#188E: Chaos and primeval beginnings – the evolutionary power of movements of the intelligent substance (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „The movements of any carrier of intelligence are always sources of new knowledge – this is why to intelligent people applies the saying that ‚travels educate’.”

The word „chaos” is a religious name. It originates from religious mythology of ancient Greeks. However, differently sounding words which also represent the same meaning as „chaos”, appear in practically every other primary religion of the world. This appearance of the word „chaos” in every original religion of the world, implies that every religion on our planet describes the same history of the universe, only that it uses slightly different wording and explanatory examples. For example, in Christianity the Bible refers to chaos in Job 10:22 and in Isaiah 24:10. Unfortunately, sceptical atheists explain differently this presence of chaos in every religion – i.e. they explain it as an evidence that every religion was influenced by views of ancient Greeks and simply copied various ideas from Greeks.

All myths of original religions explain the chaos as the first and the longest out of three periods of the infinitive history of our universe to-date. The prolonged period of chaos prevailed in times when there was no God yet, and when „bodily representations of God” were not created yet. Two further periods that followed chaos appeared only after God self-evolved and replaced the primeval chaos with orderly creation. Thus, the second period of primeval times, that appeared after the chaos, John 1:1-5 marks in the Bible with words „In the beginning there was the Word, …” (in the meaning „Word” = information = algorithm = natural form of program). This period started when God achieved self-awareness. In turn the third period in the history of the universe is explained in Genesis 1:1 and it was initiated when God proceeded with the creation of orderly physical universe and humans. This physical universe was formed from whatever previously constituted the chaos – as it is explained in Hebrews 11:3, quote „… the universe was created by God’s Word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen.” In other words, religions do NOT state that God created something out of nothing. With the use of limited vocabulary of antiquity, religions just try to explain to us that God so organised an invisible „something” with the appropriate algorithms (i.e. with the natural forms of program, or „Word”), that everything that we can see is formed from „something” that is invisible to humans. (On the other hand, for example the present official human science, which vigorously promotes the atheistic „Big Bang” theory, claims an obvious absurd that „the universe supposedly created itself, and that everything in it came to existence from nothing”.)

However, the prolonged period of „chaos” does NOT appear in the present scientific model of the universe’s origins. According to the „Big Bang” theory, on which the present official (atheistic) and the only scientific model of the universe is based, there was no such thing as a prolonged chaos. In that theory the matter, space, and time (and thus also the entire universe) formed themselves supposedly from „nothing” due to a powerful „bang” which instantly formed an orderly universe that later only needed to expand. This lack of the period of chaos in the present scientific view of the universe’s history is very meaningful. This is because through a chain of logical deductions it confirms that one out of two above existing models of the universe’s origins is wrong – and all known evidence indicates that the wrong one is this scientific official model. After all, the only verifiable evidence which seems to confirm this Big Bang theory is the so-called „red shift” of light from stars. However, the same red shift can be explained on many different ways, for example as an outcome of the influence of gravity that „condenses the light” of stars from which this light escapes. Also, the Big Bang theory has a lot of details which scientifically seem to disqualify it as the correct one which coincides with the reality – for example it claims that matter and space originated from „nothing”, it does NOT explain from what originated the energy the release of which caused the Big Bang – after all it is known that every explosion needs energy the rapid release of which causes this explosion, it fails to explain what was before the Big Bang, and it fails to explain what is beyond the present visible universe. In addition, this solely atheistic model of present science introduces numerous social and political disadvantages and drawbacks, for example it limits the scope of scientific searches, removes God outside of the area of rationality and reasoning, places believers in God on the same foot as madman and misfits of science, and also accuses of double standards all scientists who are religious and makes them responsible in eyes of God for their actions which promote viciously around the world the present aggressive and immoral atheism.

Followers of each above model of the universe’s origins, i.e. the religious one based on chaos, and the scientific one which is based on the „Big Bang” theory, claim that it is their model that is the correct one – while the other model is wrong. Unfortunately, none of these claims can be verified directly. After all, such a verification would resemble an effort of climbing at two different but high walls – without any support or ladder, only to discover on the top that these walls never link to each other. Moreover, since both these claims present completely different models of the universe, there is no way of finding the truth e.g. just by comparing them with each other, or by investigating only one of them.

