#212E: Why measurements of the over 100% efficiency of „crystal radios” provide the „proof” that undermines truthfulness of present science (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „If you need a proof, that the official so-called ‚atheistic orthodox science’ practices culture of ‚errors and deviations’, then you should measure the efficiency of a ‚crystal radio’.”

In December 2011, a „radio fan” from Poland measured accurately the „efficiency” of so-called „crystal radios”. This „efficiency” really turned out to be so „astronomically higher” than 100% (considered by the „atheistic orthodox science” to date to be impassable), that it cannot be explained just as e.g. an „error in measurements”. Therefore, the measurement of this „efficiency” provided the first in the world proof which is verifiable by almost every more capable hobbyist, that technical devices which generate more electricity than they consume can really be build. As such, this measurement turns out to be a breakthrough in the human knowledge. For this reason, I am to explain here more comprehensively why it is vital, and why I myself was unable to complete it. For a scientific accuracy, these my explanations I am going to start „from the very beginning”.

In 1989, starting from indications yield due to the earlier development of my new theory called the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity”, I invented (in a fully aware, intended, and scientific manner), and then described thoroughly in my publications, a technical device which I named the „telekinetic cell”. The web page named „fe_cell.htm” (indicated below) is devoted to a detailed description of this device. In turn circumstances in which I intentionally accomplished the invention of „telekinetic cell”, are described briefly, amongst others, in items #40 and #41 of subsection W4 from volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The „telekinetic cell” is a device capable of generating unlimited amounts of electricity without the consumption of any fuel or any other form of energy. As such, this „telekinetic cell” creates a potential for saving our civilisation from the „death by energy starvation” – towards which the humanity is unavoidably gravitating.

In times of inventing the „telekinetic cell” I believed naively, that the important role which it is going to perform in our civilisation, will cause that soon various people and funds become available, with the assistance of which I quickly manage to implement this breakthrough invention. However, when immediately after the invention of the „telekinetic cell” I started vigorously push towards the initiation of research and development, I experienced a shock. Instead of meeting an assistance and understanding, I was subjected to a full fury of human behaviours which later I named the „curse of inventors”. This curse completely destroyed my chances for a personal implementation of the „telekinetic cell”, or for implementation of any other amongst my numerous inventions. For example, the curse decreased an average time of my employment in subsequent institutions to only around 2 years – so that in my work I was always running out of time to even begin the research and development of this cell. The curse also caused, that after theoretically developing my inventions, I spent 8 years as an unemployed who was NOT even entitled to receive unemployment benefit (dole), and thus who was forced to concentrate all my energy and knowledge on finding another jobs. It continually placed obstacles on my path. It unleashed various imperfections in people from which I was dependent. Etc., etc. – for descriptions of the action of this „curse of inventors” see item #B4.4 from the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”, or see item #M3 from the web page named „fe_cell.htm”.

In such a situation, the only rational action was to theoretically convince others, that building of my „telekinetic cell” is feasible and that this cell, after it is build, really is going to supply the humanity with unlimited amounts of free electricity. So starting from 1990, initially just in my monographs, later also on my web pages, I began systematic publishing of complete descriptions of the „telekinetic cell” of my invention. In turn to prove to others, that the completion of this cell is feasible and possible, I started to scientifically search and publish descriptions of other technical devices already completed and working on our planet – from the analysis of design and operation of which I recognised that their inventors, without knowing this, accidentally inserted primitive versions of my telekinetic cell in circuitry of these devices. In the result of these searches, I managed to find and to publish e.g. descriptions of such devices presented on the web page named „free_energy.htm”, as „testatica”, „testa-distatica” and „telepathic pyramid”, and also descriptions of „crystal radios” presented on the web page named „fe_cell.htm”. Unfortunately, I again hit with my head a wall of scepticism and unbelief. For example, no-one believed in my reasoning, that it is a primitive versions of „telekinetic cells” of my invention, accidentally build-in to circuits of „crystal radios”, that generate the entire energy required for the operation of these radios. All people preferred rather to believe in claims of so-called „atheistic orthodox scientists” who erroneously and highly destructively spread amongst people a myth that „crystal radios” draw from „antennas” the entire energy required for their operation.

So in order to abolish also this „scientific myth”, I decided that I must publish the experimentally measured „efficiency” of typical „crystal radios”. After all, such efficiency „s” (usually expressed in %) typically is calculated from the following equation – to which I refer by the number (1#J1) in other parts of this post:
s = (Pout/Pin)*100%
in which equation (1#J1): the symbol „Pout” means power (out) „at the exit”, symbol „Pin” means power (in) „on the entrance”, while symbols ” / ” and ” * ” means arithmetic operations of division and multiplication. The point is that if „crystal radios” really contain primitive versions of my „telekinetic cell” accidentally build-in to their circuitry – as I discovered this and perseveringly disseminate throughout the world, then measured experimentally efficiency „s” of such „crystal radios” must be significantly higher than 100%. But if crystal radios work as this is claimed by present „atheistic orthodox scientists”, means if their work is sustained by energy drawn from their antennas, then their efficiency „s” must be significantly lower than 100%. Unfortunately, it seems that almost until the end of 2011 NO-ONE in the entire world took a trouble of measuring experimentally what value really has the „efficiency” of „crystal radios” – or at least I never managed to find any mention of the existence of such measurements. We should NOT be surprised by this. After all, although past scientists probably had the will to carry out such measurements, they did NOT have a method of measuring which would allow them to determine this efficiency, nor they had measuring equipment which would allow them to carry out such measurements. In turn present scientists have both, appropriate measuring instruments as well as a method of measuring, but they are too lazy, too arrogant, and too „cocky” to carry out such measurements.

