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#212E: Why measurements of the over 100% efficiency of „crystal radios” provide the „proof” that undermines truthfulness of present science (in English – po polsku ponizej)


Motto: „If you need a proof, that the official so-called ‚atheistic orthodox science’ practices culture of ‚errors and deviations’, then you should measure the efficiency of a ‚crystal radio’.”

In December 2011, a „radio fan” from Poland measured accurately the „efficiency” of so-called „crystal radios”. This „efficiency” really turned out to be so „astronomically higher” than 100% (considered by the „atheistic orthodox science” to date to be impassable), that it cannot be explained just as e.g. an „error in measurements”. Therefore, the measurement of this „efficiency” provided the first in the world proof which is verifiable by almost every more capable hobbyist, that technical devices which generate more electricity than they consume can really be build. As such, this measurement turns out to be a breakthrough in the human knowledge. For this reason, I am to explain here more comprehensively why it is vital, and why I myself was unable to complete it. For a scientific accuracy, these my explanations I am going to start „from the very beginning”.

In 1989, starting from indications yield due to the earlier development of my new theory called the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity”, I invented (in a fully aware, intended, and scientific manner), and then described thoroughly in my publications, a technical device which I named the „telekinetic cell”. The web page named „fe_cell.htm” (indicated below) is devoted to a detailed description of this device. In turn circumstances in which I intentionally accomplished the invention of „telekinetic cell”, are described briefly, amongst others, in items #40 and #41 of subsection W4 from volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The „telekinetic cell” is a device capable of generating unlimited amounts of electricity without the consumption of any fuel or any other form of energy. As such, this „telekinetic cell” creates a potential for saving our civilisation from the „death by energy starvation” – towards which the humanity is unavoidably gravitating.

In times of inventing the „telekinetic cell” I believed naively, that the important role which it is going to perform in our civilisation, will cause that soon various people and funds become available, with the assistance of which I quickly manage to implement this breakthrough invention. However, when immediately after the invention of the „telekinetic cell” I started vigorously push towards the initiation of research and development, I experienced a shock. Instead of meeting an assistance and understanding, I was subjected to a full fury of human behaviours which later I named the „curse of inventors”. This curse completely destroyed my chances for a personal implementation of the „telekinetic cell”, or for implementation of any other amongst my numerous inventions. For example, the curse decreased an average time of my employment in subsequent institutions to only around 2 years – so that in my work I was always running out of time to even begin the research and development of this cell. The curse also caused, that after theoretically developing my inventions, I spent 8 years as an unemployed who was NOT even entitled to receive unemployment benefit (dole), and thus who was forced to concentrate all my energy and knowledge on finding another jobs. It continually placed obstacles on my path. It unleashed various imperfections in people from which I was dependent. Etc., etc. – for descriptions of the action of this „curse of inventors” see item #B4.4 from the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”, or see item #M3 from the web page named „fe_cell.htm”.

In such a situation, the only rational action was to theoretically convince others, that building of my „telekinetic cell” is feasible and that this cell, after it is build, really is going to supply the humanity with unlimited amounts of free electricity. So starting from 1990, initially just in my monographs, later also on my web pages, I began systematic publishing of complete descriptions of the „telekinetic cell” of my invention. In turn to prove to others, that the completion of this cell is feasible and possible, I started to scientifically search and publish descriptions of other technical devices already completed and working on our planet – from the analysis of design and operation of which I recognised that their inventors, without knowing this, accidentally inserted primitive versions of my telekinetic cell in circuitry of these devices. In the result of these searches, I managed to find and to publish e.g. descriptions of such devices presented on the web page named „free_energy.htm”, as „testatica”, „testa-distatica” and „telepathic pyramid”, and also descriptions of „crystal radios” presented on the web page named „fe_cell.htm”. Unfortunately, I again hit with my head a wall of scepticism and unbelief. For example, no-one believed in my reasoning, that it is a primitive versions of „telekinetic cells” of my invention, accidentally build-in to circuits of „crystal radios”, that generate the entire energy required for the operation of these radios. All people preferred rather to believe in claims of so-called „atheistic orthodox scientists” who erroneously and highly destructively spread amongst people a myth that „crystal radios” draw from „antennas” the entire energy required for their operation.

