#204E: Only the deprived of logic and withdrawn from real life inhabitants of „ivory towers” would claim, that findings of „bones of dinosaurs” in the world created purposely and ruled intelligently by God, mean that dinosaurs surely lived on the Earth (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „In the world created and ruled by God everything is possible, thus e.g. seeing, photographing, or even touching in there something can also mean that this something never existed.”

Similarly as present scientists are scoffing at their medieval colleagues in matters of the „numbers of devils sitting on one pinhead”, scientists of the future probably are going to scoff at the shallowness and ignorance of present scientists discussing e.g. „habitats of dinosaurs”. The reason is, that the claim that „dinosaurs actually lived on the Earth” hides in itself a non-written assumption that „God for sure does NOT exist”. However, a huge body of evidence documents something opposite, namely that „God does exist” – e.g. see the web page named „god_proof.htm”. This in turn shines a doubt not only on the question „whether dinosaurs actually ever existed” (or rather for superior reasons their bones were only e.g. „fabricated by God” as a unique kind of „educational aids”), but also shines a significant doubt whether the majority of present scientists is able to carry our a logical reasoning. After all, a logical reasoning has this attribute that it considers all alternatives – means, because of the non-existence of absolutely sure scientific evidence that „God for sure does NOT exist”, it must also consider the possibility that „God does exist”. In turn, if there are basis for doubting, that the masses of present scientists complacent in their „ivory towers” are still capable of logical reasoning, then there are also basis for predicting, that their intelligence (or the lack of it), as well as results of their research, in the future become a subject of common scoffing and public laughter. Thus, American scientists of the future, instead of present joking „stupid like a Pole” may one day start to joke „stupid like a scientist from 21st century” (of course, according to the action of karma, one day yet someone another, e.g. Chinese, will start to joke about Americans that instead of e.g. concentrating on their economy they wasted their time on inventing such „Polish jokes”). All the above persuades that we should analyse here this matter with the high thoroughness deserved by its rank.

Let us start from assuming a purely hypothetical situation, that we are watching events when the humanity is already gone, while some expedition of cosmic archaeologists landed in the area of present New Zealand to scientifically research humanoids that lived in there. To a high surprise of these archaeologists, they would discover that New Zealand was populated by two categories of humanoids of different sizes, which lived side-by-side in exactly the same times. One amongst these categories were people of normal size, while the second were „gnomes” (also called „hobbits”, „dwarfs”, etc.) of around a half of meter in height. Entire settlements inhabited by these New Zealand „gnomes” (or „hobbits” or „dwarfs”) would be discovered in several locations of New Zealand, including the area locally known in there as „Welliwood”. Furthermore, these cosmic archaeologists would discover, that normally-sized „humans” erected numerous monuments to these „gnomes” in their flower gardens. They would even discover in human archives many books, e.g. about „Snow-white and seven dwarfs”, as well as several films, e.g. the „Lord of the rings”, which depicted how both these categories of humanoids coexisted with each other. Unfortunately, these cosmic archaeologists – who soon probably would create on their own planet an entire new branch of knowledge „palaegnomology” (devoted to scientific research of these New Zealand „gnomes”), would overlook one small detail. Namely, that in spite of these numerous „hard evidence”, these „hobbits” and „gnomes” never existed in New Zealand, but were just invented and fabricated by writers, film producers, artists, etc., for accomplishing specific effects and goals. In turn entire cities inhabited by these New Zealand gnomes were erected in there in order to produce several fantastic films on them – e.g. the film „Lord of the rings”.

According to findings of the new „totaliztic science” (described, amongst others, in items #F1 to #F3 of the web page „god_exists.htm” addresses of which are provided at the end of this post), almost exactly the same as with the above „hobbits” and „gnomes”, happens currently on the Earth with „bones of dinosaurs”. Namely, similarly like these hypothetical „cosmic archaeologists” frequently encountered in New Zealand evidence of „hobbits” and „gnomes”, also present „palaeontologists” frequently encounter „bones of dinosaurs”. But because they do NOT have almost any knowledge about goals and reasons for which the creator of these „bones of dinosaurs” inserted them to appropriate geological layers of the Earth, their final conclusions can be equally absurd as conclusions of these hypothetical „palaegnomologists”. Therefore, in order to be able really speak about „bones of dinosaurs”, one needs first learn goals and methods of action of their creator, means God. However, „palaeontologists” have NO clue about goals and methods of action of God – after all they represent the so-called „atheistic orthodox science” which stubbornly ignores research of evidence for the existence of God and which baselessly assumes that God does NOT exist. In the result, about „bones of dinosaurs” present „palaeontologists” may arrive to conclusions equally absurd, ridiculous, ignorant, and separated from truth, as these cosmic researchers of New Zealand gnomes.

