#203E: Problems with the „marriage monopole” from the Christian tradition of having just one wife – as a reversal of advantages of the legal polygamy approved in the Bible (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „Progress does NOT depend on ruining old and on landing with nothing, but on the introduction of such new that eliminates inadequacies and preserves advantages of old, that has higher moral value, and that opens for the humanity much better prospects for the future.”

It took disclosing methods of present private detectives, supported by the divorce lawyers and journalists earning from scandals, while disseminated throughout the world by sensation-thirsty television, press and internet, for the humanity to realise how unrealistic and how contradictive to the human nature is the present „institution of marriage”. After all, this institution is based on the principle of monogamy – means on the principle in which the existing laws give into hands of a woman the „marriage monopole” in which she becomes the only legal supplier of, amongst others, „goods” and „services” without the access to which man simply is unable to live. It is for gaining an access to just such „goods” and „services” that in the animal kingdom „males” are prepared to fight till the death. However, in the „marriage monopole” the access to these is subjected to the full control of just a single women ruled by emotions, which can do whatever she is pleased. As we know, in present world, which legally sanctions this „marriage monopole”, for everything is needed a „consensus” of both sides. Moreover, laws are so designed, that man can have just one wife, while polygamy and unfaithfulness are banned and severely punished. However, as we all probably know already, there is nothing more destructive in long-term consequences, than establishing laws that legalise and reinforce someone’s „monopole”. From watching fates of e.g. present countries which allowed their governments to establish monopoles that rule over the entire their economies, it is already known that during just around ten years monopoles can remove the wealth from even the most rich country and push it into poverty down to the level of so-called „third world”. In turn, from the fate of still the only official so-called „atheistic orthodox science” to-date – described, amongst others, in item #B1 of the web page named „morals.htm” (addresses of which are provided near the end of this post), it is already known that e.g. supporting the „monopole for knowledge” by our civilisation, brought onto the humanity all these disasters that we see currently around, such as warming of climate, economic depression, political and monetary instability, wars, famine, spread of the philosophy of parasitism, cataclysms, illnesses, etc.

Similarly as every other kind of monopole, also the „marriage monopole” hides a highly destructive potential and is full of various vices. After all, it sanctions the unnatural situation, when wives in marriages neither need to consider the existence of legal „competition” for themselves in the form of another wife, nor are motivated by the prospect that if they do NOT meet the expectations, then their husbands may take another wife. So if an immorally inclined woman becomes a wife, then she can use various „tricks” and „games” to abuse her monopolistic position. For example, she can pretend to have „migraine”, use „sexual blackmail” for gaining certain benefits – in this for gaining power over her husband, etc. This in turn places her man in face of the dilemma to either suffer – if the husband decides to stand by morality, or to practice an immoral unfaithfulness and expose the marriage to a danger of splitting and divorce. Simultaneously, the same „marriage monopoles” do NOT create for husbands any other option that would be more „moral” than „divorces” in situations when e.g. their wives abuse the „marriage monopole” they hold. Unfortunately, although a divorce is legally acceptable, in the majority of life circumstances it is a highly „immoral” solution – which harms and makes unhappy absolutely all people that are affected by consequences of it.

Shockingly, it happens that the „marriage monopole” was established and implemented on the Earth by the Christian religion – in spite that the Bible is full of statements which reassure us that God supports and approves „polygamy” while does NOT requires nor persuades „monogamy”, and that many forefathers of the humanity, indicated in the Bible as examples to follow, in fact had more than one wife. (E.g. even the uniquely wise Salomon had 700 primary wives and 300 secondary wives – see the Bible, 1 Kings, verse 11:3.) So as the result, establishing the „marriage monopoly” by the Christian religion is a significant departure from the will and recommendations of God expressed in the Bible. Also, as every departure from the will and recommendations of omnipotent God, this leads to many human deviations and difficulties. For example, it is the primary reasons for many present divorces, fall-down of the institution of marriage, unfaithfulness, splits of ownerships and life accomplishments, and the primary source of many children who must grow without parents or without male role-model for learning from.

