#206E: How immoral decision-makers poison us with radioactivity which they irresponsibly and sloppily pass to our foods (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „The monopole for knowledge of the ‚atheistic orthodox science’ and its notorious avoidance of unwanted truths, leads to the situation that the most needed investment of individual people becomes a ‚Geiger counter’, while the most safety-oriented activity becomes checking for radiation of everything that people put into mouths.”

On Tuesday, 13th September 2011, the shocked world rapidly learned about a „French manner” of getting rid of radioactive waste from atomic power plants. Namely, it turned out that France secretly burn its radioactive waste in huge furnaces similar to crematoriums from Hitler’s Concentration Camps. This in turn means, that the smoke that carries away these radioactive products, after it ascends into the air, gradually falls down on paddocks, fields, gardens and forests not only France itself, but also all nearby European countries, for example Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, England, Belgium, and probably many other located even further. (As this is nicely expressed by an old Polish saying, „in nature nothing disappears, but only keeps changing the owners”.) Because in France there is a lot of this kind of nuclear waste (after all, around 70% of the entire energy generated in France originates from atomic power plants), it should NOT surprise anyone, that after it falls down on paddocks, fields, gardens and forests of Europe, this radioactivity gradually finds its way to the human food chain. As the result, ever increasing proportion of it is consumed by people together with food which this French smoke sprays, or with meat and milk of animals which ate it after it falls down to the ground. No wonder that later in these countries appear unknown previously, murderous strains of bacteria and viruses, of the kind of the killer „E.coli” which raged in Germany in May 2011 and which is described in (xv) from item #B1 of the web page named „plague.htm”, or these strange cases of „mad cow disease” that „jumped species” and started to be transmittable to humans.

Of course, this habit of „letting with smoke” of radioactive waste is kept in a deep secret and probably the world would NOT learn about it, if NOT an „accident” in one amongst such French furnaces for burning radioactive waste that took place on that Tuesday, 13th September 2011. (That accident killed one person and wounded further four people.) Only due to this „accident” the surprised world learned on that day from television news that such a burning of radioactive waste is taking place in France. Later this burning was also described in some newspaper articles (although carefully, laconically, and diplomatically – after all France is known from acts such as the „Rainbow Warrior bombing”) – e.g. see the article [1#F1] entitled „French play down blast at nuclear waste plant” from page A14 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, September 14, 2011.

That „accident” in French furnace for radioactive waste rapidly explained the phenomenon which for a long time puzzled people who watch situation with radioactivity. The point is, that in recent times we can notice in Europe the continuous rise in levels of radioactivity of soil, vegetation and animals, but until that French „accident” no-one seem to know where these radioactive fallouts come from. After all, before that French „accident”, the only commonly known source of European radioactivity was the catastrophe in Chernobyl. But because of the time distance of that explosion in Chernobyl of 1986, with the elapse of time the radioactivity caused by Chernobyl should diminish, not increase. However, in Europe happens an exact opposite – as this is emphasized for example by facts described in the article [2#F1] „Radioactive boars on the rise in Germany”, from page 14 of Malaysian newspaper The Malay Mail, issue dated on Friday, 20 August 2010. That article [2#F1] informs that a growing number of wild pigs from German forests display already so high radioactivity, that their meat become dangerous for consumption. For example, it writes that only in 2009 the government of Germany was forced to pay 425 000 Euro as compensations for meat that needed to be destroyed because of too dangerous level of radioactive contamination. On the other hand, for comparison, only 10 years earlier (although already 13 years after the explosion in Chernobyl), i.e. in 1999, the amount paid for the same compensations for radioactive meat was 25 000 Euro – this allows to roughly estimate that during just those 10 years the level of radioactivity in forests of Germany increased around 17 times. (Probably forests of Germany lie directly on the path of prevailing winds that blow from France.) By the way, it is interesting whether other than Germany countries, e.g. France itself, also check their meat for the level of radioactivity, or just uncritically sell this meat to their own citizens for eating together with radioactivity contained in it.

Of course, some secretive and immoral institutions (and people) that service nuclear power plants, probably secretly pollute our food, water and air with radioactivity on a whole number of various ways, about which we still do NOT know anything – because these ways were NOT revealed yet to the public scrutiny due to some „accidents”. Not without reasons practically all institutions that deal with atomic energy are the most secretive institutions on the Earth – as an example see the article [2#M1] from item #M1 of the web page named „telekinetics.htm”. This French „letting with smoke” radioactive pollutions is probably just only one amongst numerous manners on which atomic energy plants and nuclear reactors can secretly poison our food with radioactivity (and on which perhaps they actually poison this food secretly – NOT without reasons they display a complete lack of transparency and almost everything about themselves they keep in deep secrecy). Other such manners may include, for example, polluting secretly our environment via the water used for cooling-down nuclear reactors, polluting via almost invisible vapours and emissions that quietly raise from these reactors, polluting via radioactive waste secretly dumped by some countries into seas and oceans, etc., etc. We must remember that for radioactivity is also valid the „law of balance” – this means that „the radioactivity produced must be equal to the radioactivity which lands in our natural environment”. And we must also remember that atomic power plants and nuclear reactors produce massive amounts of radioactive waste, which later secretive institutions that service these power plants and reactors must somehow get rid off secretly and in hiding from people.