So in order to abolish also this „scientific myth”, I decided that I must publish the experimentally measured „efficiency” of typical „crystal radios”. After all, such efficiency „s” (usually expressed in %) typically is calculated from the following equation – to which I refer by the number (1#J1) in other parts of this post:
s = (Pout/Pin)*100%
in which equation (1#J1): the symbol „Pout” means power (out) „at the exit”, symbol „Pin” means power (in) „on the entrance”, while symbols ” / ” and ” * ” means arithmetic operations of division and multiplication. The point is that if „crystal radios” really contain primitive versions of my „telekinetic cell” accidentally build-in to their circuitry – as I discovered this and perseveringly disseminate throughout the world, then measured experimentally efficiency „s” of such „crystal radios” must be significantly higher than 100%. But if crystal radios work as this is claimed by present „atheistic orthodox scientists”, means if their work is sustained by energy drawn from their antennas, then their efficiency „s” must be significantly lower than 100%. Unfortunately, it seems that almost until the end of 2011 NO-ONE in the entire world took a trouble of measuring experimentally what value really has the „efficiency” of „crystal radios” – or at least I never managed to find any mention of the existence of such measurements. We should NOT be surprised by this. After all, although past scientists probably had the will to carry out such measurements, they did NOT have a method of measuring which would allow them to determine this efficiency, nor they had measuring equipment which would allow them to carry out such measurements. In turn present scientists have both, appropriate measuring instruments as well as a method of measuring, but they are too lazy, too arrogant, and too „cocky” to carry out such measurements.

The „curse of inventors” caused also, that I was NOT able (and still I am unable) to measure this energy efficiency myself – because of a number of obstacles which this curse placed on my path. For example, (1), I myself do NOT have my own working „crystal radio”, which I could measure experimentally, nor I have (or had) conditions to build such a radio myself and to use it. (E.g. in New Zealand in order to spread 30-meters antenna which is required for the work of this radio, one needs to be an owner of an entire piece of land over which this antenna is to be span, or hire such a big and expensive piece of land and get the owner’s permission, while in town in which I am hiring my flat, spreading of such antenna would endanger me with a significant troubles – a taste of which may provide e.g. the reading from the end of item #C5 on the web page named „seismograph.htm” about problems which I encountered when I tried to repair myself my broken washing machine, or reading from page named „boiler.htm” about obstacles encountered by inventor of so-called „sonic boiler” when he tried to start production of his boiler.) So in spite that as a young boy I frequently „played” with tuning and listening to a „crystal radio” (which belonged to my brother), and thus I jolly well know how to build such a radio and how to use it, still the situation in which I am, makes impossible to build and to use it. Furthermore, (2), in spite of literature searches, I could NOT find descriptions of a method with which one can measure exactly the input power „Pin” from antenna to the radio. (I only did know how to measure the power „Pout” on the exit to headphones. After all, even without having the required headphones of the resistance of over 2000 Ohms, still this power I could measure on any other headphones, remembering the loudness which was given out by headphones in the crystal radio of my brother, and assuming roughly that because of the action of the „Principle of Energy Conservation”, every other headphones that are giving out a similar loudness, should also consume a similar amount of electrical energy.) Finally, (3), even if I managed to find somewhere descriptions of the method of measurement of input power „Pin” from antenna to radio, still in my situation I do NOT think that I could afford to purchase (an expensive) measuring equipment which would make possible to carry out the required measurements. Thus, the only way of accomplishing such measurements of energy efficiency „s” of crystal radios, was to persuade readers of my web pages or publications to complete such measurements – if, of course, they have the required capabilities, equipment, and (most importantly) the required skills.

Unfortunately, for entire 22 years which elapsed since 1989 when I intentionally invented the „telekinetic cell”, NO-ONE replied to my encouragements to experimentally measure the efficiency of „crystal radios”. The only things which I repetitively heard in this matter, were these contradictive to findings of the philosophy of totalizm „smart remarks” passed to me by various „armchair ay-stay-nesses”, that „crystal radios work only because they draw power from antennas”, and also that supposedly „science conclusively proved that a device which is to generate energy without consuming a fuel or another form of energy cannot be build”. Only in December 2011, to my greatest happiness, after 22 years of idleness and unproductive repetition of smart remarks, finally contacted me a Polish „radio-fan” with a constructive thinking and acting, who was able to carry out such measurements, and who even volunteered to complete these measurements. So we can say, that for all of us he „fall from heaven” – as his measurements will probably exert a significant influence onto further fates of the „telekinetic cells”, and thus also on the further fate of Poland, Polish nation, and the entire humanity. The report on his accomplishments and results that he obtained is published in item #J2 of the web page named „fe_cell.htm” indicated below.

There is NO place here to publish the method or results accomplished by this Polish „radio fan”. After all, they are lengthily and would unnecessarily bore the reader, while these interested people who wish to review them always can reach item #J2 from the totaliztic web page named „fe_cell.htm” – addresses of which are listed below, The only fact which I am going to emphasize here, is that results of these experimental measurements of „efficiency” of crystal radios confirm that this efficiency exceeds 100% by so „astronomical” value, that it cannot be explained e.g. by an error in measurements. As such, this efficiency becomes a proof of erroneousness of the „atheistic orthodox science” to-date in the stubborn claim that „devices which generate more electricity than they consume cannot be build”. As it turns out, such devices can be build, while their historic examples and „blueprints” are all so called „crystal radios”. So now we only need to redesign principles of operation of such crystal radios in the manner described in items #H1 to #H3.4 from the web page „fe_cell.htm”, and we receive a device which is going to supply the humanity with unlimited amounts of electricity completely „for free”.

