#197E: Nuclear self-bombing of Japanese with „cardinal design errors” of the Fukushima atomic reactors (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „Totalizm warns us that ‚most harmful errors are committed by highest-paid experts’, cynics claim that ‚in the vital interest of those living from termination is the multiplying of whatever they should exterminate’, while Malays summarise all these with the brief proverb ‚your fences eat your rice’.”

In present times „nuclear reactors” are the most dangerous technical devices of „everyday use” that exist on our planet”. How dangerous these reactors are, this was proven by several „accidents” they caused, for example by the catastrophe in Chernobyl near Kiev in Ukraine on 26 April 1986, or by the recent catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan, after the earthquake on Friday, 11 March 2011. So if someone builds so dangerous devices, all would expect, that the „safety” is to be the most vital goal to be fulfilled during the development of their design. However, when I analysed the design of these four Japanese nuclear reactors which exploded after the earthquake on Friday, 11 March 2011, then in spite that I am NOT an expert in atomic energy, still I detected in them several cardinal design errors, which are so elementary and so obvious, that they inspire to asking the question „what kind of an ‚engineer’ designed these nuclear reactors”. This is because these cardinal design errors look as if someone intentionally designed these reactors to make sure that they eventually are to cause a disaster. If we would impose a condition „how to build nuclear reactors to make them the most dangerous possible and to make sure that one day they explode”, then this condition would be met in these Japanese reactors. In the result, these reactors were just „an accident awaiting to happen”. So just sufficed the earthquake described more thoroughly in item #C7 of the web page named „seismograph.htm”, to make this accident come true.

I am to explain now what are these most cardinal design errors committed during the design of the abovementioned Japanese nuclear reactors. Namely, in design sciences exist something that we could call the „most important principle of all dangerous devices designing”. In „my times” this principle was lectured in Poland to every student of engineering. It states that „the operation of dangerous devices must always be so designed, that in case of any breakdown, the work of this devices ‘must self-cease immediately’ just because of the action of its design, laws of nature, and forces of nature”. It is because of this principle, that for example dangerous pressing and spinning machines, which can tear-off hands of their operators, must be so designed that their dangerous action can be switched-on only if the operator keeps pressing two separate buttons with both his hands simultaneously. It is also because of this principle, that the water in modern dams is hold back solely by the weight and by the stable shape of these dams. Applying this principle to nuclear reactors discussed here, their design and operation should be so designed, that in case of any breakdown, solely the design of these devices, gravity forces, and laws of nuclear reactions, would just by themselves stop their operation. However, even a brief analysis of designs of these reactors reveals, that they were so designed, that in case of a breakdown, their design, gravity forces, and laws of nuclear reactions caused the escalation of their operation, instead of stopping them.

In order to remind here the operation of a nuclear reactor, it depends on the inserting nuclear „fuel rods” into a special casing which is called the „core”. After their inserting, the entire mass of the nuclear fuel begins to exceed the so-called „critical mass” – thus self-initiating a nuclear reaction. In turn to be able to control this nuclear reaction, independently from „fuel rods”, to the same „core” are inserted also additional „control rods” which absorb neutrons and thus which stop nuclear reaction. So in order to intensify the nuclear reaction, the operator needs to insert „fuel rods” into the „core” while needs to remove from it the „control rods”. In turn to extinguish or stop the nuclear reaction, to the „core” needs to be inserted „control rods”, while removed „fuel rods”.

So if someone designs a nuclear reactor, then in order to fulfil the abovementioned „most important principle of designing all dangerous devices”, he or she should arrange the components of this device in such a manner, that „fuel rods” are inserted into the core „from „below”, while „control rods” are inserted into the core „from above”. This is because in case of any breakdown, when the devices which control such a reactor refuse to work, ordinary forces of gravity will cause, that „control rods” will just by themselves slide down into the „core” – thus extinguishing and stopping the nuclear reaction. Simultaneously „fuel rods” are to also slide down due to the force of gravity and heat, thus exiting the core and additionally extinguishing or stopping completely the nuclear reaction.