The goal and reason for which God created and maintains man (and also created and maintains the entire humanity, all living creatures, and the entire „physical world”) are amongst the most important topics of research for the new „totaliztic science” – for more information about this goal see item #D2 on the web page named „morals.htm”. Research by this new science disclosed, that the most basic goal of God is „pursue of knowledge”. But in order people continually contribute their share towards this God’s „pursue of knowledge”, it is necessary to subject them to various experiences that inspire in them research and searches for truth. In turn one amongst such inspiring experiences is to continually „confront people with whatever induces in them awe, shock, fear, or controversy” – e.g. confronting them with bones of gigantic dinosaurs, or confronting them with findings of astrophysics which appear as if are contradictive to the statements of the Bible. (Other experience, also inspiring research and searches for truth, which God also linked to „bones of dinosaurs”, is such insertion of these bones in geological layers of the Earth, that their „conventional dating” extends beyond the moment of creation of the Earth indicated by God in holy books – e.g. in the Bible. This is because such a conventional dating of these „bones of dinosaurs” induces various controversies between both camps of followers of „creationism” and „evolutionism”. In the result, such controversies also induce in both these camps strong motivations to increasingly more intense research and search for truth.)

Expressing the above in other words, only i the world without God the existence of „bones of dinosaurs” in fact would means that dinosaurs ever lived on the Earth. In turn if someone takes on common-sense and on logic even just a „possibility” that God does exist (i.e. even if this someone ignores this huge body of scientific evidence for the „certainty of God’s existence”, and only considers the „possibility” of God’s existence – as every rational person should do), then this someone must also take under consideration, that in the world created purposely and governed intelligently by God the existence of „bones of dinosaurs” does NOT mean that dinosaurs actually lived ever on the Earth, similarly like the existence UFO and UFOnauts also does NOT mean that UFOnauts really live permanently no some planet of the universe. Simply this omnipotent God, who had NO difficulties with creation of the entire physical world, all creatures, man, etc., could for various superior reasons create also these „bones of dinosaurs” as an unique for Him kind of „teaching aid” and then could introduce these bones into appropriate geological layers of the Earth.

Until today identified were numerous items of evidence which confirm the fact, that „bones of dinosaurs” are just such „educational aids intentionally fabricated by God” in order to inspire in people creative searches for truth and thus the increase in human knowledge (as this is indicated by findings of totalizm presented in items #F2 and #E1 from the web page „god_exists.htm”). To these items of evidence can be included, amongst others:

(1) The insufficient material strength. If „bones of dinosaurs” had the same mechanical strength as bones of present animals, then their strength was too small to reassure the dynamics of movements in largest dimensionally dinosaurs that is attributed to these monsters by present orthodox scientists. In the result, the biggest dinosaurs in fact would be crushed by their own weight – as today it happens with beached whales. Thus, in order the largest dinosaurs in fact could move as dynamically as this is today attributed to them, they would need either to (1) have bones made of materials of a greater strength than that of bones in present animals, or (2) live on a planet with a smaller gravity than that of the Earth, or (3) move exclusively in water – so that the buoyancy would decrease the weight of their bodies (i.e. not live on solid land – as it seem to protrude from their anatomies). Of course, for the short-sightedness of present scientists e.g. the fact that bones of beached whales (which are smaller than some dinosaurs) are crushed under their own weight tells nothing, similarly as also tells them nothing e.g. the highly puzzling discovery that according to theories of aerodynamics bumblebees should not be able to fly.

(2) The lack of evidential value of these bones in the „a priori” approach to research, means the fact that „bones of dinosaurs have an evidential value only in cases when they are researched from the philosophical approach called ‚a posteriori’, while they loose the evidential value when they are researched from the approach called ‚a priori’ „. On the other hand, the philosophy of totalizm reveals to us that only these God’s creations exist objectively, factually, and truly, which can be objectively detected and documented from both philosophical approaches, means from the approach called „a priori” as well as from the approach called „a posteriori”. In turn everything that can be detected and documented only subjectively and just from a single approach, in fact represents just only a „fabrication of God that is to inspire creative searches for truth and that is created by God just to provide people with confirmations for their deep beliefs” – as this is explained more comprehensively in item #E2 of the web page „god_exists.htm”.

(3) The age of these bones which are older than the date of Earth’s creation. Another kind of evidence for the „intentional fabrication of bones of dinosaurs by God in order to inspire people for creative searches for truth” is also the fact, that „bones of dinosaurs originate from an earlier date than the date of creation of the physical world (determined with the philosophical approach ‚a priori’ to the human research of reality)”. In other words, it is impossible that dinosaurs existed in times when our physical world and the Earth did NOT exist yet.

