times and circumstances in which various illnesses, plagues, epidemics, pandemics, etc., troubled the humanity, leads to the development of methods that allow to prevent all possible calamities and cataclysms (including also these illnesses, plagues, epidemics, pandemics, etc.) through practicing the right kind of morality – which is required by God”. Therefore, descriptions from this item represent extension and complementing of attributes and guidelines that explained to us „how to recognise that a cataclysm soon is to hit the community in which we live right now” – presented in items #H3 and #H4 from the other web page named „quake.htm”.

Thus, when – due to attributes described in items #H3 and #H4 of that other web page named „quake.htm”, we clearly recognise, that the city or community in which we live, is already „designated” by God for a not-too-distant hit by a cataclysm, then it is helpful to know about the fact established by the new „totaliztic science”, namely that the „most effective manner of defence against illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., depends on appropriate correcting our own morality, philosophy, attitudes, etc.” Therefore, the next important question, the reply to which also is worth to learn, states: „how in practice we should correct our morality, philosophy, attitudes, behaviours, etc., so that by carrying out this correcting we effectively defend ourselves against illnesses and against all other cataclysms?” As it can be worked out from analyses of God’s hints and actions, this practical correcting requires the fulfilment of a number of requirements and conditions. Let us list now and briefly describe the most important amongst these. Here they are:

1. Understanding that each one of us is a part of a „group intellect” which is subjected to cataclysms as a whole, and thus that in order this entire „group intellect” changes its morality, philosophy, attitude, etc., we ourselves must first begin introducing this change into our own lives. In fact God sends cataclysms to entire so-called „group intellects”. But these group intellects are composed of individual people, such as ourselves. So in order to change the morality of entire these group intellects, each single person which belongs to them, including ourselves, must change its morality. Thus, we must begin the change of morality from ourselves. In turn, when we change our own morality to the sufficient level, then God is to cause, that this is to count towards our own (individual) defence from cataclysms, as well as towards the defence of all group intellects to which we belong.

2. Abandoning the waiting until other people are to improve our situation, and undertaking action ourselves. The problem of present times is such, that faults and responsibilities for everything are pushed onto other people. But moral mechanisms work in such a manner, that „whatever affects us is mainly the outcome of our own morality, philosophy, views, behaviours, actions, attitudes, etc.” Thus, if it is us that wants to defend ourselves from cataclysms, then the defence activities must be initiated and carried out by us personally. In turn, whatever other people are to do, it is going to influence mainly the fate of these other people.

3. Learning and starting to practice the formal versions of the philosophy of totalizm – means undertaking a cognitive decision, that in our further life we are going to try to act exclusively in the direction of „uphill in the moral field”. After all, the truly improved situation always requires undertaking decisions and actions that run „uphill in the moral field”.

4. Proving to God our humility, humbleness, penitence, etc. – as this is explained in item #A2 from the web page named „quake.htm”. After all, God dislikes very much the arrogance, self-importance, high opinion about own talent, knowledge, abilities, etc. Thus, if someone displays these attributes in interactions with God, then instead of helping this person in implementing his role and in solving his problems, God rather „plays balls with him” – similarly like in times of Jesus God „played balls” with „Pharisees” in matters of faith, while like in present times God „plays balls” with present „luminaries of official science” (i.e. with professional scientists) in a whole number of extremely vital topics. (For examples of such topics, consider God’s „playing balls” with scientists in such key matter as „bones of dinosaurs” discussed in item #H2 from the web page named „god_exists.htm” – which bones mislead scientists in establishing the true age of the Earth and the humanity. Or consider the key topic of „red shift” in stars’ light, discussed in item #D2.1 from the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm” – which „red shift” confuses explanations for origins of the universe.) Of course, there is a number of methods for proving to God our humility and attributes linked to it. A simplest out of these methods depends on staying humble, shy, penitent, etc., towards everybody and during all times – this automatically is to prove that we display the same attributes also towards God. But not everyone can afford to continually demonstrate such a humble behaviour – especially if he or she is an „active totalizt” who fights for social recognition of the position of that philosophy in some matters vital for the entire humanity. Therefore, in such cases, when in relations with people one is forced to be „assertive”, still in relation with God he or she needs to repetitively pay a kind of „personal declaration of obedience and humility” or a kind of „homage” – this also can be carried out on tens of different manners, e.g. through devoted and humble participation in repetitive ceremonies of own religion, or through repetitive (although just private) prayers and displays of penitence, humbleness, humility, obedience, etc. We must remember, that the precise implementation of the „morality ordered to us by God” is NOT possible if e.g. we have a problem with recognising God as our superior judge, supervisor, and employer, whose laws and orders we odd to obey pedantically – as this is explained in the „totaliztic definition of morality” described in item #B5 of the web page named „morals.htm”. Therefore, this repetitive declaration to God of our obedience, humility, humbleness, etc., is absolutely necessary.