The „curse of inventors” caused also, that I was NOT able (and still I am unable) to measure this energy efficiency myself – because of a number of obstacles which this curse placed on my path. For example, (1), I myself do NOT have my own working „crystal radio”, which I could measure experimentally, nor I have (or had) conditions to build such a radio myself and to use it. (E.g. in New Zealand in order to spread 30-meters antenna which is required for the work of this radio, one needs to be an owner of an entire piece of land over which this antenna is to be span, or hire such a big and expensive piece of land and get the owner’s permission, while in town in which I am hiring my flat, spreading of such antenna would endanger me with a significant troubles – a taste of which may provide e.g. the reading from the end of item #C5 on the web page named „seismograph.htm” about problems which I encountered when I tried to repair myself my broken washing machine, or reading from page named „boiler.htm” about obstacles encountered by inventor of so-called „sonic boiler” when he tried to start production of his boiler.) So in spite that as a young boy I frequently „played” with tuning and listening to a „crystal radio” (which belonged to my brother), and thus I jolly well know how to build such a radio and how to use it, still the situation in which I am, makes impossible to build and to use it. Furthermore, (2), in spite of literature searches, I could NOT find descriptions of a method with which one can measure exactly the input power „Pin” from antenna to the radio. (I only did know how to measure the power „Pout” on the exit to headphones. After all, even without having the required headphones of the resistance of over 2000 Ohms, still this power I could measure on any other headphones, remembering the loudness which was given out by headphones in the crystal radio of my brother, and assuming roughly that because of the action of the „Principle of Energy Conservation”, every other headphones that are giving out a similar loudness, should also consume a similar amount of electrical energy.) Finally, (3), even if I managed to find somewhere descriptions of the method of measurement of input power „Pin” from antenna to radio, still in my situation I do NOT think that I could afford to purchase (an expensive) measuring equipment which would make possible to carry out the required measurements. Thus, the only way of accomplishing such measurements of energy efficiency „s” of crystal radios, was to persuade readers of my web pages or publications to complete such measurements – if, of course, they have the required capabilities, equipment, and (most importantly) the required skills.

Unfortunately, for entire 22 years which elapsed since 1989 when I intentionally invented the „telekinetic cell”, NO-ONE replied to my encouragements to experimentally measure the efficiency of „crystal radios”. The only things which I repetitively heard in this matter, were these contradictive to findings of the philosophy of totalizm „smart remarks” passed to me by various „armchair ay-stay-nesses”, that „crystal radios work only because they draw power from antennas”, and also that supposedly „science conclusively proved that a device which is to generate energy without consuming a fuel or another form of energy cannot be build”. Only in December 2011, to my greatest happiness, after 22 years of idleness and unproductive repetition of smart remarks, finally contacted me a Polish „radio-fan” with a constructive thinking and acting, who was able to carry out such measurements, and who even volunteered to complete these measurements. So we can say, that for all of us he „fall from heaven” – as his measurements will probably exert a significant influence onto further fates of the „telekinetic cells”, and thus also on the further fate of Poland, Polish nation, and the entire humanity. The report on his accomplishments and results that he obtained is published in item #J2 of the web page named „fe_cell.htm” indicated below.

There is NO place here to publish the method or results accomplished by this Polish „radio fan”. After all, they are lengthily and would unnecessarily bore the reader, while these interested people who wish to review them always can reach item #J2 from the totaliztic web page named „fe_cell.htm” – addresses of which are listed below, The only fact which I am going to emphasize here, is that results of these experimental measurements of „efficiency” of crystal radios confirm that this efficiency exceeds 100% by so „astronomical” value, that it cannot be explained e.g. by an error in measurements. As such, this efficiency becomes a proof of erroneousness of the „atheistic orthodox science” to-date in the stubborn claim that „devices which generate more electricity than they consume cannot be build”. As it turns out, such devices can be build, while their historic examples and „blueprints” are all so called „crystal radios”. So now we only need to redesign principles of operation of such crystal radios in the manner described in items #H1 to #H3.4 from the web page „fe_cell.htm”, and we receive a device which is going to supply the humanity with unlimited amounts of electricity completely „for free”.

Nothings convinces people so well as results of experimental measurements. Therefore herewith I am appealing to everyone who has conditions, measuring equipment, and required skills, to assist me in „moulding the future” through adding his or her own contribution to the development of „telekinetic cell”. This appeal states: „carry out your own measurements of the efficiency of a crystal radio in order to verify and to additionally confirm results described above, and thus also, amongst others, to convince and to reassure yourself”. In turn, when once you have such a radio, then nothing will prevent you from reconstructing it into a „telekinetic cell” of my invention – of course while keeping these 3 simple conditions, the obedience of which I requested, amongst others, in item #H1 from the web page named „fe_cell.htm”.

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of descriptions of the „efficiency” measurements in the so-called „crystal radios” – originally presented in items #J1 to #J3 from the totaliztic web page named „fe_cell.htm” (updated on 15 December 2011, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page than from this post, as in the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, print includes colours, presentations are supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „fe_cell.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:
http://pajak.webhostingnowfree.com/fe_cell.htm or alias: http://new.zs.pl (which always links to the most recently discussed amongst totaliztic web pages)

Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including the above web sites, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any other totaliztic web page that interests us, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name „fe_cell.htm” is changed into the name of page which the reader wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address http://energia.sl.pl/fe_cell.htm , it is enough that instead of this address, in the window of an internet explorer the reader writes the address http://energia.sl.pl/mozajski_uk.htm .

It is also worth to know, that almost each new topic that I am researching with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #212E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:
https://totalizm.wordpress.com or alias: http://blog.zs.pl
While reviewing these blogs, it is worth to have look at their related posts, e.g. at posts number #156E, #155E, #146E, #145E and #84E – which also discuss related topics of free energy generation.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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