(4) The identity to „simulated” UFO manifestations. For the same evidence should be considered also the fact, that „on the Earth exist a lot of e.g. objective photographs, reports of eye witnesses, and material evidence of manifestations of UFO vehicles and UFOnauts, but the official human science does NOT recognise these manifestations for the true proof of the existence of UFOs and UFOnauts”. In other words, on what kind of „double standards” this „atheistic orthodox science” has the right to recognise the existence of dinosaurs, but simultaneously it refuses to recognise the existence of UFOs and UFOnauts (and also the existence of many further mysterious objects and creatures „fabricated” by God for educational purposes, such as Yeti, „Nessie”, spirits, demons, cities revealed due to „fata-morgana”, etc.), although proofs of existence are similar and are similarly deniable for both these categories of creatures and objects.

(5) The curse of researchers of dinosaurs. Many people interested in UFO know, that rational, serious, and effective researchers of UFO-mysteries are plagued by a kind of deadly „curse”. Namely, if persistently and rationally they research mysteries of UFOs or UFOnauts with the use of reliable scientific methodologies, then soon they fall victims of some tragic kind of death. (More information on the subject of this deadly „curse of UFO researchers” is provided, amongst others, in item #J3 of the web page named „evidence.htm”, and also in items #77 and #78 from subsection W4 in volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5].) But only a sparse people know, that in action is also slightly similar „curse of researchers of dinosaurs” which, this time, kills devoted researchers of these monsters. An excellent example of a victim of this „curse of researchers of dinosaurs”, the fate of which concluded in days when I just was writing this item, is 18-years-old New Zealander described in the article [1#H2] entitled „Sad end to dream of walking with dinosaurs”, from page A4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, July 12, 2011. (Notice that other article [1b#H2] about the death of the same girl, illustrated by her colourful photograph, was also published under the title „Tributes flow on internet for ‚incredible’ girl”, from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 – only that this other article does NOT mention anything about her fascination with dinosaurs.) This girl since the youngest childhood was fascinated by dinosaurs (this her fascination some describe as an „obsession with dinosaurs”). She always dreamed about becoming a „palaeontologist” and devoting her life to scientific research of these monsters. But it „happened” that soon after starting studies in the direction which was her passion, to New Zealand arrived an Australian exhibition entitled „Walking With Dinosaurs” – creators of which earned money from the present „cult of dinosaurs”. A bit of information about that exhibition the reader can find in the article [2#H2] entitled „Walk through dinosaurs’ life and times”, from page A9 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, June 30, 2011 – which promoted this Australian exhibition shown in Auckland. In face of such opportunity, the discussed fan of these monsters forced her father that as the 18-th birthday gift for her father took her to this exhibition. Her 18-th birthday was on Thursday, while to exhibition in distant by around 650 kilometres Auckland they drove a car on Sunday. In the return way from the exhibition, at 4:40 pm, the car in which she was driven by some mysterious turn of fate had a collision with an ambulance, while this 18-years-old fan of dinosaurs died as the result of that accident. The evidential significance of her death, and also deaths of many other devoted researchers of dinosaurs (or UFOs) depends on this that it confirms a vital rule, namely that „omnipotent God does NOT allow any meddling in his plans regarding progress and path of knowledge in the humanity by too-enthusiastic researchers of creatures and objects which are just God’s simulations”. This is because such researchers multiply supposed „knowledge” which parts the humanity from the truth, because it looks as „correct” and it bulldozes the truth with the official support of science, although in present times it still is „misleading” as it concerns what is just a „God’s simulation” (not the permanent truth) while present people still are NOT mature enough to understand the idea of „God’s simulations”.