In order to diminish, radioactivity requires hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of years. Thus, sufficiently dangerous for the humanity was already the radioactivity remaining from former tests of nuclear weapons. (By the way, a favourite site for these tests of nuclear weapons were small islands on the Pacific Ocean located not far from New Zealand, e.g. the French New Caledonia – this was the main reason why New Zealanders are deeply disgusted by nuclear energy and why New Zealand still maintains the noble status of a „nuclear-free zone”.) Unfortunately, because of some suicidal trend, the humanity as a whole has NOT stopped on waste from those murderous nuclear weapons, and still secretly escalates the density of radioactive polluting of our planet through the so-called „peaceful use of atomic energy” and through immoral and dirty activities of various secretive institutions which produce this atomic energy. In the result, to the greatest sources of radioactivity still accumulating in our food, water and air (and in final count – in our bodies) belong at present the „peaceful” reactors and atomic power plants. This is because these reactors and power plants produce massive amounts of radioactive waste, which in the final count always land in the nature – while later in our bodies. In addition, immoral, slack, dangerous, and irresponsible exploitation of these reactors and power plants, leads relatively frequent to uncontrolled explosions, such as previously was Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986, while recently was four times bigger than Chernobyl the explosion in Fukushima, Japan, of 2011. More information on the topic of these nuclear explosions, and about escalating pollution of our natural environment with their radioactive products, is provided in items #M1 to #M1.3 of the web page named „telekinetics.htm”, in items #C7 and #I1 of the web page named „seismograph.htm”, or in item #F3 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”.

Radioactivity is a ruthless killer, while someone’s active, or passive, participation in the proliferation of it on the Earth (and thus someone’s indirect contribution to killing of other people with radioactivity) is one amongst most immoral human behaviours which can be classified to the same punishable by God category as e.g. earning money through a production of cigarettes or a distribution of narcotics. Thus, in the light of continually growing amount of radioactivity which we are consuming lately, NO-ONE should be surprised by the escalation of numbers of various illnesses that are related to radioactivity, e.g. cancers. So it is about the time that everyone amongst us starts to understand that the radioactivity in our food is deadly, while these people who fall victims of it cannot count on a normal length of life. As well, there is about the time to understand that „the only truly safe atomic power plants and nuclear reactors are these ones which never were build, or which never were made operational”. It is also worth to remember about the principle of God’s action described in items #B4 and #B1 of the web page named „parasitism.htm” – and stating that „every person which is passive towards immorality committed with the knowledge of that person, is punished by God equally severely as if he or she was a co-culprit in committing that immorality”. After all, this principle causes that people who know about immoral spread of radioactivity over the Earth, but do nothing to actively try to stop this spreading, will be later treated by God as if they were partners in that spreading – e.g. they will die in young age for some illness induced by radioactivity, or they will receive a descendant who is deformed (or affected in any other way) by that radioactivity.

If one analyses how the present „official orthodox medicine” describes reasons for people’s deaths, then it turns out that it provides only the „resultant causes” (for example, that someone died of cancer, asthma, failure of kidneys, etc.). But almost never this official medicine seeks and lets public know from what these „resultant causes” originate – means it does NOT seek the „primary causes”. In other words, almost never it seeks and reveals publicly, whether the cancer on which someone died results from the fact that this someone swallowed too much of food polluted with radioactive isotopes, whether asthma that killed someone is the outcome of him or her breathing deadly isotopes or pollutants, whether the failure of kidneys, results from the fact that he or she staffed the body with pesticides or some dangerous isotopes and chemicals contained in the food that he or she ate and in water that he or she drank, etc., etc. As an outcome, various blind to truth „atheistic orthodox scientists” can lie arrogantly in our eyes claiming that e.g. in the result of Chernobyl nuclear explosion only 60 people have died – for details see 3 in item #F3 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”. However, there exist various premises to suspect, that if such research of „primary causes” of deaths of individual people were carried out on the Earth, then rapidly the humanity would experience a shock. After all, then probably the biggest killer of people would turn out to be the so-called „peaceful use of atomic energy”, or more strictly the radioactivity which people eat, during, and breathe, because on various ways it leaks from atomic power plants and nuclear reactors to our food, water, and air. After all, the radioactivity is already well-known to us as a ruthless cause of various murderous illnesses, e.g. cancer, which kill a significant proportion of people. We know also that it causes various genetic mutations, degenerations, and birth defects in people – which also in the final count lead to deaths of the victims. Radioactivity is also a cause for mutations of various algae, organisms and creatures which poison and make unhealthy our food, and which make difficult our lives. (Interesting, whether the epidemics of ticks which after 2004 started to endanger Polish forests, was caused e.g. by radioactivity blown from France as far as Poland? Similarly, whether the epidemics of poisonous sea slugs on New Zealand beaches described in item #K1.6 of the web page named „newzealand.htm” was also caused by radioactivity?) Radioactivity is also a cause of mass mutations of various murderous viruses and bacteria which are sources of unknown earlier and increasingly more dangerous illnesses, and because of which numerous people and animals must die. Only from the content of item #B1 of the web page named „plague.htm” we can see that the number of such unknown earlier deadly illnesses recently grows rapidly. We should also bear in mind that radioactivity may introduce disturbances to correct functioning of the human „program of life and fate” described, amongst others, on the web page named „immortality.htm”. In turn disturbances in work of this program may cause uncontrolled shifting of some people to completely different times. If such a shifting occurs to times in which these people are still alive, then they may unexpectedly appear in places and times which they do NOT remember, or in which they are NOT remembered by anyone – as this was the case with that English boy which mysteriously appeared in Berlin on 6th September 2011 after two week-long march towards north through empty forests (for more details about this mysterious boy see the article [1#F2] entitled „Mystery boy emerges after years in woods”, from page A12 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, September 19, 2011). In turn, if such a shifting through time happens to years that are beyond the life-span of these people, then they rapidly disappear without a trace and never anyone hears about them again.

