#208E: The resurrected „bird Jesus” which, like Biblical Jesus, walks on surfaces of churning seas near New Zealand (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „To wake-up complacent scientists every now and again God does something that contradicts scientific knowledge.”

In seas near New Zealand recently a bird was „resurrected” from 150 years long extinction. This extraordinary bird displays a supernatural ability to walk on the surface of churning sea. It officially is called „storm petrel”. But because of its capability to walk on water, it also carries a nickname of the „bird Jesus”. It is a size of a typical sea gull. A brief description of it could be found in 2011 in the article from the New Zealand newspaper „Sunday Star Times” – published also in internet at the address „stuff.co.nz/sunday-star-times/features/5675510/The-Jesus-bird-returns”. When I prepared this description at the beginning of October 2011, photographs of this bird could also be viewed in the internet to learn how it looks-like. For example, a relatively good photograph of it was then shown as photo 16 from the web page with the address „travelblog.org/Photos/3620922”. In turn a video which illustrated how this bird was caught into a net (which video represented a news item from the evening news in channel 3 of the television New Zealand dated on 25 September 2011), was available at „3news.co.nz/Extinct-NZ-bird-back-from-the-dead/tabid/1216/articleID/227192/Default.aspx”. Unfortunately, at the time when I prepared this description, in internet still could NOT be found even a single video which would show how this bird actually walks over the surface of sea – although I know that such videos already do exist, as I saw one of these.

Of course, the walking over surfaces of churning seas near New Zealand is extremely difficult. This is because surfaces of seas in there are almost continually covered with sizable waves. Thus, for such a small bird, walking over these waving and churning surfaces of seas is almost the same difficult, as for people would be walking over a rubble of huge moving boulders, or over a pile of rolling huge logs. No wonder, that in order to maintain a balance on such uneven and constantly moving surfaces, the „bird Jesus” must repetitively balance itself with wings – similarly like „line walkers” continually balance themselves with fans or umbrellas when walking high in midair along a rope. However, this need to balance the equilibrium with wings provides present „atheistic orthodox scientists” with an excellent excuse to deny any supernatural attributes of this bird. Of course, this denial of scientists is NOT based on any solid empirical research, but just on speculations and on theoretical assumption that „no bird can walk on water”. Thus, scientists disseminate explanations amongst naive people, which after being translated into a common language, state something along the line that this bird in fact only hovers above water due to the power of its wings (this practically means that according to opinion of scientists the acrobatic and extremely difficult „walking on water” the bird practices only to be able to have fun seeing the surprise which this induces in people who watch it). After all, according to the knowledge of present official science, „walking on water” contradicts in the same way the known-today laws of physics, as this is also done by e.g. „flights of bumblebees” – described in item #E2 of the web page named „god_proof.htm”. (According to claims of some experts from aerodynamics, supposedly bumblebees have no right to fly – good that bumblebees do not attend lectures of aerodynamics and do not know about this claim of official science.) But in spite of these reassurances of scientists, that the „bird Jesus” only hovers above the water with power of its wings, while its legs only skilfully „imitate” walking over a sea surface, even a brief looking at „walks” of this bird reveals to us something completely opposite. Namely, if someone carefully watches a film that show how this bird really behaves, then becomes obvious, that in fact it truly walks along a surface of sea, while relatively rare movements of its wings are used just to balance its position on continually waving sea surface.

This recently „resurrected” and highly extraordinary „bird Jesus” displays many attributes which should puzzle and induce reflections, because these attributes are strangely parallel to whatever happened to Biblical Jesus. These attributes are described more comprehensively in item #G3 on the web page named „prophecies.htm”. Let us repeat here at least most important amongst these. And so, apart from the described above (1) „walking along the surface of sea” – like Biblical Jesus (contradictory to the claims of official science which states that such walking is physically impossible), this bird was officially described as „extinct” already for the last around 150 years. So its parallels to Jesus is also confirmed by the fact that (2) God „recalled” this bird from the „extinction”, means that, similarly like Biblical Jesus, this bird was also „resurrected”. In addition our eyes hits in this bird a close cause-effect link to the fate of Christchurch in New Zealand. After all, (3) God „resurrected” this bird in the extremely meaningful for Christchurch moment of time – as it is described in item #G2 of the web page named „prophecies.htm”. In addition, this bird (4) did NOT appear in waters of some worldly-significant country, but just in seas of small New Zealand (similarly like Jesus instead of appearing in Rome, appeared in then small Israel). Also vital is that (5), similarly as in past the Biblical Jesus appeared in the most eastward country of then historically-significant world, today the „bird-Jesus” also appeared in the most eastward country of the present world – i.e. in New Zealand (from which country actually every day begins that comes to our planet). Etc., etc. – there is more similar parallels to Biblical Jesus.

Of course, present scientists, and also atheists, probably are to ignore or to dismiss the significance of all the above parallels – perhaps by taking stand that all these are just purely coincidental. However, in such a case it would be worth to ask them, whether they are aware how astronomically improbable is that two completely independent series of events, i.e. one of a religious-social character (i.e. divine revelation of the arrival of Second Jesus to Christchurch and consequences of an uninviting reaction to this revelation), while second of an ornithological character (i.e. the „second coming of bird-Jesus”), would display cause-effect parallels in so many different areas!

Everything that God does, He carries out in such a manner that it does NOT deprive anyone of so-called „free will” – as this is explained more comprehensively e.g. in item #C1 from the web page named „tornado.htm”. Therefore also when God sent this „bird Jesus” to New Zealand, He did it in such a manner that with its behaviour the bird comply to requirements of the so-called „canon of ambiguity” – more comprehensively described in item #C2 on the web page named „will.htm”. Therefore, in spite that the „bird Jesus” walks on the surface of sea, still it does it in such a manner that everybody can interpret this according to his or her own view of the world. For example, it spreads its wings to keep a balance on waving water – similarly like people would spread their hands when they walk along a rubble of huge movable boulders with wavy surfaces similar to surfaces of wavy seas. Therefore the so-called „atheistic orthodox scientists” (i.e. representatives of this monopolistic official science which philosophically erroneous approach „a posteriori” to research is described more comprehensively in item #C1 of the web page named „telekinetics.htm” and in item #A2.6 of the web page named „totalizm.htm”) can also claim that this bird do NOT walk on water, but just hovers above the surface of sea with the power of its wings. After all, ordinary people do NOT have capabilities and means to check how erroneous is such a claim of the official science.

Whenever God does something, he always has a superior goal in mind. According to item #B2 from the web page named „will.htm” this goal always somehow serves to the „pursue of knowledge”. In case of „bird Jesus”, independently how someone would interpret the principle on which this bird walks on the surface of sea, still it cannot be denied that just the sole fact of its resurrection in seas of New Zealand in the described above very noticeable time and circumstances, carries a meaningful message from God. But I leave to the discretion of the reader to work out what this message states.

At this point it is worth to mention, that some relationships with the bird-Jesus probably also display events described in items #C5 to #C6 of the web page named „seismograph.htm”.

* * *

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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