#194E: Souls enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „Everyone commits mistakes sometimes, but only those ones who practice the philosophy of totalizm are capable of repairing mistakes.”

The web page named „soul_proof.htm” (addresses of which are provided near the end of this post) indicates the sufficient body of proofs (and empirical evidence in support of these proofs), to provide knowledge and certainty to these people, who already matured philosophically to accept the knowledge and certainty regarding souls. In fact, the proofs and evidence indicated in there confirm the existence of immortal souls in people with even a greater certainty, than e.g. evidence that is in disposal of official science confirms the occurrence in the universe of the so-called „big bang”. Thus, on the basis of this knowledge which reinforces our certainty that immortal souls reside in humans, the time is to shift to next stages of our learning process, namely to determining the most vital facts regarding souls.

For people that are sure of the existence of soul, probably there is NO more weighty question than the issue „when newly-born people receive souls?” (Means the question: „when a foetus transforms from a piece of meat into a thinking, remembering, and feeling human?”) After all, from the appearance or from movements of foetuses, we CANNOT reason whether they already are humans – similarly like from the appearance of statues nor from movements of sea waves we are NOT allowed to claim that these are humans. Only the entrance of souls into bodies changes these bodies into humans – similarly like only the return of souls to bodies which previously fall victims of so-called „coma” (see descriptions of „coma” in item #F9 of the web page named „soul_proof.htm”) restores these bodies to life, thinking, and feeling; similarly like the entrance of souls to foetuses turns these foetuses into children instead of „stillborn”; and also similarly like the input of software into a new computer turns this inanimate machine into a responding companion of humans. Thus, from the correct reply to the abovementioned question „when souls enter bodies” depends e.g. whether measures of pregnancy prevention (condoms) and taking contraceptives run against God’s requirements, whether abortions really are taking lives, etc., etc. (see also item #J4.3 near the end of the web page named „soul_proof.htm”).

At present two drastically different beliefs coexist regarding the issue of when souls enter bodies. Unfortunately, so-far the humanity have NOT carried out any experimental research nor accumulated any empirical findings regarding this matter. The first one amongst these two beliefs, most vigorously promoted by religions, states that „souls enter bodies at the moment of conception”. For this reason some highly religious people condemn abortions of pregnancies. It is also because of this belief that some religions are against the use of contraceptives. Unfortunately, NO scientific premises are known which would confirm this belief. The second belief, adhered mainly by representatives of the so-called „New Age” (such as healers, UFO-contactees, occultists, etc.) states that „souls enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords”. The possible future confirmation of this belief by research or empirical findings would turn out to be extremely important. After all, if it turns out to be correct and confirmed, then e.g. abortions of pregnancies wouldn’t almost differ from innocent procedures of e.g. removal of tonsils. In such a case the condemnation of contraceptives and abortion-clinics would at least be „misunderstanding” – if not the acting that fulfils the definition of „sin”.

On the basis of many theoretical analyses, the „philosophy of totalizm” takes the stand, that true and correct is the belief (2) that „souls enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords”. This is because there are numerous premises which suggest the correctness of this particular belief. In addition, each one amongst these premises negates the correctness of belief (1) that „souls enter bodies at the moment of conception”. Here is a list of most important amongst these premises:

1. The Bible completely disregards the indication of the moment when souls enter bodies. This is the most important premise. After all, the content of Bible contains a detailed list of God’s requirements that apply to every human activity. So if souls entered bodies at the moment of conception, than this fact would be very vital and would be emphasized in the content of Bible. In addition, the Bible disregards also the taking stand regarding contraceptives and abortion of unwanted pregnancies. Thus, most clearly these matters are for God rather insignificant – such a situation can occur only if souls actually enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords.

2. UFOnauts teach people how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is another vital premise. After all, according to findings of the philosophy of totalizm „UFOnauts are temporary ‚simulations’ of God” (e.g. see item #M3 on the web page named „day26.htm”). So if „simulations” of God Himself teach people how to prevent unwanted pregnancies, then this suggests that for God the fact of prevention or abortion of pregnancies is rather an insignificant matter. This in turn may take place only if souls really enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords. By the way, an example of a lesson from UFOnauts how to prevent unwanted pregnancies is provided, amongst others, in the report from abduction of „Miss Nosbocaj” to a UFO deck – this report is provided in „chapter UB” from volume 16 of my newest monograph [1/5e] and also in „appendix Z” from my monograph [2e].