Today almost everyone falls for screaming advertisements that the most vital household device is a „computer”. However, in reality the most needed household device in present times turns out to be a „Geiger counter” (Geiger meter) for measuring the level of harmful radioactivity. After all, for reasons described in item #C2 of the web page named „cooking.htm”, these people who are paid for safeguarding the proliferation of radioactivity over the Earth, means so-called „atheistic orthodox scientists”, panicky are afraid of revealing truth to us about a real level of radioactivity. On the other hand, experience of these people, who already purchased and widely use Geiger counters, e.g. inhabitants of present Japan, rapidly revealed shocking facts. For example, it turns out that radioactivity is already present in milk of mothers – as this describes the article [7#M1.1] from item #M1.1 of the web page named „telekinetics.htm”. Or it turns out that in shops is sold beef in which the content of radioactive caesium exceeds 6.5 times the legally permitted level (which probably is already too-high and unhealthy – only that no-one has the courage to verify this) – for details see the article [8#M1.1] from item #M1.1 of the abovementioned web page named „telekinetics.htm”. Let us do not forged here about the fact described in the article [2#F1] from the beginning of this post, namely that meat from a significant proportion of wild pigs in Germany is already so saturated with radioactivity, that it is too dangerous for consumption and must be destroyed. So if Geiger counters become today equally commonly used as computers are, then we would rapidly learned truths that would „raise hair on our heads”.

Highly paid experts from „atomic energy” tell the rest of us that atomic energy has many advantages – e.g. is „inexpensive”. However, they do NOT count to „costs” of that energy the price (nor payments of the yearly „rent”) for these already huge areas of the highly expensive land, which the atomic energy already turned into a „radioactive wasteland” and excluded from the human use for nearest several hundred, or perhaps even several thousands, of years. They also do NOT count the value of these people whom the atomic energy took life, nor costs of hospitals and medicines for healing these defects and human illnesses which were caused by radioactivity. Those experts tell us also that „atomic energy” is „safe”. But they do NOT take under consideration this escalation of human deaths, nor these illnesses and birth defects, which were caused by radioactive waste left from this supposedly „safe” atomic energy.

Experts from the atomic energy describe to us an „ideal” situation, which would exist only in the world of absolutely perfect people – i.e. people who do NOT act immorally nor commit errors and mistakes. But in reality we live in highly imperfect and very immoral world. So if only in this imperfect world something is covered with secrets and protected by laws, so that no-one from outside can „look at hands” of the people involved, then some their decision makers begin to act in there in a highly immoral manner, e.g. „letting with the smoke radioactive waste” – so that this waste poisons or even kills people around. Furthermore, many people display slackness, complacency, and the lack of responsibility in matters of safety. In the result, radioactive waste and products of atomic accidents that escape due to slackness, or that are spread due to accidents, gradually turn our planet into a radioactive rubbish dump. Thus, the only manner to stop that process of hidden poisoning people with radioactivity, is to begin decisive actions to completely block the further use of atomic energy on the Earth. After all, this dirty energy is NOT the only source of energy capable to replace the to-date burning of fossil fuels.

At this point it is worth to add, that the use of atomic energy, and thus also production of radioactivity, could be eliminated completely from the Earth. The philosophy of totalizm explains even to us how to carry our this elimination most easily (or more strictly it provides us with recipes for the so-called free energy – which sources are able to replace in future the highly destructive nuclear energy). Unfortunately, many immoral politicians and complacent in their „ivory towers” atheistic orthodox scientists insist on escalation of these sources of radioactivity in order to satisfy various their personal ambitions. Simultaneously the „atheistic orthodox science” – still holding tightly its „monopole for knowledge”, stubbornly refuses to undertake research on completely new eco-sources of „pollution free” energy – of the kind like these suggested by totalizm generators of free energy. The entire item #I1 from the separate web page named „seismograph.htm” is even devoted to a presentation of the most shocking examples of such already notorious refusal of research on alternative sources of energy by decision makers which represent the „atheistic orthodox science” to-date.

* * *

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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