5. Finding the way to officially „notify God” and publicly „declare to other people” that we started practicing this „right” kind of morality (i.e. morality ordered to people by God). With this notifying and declaration is a problem, because God requires these to have some „public” („ceremonial”) form – as this is clearly let us known by God in the description of the „abandoning of sending a cataclysm” to the Biblical city called „Nineveh” – for details see verses 3:5-10 from the Biblical „Book of Jonah”. But God allows that we ourselves find the most appropriate for our situation manner of carrying out this notifying and declaration – which do NOT expose us to experiencing the loss of „moral energy” because of it. The only thing that is vital, is that about this our notifying and declaration must learn several other people who are vital for us (i.e. our „witnesses”) and thus who latter will watch and judge the progress in our change and send thoughts to God that report their judgements of this our change. Thus, it is possible to carry out this our notifying and declaration on thousands of various ways, e.g. in case of undertaking „individual defence” – also though writing an autobiography or a book, though publishing a web page, composing and public singing a declarative song, writing a poem, organising a dinner or a festivity on this occasion, announcing this declaration in a form of speech, etc., etc.

6. Organising and implementing the public „ceremony” which formally initiates the beginning of change in our morality, philosophy, views, attitudes, behaviours, etc. Whenever our state is changed into a different one, it is necessary to carry out some public ceremony, from the moment of which this change begins to count, and which generates these human „witnesses” that later will watch our progress in this change. This is why are carried out e.g. ceremonies of weddings, baptisms, etc. Also in case of change in our morality, the carrying out of such a ceremony is necessary, as this is to notify the moment of starting our change, and clarifies to other people the kind of morality that we intend to practice starting from that particular moment in time.

7. Systematic and everyday practicing of that „right kind of morality”. I.e. choosing and implementing in our everyday lives only such words, actions, and behaviours, which lie in the direction of „uphill in the moral field”, which continuously increase the level of our moral energy, etc. After we changed our morality and philosophy, we need to practice continually the new morality that we adopted, and we also need to always try to improve our methods of practicing this new morality and philosophy.

8. „Whitening” or „removal” of „black sheep” which spoil the combined morality of the entire „group intellect” to which we belong. It so happens, that God corrects and punishes with cataclysms entire „group intellects”. Thus, if amongst a given community live some „black sheep”, which spoil its „group morality”, then all members of this group intellect are to experience „hits” from God as if they are co-culprits in immoral activities committed by these „black sheep” – for details see item #B4 on the web page named „parasitism.htm”. Therefore, if any „group intellect” has such „black sheep” in its ranks, then it must either „whiten” them (i.e. must persuade them to start act morally for change) or must harmlessly „get rid” of them. Otherwise as a whole it is going to be responsible for immoralities committed by these „black sheep” (means as a whole it is going to be „hit” by God because of them). The process of „whitening” or „getting rid” of these „black sheep” is composed of several stages. The first (a) of these stages, is to identify who exactly is each one of these „black sheep”. (Notice, that even in this „identifying” of „black sheep”, the acting „uphill in the moral field” is also required – because present immoral law-makers and social habits established the so-called „privacy laws” which try to make impossible the learning who exactly does vicious immoral scams to other people.) After identifying all these „black sheep” acting within the community in which we live, we need to begin the stage (b) which is to sort them out in the order of amounts of suffering they inflict onto other people. (The more people suffer because of a given „black sheep”, and the greater level of suffering this sheep inflicts on its victims, the more this „black sheep” contributes towards the arrival of a cataclysm to a given „group intellect”.) Finally, (c), starting from the top of this sorted list of most destructive „black sheep”, subsequently for each single one of them, we must find and implement some incentives to „whiten” their moralities, philosophies, and behaviours, or to „exile” them as far as possible from our „group intellect”. Of course, for causing this „whitening” or „exile” entire thousands of different harmless ways and methods do exist, starting from personal talk, persuasion, and example, through a peer pressure, appealing to families and superiors, and even assigning wardens for keeping eye and warn about them. Unfortunately, discussing all these ways and methods requires longer descriptions. Therefore they need to be presented in separate posts – devoted solely to them.

Versions of the above requirements and conditions must be fulfilled in practically every method of defence against cataclysms, the principle of operation of which is based on utilisation of mechanisms of morality.

Subsequent methods of defence from all kinds of calamities and cataclysms, based on work of moral mechanisms, are described in items #A2, #C1 and #H1 to #M1 from the separate web page named „quake.htm”.

* * *

The above post adopts descriptions of the practical implementation of methods of defence against all possible cataclysms (based on work of morality) – originally presented in item #G2 from the totaliztic web page named „plague.htm” (updated on 12 January 2012, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page than from this post – as in the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, text includes colours, presentations are supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „plague.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:
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Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including the above web sites, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any other totaliztic web page that interests us, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name „plague.htm” is changed to the name of page which the reader wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „quake.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address http://energia.sl.pl/plague.htm , it is enough that instead of this address, in the window of an internet explorer the reader writes the address http://energia.sl.pl/quake.htm .

It is also worth to know, that almost each new topic that I am researching with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #214E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:
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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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