3. The interconnection of foetuses and mothers’ bodies during the time when these bodies are united with umbilical cords. In turn, this interconnection causes that in the biological sense the foetuses still then are parts of bodies of mothers, in the same manner as parts of bodies of mothers are e.g. all growths on their skin and organs, their nails, or their hair. In turn, by being parts of mothers’ bodies, foetuses CANNOT have separate souls. After all, two souls residing in a single body means a „possession”. So the soul of a child sometime could „fight” with the soul of the mother for the prevalence over her body, and the child could need the intervention of e.g. an „exorcist”. Even in best scenario a pregnant woman carrying such a child with own soul could display so-called „double personality”.

4. The foetus that has own soul could choose the life and role of a parasite. After all, souls have so-called „free will” and can choose what they do next. So the soul of child could e.g. feel so good in the role of a foetus, that it would refuse to be born and would extend its existence as a kind of parasite. Thus, it would need to be removed by force. Such „second” souls residing in someone’s body are even described in the Bible as parasites („demons”) which Jesus and His Apostles removed by force from bodies that they possessed.

5. Abortions which do not run against commands of someone’s conscience, do NOT cause undesirable side effects. As we know, all highly immoral acts, e.g. murders, harming someone, cheating, etc., leave various undesirable side effects in the form of psychological problems in guilty people. After all, according to what is explained in subsection JD11.8 from volume 7 of my newest monograph [1/5], „side effects” are kinds of „shades” that originate from the deviation of given actions from the direction that runs exactly uphill in the „moral field”. (The more immoral a given action is, the greater this „shade” is, and thus the greater are „side effects”.) On the other hand, abortions do NOT seem to leave such side effects – similarly as these are NOT formed by e.g. removals of tonsils. For an example of research on this subject, see the article „No mental health fallout from abortions, study finds” from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post” ( http://www.dompost.co.nz ), issue dated on Friday, January 28, 2011. This article confirms, that after abortions women do NOT experience attacks of depressions nor post-traumatic stress disorders, which are typical consequences of all highly immoral actions – e.g. killings. This in turn confirms, that abortions do NOT take lives because souls are NOT present yet in foetuses.

While explaining the above I feel also compelled to add here that the lack of „side effects” is conditional – i.e. it appears only in people who do NOT receive „orders of conscience” in the matter of a given abortion. The point is that our organ of „conscience” can be described as a kind of „two-way (hot) telephone line which links minds of people directly with the mind of God” – as this is explained quite comprehensively subsections I4.1.2 (see #6 in there) and JA10 from volumes correspondingly 5 and 6 of monograph [1/5]. In turn, as it is reported e.g. in item #A2.2 from the web page named „totalizm.htm”, in His interactions with humans God is applying a number of principles and methods which make the matter of „side effects” significantly more complicated. For example, in abovementioned item #A2.2 I described a principle of God’s acting, stating that „every intellect (e.g. every individual person, every community, every scientific discipline, every religion, etc.) is always provided with unique to the beliefs of that intellect confirmations of consequences in whatever this intellect deeply believes and on the basis of whatever this intellect undertakes its actions”. In turn this principle causes that if someone was pre-programmed e.g. by his or her religion, to believe deeply that „abortions” are bad, then God provides this person also with evidence in the confirmation of that belief, while such evidence is going to be reflected, amongst others, in the expressions of its organ of „conscience”. As the result, such a deeply believing person will be experiencing various psychological „side effects” of abortions. Thus, from this belief originates e.g. the phenomenon frequently described as the „post-abortion syndrome”. But that this syndrome is a consequence of beliefs of given people, not the consequence of the presence of souls in bodies of children, signifies, amongst others, the fact that this syndrome affects also by-standing people, e.g. doctors, fathers, members of further family, etc. Other consequence of the „fulfilling by organs of conscience functions of two-way telephone links with God” results from the fact that God knows the future of every person. Thus, if God knows that e.g. in the future that person is NOT going to have children for some reasons (e.g. because of an accident, illness, inability to find appropriate partner, etc.) then God warns that person against abortion through the organ of conscience. Thus, having in mind functions performed by the organ of conscience, totalizm recommends as follows: „in spite that totalizm relies on premises which confirm that souls enter bodies at the moment of breaking the umbilical cord, and thus which confirm that abortions to not differ much from e.g. removal of tonsils, still if someone’s organ of conscience orders to NOT abort a pregnancy, then this order should be obeyed unconditionally and the abortion should be abandoned”. After all, the philosophy of totalizm recognises the „orders of conscience” as the most important indicator of morally correct behaviours in our lives. According to totalizm, orders of conscience never should be ignored and must be listen to and placed above knowledge, logics, laws, policies, interests, income, plans, needs, etc. After all, the „voice of conscience” is the „voice of God Himself”.