Nothings convinces people so well as results of experimental measurements. Therefore herewith I am appealing to everyone who has conditions, measuring equipment, and required skills, to assist me in „moulding the future” through adding his or her own contribution to the development of „telekinetic cell”. This appeal states: „carry out your own measurements of the efficiency of a crystal radio in order to verify and to additionally confirm results described above, and thus also, amongst others, to convince and to reassure yourself”. In turn, when once you have such a radio, then nothing will prevent you from reconstructing it into a „telekinetic cell” of my invention – of course while keeping these 3 simple conditions, the obedience of which I requested, amongst others, in item #H1 from the web page named „fe_cell.htm”.

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of descriptions of the „efficiency” measurements in the so-called „crystal radios” – originally presented in items #J1 to #J3 from the totaliztic web page named „fe_cell.htm” (updated on 15 December 2011, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page than from this post, as in the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, print includes colours, presentations are supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „fe_cell.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses: or alias: (which always links to the most recently discussed amongst totaliztic web pages)

Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including the above web sites, should contain all totaliztic web pages – including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any other totaliztic web page that interests us, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name „fe_cell.htm” is changed into the name of page which the reader wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm” e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address , it is enough that instead of this address, in the window of an internet explorer the reader writes the address .

It is also worth to know, that almost each new topic that I am researching with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #212E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses: or alias:
While reviewing these blogs, it is worth to have look at their related posts, e.g. at posts number #156E, #155E, #146E, #145E and #84E – which also discuss related topics of free energy generation.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

#212: Dlaczego pomiary ponad 100% sprawnosci „radia krysztalkowego” dostarczaja „dowodu” podwazajacego prawdomównosc dzisiejszej nauki


Motto: „Jesli potrzebujesz dowodu ze oficjalna tzw. ‚ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna’ praktykuje kulture ‚bledów i wypaczen’, wówczas pomierz sprawnosc ‚radia krysztalkowego’.”

W grudniu 2011 roku, „radiowiec” z Polski pomierzyl dokladnie „sprawnosc” tzw. „radia krysztalkowego”. „Sprawnosc” ta rzeczywiscie okazala sie az tak „astronomicznie wyzsza” od 100% (uwazanych przez dotychczasowa „ateistyczna nauke ortodoksyjna” za nieprzekraczalne), iz NIE daje sie jej wytlumaczyc tylko jako np. „bledu pomiaru”. Dlatego pomiar owej „sprawnosci” dostarczyl pierwszego w swiecie dowodu weryfikowalnego przez niemal kazdego co bardziej uzdolnionego majsterkowicza, ze faktycznie daje sie budowac urzadzenia techniczne które generuja wiecej elektrycznosci niz jej spozywaja. Jako taki, ów pomiar okazuje sie wprowadzac przelom do ludzkiej wiedzy. Z tego wiec powodu, wyjasnie tutaj dokladniej dlaczego jest on az tak istotny, oraz dlaczego ja sam NIE bylem w stanie go zrealizowac. Dla naukowej scislosci, swoje wyjasnienia zaczne „od samego poczatku”.

W 1989 roku, bazujac na wskazaniach wczesniej opracowanej przez siebie teorii nazywanej Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji, w sposób swiadomy, zamierzony i naukowy wynalazlem oraz dokladnie opisalem urzadzenie techniczne które nazwalem „ogniwem telekinetycznym”. Dokladnemu opisowi tego urzadzenia poswiecona jest cala strona o nazwie „fe_cell_pl.htm”. Z kolei okolicznosci dokonania tamtego mojego swiadomego wynalazku ogniwa telekinetycznego opisalem krótko w punktach #40 i #41 podrozdzialu W4 z tomu 18 mojej najnowszej monografii [1/5]. Owo „ogniwo telekinetyczne” jest zdolne do generowania nielimitowanych ilosci energii, bez konsumowania zadnego paliwa ani zadnej innej formy energii. Jako takie, owo „ogniwo telekinetyczne” wnosi potencjal do uratowania naszej cywilizacji od „energetycznej smierci” ku której ludzkosc narazie nieodwolalnie zdaza.