Much more moral than the monogamy is a legal polygamy, the approval for practicing of which the omnipotent God expressed in the Bible, because He knows perfectly-well the nature and needs of humans (after all, God created people and thus knows then completely). The Christian „monogamy” still remains one amongst possible „options” to choose from in the legal „polygamy”. Thus, the majority of marriages in which both sides truly practice the mutual love, respect and moral fulfilment of roles, in the „polygamist” cultures still practice „monogamy”. (In this way wives from the polygamist cultures, husbands of which choose having just one wife, receive an obvious proof of the appreciation of their value and know that their husbands truly treasure and love them, NOT that just stay with them only because they are afraid of a divorce and punishments for being unfaithful.) However, for many other marriages, such legalised wedding another wife could turn highly beneficial and desirable. Especially in cases when the first marriage would turn „disastrous”, „unfertile”, or when having many wives would become an expression of prestige or wealth. After all, when the first wife would NOT meet expectations of the husband or would NOT lift the prestige or quality of life of a given marriage, then instead of cheating and cunningly becoming unfaithful to her, or immorally divorcing her and leaving her together with children without male protection and role model, many men would rather legally marry another wife – while still continuing the fulfilment of their marriage obligations they have towards the first wife.

After thorough analysis everyone can discover, that the legal „polygamy” has many advantages in comparison to „polygamy” – so unfortunately implemented on the entire Earth by Christianity and subjected to the present crisis and moral fall-down that we see spreading around the world. For example, through treatment of „divorces” as the least preferred „option” to which a given couple resorts only in extreme circumstances, the majority of children would NOT need to grow up without fathers and without male role-models for watching and for learning, while a noticeable number of women would NOT need to live alone. Children have in polygamy a larger selection of parents and people to love, play with, take care of them, and teach them. These less talented wives do NOT become in it unhappy divorcees full of bitterness and hate. Immoral and destructive trends of the „feminism” kind do NOT have a reason to eventuate in polygamy. For every wife is less work „per person” – so they have more time for entertainment and taking care of themselves. Life accomplishments and wealth do NOT need to be split and wasted – but they benefit a larger number of people. Unfaithfulness ceases to bloom in it – after all, instead of having an immoral, illegal, cheating and risky affairs, in polygamy simply another marriage is arranged. (It is worth to notice, that from practical point of view, present unfaithful marriages almost do NOT differ from polygamy – only that instead of accepting of the function of someone’s lovers, in polygamy women simply accept that they are second or further wives.) Venereal diseases cease to spread in it. Both sexes are also more healthy – after all they have more exercises. Men and women are more sexually satisfied in it (and thus also more happy) – after all, women do NOT waste their turns nor practice „sexual blackmails” or „migraines” because they are aware of the existence of „competition”. In turn men always have handy „someone willing” – so they do NOT need to seek „outside” while because of the continuous practice they are in a greater form. Men must also in it be more ambitious than on monogamy, because if they do NOT meet requirements of their wives, then these in the common effort always find ways to positively reinforce whatever is missing in their husband. Also disappear in it all domestic violence and arguing – as a single male does NOT stand chances against a whole gang of his wives. From streets disappear the majority of overweighed people – after all women do NOT need to „compensate” by eating, while men do NOT have time to become fat. Sperm counts probably do NOT fall down in polygamy because of the lack of „idleness” in males. The required birth rate is healthier in polygamy. Children are NOT rejected or ignored by parents. The excess of women do NOT need to live lonely. Infertile women still receive children of their husbands to love, while infertility ceases to be a reason for tragedies and lonely old age. Parasitic divorce lawyers and private detectives do NOT have jobs, so they can practice professions which are more productive for the humanity. Etc., etc.

