#192E: Mischievous inanimate nature, illnesses and problems control most effectively through corrections in own believes (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „Since the ancient times people seek a ‚medicine for everything’. Such a medicine really exists – it is called ‚morality’. Only that in order to use it effectively, it is necessary to know the philosophy of totalizm.”

For a very vital reason (described e.g. in subsection A16 of monograph [1/5]), God adopted and consequently applies, the principle of interactions with people, which is really worth to learn. This principle is the source of many events which affect practically every person. Namely, it states that every intellect (e.g. every individual person, every community, every scientific discipline, etc.) always receives from God confirmations for beliefs that this intellect is using as a basis for its behaviour or actions. Such confirmations are issued by God to even these intellects which believe in something that actually do NOT exists in the real physical world – only that in such a case God realistically „simulates” what would happen if it existed. According to this principle, people who believe that e.g. some „talisman” brings them good luck, actually gain a good luck from that talisman. For people who believe in some superstition, this superstition actually works. People who believe in indications of radiesthesia, the radiesthesia really helps. People who deeply believe that something is to heal them, God actually heals after taking this something (thus e.g. comes the medical term of „placebo effects”). People who believe in UFOs actually do see UFOs. People who believe in Yeti or in monsters (of the „Nessie” kind) receive confirmations that Yeti or these monsters actually do exist. To people who believe strongly in demons, devils, or ghosts, God shows such demons, devils, or ghosts. People who believe in heaven and hell, actually receive manifestations of the existence of heaven and hell. People who believe in reincarnation, receive confirmations of consequences of reincarnation. Etc., etc.

The problem with such strong beliefs depends on the fact, that if someone believes in something that is unpleasant, evil, or detrimental to people, God also manifests it for him or her. Thus, people who strongly believe that they e.g. are to fall ill on something, or that they are to have an accident – in fact experience this illness or that accident. In turn to people who strongly believe e.g. in UFOs or in demons, these evil creatures begin to play „unpleasant tricks” – as if they really acted on the Earth and started to pick just on these people. Therefore in all life situations when we are plagued by some sequences of unexplained „mischievous of nature”, illnesses, problems, etc., totalizm recommends to most easily and most effectively get rid of these through correcting our believes. If we are able to determine which our belief is the source of given problems, and then we change this belief into a deep belief that our problem results from the principle of God’s acting described here, then the problem is to vanish.

Totalizm recommends, that in order to so correct one’s belief, firstly one needs to review of own deep beliefs (which sometimes can be well hidden and almost subconscious). The point is that we need to determine which one amongst our beliefs, if it is supported by God with given evidence, would become the source of our problems. This phase of elimination of our problems is the most difficult, because sometimes the „cause-effect chain” between our belief and our problems can be quite long and complicated. Then one needs to change this particular belief, into the deep belief that such our problems are just consequences of the „simulation” by God of the body of evidence which is to illustrate for us consequences of whatever we believe. For example, instead of deeply believing in the permanent existence of physical UFOnauts – when our almost new car, computer, washing machine, toilet, etc., rapidly are spoiled, we should start to believe that our problems stem from the fact that we believe in UFOs, so in order to illustrate for us what would happen when such evil UFOnauts actually operate on the Earth, good God „simulates” for us „tricks” that such evil UFOnauts would play on us and that would manifest themselves in spoiling our devices that are susceptible to detrimental action of the magnetic field of UFO vehicles.

As with everything that God does, also the principle described here is to develop in people moral knowledge and wisdom, as well as the fast ability to distinguish truth from false, good from evil, authentic from a fabrication, etc. Therefore, in His „simulations” of manifestations of someone’s belief, God additionally imprints the information about a „moral value” of the belief itself. This information is always aligned with the reliable God’s principle, that „a healthy tree bears good fruit, but a poor tree bears bad fruit” (see the Bible, Matthew 7:17). Therefore, beliefs into the correcting of which God persuades us through the „simulation” of detrimental, unpleasant, destructive, etc., manifestations of their consequences, in fact are false, non-authentic, anti-God, anti-human, etc. – while people believing in them should immediately cease these believes. In other words, from what manifestations of „fruits” of someone’s belief return to a given believer, one should recognise whether this belief is true or false, whether it serves for the good of people or is detrimental for the humanity, etc. (As an example consider suffering and disasters that are connected with the „simulations” of „skeletons of dinosaurs” described in item #A1 of the totaliztic web page named „evolution.htm”.)

This recommendation of totalizm is also disseminated by atheists under the name of positive thinking. However, in the totaliztic recipe described here it is more effective from the „positive thinking” and it is applicable in the elimination of practically all human problems. After all, it is following the God’s intentions, is boils down to enforcing our knowledge about God and our morality, and it also serves to the uplifting of human wisdom, inquisitiveness, life experience, etc.

* * *

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It is also worth to have look in there at related posts, e.g. at posts numbers #185E to #189E – which also concern methods of God’s actions.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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