The problem of finding a correct model of universe’s origins could be resolved only if we have a model of religious chaos which for sure is deprived any connection with the mythology of ancient Greeks, and we also have a scientific theory which has no link with the „Big Bang” theory – but which would yield a similar model of the universe as the one provided by religions, and thus which would confirm the existence of the initial prolonged period of chaos in the universe’s history. In such a case we would have a situation which could be compared to two walls erected close to each other and linked together, so thus the researcher who climbs any of them could support himself/herself also on the other wall.

Actually, there is a model of the period of chaos that originates from a religious mythology, about which we can be sure that it had NO connection with the Greek religious mythology. It is contained in myths of New Zealand Maoris. Until around 1800s New Zealand Maoris were completely cut off from the rest of the world, thus definitely had no connection with religion of Greeks or with any other nation in the world. In addition, their myths state, that Maoris were created by God not earlier than just around 800 years ago, but probably even later – and this their quite recent creation is confirmed by modern genealogical research. (E.g. on page 6 of the book [1#E1] by J.M. Mc Ewen, „Rangitana. A Tribal History” (Reed Methuen, Auckland, 1986, ISBN 0-474-00030-3) one can find a statement, quote: „Some hundreds of …(Maori)… genealogies in my possession show pretty consistently that this Whatonga lived about 23 generations prior to the year 1900.” – for more details see item #D3 from the totaliztic web page named „newzealand_visit.htm”.) In spite of this, myths of Maoris’ original religion also describe the chaos. To be even more interesting, their mythological description of chaos is probably the most extensive and the most accurate in the world.

The humanity has also a scientific theory which explains this prolonged period of chaos from the first stage of the development of the universe. Interestingly, this theory yields the model of the universe which is very similar to the religious model and which also includes the initial period of chaos. In addition, this theory has no link to the „Big Bang” theory. But it is confirmed by incomparably greater wealth of empirical evidence than the evidence which can be presented by supporters of the Big Bang theory. It was developed in 1985 and it represents an alternative model of the universe, which is based on the theory called the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity” (presented in volumes 4 and 5 of my newest monograph [1/5], which is available in internet free of charge through the web page named „text_1_5.htm”). This alternative model proves that the gravitational field has a dipolar character, very similar to the magnetic field. But because the gravity works concentrically, the other pole of gravitational field disappears from our set of dimensions and appears in a completely different world called the „counter-world”. The counter-world is filled up with an unique substance called „counter-matter” – all properties of which are opposite to properties of matter from our world. So e.g. the counter-matter always remains invisible for humans, has no mass, produces no friction, and is in continuous motion. The most interesting however, is the property of counter-matter which represents the opposite of „stupidity” of the matter from our world. This property signifies that the counter-matter must have intelligence – very similar to the intelligence of hardware from present computers. Thus, the infinitively long period of chaos of this counter-matter can randomly develop a „Word” (understood as a „natural form of program”). After all, the everlasting and continuous chaotic movements of this counter-matter, makes it similar to that „monkey” from the theory of probability, which for eternity types chaotic letters on a keyboard, so that at the end by a random chance it actually types a nice poem from these chaotic letters. In this manner, the entire counter-world filled up with such intelligent substance constitutes what religions call „God”. Thus, the model of universe based on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is confirming that God does exist, that this God rules over the entire universe, that this God created our physical world, and also that this God self-evolved from the initial chaos of continuously moving counter-matter. Actually this model allowed to develop a formal scientific proof for the existence of God. Outlines of this proof are presented on the web page ” http://totalizm.pl/god_proof.htm „.

