#195E: For true knowledge – research God and extrapolate your findings to the world around, for the impression of knowledge – research world around you and extrapolate it to God (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „The one-sided monopole of the ‚atheistic orthodox science’ to-date, makes the humanity poorer, divided, senseless and gloomy to the level which we see today around us. So it is about the time to restore the richness, harmony, sense and excitement of living on the Earth, by abolishing this monopole with the competitive development of new ‚totaliztic science’.”

The empirical life continually confirms to us, that „passing the same path, but in both opposite directions, always is the source of two different sets of knowledge which mutually complement each other”. For example, if we stand on the top of a mountain, while our eyes catch images (light) arriving from the bottom of it, then our view is different than when we stand on the bottom of this mountain while our eyes catch the view (light) arriving from the top of it. But only the thorough watch in both these directions provides us with a full understanding of the entire situation with that mountain. Similarly, if we look at the landscape through one end of a telescope or binoculars, then whatever we see, is to differ drastically from what we are to find out when looking at the same landscape through the opposite end of the same telescope or binoculars. But only combining together our findings from both these directions of looking, provides us with a full and balanced knowledge of work of these instruments. The same happens even if we e.g. just walk or drive „to”, and then „from” a place – our road in both directions also provides us with a different knowledge, in spite that it is passing through exactly the same trajectory (e.g. the road „from” always subjectively „feels” as „shorter” and as if we pass it „faster” than the road „to”, also during the road „from” we capture additional details of the „other side” which we missed during the road „to”). At outlets of some rivers tourists and locals are entertained by extraordinarily condensed „super-waves” that run „against the current”, means „from the sea” – as this is described in item #D2 of the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. But only seeing also the unusual „extended” waves that run „with the flow” on fast rivers, reveal to us that these „super-waves” are outcomes of collision between the motion of wave and motion of water – and that this collision causes their „condensing”. Similarly, seeing the so-called „red shift” in the light of stars that is „condensed” due to run „against the gravity current” of heavy stars, only induces wild speculations of some under-educated scientists regarding „where this red colour of light comes from”. Only seeing also the „blue shift” in the light coming from the blue sky and „extended” by motion „with the gravity current” of the Earth, reveals to some rational thinking people that „the gravity is a dynamic dipolar field” similar to a field formed by the air at the entry to a fan. To summarise the above, if one wants to gain a full and balanced knowledge about consequences of a given „path”, then it is necessary to experience this path in both directions.

In spite of these empirical findings that „only travelling in both directions provides us with the full and balanced knowledge”, in every matter people insist on going in only one direction. As an example of that insisting, let us consider the „road to God”. In medieval times, the religion looked at everything by „starting from God and extrapolating this onto the surrounding reality”, while it „burned on stake” every person which tried to accumulate an atheistic knowledge. In turn present-day „atheistic science” does opposite, namely „looks at everything starting from the surrounding reality and extrapolating this onto God”, while it „burns on the stake” everyone who (like my „totaliztic science”) tries to show the world from the prospective of God. Unfortunately, due to limiting its investigations to just this one approach, the science to-date arrives to the erroneous conclusion that „God does NOT exist”. However, the empiric experience reveals to us, that in order to gain the „complete and balanced knowledge” it is necessary to learn about the surrounding reality (and about God), by passing the „road to knowledge” in both these directions, i.e. by „placing ourselves in the situation of God and extrapolating our analyses at the surrounding reality” as well as by „atheistic researching the reality which surrounds us and extrapolation our findings onto God”. In this way, these two approaches mutually are to check and to complement each other. In order to realise here the benefits open for us due to such „two-directional” approach, let us briefly compare accomplishments of the monopole of the „atheistic orthodox science” to-date – means present official human science which „researches only the surrounding reality while the results tries to extrapolate onto God”, with the rich competitiveness of the newly born „totaliztic science” – means the new science which is based on the philosophy of totalizm, and which „analyses everything after placing itself in the position of God and extrapolating God’s prospective onto the surrounding reality”.