6. The moment of breaking the umbilical cord is also the moment of symbolic „breathing” the life and first breath into the child’s body. In turn to this first „breath” all religions of the world refer as to the manner of acquiring the soul by body – e.g. see words „God’s own spirit made me, and the Almighty’s own breath proceeded to bring me to life” (Bible, „Book of Job” 33:4) discussed in item #D2 of the web page „soul_proof.htm”. See also descriptions of „breathing” souls to bodies in other religions of the world presented in items #D1 and #D3 from a different web page named „newzealand_visit.htm” and in item #C6 from the separate web page named „prawda_uk.htm”. Explaining this in other words, in spite that the Bible (and an array of various religions of the world) could use many different descriptions to explain the manner in which souls are entering bodies, all these religions use the expression „breathing” which refers simultaneously to the first breath being taken. From this can be deduced, that the reason for use of just this expression is that both these processes, i.e. entering the soul and taking the first breath, take place simultaneously.

7. God always implements this course of events which maximises scope and efficiency of His control. The decision when souls enter bodies took God. But if we analyse what principle God uses when He decides which one amongst many possible versions of a given process should be implemented, then it turns out that God always chooses the course which provides Him with maximal control. In turn this principle requires that souls enter bodies only after the birth. This is because only then the entering of souls gives to God the maximal control over what is happening. If souls would enter e.g. at the moment of conception, then mothers and these souls (i.e. not God) would have the maximal control over what, and how, is happening. In turn God would be forced to control everything only indirectly, e.g. through controlling the „program of life and fate” in mothers. Therefore, when God designed the process of entering souls into bodies, for sure He so pre-programmed this process that it gave Him the maximal control over the entire course of not only it, but also all related phenomena. In turn this maximisation of control God could accomplish only when the entering of souls takes place at the moment of breaking umbilical cords.

The unambiguous confirmation as to whether „souls enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords”, can be accomplished with experimental research and with empirical findings. After all, the entering of souls into bodies must cause the manifestations of a number of phenomena that can be detected and registered with present instruments. An example of these can be an equivalent of „Death Flash” described in item #E2 of the web page „soul_proof.htm”, only that appearing at the moment of entrance (instead of exit) of the soul. In turn the present science (of course additionally supported with findings of the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity” which clarifies the entire subject of other world and which is described on the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”) is already able to detect and to measure such phenomena with the existing apparatuses. In addition, while it is difficult to establish an exact moment of conception to carry out the required research, if „souls really enter bodies at the moment of breaking the umbilical cords” then the precise moment when it happens is clearly defined and exactly known. Thus, appropriately motivated scientists are able to complete such research without greater difficulties. Unfortunately, the problem is that in present world of atheistic scientists, NO-ONE may want to carry out such research. After all, this kind of research runs against the „official philosophy” of present atheistic science. This in turn causes, that a courageous researcher who would undertake it, would also bring on his or her head the entire fury and revenge of the official science – similarly as I brought this fury and revenge on myself with my own research. So it looks that until the time when the humanity develops a separate path for the „totaliztic science” which is to compete with the extension of the present atheistic science, such research will NOT be officially carried out. However, if someone wishes to carry them out e.g. privately and in secrecy, then he or she can count on my full cooperation and the required scientific advice.

Taking under consideration all facts and logical deductions presented in this item, the „philosophy of totalizm” recommends to all people who already practice totalizm, that they (1) acted (at the present state of our knowledge) in the manner as one should act when is certain that „souls enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords”, while simultaneously they (2) seek further empirical, religious, logical, or theoretical confirmations for reinforcing this certainty, and that they (3) inform me if they encounter somewhere any further such confirmations.

The problem of determining an exact moment when souls enter bodies is discussed also in subsection JD12.5 from volume 7 of my newest monograph [1/5].

* * *

This post represents item #C6 from the totaliztic web page named „soul_proof.htm” (updated on 17 January 2011, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page „soul_proof.htm” than from this post, as on the web page are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, it is printed in colour, it is supported with illustrations, the content of it is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „soul_proof.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:
Notice that every above web site contains all totaliztic web pages, including pages „text_1_5.htm” with free copies of monograph [1/5]. However, volume 1 and 12 of monograph [1/5] I would recommend to download from the address http://energia.sl.pl/text_1_5.htm where this monograph is updated the most frequently.

It is also worth to know, that almost each new topic that I am researching, including this one, is repeated on all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #194E). At the moment two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of this moral philosophy, which can be viewed at following internet addresses:
It is also worth to have look in there at related posts, e.g. at posts number #167E and #168E which also discuss souls.

The majority of topics presented on this blog are subjected to a public discussions on Google forums. Addresses and links to the threads where these topics were discussed are provided in item #E2 from the web page named „faq.htm” accessible through „Menu” from practically every totaliztic web page. The page „faq.htm” can also be run directly, e.g. from the address:

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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