W czasach wynalezienia owego ogniwa wierzylem naiwnie, ze zbawienna rola jaka bedzie ono wypelnialo w naszej cywilizacji, spowoduje iz natychmiast znajda sie ludzie i fundusze z pomoca których zdolam szybko urzeczywistnic ten przelomowy wynalazek. Kiedy jednak natychmiast po wynalezieniu „ogniwa telekinetycznego” energicznie zabralem sie do realizacji jego budowy, nagle przezylem szok. Zamiast bowiem napotkac sie z pomoca i zrozumieniem, doswiadczylem pelnej furii ludzkich zachowan które pózniej nazwalem „przeklenstwem wynalazców”. Przeklenstwo to zupelnie zniszczylo moje szanse na osobiste zrealizowanie „ogniwa telekinetycznego”, czy urzeczywistnienia któregokolwiek innego z moich licznych wynalazków. Przykladowo, skrócilo ono sredni czasokres mojego zatrudnienia w tej samej instytucji do jedynie okolo 2 lat – tak ze w pracy zawsze brakowalo mi czasu aby chocby zaczynac budowe tego ogniwa. Przeklenstwo to spowodowalo tez, ze juz po dokonaniu swych wynalazków, spedzilem 8 lat jako bezrobotny któremu NIE przysluguje nawet zasilek dla bezrobotnych. Bez przerwy stwarzalo na mojej drodze najrózniejsze przeszkody. Spuszczalo z uwiezi niedoskonalosci ludzi od których bylem zalezny. Itd., itp. – po opisy dzialania tego „przeklenstwa wynalazców” patrz punkt #M3 z owej strony o nazwie „fe_cell_pl.htm”.

W takiej sytuacji jedynym racjonalnym dzialaniem bylo teoretyczne przekonanie innych, ze zbudowanie mojego „ogniwa telekinetycznego” jest realne i ze ogniwo to po zbudowaniu bedzie faktycznie dostarczalo ludzkosci nieograniczonych ilosci energii. Poczawszy wiec od 1990 roku, poczatkowo w moich monografiach, potem zas równiez i na swoich stronach internetowych, zaczalem systematycznie publikowac dokladne opisy „ogniwa telekinetycznego” swego wynalazku. Aby zas udowodnic innym, ze zbudowanie tego ogniwa jest realne i mozliwe, zaczalem naukowo wyszukiwac i publikowac opisy innych urzadzen juz zbudowanych i dzialajacych na naszej planecie, z analizy budowy i dzialania których rozpoznalem, ze ich wynalazcy, wcale o tym NIE wiedzac, przypadkowo wbudowali w ich obwody jakas prymitywna wersje mojego „ogniwa telekinetycznego”. Dzieki tym badaniom odszukalem i opublikowalem np. opisy takich urzadzen zaprezentowanych na stronie o nazwie „free_energy_pl.htm”, jak „testatica”, „testa-distatica” i „piramida telepatyczna”, a takze opisy „radia krysztalkowego” zaprezentowane na niniejszej stronie. Niestety, ponownie glowa uderzylem w mur sceptycyzmu i niewiary. Przykladowo, nikt NIE uwierzyl moim uzasadnieniom, ze to prymitywna wersja „ogniwa telekinetycznego” mojego wynalazku, przypadkowo wbudowana w obwody „radia krysztalkowego”, generuje cala energie wymagana do zadzialania tego radia. Wszyscy woleli raczej wierzyc dzisiejszym tzw. „ateistycznym naukowcom ortodoksyjnym” którzy blednie i wysoce szkodliwe wmawiaja ludziom przekonanie, ze „radio krysztalkowe” czerpie energie wymagana do zadzialania ze swej „anteny”.

Aby wiec obalic i ten kolejny „naukowy mit”, postanowilem ze musze opublikowac pomierzona eksperymentalnie „sprawnosc” typowego „radia krysztalkowego”. Wszakze taka sprawnosc „s” (zwykle wyrazona w %) typowo wylicza sie z nastepujacego wzoru numer (1#J1):
s = (Pout/Pin)*100%
w którym to wzorze (1#J1): symbol „Pout” oznacza moc „na wyjsciu” (out), symbol „Pin” oznacza moc „na wejsciu” (in), zas symbole ” / ” i ” * ” oznaczaja arytmetyczne operacje dzielenia i mnozenia. Jesli bowiem w „radio krysztalkowe” faktycznie przypadkowo wbudowana zostala prymitywna wersja mojego „ogniwa telekinetycznego” – tak jak ja to odkrylem i rozglaszam od wielu juz lat, wówczas eksperymentalnie pomierzona sprawnosc „s” takiego radia krysztalkowego musi byc znaczaco wyzsza od 100%. Jesli zas radio krysztalkowe dziala tylko tak jak wmawiaja to nam dzisiejsi „ateistyczni naukowcy ortodoksyjni”, czyli jesli jego praca jest podtrzymywana przez energie czerpana z jego anteny, wówczas jego sprawnosc „s” musi byc znaczaco nizsza od 100%. Niestety, wyglada na to ze niemal az do konca 2011 roku NIKT na calym swiecie NIE pofatygowal sie aby eksperymentalnie pomierzyc ile faktycznie wynosi „sprawnosc” radia krysztalkowego – a przynajmniej mi nigdzie NIE udalo sie znalezc jakiejkolwiek chocby wzmianki o istnieniu wyników takich pomiarów. Nie mozna temu zreszta sie dziwic. Wszakze dawni naukowcy wprawdzie mieli zapewne chec dokonania takich pomiarów, jednak NIE znali ani metody pomiarowej która by im pozwalala wyznaczyc ta sprawnosc, ani tez NIE dysponowali oprzyrzadowaniem które by im pozwalalo pomiary takie wykonac. Z kolei dzisiejsi naukowcy maja juz zarówno przyrzady pomiarowe jak i metody pomiaru, jednak sa zbyt leniwi, zbyt aroganccy i zbyt „zadufani w sobie” aby pomiary takie wykonac.