The above reveals, that if any present „monogamist” country introduces a legal „polygamy”, then all parties would only benefit from it. Proofs that such benefits actually exists and awaits countries ready to introduce „polygamy”, are well visible in these cultures and countries which still preserved polygamy until today. (No many people probably know that until the end of World’s War Two, the „polygamy” was still legally practiced in almost all cultures of Orient. In my globetrotting „in search of bread” (for details see the web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”), I personally met many oriental people who originated from just such polygamist families. As I also noted, typically people from such families are carriers of much more moral systems of values than people born in monogamist families.) Also, opposite to cultures from rich monogamist countries, in polygamist countries the institution of marriages still is blooming, number of marriages do NOT fall down in there, the birth rate is healthy, families still remain holy in there, cheating and affairs almost are non-existent in there, individual people are more happy in there than in rich countries of monogamy, for the lack of need to „import” citizens or women, their race and cultural integrity remains in there untouched, society as a whole still avoids in there a whole array of social evils that become a real plague for monogamist countries, etc., etc. So it is easy to notice, that in a true interest of the humanity lies that also in this matter human laws follow the path which God indicated in the Bible. Thus, instead of further forcing the „monogamy” that is highly destructive for the humanity, we rather should introduce the legal freedom of practicing the „polygamy” – if only someone considers it to be beneficial in a given life situation, while this „other half” knows „what is getting into”. It is puzzling why still no political party make from the „polygamy” its election policy.

In times of my youth, in Poland lived a large proportion of lonely widows – one amongst unhappy consequences of the Second World War. Until today I remember, that not far from our home in Wszewilki lived three female neighbours – just as such young lonely widows. Several further of them lived in more distant houses of the same village. Having in mind the wellbeing and benefits of just such young widows, the government of Poland of that time undertook analyses of effects of an official introduction of the legalised polygamy. After all, in these times people did NOT have yet the present prejudices towards races or religions which practice polygamy. In addition, a large proportion of countries from the South-East Asia and from islands of Pacific, either still then practiced polygamy, or just was in the process of eliminating it. This included also the huge China – which emperor removed from the throne just shortly before, also had two wives (in spite that he still was very young). The polygamy did NOT overgrow then with present illogical prejudices, stigma, paranoia, etc. So it was permissible to logically analyse it and to consider all „pros” and „cons” of it. But instead of an authoritative introduction of just such legalised polygamy – as the government of Poland of that time used to do in practically every other matter, the consequences of the introduction of a legalised polygamy was subjected to a wide and long public discussion and consultation. Discussions on this topic were carried out openly in the Polish Radio and broadcasted on the entire Poland. In spite of my young age, I liked to listen to them, as sometimes they were so funny and so interesting, that even a young boy had reasons to laugh at them or to learn from them. For example, until today I remember as one person arguing against polygamy was stating emotionally, that he would NOT be able to take these rows of female stockings drying out in his bathroom – it is interesting why he assumed that he either will be forced to marry many wives, or that many women rapidly will pounce at him while he will NOT be able to defend himself from them! But, as we can see from the fact that Poland maintains the monogamy, that discussion most clearly was won by the opponents of polygamy. After all, at that time opponents could use AGAINST it arguments which were exactly the same which in the present time would work PRO introducing it. For example, that the introduction of polygamy would rapidly increase the birth rate, that it would deprive employment in many needed professions (such as lawyers or kindergarten teachers), or that it would run against Christian tradition (after all, at those times copies of the Bible were unavailable for mere mortals – so almost NO-ONE had a chance to find out from the Bible that God actually supports and accept the moral polygamy, while strongly disapproves and punishes immoral unfaithfulness, affairs, deceits, lying, and everything that in present times represents consequences of decaying monogamy), etc., etc. If that discussion is carried out in present times, then advantages of polygamy would probably be additionally denied by members of „feminist movement” whom would see in it the danger of disapproval for their stands. This is pity, because in fact the side which would benefit the most from polygamy, are NOT men, but women! Also polygamy would introduce a potential to save the institution of marriage from present decadency, while save further generations from the need of having lonely lives and test-tube births on principles of artificial insemination.

Only in extremely rare cases „progress” depends on the introduction of something completely new, what the humanity knew never before, such as e.g. „Magnocrafts” or „Oscillatory Chambers”. In the overwhelming majority of cases „progress” boils down to the replacement of old with something that also is known for a long time, only that in a new application it is able to eliminate drawbacks and limitations of this old, and thus is able to open for people completely new perspectives. In just such adaptation for new applications of something known for a long time, the most vital step is NOT the inventiveness, but a courage and insight of noticing drawbacks of the old, and the ability to work out how these drawbacks could be eliminated with a given new application. So let us hope, that we are able to find in ourselves the courage to improve the „institution of marriage”, before the present „obsession with one-stand sex” causes the disappearance of families, while nations turn into clusters of artificially inseminated loners.

* * *

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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