#199E: Was Wroclaw, similarly like Christchurch, warned that a cataclysm is approaching? (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „In the present moral state of humanity, only the city which we love a lot and with which we have a strong emotional link, is worth the ungrateful effort and risk of the interpretation of cataclysms taking place in it from the point of view of the ‚totaliztic science’.”

Every event or object can be interpreted from two different approaches, or different „points of view”. Philosophers call these approaches (1) „a priori” means „from the cause to effects”, and (2) „a posteriori” means „from the effect to a cause”. In item #A2.6 of the web page named „totalizm.htm”, and also in item #C1 of the web page named „telekinetics.htm”, it is explained on empirical examples, that ‚only the interpretation of every event or object from both these approaches, i.e. from „a priori” approach and additionally also from „a posteriori” approach, allows us to learn the entire truth on the subject of this event or object’. Unfortunately, so far the so-called „atheistic orthodox science” – means the official human science practiced on present universities and described more thoroughly in item #F1 of the web page named „god_exists.htm”, uses only a single approach, namely „a posteriori” one. For the use of „a priori” approach it has NO courage. After all, this would require to acknowledge that there is a superior „cause” for all events and objects, means that God does exist. On the other hand – as it is explained more comprehensively in abovementioned item #F1 from the web page named „god_exists.htm”, the negation of the God’s existence is written into the philosophical and scientific foundations of the „atheistic orthodox science” to date because of the adoption by this science of the so-called „Occam’s razor” for the most vital „founding assumption”. Fortunately, in 1985 was developed an extraordinary scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, from which emerged also the most moral and progressive (as for present deviated ages) the so-called philosophy of totalizm. In turn that theory and philosophy created scientific and philosophical foundations for a completely new kind of science called the „totaliztic science”. In turn the newly emerging „totaliztic science” researches the surrounding reality from the most general „a priori” approach, namely from the approach „from God to the reality which surrounds us”.

The newly emerging „totaliztic science” interprets everything from our surroundings on a completely different manner than this is done by the old „atheistic orthodox science”. In this way it supplies to us the „so-far missing second half of truth” – as this missing „second half of truth” is defined in item #A2.6 from the web page named „totalizm.htm” and in item #C1 from the web page named „telekinetics.htm”. So in order to illustrate here to the reader, how that new „totaliztic science” interpreters some events on the Earth, below I am going to discuss an example of interpretation carried out from „a priori” approach, for a quite vital in present times events occurring also in Wroclaw, namely for „cataclysms”. Of course, the following interpretation of cataclysms for the city of Wroclaw, remains also valid for all other cities of the world, to situations of which it can easily be extrapolated.

If we interpret cataclysms taking place recently in Wroclaw just from the atheistic approach „from the effect to a cause” (i.e. from that „a posteriori” approach to research), then it turns out, that these make no practical sense and they do NOT display any regularities. This is because cataclysms look just like a convergence of various „coincidental and random factors”, which equally well can repeat themselves already tomorrow, or never repeat again. Thus, according to the „atheistic orthodox science”, these completely „random factors” caused the appearance in Wroclaw of cataclysmic atmospheric phenomena, such as floods and tornadoes. But if the same cataclysms we examine from a different „a priori” approach (i.e. „from God to the reality that surrounds us”), then it turns out that all cataclysms that exert influence on fates of people (and also on fates of every object that people get to know), have a direct link with so-called „morality”. In other words, everything that people can get to know, displays a direct link to „morality”. (What exactly is this „morality”, it is explained wider in item #A1 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”.) Therefore, after they are considered from that „a priori” approach, all cataclysms turn out to be either „warnings” that someone’s „morality” develops in the direction which God does NOT approve, or turn out to be events with the aid of which God corrects morality in a given area – as this is explained in item #B5 from the web page named „seismograph.htm”. In both these cases, it is very beneficial for people affected by a given cataclysm, to learn its significance, role, and the message that God tries to pass to people via it. After all, if one learns the significance, role, and the message of a given cataclysm, then one can do something to defend himself or herself from further such cataclysms and from their undesirable consequences. After all, God with the iron consequence implements the rule, that if a given cataclysm, or an ill-fate, does NOT change the „morality” of the persons that it affected, then God sends another cataclysm or ill-fate of a much greater power. So in order to realise to the reader some benefits which stem from learning that cataclysms are mainly consequences of „dependency of everything that affects people from ‚morality’ „, herewith I am going to indicate these aspects of recent cataclysms which already hit the city of Wroclaw, that allow everyone to undertake a defence against further and more destructive such cataclysms and their consequences. So here are steps through which it is worth to go in person, to arrive to principles of defence against such cataclysms:

1. The illustration of links between the „morality” and practically everything that surrounds us. In order to realise, how every event and every object illustrates these links (also, how these links are illustrated by all events and all objects described on the author’s web pages), I am „challenging here the reader”, to find such links in every matter described on the web page „wroclaw_uk.htm”. After all, if the reader discovers and confirms for himself or herself that such links really do exist in every matter concerning the city of Wroclaw, then he or she starts to understand and appreciate them also in other cities and other regions of the world.

2. The revealing that so-called „group morality” of the inhabitants living in subsequent cities and regions, decides about everything that affects these cities and regions, including cataclysms that hit them. For example, when analysing only the fate of Wroclaw, the reader also has a chance to understand the link between the „group morality” of inhabitants of e.g. capitol of Haiti or the New Zealand city of Christchurch, and the destruction of these cities with earthquakes described in items #C3 and #C5 to #C6 from the web page named „seismograph.htm”. The reader can also understand for example how the „group morality” of Japanese people influenced the recent explosion of nuclear reactors in Japan – as this is explained, amongst others, in items #M1 to #M1.3 of the web page „telekinetics.htm”.

3. The learning how should be interpreted „warnings” from God about a not-too-distant arrival of the „urging cataclysm”. In item #B5 of the web page named „seismograph.htm” it was explained, that if a given „group intellect”, instead of practicing the moral and rewarded by God philosophy of totalizm, slides down into practicing the highly immoral and punished by God philosophy of parasitism, then God sends a destructive cataclysm onto such an intellect. This is because only such a cataclysm has a power to „correct the morality of that intellect”, and additionally to also serve later to other intellects as a „moral lesson for the future”. But because God carries out everything in a highly „fair” and just manner, when already intends to send a killer „urging cataclysm” to a given city or region, He firstly „warns” its inhabitants and visually demonstrates to them with the so-called „warning cataclysm”, that such a killer cataclysm is brewing and that it soon is to hit – if, of course, inhabitants of that city or region in the meantime do NOT document clearly, that they changed drastically the philosophy that they practice. For example, before the destructive earthquake described in item #C6 of the web page named „seismograph.htm” destroyed a significant part of the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, firstly this city was shaken with two „warning earthquakes” described in items #C5 to #C6 of abovementioned web page „seismograph.htm”. In addition to this, many years earlier New Zealand received a model of the „device for warning against impending earthquakes”, and also received from God a „present” in form of my expertise that informed how this device can be build – which facts are explained comprehensively in item #I1 on the web page named „seismograph.htm”. In other words, to everyone who is to be ruined or killed by an approaching cataclysm, a long time in advance is given by God a chance to learn what is brewing for him or her. Furthermore, God also gives to him or her a chance to effectively defend against that cataclysm, and gives to him or her the required information „how” this defence can be accomplished. Only that the learning of this information, as well as the carrying out the self-defence, God „does NOT force onto anyone”, but leaves these to the so-called „free will” of a given future victim of the approaching cataclysm.

4. The realising, how to distinguish cities and regions which are protected from cataclysms by e.g. so-called „10 righteous” inhabiting given areas, from cities and regions which are NOT protected at all. In item #B7.3 of the web page named „seismograph.htm” it was explained, that some cities and areas are temporary protected from cataclysms. Such cities or regions can easily be recognised, because all cataclysms may almost „slip” onto them, but they always „omit” them or „skip” through them – as this is documented in item #I3 from the web page named „day26.htm”.