Ja sam tej sprawnosci radia krysztalkowego tez NIE bylem (ani nadal NIE jestem) w stanie wyznaczyc eksperymentalnie – i to z az kilku powodów. Przykladowo, (1), ja sam obecnie NIE mam wlasnego dzialajacego „radia krysztalkowego” które móglbym eksperymentalnie pomierzyc, ani NIE mam (i NIE mialem) warunków aby takie radio sam sobie zbudowac i uruchomic. (Np. w Nowej Zelandii aby rozpiac 30-metrowa antene jakiej wymaga zadzialanie takiego radia, trzeba byc wlascicielem wlasnego kawalka ziemi ponad która antena ta bedzie przebiegala – w miescie bowiem w którym wynajmuje swe „mieszkanko z dykty”, rozpiecie takiej prywatnej anteny groziloby mi kara i powaznymi klopotami – jakich posmak daje poczytanie np. z koncu punktu #C5 na stronie o nazwie „seismograph_pl.htm” o klopotach które napotkalem kiedy samemu chcialem naprawic swoja zepsuta pralke, lub tez poczytanie ze strony o nazwie „boiler_pl.htm” o przeszkodach jakie napotkal wynalazca tzw. „grzalki sonicznej” kiedy staral sie uruchomic produkcje tej grzalki.) Na przekór wiec, ze jako maly chlopiec czesto „bawilem sie” uruchamianiem i sluchaniem „radia krysztalkowego” (które nalezalo do mojego brata), a stad doskonale wiem jak radio takie zbudowac i obslugiwac, niestety, sytuacja w której obecnie sie znajduje uniemozliwia mi zbudowanie i uruchomienie takiego radia. Ponadto, (2), pomimo poszukiwan w literaturze, NIE udalo mi sie znalezc opisów metody jaka mozna dokladnie pomierzyc moc wejsciowa „Pin” z anteny do radia. (Wiem tylko jak zmierzyc moc „Pout” na wysciu do sluchawek. Wszakze, nawet NIE majac wymaganych sluchawek o impedancji ponad 2000 Ohmów, ciagle moc taka móglbym pomierzyc na dowolnych innych sluchawkach, pamietajac sluchowo jaka glosnosc dawaly sluchawki w radiu krysztalkowym mojego brata, oraz zakladajac zgrubie ze z uwagi na dzialanie „Zasady Zachowania Energii”, kazde inne sluchawki dajace podobna glosnosc powinny konsumowac w przyblizeniu podobna ilosc energii elektrycznej.) W koncu, (3), nawet gdyby udalo mi sie znalezc gdzies opisy metody pomiaru mocy wejsciowej „Pin” z anteny do radia, ciagle w mojej sytuacji NIE sadze abym mógl sobie pozwolic na zakupienie ze swoich oszczednosci (drogich) przyrzadów pomiarowych które umozliwilyby mi dokonanie wymaganych pomiarów. Jedynym wiec sposobem dokonania takich pomiarów sprawnosci „s” radia krysztalkowego bylo naklonienie czytelników moich stron internetowych i publikacji, aby to oni je dokonali – jesli oczywiscie maja takie mozliwosci, oprzyrzadowanie oraz, co najwazniejsze, wymagana do tego wiedze.

Niestety, przez cale 22 dlugich lat jakie w miedzyczasie uplynely od 1989 roku w którym dokonalem swiadomego wynalazku „telekinetycznego ogniwa”, nikt NIE odpowiedzial na moje zachety aby eksperymentalnie pomierzyc sprawnosc „radia krysztalkowego”. Jedyne co w tej sprawie slyszalem, to przeciwstawne do ustalen filozofii totalizmu nieustajace „wymadrzanie sie” najrózniejszych „fotelikowych aj-staj-nów”, ze „radio krysztalkowe dziala tylko poniewaz moc jaka ono konsumuje jest mu dostarczana przez antene”, a takze ze jakoby „nauka bezspornie udowodnila ze NIE da sie zbudowac urzadzenia które bedzie generowalo energie bez konsumowania paliwa lub jakiejs innej formy energii”. Dopiero w grudniu 2011 roku, ku mojemu niewypowiedzianemu zadowoleniu, po 22 latach bezczynnosci i bezproduktywnego powtarzania wymadrzen, znalazl sie w koncu na tyle konstruktywnie myslacy i dzialajacy Polak, ze byl on w stanie takie pomiary wykonac i nawet ochotniczo podjal sie ich wykonania. Mozna wiec powiedziec, ze wszystkim nam on „spadl z nieba” – jako ze jego pomiary wywra zapewne znaczacy wplyw na dalsze losy „ogniwa telekinetycznego”, a stad równiez na dalsze losy Polski, Polaków, oraz calej naszej cywilizacji. Dlatego caly punkt #J2 totaliztycznej strony o nazwie „fe_cell_pl.htm” (której adres wskazuje ponizej) poswiecielm opisowi jego dokonan i wyników jakie otrzymal.