As I am documenting this with countless evidence in a whole range of totaliztic publications, for example in item #B1 from the web page named „changelings.htm”, or in subsection H10 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5], such „world ruled by God” that results from research of the „totaliztic science” must drastically differ from the „world without God” that stems from the research of the „atheistic orthodox science”. For example, in the „world without God” finding „bones of dinosaurs” must mean that dinosaurs in fact lived on the Earth. In turn in the „world governed by God” finding „bones of dinosaurs” means only that God has some superior goal in showing these bones to people – as this is described in items #A1 and #E1 of the web page named „evolution.htm”. Thus God could „create” these „bones of dinosaurs” in the same way as He created people and created animals – in spite that dinosaurs did NOT need to live on the Earth. In a similar way in the „world without God” there is no place for „morality” nor „dreams”, nor even for the „higher feelings” like love, pity, sorrow, etc. In other words, in order the humanity accomplished the balanced picture of the universe, reality must be simultaneously researched and interpreted by two competitive sciences, namely by the to-date „atheistic orthodox science” and by the „totaliztic science” which is just being established by the philosophy of totalizm. In turn results of both these sciences should be taught simultaneously in schools and officially disseminated amongst people. This is because without such a parallel learning from both these „roads to knowledge”, the picture of the universe is highly „biased”, deviated, and poor.

As I already explained it at the beginning of this item, the competitive approach of the new „totaliztic science” is NOT entirely new in every its aspect. After all, it represents the approach to research which by past philosophers was called „a priori” – means „from cause to effect”. In a highly limited edition it was practiced in past by religions, while in the ancient times it was even used by Jewish scholars – who preserve the essence of it until today in the form of „kabala”. But the „totaliztic science” introduces several new (highly creative) components to this old approach. For example, it states that the use in scientific research exclusively one approach, i.e. the use exclusively either „a priori” approach, or exclusively „a posteriori” approach (i.e. the one which climbs „from effect to cause” – means the one which is exclusively used by present „atheistic orthodox science”) is a serious epistemological error which leads to deviations in the human knowledge. This is because, in order the knowledge is complete and balanced, it is necessary to use both these approaches simultaneously. In other words, ‘in vital interest of the humanity lies the establishing and running on the Earth as many as two competitive sciences simultaneously, i.e. the continuation of to-date „atheistic orthodox science” with its exclusively „a posteriori” approach to research, and the simultaneous establishing and running a new „totaliztic science” which would be based on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and on the formal scientific proof for the existence of God – thus which would scientifically develop the „a priori” approach to the same research – as this „a priori” approach is represented and illustrated already now in my newest monograph [1/5]’. Of course, many more such new and highly creative elements were introduced to the „totaliztic science” – only that their full description (and illustration on examples) requires rather voluminous publication, such as my newest monograph [1/5].

Sadly, the monopole of „atheistic orthodox science” is surely going to disallow for a long time to come, both – the official establishing and financing of the „totaliztic science”, as well as the official dissemination of findings of that „totaliztic science”. After all, the „atheistic orthodox science”, similarly like every other monopolistic institution, gains significant financial benefits and complacent life due to its „monopole on knowledge” – which benefits it does NOT want to share voluntarily with anyone, while which complacent life it does NOT want to loose by creating a competition. Thus, for a long time to come the totaliztic researchers, similarly like the author of this post, will be forced to research the universe as „unemployed scientists” – thus experiencing another manifestation of the „curse of inventors” described in item #B4.4 of the web page named „mozajski_uk.htm”. Because of this obstructing the free and official disclosure of the findings of the „totaliztic science”, to balance own knowledge every person should try to learn these findings in his or her private capacity. After all, when starting from the point of view that God exists, and being aware of the method of God described in item #A2.2 of my web page named „totalizm.htm”, rapidly the world around us begins to look differently. For example, everything that surrounds us begins to be just a kind of „hologram” formed by God to accomplish His superior goals – e.g. to inspire people for creative searches and to improve „morality”. Thus, for example looking at „skeletons of dinosaurs” we start to know that these skeletons do NOT mean at all that dinosaurs actually lived on the Earth – but only mean that God wishes to inspire human creative searchers by „fabricating” them. Similarly, e.g. the so-called „red shift of lights from stars” and „expansion of the universe”, do NOT certify at all for the „big bang”, but certify for the high complexity and refinement of the laws of nature which God encoded into the software of the universe – as this is explained in item #D2 of the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. In turn, when we realise all these, our lives again become enriched with the deep sense of purpose and with the understanding of direction – both of which the humanity lost recently because of the „biased” deformation of the knowledge due to the complacent „monopole” of the present „atheistic orthodox science”.

* * *

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It is also worth to know, that almost each new topic that I am researching, including this one, is repeated on all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #195E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of this moral philosophy. These can be viewed at following internet addresses:
It is also worth to have look in there at related posts, e.g. at posts number #171E and #151E which also discuss incompetence of present official science.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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