#191E: Filmed proof that the completion of „time vehicles”, shifting back in time, and time travel, are possible (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „The first step towards the earning of ‚immortality’ is to learn what it is all about and which laws apply to it.”

It is 1928. Charlie Chaplin makes his movie entitled „The Circus”. After taking one scene, the camera is directed at the crowd that watch filming. Into the view of it comes a woman. Similarly as women almost 100 years later, she walks while discussing something intensely through the hand-phone. On the film clearly is visible her hand-phone and her engagement into the talk. This extraordinary intake remains in film archives undiscovered for the next over 80 years. After all, in that times no-one knew what is a hand-phone. Such a telephone is NOT invented for further 50 years. Only near the end of 2010 a bit more inquisitive researcher discovers the significance of this scene. The section of the film containing the scene is fast placed in the YouTube, while the entire matter is reported to the world via press agencies. I learned about all this from the article ” ‚Time traveller’ snapped” published on page A3 of newspaper „The New Zealand Herald”, issue dated on Thursday, October 28, 2010. The next day I viewed also this scene from the original film available in YouTube at the address http://www.goo.gl/DLV3 .

The reaction to this objective evidence of the existence of Time Travellers on the Earth, is typical for arrogant people of 21 century. The majority of viewers unable to think, hides their embarrassment with own ignorance in matters of the work of time, in typical manner – i.e. scoffing sarcastically at the objective proof. In turn these sparse viewers, who still try to think, decrease the evidential value of the film by claiming that supposedly this filmed woman could NOT talk by a hand-phone, as in 1928 still there was no infrastructure on the Earth which would allow to connect her with the person receiving her call. Unfortunately, in their negation of the authenticity of that film, they overlook several obvious possibilities. For example, that if someone arrives to the past in a time vehicle, then this vehicle is going to be parked somewhere nearby, and thus it is that vehicle that can provide the infrastructure needed for connecting the caller to the receiving person. Or that time vehicles will NOT be build in the Earth for some time, thus until the time they are completed the hand-phones may get so much improved, that they may NOT need any present infrastructure and hardware that links them to the receivers of their calls.

Of course, enemies of my research will keep silencing or scoffing the truth presented on the web page „immortality.htm” and stating that if at a required time I was offered a right conditions for scientific inquiries and a requires financing for my research, then until today our civilisation would already have working time vehicles. But whatever would be the arguments of such enemies of my research, the fact remains that the filmed proof for the existence of time travellers, adds itself to a whole array of other evidence which confirms my rational and well documented explanation, that the building of time vehicles is possible, while „time travellers” are already an objective phenomenon on our planet.

My „theory of everything” called the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity” teaches us, that the principle of shifting back in time and travelling through time, is very simple. After all, the time through which we just are living is pre-programmed in our bodies in the natural program called the „program of life and fate” that is stored in DNA helixes from our genetic system. In turn the execution control which runs this program is carried out by shifting the resonance point of vibrations of these DNA helixes. Therefore, in order to shift us to a different time, it suffices that our „time vehicle” (see „TM” in part (a) from „Fig. #G1” on the web page „immortality.htm”) surrounds all DNA helixes contained in our body, with a sphere of very strong pulsating magnetic field (see „E” in part (a) from „Fig. #G1” on the web page „immortality.htm”). The frequency of pulsations of this field must be equal to the resonance frequency of the helixes. Then, by controlling the frequency of vibrations of this sphere of powerful field, it suffices to shift the resonance points into a different area of our „program of life and fate” coded into our DNA helixes. This in turn shifts us to a different point in time, e.g. again to years of our youth. How exactly this shifting in time is carried out, is demonstrated to us already today by „time vehicles” captured on photographs from parts (b), (c) and (d) of „Fig. #G1” on the web page named „immortality.htm”.

A reward for the civilisation that manages to build „time vehicles” is going to be the „immortality”. After all, when having „time vehicles” every person can repetitively shift back in time to years of his or her youth each time after accomplishing an old age.

The entire difficulty of completing a „time vehicle” boils down to the constructing of a device called the „Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation”. This is because such a chamber generates a pulsating magnetic field that is sufficiently powerful to be able to surround us tightly with this sphere of the field and penetrate with this field to every single cell in our body. Its magnetic field is also controlled sufficiently precisely to allow the simultaneous shifting resonance points of all DNA from our body to a new time. The majority of theoretical problems connected with the travelling through time and with building this „Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation” I already have resolved. Apart from this web page, my solutions for these problems are also described on the totaliztic web page named „timevehicle.htm”, as well as in volumes 11 and 2 of my newest monograph marked as [1/5] (disseminated free of charge from my web page named „text_1_5.htm”). Thus, almost the only matter still awaiting the completion to obtain these time vehicles, is the building of that „Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation”.

I am hugely surprised that my appeals which I keep repeating continually since 1985, for allowing me to develop my „time vehicles”, remain unanswered for already over a quarter of century. After all, I invented the work of time vehicles – so with appropriate support I am also able to build them as well. Also internet discussions on my invention of „time vehicles”, instead of constructively addressing the subject, typically lower themselves down to swearing at me by a group of brainless and ignorant internet hooligans – as an example see threads about my „time vehicle” already exposed for public discussion at internet addresses listed in item #E2 from the web page named „faq.htm”. On the other hand my „time vehicle” is able to solve all problems of our civilization. After all, if for example someone becomes old, simply can jump into such a „time vehicle” and again shift to years of his or her youth. If someone get sick, then can shift back in time and avoid being infected. If someone marries a wrong person, he or she may get into a time vehicle and shit in time before the marriage, then marry someone else. If a politician commits a mistake and starts a war for which his nation later votes him out of the office, he can sit into his time vehicle and in the new passage of time do not initiate this war. Etc., etc. On the other hand, I am getting increasingly old – and thus have increasingly lower chance to be able to build my „time vehicle”. In turn when I finally go, may pass many centuries before again someone is born with sufficiently open mind and sufficient inventive skills to be able to build for the humanity the vehicle so advanced.

* * *

This post summarises the essence of items #D6 and #A2 from the totaliztic web page named „immortality.htm” (updated on 23 November 2010, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page „immortality.htm” than from this post, as on the web page are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, it is printed in colour, it is supported with illustrations, the content of it is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „immortality.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:
http://propulsion.250free.com/immortality.htm (this last address has a very low „monthly bandwidth” and thus it is active only at beginnings of each month until its „monthly bandwidth” is exhausted).
Notice that every above web site contains all totaliztic web pages, including pages „text_1_5.htm”. However, volumes 11 and 2 of monograph [1/5] I would recommend to download from the address http://energia.sl.pl/text_1_5.htm where this monograph is updated the most frequently.

It is also worth to know, that almost each topic new topic that I am researching, including this one, is repeated on all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #191E). At the moment two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by opponents of this moral philosophy, which can be viewed at following internet addresses:
It is also worth to have look in there at related posts, e.g. at posts number #190E, #175E, #163E, or #161E which also concern „time vehicles” and the evidence which confirms that the time travel is possible.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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