Ani metody pomiaru ani tez wyników otrzymanych przez owego polskiego „radiowca” NIE zamierzam przytaczac w tym wpisie. Wszakze niepotrzebnie zanudzalyby one czytelnika, zas te zainteresowane osoby które zechca z nimi sie zapoznac zawsze moga zagladnac do owego punktu #J2 z totaliztycznej strony o nazwie „fe_cell_pl.htm” – której adresy wylistowane sa ponizej. Jedyne co tutaj podkresle, to ze wyniki eksperymentalnych pomiarów „sprawnosci” radia krysztalkowego wykazuja iz sprawnosc ta przekracza 100% o az tak „astronomiczna” wartosc, ze NIE daje sie jej wytlumaczyc np. bledem pomiaru. Jako zas taka, owa sprawnosc staje sie oczywistym dowodem blednosci naszej dotychczasowej „ateistycznej nauki ortodoskyjnej” w owym jej upartym powtarzaniu jak zapsuta plyta, ze „urzadzenia wytwarzajace wiecej elektrycznosci niz jej spozywaja wcale NIE dadza sie zbudowac”. Okazuje sie bowiem, ze jednak urzadzenia takie daje sie zbudowac, zas ich historycznym przykladem i pierwowzorem sa znane niemal wszystkim tzw. „radia krysztalkowe”. Teraz wiec jedynie trzeba przekonstruowac zasade dzialania takiego radia na sposób opisany w punktach #H1 do #H3.4 ze strony „fe_cell_pl.htm”, a otrzymamy urzadzenie które bedzie zaopatrywalo ludzkosc w nielimitowane ilosci energii zupelnie „za darmo”.

Nic tak NIE przekonuje ludzi jak wyniki eksperymentalnych pomiarów. Dlatego niniejszym mam nastepujacy apel do kazdego kto ma warunki, mierniki elektrycznosci i wymagane umiejetnosci aby dopomóc w „wykuwaniu postepu” poprzez dolozenie swojego wkladu do budowy „ogniwa telekinetycznego”. Apel ten stwierdza: „przeprowadz wlasne pomiary sprawnosci radia krysztalkowego aby sprawdzic i dodatkowo potwierdzic wyniki opisane powyzej, a w ten sposób aby takze przekonac i upewnic siebie samego”. Kiedy zas bedziesz juz mial takie radio, nic NIE stoi na przeszkodzie abys przekonstruowal je w „ogniwo telekinetyczne” mojego wynalazku – oczywiscie dotrzymujac przy tym owych 3 warunków jakie wyszczególnilem w punkcie #H1 strony o nazwie „fe_cell_pl.htm”.

* * *

Powyzszy wpis stanowi adaptacje opisów pomiaru sprawnosci tzw. „radia krysztalkowego” – oryginalnie zaprezentowanych w punktach #J1 do #J3 z totaliztycznej strony o nazwie „fe_cell_pl.htm” (aktualizacja z 11 listopada 2011 roku, lub pozniej). Stad czytanie powyzszych opisow byloby nawet bardziej efektywne z tamtej strony internetowej, niz z niniejszego wpisu – wszakze na owej stronie dzialaja wszystkie (zielone) linki do pokrewnych stron z dodatkowymi informacjami, tekst zawiera polskie literki, uzyte sa kolory i ilustracje, zawartosc jest powtarzalnie aktualizowana, itp. Najnowsza aktualizacja strony „fe_cell_pl.htm” juz zostala zaladowana i udostepniona wszystkim chetnym pod nastepujacymi adresami (przegladajac te adresy warto zwrocic uwage jak rozlegle, silne i zawziete jest sabotazowanie stron internetowych zwiazanych z filozofia totalizmu oraz z moja osoba): lub alias: (który zawsze linkuje najwazniejsza z najnowszych aktualizacji)

Kazdy adres z totaliztycznymi stronami, w tym kazdy z powyzszych adresów, powinien zawierac wszystkie totaliztyczne strony – w tym strony których nazwy sa wskazywane w niniejszym wpisie. Stad aby wywolac dowolna interesujaca nas strone, trzeba np. w jednym z powyzszych adresów nazwe strony „fe_cell_pl.htm” zastapic nazwa strony która chce sie wywolac. Przykladowo, aby wywolac sobie strone o nazwie ” telekinetyka.htm” np. z witryny o adresie , wystarczy aby zamiast owego adresu wpisac w okienku adresowym wyszukiwarki tak zmodyfikowany adres telekinetyka.htm .