Of course, wise God tied up to „bones of dinosaurs” much more items of evidence similar to these above. So in order to confirm the truth on their subject, it is enough to discover now, interpret, and reveal these evidence to the world. Unfortunately, as this always is the case with establishing the truth, it will require that someone contributes to research the amount of effort and labour that is equivalent of the rank of this matter (according to the action of the „moral field” expressed also e.g. with the proverb „no pain no gain”). But the establishing truth about „bones of dinosaurs” is worth the effort. After all, it lifts the entire humanity onto a higher level of awareness. Not only it reveals that for inspiring the progress of knowledge God „fabricates” the required „teaching aids” such as these „bones of dinosaurs”, but it also revolutionise human views on practically every matter. For example, it confirms, that similarly like these „bones of dinosaurs”, God „fabricates” also „UFO manifestations” (described, amongst the others, on the web page named „ufo_proof.htm”), manifestations of various „monsters” of the kind of „Nessie”, „Mkole-Mbembe”, etc., (described, amongst the others, in item #E1 of the web page „stawczyk_uk.htm”), manifestations of „humanoids” of the kind of „Yeti”, „Sasquatch”, „Maeroero”, etc., (described, amongst the others, in item #E6 of the web page „newzealand.htm”), and even in the initial times God created various megalithic structures described, amongst others, in item #H1 of the web page „god_exists.htm”. It confirms also that God created the physical world, the Earth, and man only around 6000 years ago. It changes our attitude to the entire reality around us. It confirms that the „morality is the level of obedience in our actions of the requirements imposed on us by God” – as this is described on the web page named „morals.htm”, and also it warns that every manifestation of „immorality” is severely punished. It teaches us the scientific methods of thorough learning about our God. Etc., etc. Pity that still so few people appreciate the potential which for the furthering the progress of humanity will introduce the dissemination of truth about bones of dinosaurs. Also pity that, as so far, almost no-one adds his or her contribution to bringing this truth to the daylight.

If someone was to indicate something, that already grew to the role of a „symbol” of contradiction between outcomes of research of the old „atheistic orthodox science” and the new „totaliztic science”, then this something would be „bones of dinosaurs”. After all, mechanisms of creation and reasons for the existence of „bones of dinosaurs” both these sciences explain on cardinally different manners. This in turn causes, that these bones are really the symbolic „no-one’s land” and „battlefield” which define borders and differences between the old „atheistic orthodox science” and the new „totaliztic science”. I believe also, that unavoidable wars and battles between both these mutually competitive sciences, in the future are to be carried out, amongst others, on this „no-one’s land”, means on the field of scientific explanation of the origins and purpose of the existence of „bones of dinosaurs”. In other words, already now it looks that as in past aggressive departure of Christianity to „crusades” initiated a gradual fall-down of that religion, the present departure of the „atheistic orthodox science” to „dinosaurs?wars” will also cause one day the fall-down of the to-date monopoly of that outdated and complacent science. In turn, for scientists of the future the „bones of dinosaurs” probably become a „symbol of scientific ignorance” and the source of such a scoffing at present scientists, as for present scientists is the „number of devils that can reside on a pinhead” – vigorously discussed by scientists of the medieval times. (As this indicates, topics are changing, but human ignorance remains unchanged.) This is because, there was no period in the human history, in which people paid for implementing progress would commit an equal number of mistakes and spread similar nonsense as it is done by present professional scientists. (An example of another, after „bones of dinosaurs”, case of „scientific nonsense” officially disseminated by present official science, is the pollination of baobabs by „fruit bats” described more thoroughly in item #F4.4 of the web page named „stawczyk_uk.htm”.) For these reasons, it is worth now to carefully watch further „nonsense” which with highly „scientific language” spread present „atheistic orthodox scientists” about „bones of dinosaurs”, as well as watch what will be next discoveries accomplished by the new „totaliztic science” regarding these bones. (Writing these discoveries will be continued on this web page – so it is worth to look here again in the future.) The truth is on the side of „totaliztic science”. So it is just a matter of time, when the „scientific nonsense and educational ignorance” spread through the to-date „atheistic orthodox science” will be disclosed, exposed to the public scrutiny, and replaced with the common sense and truth.

The topic of inspiration of human development via God’s „simulation” of the supposed existence of dinosaurs (i.e. through the creation of bones of these creatures, and through the insertion of these bones into ambiguously created geological structures on the Earth), is discussed also on many other totaliztic web pages. Links and names of these web pages are provided in item #E1 of the web page named „god_exists.htm” (e.g. these links indicate items #D3 and #F4.2 from the web page named „stawczyk_uk.htm”).

* * *

This post represents adaptation of item #H2 from the totaliztic web page named „god_exists.htm” (updated on 5 August 2001, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page „god_exists.htm” than from this post, as on the web page are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, it is printed in colour, it is supported with illustrations, the content of it is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „god_exists.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:
http://pajak.6te.net/god_exists.htm or alias: http://naj.zs.pl (which always links to the most important amongst current updates)

It is also worth to know, that almost each new topic that I am researching with „a priori” approach of the new „totaliztic science”, including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #204E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new „totaliztic science” and the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:
https://totalizm.wordpress.com or alias: http://blog.zs.pl
It is also worth to have look in there at related posts, e.g. at posts number #203E to #200E, #195E, #171E and #151E – which also discuss the incompetence and errors of the old official science in solving the most burning problems of our present civilisation.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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