5. The realising that Wroclaw already received a „warning” about an impending cataclysm, and that this city is „NOT protected” from cataclysms. The majority of large cities in Poland are protected from cataclysms because they are inhabited by these at least „10 righteous”. But from the extrapolation to the situation of Wroclaw events from other cities of the world, described in item #B1 of that web page, it seems to appear, that the city of Wroclaw most clearly is NOT protected from cataclysms. After all, relatively recent in short time spans it was hit by two „cataclysmic floods” and by a tornado. All of these carried all attributes of „warnings”. In turn just such „warnings” carry in themselves several messages simultaneously. For example, they state that „a cataclysm is coming soon”, and also that „your city or region is NOT protected from cataclysms”. Furthermore, their major message is the command „there is about the time that you change your habits, ways, and philosophy, because if you do NOT embrace such a change, then these alterations will be imposed on you through a cataclysm”.

6. The learning how Wroclaw can defend itself against the arrival of the killer „urging cataclysm”. If two last „cataclysmic floods” in Wroclaw are interpreted as „warning cataclysms”, then a next cataclysm would already be this killer „urging cataclysm” (unless God decides that the „warning” should be repeated once again). In turn, such an „urging cataclysm” can flatten to the ground even a half of city, and take life of a lot of people. Therefore, in the interest of the city of Wroclaw lies now to document clearly (i.e. to document equally unambiguously as it is illustrated in the Biblical example of the city of Nineveh described in the „Book of Jonah” from the Bible, verses 3:7-10), that in Wroclaw took place a significant change of the „group philosophy”. Of course, the biblical example on how to convince God that such a change of philosophy actually did take place already, is slightly out of date and I am ready to bet that in present times there is NO such a city on the Earth which would be ready to repeat it even under the threat of an „annihilating cataclysm”. Fortunately, the academic character of Wroclaw and the fact that I originate from Wroclaw, taken together indicate a rather simple manner on which this city can document a change of philosophy, but simultaneously „keep the face”. Namely, according to findings of the philosophy of totalizm, the proof of the change of a „group philosophy” of Wroclaw, which would suffice to call off an impending cataclysm, would be if universities of that academic city would become the first in the world which would formally adopt „totaliztic sciences” through the official inclusion of the lecturing of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm to programs of their studies, and through official implementing in research the philosophical approach called „a priori”, means the scientific approach „from God to the reality around us” – as this approach „a priori” is explained in item #A2.6 of the web page named „totalizm.htm” and in item #C1 of the web page named „telekinetics.htm”. After all, both the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm originate from the scientific tradition of the „totaliztic Wroclaw” (as this city used to be in past), in turn that fact just by itself is a sufficient reason that these newly emerging „totaliztic sciences” were officially lectured at universities from Wroclaw. Of course, by being the simplest one, the most honourable, and the most easy to implement manner of convincing that Wroclaw returned on the path to become again a „totaliztic city”, the above manner is NOT the only one that could be implemented in there. Out of the entire range of other existing manners, probably an almost similarly easy one would be if „the city funds a stipend to an active totalizt”, as described in item #C5.1 of the web page named „seismograph.htm”.

7. The realising, that it is also worth to watch carefully further fates of Wroclaw. Although everything that is explained in the above items results from my personal worry about the fate of city which is so-close to my heart, linked to the logical extrapolation to Wroclaw of regularities that ruled over events in other cities of the world, I am sufficiently familiar with principles of operation of present decision makers, to be almost sure in advance, that Wroclaw treated as a single whole „group intellect” probably is to ignore everything that is explained here. This is because similar ignoring already took place in the case of the city of Christchurch from New Zealand – to which also a significant time in advance before the „urging cataclysm” I explained with the use of item #C5.1 from the web page named „seismograph.htm”, what that city should do to hold back further earthquakes. But Christchurch have chosen to ignore my advices, while in slightly more than a month of time afterwards it was almost completely destroyed. Therefore, herewith I am advising the reader to begin a careful watch of the further fate of Wroclaw, because the logic is whispering to us, that after some time, with that city is going to begin happening something really worth noticing.

* * *

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