Warto tez wiedziec, ze niemal kazdy nowy temat jaki juz przebadalem dla podejscia „a priori” nowej „totaliztycznej nauki”, w tym i niniejszy temat, jest powtarzany na wszystkich lustrzanych blogach totalizmu ktore ciagle istnieja (powyzsza tresc jest tam omawiana we wpisie numer #212). Kiedys istnialo az 5 takich blogow. Dwa ostatnie blogi totalizmu, jakie ciagle nie zostaly polikwidowane przez przeciwnikow „totaliztycznej nauki” i wysoce moralnej filozofii totalizmu, mozna znalezc pod nastepujacymi adresami: lub alias:
Warto tam tez przegladnac inne wpisy, np. numery #156, #155, #146, #145 i #84 – ktore tez omawiaja tematyke urzadzen do generowania „darmowej energii”.

Z totaliztycznym salutem,
Jan Pajak

#211E: For the most effective „pursue of knowledge”, God created people maximally imperfect (in English – po polsku ponizej)


Motto: „The philosophy of totalizm teaches, that only these imperfect beings pursue new knowledge. In turn those perfect ones just skilfully benefit from the knowledge that they gained previously.”

Only highly imperfect people commit countless errors when they bluntly get themselves into troubles and areas unknown to them. This in turn is fruiting in the more effective pursue of completely new knowledge. Therefore, God created people as much imperfect as it only was possible. After all, the highly imperfect people pursue the knowledge on a whole range of manners. For example, (1) in whatever they do they commit numerous errors, and thus they learn in time when they are forced to repair these errors. Furthermore, (2) the sole awareness of their own imperfections pushes them to continuous effort of elimination of these imperfections. In this manner they pursue knowledge on the subject of the work of their imperfections and methods and manners of elimination of these imperfections. Imperfections are also (3) the source of most numerous obstacles in the accomplishing goals that people adopt for themselves. (Best examples of these obstacles can be phenomena called the „curse of inventors” and the „inventive impotency” – described more comprehensively in items #B4.4 and #H4 from the totaliztic web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”.) Thus learning of these obstacles in accomplishing human goals, and finding manners of overcoming or eliminating them, is another mechanism of the „pursue of knowledge”. Etc., etc. – human imperfections are the source of a huge number of similar sources of knowledge.

God established experimentally how much imperfect people must be created, so that they balance at the border between morality and stable obedience, and the immorality and anarchy – and thus they „pursue knowledge” the most effectively. This is because there is a specific „critical threshold of imperfection”, after the passing of which instead of „pursuing knowledge”, the entire humanity looses the moral stability and starts an increasingly-rapid descent into depths of the „philosophy of evil parasitism”. This in turn leads to non-repairable anarchy and fall-down of the entire civilisation – thus forcing God to completely destroy a given civilisation and to create a new civilisation with different attributes. (In the Bible one amongst a number of such necessary destructions of the entire humanity, which in past several times went through anarchy and social decay, is described under the name of „Great Flood”. However, myths of various nations explain, that there was already several of such complete destructions of the entire humanity.) Therefore, God so designed the humanity, that the „imperfection of males” was only by the absolute minimum higher from that „critical threshold of imperfection” – means that it lies „just” above this threshold. But because females God created as depended on males on multitude of levels, and subjected to male guidance, this allowed God to give to women the level of imperfection which is even much below that „critical threshold of imperfection” – means which is intentionally significantly deeper than the level of imperfection in males. (The discussion of several areas in the Bible, which confirm such an intentional and multilevel dependence of women from men and their subjecting to outcomes of male influences, guidance, and co-existence, was included, amongst others, in item #J2.2 from the separate web page named „morals.htm”. In turn, „creation myths” of various nations, which inform and confirm that women in fact were created by God as much less perfect than men, are described, amongst others, in item #D1 of the web page named „newzealand_visit.htm” – see in there the Biblical myth about „Eve, snake, and apple”, Greek myth about „Pandora box”, and the myth of New Zealand Maoris about „how the first woman gave tears to people”. Finally the actual dependency of the level of perfection of women from their relationship with specific kind of men, excellently confirms the Chinese proverb which states that „bad husbands always have good wives, while good husbands always have bad wives” – the truth of which proverb everyone is able to check by himself or herself just by looking around. As this is explained in item #A4 from the web page named „god_proof.htm”, this proverb is true because a bad husband „perfects” his wife through a hard „upbringing” which he serves to her. In turn a good husband is unable to „make better” his imperfect women just by serving to her his goodness. Thus, the wife of a good husband persists in maintaining her in-born imperfections. Notice that similarly like is with these wives and good or bad husbands, is also with the situation of humanity and Jesus or Antichrist – as this is illustrated in item #G3 of the web page named „prophecies.htm”.) So due to the fact that God subjected women to men, until recent times imperfections of women could be controlled and kept in a stabile state due to continuous interventions of men and due to continuous interaction of women with men. This is because, until fairly recent times, these continuous interactions with men eliminated effects of higher imperfection of women and prevented women from falling into traps of the „philosophy of parasitism”. But, when for some reasons this interaction and intervention of man and women are absent – e.g. (1) in case of present „emancipation of women” and multiplying by politicians and by societies laws and circumstances (see item #J2.2.1 from the web page named „morals.htm”) which make women independent from men but simultaneously do NOT explain and reinforce moral reasons for which God originally make women dependent from men, and also (2) in case of lesbian relationships of two women, (3) in case of unmarried so-called „female spinsters”, (4) in case women-divorcees which are NOT able to withstand longer by the man destined to them or even by any other man, etc., etc., then such rolling-down of women into the philosophy of parasitism can be noticed by almost every casual observer.