Design diagrams of these four reactors from Fukushima which exploded in Japan, was published in the article „Growing terror” from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, March 16, 2011. What hit me immediately in these diagrams, was that in Japanese reactors the insertion of both kinds of rods was designed in an opposite to logic manner. Namely „control rods” were inserted in there „from below”, while „fuel rods” were inserted in there „from above”. In the result, when the earthquake damaged the hydraulics of devices which inserted and removed these rods, forces of gravity and heat caused that „control rods” slid-out just by themselves – thus intensifying the nuclear reaction, while „fuel rods” additionally slid into the reactor – thus still intensifying this reaction. In addition to this, another „cardinal design error” of these reactors was that the „core” itself was designed in the form of a vertical cylinder with the concave rounded bottom. So when this uncontrolled intensification of the nuclear reaction caused the melting of nuclear fuel and flowing it to the bottom of the „core”, the rounded bottom of this cylinder caused the merging together all melted fuel, so that this fuel exceeded the „critical mass” and turned the reactor into a „nuclear bomb”. No wonder that consequences were such as were. Of course, disasters caused by these reactors could be decreased, if the bottom of the „core”, instead of being designed into a spherical concave shapes that merge together the nuclear fuel, were designed into shapes of convex stars which would separate this fuel into several under-critical masses.

After discovering that these Japanese nuclear reactors hide so cardinal design errors, I looked at the design of a „typical Western nuclear reactor” published on page 585 from volume 14 (for the letter „N” and keyword „Nuclear Energy”) of the American encyclopaedia entitled „The World Book Encyclopaedia” (World Book, Inc., Chicago, USA, 2003, ISBN 0-7166-0103-6). With a huge shock I realised from there, that the Japanese design of nuclear reactors is just a „typical” design of these devices, and that the world is literally swarming with identically faulty atomic reactors. This fact of mutual similarity of faults in all reactors is also confirmed by a different nuclear catastrophe which took place on 28 March 1979 in the reactor from the „Three Mile Island” in Harrisburg near Washington DC. Over there also the course of catastrophe was almost identical as that in Fukushima from Japan – only that it was initiated by different than earthquake reasons. In other words, that nuclear cataclysm from Japan is NOT the last one, and on the occasion of a next significant earthquake, or any other cataclysm, we may expect next similar nuclear disasters in a range of further countries.

I should add here that the „cardinal design errors” described here, which a number of present reactors from Western countries turn into „nuclear bombs that just await to explode”, are also summarised in item #C7 of the totaliztic web page named „seismograph.htm”.

The above design errors of Japanese nuclear reactors are so obvious and so easy to detect just through the theoretical analysis of designs of these reactors, that experts properly educated in engineering should prevent the consequences of these errors a long time before this disaster has happened. The fact that they did NOT prevent it, confirms the message which is explained by item #C1 of the web page named „telekinetics.htm”, and item #A2.6 of the web page named „totalizm.htm” – namely that present „atheistic orthodox science”, and also present orthodox education, urgently need a formal totaliztic „competition” which is going to „look at their hands”. The same message is additionally confirmed by this „collusion of secrecy” which seems to be at work about this event (the highly-detrimental consequences of which „secrecy” the humanity should still remember from Chernobyl). Here we have a nuclear catastrophe, which even just by a rough estimate seems to be at least 4 (four) times bigger and more destructive than Chernobyl, however „experts” and „agencies” are almost completely „neglecting” consequences of it. In the result, no official information is disseminated where radioactive clouds and sea-currents are going, nor above which countries they currently are, population is not informed nor warned how people should protect themselves from radioactive rains and from radioactive farming products, outside of Japan nowhere can be seen anyone officially checking streets, water, and food for the level of radioactivity, medicines that alleviate effects of radioactivity are not disseminated, etc., etc. However, for me personally the most disappointing and painful is, that all these consequences and disasters probably could also be easily avoided, if I would be allowed to build my „Oscillatory Chambers” or allowed to build any amongst my „telekinetic devices for the generation of free energy” – that are described, amongst others, on the web page named „telekinetics.htm”. After all, proposals of research and development of these devices I forwarded together with my job applications to literally hundreds of universities from the entire world (including many Japanese universities) – as this is explained more comprehensively in item #I1 from my web page named „seismograph.htm”. So how possibly it happens, that having a choice of either sticking to immoral and murderous nuclear energy, or trying to follow „new paths” indicated to us by the philosophy of totalizm and by my discoveries and inventions, people with the determination of suicidal maniacs insist stubbornly on implementation only these old technologies which are immoral and most dangerous.

* * *

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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