The most interesting part of the model of universe based on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the evolution of this thinking God from the initial chaos of continually moving counter-matter. The reason is that in this particular model, the universe existed infinitively long as a huge droplet of the liquid counter-matter displaying properties of the computer-like hardware, and suspended in the infinitively large empty space. But for the majority of the eternity this counter-matter had no program which would provide it with ability to think and with self-awareness. Thus, it was like a present computer hardware deprived of its software (meaning deprived of what the Bible calls „Word” = information = algorithm = natural form of program). Only relatively lately in memory of this liquid computer-like counter-matter has self-evolved a software component which represents the thinking and self-aware component of the God’s Trinity. In turn the driving evolutionary force of this self-evolution of thinking God was the learning potential of the primeval „chaos”. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines this primeval chaos as the situation when this invisible for people, weightless and frictionless counter-matter was „boiling” randomly, forming a tumble of whirls, streams, and tides which moved aimlessly from one end of the universe to the other.

In exactly the same way as in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the self-evolution of God is also described in the religious mythology of Maoris. Example of this description can be found in numerous publications which present myths of New Zealand Maoris collected and written down by first European settlers which arrived to New Zealand around 1800s. An example of such a publication is the book by A. W. Reed, „Reed Book of Maori Mythology”, Auckland, New Zealand 2004, ISBN 0-7900-0950-1 (see in there pages 3 to 8). According to these Maori legends, the period of primeval chaos of the universe which lasted a half of infinity, can be subdivided into two parts, described by Maoris with words „Po” and „Kore”. The Maori word „Po” describes the part of chaos, when the process of evolution of self-aware God (or „Word”) was not initiated yet. The word „Po” in Maori language means night, realm of death, darkness. The mythology of New Zealand Maoris assigns to this period of „Po” as many as 12 attributes, which excellently characterised this first period of primeval chaos. Thus, it describes this period „Po” as: (1) the great night which lasted a half of infinity, (2) the long night, (3) the lowest night, (4) the loftiest night, (5) the black night, (6) the intensely black night, (7) the unseen night, (8) the changing night, (9) the untouchable night, (10) the night of narrow passage, (11) the turning night, and (12) the initiating night. The second part of chaos is described by the mythology of Maoris with the word „Kore” – which means the negation of light, feeling, form, matter, but also the realm of potential being. The „Kore” period describes the relatively short stage in the universe’s eternal history, when the thinking and self-aware algorithm („Word”) was already developing from the initial chaos of movements. This period is subdivided in the mythology of Maoris into several stages, which describe how (1) the conception led to (2) increase, this to (3) thought, this to (4) remembrance, this to (5) consciousness, and this to (6) desire.

The unexpected similarity of the model of chaos in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and in descriptions of chaos in Maori mythology, leads to the conclusion that both of them describe correctly the primeval period in the universe’s history. This in turn introduces various extremely vital implications for the science, knowledge, and our civilisation as a whole. For example, it leads to the situation when the scientific theory and folk religious mythology meet each other in matters regarding God. It also formally proves the existence of God. In turn such a proof leads to the possibility of converting the present religions into a new discipline of science which would investigate God scientifically, using the Concept of Dipolar Gravity as a research model and platform. The advantage of replacing present religions by a scientific discipline would be that this would neutralise the divisive character of religions. After all, a scientific discipline cannot divide nations nor initiate wars (we do NOT know any war initiated by a scientific discipline, but we know many wars initiated by religions). Furthermore, forming a scientific discipline which research chaos and God with the use of scientific tools would close the present period of double standards in science and amongst scientists. This is because scientists could openly acknowledge the existence of God and still remain scientists (as opposite to the present situation when some scientists vigorously promote atheism at work – because the promotion of God in present times finishes with the removal from jobs, while on Sundays, or after the retirement, they attend to church and ask God for forgiveness of the social harm they have caused for job and for money). In turn, science as a whole would cease to cheat ordinary citizens by claiming that God does NOT exist and thus that people may disobey moral rules of behaviour without any consequences to pay from this disobeying. Thus, the above deductions prove the importance of primeval chaos as the evolutionary force which in past caused that the universe evolved into what we see now. In turn the scientific recognition of that chaos in present times may also renew the morality of the entire human race.

* * *

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The above evolutionary role of primeval chaos and the significance of its understanding for the humanity, are also discussed (as well as extended by additional evidence and logical deductions) in subsection A1.1 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5].

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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