Similarly as it happens with everything the value of which can change, also changes in levels of human imperfections are ruled by appropriate laws. From the entire range of these laws, the most educational is the one which action causes the truth of that Chinese proverb described above, that „bad husbands always have good wives, while good husbands always have bad wives”. Namely, this law causes that „with the greater difficulties, suffering, and obstructions someone must wrestle in his or her life, the higher and faster grows his or her level of perfection”. There is a lot of empirical evidence for just such an action of this law. For example, if two families of similar moral standards, one poor while the other rich, have children, then children from the poor family are to grow into incomparably more perfect people than children from the rich family. (It is the action of this regularity that causes the phenomenon described in item #A3 from the web page named „god_proof.htm”, that children of rich parents typically grow into snobs, egoists, socially handicap misfits, complainers, etc.) Similarly, if compared are citizens of two countries that practice the same religions and thus that adhere to approximately the same moral principles, one of which just went through a patch of wealth, while the second one was poor, then it turns out that inhabitants of the country which just went through poor period are incomparably more perfect humans than inhabitants of previously rich country. (In order to check the truth of this regularity, it is enough to compare the level of perfection of inhabitants of two countries with differing levels of previous prosperity, which however practice very similar religions and thus also similar moral principles.) The action of the regularity discussed here, which causes that „poverty, difficulties and hard life make people more noble”, is, amongst others, the reason why for the teaching of morality Antichrist is going to be send to the Earth – in accordance with the principle emphasized in item #A4 on the web page named „antichrist.htm”.

This finding of the new „totaliztic science”, that in order to most effectively assist God in the „pursue of knowledge”, people must be created as „maximally imperfect”, has huge consequences to our lives. For this reason it is immensely vital that people learn about this discovery. After all, as so-far, people believed that they are perfect. Thus, all human structures and organisations, such as government, banks, payment systems, justice systems, medicine, etc., so-far were created by people with the „unwritten assumption” that people are perfect – as this is explained more comprehensively by the web page named „humanity.htm”. On the other hand, the high imperfection of people build into them by God, causes that with the elapse of time all these structures and organisations get corrupted and cease to work correctly. Therefore the humanity must now start to build from the scratch its all structures and organisations with the completely opposite assumption that „people are just maximally imperfect” – as this is explained in web pages named „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm” and „humanity.htm”. In turn this new assumption is to allow people to build into these structures and organisations the required „protection measures” which are to make impossible their corrupting by highly imperfect people.

The presentation of goals and motivations for which God in the intended manner created people as highly imperfect creatures – so that they can do a best job in the „pursue of knowledge”, is contained in several different totaliztic publications. For their examples, it is worth to look e.g. at the introduction of the web page named „parasitism.htm”, to part #B of the web page named „antichrist.htm”, and also to items #C2 and #C3 of the web page named „humanity.htm”.

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of descriptions of the „reason and goal for which God created humans as highly imperfect creatures” – originally provided in two different web pages, namely in item #B2 from the totaliztic web page named „antichrist.htm” (update of 11 November 2011, or later), and in items #C3 and #C4 from the totaliztic web page named „humanity.htm” (update of 7 November 2011, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from these web pages than from this post, as in the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, printing includes colours, presentations are supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „antichrist.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses: or alias: (which always links to the most recently updated amongst totaliztic web pages)

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It is also worth to know, that almost each new topic that I am researching with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #211E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses: or alias:
While reviewing these blogs, it is worth to have look at their related posts, e.g. at posts number 210E, #164E, #109E – which also discuss topics related to imperfections.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak